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Sealed proposals will be received at t lie
Superintendent's -.ffire until June 21. 191.". at 12
o'clock ni.. and then opened for furnishing said
school during the flacal year ending: June .'<0,
2916, supplies of coal, ahoea. groceries, meat*,
ha^r. straw, ice. dry goods, raffia and reeds, dairy
products. school books. stationery. brooms,
brushes and buckets, to be furnished from time
to time and in such quantities, a* may l?e or
dered. Applications for specifications and nil
proposals must be addressed to th" superln
. tendent of the National Training School for
Girls. Conduit road. I?. c. The rieht to reject
any and all proposals is reserved. CHAPIN
BRWV. President Board of Trustc*. Jel??-I1t
P'st.-iot of Columbia. Washington. .June 12.
Sealed prnpoviU will re-elvcd at Tl.lS
offl ??. Room District Building. until two
o'clock. p.m.. .lur.c 2". f-T furnishing :uwl
delivering: one X-ray uuichin" and accessory
equipment. for use in Washington Asylum Hos
pital. t':.N city. Spectflrations and form "f
r>rop.isal may be obtained from the Purchasing
Office. Room I e.strjc* I i ?di" - IV it
W. Kl'TZ. Commissioners. P. C. jel4-3t ,
st t',e office of the Bureau Standard-. Wash
ington. I' until 2 o'clock p.m.. Fridiy.
June 19. 101.r?. and t! ? n opened. f-r furn'siiiiu;
la> ?!x pa ;' :'-m:ucs. total weight about 7.?.'Nk? ,
pounds: ? rack f"r supporting panel frames,
total w- r ?:!???;!' '".'""i p??un?fs; mech
anism {? shifting '?cam supporting panel
frame Plans. ?pe.ifi-at'ons. etc.. may he ob- I
taiued by apj lying I ? ? above office. Jel2-I4
of superlMt?"nd?-nt '* S. '"apit??l building and !
ground-, .hinc p?. I'M.". Notice is hereby given !
that I ill f-'uu t im-? to Cine proceed f.?
*h?-? maf-i in building ..;i squares 721.
722. 72.'i. ?".V: and a.'*|Uired Jo enlarge the
i'ipif?d gr.- inds. ;n accordance with join: re-o
lotion of (?? ???'? r 22. 1!?14 t.*?S Stat . 782.. Pro
r->s;i!> are r-nv d? - -.d for the purchase of the
tnater;a 1 in squar-- 7"J 1 and 722. which will ho
opened ard ? "nsiderod on June ]5. Here
of to- notices <>f sa l?? will be posted in the
various squares. ELl.InTT WOODS. Superin
tendent I . S. Capitol Building and Grounds.
Compafrnie Gcncrale Transatlantique
ROCHAMBEAU June 19, .1 p.m.
NIAGARA June 26, 3 p.m.
CHICAGO July 3, 3 p.m.
ESPAGXK July 10, 3 p.m.
Company's Office. 19 StateSt.N. Y.
Or F. O.'WEIDMAN. )?;? N<?w York *Tf.
Potomac River Landings j
Steamers l?r?ve Ttli sr. wharf for Baltimore and
rlf^r point- Mor.d-y. Wednesday and Saturday. 4
r m.; arrive Baltimore second morning out. Leave
I alrlm' re. pier ". Light st.. Monday. Wednesday
a I Saturday. T> p.ni.: arrive Washington second
n orning out. River freight prepaid. Passenger
service first class Freight received until a:43
I in. on sailing days.
Ma-vland. Delaware and Virginia Rwy. Co..
Telephone Main 74.". 7th st. Wharf.
Ciyil Service Examinations.
Ton can have the personal attention of a
former civil service examiner at THE DRILr
I.fcRY. 1100 N Y ave. Phone M 2508.
EstaWished 1840
Orduna, Sat., June 19, 10 a.m.
Tuscania, Fri., June 25, 5 p.m.
Saxonia, Sat., July 3, 10 a.m.
Orduna, Sat., July 17, 10 a.m.
Tuscania, Fri., July 23, 5 p.m.
Saxonia, Sat., July 31, 10 a.m
Through bookings to ^all principal Ports of tbs
GEO. W. MOSS. 617 14th st. n.w.. Wash.. P. O.
Old Point Comfort
Ocean View
Mtrjp" Virginia Beach
return following Monday.
f*!ty Ticket Office. 731 15th at. n.w.
Woodward Building. Thone Main 1520.
Norfolk & Washington
Steamboat Co.
BOSTON" and return ? f25.<?
SAVANNAH and return $24.29
Including meals and stateroom arenmmodft
tions. Throurh ticket* to all points. Plaa
? teaniers. Best service Stateruoma da
luxe. Baths Wlrele-a telegraph. Automo
biles carried. Send for booklet. B. A (X '
R It Co offlces and 6?7 14th at. n.w.
W. P. TURNER. G P. A . Baltimore. Md.
Washington 10 piiiladli.piiia.
attractive water rot te from
Baltimore to Philadelphia.
?Through ,l.e ?*h?-snpeake ?r,i Delaware canal ]
to PHILADKI.PHI A." Stopping ?' great |
fUMng groQDda. Bettertor.. al?o Cheiter, I
From v*"HhMr.gton by B. and O. or W., B., A. E.
liy. t^> Baltimore, thence L"r! *??. n line to phlla.
freamera ?Rii dally except S :nday 5 p.m. Fast
day *? ?Tart June 1". dai.'v and Sunday# S
a.m. Tickets or, ?ale a* B. and O and W.. B., A.
E. Ry. f'ket aliv. c. SPLIKDT. ^"ket
Agent. F at. r .w.. i'-r New York. Atlantic
City. NTaf Aaburr Park, '?'??an 'Jrove, f.ong
Branch. Ait- a r. v. T roy. ? t: r m r V ?*a 1 r. 7 V-. 1
Write ar:?*-. O^ARENCE SHRIVER. G. P. A.,
X.Jirhr ar.d P-atr Baltimore. Md.
Power-Equipped Dory Soon to Be i
Sent to Lower River.
Capt. BUI Gibson has a largt power-'
e<2':!pped dory at Regan's boatyard,
havir.if higher put on an<3 other!
work done to ft her for service. It ls^
probable the vessel will be ready forj
work In a week or ten days, and It Is
etated she will be sent down the river j
fctimmer fishing.
Tsloop Enola, the schooner Mary
Faunae and the power boat Ada Ba!
lanffer, all from this city, are at points
al'.r.K t^.e r.ver hunting for fresh fsh
fc?r the market here. The flshtr.g fleet
has been down the river about two
weeks, and several barrels of Ash were
received from It when It first started
on the cruise
Por several days past. It Is stated,
receipts have been very light. Rook,
perch, catfish, croaker* and a few lass
are belnK caught by the summer fisher
Fakers and Crooks!
The advertising columns of
The Star are edited as care
fully as the news columns.
Fakers and crocks are barred.
Every advertisement known
to contain an untrue or mis
leading statement has been re
Every reader s asked to bs
on the Vigilance Committee and
heiji police the columns.
Only Three Golfers Have Won Title
More Than Once in Twenty
One Years' Play.
SEW YORK, June 14.?The open
! championship at Baitusrol this week will
be the twenty-first held under the juris
! diction of the United States Golf Associ
I ation, for although the association is in
J the twenty-second yj?ar of its existence
j no open championship was held in the
j first year. There was an open champion
ship played in 3 894, however, under the
auspices of the St. Andrew's Golf Club,
i it was played on the old St. Andrew's
j course in Yonkers, and was a match play
Ltffair. Willie Dunn winning the title by
I defeating Willie Campbell by 2 up in
I the final round.
In the long history of the open iham
| pionship the title has changed hands
| almost yearly, and only three golfers
! have held it more than once. Of course,
j tht? greatest of these was the late Willie
I Anderson, who for a period of five year?
| was almost in a class by himself, and
l won the championship four times in 1901,
1903, 1904 and 1905. Alex Smith lias
been champion twice, in 1906 and in 1910,
and John J. McDermott, with his two
successive wins in 1911 and 1912, is the
only other golfer whose name appears
more than once on the list of open cham
List of Winners.
The complete list follows:
1895, H. Rawlins ; 1896, James Foulis ;
1897, Joe Lloyd ; 1898, F. Herd ; 1899,
Willie Smith; 1900, Harry Vardon;
1901, Willie Anderson; 1902, Lawrence
Auchterlonie; 1903, Willie Anderson;
1904, Willie Anderson: 1905, Willie An
derson; 1906, Alex Smith; 1907, Aleck
Ross; 190s, Fred MeLeod ; 1909, George
Sargent; 1910, Alex Smith; 1911, .John
J. McDermott; 1912, John J. McDermott;
1913. Francis Ouimet; 1914, Walter
Ha gen.
It is hardly necessary to say that
Francis Ouimet is the only amateur on
the list, and all except McDermott, Oui
met and Hagen were born and learned
their golf on the other side of the At
The lowest score that ever won the
title is 290, which has been made twice,
by George Sargent in 1909 at Engle
wood, and by Walter HaK^n last year
at Midlothian. Up to 1898 thirty-six
holes of play was considered sufficient
for the championship test.
Chance for a Tie.
To the golfing enthusiasts who are
hoping that there will be a tie for the
title, so that they may witness a play
off Saturday, there may be hope in the
fact that there have been six such
play-off's in tins history of the tourney.
The first was in 1901 at Myopia, when
Will e Andreson tied with Alex Smith
and won the play-off. David Brown
tied with Willie Anderson in 1903 at
Baltimore, and there were no oth^r ties
until 1908 at Myopia, when Fred Me
Leod and Willie Smith finished on even
terms, and MeLeod won the next day.
Alex Smith. Jack McDermott and Mac
donald Smith tied at Philadelphia in
1910, and in 1911, at Wheaton, McDer
mott, M. J. Brady and George O. Simp
son were together at the top of the
list. The last play-off was the famous
one at Brookline In 1913, in which
Francis Ouimet outplayed Vardon and
The week's program at Baltusrol Is
as follows;
Tuesday, June 15?First qualifying
round, thirty-six holes. First thirty
two to qualify for championship.
Wednesday, June 16?Second qualify
ing round, thirty-six holes. First
thirty-two to qualify for championship.
Thursday, June 17?First and second
rounds of championship, thirty-six
Friday, June 18?Third and fourth
rounds of championship, thirty-six
Saturday, June 19? Play-off at eigh
teen holes in case of a tie.
Story From Warsaw Says Germans
Were Deceived by Their
LONDON, June 14.?A Warsaw dis
patch to the Times describing the use
by the Germans of an asphyxiating gas
"Evidence exists Indicating that the
German soldiers protested against the
use of gas, but their officers told them
the gas was quite harmless and would
only render the Russians unconscious
without unduly harming them and that
the Germans could then walk over and
occupy their trenches without the loss
of a single man.
Confident of Success.
"Behind the gas went German sap
pers to cut the Russian barbed wires.
The attacking columns were followed
by men bearing cylinders of oxygen for
the relief of their own soldiers, all of
whom were equipped with respirators.
"The Russians were instructed to
make no move or sound, and thus they
led the Germans to believe them dead
or at least Incapacitated.
"In fact, the Germans were so con
vinced of the success of their plan
that the last attacking groups brought
blankets and knapsacks with them, be
lieving that they would remain com
fortably for the night in the occupied
Fougrht Until Th.ey Died.
"When the Germans reached the en
tanglements the Russians opened fire,
sweeping away the first ranks. Not a
single Russian soldier budged from his
position, but all remained firing until
they collapsed In the trenches, -while
the operators of the machine ?uns
worked their pieces with the aid of
soldiers holding wet bandages around
their faces until they died together.
"The Russian reserves, furious, with
rage, carried the attack forward, using
bayonets and clubbed guns. In the
meantime a change of wind carried the
gas into the German trenches, where
many German soldiers fell In agony
from the effects of the poison."
Degree of A. B. for W. E. Harrey.
Walling E Harvey. Central Algh
School, 'll, 1" to receive the degree of
bachelor of art? at W'ealey&n Uni
versity. Mlddletown, Conn? thla week.
Mr. Harvey has taken an active part
in college athletlca, and was manager
of the varalty baae ball team. He ex
pects to enter business In New York
Funeral of Charles H. Gordon.
Funeral services for the late Charles
Henry Gordon, which were In charge of
Osiris Lodge, No. 28. F. A. A. M., were :
held at 2 8th street northeast at 2
o'clock this afternoon. The interment
took place at Rock Creek cemetery, the
blue lodge rites being performed at the
grave by WTorshlpful Master Richard
M. Towson, assisted by the other offi
cers and members of Osiris Lodge.
Jacob Crisman, a prominent farmer,
dropped dead from heart disease at
Kernstown, Va., near Winchester. He
was seventy-six years old and was a
na-tivo ot Germany,
Regular 20c
Kiddie Cloth
1254c Yd.
33-inch Kiddle Cloth, in
a large assortment of
styles and colorings, such
as stripes, checks and plain
colors. Warranted fast
colors. The most service
able material for chil
dren's frocks, hoys' wash
suits, women's house dress
es, etc.
Summer Ribbons
5-inch Taffeta Ribbons, in white,
pink, light blue, red, nile, Copenhagen
and black. Nice crisp quality -g ^ if
for hair bows and sashes. ? jjj'/2C
Regular ISc value, at
High-class Satin and Moire Ribbons,
in beautiful brocade effects; widths up to
7 inches. All the wanted light
colors, as well as white. Values
worth up to 50c, at
Hat Bands in black-and-white effects;
all the newest stripes now in -f
demand for summer wear. Regu- I yf*
lar 30c value, at
Store Opens at 8:45 A.M.; Closes at 5:30 P.M
See Today's Times for details of our Sale of Manu
facturers' Surplus Stock of Furniture at Savings of
and \/2 Price.
Drastic, Compelling Sacrifices in Tomorrow's Sensational
Clearaway of Suits, Coats and Silk Dresses
Former $18.00, $20.00 and $22.50 Values at $5.00
The necessity for leveling our stocks of women's cloth suits, coats and silk dresses before real hot weather sets in forces us
to drastic price-cutting' on all remaining stock.
Hundreds of new and stylish garments enter this remarkable sale tomorrow, all of the most
desirable quality and correct mode, at a price that will create new selling and value records. Every
woman can find a need for a Cloth Suit, a Coat or Silk Dress for late summer or early fall wear,
especially when it can be purchased at such small expenditure as FIVE DOLLARS.
The Suits
Poplin Suits
Check Suits
Serge Suits
Diagonal Suits
Crepe Suits
Fancy Mixture Suits
The Coats
Serge Coats
Plaid Coats
Poplin Coats
Novelty Coats
Sport Coats
Corduroy Coats
The Dresses
Crepe de Chine Dresses
Jap. Silk Dresses
Crepe Meteor Dresses
Silk Faille Dresses
Silk Poplin Dresses
Satin Duchesse Dresses
All the season's most approved models,
hut not in every style and material.
All the' leading shades and combinations. All sizes,
Women's $1, $1.50 and $2 *7?\
Silk Stockings /i/C
<Gjr~5 "Onyx" brand hosiery has
_ . always been recognized as
K Onyx JrlOSlCrX l'le standard of quality and
a style?a fact that doubles the
importance of tomorrow's re
markable sale offering of this famous hosiery at 79c a pair. A
fortunate purchase of 60 dozen pairs at a greatly lessened figure
permits us to offer them tomorrow at decided savings, just when
so many women are ready to replenish their summer needs.
Every pair strictly perfect quality. They are pure thread silk, of
extra fine, serviceable quality, and come in a variety of the season's
prettiest styles, such as shaded effects, fancy two-toned colorings, also
black with embroidered clocks and plain black. Medium-weight silk
that will give excellent service. Full fashioned foot, with double sole,
high spliced heel and ioe, and garter top.
i All-Silk Crepe de Chine
t Full 40 Inches Wide.
i Regularly $1.50 a Yard .... O / L
? This fashionable silk is the vogue for handsome summer
I waists and frocks, as every woman knows. We bought an im
porter's remaining stock, in all the wanted shades and white, at
a big price concession, and turn the lot over to you at a like ad
It is an extra heavy, rich, crepy finish quality, guaranteed not to slip,
firm woven and serviceable. Full 40 inches wide. The colors are pink,
flesh, putty, sand, alice, Belgian blue, Copenhagen, Russian green, gray,
wistaria, coral, peach, battleship gray, taupe, golden brown, reseda, navy,
also black and white.
36-Inch Chiffon Taffeta Mlk, soft tissue finish, heavy, firmly woven
gradf. In white, iipht blue, Helen pink, mais, nile, sand, putty,
turquoise, wistaria, reseda, emerald, Alice, Belgian blue, Copen
hagen. myrtle, gray, brown, also navy blue changeable effects
and black. Regular $1.00 value. SaVe price
Big Purchase of
Writing Papers
Worth 25c and 30c a Pound
At 12*Ac
2,500 pounds of High-grade Writing
Papers?a clean-up of a mill's odd and
ends. Every ponnd contains about 100
sheets of pure white linen fabric writing:
paper. Kinds usually retailed at 25c and
30c. Offered at 121.'Sc a pound.
Envelopes to matehi worth 10c f
a package, for
Boys* Light-weight Cot
ton t nderwrari shirts with
low nerk and sleeveless or
low neck and short sleeve*,
knee-length pants. Tn ecru
or bleached. All *
sizes. Regular 25c ?
value, at
BoyV ?4PorosknltM 1'nlon
Suits* low neck and short
sleeves, knee-length pants.
Bleached or ecru. ^
sizes. Special
Carpet Pattern Mattings
Regularly 29c a Yard for . . . . 15c
When such superior quality mattings are ottered at sav
ings of nearly one-half customary cost it is time for thrifty
housewives to huv summer floor coverings.
This is the serviceable quality, 180-warp. long rush straw,
double cord "Akawa" Japanese Matting, with special machine
finish edge which insures long wear. Strictly perfect quality
and reversible. Choice of attractive carpet designs in green, red
or blue.
Extra Heavy-weight Seamless China Mattings, close-woven,
palmed-finish cochin straw, a grade noted for its wearing qualities, f a
Large variety of checks, stripes and plaids, of green, red, blue and I
brown, also plain white. Sold regularly at 25c yard. Sale price. .. .
Heavy-weight 90 to 100 Pound Lintan Straw China Mattings, a
glossy finish quality not usually found in other grade mattings, ? q
Checks, stripes and plaids of green, red, blue and brown. Worth I ?%?
30c yard. Sale price
Close-woven Seamless China Mattings, in stripes and
checks; colorings of green or green and red. Strictly reversible. O /?V'
Worth 121-2C yard. Sale price
A Bargain Feast in
Summer Wash Goods
45-Inch Imported Ramie Linen.
fashion's most favored material
for summer frocks. Made of pure
linen flax: colors warranted abso
lutely fast, washing cannot affect
its beautiful finish. Colors include
sand, battleship gray, Russian
green, Belgian blue. Piping Rock,
old rose, putty, reseda, brown,
wistaria, Copenhagen, alice, prune,
navy, lipht blue, tan, nat
ural, royal blue, cadet
and black. Worth 65c
27-Inch Woven Stripe Ratine, in
white grounds with neat colored
stripes. The newest wash mate
rial for summer suits and _
dresses. Regular lftc val
ue. Sale price..........
35-Inch Beach Suiting:, the .new
est material for making the cool
est and smartest suits and dress
es for summer, ideal for
mountain and seashore * s
wear. Worth 29c yard. IOC
Sale price
4T?-lnch Imported Colored Ratine,
extra heavy, firm-woven quality,
with the new rice weavf In all
wanted shades, such as light blue,
cadet, Copenhagen, tan, gray, pink,
lavender, wist aria,
sand, reseda, etc. Sold * */
regularly at 25c yard. I /?/3C*
Saie price : . .. '
40-Inrh Printed Voiles, in a large
assortment of new and dainty de
signs and colorings. Large and
small dots, stripes of all sixes,
dainty floral effects and neat fig
ures. Extra fine, two-ply, firm
woven quality that will f q
wash perfectly. Worth I
25c yard. Sale price
27-Inch Yarn Mercerised Poplins,
a superior rich silk lustrous qual
ity; being yarn mercerized, its
beautiful silklike finish is abso
lutely permanent. In a large as
sortment of street and evening
shades, also black and <f
white. Sold regularly at ? jfC
25c yard. Sale price
Sale of Gibson Refrigerators
At Deeply Reduced Prices
"1 he Refrigerators in tomorrow s special sale are the famous "Gibson" make, and are packed
with a specially prepared insulation and dead-air space, thus making for perfect refrigeration.
Every refrigerator guaranteed to give satisfactory service.
If you expect to buy a new Refrigerator this season, now is the time
to save money.
A Factory Clean-up of Three Well Known Makers' Surplus Stocks of
Women's $3, $3.50 and $4 Low Shoes
Galvanized Iron Lined
80-pound Ire capacity;
regu larly $7.00. QO
Sale price $**70
70-pound Ice capacity;
regularly $12.98. 4tQ AQ
Sale price ?J>7V*7
Apartment House
Styles, Galvanized Iron
60-pound Ice capacity;
regularly $15.98.
Sale price
regularly $17.98.
Sale price
White Porceloid
Lined Styl es
45-pound Ice
regularly $11.9
Sale price . ..
80-pound ice capacity;
regularly 117.98.
Sale price.. ? ..
85-pound Ice capacity;
regrularly $20.00.
Sale price
Basement and Furniture Dept.?"Across the Street."
Apartment House Styles
70-poun<J Ice capacity;
regTilarly 125.00. ttSJOB
? Sale price $>0.70
B0-pound Ice capacity;
regularly $19.98. CfO QQ
Sale price ?P*J.70
$5.00 Ice Chests, $3.69
Ic? Cheats, fcalvanlzed
iron lined, shelves and
Ice rack; full 16x24x22
tnch flze. Not the small
size usually advertised
at this low price.
Regular JS val- /Q
ues. Sale price... >P^?07
A Purchase of 100 Dozen l*/\
Dresses for Little Tots jll(*
Extraordinary Values at ...... .
It is a difficult matter to place
a valuation on these charming tub
dresses, but every mother who sees
them tomorrow will find them so
superior to anything ever offered
for the same price she will want
to buy enough to last her little girl
all summer.
Fashioned of Fine Quality White
Windsor Crepes, White and "Figured
Percales and Checked Ginghams, in
scores of the newest and most be
coming models of the season. Sus
pender, Guimpe and Oliver Twist
styles, tastefully trimmed and made
with circular or pleated skirts. Sizes
2 to 6 years. Immense variety of colors and effects. All priced at
the astonishingly low figure of 50 cents!
Sale of 200 Dozen "Run-of-the-Mill"
Seamless Bleached Sheets
Values Worth 69c at . . ? 44c
81x90 Sizes for Double Beds
A sale that will cause housewives to marvel and hurry to
Goldenberg's to supply their needs for the entire season. With
out a doubt the greatest values ever known?the result of a
purchase of fine quality SEAMLESS Bleached Sheets closed
out to us at an extremely low figure. Classed as "run-of-the
mill" because of slight defects, such as an occasional oil spot
dropped from the machinery, or a tiny tear, little hurts tnat
are hardly worth mentioning in considering the real value of
these splendid qualities.
Made of extra heavy, firm-woven sheeting cotton, free from dressing
or starch. Full 81x90 Inches for double beds.
$2.50 Kimonos
Of Silk Dotted Swiss
At $1.88
New and cHarmlng styles for
summer wear, of light-weight
Swiss, in dainty silk dot effects;
plain colors of pink, rose, Copen
hagen, light blue and lavender.
Made empire style, collar and
cuffs trimmed with silk messalins
ribbons. All sizes from 36 to 46.
Cool, Summery Dressing Sscqoes,
of neat white crossbar dimity,
with pleated front; some with
V' ^ k A A W AM , aaI 1 i. a a
yokes. Neat collars, 'cuffs A A _
and belted backs. All sizes, 4VC
36 to 50. Special '
Sale of Silk
Dress Shields
Values Worth Up % -j
to 25c Pair at . . 11C
They are the product of a maker
known by every woman?but we
cannot advertise the name In con
nection with this reduced price.
High-grade Silk Dress Shields,
light weight, Japanese silk cov
ered, In sizes 2, 3 and 4. Full
size and well made.
The kinds for which you pay up
to 26c a pair regularly, In tomor
row's sale at 11c a pair.
Women's Linen
U Values Worth
DC Up to 12^c
Women's Pure Linen Handker
chiefs of good, sheer quality, on
sale tomorrow at this astonishing
ly low price because some have
slight defects in the weave or fin
ish?faults that are hardly no
ticeable and do not impair their
usefulness a bit.
Plain white and with pretty solid
color borders.
Tomorrow at
a Pair
This announcement heralds the biggest and best purchase of women's footwear it has ever
been our good fortune to obtain, involving several thousand pairs of brand-new low shoes of the
highest standard of quality and style, which we secured on a basis that permits us to retail;
this fine footwear at less than such qualities can be wholesaled fori
Every Pair of Shoes in the Lot Is Perfect Quality
All the Season's Newest and Most Approved Models Are Represented in All the Best Leathers.
The assortment includes the smartest footwear fashions for summer wear?all the smart
and novel designs well -dressed women want.
Choice of Colonials, Pumps, Strap Slippers and Oxfords, with sand, gray and black cloth tops,
in Patent Colt, Gun Metal, Vici Kid and Suede leathers, also White Canvas Button Boots, Colo-,
nials and Pumps, with leather or rubber soles.
High or low heels. Hand-turned and hand-sewed soles.
All sizes in the lot from 2 to 8. Values positively worth $3.00, $3.50 and $4.00 a pair for $1.79.
A List of Small Wares All Priced ***?
At 5c choice of the following wanted articles?all sold regu
larly at higher prices:
JSOO-yard apoola ot <;oo<l Quality
White Baating Cotton, worth C
2c. Six spools for
O. N. T. Darning Cotton, black,
white, colors. Three spools ZT
Sewing Machine Needles, all
makes and sizes. Two pa- Cr
pers for
White Pearl Buttons, fish-eye
and carved styles. Regular C
10c cards
Inside Waist Belting, 1%,
and 2 inch widths; black or
white. Regularly 10c yard...
Double Initials, quarter
gross packages, any combina
Good Quality Pins, 400 In each
paper; regularly 8o paper. C
Three papers for..
Sanitary Knitted Wash rr
Cloths. 5c kinds. Two for...
lOc Hairpin Cabinets, filled with
Kirby Beard English Hair- JZr
10c Bottles of Three-ln-One
Machine Oil
Black Japanned-finish Darn
ing Eggs. Three for
Shoe Trees, hardwood tips.
B. B. Hooks and Byes, all sizes.
Regular Be cards. TWO cards JT
for x
10c Skirt Braid| black only;
five-yard rolls
5e Sanltry Napkins. Two
Silk Neelc Cords, all colors,
(no black). 10c kinds. 2 for
29c Imported White Ratine
Full 36 Inches Wide, at . . 12lAc
Never before?perhaps never again?will fortune favor us to
such an extent that we can offer this handsome, high-class white
material at such an extraordinarily low price. When you con
sider the extreme desirability of White Ratines for summer
frocks and separate skirts you cannot fail to realize the bar
gain possibilities of tomorrow's sale at 12j4c a yard.
This is a superior two-ply quality, 36 inches wi<te, with the
stylish rough surface which women find so smart and distinc
tive for summer apparel. Will stand frequent tubbings without
harming its attractive appearance.
30-inch White English Bep, extra,
close-woven quality* snow white
bleached. Washes and wears per
fectly. Especially Aeritrable for
84-Inch White Gabardine, an ex
tra fine, close-woven, double-twill
grade. A new and very popular
fabric for summer skirts and
dresses. Launders per- f
fectly. Worth 29c yard. ? J C
Sale price
40-Inch White French Voil^
made of finest selected combed
Egyptian yarn; two-ply, firm
woven, perfect mesh quality, with
the desired tape edge, f S
Regular 85o value. Of- IOC
fered at
women's skirts and suits; also
middy blouses and dmL- f
dren's wear. Worth 29c
yard. Sale price
40-inch White Dotted Swiss, a
grade that washes perfectly.
Choice of several size
cushion dots. Regular
25c value. Sale price..
White Cambric Petticoats
A Maker's Overstock of 98c Garments at. 69c
From an overstocked maker we have obtained a big lot of
White Cambric Petticoats to sell much less than regular cost.
Brand-new, attractive styles for summer wear, of excellent qual
ity material, with narrow or wide flounces in 28 different pat
terns of embroidery of the finest quality. Some with pretty
ribbon bows. All lengths.
Every petticoat in the lot a regular 98c value. Choice tomor-i
row at 69c.
Nainsook Corset Covers, trimmed with Imported edgings. In ^
ten different styles. Finished with ribbon beading. Fly front and
perfect fitting. Worth 39c. Sale price........
Women's Mnslin Nightgowns, also crepe gowns; made with yokes
trimmed with handsome embroidery edgings, combined with ribbon;
sleeves trimmed In a variety of ways to match. Round, square
and V shaped necks. Crepe gowns trimmed with lace edging J g\
and ribbon. Also extra-size nainsook gowns, with low and V
shaped necks. Regular 69c values. Sale price
A Large Mill Cleaned Up Their Surplus Stock of
About 1,200 Dozen
Huck and T urkish T owels,
At V& to Vi Below Regular Prices
A value-giving occasion that is well timed to meet your
needs for the summer, offering immense lots of the most wanted
towels at wonderful savings.
At these low prices it will pay you to provide for future as
well as immediate wants.
18x36 Hemmed Huck Towpla,
warranted fast color red borders;
soft finish grade, ready
for use. Regular 10c O'/oC
value ..............?????
Hack Towels, sizes 22x44 and
19x88. All white figured huck
and fast-colored red bor
ders. Values worth 12Vfcc g\*/M _
and 15c each. Sale
Heavy Double-Thread Turkish
Towels, full bleached; unhemmed
ends; slse 20x40. Reg- f f
ular 16c values. Sale I I C
price *
Pull Bleached Turkish Towels,
heavy double-thread grade; hem
med and unhemmed ends; extra
size and fine quality.
Mill seconds of J6o to f
89c grades. Sale price, ? j/C
Hemmed Tea Towels* slse 17x82; good quality cotton crash, P
dice pattern; neat red-stripe borders. Worth 8o each. Bale {JC

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