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* Money I
You might have beauty, position, wealth
right with the people at thix summer resc
dinornis f rom a dinosaur, ami a member <
T)ONK CITY, they oall it?and it ia
ij one of the most exclusive summer
and fall resorts in the world. It ia
located away off in the Bad l^ands country
of northwestern Nebraska, not far from
' the Wyoming and South Dakota boundary
lines. It is some twenty miles from
a railroad, with no stage to take one to
the station. Neither are there any restaurants
or hotels. There is only a
group of tents and shanties set out among
the scraggy grass of the Bad bands.
For all that, it is a summer resort, and
a very exclusive one. You could try for
This Hons
This is .limit1 Usher, tmil beside her i
rails. Iloth are la he j'ounil in (ioluuH
oilier houses besides llie house she li
MKS. ANN" IK FISHRK oouliln''
(consistentlv) ct't cross if some 0111
did tell Iter that her beaten hiscui
were like bricks, because she lives in i
house built with them. Moreover, shi
collects the rent from fourteen others alsi
built with them.
Mrs. Fisher's biscuit always just natu
rally melted in the mouth. No one it
** '* i i i? i - -,i.i? .i......M:i?
i omiiioiu ever im? iwu ouir ivi m in.,
them, any more than a rainbow or a bird
souk or any other natural wonder can la
described. The only outlet for the emo
tion which the catintr of one of Mrs
Fisher's biscuits evoked was telling tin
next person one met: "You eertainli
I ought to taste those biscuits."
% ' And. of course, that was how it al
started, this biscuit business that bought s<
much real estate and solid independence
One person told about them, and an
other fellow did likewise; and so Mrs
Fisher's fame grew and grew, and tlow<s
over the State line, and trickled into th
II four corners of the States, and tinall;
I went meandering across the ocean.
She Keeps Her Sleeves Rolled I'p
AS the receipts from grateful diners kep
L ^ ???.?! ?.? ??? \ffo ^igltor liirnori tliPii
t'VMIIIup, 111, i,lli w>i s .. iv. .
nil into real estate, am! stayed right 01
the job, only rolling down her sleeves loni
enough to have iter picture taken th
other morning. Another odd thing ahou
Mrs. Fisher is that she doesn't raise he
STo Good at Th
-f'F? .
tmti charm, and still strive in rain In net in
i rt. One of the tests is he inn able to tell a
tf the Miohippus family from each of these.
months to get in with the people there
and your money wouldn't help you a hit
But it's all very easy to beeome a membei
of the colony when you have the pass
word; in fact, answering one or tw<
pointed questions will give you soeia
standing enough. For instance, can yoi
tell a prehistoric rhinoceros from a mem
ber of the Miohippus family, or maybe !
dinosaur from a queer-looking cat tha
lived several million years ago? If yoi
can, and are able to talk about those things
the people of Bone City will readily fine
1 you a bunk in one of the tents or shanties
>e Was Built wi
jli m 4^2
is the house she huilt with her beaten his'wi.
Missouri. Mrs. Fisher owns fourteen
res in, not to mention a good-sized Jurm.
t prices "on account of the war" or tli<
? high cost of living, or even for the com
t monest reason of all success. Those bis
i cuits of hers started their career at twelv*
i and a half cents per dozen, and at twelv
i and u half cents they have stayed.
While her biscuits are her mainstay, 01
' Mobilizii
EAST POINT, a suburb of Atlanta
Georgia. has gained the distinetioi
3 of being the most aceommodatini
; little city in the South. Besides having a!
~ As
is Resort
You see, it is a scientists' playground,
and not a place for the millionaire who
would sit around on a hotel veranda. ]
Captain James Henry Cook, who owns a
big ranch in the Bail Lands, has given a '
standing invitation to all the naleontolo
gists in the United States to spend their
summers there. Every year twenty or
more professors from such institutions as
tho American Museum of Natural History,
Carnegie Museum, and Yale University
forget all aTjput their winter lectures,
pack their grips, and hie them to
Bone City. ^
The Scientists' Playground
ALE summer and well into the fall they
wield sledges, and pry away at the
rocky hills near their camp, expecting every
minute to turn up a giant dog or eat, or
some other strange animal that roamed
about the Middle West millions of years
, ago. It's great fun, say the scientists, dig.
ging into the hills, and later on fitting up
r their museums with all sorts of queer skele
tons. Vacation hunting in this spot has
) furnished a large number of the animal
1 skeletons exhibited in Eastern museums,
i The scientists shout with glee when
- they uncover the skeleton of an ancestor
i of the modern horse, or that of the pig
t that lived a few million years ago?he
I could have swallowed two or three of the
, ordinary barn-yard hogs and still have had
1 room for more, say the cheery vacation.
ists of Bone City.
i+l^i Rionmtc!
the side Mrs. Fisher makes fruit cake and
wedding eake and other symbolic and
dangerous concoctions, and also on the
side she carries on quite a large catering
This pleasant home of Mrs. Fisher's
has fourteen rooms, and is equipped with
all the modern conveniences.
Professions for Colored Women
C)'-' course colored women are the traditional
"best cooks," and it isn't
strange that numbers of them have very
successfully entered the catering business.
Another profession for which their race
traditionally fits them is that of nursing;
but, so far at least, ambitious young colored
nurses have had a hard row to hoe
in our hospitals, because of the race antagonism
they meet there.
A colored woman who has broken all
p precedents and walked successfully into
- an unusual profession is Mrs. Maggie B.
- Walker of Richmond, Virginia, who is the
p president of the St. Luke's Savings Bank,
p ller hank is largely supported by the Industrial
Insurance Society, and is capital11
ized at $50,000.
lg the Jail
? the conveniences of city life. East Point has
ii provided the law-breaking element with
g a jail on wheels; and, instead of dragging
II an obstreperous drunk to prison, the town
CUIISlttUIV IlUl'llCS il
couple of mules to
the prison, and
drivesoverand loads
^ up. On trial day
natter t the load of maleill',','"'J
[ factors is towed over
!:" I to the court-room.
This portable prison
has aeconimodations
rhe new way/
to cook
':'S ' /
- s;. v>. / _
self from cooking drudgery
?how you can save, every day, the hours you
now have to spend in the kitchen. It contains
72 pages, is handsomely bound in cloth, and
is filled with suggestions and information of
value to every housewife.
Mrs. Frederick shows how your meals can be
cooked automatically without any watching
or attention whatever?if you have the
^ *Automatic
U Cook Stove
(4 Models?For Any Kitchen?4 Prices)
The meals will " cook themselves" when
you have a Sentinel /Automatic Cook Stove.
You can go visiting or shopping while they
are cooking. Or you can read, rest, sew 01
busy yourself with other household duties.
Just set the Timer and
the meal "cooks itself"
The Sentinel is a regular gas range with an
automatic oven and timing device.
IHjjYou simply place the
food in the oven, set
o JfilH the timer, light the gas
f / 1 anc^ 'eavc the kitchen.
I At the proper moment
mf the timer shuts off the
Oj | gas and the cooking is
comP'cte<^ f>y indirect
^ You can prepare the
"m meal hours in advance
and leave the house
or do anything else you wish. At mealtime
you will find everything perfectly cooked
hot and ready to serve.
The Sentinel automatic oven gives all t he convenir nee of
a firelt-rs cooker without any of its dhadvantages. No
pre-heating of foods no moving of food from range to
cooker - no heating and lifting of radiating stones.
You can do all your cooking with the Sentinel. It saves
gas and soon pays for itself.
Send the coopon or writ* sow for the FREE
Book. Meala that Cook Themaelvea.
Department 5, New Haven, Conn.
j........ Mail This Coupon
o New Haven. Conn. !
Send me, without charge, Mrs. Frederick's book. ?
\l<als That Cook Themselves. D*pt. s a
j Nam.
5 Address a
l. -,
your bicycle frequently with 3-in-0ne. Will
J* make it run much easier and prevent wear.
H Also oil every part of your gun. inside and
out. with 3-in-0ne, before and after shooting.
3-in-0ne is Rood for almost everything?
skates, fishintr reel, rod, catcher's trloves,
mask and every tool. Won't Kum and cloir;
contains no irrease; no acid.
FRFF Wrlte today for free generous
m sample. Sold everywhere; 10c.
25c and 50c bottles.
I 42 AKB. Broadway, 1<

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