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yPdffcafhn ^^3
(farfinlde (?^amf&
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b '
'^ 1
' '
?&ffl Bk^5 ; %_ ;.
: sJJji^^^L^
^^WHMI i 'miiii# <:;i
J3 mBHHHRRP^^): c
&>- Aiwa
Daughter of Senator and Mm. Tillman, v
take place November
President to Be Godfather at Christening
of Granddaughter
S-en. and Mrs. Barnett Luncheon
Hosts?Hospitality Planned
for Hubschers.
The President will be godfather for
the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Francis B. Sayre, who will be christened
this afternoon at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Sayre at Williamstown, Mass. I
Accompanied by Mrs. Wilson, Miss:
Margaret Wilson and Miss Bones, he;
will reach Williamstown early in the j
afternoon. The party will be guests;
;>f Mr. and Mrs. Sayre until tomorrow, j
when they will begin their return trip;
to Washington, arriving here Sunday
morning. The President, who has al-1
ways regarded thirteen as his lucky |
number, will have additional cause forj
his adherence to the superstition with!
his political fate having been decided j
by California with her electoral vote of
Admiral and Mrs. Clover will entertain
the bridal party of their daughter.
Miss Beatrice Clover, and Maj.
Thomas Holcomb at dinner this evening
at their residence in New Hampshire
avenue. The dinner will be followed
by a rehearsal.
Maj. Gen. and Mrs. George Barnett
were hosts at a beautifully appointed
luncheon today at the commandant's
residence ai me niuime uu.rru.cKs in
compliment to Miss Beatrice Clover and i
Maj. Thomas Holcomb, U. S. N., whose i
marriage will take place tomorrow. J
The luncheon was served at small j
tables, each decorated with a center- I
piece of white lilies. The Marine Band
played during the luncheon and during
the informal dance, which followed.
The guests included Admiral and Mrs.
Richardson Clover, parents of the
bride-elect, and the members of the
wedding party. Miss Eudora Clover,
Miss Helen Draper of Boston, Miss
Ruth Wilson, Miss Clover Todd and
Miss Mildred Dermis of New York, Miss
Pauline Kindleberger and Miss Carolyn
Nash of this city, Capt. Frederick
C. McConnell, Maj. R. P. Williams, and
Capt. Ralph S. Kevser. all of the United
States Marine Corps; Lieut. Commander
George W. Steele, Lieui. Commander
John M. Enochs and Lieut. Commander
Adolphus Staton and Lieut. D. L. S.
Brewster, all of the United States
The Secretary of War and Mrs.
Baker were the guests in whose honor
Col. and Mrs. Charles W. Kutz entertained
at dinner last evening at the
Army and Navy Club. Their other
guests were Gen. and Mrs. William M.
Black, Gen. and Mrs. Henry P. McCain,
Col. Patrick, commandant of the Washington
barracks; Mrs. Patrick, Col. and
Mrs. Cruikshank, Commander and Mrs.
Thomas J. Senn, Maj. and Mrs. Palmer
Pierce and Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W.
Mr. Ralnh W. Snowrien Hill will
tertain at dinner at the Chevy Chase
Club Wednesday, November 29, in
honor of Dr. Charles Paul Hubscher.
secretary of the Swiss legation, and
Mme. Hubscher. Mr. Hill was one of
the ushers at the wedding of l>r. Hubscher
and his bride, which took place
at Cincinnati October 14.
Mr. and Mrs. Edson Bradley will return
to Washington tomorrow and will
be at their house in I>upont Circle for
a few days, en route to North Carolina.
They will be back later for the season,
and January 4 will give a small dance
in compliment to Miss Loraine Allen of
New York and Miss Anne Meirs and
Miss Pauline Disston of Philadelphia,
all of whom will be debutantes this
Gen. William A. Mann, who has been
appointed chief of the division of militia
affairs, to fill the vacancy caused
by the death of Gen. Albert L. Mills,
has taken up his new duties and is
temporarily stopping at the Army and
Navy Club. Mrs. Mann, who is at Hyland
Park. 111., will arrive at Washington
next week, when they will take
permanent quarters for the winter.
Mrs. James R. Mann has returned to
Washington for the winter and has
reopened her apartment at the Highlands.
Col. and Mrs. Charles Keller will have
as their house guest Mrs. George W.
Burr, wife of Col. Burr, who will arvive
on Sunday from the Rock Island
arsenal, 111.
Mrs. Christian Hemmlck is entertaining
Mme. Sarah Bernhardt this afternoon
ml 4:19 'clock at h?r home in
| '\'f;I
' "
Vvd?/x " :' ?? ":'i
>- '; ;""
'?'Xr&'->.-?i!.: S-- . ' yf' -'.
/.-,'!v.'J^,:V -; '^v -.-v . 't .- >
! '
%$ -.'
' . ZJ/'r--!? : :;- % ! '." (
* i&v
: ' > '
*c - [ *
ihose marriage to Mr. John Shnler will
29 at Trenton, S. C.
Sheridan Circle, Studio House. A dance
ilrama in which a number of the young
people of society will participate will
be a feature of the afternoon's hospitality.
The reception, which will be
for Mme. Bernhardt's friends at Washington,
was postponed from last Tuesday
owing to Mme. Bernhardt's professional
engagements. Mme. Bernhardt
was a guest of the French ambassador
and Mine. Jusserand at tea at the
French embassy yesterday.
The engagement of Miss Pocahontas
Butler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marion
Butler, to Capt. Thomas Dupuy
Woodson, Medical Corps, U. 8. A.,
which was announced last week at the
country home of her parents, has been
anticipated for some time by their
Washington friends.
The wedding, which was to have taken
place here after Christmas, will be
Quietly celebrated some time in November
at their historic home in North
Pa rnlinu u'h^rp 1 he familv has hf*r-n
detained by illness.
Owing: to the brief leave of absence
of Capt. Woodson, now stationed in the
Canal Zone, the exact date for the
wedding: is not yet decided.
Elliott, the plantation which was a
royal grant to Mrs. Butler's Huguenot
ancestors before the year 1700, and of
which several thousand acres are still
in the possession of the family, is a
charming place for a country wedding.
Capt. Woodson, who is a native of
Missouri, is a member of the Army and
Navy Club. He is very popular at
Washington, where he spent several
years before going to his present station
at Panama.
Miss Butler, who has been spending
some time with Mrs. E. F. Andrews,
has been out of town for a short stay,
but will return Monday for a visit.
Hen. and Mrs. Edward B. Pratt were
hosts at dinner last evening at the
Army and Navy Club, having as their
guests MaJ. and Mrs. Isaac Erwin, Capt.
and Mrs. Henry Beeuwkes and Capt.
and Mrs. Townsend Whelen.
Mrs. Whelen, who has been the guest
of her parents. Gen. and Mrs. Pratt,
for several months, will return to Panama
with Capt. Whelen the last of the
Mrs. George F. Downey, Mrs. William
Cline Borden, Mrs. William O.
Owen and Mrs. Rust are in charge of
the tickets for the cavalry drill to be
given for the benc-flt of the Army Relief
Society at Fort Myer at 2:30 on the
afternoon of Saturday, November 18,
followed by a tea dance in the administration
building. Extra transportation
will be provided to take the holders of
the tickets to Fort Myer.
Hear Admiral and Mrs. V. L. Cottman,
U. S. N., have arrived from Seattle
for a stay of several months with Mrs.
Cottman's brother-in-law and sister,
Capt. and Mrs. Emil Theiss, at their
residence, 1741 Q street.
Mrs. A. Huntington, wife of Paymaster
Huntington, U. S. X., will also spend
the winter with Capt. and Mrs. Theiss.
Col. and Mrs. John A. Lejeune. Col.
and Mrs. Long, Capt. and Mrs. Jesse F.
Dyer, Capt. and Mrs. James J. Meade, j
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Dyer of Minneapolis, j
Mrs. Kufus Lane, Mrs. Maurice Sherer, \
Mrs. Ira Murphy. Dr. Jacob Stepp and i
Mrs. Colin Hoskins of Manila formed one i
of the subscription parties dining at the
Army and Navy Club last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Dyer, who have
been on a visit to their son and daughterin-law,
Capt. and Mrs. Jesse F. Dyer, will
leave tomorrow for their home at Minneapolis.
Invitations have been issued by Senator
and Mrs. B. R. Tillman to the marriage
of their daughter, Sallie May, to
Mr. John W. Shuler on November 29
at f? o'clock, at the Church of Our
Savior, Trenton, S. C. Miss Tillman is
the youngest daughter of Senator and
Mrs. Tillman and lias spent one winter
at Washington. Mr. Shuler is the
only son of Mrs. Sarah Shuler of Batesburg,
S. C. The wedding will be a
brilliant one and there will be a large
reception afterward at the country
home of the Tillmans.
Miss Agnes Messick, daughter of Mrs.
Charles Marbury, will leave Washington
tomorrow night for New Orleans,
where she will spend the winter with
.. tl.o t ? Dlo -nr. T**!.,..
ner motners bisiei, i?no. uiQ1.v,. mm^0
Messick will make her debut at New j
Orleans, where her mother's family !
have long had a leading position in
the social world.
Miss Wallach, granddaughter of the
late Mrs. Richard Wallach, who was
to have been one of the debutantes of
the season, will not make her debut
owing to mourning for her grandmother
and, instead, she will spend the
winter at Warrenton, Va.
Mrs. Theresa Drexel McClintic of
Washington, P^ C., and First Lieut.
Daniel A. Boone, 9th Cavalry, were
united in marriage at 6 o'clock on
Wednesday evening, September 20. The
ceremony took place at the quarters
of Lieut, and Mrs. Charles W. McClure
at Fort McKinley. Philippine Islands,
and was performed by Chaplain Alexander
D. Sutherland of the 15th Cavalry.
The bride was given in marriage
by Capt. Ode Nichols, and the matron
of honor was Mrs. Nichols. The best
man was Lieut. J. G. Taylor of the 27th
The bride wore a simple white net
gown, white satin- girdle and a white
picture hat with white satin streamers.
She carried a bouquet of white
cadena d'araor and gardenias. The
matron of honor wore a white doth
and chiffon, while Mrs. McClure, who
assisted the bride at the reception
which followed, was attired in a charming
black net gown. The wedding
march was played by the 15th Cavalry
Band and during the ceremony Mrs.
William L. Morse played '^Meditation,"
from "Thais."
Following the reception after the
ceremony, Lieut, and Mrs. Boone left
for Manila, going later to Baquio for
a month's stay. On their return they
will go to Camp Stotsenburg, where
Lieut. Boone is stationed with the 9th
Among those present were Gov. Gen.
Harrison, Gen. and Mrs. Liggett, Dr.
and Mrs. John Long and only a few
other intimate friends of the bride
and bridegroom. Little Thofnasia McClintic
was lovely in an exquisite
hand-embroidered dress and displayed
much interest in the ceremony.
Admiral and Mrs. Walter McLean are
entertaining at a dance tonight aboard
the admiral's flagship, the New York,
anchored off the Norfolk navy yard.
There will be a number of guests from
Washington, including Miss Blair, Miss
Minna Blair and the Misses Tuttle, '
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Tuttle.
Mrs. Samuel Mulliken and Miss Helen
P. Mulliken of Washington are returning
from Connecticut and are stopping
at the Wolcott Hotel, New York, for a
few days before returning home.
Maj. and Mrs. Logan Feland of the
Philadelphia navy yard will come to
Washington tomorrow to attend the i
wedding of Maj. Thomas Holcomb and
Mice RpatrifA Millor rinvPT.
Rear Admiral Augustus Fechteler,
IT. S. N.. who has been with his family
in Newport, returned to Brooklyn yesterday.
Mrs. ,F. C. Roe of Watkins, N. Y., who
was the guest of her mother, Mrs. E. T.
Schutt, and her sister, Mrs. W. D.
Blackburn, at the latter's home. Ellenwood,
Cherrydale, Va? left Wednesday
morning: for Wilkes-Barre, where she
will visit her cousin, Mrs. Quiney A. j
Gates, and will return to her home at
Watkins, N. Y.p the latter part of the
week. i
Mr. and Mrs. Milton S. Abel and family
have moved to their new home, at
1311 N street northwest, where they
will be pleased to4see their frinds.
Mrs. William I. Denning:, wife of the
chief clerk of the Post Office Department.
who is convalescing from a
recent illness, is entertaining her sister,
Miss Sallie Meeks of Georgia.
Mr. and Mrs. Bashby Leavell have not
sold their property in Bradley lane,
Chevy Chase, nor have they any intention
of disposing- of the property, as
was reported last week.
A quiet wedding took place yesterday
morning at half past 11 at the McKendree
M. E. Church, when Miss Lucie
Wilson Anderson, daughter of Mr.
ana i.vir?. oiepneii x. Anuerson, uecaine |
the bride of Dr. Chester Rhonald
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' 3 .
Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M.
Smith of this city.
Rev. I*. Morgan Chambers performed
the ceremony, and the church was decorated
with chrysanthemums, palms
and ferns.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schaffert attended
the couple.
Dr. and Mrs. Smith left immediately
after the ceremony for a trip to New
York, Atlantic City and Philadelphia.
They will be at home to their friends
after December 1 at the Royalton.
Mrs. Stephen B. Elkins arrived at
Washington yesterday and is stopping
at the Shoreham.
Mrs. Harriett Ayers and Miss Elizabeth
Reiss were hostesses Wednesday
afternoon to the members of the French
section of the Twentieth Century Club
at the latter's residence fri Belmont
road. Mrs. Ernest Bicknell. leader of
the section, had charge of the entertainment.
and Mrs. John A. Watling
poured tea.
Mrs. Ellsworth Bertholf and Miss
Bertholf have sent out invitations for
Wednesday, November 22, when they
will entertain at auction at the Washington
Miss Barbara Carr Bispham. daughter
of Capt. Harrison A. Bispham. U. S. N..
retired, was married yesterday to Robert
Wetherill, Jr., of Chester, at Claymont,
Del. The wedding was followed
by a breakfast at the home of the
bride's aunt, Mrs. Ida Carr Addicks, at
Claymont. The Rev. Clarence Wyatt
Bispham of Philadelphia, a cousin of
the bride, assisted in performing the
ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Wetherill will
HI 1
| Mammoth TITjt
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^ Suit House^
1 Girls'Sch
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ffilprty-fmxrlij &Ii
spend the winter at Philadelphia before
going to their new home at Chester.
Miss Bispham was a debutante at
Philadelphia last year.
Marriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses have been issued
to the following:
Henry C. Morris and Anna L Mazzullo.
Charles W. Goddin of Richmond, Va.,
I and Ora L. Linkenhoker of Roanoke, Va.
! Henry A. Schmid and Margaret A.
Charles H. Craven and Verlean V.
Garnett, both of Merry field, Va.
Frank C. Vogel and Marion E. Hooper,
both of Hvattsville, Md.
Charles D. Barnes and Mari? M. Piper.
John W. Robinson and Louise Lee.
Married to Frank Vogel, Also of
Hyattsville, in Washington.
Correspondence of The Star.
HYATTSVILLE, November 10.?In the
rectory of the Church of Good Shepherd,
Washington, last evening Miss
Marion Elizabeth Hoopes, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Hoopes of Hyattsville.
and Frank Vogel, also of Hyattsj
ville, were married by Rev. C. S. Ab.CuniringfKim
tool and Dr
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V j ^
bott. rector of the church. Hln Berth*
Hoopes, elster of the bride. w*a the
bride's only attendant, and Lemuel Devers
of Washington was best man. Following
their return from a brief trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Vogel will ll*e with the
bride's parents.
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V" 7"* 1

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