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Dr. Alfred F. M. a
Secretary, Issues C
of the Execution
BERLIN, via The Hague and London,
October 25.?Dr. Alfred F. M. Zimmermann,
German under secretary for foreign
affairs, has issued an official explanation
of the recent execution in
Belgium of Miss Edith Cavell, the British
nurse. He prefaced his remarks by
the declaration that he had examined
every Jot and tittle of the evidence with
the greatest care and found the verdict,
though regrettable, to be just. His
statement follows:
"I see by the British and the American
press that the shooting of an Englishwoman
and the conviction of several
other women in Brussels for trea
son have created a great impression,
and that we are being severely criticised.
It Is Indeed hard that a woman
n.ust be executed, but remember to
wtfat shall a state come which is In
war if it allows to pa?s unnoticed a
crime against the safety of its armies
because committed by women. No law
book In the world, least of all those
dealing with war regulations, makes
such a differentiation, and the feminine
sex has but one preference according
to legal usages, namely, that women in
a delicate condition may not be executed.
Otherwise man and woman are
equal before the law, and only the
decree of guilt makes a difference in
the sentence for the crime and its consequences.
Says Evidence Is Conclusive.
"In the Cavell case I have reviewed
the decision of the court and examinee
the evidence down to the smallest details.
The result Is so convicting anc
all the circumstances are so clear anc
convincing that no court-martial in the
world would have reached any othei
decision. For it concerns not the ad
i f one single person, rather it concern*
a well-thought-out, world-wide conspiracy
which succeeded for nine
r: onths to render the most valuable
1 rvices to the enemy to the disad\
r.tage of our army. Countless British.
Belgian and French soldiers nov
tin are fighting In the allied rankt
v ho owe their escape from Belgium t<
* ' activity of the band now sentenced
a* the head of which etood Mies Cavell
"With such a situation under th<
very eyes of the authorities, only th>
it most severity can bring: relief, am
the government violates the most ele
mental duty toward the army and it
safety that does not adopt the strict
est measures. These duties in war an
greater than any other.
All those convicted were fully cog
rizant of the significance of their ac
tions. The court went into just thi
point with particular care and acquit
ted several co-defendants only hecaus
it believed doubt existed regarding th
cognizance of the punishableness o
their actions. Those convicted knev
what they were doing. Countless pub
lie proclamations had declared tha
support of enemy armies would
treated with the severest penaltiei
even that the life of traitors would b
Asserts Motives Not Unnoble.
*T admit certainly that the motive o
those oonvicted was not unnoble. an*
that they acted out of love for th
fatherland. But in war time one mua
be ready to seal one's love for the fa
therland with one's blood, whether on
opposes the enemy in battle or wheth
er one commits acts in its interes
which Justly carry with them th
death penalty. Among our Russia
prisoners are several girls who fough
against us in soldiers' uniformi
Should one such have fallen no on
would accuse us of treating wome
cruelly. So why, now that anothe
woman has met the death which sh
risked quite as thinklngly as her bat
tie comrades?
"There are moments in the lives c
peoples when consideration for the in
dividual is a crime against the whob
moments that make severity ? yes
hardness?a duty for those Intruste
with the safety of their own cour.tr>
men. Once and for always the activit
>f our enemies had to be stopped an
sentence has been carried out t
frighten those who might presume o
their sex to partake in enterprise
punishable with death. Should one ret
ognlze these presumptions it wgul
mean to open the door for the ev
activities of women, who often ar
handler and more clever in thes
things than the craftiest man spy.
Leniency for Others Considered.
"He who bears the responslblllt:
however, may not, cannot, do that. Ur
mindful of the world's verdict he mui
travel the hard road of duty; that, d<
-plte these facts, leniency toward otl
y who were convicted and who, a<
or ding to recognized law, have foi
red their lives, is being considere
proof of how earnestly we are trj
lig to reconcile the feelings of humai
:iy with the commands of rigid duty.
"If others are shown mercy It will k
at the cost of our army, for It Is to t
feared that new attempts will be mac
la InJare ae if it la believed possib
^ "J,
eath justified,
jN office states
^immermann, Under
)fficial Explanation
i of British Nurse.
, to escape without punishment or wltt
. the risk of only a light sentence. Only
pity for the guilty can lead to ar
amelioration, not admission, that the
executed sentence was too severe, foi
i this was. hard as it may sound, absolutelv
just and could not appear otherwise
to an independent judge.
"The weakness of our enemies* arguments
is proved by the fact that they
do not attempt to combat the justice ol
the sentence, but try to influence public
opinion against us by false reports ol
the execution. It is claimed that the soldiers
assigned to the execution flrsi
reiused to snoot, and finally fired sc
faultily that the officers had to kill th
accused with a revolver. No word ol
this is true. I have the official report
of the execution, in which it is established
that it took place entirely in ac'
cordance with established regulations
and that death occurred immediately
after the first salvo, as the physician
, present attests."
Facts of Execution Given.
AMSTERDAM, October 22, via London,
October' 24, 5:15 p.m.?The following ini
sp'-red telegram received from Berlin,
I by way of Brussels, dealing with the ex,
ecutlon of Miss Cavell, is published here
j "As the foreign press is discussing in
! an incorrect and exaggerated manner the
' execution of the Englishwoman, Edith
, Cavell, for war treason, the circum.
stances in the case according to the facte
may again be stated.
"It was proved after a long trial ol
the sentenced persons that they, foi
I some months past, had been engaged ir
assisting Belgians of military age tc
' enlist in hostile armies an/i ir?
French and English deserters to escape
I j the country. They had many helperi
j i and had organized branches.
1 "The governor general had repeated!}
* J issued warnings against such activity
" j pointing out that severe punishment fo:
t ] such action was unavoidable.
j "The guilty persons were sentenced ir
i a public sitting, accord ng to the lav
I i based on the provisions of the imperia
[ I penal code and the m litary penal cod*
' for war treason and esp onage. Xo spe
cial law exists for Belgium and no so
" called 'usage of war' influenced the ver
'j diet of the court.
> Majority Admitted Guilt.
! **The accused for the most part ad
e 1 mitted their guilt and acknowledge'
^ that they were aware of the sever'
_ penalties they were risking,
s "Miss Cavell was the principal agen
- in the plot to enlist Belgians for th<
e allies. With regard to the assertioi
that she in the course of her profes
"'sion unselfishly tended other persons
" j it may be pointed out that she earne<
a living by nursing, charging fees
within the means of rich people only,
p | "Women also have been executed ii
i! France, as was instanced in March las
* ! when the German woman, Margaret'
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Schmidt, was executed at Nancy, and in
May at Bourses, when the German,
Optilie Moss, was put to death.
"The English government may remember
the cruelties committed by
Lord Kitchener during the Boer war
on women and children.
"Our present enemies do not need to
protect their armies against a population
and a hostile occupied country, nor
are they under the necessity of pronouncing
or executing such sentences,
f for they have occupied bo little hostile
Dutch Legation Interceded.
PARIS, October 24.?The Havas correspondent
at The Hague says that besides
the efforts of the American and
Spanish ministers in favor of Edith
Cavell, the British nurse, recently ex- 1
ecuted in Belgium, steps also were
taken by the chancellor of the Nether- (
ioriHo Watinn tr> nhtain resDite for her
and the others condemned at the same j
Details Invented, Germans Declare.
BERLIN. October 25, by wireless to
Sayville, N. Y.?"Germany's enemies apparently
are anxious to counteract the
indignation aroused by the fact that German
sailors on a sinking submarine who
had surrendered and held up their hands
were shot down one after another," says
, the Overseas News Agency. "For this
purpose they are giving widest publicity
to invented "stories about these sentences
by court-martial against conspirators in
"The fact is that the conspirators knew J
what they were doing, and what they
might expect under the law. The conspiracy
was carried on during a period
of nine months, and countless soldiers
were helped to join the armies now fight- j
lng against Germany.
"The German judges faced the alternative
of giving way to their natural
feelings of pity and endangering the
country by encouraging similar enterprises
or of applying the law.
"All stories about the details of one
of these executions in Brussels are pure
inventions. The court-martial proceeded
in a most careful manner and cleared up
everything. The execution was a sad
necessity, but was carried out as prescribed
by law, without incident."
Death or Long Imprisonment for
Those Who Fail to
Obey Order.
AMSTERDAM, via London, October
25,?A dispatch from Brussels to the
Telegranf says that Gen. Sauberzweig
has rismlntlftH nnnulotlnn +V.A* O
proclamation January 1 ordered that
1 all arms and ammunition be delivered
to the German authorities.
The general adds that persons who
were found in possession of arms and
ammunition after October 25 will be
liable to the death penalty or imprisonment
at hard labor for at least ten
Besides the punishment of guilty per1
sons, communities where they are found
t will be fined 10,000 marks (about
? $2,500) for every case.
LONDON, October 25.?A telegram
" from Amsterdam to the Exchange Telegraph
Company says:
"Messages from the Belgian frontier
state that Belgian subjects between the
' ages of seventeen and thirty-five 11a'
ble for military service have been notified
by the German authorities at Brus'
sels to report themselves to the German
commander, with the result that
t 7,500 so far have been deported to Ger>
BERN, Switzerland, October 25, via
Paris, 11 a.m.?The federal government
announces that the German minister
has expressed bis government's deep
regret for the act of a German aviator
in dropping bombs recently on Chaux
de Fonds, and has promised to pay indemnity
for the death or injury of
Swiss citizens and damage to property.
The minister explained that the aviai
tor who dropped the bombs had lost
. his way, and believed himself to be
' over French territory. He and his observer
have been punished and transferred.
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As a Turkish Soldeir, Com- :
pelle dfo Help Slaughter
Says Mothers Were Bayonetted Before
Children, and Girls Distributed
as Chattels.
LONDON, October 25.?A long account
by an eyewitness of Armenian atrocities
is telegraphed by tne Reuter correspondent
with the Dardanelles fleet.
The statement is from an official source,
the correspondent explaining that it
was given to the British staff by an
Armenian serving in the Turkish army
who was taken prisoner.
This account begins at Erzerum, the
principal city of Turkish Armenia, last
March. It covers travels about various
I parts of Armenia, and gives details of
I various atrocities along familiar lines?
how the Bishop of Sivas was shod with
I shoes of red-hot iron by a village blacksmith
at the order of the Turks; how
! men of Tokat were tied together in
j groups of four and taken out 100 at a
[ time to the marshy districts for massacre,
and how the declaration of mar|
tial law at Zile included the confiscation
of all Armenian property.
Conversion of Women.
The account describes how women
were tied to the tails of ox carts and 1
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exposed to hunger and rough weather
until they accepted conversion to litem
or death; how mothers were bayoneted
before the eyes of their children; how
Armenian girls were distributed as
chattels among civil and military officials.
The prisoner says that as a soldier :
he himself was compelled to assist in
many massacres, being on one occasion
member of a Darty of forty soldiers j
which superinduced the death of 800
Armenians. His account closes as follows:
"There Is reason to believe that German
advisers of the Turks have urged
upon them the undeslrability of allow- ]
ing a large alien and presumably unfriendly
population to inhabit porta
which lie open to Russian attaok." 1
Armenians Termed Traitors.
BERLIN, via London. October ?5.?
The Constantinople correspondent of
the Tageblatt, Emil Ludwig, sends the
story of an interview which he had
with Halil Bey, president of the Turkish
chambers of deputies, regarding the
Armenians. Halil Bey Is quoted as follows:
"They are traitors. You have In mind
certain excesses and blunders, but, believe
me, the government is not responsible
for them and regrets them as elncrely
as anybody. But we have no
more gendarmes, in the interior. Everybody
In under arms as a soldier. Thus
it comes to pass that we have not
everywhere been able to restrain the
rage of the Mohammedans against
these traitors to their country. The
government itself will only keep the
Armenians so far from the theater of
war that they cannot conspire with
the enemy."
Halil Bey pointed out, says the correspondent,
that the Armenians went
over to the Russians by thousands when
the latter made an inroad to Van, and
"Will you defend such things?"
Enters Turkish Cabinet.
AMSTERDAM, via London, October
25.?A dispatch from Constantinople to
the Frankfurter Zeltung says that Halil
Bey, late president of the Turkish
chamber of deputies, has been appointed
minister of foreign affairs In the
Ottoman cabinet.
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PETROGRAD, October 24, via Londoi
October 26.?A British submarine opera
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according to official announcement mac
A semi-official statement refers to th
cruiser that was sunk simply as tl
Prim Adalbert. According to this stab
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sji 1 u...
At Hopewell, Va., t]
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was nothing but a fore
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'' great opportunity and
part of a squadron, and probably was
charged with a special ^mission.
r The Prtnz Adalbert is an armored
cruiser 393 feet in length, and with a dlsn,
placement at 8,838 tons. She carried a
complement of 657 men.
r- 1
Large New York Eealty Holder Dies
le New YORK, October 25.?James Jay
Coogan, once a nominee for mayor of
^ New York and long prominent in politics
and as a real estate holder, died
16 suddenly yesterday of heart disease He
was sixty-nine years old. His widow
.u owns such valuable tracts as the Polo
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id places in the northern part of the city.
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Thursday and Saturday Z
21?r> 1*1. A vp. N. W . 5
Grove, N. J., a peaceful
village has been invaded
ipside down by an army
kvder workers.
mountain town of Bethlebecome
the Krupps' of
the country the steel
new factories are springrowing
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1 this newspaper. Read
1ER 27
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