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Flies by the
'i'/iey were all caught in a sug
TO catch all the Hies near your house,
or all the flies in your neighborhood,
you should make a sugar-barrel flytrap.
A smaller barrel can be used, but
a sugar-barrel will hold more flies. This
may sound "fishy,-' but just look at
?\isi+ut*?t uiwl tlwttt ir/\ nrwl tin 111.- <
1 liv pi*. IU1V unu IIIVII vtu
All that black mass is nothing but flies
?big ones, little ones, flies of all kinds:
forty-seven pounds of nothing but flies.
And they were all caught in this sugar<
barrel fly-trap in six days, two of which
days were rainy, and therefore bad for
How to Make the Trap
'T'O make a trap, fit in the bottom of a
barrel a cone of fly-screen netting large
enough to come half-way up in the barrel.
Cut off the tip of the cone, so there will
be a one-inch opening. Tack the wire
1__ ,,1 tl...
runt' securely uruunu tun euge, su luot itu
trapped flies can get out after once having
passed through the small opening in the
top of the cone. Then nail three little
legs on the bottom of the barrel, so that
Keep a G
IS there any man so helpless as the average
superannuated clergyman? Untrained
for any work but that of the
pulpit, he too often simply putters around
for the rest of his days. Not so with the
Rev. W. O. Todd, who has been both a
preacher and a teacher. Though well past
seventy, he recognized the wonderful posm
sibilities in milch-goats, and has stocked
a Massachusetts farm with one hundred
L and fifty of these animals,
f Mr. Todd thinks that the goat ought to
^ be as well known in America as it is in
Germany, where seventy-five per cent, of
the households own at least one. With
a number of other men, he is backing a
wide propaganda to popularize the goat.
Ho points out that cities like New York
and Boston bring their milk from points
as far away as Canada, and that it is less
wholesome, less digestible, and less sanitary
than that which anybody can get
from a goat or two kept in his own back
, Of course, the Todd goats are not the
kind we see browsing on tin cans in empty
lots. There may be common goats in the
herd; but the better animals are those
that have been fathered by costly bucks
imported from Switzerland?handsome,
long-whiskered billies that look as if they
might butt over a meeting-house, but
that really are as gentle as a poodle-dog,
and quite as playful. Mr. Todd has
scoured the country for high-class goats,
and he is constantly getting people to cut
down the high cost of living by putting
aside their prejudices and installing a
good-tempered little nanny on the lawn.
j Iji^B _,^<.
.f^H i J K^^bt>lN
ar barrel fly-trap in six days.
it will stand two inches above the
Now cover the top hoop of the barrel
with wire netting and fit it securely
over the top of the barrel, but do not nail
it there; make it a tight-fitting lid.
Avoid Sticky Bait
Y^UIi trap is now ready for bait. Get a
pie-pan and pour something into it
that flies like, but avoid sticky bait, as this
gets on the flies and prevents them flying
up into the cone when they have eaten
their fill of the bait. Place this pan in the
center under the barrel and watch the
They will eat, and then, being attracted
by the light above, will fly up into the
cone and into the barrel, instead of
crawling out from under the barrel, as
they went in. The more flies in the barrel
the greater will be the noise; and the
commotion will attract other flies from
far and near.
To empty, pour scalding water into the
barrel from above, remove the lid, and
'Oat for Five Doll;
On the lawn? Why, of course. They
are on the Todd lawn, and it doesn't
cost a penny to feed them all summer.
They would do just as well, though, in any
*' I fli^tl I
He is getting people to cut the cost
of living hy putting aside their
prejudices and installing a goodtempered
little nanny on the lawn.
flk. >VO-B
^ b' '-^ fl
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HHH Canadian Factory and
mmmrnrnm ?
ars a Year
' old pasture. On the Todd farm they are
; used to clear up the brush-land, too.
. They take an acre worth not more than
' twenty dollars, and in a year or two make
it worth a hundred. One of the best
milkers ever raised in this country made
a record on apricot and peach limbs,
geraniums, green apples, grape cuttings,
and hay, with a little grain for a relish.
Putting Down an American
Y/fANY families can keep a goat for five
or six dollars a year, according to Mr.
Todd. That gentleman recognizes the
American prejudice against goats, but he
says that it is wholly unreasonable.
"1 have seen social and religious radicals,"
he declares, "reformers all their
lives, who would not taste goat's milk to
learn what ii was like. They were afraid
their preconceived opinions might have
to be modified, and would take no
This is not Mr. Todd's first experience
in goat-keeping. Years ago, when his
health broke down, he went to Texas and
kept a flock of fifteen hundred Angora
goats, which he raised, of course, for their
After regaining his health, lie spent some
years at the head of a normal school in
Porto Rico, and when he finally returned
to the old New England farm, he found
that the milk problem had become a serious
one in Massachusetts, anil decided
upon his campaign to win recognition of
the goat as the "poor man's cow."
igainst drizzles or cloud-bursts.
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