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Palm Beach <CQ Q54
Suits, all M/ev . .
Panama Suits, $?.98
all sizes ^
hi N
White Wash Skirts,
Exceptional $1.00
All - wool White Serge
Skirts, with Mack C J
stripes **" * ill'
The latest Awning Qtt,
Stripe Waists
Silk Crepe tie
. style*
White Satin Under
skirts: heavy 98c
Linen Auto Coats.
" sPccial $1.25
values ...
Separate Coats, white and
$4.98, $5.98, $ft.98
Wool Suits Half Price.
Trimmed Hats.
ii 50c
Value* to $5.... $ J Q0
Untrimmed Hats.
Black and white: the verv
latcst shapes and ftO,-.
stvles "OC
The New Store
801 Penna. Ave.
in a
Big Sale
Select Krom Seiera! Hundred
Stj les
\ll the Newest liffccts and
Shades. .? to 12 on l:ach
Card, at
Per Card.
"The Button nrA T-lmmin;; Rjuse,"'
710 Uth Street
I'tu&'.s Royal
K Street Northwest at 14th
(Northwest Corner)
Special Rates
May 8, 10, 11,12 & 13,
And the Remaining
Months of Summer
American and
European Plan
Eugene S. Cochran, Mgr.
Yale Laundry ,vITr.
Hl?nkrtn, 2."?r up.
J,lice i urtainn, .Vlr I'.iir.
I'aIm f<?*n?-h TiOr.
The New Willard
Anniversary of t.he Secre
of the Treasury and
Mrs. McAdoo
Dinner and Dances of Last Night.
Teas?Luncheons and
Tod a v 1, .he wedding anniversary of
the Secretary of the Treasury and Mr*
William G. McAdoo. who were married
... ^
cabinet circle and a few personal j
'owing to Mrs. McAdoos mournlns for I
her mother, which has prevented her
from taking any part in social life this
W1nt.-r. there will probably be no cele-|
1.ration today
Secretary and Mrs. McAdoo r.de near-I
lv every afternoon, and the former ap- ,
pears to be almost entirely recovered]
from his recent illness .
He runs bis own motor car and ap- |
pears to enjoy It thoroughly.
Ml*. Hildegarde Hurley entertained .
a!* luncheon today In compliment
MM??K"?SnBH8Knapp will give a thea-,
,? r Party tomorrow afterno,,n In M.?
Sr,0atasupl'er' for her Sunday j
Mrs. Colin Carter of New York I-. th. j
guest of Jnstic? arid Mrs. Charles j
ml Charles Page Bryan, who is in
New York, entertained at ,uncheo? I
teniav in compliment to Princess Swoff
Mr and Mrs. Charles A. Reich an-|
noini'-e the engagement of their daugh- ,
. r i -ni'in Klizabeth Pauline and Mr.
WarrenTaul Kifenbark. both of Glen-|
daie. Aid.
erll'weeks" AlV^- Lamer it ?ecuperuti.?S |
froin a recent illness.
Mrs. Charles A. Johnson. 2837 12th |
spring blossoms, and Mrs. ?? caimewi
won the first prlze^
Mis. Tr.nena Dehio left .
f ' s.,? K-ancisco. where she will spend
. ouver, Seattle :-nd ! ortiand.
Mis* Frances ila'ud Anderson was
hostess Tuesday evening at an in
formal dance.
The marriage oFMiss Mary Virginia
Blijtre a distant relative of the late
lames <1. p.iairie. former Secretary of
siatc md Mr. William fc. Barker of
this ' city took place very quietly j
Wednesday in Philadelphia or,a
After a snort wedding trip Mr. and;
Mrs Barker will return to this oit>
and* reside at the former s residence,
3 015 3d street northwest. j
Gwendolvn Floulke of Rich- :
rnoriel, Ind., arrived in Washington yes
-.er-Jay erd is stopping at the S-horeham. |
The Misses Hopkins, who are stop- 1
ping at the Shoreham, entertained at a .
tea yesterday.
Gen and Mrs Weaver were host* at I
a dinner at the Army and Navy c..ub .
last night, when their guests were Mrs.
Ira Havnis. wife of Col. Haynes, who ,
spending a. few rlavs at the Shore- .
iiami "laj anrt Mrs. Trary.
Mrs Zestal. Capt. and Mrs. Harvej,
Capt. and Mrs. Bishop. Capt. and Mra.
Robinson. ''apt and Mrs, F'JlW. t^pt.
.. r,,j Mrs Nattier, cap? and Mrs. v\ 11 ,
X, i apt. and Mrs Marshall. Capt. and
Mrs Lanham. Lieut, and Mrs. Spall Id- |
ing. Col. Haines and Mrs. Moses, wife
of Capt. Moses.
Col and Mrs. John Dean Hall enter- j
tamed at dinner at the Army and Navy ,
ci lib last night in honor of Gen. and ,
Mrs. Gorgas. Those invjte.1 to meet ;
,1, l?r. and Mrs. Gerry Morgan.
rol. ' Glennan. Mrs. Frank Freeman
Mrs William Reynolds, In. < abell.
C.ipt. and Mrs. Krr.blck and Col. and
Mrs. Dodds.
AmonK others entertaining at the ;
\.'mv and Naw 'Tlub last night were
ir'.pt' and Mr" William Connell. Meut. |
xTuyn <~o\. Andrews, Senator and Mrs. |
MrOumW. T-ieut. Masurdav, Col. A. C.
Ma j and .Mrs Kobh, Capt j
'-ivphren and Maj. and Mrs Woodruff,
v ho entertained ir. honor of Mrs.
Woodruffs sister. Miss Edith HuM>e,'.
Their guests included Col. and Mrs.
T-' .lor Maj and Mrs Patterson. Capt.
Mrs Mitchell. Capt. Schley. Miss
Schley Mrs. Schindel. Mrs. Peterson.
Ci.pt Mahaffev, Capt. Patterson and
I.ieut. Dorst.
Capt. and Mrs. .1 .1. Kingman enter
tained at a dinner last night at Waflh
. nuton barracks, when their guests
M: and Mr* Wooter:. Mai. and ,
vrf.. i.nkesh, Capt. and Mrs. Jordan.
a.in Mrs WitiSlow- arid Col. and I
Mr-- .1 .i. '"em. Informal dancing fol
lowed the dinner.
Mme Hauge entertained at dinner
last night.
Capt and Mrs Kdwarri W. Kberle |
entertained at a dinner of Flxteen cov
ers last night at their home at the
navy yard.
Tie Brazilian ambassador and Mme
d*t Ganui entertained at dinner last I
? gilt TI honor of th.- Secretary of State |
and Vr- Brvan The other guests were.
_ rl.'lean ambassador and Mme..
- .are/.. Mat. '">? r and Mrs George Bat - '
nett. Mr. Mrs. Ilor?' e Westcott,
Mrs. Ijlovd W. Bowers and Mr. A. Mau
r!< e lx>w .
Mr <ie iiedri of tlie Austrian embassy
entertained at a dinner dance last night
at Kauscher's Princess von Hatzfeldt
chaperoned the party. The guests pres
ent were Prince von Hatzfeldt, coun
selor of the German embassy; Miss
Frances T.ippitr. Miss Margaret Perln,
M St urges of Providence. It. I.: Miss
I .on ise I'elano. Miss Marv S"Ott of r'hi
Mi*? Thatcher. Mr. ce Beaufort
i V.niTit von Recliteren Mrnpurg or
M e Nelher'ands legation. Mavroudi f.t
r, ,.,1 <.f the Turkish embassy. Prince
I :o)ierilol e of ti.e Austrian embassy, Mr.
!: Bingharn and Mr. II. SturRes.
Miss Rose marv Byrne an?l Miss Amy
. olver will arrive tills week from Ashe
ville N '? to visit the former s cousin.
Brig' Gen."P.. I- Hoxie. at his residence
ion K Street. They will belnV. ashing
'ton a month before going to New York
Mi-S Bvrne, who i-> well known in this
citv now makes lier permanent home
at Rosemary cottage. Sunset terrace, on
the side of Sunset Mountain, near
Mrs John Foster Dulles is visiting
Mrs. John W Foster 1323 l*th street,
and will receive with her Monday after
noon. May 10.
The patronesses for "The Opium Pipe,
which will he Riven at the Belasro
Monday nlghi. May 10. in aid of the
French motor ambulance fund, will lti
chide Mrs. George Cabot I.odge, AIiss
I Mabel T Boardman. Mrs. Charles Mc
I Caw ley, Mr?. Horace Wiley, Miss Emily
Wife of the rooimandaDt of the \Van h Inert on navy yard.
' Tuckerman, Misses Patten, Mrs. Wil
liam Littauer. Mis< Krr.st, Mrs. Garri
son Met "lintr- !c. Mrs. Harriot Blaine
Tit-ale, Mr?. i.;iwrpnrc Townsend, Mrs
John Boit i:!:?i Mrs. F.d -vard Mitchell.
Mrs. C ,\I. Hnck*-meyer entertained the
Martha Washington Club Wednesday
I evening. M:.?. at her residence, 71'J 6th
street northwest.
Fuchre w<;s played by the members.
1 and the prizes were won by Mrs. Dauter
j ich, Mrs. Buscher arid Sirs. Alshwee.
j Supi*r was served late in the evening.
Marriaae Licenses.
Marriage licenses have 1-^en Issued i
to the following: :
Allen X. Fish- r arid Jennie W. Brooks. ;
both of Jersey ? ':t N. J.
Frank Cury and Neiiie Trainer.
Welly M. Rosch?r and Kathryn Ach- j
Charles X. Rle^ and Kthel B. Chesser, I
both of St. Georges Island, Md.
Henry T. Nichols and Dulu 15. Ward.
Births Reported.
The following births have been re- j
ported to the health department In the j
last twenty-four hours:
Thomas and Nettie Reeves, boy.
John H. and Juliette Rea, girl.
Winfield A. and Nellie M. Wilson, boy.
John and Virginia P. Fleming, girl.
William A. and Julia Follin, girl.
Daniel and India R. Mahaney, boy.
John and Jennie M. Catts, boy
Clarence and Florence Inscoe, boy.
Eugene and Ada G. Burke, girl.
James W. and Nellie A. Parker, boy.
\ ito A. and Diarnanta Dellenoci, girl.
Claud and Viola Gaunt, boy.
Deaths Reported.
The following deaths have been re
ported to the health department in the
last twenty-four hours:
John W Hancock, 3 days, 1011 14th
street southeast.
John F. Lewis, 60 years, Lynwood,
Kmma Britton, 67 years, 1133 17th
street northwest.
Charles F* Benjamin, 73 years, the
Catherine I'rquhart 46 years, 2917
Dumbarton avenue northwest.
Aubrev Jackson, 34 years, Gallinger
French J Magruder, years, George
town University Hospital.
Chester Garret, 4?j years, 1632 It street
Harry G. I-.uc.as, 3G years. Government
Hospital for the Insane.
James Dixon. 60 years, Washington
Asylum Hospital.
Mary E. Simms, 46 years, 1120 South
Carolina avenue southeast.
Mamie llodge, 10 days, 340M: Van
street southwest
Sarah Ho mes. 53 years, 1211 Duncan
Street northeast.
John F. Butler, 12 days. Dean wood, j
Samuel Bailey, 36 years, Washington I
Asylfin Hospital.
HI! u
Our new dollar
boxes of Assorted
Milk Chocolates
Nut Chocolates
are the "just
right" gift size.
At Leading Druggists
end at our Stores
tJuytcr's Cocoa, like
Huyler's Candy,
it Supreme
Decides She Is Entitled to Half of
James Campbell's Big Estate.
ST. TjOI'IS, May 7. ? A unanimous ver
dict In favor of the defendants in the
Campbell will rust- was returned bv the
jury here last night. The verdict de
clares Lois Campbell, now Mrs. Klzey
Burkham, to be the daughter of James
Campbell, and therefore entitled to half
of h's pixteeri-millfon-dollar estate,
willed her by Campbell.
A suit to sot aside the will or: the
ground that Cnmpbell was unduly In
fluenced was brought bv the sister and
nieces and nephews of Campbell
T'pon application of attorneys for the
defense Circuit Judge Kinsey immedi
ately after the verdict was returned
dismissed the entire case, thereby de
nying the contestants the right to a
trial upon their allegations that Camp
hell was o? unsound mind and that he
was unduly influenced in making the
will by members of the church to
which the property eventually would
pro after the death of his wife and
daughter. The contestants have four
days in which to apply for a rehearing.
Mrs. Ella Coppersmith and Child of
Chicago Had Skulls Crushed.
CHICAGO. May 7. Mm. Ella Cop
persmith, wife of John L. Coppersmith,
a commission merchant, and her eon
John, two years old. were found mur
dered in their home on the South Side
yesterday afternoon. Their throats had
been cut and their skulls crushed. A
blood-nt iined hammer was found near
the bodies, and in an adjoining room
the police discovered a blood-satined
butcher knife. Diamonds belonging to
Mrs Coppersmith are missing, and rob
bery Is believed to have been the mo
The murderer remained long enough
to wash his hands and ransack the |
apartment for valuables. He took a
diamond ring and her wedding ring
from Mrs. Coppersmith's band, but
overlooked $800 in bonds and about
$50 in currency.
What the police consider their most
tangible clue was the bloody imprint
of the murderer's hand on a table In
the kitchen. Two suspects were ar
Army Orders.
J First I,ieut. John P. Bubb. infantry.
will proceed to Madison barracks, N.
; Y., for duty with a company for a pe
i rlod of two months and twenty days,
I and at the expiration of this period
j will return to West Point. N. Y., and
j resume his duties at the Military Acad
{ emy.
j The leave of absence heretofore grant
. ed Maj. Leonard I> Wildman, Signal
! Corps, is extended fifteen days.
The following-named officers will be
, examined for promotion as soon as
practicable after July 1. l?ir?: Second
Lieuts. .John B. Johnson, .''.d Cavalry.
Victor M. Whiteside. r?tb Cavalry,
j Claude I,p B Hunt, 13th Cavalry; N
Butler Briscoe. Slh t'avairy. Elbert E.
Karman, jr., 2d Cavalry: Ronald l>.
Johnson, Ttli Ca?*alry: Elkin L. Frank
lin, 13th Cavalry; George S. Patton, jr.,
loth Cavalry; Robert S. Donaldson, 4th
Cavalry, and Cuthbert I'. Stearns, 3d
Sergt of Ordnancc John Seitz is
placed upon the retired list. at Benlcia
arsenal, Cal.. and will repair t<? his home
First Lieut. William H. Bell, cavalry,
is relieved from duty ^s inspector-in
structor of the organized militia.
Capt. Easton It. Gibson. 191li Infantry,
at Frankfort, K\.. will pioceed to Lex
; ington, Ky.. in connection with his du
i ties as inspector-instructor of the or
1 ganized militia of Kentucky.
First Lieut. Robert C. Cotton, 20th In
j fantrv, is detailed for service in the
Signal Corps, vice First Lieut. James (i.
Taylor, Signal Corps, who will proceed
! to Fort Bliss, Tex., for duty with Field
J Company I, Signal Corps.
Capt. Robert H. Wescott Is relieved
from duty as Inspector-instructor of the
i organized militia.
I Capt. Allen Smith, Jr., Infantry, J? re
lieved from his detail as major, Philip
pine Scouts.
Capt. Godwin Ordway, Coast Artillery
Corps, is relieved from the 12<5th Com
pany, Coast Artillery Corps, and placed
on the unassifrrie.fi list.
Capt. Orval P. Townshend, Porto Rico
Regiment of Infantry, is relieved from
recruiting duty at Philadelphia, Pa.,
and will join his regiment.
Capt. Thomas S. Moorman, Quarter
master Corps, will report to the com
manding general, western department
and third division, for duty.
First Lieut. Carl V. von dem Bussche,
14th Infantry, at Fort Missoula. Mont.,
will proceed to his proper station for
Capt. Philip 'Yost, general staff, is re
lieved from treatment at the Walter
Reed General Hospital, and will pro
ceed to tha hospital at Fort Bayard, N.
M., for observation and treatment.
Naval Orders.
Rear Admiral A. G. Winter-halter has
been commissioned.
Lieut. Commander L J. Wallace, from
Brooklyn to Connecticut.
Lieut. J. W. Hayward, from receiving
ship at New York to Brooklyn.
Lieut, (junior grade) C. H. Davis,
from Mayrant to Warrington.
Ensign J. E. Austin, to receiving
ship at New York.
Gunner L. W. Becker, to Brooklyn.
Machinist Donald McDonald, receiv
ing ship at New York, N. Y.
1 Chief Carpenter R H. Lake, from
Missouri to naval aeronautic station.
' Pensacola, Fla.
Marine Corps Orders.
First Lieut. F. B. Garrett, from 27th
Company, marine barracks, New York,
to 16th Company, 1st Brigade, Phila
First Lieut. L. W. Hovt, from 32d
. Company, marine barracks. San Fran
cisco. to 27th Company, marine bar
racks, San Diego.
First Lieut. H. T. Vulte, from 27th
Company, marine barracks, San Dieg^o,
to 32d Company, marine barracks, San
Second Lieut. II. D MacLachlan, from
32d Company, marine barracks, San
: Francisco, to 3Sth Company, American
legation, Peking.
Second Lieut. D. H. Miller, from ma
rine barracks, Norfolk, to 17th Com
pany, 1st Brigade, Philadelphia
Naval Movements.
The Culgoa arrived at Tompkinsville
May C, the Hector at Guam May 6. the
Worden, Prairie, K-l, K-2, K-5 and
K-6 at New York May 6. the Vestal
at Sewall Point May 6. the Lebanon
and Beale at Norfolk May 6. the Choc
taw at Washington May the Chatta
nooga at L.a Phji May 5. the Minnesota
at Philadelphia May 6 and the lthode
Island at Travis Point, Potomac river.
May 6.
The Mars mailed from Mazatlan May
5 for Manzanillo, the l.eonidas from
Cristobal May 5 for survey, the Poto
mac and C-3 from Cristobal May f> for
Almirante bay, the Nereus from Cris
tobal May 5 for Hampton roads, the
Mayflower from Washington May 6 for
Chesapeake bay. th" Chauncey and
Barry from Cebu. J' 1 . May 6 for
I Malampava. P. I., the Orion from New
j port May 6 for Hampton loads, the
j Dixie from Boston May h for N>w
port, the Baltimore from Norfolk May
?? for Chesapeake bay and the Fulton.
G-l and <1-2 from Charleston, S C.
May 6 for New York.
Th~ Proteus, c-n tout'4 from Cristobal
for Hampton roads, has been directed
by radio to proceed lirst* to Boston.
Arrangements for the entertainment
features for the Hoard of Trade shad
bake and outing at Chesapeake Beach
Saturday, May 22, were discussed at a
luncheon meeting of the committee on
entertainment yesterday at the Na
tional Press Club.
Edwin Callow, "Tony the Barber." is
chairman of this committee; Paul F.
Grove, vice chairman; Frank M. Pierce,
secretary, and Charles U. Bartlett, mu
sical director of the newly organized
Board of Trade Glee Club, and musical
j director for all the "special stunts of
; the pavillion."
The minstrel part of the program and
| olio will he under the direction of Mr
| Grove. The minstrel show will be of
the old-time variety, with popular
songs and catchy choruses, and the olio
by members of the 'talent trust of
Washington," Karl Carbaugh. baritone;
Arthur Butler Pierce, coonologist; I. S.
Goldsmith, dagologlst; ??tto Woerner
and George Gross, end men extraor
dinary; Kirk Miller, the Grotto favor
| ite; "Musical Randall." the xylophone
? wonder of the Marine Band; Charles
j Shackleford, interlocutor; Byron Blod
! gett, accompanist, and a reserve corps
ready to jump into the fray.
Members of the newly organized Glee
I =3 . ?=
| fH Women acquainted with ?=
; Fownes quality in ALL ??!
f=? kinds of gloves, are
H? demanding Fownes SILK I|j
H= gloves,?with reaLSon. ; ^
Smartest, most satisfactory,
?but they cost no more. =|
= All lengths, sizes and
shades. up
g== Double-tipped ?
" ?Of course!
Ask your dealer
. The Store That Sells Wooitex
Wash Skirts pF 4- A hj} 00
The "Fielder"?One of the Popular Novelties in
Centemeri Silk Gloves
Fastens with strap across the
wrist and has gore in contrasting
shade to the hodv of the glove.
White with black Black with white
Sand with black I'uttv with black'
Sand with white Putty with white
The Price of the '"FIELDER" is $1.50 Pair.
Thev are. o\tr>?*. douh <
"tipt" and full\ t; . iranteed.
A pure Mil^ridise Short Siik Glove
?50c, which is eq^al to most J5c silk
_________ gloves.
Ceiitcmeri Long Silk Gloves
A range of qualities which cannot be duplicated?biack, white
and the season's desirable shades.
16-button length, with plain or lace arms,
$1.00 and $1.50 pair.
12-button length, $1.00 pr.?20-button length, $1.50 pr.
Kindly note that we are the exclusive Washington representa
tives for P. Centemeri & Co.'s Kid and Silk Gloves.
St. Patrick's
Misses' and ladies' sizes.
All colors. Special,
Many special values in
our Corset and Muslin
g Underwear Dept.
\ ETC.
J Exclusive and durable
* trimmings and fine mate
? rials.
Special Items Set Aside
in Our
Misses', Juniors'*
Black and white checks,
sand color, copen blue.
Former prices, $25 to
$29.50. For
F Street
at Tenth
Any Coat that formerly \
sold to $10, /t?r Aft \
for girls to 14 i
White Dresses for May
etc. Many
new models.
iui ivxay <
$5.00 i
Net Dresses, !
White Skirts, many ma
terials, for
misses and
Crepe de Chine Waists,
white, flesh,
sand, black,
aiaii^r xiia
line Waists,
F Street
At 10th
JL V Shop ForYoumc Folks
St. Patrick's
Club who have passed the successful
entrance examination are William A
Rogers, Odell Whipple. James p
Schick. William Clabaugh, K. F. Col
lartay. Edwin Calloiv. Louis C. Wilson.
Odell ?. Smith. Horace Ward. George
II. Markwar.l, Oliver A. Phelps. Edgar
H. S. Embrey. J. Crosbv McCarthy.
Clarence Horrell and Walter Sorrel!
There will be a full rehearsal of the
members of the Glee Club, the minstrel
show and the olio tomorrow evening- In*
the rooms of the Board of Trade. Star
The executive section of the enter
tainment committee Is composed of th?
l olio wing members: Chairman, vice
chairman and secretary Wellstoou
White. H. S. Omohundro, Dr. I.eonard j
ill. English. Claude N. Bennett, Charles!
H Bartlett. David M l.e? and odeil I. 1
The committee 5s making every effort
to mike this the best entertainment lit
the history of the Board of Trade shad
bakes, and assures the members that
every little detail will be so csrefuliv
worked out that the full show of
hour and a half will be run off without
a hitch. The motto of the entertain
ment committee is "The happy hoornh
rather than the gloomy grouch."
Members of the board who have not
purchased their tickets for the annual
outing are urged to do so at once. The
sale closes May 20. and positively ?>?
tickets are obtainable after that date*
Electtio vehicles are n?w being use*
on the streets of London for sprinkling
and sweeping.
France makes nearly C$.000,010 paii*
of gloves yearly, and of the?e 18.000,0"?
pairs are exported.
So rich Is Argentine tobacco In nice
tine that much of It ts used In the
manufacture of insecticides
Ka?tjarfc Washington pad* |
3?li?s C5arf?nfelcSr?*>. I
I'urs Stored. Repaired and Remodeled. Phone Main 4850. ~
New and Correct Summer Styles for
Misses. Girls and Children
An assortment including solid colors, checks and nov
elty materials?Spccial at $19.75.
Another charming assortment of varied colors and
materials, many styles?Special at $25.00.
Other model suits of silk, cloth, etc.. up to $o5.00.
Juniors' Suits?At $15.00, $18.50, 525.00 and S55.00.
Commencement Dresses
For Misses, Juniors and Girls?Splendid new assort
ments of silk, net, swiss, voile and chiffon.
COATS?of cloth, silk, corduroy. Yama cloth, chinchilla,
black and white checks and novelty materials, for
MISSES?14 lu 18 years?At $12.50, $15, $18.50. S?5. to $45.
GTRLS?6 to 14 years?At $5.00. $7.50, $10.50, $12.50 to $35.00.
Little Children's Coats nf Cloth. Silk, Pongee. I.iner,
Pique, etc.?1 to 6 years?At $.?. S3.50. S5. $7.50. $10.50 to $15.
HATS?Accord;ng to age, style and quality?50c to $18.50.
Tub Dresses of various materials and colors for
MISSES?At $7.50, $10.50, $15.00, $18.50. $25.00 and up.
GIRLS?At $1.50. $1.95, $3.95, $5.00, $7.50 and up.
Xew and Complete Stocks of Riding Habits, Sweaters,
Separate Skirts, Middy Blouses, Bath Robes, Rain Coats,
Bathing Suits, Socks, Stockings, Muslin and Knit Under
wear. Corsets. Corset Waists, Handkerchiefs. Gloves.
Parasols and Walking Sticks.
F Street, Corner Thirteenth
Sunday, May 9th
Wear a White Flower
in Memory of Mother.
Wear a Bright Flower
in Honor of Mother.
Flowers Delivered Promptly at Any Time You Suggest
Gude Bros. Co., 1214 F St.
Members Florists' Telegraph Delivery Association.
Phones Main 4277-4278-4279.
IIcusehold Economy"
?<"T p BRA.*
" Pure Elgin
Bui'xr. per lb.
O '>
J, J ( * ?
pi -'ittctd without sacrificing
:-.ty in J!.jt;es for v.-hich wu
!v table
5-lb. Boxes,
vV-. ?? - til 1 quoting very low
piic! - on our " 'special fcranas of
C: cirnet v' Butter
C -11 ?^iit? or phone.
SWEET BUTTER (saltlessj, 40c lb.
Fresh Nearby Country
Eggs. 25c dozen.
Stands in All Markets
Phone Main 4820
Tettenbom Refrigerators
Are in a Class by Themselves.
Tlie inside of this Refrigerator is
one solid piece of real porcelain
without joints.
Practically unbreakable.
No enamel to peel off. No glass
to crack. To tilo to loosen. N'o
joints fitted with cement and putty.
No bands with screws to hold dif
ferent parts in place.
No crevices, no cracks, .no sharp
corners. N'o place for dirt to lodge
and decay and absorb moistures
and odors and form breeding1 places
for germs, causing* diseases; be
cause our food compartments are
made like a china tlish?top, side,
back, bottom?all molded in one
solid piece real porcelain over an
inch thick. Outside casing of
beautiful oak.
Dulin & Martin Co.,
1215 F St., Through to 1214-18 GSt.

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