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Increases in Supply Is Causing a
Gradual Dropping in
Practically All Meats on List. How- :
ever. Show Advances?Bermuda j
Onions Obtainable.
Fruits and vegetables from the south
and west ore making: their appearance
??n the market in increasing quantities,
and some few vegetables from home
trardens also are appearing. This in
crease in the supp}\ is causing a grad
ual dropping in pricrs in the market?
hi*! ilorrt'jjsing juices will continue \
?? i i 11 i! the ?!iinmcr level ts reached.
Spinach. cucumbers. squash. sweet j
peppers, st ra wherries and pineapples
are all lowor in price today than they
were a week ago. Alligator pears and
cherries from California have made
their app^a ranre'on the fruit benches,
the former selling at 30 to 35 cents
each, and the latter at 50 cents a
pound. Spanish onions have practically
disappeared from the market, and their
place has been taken by Bermuda
onions at 15 cents a small box. While
fruits and vegetables show decreasing
prices, meats are taking: an advance.
In the past week there has been a de
dided advance in wholesale meat prices,
and the retail dealers have been forced
to follow the advance. All meats in
the list, with but one or two excep
tions. are affected. Boston mackerel
are on the fish benches and are selling
at ?>'? to T."> cents each. Prices in the
fish market remain unchanged from
those of last week, the supply on all
\arifties. with the possible exception
of shad and herring, being good.
Geese have disappeared from the poul
try benches, and capons, which last
week sold at from -5 to 30 cents a
pound, are this week quoted at 28 to 35
cents a pound.
Prevailing Market Prices.
Prices noted below are those prevail
ing in the big markets of the city, and
those who visit them tomorrow will
find quotations ranging about the same:
Hennery, 28c to 35c doz. j Southern. 20c to *J3c doz.
Gathered. -5c doz. j
Chickens. ?2c to 25c lb. i Hens. 20^ to 25c lb.
Broilers. 2-V- to 35c lt?. i Turkeys. 22c to 28c lb.
Incubator - hicks. 50c lb. j Ducks. 20c to 25c lb.
Keats. $1 t" $1.25 pair. Capons. 28c to 35c lb.
Koosters, 14c to 15c lb. I
B^?t ? reamery. 40c lb. | Medium grades, 38c lb.
iCeuo^ated. 35c lb. ' Oleo, 15c to 30c lb.
Larnl*. 22c to 35c lb. . Mutton. 20c to 28c lb.
Beef, roast. 18c to 2Sc pork chops, 20c to 2fte
lb. I lb.
Beefsteak. 25c to 35c j Pork hams. 17c to ISc
lb. j 11'
Beef, stewicc. 12*fcc to: Pork shoulder, 15c to
15<- lb. | 16c lb.
V?al. 15c to 35- lb. ! Smoked ham. 17c to ISc
lia-on. piece. ISc to > lb.
22c lb. ; Smoked shoulder, I2^c
1'a -t>u. sliced, 23c to to 16c lb.
ll>. Corned bam. 16c to 18c
roast. 20c to 22c lo.
lb. {
S?>a bass, \'?k- to 15c lb. i Salmon trout. 20c ir>.
Halibu;. 2?k* lb. Smelt. 20c to 25c lb.
rod. 12^~e to 15c lb. ; Catfish (skinned), 15c to
Flounder*. 10c to 15c; 20c lb.
lb. ! Oysters, 30c to 40'1 qt.
Spanish mackerel. 15c dam.". 30c qt. or $1.20
to 20c lb. a hundred.
Salmon, fresh. 25c lb. ! Scallops, 50c to 60c qt.
Kiuefisb. 15c lb. i'rab m?-af, 40c tjt.
Shad. roes. to $1.25. flake. 60>- qt.
shad, bucks. 50c to 60'-. s-?ft crabs, $1 to SI.25
Herring. 25c doz. doz.
Gray trout. 15c to 20c' Boston mackerel. 60c io
lb. 75c each.
i:<wk. 20c to 25c lb.
Irish potatoes, old. 15c; Parsnips. 10c V? pk.
to 30c pk. Lettuce, 5c to 10c head.
Irish potatoes. new. Squash (Fla.). 5c to 10c
(Bermuda*. 50c t<> 75c each,
pk- | Green pea?. 50c to 75c
Uuis. 70r to 75c pk. p*.
Turnips. 10c ?-* pk. 1 Cauliflower. 15c to 30c
Kale. 20?: pk. head.
spinacl.. 20c to 30c pk., Tomatoes. 10c to 15c lb
? ijcumben*, 5c to 15c
Egz plant, 10c to 20c
'a rots, S?- to 10c
Bermuda onions. 15c
10c bunch.
Celery, 5<r to 10c bunch.
Cabbage, 5c and 15c
?>nious, 10c to 15c '4
Sweet Peppers, 20c to
30c doz.
String beans. 10c to
15c qt.
Badlshes. 5c bunch.
Cymllngs, 8c to 10c
okra, 20c qt.
Mushrooms, 60c to 75<
Bermuda lima beans,
$1.50 pk.
Rhubarb, 5c bunch.
Asparagus, 10c to 30c
bdfy. 8c bunch. I bunch.
Ia-iij-im. IOc to 25c doz. ! Tangarlnes, 15c to 40c
?\ppiea. eating, 8c to doz.
15c pk. Pineapples. 15c to 28<*
' ranberrles, 8c to 10c each.
'i*- . Pears 1 fancy), 50c to
Grapefruit. 5c to 10c 7^. <joz.
"ach. Alligator pears, 30c to
o:angei>. 25.- to 5o- do/. 35c each.
Limes, 15c a do*. i California cbe*-ie? fiOc
strawberries (Fla.), 15c, lb.
to 30c Qi.
Dealers. However. Report Slightly
Higher Prices on Some Varieties.
Dealers in sea food at the wholesale
market at the wharf report a supply of
most varieties of fresh flsb on hand
ample to meet all demands. Shad and
herring receipts continue light, and as
a consequence prices on them are some,
what higher than they were a week ago
The general opinion about the whart
?Market seems to be that the shad and
"erring season is nearly over for this
ear, and that the receipts of the fish
v:ll hereafter be light.
Prices on many varieties of fish are
slightly higher than they were a week
*'go, and this morning ranged about as!
follows: Roe shad, SO cents each; buck
-had, 25 to 40 cents each: herring, 57..00
'?> $10 a thousand; yellow perch, 15 to
-'?> rents a bunch; small white perch, 10
: o 1", cents a bunch; catfish, 3f> to 40
? ents a bunch; salmon trout, 6 to 7
entH a pound, blueflsh. s to Jo cents a
pound. Spanish mackevel. 10 to 1 '1
? ?-nts a pound; mullets, cents a pound;
arge white perch, m to 1 ?j cents a
pound, rock, 10 to 1". reditu a pound;
alibut, 12 to !.'> cents a pound, floun-j
ders, cents a pound; gray trout, i.", to j
<6 a barrel; croakers, 53 a barrel; but-'
;ers, $4.:>0 a bariel. Hard crabs are!
selling at $2.5o a barrel; soft crabs at
iO to 60 cents a dozen, and clams, .SO
ents to SI a hundred.
Kit Carson Post. G. A. R . to Honor
Dead Comrades Sunday Night.
The anii ial memorial services of Kit
? arson Post, So. G. A. It., will be1
.'Id at the Jjutheran <*hurch of the!
Kidphany, 16th and C streets north- j:
est, at 8 o clock Sunday evening, li
fast Commander Thomas 11 McKee j
ill have command of the post during
?ie evening, and v. ill deliver a eulogy,
<-f the ?ie? ea?e?i ' ornrades. \ sermon ;
and prayers w ill he delivered by Rev. \
? hailes F. Stei k. pastor *?f the ? hurch i
'i'he choir of the church has volunteer- j
? d i?s services.
The following :?i> the ?|e?.ease<| com- j
:.<!e> and the dates of their deaths:
1'..' hard Kennet t, May IV.. i !? I i : Krastu?
*' Johnston. September 2, 1 r< 1 I Samuel
S Kurdett. September ".'t, 1 1 1 ; Morris
? urry. November 30. 1911. John K. Par
ker. hecember 30, 1914: Andrew S. Kurt,
January 11. !9!f>. John A. Joyce, Jan
uary 18. 191">: Samuel H. Smith. Jan
uary 18, 1915. John Grinstead, January
29, 1915. Kdward A. Duncan, February
l?. 1915. Benjamin F. Rittenhouse.
March 7. 1915; John H Kingsbury, March
1915, and Harvey G Kills. April 3.
Jame.? W. Karrick died at Martins
burg, VV. Va., of paralysis. He was I
forty-six years old. ji
X^:^^f<^/T.v^V*^;vy/!L\*/:,.v*CV|^Iv*A''.y*^-.,'.M^\i v*75wrW^\^ve^^7\?7X$^
Adding Interest t!?b Sale of Wash Skirts
With Another Purchase of Fine Models Worth Up to $3.50
Choice at $2.00
Smartly buttoned-all-the-way-down-thc-front n:odcl<. pocket cffccts and button
trimmed styles. Cut on flaring lines and finely tailored from the best quality linens,
piques and reps, in both white and gray. All sizes and lengths.
Skirt Store- -Second Floor.
Open 8:30 A.M.
Close 5:30 P.M.
SCatttt Shuut & do.
See the Stunning Styles We Are Showing at.
Ttiis line contains a wonderful assortment of styles and colors, and it will surprise you
greatly to learn what beautiful parasols you can obtain at tht? little price.
All 1915 models, in black and striped and plain colored tops, with linish of Dresden or
Persian ribbon border, black-and-white striped tops with plain taffeta border; all-over
Dresden satin, with plain satin piping, in t he i.ew shirred effect. Among these are the most
wanted colors, such as hunter's preen. Belgian blue, navy, rose, putty, Russian green, sand,
pansy purple and primrose.
Handles ait- n straight or mushroom top-5, some carved, others plain, and some in colore
to match the parasol cover. Parasol Store - Street Floor.
We Feel Fully Justified in Saying?'The Best We Have Ever Sold at the Pri
f ? 1 ?T ? Worth Up
1 rimmed Hats ..moo a
Six I-arge Fables in the Millinery
ent shape-, ditierent styles of trimniinj.
ti<>ns "1 black and white.
?tore tilled with them. < ireat variety
<hti erent
?'or-, and manv different eonibiiia
? Small close shapes, very chic and smart.
Large sailor shapes, in tailored style of trimming.
Some with flowers, laid on in the flat style.
Some with trimmings of wings, quills or ornaments.
Some trimmed with jet or white beads, and hosts of other effects.
Untrimmed Hats
For side trimming, black anil combina- | black and white.
tion. at $1.59, $1.95 and $2.50
95c and $1.95
New Pocahontas Wins ar,d New Ostrich Novelty Effects
Band Trimming
An attractive new style, wings and
band combined, at
$2.50 and $3.50
New Wings
In all styles, in black and white, at
prices from
59c to $1.95
Untrimmed Hats
Some with double facings, others have
i top of crown and narrow edge of brim
in black. Large sailors, mushrooms a-t^d
Winding tip the sale of this special continentals, in solid black and solid
lot ot iiats left from our big white, with little piping of black,
purchase, at ? > Millinery Store?Second Floor.
BLOUSES That Charm at First Sight
New designs that win vour favor at once, because of their novelty, their daintiness, and the attractive man
ner in which titev are fashioned
Blouses of Lace and
Crepe de Chine at...
I ombinations of the two materials in new ways. Blouses of crcpe de chine trim
med with line venise lace: blouses of embroidered crepe dc chine; plain tailored mod
els; made with high collars, some with velvet stocks, and some with low collars.
Bargain Table?Street Floor.
Blouses of Georgette Crepe
and Crepe
de Chine at
Plain white crepe, with black-and
white striped collar; striped rrepe dp
? hines, with plain colored or white collar
and cuffs; plain colors of crepe de chine,
made cluster tucked and box-pleated
styles: crepe de chines with Louis XVII
frill. Pussy willow and crepe de chine in a
combination of stripes: also the same ef
fect in Georgette orepe: beautifullv em
broidered Georgette crepes and manv
other styles.
Satin Striped
de Chine
Blouses at ? ?
Copies of models selling up to $5.00
and the?c are taken right out of our
special line on special tables today
marked $3.95. Variety of different style
stripes, made with plain white collar
and cuffs, also black and white collars.
All sizes. Blouse Store?Second
Big M ark-Downs to Reduce
Present Stocks of
It Is a Chance to Practice Economy
Better Than Ever Before
From our own excellent
stocks of values to $29.75,
including best styles, best
materials and colors. Re
duced to
f Smartest models for cool
evenings, motoring and
traveling. Made of checks,
coverts and other fashion
t able materials. Now
(iarment Store?Second b loor.
The "Bob Evans"
That s the
Name of the
That all the girls at the exposition and all through the west are raving about. W e
New Middy Blouse 0
plete new line. Come in tomorrow, girls, and see it. The seashore, mountain an
resorts or sporting clubs will be the scenes of dozens of "Bob Evans" girls.
BOB EVANS Is a Middy made of Lonsdale jean, laced J 'BOB EVAN'S" BLOUSES, made of
front effect with collars and cuffs of navy blue '
with white piping; or black and white striped 1 ?V/v/ j
effects, with red piping, etc.; sizes 8 to 20 years, at i front an4 sides. At
have it here.
I fashionable
A coni
Lonsdale jean, with
short slaves, pockets, collar and ruffs, ami
bottom all trimmed with blue ealatea cloth ami f
trimmed with white soutache braid laced at 1 ,5U
- r
fe '<
/i \
Commencement, Graduation, May Ball, Confirmation or Procession
Dresses for tlie Little Girl to the J unior
I v\ r-Q
Our line is exclusive. No fear that if you get a dress of one kind a
do/.en or more others will wear the same?our stocks comprise exquisite
models of only one and two of a kind. Each frock is a selection made
by an expert of girls' clothing, and the styles are right up-to-the-minute.
Sizes from the tot to the "Sweet Girl Grad."
Sheer Voiles, Crisp Lawns, Hand-embroidered
Organdies and the Popular Nets
Such st\les as the apron effect, the double-skirted models, the bolero
jacketed style; the French waisted models, the Russian or low-belted
dresses, etc., etc. Finished with frills and frills of dainty laces, ruffles,
tucks and insertions and hand embroideries.
i:-::5|k W ^ 1 I
Priced $2.98 to $25.00
Mothers! Bring the kiddies down for ?<
final romp, a grand finishing of the brightest
week in the year. The f?esh. new stocks aim
specially reduced items an- big inrentiv?*s to
bring you hurrying here for your las? oppo* -
tunit\ to save money this week.
fkkk: j ikkk:
Willi every |i ir- j rKl: I AlV i;K.\nVm .'t |L
? ?iias?* a Ms. l .-ftrii'tl ii.'i'iv i" ?i
KALIAHIN I'Hi: TllK | i a: ~ i ..?? ni?t win
a Ik! Hi
Extra Special Saturday!
Important Purchase and Sale
10,000 Boxes Gold Initial
Writing Paper
01 b Cnglisfj Hetter
Each Box (Containing 24 Sheets and 24 Envelopes
12lc Box
ijargain Table?Street Floor.
For the Well Known
Genuine American
Th ermos Bottles
Rpraiicp ,"a'cers 'iavc diS
DCLullaC continued making
this style as illustrated.
Indispensable in the Home,
for Picnics, for Tourists, etc.
1-quart size al
ways $3.00. This
lot. special....
Leather floods Store -Street
Te d d v B
IOV2 Inches Tall.
50c Values.
Tomorrow. Choice.
Buy tlie little folks each a
brown bear to play with. These
are a special purchase: arc
made of fine quality cloth,
stuffed, have shoe-button eyes
ami movable arms and legs.
Really delightful little play
fellows that are irresistible, at
the unusually low price of 25c.
Bargain Table?Street Floor.
Toyland?Fourth Floor.
An Item of Universal Interest That Deals With
Millions of women yearly choose from the enormous r;",ge of gloves
on the market?
Therefore, the house of Kami is ready with a Big. Xew, Clean Stork
to suit your every need.
Ivayser Silk Gloves not only suit the average
ionable woman who chooses her jrowns and hats abrc
gloves at home?because Knyner ?;loven are made in I .
sure of perfect lit. pure, ntronu *l'k, that wears longest.
with guaranteed tip?*, and gloves that are always up
style, grace and beauty.
u ;i*
but tl
but b
\.. an
in s her
il she is
icl<?\ e*.
nute in
The pri.'e is no more than the a
The value is far greater. '1 'he
The silk stron^ci. the tips ?ua
w ear':
ra n i ?? ?
At 50c to $1.50 and Up
Glove Store -Street Floor.
Should Have Been Here a Month Ago?Manufacturer Made an Allowance Therefore
pHL Women's Low Shoes
Newest and Most Approved Styles, Brought Out to Sell
at $3.50 to $5.00. PAIR
Just the footwear you want lor all through the summer.
secure several pairs while this lot is on sale. Most styli
models, such as Pumps, Oxfords, Colonials Bar Effects, Fair
mount Pumps, in patent colt, patent kid, gun metal calf
French kid and bronze kid, many in
pleasing combinations of cloth and
ieather. Choice of turn or welt
soles, wood or leather heels. All
sizes and widths at $2.95 pair.
Plenty of White Buck, Canvas and Sea
Island Cloth Low Shoes, some in white
Vu.th black piping; $ | 95 fa $3.50
Slioe Store- Fourth Floor.
Infants' Barefoot Creeper Sandals, in
tan. with turn sewed soles. Size y
to 5. Special, Saturday, pair
This Tempting
For Saturday
Snow Drift, filled with pecans,
vanilla and chocolate '"Jfl -y
flavors. A pound
"Mumpty Dumpty Lumps," a
new candy, come and see what it
is like. Tomorrow, a ^JF
pound. Special at
Small Candy Wafers, j A ,
at. a dozen rolls 1 vv
"Kewpie" Savings Bank, little
glass cup in shape of bank, filled
with candy and guarded by a
kewpie. eat the candy and have
tlu* bank for your pen- f fl.-,
nies. Choice, tomorrow.. *
Candy Store?Street Floor.
Point Venise
Lace Collars
Oriental Lace
A Bargain Square of
50c Neckwear
At 25c
Bargain Table?Street Floor.
Point Venise and
Batiste Collars
Swiss Embroidery
Which heads oil the li>t of good value* in Saturday Xeckwear ottering*.
25c I'leafed Back C ollars, of ) i ? t ^ f 25c Pleated Hack. S\\i-> L.m
oriental lace, in white and ??
cream j
Bargain Table- Street Floor.
I Choice. 15c
<{ broiderv Collars, short re vers
I and embroidered edge.
The \ew l.arge I*ri?- p
cilia Collar of plain voile
The same in sets at
^mailer Priseilln Collur, ur plain liOug--?!cp\cf| <.uiiii|?e*. phiiu net,
, , , , with high-hack pleat
organdv. voile. sv\ iss tinbroiderx ?' >
?-ti collar. .1.. . I
or pique, at -???? ami SOe. I front. ; t
' $1.00
50c Vestees, new stvies, line embroidered orgaiulv, tini?lu-<] with little pearl but
ton> down front. Special
Xeckwear Store- Street Floor.
Uninl* Diinii it-* ii ml Dotted SuiNMfN Are the
Cool, Clean. Crisp Material** I sril for Till*
A prettv style with the old-fashioned fichu
? ?<?ll;ir. short sleeves, daintily edged with fish
eye la< ?* and finished with pale pink or blue how
and ribbon ends. The dotted swisses are all
white, the dimities have delicate little vine pat
terns. m blue or black, that are v^ry effective.
Sizes 3* to tC
Crepe Kimonos
Mad?- it, plain colors of old rose, n.-w l?lne
and purpb-: made with lay-down collar of white
lawn with lace edging, in empire effect, Jinished
with elast i"
i I w aist.
Special, $1.00
Sateen Petticoats
M.ide willi knife-pleated flounce, finished
with Van !>yke points: choice of Russian green,
purple, putty, old rose, black and navy: also
striped effects in blue and white and black and
white: fitted tops.
Choice, $1.00
''Klosfit" Petticoats
In sateens and percallnes. Made with deep
flounce, tiny tucks: some with sectional flounces:
all are cut full and penerous. Well made.
Priced, $1.00, $1.50 and $2.00
Women's Store?Second floor.
l:or Absolute Security From Theft or
Chance Opening
Buy at Less Than Half P
Here tomorrow becatiM'
tin* maker was reducing
stock and sold liis surplus
to us at less than hall"
Choose From These
3 Lots
\l SI reel Floor Bargain
Lot 1 j Lot 2 Lot 3
"Sliur- I'ok"
ed styles:
black a n <1
colors: $3.50
to $4.00 regu
larly. Choice,
"Muir- I.ok"
Hate*: assort
ed styles:
black and
colors: $2.50
to $3.<10 regu
larly. Choice,
"Shur- liOkM
Ha km: assort
ed styles;
blac k a n <1
colors: $1.50
to $2.00 rep-ii
la rl\. <"hoice.
Reduced for Saturday s Sale
Munyoil's Witch
Hazel So a p :
I' e a r " s I' n -
scented Soap:
I' a 1 in i t live
Soap: ?ake
I r w in's A i' li u I us
Taleum I' o w - ? ^
der; regularly ?
Calox Tooth
Powder. box . .
I 'a i in ?> 1 i v e f?*?
Shampoo: re?
ula rl\ ;,i?c
?^I'alin (? 1 i v
<' rea n 1. regu
larly 50c
Cuticui a Soap.
cakes in box..
White I \
regula rly
White Ivory
regular 1 y
$2.98 . ...
L a b 1 a c li e
Kate Powder:
Lyon's Tooth
Powder; box..
White Ivory
T> r e s s i n g
Combs: regu
larly 25 c
Earl Violet
Talcum P o w -
der; regularly
o r \ Hair
ry Mirror:
Toilet Goods Store?Street Floor.
For Little liirls! For Little Boy*!
With Fockels Full of Treasures llear to the
llenr;* of \ ouiigMer*.
The Little Boys Apron
is a manly little affair with
tailored pockets: a ruler in
one. a pencil pocket, and good
sharp pencil, a memorandum
pad in another, and 45 trans
fer pictures of Base Ball
Players and outfits: g ?
50c values. Complete
The Little
is a more domestic affair, made
with a generous pocket in
front that contains smaller
pockets, in which are first a
set of housekeeping utensils,
then a pencil and a pad to
flielp remember the recipes,
and a ruler last of
all: 50c value. Com
plete at
bargain Tabic?Street Floor.
Toyland ? Fourth Floor.
Many Publishers' Remainders of Original
Editions Sold I p to $1.45
At, 9 Volume
\\ c mention but a lew titles :
The liagle's Talon. By Georges Olniet.
An Affair ot" State. By J. I . Snail li.
I he l)e\il's Wind. By Patricia Went worth.
The Supplanter. B\ < iraee 011 flit Boylan.
1 he Ripple. By Miriam Alexander.
The Lure of Life. By Agues &? Kgcrtmi Lactic.
The I ire W ithin. By i jlricia Wcntworth.
The Toll Bar. By I. Buckro^e.
Jack Chanty. My Hulliert Knottier.
The Man Between. B* Walter Arcliic l-rost.
The Port of Dreams. By Miriam Alexander.
Joan of the Tower. By Warwick Deeping.
The Other Side. By Horace A. \ achell.
A Woman of Genius. By Mary Austin.
Rebellion. By Joseph M. Patterson.
Yoke of Silence. By Amy McLaren.
The Conscript. By F.rcltmann Chatrian.
Stories That End Well. By Octave Thanct.
Bargain Tables?Street Floor and Book
;/f\irr^vT ritfy&trr *!/?

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