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Washington Student Leads His Class
and Will Be Graduated No. 1.
Texas Pupil Second.
WEST rOfNT. X. Y.. June 11. ?Cadet
W. K. R. Covell of Washington. L>. C.,
is No. 1 in the graduating class at the ;
military academy this year; E. R. Kim- !
ball of Texas. No 2: J. LV Arthur of I
South Carolina. No. 3: E. F. Miller of
Iowa. No. 4. and J. S. Bragdon of Penn
sylvania. No. 5,
Today's program is one of the most
Interesting of the week. It includes
military calisthenics at 10 a.m.: an or
gan recital in the cadet chapel at 11
review for the Secretary of War at
4:15 p.m.; reception to the Secretary
of War at the superintendent's quar
ter's at 5 o'clock: graduation parade at
S o'clock; the big graduation hall in the
gymnasium during the evening and
the reunions of the classes of '70. '75 i
and '95.
Yesterday's program included equita
tion in the riding hall by a picked I
squadron of sixty-eight cadets from the !
graduating class, shelter tent pitching
by the entire battalion of cadets on the
grass plain, a review for Gen. Hugh
Li. Scott, chief of staff of the armv, and
evening parade. There also was a ded
ication of the Gerhard memorial bap
tismal font in the large chapel on the
hill. In addition to the cadet hop in !
Cullom hall tonight, the classes of '65, |
'69 and '85 held reunion dinners at the
Officer's mess. j
Winner of High School Drill.
W. E. II. Covell was captain of Com
pany A of Central High School, which !
in 1910 won the annual competitive i
drill of the High School Cadets. This !
was the last time Central won it prior
to this year. He was a student at !
Eastern High School during his first
year, later going to Central, where he
established an excellent record both
in the cadets and in scholarship.
He is the son of Luther W. Covell of
1221 11th street northwest, an examiner
in the civil service.
Twenty miles to the south of Venice,
down the narrow Lido lagoon, Chioggia j
is a miniature of the island city, but
wore medieval, less changed by time, !
and therefore more picturesque.
The trip to Chioggia In a gondola
fives one the best possible view of the
Venetian lagoons. Out upon the open
water you get a splendid impression of
the luminous immensity of the Italian
landscape. The water stretches away
blue gray to a low, dim mainland, and
beyond that the Italian Alps seem to
float in the air. Now and again you
pass a bit of an island town with its
narrow arched streets and old stone
walls, and fishing boats with gaudy
sails loiter by like lazy, bright-winged
Chioggia is but another of these lit
tle towns with a long canal running
through it where the fishing boats are
gathered in thousands, while in the
doorways along the narrow streets sit
quaintly costumed women, making lace
and mending sails. The most striking
thing about the Venetian fishing boats
is the brilliance and variety of the de
Signs upon their sails. Moons and
crescents and stars and all sorts of
other emblems are scet !n the gaudiest
colors. These are to the fisher folk
like the coats of arms and emblems of
heraldry and are hereditary- in the va
rious families. They also serve the ?
very practical purpose of letting the
good wife know her husband's boat at :
a distance, so that she can get his sup- '
per read?..
Chioggia is a city famous in the an
nals of Venice. In the fourteenth cen- '
tury when Venice and Genoa, then free |
Italian cities, were at war. the navy of:
Venice had been defeated, and the Ge- j
iiOans at Chioggfa awaited her sur
render Thereupon the people of Ven
ice were aroused to a pitch of fury
such as never had been seen before.
The ri? h came and poured their gold in
'he churches for defense until the
floors w*re covered, and the poor of- |
fered themselves for soldiers. Forty
old and outworn galleys were hauled
out and repaired and manned. A lead-j
er named Pacini, who had been thrown
into prison for suffering defeat, was
brought out and carried to the fleet on
rhe shoulders of the people He sailed
to Chioggia in the dead of night. The
Genoan fleet lay within the little land
oc*ed harbor. Then Pacini, anticipat
ing the glory of Hobson bv a few cen
turies, sunk two of his galleys in the
mouth of the harbor and held the
whole Genoese fleet a prisoner. He
waited until reinforcements came from
\ enlce and then the Genoese fleet was
destroyed and the supremacy of Ven
ice established.
Charges Less Than Private Lighter
age Companies in Alaska.
SEWARD. Alaska, June 11.?Govern!
ment lifters are handling freight at'
Ship <? reek, the principal construction ;
camp on the Alaskan railroad project,
for private shippers at J2 50 a ton, 1 i ;
cents less than charged by the private !
lighterage company, according to ad- |
vieea received here today. Officers of j
the Alaska engineering commission I
?ay they are prepared to reduce the |
rate further whenever business war
Owners of the lighterage company,
with which the government has en
tered competition, said they had not
anticipated that the Alaskan engineer
ing commission would enter the trans
portation field so soon.
Graduates From Purdue University.
With the honor of having practically
completed a four-year course In three
year*. F. Willie Gavin, son of Mrs.
Elizabeth Gavin, a former Washington
boy and graduate of McKinlev Manual
Training Sctool of this city, has been
graduated f+Jtn the school of civil en
pt??Mta? of Furtfue University.
A Big and Timely Purchase of
The Prize Winner in The Star's Advertising Criticism Contest selected as
the Most Interesting Advertisement Kann's Advertisement on "Good Will"
Any notice that tells of "Good Will"
Chocolates should be interesting, because It
must speak of the real merits of these choco
lates, and in stating that they are
Guaranteed 50c Value
for Special Q ?
Price of
We are telling the exact truth.
The makers have put them up for the
special purpose of keeping their force busy
during the summer season, hence the name
-Hood" Will."
Tr\ t\ box tomorrow.
A Watch That Is Always or
Hand When You Want It
A Bargain Tomorrow.
Tomorrow at Special Prices
32c special boxed assortments of "Sunshine" 'J'Jf
Dainties tomorrow for
40c special boxed assortments of "Sunshine"
Dainties tomorrow for
In addition to the two specials offered we will have on
sale all the Imported Specialties?Domestic Specialties?
forty-nine different kinds in bulk anil nineteen different
kinds of package goods
A Pound, From 10c up to 80c
Special "Sunshine" Booth?Street Floor.
Maple Flavor Cream Bar, tilled with
. and fruits, such as Brazil ^>f\
walnuts, cocoanuts, pine
es and raisins. Special, a lb.
Candy Store and Bargain Table?Street
At the Special Prices Listed Is
One of the Extraordinary Events Here Saturday
Xew lots rushed for tomorrow's special selling. The best models from leading manufacturers.
All finely tailored in the newest styles. Each an extraordinary value at its price. Extra salespeople to
make selection quick and satisfactory tomorrow.
Washington Women Have Learned
That Kann's Is the Best Place in Washington To
Buy Pretty Wash Dresses
See them in the window, then come in for a closer inspection at the
Bargain Table. You will not be disillusioned in the least by a closer view,
instead will recognize the real value in the material as well as in the
Made of tissues and voiles, in striped and figured effects. In three
tier skirt, long tunic or shirred and corded styles: Majority daintily com
pleted with fine organdy vest and Priscilla collar.
Bargain Table?-Street Floor.
The celebrated Swing made of
steel throughout; painted olive
green; with canvas canopy made
of blue and white striped awning
duck; seats recline; with 4-inch
hardwood finished plats on seat
and footboard.
We will put it up for you on your
lawn?if bought tomorrow.
Lawn Furniture Store?Fourth
Model A?Made of fine rep, linen and pique. Special tomorrow at
Model B?Made of rep. gabardine and pique. Special tomorrow at
Model C?Very nobby style of fine quality corduroy. Special tomorrow at
Model D?Made of gabardine, pique and honeycomb cloth. Special tomorrow at
Model E?Made of gabardine, pique and linen. Special tomorrow at
Skirt Store?Second Floor.
At Street Floor Bargain Table?Special lot Skirts, Model F, in Rep, Pique and
Linens. All sizes at
Best One Price Sale of Necessities
es in White Shoes
Including the Most Fashionable and Popular of the Season
The Shoes Ideal for Summer Time?White
Clean, Dainty, Summery, Chic
Thousands of pairs ready for your choice?the very largest
stocks we have ever had the good fortune to offer you.
Choice of Pumps?Oxfords?Christy Ties?Bar Effects?
Small Tongue Colonials?Adelphia Ties, Etc.
In welt or turn sole models, with leather, Cuban or French
heels; plain toe or tips; white, felt, rubber or leather soles; made
of buck, canvas, nubuck, Sea Island duck, etc.
98c Bread and Cake Boxes; heavy tin,
roll top and round; large aire. Choice,
95c Sett lead
Tea Gls s s e s ;
tbln - blotm, bell
shape. 12 glasses
In set for
7.000 sheets of
High-grade Per
forated Toilet
Paper. 7 larg?
rolls for
$1.19 Steam
Cookers: 4 com
partment; heavy
tin; copper bot
tom; large size.
89c Ironing
Boards; clear
1 u rah e r ; good
width; 5-ft. long;
smoothly finished.
96c set Household or Parlor Brooms; 4
string; thoroughly made. 2 in tM?t.
Priced at, d* "J Q ff
Shoe Store? Fourth Floor,
98c Bathroom Fittings; best brass; hearlly nickel
plated: all heavy warranted stock
Toilet Pap'-r Holders. Towel
Racks. Towel Bath
Seats, in white enamel or oak:
Combination Tumbler Holder
and Soap Dish, Hanging Tub Aft
Soap Dishes. Sponge Holders, Uhhbmmk
Glass Shelves, Glass Towel
Bars, Tumbler Holders, Soap
Dishes for wasbsrand, with opal and nickel drainers.
Choice, ea^h.
98c Kitchen Utensils ? Seamless
Pure Aluminum Covered Berlin
Saucepans, Covered Berlin Kettles,
Lipped Saucepans. All seamless.
^ $1.19 to $1.89 Kitch
en utensils? Heavy. 4
roated. White - lined.
Seamless Enamel Rice
Boilers, Milk Boilers,
Berlin Kettles, Berlin
Saucepans, Disbpans,
Preserving Kettles. Baking Pans,
Water Pails, etc., etc. Choice,
Saturday the Last Day of Our
Special I O f?
Set consists of 8 balls, wickets, mallets,
stakes; nicely varnished; packed in wood
box; mallet heads 6 Inches long; handles
26Va inches long; complete with instruc
tions. At tomorrow's price YOU should
get at leant one set for summer sport.
Lawn Furniture Store?Fourth Floor.
79c Alarm Clocks; full nickel;
long, loud alarm; American
make: warranted.
80c Berlin Sauce
pans; "WEAREVER"
seamless aluminum; 2
quart alse.
Saturday "Xfw?" for the Little Folka?Introducl*c Some
Quaint and Fascinating New Models in Summer Apparel
We Looked Out for the Little Folks
As Well as for the Orown Ups In
Everybody Has Been Asking For Them
Ombre Crepe de Chine Ties
This semi-annual ^ale offers big values that all Washing
ton women have come to look forward to eagerly twice a
\ear. Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of this
golden opportunity of the mid-summer. That other hat that
you needed for your trip you can get tomorrow at just half
Former Prices From $5.00 to $18.50
Sale Prices From $2.50 to $9.25
Skirts To Oo With Your
New Middy!
$1.25 and $1.50 Values.
Special J *3 C
Whit* Loosdale jean or khaki or nav
galatea cloth; else* 8 to 18 years. Gore
or pleated style with body attached.
The First Lot Consists of Women's Parasols
$3.00 and $3.50
Values at ........ ? V* vJ
Almost any combination in black and white that
you could desire: some with Persian or Dresden
ribbon borders and insertions.
Plain colors with borders and insertions of
Dresden and Persian ribbon.
Plain taffetas, in the desirable new shapes;
some 8 and 10 ribbed styles.
There are some of the new Jap style parasols
in the lot. Almost everything that is desirable in
this season's models included in this sample lot
Children's Silk Parasols
In plain coaching effects; also a good many
with Dresden ribbon borders and insertions, in pink,
light blue, white and red. Parasols __
that retail regularly at $1.00. $1.25 and '7Q
$1.50. Choice tomorrow at special / T/C
price, each /
Another lot Children's Parasols
Made of soisette and madras, in .
plain or fancy combinations, in nearly A Q
all the wanted colors. Parasols worth
59c and 75c, special at
Bargain Table?Street Floor.
"Susan Sunbonnets"
At 45c and 50c
| A pretty little bonnet that protects the
A eyes and^tbe baby faces from the glare
?gj' v New Suspender Dresses
?BBlPaA I Cone in and see these?made of pure
JWBB5JMI I jHWHBSLV linen, in old-fsshloned hsnd-smocked ef
fects; si*ea^2 to 5 yeari^
finnlj New Flowered Crepe Frocks
Sizes A to 14 years. Pretty new bolero
IWlkmirmn I Itekst effect; daintily trimmed aod pleat
? M r1 *^rteff0tter 8 6 W,tl1 low ,n
\ Children's White Pique Coats
1 > $4.00 Value, $2.95
* 1 Dainty style with collar and cuffs wal
loped and embroidered; 2 to 4 years.
Hah kail- Ha", o .TTlu f?*? "Iiapts 10 match Smocked Dresses, 11.25 4t S1JO
Little Folks' Store?Second Floor.
New Pli.rilla Collar.,
in different shapes. In
pique, organdy, 'JC.-,
or combination Zt/t
materials, at..
Though these do not come under the heading of Trim
med Hats and are not included in our Half-Price Sale, they
are at exceptionally low prices.
Panamas, in mannish shapes, with /h 0>
plain white and black-and-white bands.
Worth $5.00. Our price tomorrow is only "
Corduroy Tams, in white, at 95c
New Felt Sport Hats, in white, with yK /X 0*
ribbon and velvet bands; in different _S I
colors. Choice at X
25c Embroidered Roll Collars, small neat
shapes, of fine organdy, pretty designs. | A _
Special at ? ? ^
Oriental Lace Vestees, sailor back collars,
with lapels or small revers in front: different' de
signs of oriental lace. Special for Sat- A^f
urday at
Neckwear Store and Bargain Table?Street
Millinery Store?Second Floor.

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