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Another Lot of Powerful Attractions for Tomorrow
The Second Day of Our Tremendous Sale of Makers' and Jobbers' Overstocks and Cancellations and Lots From Our Own Stocks Tbat Must Be Reduced
Radically cut prices in goods wanted now for dress and the
but equally as good.
home. New lots added as fast as any are sold. Come tomorrow for these and MANY MORE not advertised
.;?? ;y-. .
l)rrnNmokfrii nn?l lloniMCwern, Thin Will Interest You.
Mrs. Alice R. Bellamy, Representative of
Pictorial Review Pattern Company
Will be in our Pattern Store from tomorrow until
June 7.
Slie will explain and demonstrate the advantages
of using Pictorial Review Patterns: giving little hints
how to save time, labor and material by using the cut
*ing nnd construction guides furnished with Pictorial
Review patterns. t
It will mean money caved to you ?o take advantage
of her visit her*. Pattern Store?Street Floor..
New Shipment! Just Received 430
"Perfection" Record Holders
$1.00 Values. Tomorrow, 39c
Made of Heavy Cardboard, size 12x14 inches: cov
ered with fine quality maroon paper: will accommodate
10 to 12 inch records (any diso type) and fit any cabi
net. If you would preserve your records, you need one
or several. Yictroia Parlors?Fourth Floor.
-: v?v-^^^ _
2Can? ^onja & (Eo.
Open 8:30 A.M.
Close 5:30 P.M.
Extraordinary Savings in
Real Ocean Pearl Buttons
Values Up to $1.95 Dozen.
Tomorrow, Dozen Only
Choice of White, Shaded. Snail and Colored Buttons
in the new shapes; such as ball, oblong, fish-eye, self
_? triangle, diamond and square; subject to slight
shank, ...
Button Store
-Street Floor.
Tomorrow at Third to Half Price!
Special sale Hand-embroidered Scarf*. Pillow*,
Children** Dre**e*. Towel*, Dre**fag Sacqne*. Scarf*.
Pin ?'n*l?lon*. etc.
Only one-of-a-kind?these are the model pieces
used to demonstrate our stamped goods Think of the
big savings you can make by purchasing tomorrow.
Art Store?Third Floor.
Purchase Extraordinary of Canceled Order of
Brought Out for a Prominent C
Specialty House to Sell at $10
to $15. CHOICE
Not delivered on time to the specialty house is the reason.
We were on hand when the cancellation came in and made an offer, which w as accepted.
It is the Lest purchase of dresses we ever made.
We illustrate some of the beautiful stvles.
;' . I. \. >\
Fine quality voile
u 1th Priacilla col
lar. black moire
tie. and black
moire girdle. $6.95
. ^ v
VoreltT Voile, very fine
quality, with racked ?.?
gaudy re'tee. fastened at
?ifi* with four irasbabie
white crochet buttons; or
*andr collar an<3 caffs, fin
ished with blU'.k nioJre
ribbon. At $6.yS
otbbseest' ?? r ?
ICoantry Ciub Checked
Voile, made with deep
flounce, orname Died
with several rows of
I cording: uaderbodir#; of
white voile, white voile
bJe?*Tes and vestee:
1 *atin girdle. At..$6.9o
Norfolk Dress, of the
rcrj best Quality lin
en. one piece, with the
effect or a jacket and
*kirt. atltched straps.
op*ns in front; finished
with pat'.-h pockets:
fine pique collar. At
Dress cf Fine Figured Voile,
with ecru net reatee, collar and
wrist frill; black satin glrdi?.
Styles that can be worn a whole
season without laundering. At
$6 .95.
,? ? -*r: :-v
Pretty Vo41e Dreas, made
suspender effect. wj".h black
taffeta peplum girdle, black
taffeta atraps orm shoulder. '/fy
net v*stee and sIbptwi. Skirt ^
in two-tier effect front. At %
v.-.;.r? ? msmM
Sale Muslin Underwear
Planned Two Weeks Ahead of its Customary Time Because of the Requests We Have Had for an Early Sale.
It means much to every woman?
First?Every garment personally selected by a woman.
Second?Every garment well made in clean inviting factories.
Third?Every garment fresh and latest style. /
Fourth?Every garment priced low?basde in clean, inviting factories.
Read These Phenomenal Opportunities and BeH ere Early Tomorrow.
Corset Covers?Figured dimities, batistes
in colors, crepes and nainsooks: trimmed with
\ai and cottoi torchon lace1- and embroideries:
:nsert:ons and edges and finished with ribbon
drawn through beading or lace. Special ai
21c and 35c
Corset Covers?In a great variety of d'.fter
ert style-, fine nainsooks, flesh co'.orcd lawn,
lace, embroider}, medallion, beading
and ribbon trimming, some slip-over
style, at
Corset Covers?Or fine nainsook, trimmed
with fine val lace. some, with deep Vandyke
points loaning yoke, others with embroidery
and medallions, some in surplice style, and fin
ished with ribboi;. Special at
85c, $1.35 and $1.85
Drawers?Open or closed styles, some plain
i ircular cut, others regulation cut, trimmed
with ' ne tucks, tucked ruffles, lace or embroid
ery. Special at
21c and 35c
Drawers?Knickerbocker styles
arvl regulation style, open or
closed, trimmed with blind or
open embroidery, or with cotton
torcj*)n ?ace, and ornamented
with ribbons. Special 45c
Better qualities at 85c.
Combination* ? Corset cover
and drawers, about 20 different
styles, both white and flesh col
ored fabrics, some combinations
with the Marcella drawers; trim
mings of val lace, embroidery,
medallions and ribbon
it, .....????? ?<??????? ?M
Combinations-?Fine nainsook,
some with draWiera part cat cir
cular, trimmed witfi fine laces
and embroideries, some finished
with embroidered organdy medal
lions and ribbon, special.at
$1.35 and $1.85
tio? ns?Tn *<jvare, rottnd, "V*
and high neCk stilus fa Wlifte
nainsook. w:.ite>, tefared imd
Igtirrd crepcs, and crowbar
iuuslin?. sOBW fthWl tpitli
rucks. hem*<Jliffnjr, embrt^dery
insertions, val lace* 2nd ribboi
\mong the higlMP prteed one<
*re hand-embrofured yoke ef
fects and go?U made with ki
mono vl?eves. ojpWlB^at
45c and <59c
Oowns? 50 different styles,
nainsooks and crepes, . white,
light blue and pink, or figured
ami polka dot designs on white
grounds. Some with yokes of
embroidery or lace, and others
with fine beading and ribbon, in
round, square or "V" necks; high
neck styles with yoke of fine
tucks; some with little wing
sleeves of embroidery. OCr
Special at CK7C
Oowns?Very elaborately trim
med, some with entire yokes of
lace, or all-over embroidery and
sleeves of lace, some with deep
Vandyke pointed lace, forming
yoke; high neck styles with yoke
of dainty embroidery or fine pin
tucks: all ornamented with rib
bon. Special at
Long Petticoats?Cambric,
nainsook, crepe and sateen; some
straight styles, some with cir
rular, others with gathered
flounces. Some have flounces
made of several rows of lace in
sertion and edge; others with
deep flounces of embroidery;
some with two or three ruffles
of embroidery; others with tuck
ed and hemstitched flounces;
some finished with embroidered
scallops, some have double panels
and some of the sateens are fin
ished with pleated, ruffle, under
piece and dust ruffle. Special at
85c and $1.35
Long Petticoats?Elaborately
trimmed, some with deep flounces
of Vandyke pointed lace inset
into ruffle, others with deep scal
loped flounces trimmed with em
broidery or lace, and ribbon bows.
Special at
Princess Slips?Open front or open back
styles, fini-hed at bottom with ruffle of lace
insertion and edge; square or round neck
styles; pinks, light blue and canary as well as
white. Special at
85c, $1.35 and $1.85
Colonial Princess Slips?Made full style, of
v. iiite nainsook, deep sectional flounce.
Special at.. Oi?L
Lace and embroidery trimmed at $1.35.
In flesh and white, $1.85.
Crepe de Chine Garments
Crepe de Chine Bodices, trimmed OC ,
with shadow laces; in flesh and white, at OuL
Crepe de Chine Bodices, with whole yoke
and sleeves of lace, back and front, and some
with lace medallions inset into d? | IP
front, at v*
Other styles trimmed with deep yokes of
shadow lace," and some in surplice
style, at
Crepe de Chine Gowns, plain tailored style
with hemstitched tailored band finish, easy to
launder, others in "V" neck style,
trimmed with shadow lace, in
flesh color and white, $3.87
Envelope Chemise of Crepe de
Chine, in white and flesh, trim
med with fine val lace beading
and lace medallions,
$1.35 and $1.85 $1.85 and $2.77
Special value In downs
Fine nainsook, lace and em
broidery trimmed, in "V,"
square and round neck, with
short kimono sleeves, some
with ribbon trimming 1 /j ^
on sleeves at WtC
Special $1.00 Long Petticoat
?Made of fine nainsook, with
deep 18-inch flounce, trimmed
with 3 rows of lace insertion,
pin tucks and deep lace edge
at bottom of flounce 67c
Long Petticoats?Made of nain
sook. trimmed with lace and em
broidery, fill! flare style, some
hmshed at bottom with em
broidered scallop, others in the
deep flounce finish. Spe
cial at
L'ndermutlin Store ? Second
Envelope Chemise?12 or 15
different styles, round or square
necks, some with embroidered
yokes, some with lace yokes,
others with whole yoke, back and
front?empire styles?made of fine
all-over embroidery; some trim
med with medallions; in both
flesh color and white. QC^?
Special at...* Owt
Marcella Drawers, lace and
embroidery trimmed. En
velope Chemise, lace trimmed.
A very special value. AAf
Choice, each I I v
Kxtra sizes?
Corset Covers. 45* and 85e.
Roma, 45e and We.
Petticoats, OTc, 88c, ?J.? * ?1.S6.
Drawers, 45c, lie ui 8Se.
Comblasttoas, 85c u< fl.35.
Don't Atiss This Marvelous Value
69c Accordion
Pleated Chiffon
In This Sale at, g* P*
a Yard D*)C ?
Colors are "White, Black Pink and
others of the most wanted of the
Material is 13 inches wide, and is
in great demand for making the new
tiered skirts.
.'9c Pleated Clilffon. in black and :';
white, accordion pleated. %'
19 inches wide, special, a
*1.2S Accordion Pleated Chiffon. 40 *
inches wide, in black, of
white, and a large range
of colors. Special, a yard ^
$1.98 ^Butterfly*' Ruffs, in black. |.'
white, or black and
white combinations, a ^ j J ET p
never before price to- |
morrow at
norrww <ti
Pleating and Ruff Store?Street #
Floor. 5;:
An Unheard-of Low Price |
For These High Quality |
Trimming Flowers
; ; I?; I
75c Kinds in This f '?&,
Sale 1 i/C
Open Roses, Rose-buds, Pansies, %
Small Flowers in little nosegays,
and many different colors.
Women's Ready to Wear Hats?In ^
black and colors, stylish and smart H
shapes; can be worn as
they are or embellished
with a little trimming,
Children's Hats, both trimmed and
untrimmed styles, piquant little shapes
suited to the fresh childish
coloring and winsome fea- jy(*
tures, at
Millinery Store?Second Floor.
A Wonder Value in
$1.50 and $2.00 Kinds.
Subject to ^
Slight Imper- ^<1 ^
fections. At . . ?
Just about 100 In the lot, made of %
a good quality American Taffeta. *
Sizes for men and women. Finished |
with wide silk tape edges, chiefly %
hardwood sticks. ^
Women's Silk Taffeta Uabrcllai? f
In navy blue, greens, reds and black, '//.
suitable for sun and rain, all have
good hardwood sticks f 'I
and cases to match. Jfj/y <
Special value at '
Bargain Tables?Street Floor.
Be Here When the Doors Open
Tomorrow Morning for These
420 Pairs Only
Women s Low Shoes
Guaranteed $4 Value at
Pumps, Military Oxfords, Paris %
Colonials sad bar effects. #
In bronze kid and colored kid, pat
ent colts and gun metal.
Turned soles, with wood or leather f
All sizes to select from. Lot is it;
limited?come early.
Shoe Store?Fourth Floor.
Three Big "Ls" in
Toilet Accessories %
Make tomorrow's sale a noteworthy ij
and unusual one. %
LI8TERIKE: large ? size
bottle, for J/ C
der; box. for
LYON'S Tooth Powder or
Paste; tor
Fnrvlali Your Home Fron thla Spe
cial Purchase and Sarplna Stock.
Complete Awnings
Big s a v
; lngs of these
j good quail
< ties; for
; windows 28
to 50 inches
wide; made
of blue and
tan and
white strip
2 ed a w n ing
mater ial;
mounted on
* best steel
?? frames fin
ished with
S deep val
k a n c e, scal
loped; com
t plete with ropes and fixtures, ready
? to hang.
Drapery Store?Third Floor.
This is Really Extraordinary
$1.00 & $2.00 Seasonable Silki
A Yard '
Silks Irom our own stock
Nine different lots. Every
the best colors and patterns.
Here arc the different kind
Crinkled Crepes, in new street
Egyptian Printed Crepes,
small, neat figures, in many col- j
or combinations.
Dolly Varden Shantung Pon- |
gee, imported quality, guaran
teed to wash. Six color combina- !
tions, also plain to match.
Silks bought in a special purchase
one correct, and in popular demand. The most wanted weaves,
?choose tomorrow :
Black Satin Duchesse. in a
rich, soft black, and very desir
able quality.
Crepe Pongees, in wanted sand
and putty shades.
Printed Kitten Ear Taffetas, in
stripes, checks, and floral effects.
Black Chiffon Taffetas. soft
and supple quality tor dress and
coat purposes.
Canton Crepes, in new street
Imported Shantung Pongees,
extra heavy quality, in the nat
ural color.
Silk Store?Street Floor.
3 Big Attractions in Wash
Goods, Headed Off by These
32-In. Shirting Silks
Incomparable in Quality, Value and
Reductions T * in Tomor
row s
Regularly 39c
Yard, Special,
Silk and cotton mixture of an excellent
quality. Suitable for making men's shirts and
women's shirt waists. Pretty striped designs in y
pinks, blues and lavenders. Also black and
white effects.
35c Tissue Nubbes, in all the new and at- ;
tractive designs that have made these one of f:
the most popular fabrics of the season. 20 C *
Special, a yard
59c Belgian Linens, 45 inches wide, in a '%
very smooth, fine finish, in sand, putty, rose, |?
gray, lavender, pink, navy, Belgian and
Copenhagen blue and oyster white. '??.
Special, a yard g
Wash Goods Store?Street Floor.
For One Day Only in This Record Sale .
airn s
Inlaid Linoleu
At the Price of Printed Kinds. Sq. Yd
Our Usual Low Prices Are 85c and 90c Sq. Yd.
No. 2
No. 3
\o. 5?Cream colored mottled
ground; lines in two shades of
green, block is of darker green^
Colors go clear through to the
back of the goods; cannot wear
off. Will give long service in
the kitchen, bathroom, office,
store or cafe; also for hospi
tals and public institutions.
No. 1
No. 1?Larger squares are terra
cotta and cream; smaller squares
No. a?Parquet designs consist
| of 4 shades of brown.
I No. 3?Cream ground, small
| figures green; Targe figures
i terra cotta and tan.
No. 4?Mottled cream grounds;
gray square line, with blue
i cross.
Linoleum Store?Third Floor.
How Is This for an Exceptional Bargain? We Wish There Were Enough for Every
Woman in Washington, But the Supply Is Limited
No. 4 No. 5
Seven other good patterns;
granite effects in plain green,
blue or brown; the other two in
tile and parquette effects; all
goods 2 yards wide; number of
rolls are limited; all standard
makes. It will pay you to antici
pate your needs for months to
All-linen Ramie Suiting; 45
inches wide; extra heavy; 75c val
ue. Per yard
Silver Bleached Table Damask,
68 inches wide: all pure flax: su
perior weight and quality; no dress
ing; $1.25 value. Yard
Bleached All-linen Suiting; 45
inches wide; excellent quality; 59c
value. Per yard
Imported Union Towels, guest
size; damask border; sizes 14x18
inches. Special, each
Extra Heavy Bleached Irish
Linen Suiting; 88 inches wide; ?? /n
thoroughly shrunk; round 7% I III
thread; $1.50 value. Per yard. "
Double Pile Bleached Turkish
Bath Towels; size 26x54 inches;
never sold at less than 39c. Tomor
row, each
36-inch French Suitings; extra
heavy soft finish; 69c value.
Weighty Imported Hemmed
Union Huck Towels; damask bor
ders ; 25c value. Each
Linen Store?Street Floor.
50 Smart Tailored Suits
Styles Formerly Selling Up to $25.00.
Black and White Checks, Black and White
Tweeds, Navy and Black Serges, handsome Gabardines,
and many other of the most wanted materials
Styles are .the popular Norfolk, plain tailored
models, some with belted effects In back and trimmed
with buttons; Prince Chap models, neatly bound with
braid. i
Some have collars of the same, others with cloth
of gold, or other colored silk collars and ttlmmlngs.
All sizes in the lot, but not in all styles.
Garment Store?Second Floor.
; v" " ^r;;v v :
Three good styles In a big purchase
Camp-Yacht Chairs
and Stools
Values from 35c to 45c.
Tour choice tomorrow
19c each
Choice of Wood Camp
Stools, with back made
of hard-w o o d, seat
slatted; size 12x14 in.;
folds small and com
Choice Canvas
Stool: 16 inches
high; seat
size 12x15
inches; made
of heavy var
nished frame.
Choice Can
vas Seat Stool,
with back
made of hard
w o o d frame;
size of seat is 13x14 inches.
lawn Furniture Store?Fourth
Nemo "Vacation Special"} #o
A Stylish Summer Corset ' ?
First of all?this is NOT a "Self-Reduc
ing" Corset, though suitable for medium
fall figures as well as for the slender.
Material is the "Steeltex" batiste us.?d in
$3 and $4 corsets.
Latest "MiKtair Shape;" medium ;n all
proportions. Wide bust-gores give, free
breathing space: full back. Skirt Vnade
flexible by the elastic gores of the t'Jemo
Laeticurve-Back. ?
Ail Excellent Corset?A Big Vfoe
Buy early?and better take more than
one pair. Sizes to begin sale are 21'to 8U.

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