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How About Your China?
Your dinner and tea sets?Do they or will they need replenishing?
Are you thinking of what to give for a wedding present? Read and
learn of a life-time opportunity.
$10,000 Worth for $7,000
The dull summer months are before us?the store?the money now invested in chinaware
can be advantageously used for more seasonable merchandise. Less than today's wholesale
prices are to be asked of you?with choice of chinaware in greater quantity and variety than
ever before offered at one time in Washington. Basement Floor?6 elevators.
Mail Orders Faithfully Filled.
A. Lisner. Hours: 9 aum. to 6 pjn. G Street.
100 Wedding Invitations, $6.00 |
AJSpecial^Pricfr^Best^Vork^sGuaranteed^ ??
To June brides are quoted a special price?for orders given tomorrow?$6.00 for one hun
dred (100) seven-line announcements, on Crane's Wedding Stock, with inside and outside en
velopes. _ Samples are here?showing the high character of the stock and the engraving.
Satisfaction is guaranteed.
35C for Fifty Visiting Cards Pcr H?"^d, ?5C
High-grade Cards furnished?reprint from your card plate?and best work guaranteed.
Significant of the Palais Royal engraving?nearly 20,000 card plates of our regular patrons
are left here for safe keeping. Orders for cards are received daily from all over the United
States. Street Floor?New Building.
$4.00 Set
42 Pieces,
$26.00 Set
100 Pieces,
$20.00 Set
100 Pieces,
$15.00 Set
100 Pieces,
$8.50 Set
100 Pieces,
89c Set
a Pieces,
$6.50 Set
II Pieces,
Location?Basement Floor
tt Chinaware of every description?many thousands of individual pieces and hundreds of
sets. Glassware, ironware, enameled ware, housefurnishings of every description are to be at
investment prices tomorrow. Study your needs today?come tomorrow for lifetime values.
The new building added to the Palais Royal in October nearly doubled the size of this
basement store?it is now one of the largest and brightest in the United States. Only 4 seconds
W w
tt from street door?by 6 elevators.
B Refrigerators $4*66 $8.75 $10.95 $16*75
From Leading .Makers.
$7.50 Size
$12 Size
$15 Size
$20 Size
The "floor samples"?it means
dollars less than regular prices,
because of harmless hurts, such
as a scratch or rubbed corner.
All 1915 models, with latest
improvements to insure saving of
ice and edibles. The saving of
time and labor is assured in slid
ing shelves, easily removed ice
chambers, etc. Styles and sizes
for the apartment house, the old
fashioned home and the greatest
hotels and institutions.
Basement Floor.
20 Per Cent Discount
Cut Glass?Guaranteed Best Quality and Perfect.
Choice of the entire stock?you deduct one-fifth from the price marked on any piece or
pieces you select. And remember this is the Palais Royal's regular stock of guaranteed Cut
Glass, every piece perfect. No "seconds," none damaged, no inferior makes, only the best has
been or ever will be found here. And the price marked on each piece is at least 10 per cent
less than usual for best cut glass. Tomorrow's opportunity really means prices .TO per cent
less than regular. Basement Floor?6 elevators.
$7.50 10-in. Round Dish; Cz nA
ar and daisy
D;sh; $2.80
$7.60 12-inch Flower AH
Vase; daisy design 4>0?UU
$4.60 12-inch Flower Z/T
Vase; buzz star design...
$11.00 l?-lnch Flower 7c
Vase; rose cutting
$4.60 8-Inch Nappie; zr
star leaf design
$10.60 9-1 nch Berry
Fruit Bowl; star design..
$10.00 8-Inch Berry
Fruit Bowl; butterfly de- <jjg QQ
$6.00 Whiskey Jug;
daisy pattern
$4.50 Whiskey Decan
ter: buzz star pattern
$8.00 Wine Decanter;
daisy pattern
$4.50 Footed Compote;
leaf pattern
$11.25 Berry or Fruit
9 In. diameter; 4 In. deep;
beautiful star design
$3.50 8-in. Fern
daisy design
$3.00 Vinegar or Oil ?7 Ar
Cruet; new cutting
$4.75 Sugar and Cream O on
Set; daisy design
$4.50 Cheese or Cracker CO /r
Dish; flower design
$5.85 Mayonnaise Dish, &A /LIZ
with platter
$4.00 10-inch Celery *0 *)r
Dish; floral design
$3.00 Salt, Pepper and 9 Af\
Mustard Set
$5.90 Butter Dish, with nr
cover; star pattern 4TX*/v
$6.50 4-pt. Water Jug;
daisy design
$6.00 Water Tumblers
daisy design; dozen
H Screen Doors, 79c $1.19 $1.98
At Reduced Prices.
$i Values.
$2 Value.
$3 Value.
Wholesale quantity?and less than wholesale prices ? for
Doors guaranteed in every respect. $1.98 instead of $3.00 for
Doors in all sizes up to 3.6x8 feet. $1.19 instead of $2.00 for
Natural Pine Doors, highly varnished and guaranteed weather
proof. 79c for the usual $1.00 Doors, in all sizes up to 3x7 feet.
Bring Exact Measurements ? No Doors Exchanged.
The prices linked with these Doors will only prove profit
able to the Palais Royal if great numbers are sold quickly. In
other words?great sales and small profits are to be linked with
S $1.19 this sale.?Fourth Floor?6 elevators.
?? T
H Window Screens?on Fourth Floor?Summer Rugs
Guaranteed Shades
Of best quality opaque, in white, tan and
green, best spring rollers and crochet ring pull.
42 inches x 6 feet 59c
42 inches x 7 feet 69c
45 inches x 7 feet 75c
48 inches x 7 feet 85c
48 inches x 8 feet .95c
54 inches x 7 feet $1.15
Fourth Floor?6 elevators.
Hardwood frames, oiled and fill
ed with best black wire; 24
inches high; open to 37 19c
28 and 30 inches high; TRp
open to 37 inches *****
?50 and 32 inches; open
to 45 inches
Closely woven and in rich color
ings these rugs are wonders at the
18x36 inches.25c 30x60 inches. .95c
24x36 inches.49c 36x72 inches.$i.25
27x54 inches.75c 4x7 feet $1.98
Fourth Floor?6 elevators.
Table and Bed Linens
Second Floor?Rear of Elevators.
C f AA yard for Heavy Irish Dam
%p > *\J\J ask, pure linen and 72
inches wide. Standard at $1.25 yard,
yard for Heavy Mercerized
Damask, 64 inches wide.
Standard at f?9c yard.
nn dozen for Napkins, of
heavy, pure linen. Standard
at $3.50 dozen.
CO.. for Sheets of heavy round
thread; absolutely free of
dressing; size 81x90 inches. Stand
ard at 75c.
OO- for. Seamed Sheets, 72x90
****** inches. Standard at 49c.
Ql/r for Pillowcases with wide
u/2^ hems; 45x36 inches. Stand
ard at 12 V&c.
Invest in Rugs
Anticipate Future Needs Tomorrow?Very Profitablv.
$39.00 $19.50 $12.50
Valuesto$6>oa Values to $30.00. Values to $17.50.
Genuine Wilton Rugs, 8.3x10.6 feet and 9x12 feet, $50.00 to
$65.00 values, bunched at $39.00 for choice. Axminster Rugs,
8.3x10.6 and 9x12 feet, $25.00 to $30.00 values, are bunched at
$19.50 f?r choice. Art Wool Rugs, reversible designs and col
orings, 9x10.6 and 9x12 feet, values $15.00 to $17.50, at $12.50
for choice. Genuine bargains?guaranteed perfect in every
respect. Fourth Floor?6 elevators.
In Art Needlework Department.
Corset Covers, stamped for embroidery, 16c.... Artamo and
Royal Society package goods at half usual prices Infants'
' Cashmere Kimonos, stamped for simple work, 50c and 75c....
Turkish Rath Towels, with your initial stamped, 50c... .Sewing
Aprons, lace trimmed?stamped for embroidery, 25c to 50c
New Standing Collars, stamped, 25c....Cluny Laces, 1 ]/* to 3
inches, values to 25c, at 10c yard. Second Floor?6 elevators.
| Grass Rugs
Imported?at greatly reduced prices, be
cause in green only. The Grecian borders
made these rugs classically artistic.
18x36 inches 19c
27x54 inches 29c
30x60 inches 39c
36x72 inches.??????..49^
Rag Rugs
The new washable rugs, of heavy cre
tonne, in art designs and colorings.
15x36 inches 25c
24x36 inches 49c
27x54 inches 69c
30x60 inches 98c
36x72 inches $1.25
Fourth Floor?6 elevators.
Choice for $ 1.00
Samples and discontinued patterns?
Sandwich Trays, 14-inch Serving Trays, Cas
seroles, Water Pitchers, Bread Trays, Covered
Preserve Dishes, Bonbon Dishes, Toast Racks,
Sirup Pitchers, Fruit Bowls, Pickle Jars,
Vinegar Cruets, Candlesticks, Cracker Jars,
Fern Dishes with Artificial Ferns, Card Trays,
Cream Pitchers, Sugar Bowls, etc.
Brass Beds, bright and satin fln
i s h e s. Guaranteed | i F
$20.00 value at J) 1 1
! only.
Brass Beds, bright
and satin finishes.
Guaranteed $10.00 val- JO?V3
ue at
?'National" Spring,
guaranteed not to sag; /t?/^
all sizes at the sale
Rogers Spoons, 6 for 39c
Rogers' Teaspoons, six for 39c
Rogers' Tablespoons, six for....89c
Rogers' Dessertspoons, six for..89c
Rogers' Medium Forks, six for..89c
Rogers' Oyster Forks, six for...98c
Rogers' Salad Forks, six for. .91.30
Rogers' Pie Forks, six for.... .91.23
Rogers' Butter Spreaders, six
for 91.10
Rogers' Bouillon Spoons, six
for 91 ^
Rogers' Coffee Spoons, six for..59c
Rogers' Orange Spoons, six for.98c
Rogers' Soup Spoons, six for...98c
Rogers' Ice Cream Spoons,
six for *....98c
Rogers' Dinner Knives, six for.79c
Rogers* Fruit Knives, six for...09c
Rogers' Gravy Ladles, each 59c
Rogers' Soup Ladles, each 91.29
Rogers' Salad Spoons, each 05c
Rogers' Cold Meat Forks, each.50c
Rogers' Cream Ladles, each....30c
Rogers' Pickle Forks, each 29c
Rogers' Butter Knifes, each....23c
Rogers' Sugar Shells, each 25c
Rogers' Punch Ladles, each...91.98
Rogers' Child's Set, 3 pieces... .50c
Rogers' Sugar Tongs, each 50c
Street Floor?Center.
Couch Bed, 4 feet long, 6 leet
wide; fitted with Rome- fa
link spring; guaranteed Jn Z..i"
for ten years
Mattress, closely tufted, with
rolled edge and cov
ered with art ticking; ? a q g"
weight 45 pounds. Sale
price., ^
A "sale" at the Palais
Royal does not mean "sale
furniture." It means special
prices for "real furniture," the
only kind ever here.
Varnish and veneer help
hide the detects of sale furni
ture. The Palais Royal's
"real furniture" is honest
through and through, guaran
teed to give lasting satisfac
T o Patrons
Patrons who have "an ac
count" are assured of unusual
values in tomorrow's "sale"
and are especially invited to
profit by the passing oppor
tunity. Will they please as
sure their friends of the "real
furniture" found here ?
This Solid Maple Rocker,
with double-woven rat- ^
tan seat, is standard at
$1.00. Sale price
Couch Hammock, complete with
mattress, wind shield, f}Q
side pockets and chains.
Standard at $5.00
Solid Oak "Dining Room Table;
42-inch top, expanding Z F
to 6 feet; guaranteed a JOtOl)
lifetime. Sale price ?
A. Lisner.
The Greater Palais Royal.
Park Settee;
no nails.
price....- -
G Street.

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