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^'Arthur C. Smith, organizer and former
B&ember of Troop A, cavalry, has offered
$10. in gold to the member of the troop
who makes the highest score at target
Troop A has a store of its own. It is in
Tent No. i>. where cigars, cigarettes,
candy and other articles may be obtained
by the troopers without leaving the street.
Sergt. G. A. Bell, who was injured by the
kick of a horse, was removed to the post
hospital at Fort Myer. #
Capt. Carter, infantry, U. S. was a
visitor at the cavalry quarters Friday. He
dame to see Sergt. Krentzlin.
Orders have been published by First
Sergt. Ray of Troop A that no passes
WiU be issued *o troopers between 7 a.m.
and 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
With the arrival in camp of the son of
Representative Pou the squad in Tent No.
9 is complete. Others in this tent are
Corp. K. W. Cugle, Private Williams, Mulfbrd,
Furber, N. K. Fox, Gates and Hitz.
> i Private E. V. Smith of Battery A, while
desisting in moving the field guns to the
JeW gun park, had his foot badly crushed.
Me was removed immediately to the regimental
hnsnitnl While m n\'i n cr nna nf
the gun carriages the heavy limber fell I
and cut right through his shoe and foot.
' Members of Battery A express regret
that they are to lose Top Sergt. C. E.
yeitenthall. Stable Sergt. Long and Private
F. A. Myers, who are navv yard emplo
yes, and who are being honorably discharged
for the convenience of the government.
Stable Sergt. Long has been
fr the battery- for many years and is a
Veteran of the Boer war.
2 After "retreat" is sounded every
evening the members of Battery A are
taken out for a long horseback ride,
?? harden them for field service.
Sergt. Hoy J. Sommers has been
transferred from the sanitary troop of
the 3d Infantry to the Quartermaster j
Corps as sergeant.
I |
Color Sergt. Charles W. Moore, 3d Infantry,
has been appointed provost sergeant.
Under Capt. E. M. Nevils, quartermaster.
he will have charge of the !
general policing of the camp. I
Battery A has been instructed to asSign
one non-commissioned officer and I
four privates daily to report to Lieut.
Strong, 3d Cavalry, as fatigue detail.
Orders have been issued against men
Climbing and sitting on the wall sur-.
rounding Arlington cemetery.
The following men have been ordered
discharged by brigade headquarters ort
a surgeon's certificate of disability:
Sergt. < first class) Charles A. Davison,
Privates John \V. Horton. Steve F. Tilman.
Philip W. Kelly and Lawrence J.
O Dea, -ail- of -the field hospital.
.. Orders have come from the Department
of the East not to waive any
physical defects that will in any way
Interfere with the full performance of
duty by the soldier or jeopardize the
Interest of the government. Physical
iiiri i MIII must iiiMiit: mat \j in^ i
sound men will be taken. i
Brigade headquarters has published
orders appointing the following noncommissioned
officers of Troop A of
Cavalry: Sergeants, Sam H. Ray, Ernest
H. Coolidge, James "NY. Turner, George
A. Bell, James F. Brittingham, Herbert
E. Richard, Leopold L. Krentzlin,
Allen F. Kniblehly; corporals, James
D. Bebout, John A. Roth. George H.
Harris. John W. Thompson, Frank B.
Fox, Kenneth W. Cugle.
Capt. John E. Brooks, Company B. 3d
Infantry, has been ordered to the Walter
Reed Hospital for observation and
Troop A, cavalry, thi* morning policed
tts camp within a radius of two miles.
Troop A was especially commended by
the assistant surgeon general of the
?rmy for the excellent sanitary condition
of its section of the camp.
Members of Troop A say that they
are very much pleased with the mess
that is being served them, and the manner
in which it is prepared. All say
that c-imp life is agreeing with them,
m i that thev eat three heavy meals a
day. There are no light breakfasts for
tru.se troopers.
Another quartet has been formed in
Battery A. It is composed of Millard
Bmith. H. O. Robinson, George J. McCloskey
and Richard Chaney.
Carp Bernhardt likes to do guard
duty. Almost every day he appears at
be top sergeant's tent and asks what
f he chances are for him to go on guard.
8ixty-six men of Battery B went on
car Friday night to Washington.
where they attended a performance
at the Cosmos Theater. The transportation
was furnished free by the
Wash inigton-Virginia Railway oCmjfci'.y
and they were guests of the
Cosmos Theater management.
A mess tent is being constructed for
the members of Battery B.
? - "Doc" Galloway of Company G !s to
made a corporal in that command.
IJeut. McKey and Sergt. Pierson of |
jCornpaJiy G were sent to the city Friday !
'oa recruiting duty.
" ? Battery B mustered 146 men and five
j Members of Battery B are despond Jtjit.
Having been mustered. Cooks i
Helroyd and Kelly will have to be dis- j
charged under the order of Secretary j
leaker of the War Department. These ?
cooks are the pride of this battery, and j
they have given the men three good i
mcals-a day of the kind they would find i
iat home. The men are sorry to lose
'these cooks, and they say they will ,
have a hard time finding two to fill j
their places.
Sergt. Walcott H. Simmons, U. S. A .
has been instructing first sergeants of {
? fhe infantry companies in preparing ?
jmorning reports.
j The guns of Battery B now are !
%>arked on the ground between the bat- j
:tery camp and the railroad track, where ?
visitors may have easy access to them, j
Top Sergt. Rink reports that he has j
U razor which he found in th#> camp. !
The owner, he says, may have the same !
x>y aescrioing it.
Lieut. Ladson. just commissioned in ;
tli Battery, per former! his first duty as i
Softicer of the guard Friday. .
The 3d Infantry Band got mixed up !
Thursday night with the guard of Bat-j
-1ery B. The bandsmen were **eturning I
' front a "hop" at the post at. Fort Myer
where they had been playing, and were j
(Bad Teeth?
Have Them Fixed
The best stunt you ever did ii
your life, if you have them fixed
That continuous suffering stopper
?no more sleepless nights?you'l
wake- up fresh and rosy, witl
vigor?ready to start the da;
IJCverything is in a eheerfu
makeup, and you can't be righ
with bad teeth.
The cost is moderate; this you'l
And to be true it you have you
work done here.
jli ieetn,
I Win Not
III Gold Crowns and
H Bridge Work
| $3, $4 and $5
iaiiiimi.. 1,.^ nil I,
itrying to make a short <Jut. Sentry
Ezra Cox. who was just fresh from
reading his guard manual, halted the
body and called for the corporal of
the guard. Band Leader Schaefer
later came up and saved the day.
Sergt. Morris McGrath and Private
Tngverson of Battery B brought back
four men to camp who had overstayed
their leave.
Members of Battery A have a large
English bulldog, which has just come
into camp. Guidon Herzog believes
that the animal is lost, and says the
owner may have it by calling at the
fifst sergeant's tent.
Members of Battery A were enter1
tained Thursday night by the Hawaiian
quartet, formerly with "The Bird of
| Paradise."
! Singing Mike, Battery A's mascot, has
had his name changed to Fighting
Mike. He chased a dog several times
i his size out of the o.imn vesterday.
much to the amusement of the men.
Battery A mustered 151 men and 5
Private Neil Settle has been promoted
from teamster of Battery A to lead
driver in one of the. sections.
[ Lieut. Noyes has been working: hard
with the men training: those who are
green to be good riders.
In addition to furnishing transportation
for his organization. Lieut. Noyes
of Battery A is furnishing transportation
for the whole camp!
Members of Battery A will be enlertained
every evening with a talking
machine donated to them.
Postal Officials Denv That Post
master General Burleson Already
Has Beached Decision.
Charges recently mrde by persons
in touch with the Pneumatic Tube
companies of Philadelphia, Boston,
Chicago and New York, which asserted
that. Postmaster General Burleson already
has decided to abolish the pneumatic
system in these cities, are refuted
at the Post Office Department. f
It was stated in the charges that Mr.
Burleson proposed to substitute for the
tube systems motor car service, and
that the tube companies and business
interests in each of the cities were
strongly opposed to such a course.
At the office of the first assistant postmaster
general, which office has charge
of the tube system, it was stated last
night that an investigation in the
tube system has been going on for
nearly eight months, and is merely
being conducted as are the investigations
in any other branch of the service.
It was stated that naturally those
interested in the tube contracts have
regarded the investigation with suspicion,
but it was definitely asserted
that no action had been taken nor was
any contemplated in the near future.
Chief Inspector Koons, vice chairman
of the committee which has charge
of the investigation, stated that the
final report of the committee had not
been made, but would be in the near
"I know nothing of any such plan as
that of abolishing the tube systems,"
said the chief inspector. "I should say
that some one interested in the contracts
had been drawing on their imagination."
Was One of Youngest Men Ever Appointed
Patent Examiner.
John Francisco Brockwell, one of the
youngest men ever appointed as an ex
aminer at the patent office, died Friday
evening at the home of his parents,
1259 Morse street northeast. Funeral
service's are to be held at Holy Name
Church Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock.
Interment is to be in Mount Olivet
Death was caused by Bright's disease,
which, it is believed, was brought, on
by overstudy. Mr. Brockwell, who was
twenty-three years old, was a graduate
of George Washington University,
where he last year won a fiftydollar
prize for his excellence in chemistry.
He was prominent in the Chemical
Society of George Washington
University, having been president and
treasurer for one year each. He was
also a member of the Phi Sigma Kappa
Fraternity. He graduated from the
Business High School in 1909.
had lived in Washington practically
all his life, although he was born
in Alexandria. Va. He leaves his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Brockwell,
and three brothers, William A., Joseph
M. and Paul A. Brockwell.
Must Pay Defunct Lorimer Bank
$1,25Q,0CQ, Court Holds.
CHICAGO, July 8.?The Central Trust
Company of Illinois, a Chicago bank,
was held liable for $1,250,000 which
it advanced to the defunct La Salle
Street Trust and Savings Bank in i912,
when the bank was changed from a national
to a state institution, in a decision
today by Judge Frederick A.
Smith of the circuit court.
The decision was given in a suit
brought by William C. Niblack, receiver
for the institution of which William
I.orinier was president. Mr. Niblack
declared that the entire capital stock
of the La Salie Street Trust and Savings
Bank was being illegally held by
the Central Trust Company.
Plays Golf on 77th Anniversary.
CLEVELAND. Ohio. July 8.?John D.
Rockefeller, the richest man in the world,
celebrated his seventy-seventh birthday
here today by playing golf over a ninehole
course with friends. His birthday
dinner, in which his fellow golfers participated.
was served at noon. Mr. Rockefeller
appeared in splendid health. ^
r.'^Wto$i I
Platinum or Porcelain. I
420 7th St. N.W. i
Hoars, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. S untax". 11
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Opp. LaMbargh St Br?., Orer ||||||
Grant L'aloa Tea Co? Largest and ||||||
Moat Thoroughly Equipped Par- ||||||
\ _ _ , ! ..
i : i" ~ -
Appointments, Promotions and Resignations
in Dept. of Commerce.
The following changes In >tiie personnel
of the Department of Commerce
have been announced:
In the office of the Secretary?John
P. Rose, clerk, has been promoted to
$1,000 and William H. Gustafson has
been probationally appointed as clerk
at $900.
William L. Howes has been promoted
to fish culturist at $900 at Woods Hole,
Mass., bureau of fisheries.
In the coast and geodetic survey
Jasper S. Bilby, signalman, has been
Charge Your Pi
We would welcome youi
charged on an open account
ranged if you wish. You ma
Mayer service, too. assur
service from everything you t
I ^
|j;j price.
Leonard One- -Ujc_
Piece Porcelain tBbgigfe
'!. Refrigerator, PtBlSPi
$19.50 W
(~)NE - PIECE nP^
I porcelain lined,
I ash case, wire shelves, u3[
parts removable for M.
I cleaning; quartered $||ggp=
oak panels, 10 walls |^jri?H
! insulation; holds 40
j lbs. ice. 1 "r-f
11 Colonial Quarter
I Oak Buffet,
|j j * * lonial Quartered
j! Buffet; best of cal
ilji work; large mirror, p
ij lined silver drav
| wood pulls; large
|!;j board, and drawers.
I Golden
l ^ 'm'tat'on '*
Colonial Style Golc
Dining Tabl<
AN attractive c
design, solid gc
top, heavy barrel
and scroll feet. Ext<
feet when open. I.<
included. We have
these tables at this i
I T ' ? ? f' HUII,
I Full Double-sife
I $<
1 C OR a two-day
j * Fine, Full Size
cotton?no shoddy 01
light striped tick. T
I values at $8.00, but c
Tuesday is $6.95.
promoted to $2,280 and John S. Brook- ]
band, apprentice engraver, has been
promoted to $700.
In the bureau of standards Aksel M. 1
Pedersen, assistant chemist, at $1,320,
has resigned: Milton S. Van Dusen,
laboratory assistant. haS been promoted
to $1,200; Willie B. Folger, aid, has
been promoted to $720, and probation- j
ary appointments as laboratory as- .
sistants have been given to Harry- J.
McNicholas and Leonard B. Loeb at <
$1,200 each, Jesse W, Doolittle at <
$1,020 and Joseph L. Finkelstein and f
Albert Holmes at $900 each.
It is estimated by the forest service of .
the United States Department of Agri- 1
culture that there is enough waste from
sawmills Ul me wuui iiiuiic IU piuuuvc
20,000 tons of paper a day. 1
urcliases if You Like I
r charg'e account. Purchases may be I
if you like, and payments may be ar- I
y add purchases at any time you like. I
es you perfect satisfaction and proper |
>uy I
iara C
Seamless Porce
}olar King f
$5.75 |f^|j
gerator, has wire T- 1/JflflE
trigger locks, re- f 'v? BH
trap and drain | 'J'fKM
Aft lid, double case, 1 jtajx/':,
sulated. Net at this r? W fJ
ir- TM Refrigerator,
1 $29.75
THIS Fine Rei
."j. ,> fl erator has an
lH^SIglli' ?] 1 ash case, with
1' iMb f niade panels. Well
,JJj i sulated >vith 8 v
re h'eatoroof insula
i upr Solid brans nickel-p!
"Vgi, ,' If | locks and hinges,
^ I R shelves; holds 70 lbs
f t'thmbM Has Leonard's unbr
fri"*1 "ji|ji|i ijj able one-piece sear
porcelain lining.
; Oak Dining Chair,
Y Box-seat Dining
of golden oak; well conHas
padded seat of black
lather. Will make a good,
chair for everyday use.
len ?
;aves are
Drice. " ,
^Solid Quartered Oak
Hastings Table,
has removable top, steel
ing slides. Tyden leaf
, nut and bolt construe
. Solid quartered oak top.
All-Cotton Mattress, <
special we offer these
Double Mattresses of all
waste?in closely tufted,
hey would be extra good
>ur price for Monday and
With Electrical Device Boll Call Will *
Take Onv 10 Minutes.
The House committee on accounts will
eport a resolution providing for the ^
nstallation in the House of an electrical
device which will register the votes
>f members upon measures coming up
for action. By these means it is said a l^
vote can be taken on a bill in ten u
minutes, whereas und^r the present h
3ystem it requires forty-five minutes ^
to call the roll. . p
The main contention in favor of the }
project is that it will do away with \
"Lifetime F
409 to 417 Seven Sr.]>
lam Lined
- Vt rTTFXT .
porcelain, not;
clean with a d
save the cost o
Solid Golden Oak or I
Mahogany Dress
UEAVY Colonia
Dresser of excellen
work and of good con
Solid golden oak in dull
imitation mahogany. A
tive design and of ampl
^ ^ Solid Golden
Ill V tion and made
golden oak ^or
Two-incK Continuous
Post Enamel Bed,
HEAVY Two-inch Continuous
Post Iron Bed,
in glistening white enamel.i
Has strong fillers and cross
rods, in proportionate size,
and is a design of the plain,
simple lines now in demand.
niiMii- j
f | Adam Style
ftk } the characters
r=^^m ^*7/ mentation. Is
I pjjtr construction,
an^ ^n's^'
'Lifetime" Genuine Le
nrt TTTC O . 1 ?
Inio oturay
time" Rocker has t
mous "Lifetime" constri
the mortise and tenon joii
built-up auto spring cu:
of genuine leather and fii
in the dark brown fumed
; i
libusteriny by shortening the time for
akin? a vote.
There is opposition to the plan, howver,
and a minority report from the $
ommitee will be presented.
1 t*
Lutoiitg Speeding on Way to Fam- ^
ilv Partv Hit bv Train. w
READING, Pa., July 8.?Three eliler- c?
y men on their way to a family re- SI
nion were killed at Hancock, near c<
ere, today, when the automobile in
,-hich they were riding was struck by
Reading railway train. Four other
ersons in the automobile escaped inury.
The victims were Ivin Yoder, 01
Yilliam R. Noll and Peter Rohrback. ii
urnfture" N
i.w Phone Main 2826 ^
ile Re
t7 ;i?
as uiisiiy
you buy a Refrigerator you
: food and keep it clean and sw
ity of YOUR food by trusting it to
tary, hard-to-clean linings, where t
:ks and crevices to collect dirt anc
lable, with the wonderful seamle:
^ESS in most cases than the hardd
not a chance for dirt or gi
Cleanable Refrigerator. Each foe
single, solid piece of seamless, glist
i crack or seam to collect dirt. It c
amp cloth, just like a china dish,
f a cheap refrigerator by the saving
Apartment Style
Polar King taraj
$1.5.75. Mpt
T ARGE apart- 1|||||3
*-' ment style, wire |
shelves, ash case, re- Uhf^ ly M,
movable trap, trigger r ~ jn
locks, two shelves; \ ?.
22j4_x i 7j/2 x 50^; 55
mitation '
1 Style g 1' 1 mftnyfutiV
t cabinet U-aIIi Vggl!
struction. B ^ f 1 '
n attrkc- p >f T'
Oat or Tmitation I!
ny Chiffonier,
y Roomy Chiffoes
exactly the Dresser
e same good construc:
of the same solid
imitation mahogany,
es would make an un- ? (U
e room. \
Bedroom Rocker,
o no <s
Period Bedroom P
)f Adam style, with ?g
stic design arid orna- ! i
, of strong box-seat J
nicely finished, and =?
-tered oak or mahog- '$
:ather I" _ ^
enate Committee Not to Recommend ?
Passage of Martine Resolution. r
The Senate foreign relations commit- ?
>e at a special meeting: yesterday deirmlned
not to recommend passage of
;nator Martina's resolution which
ould request the President to lnter;de
with Great Britain on behalf of f
r Roger Casement, the Irish leader. |
>nvicted of treason and sentenced to (
?ath. \
The meeting was held at the urgent j
?quest of Senators Martine, James and <
thers who have taken special interest A
1 Casement's case.' The committee (
9x12 Stenciled Gra;
Full 9x12 Size Grass Rugs, closelj
beautiful stenciled patterns in greens
designs. Made of extra fine Japanese
rough surface. All are absolutely perf<
Cleaned As a (
buy it" to
eet. Don't
ss porcelain " ifli ^, "of
to-clean, in- | n
rease in a h! '[
:ening white
You'll soon ^?{ NJbi
of ice.
B Polar King
Refrigerator, f
d?t7 nu I
*pi l.V%J
P 9 ^ circulation; wire
& L shelves; removable
r W W drain pipe and trap; (
"m. I ^?V2 'nc^es wide, 17
Jj inches deep, 41%
~T^ Jl inches high. Holds
B jr 60 lbs. ice. ^
Higk-Back Tapestr
Kaltex Rocker,
A N inexpensive <
with square, sturdy
the lasting Kaltex constr
and finish and the strong
seat and tapestry cushion
m TZ
H ffr room Chai
i? 1\ jl ish; neat shap
| HI top rail, cane s<
- ' ? . - JBjS seat, and legs. \
?finished, and wi
' bedroom suite.
Fumed Oak Window
* f structed Window Sea
of solid oak, fumed. 15x24:
16. Has padded seat, wel
upholstered with browi
Spanish imitation leather
Heavy side stretchers, ant
a convenient piece of fur
' niture. ?
Collapsible Go-Cart,
'"THIS Go - Cart is.
semi-collapsible, has j
heavy braced sides, soft
seat, adjustable back, rubber
tires, heavy pusher
handle, adjustable threebow
hood. In black imitation
llscussed It thoroughly. membiri be*
ng In thorough sympathy with an efort
to obtain a stay of Casement*! senence
until further facts might ba preented.
but' agreeing that there waa
lothlng this government could do in
he matter.
Henry J. Gomper* Atki Divorce.
Absolute divorce Is asked In a petllon
filed in the District Supreme Court
>y Henry J. Gompers against Bessie G.
Jompera. They were married at Al
hree children. It Is alleged the wife
inserted her husband January 2S, 1915.
V co-respondent 1? named. Attorney J.
2. Adkins represents the husband.
5S Rugs, $6.95 ^1 I
r woven, heavy warp. Have
and browns, in conventional |
rice straw, in loose ends or H|H
ect In weave. |||||
ators I
Hkina Disk" HI
One-Piece Porcelain |i
seamless pofcelain lin- II
ing, wire shelves, removable |
trap and drain pipe, apartment
st vie, double wall case.
any-Finish j
om Chair, I
pattern in a Bed- I
r, in mahogany fin- i
ed back panel and
'at, and well braced
Veil made, carefully ! j
11 match almost any j
Dak or Mahogany i | jij
i Chifforobe, |||
arge Chifforobe ' !|
lieraton style, with j!l
rawers, roomy hat mj
rge wardrobe for Mi
ing sale from dust jl
-otiglily constructed
material and nicely j ji
-vv}., fC&Sfcs > . i

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