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WASHINGTON. 1?. C-. Nov. 22, liilG.
To whom it may omcorn: This is to give
notice that the partnership heretofore existing
between James Hurt); and \Vm. H. Smith, under
the style ??f Smith & Hardy, is this day dissolved
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Washington. i?. <., '.mivi:mV;kic i?i lwo.?
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Columbia Title Insurance Company of the I?istrict
of roltimbia, for the piiriawe of electing
fifteen trustees of the company i"-?r the ensuing
year, will l?e held at the office of the company.
No. 30o 3th sr. n.w.. on Monday. I>eeemi>er is.
lflrt. The polls will bo op. n between the hours
of 2 ami 4 o'clock p.m. The transfer books will
lie closed ten days lwfore said meeting. GEORGE
G McELWEE. Secretary
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Thinks Sensational Submarine
Stories Originate in This Country.
Before his departure for New York
city last evening. Secretary Lansing
made the following statement regarding
recent sensational reports of th'submarine
"I do not know the origin of stories
regarding the submarine .situation, but
I have the impression that they are
emanating from some source in this
Jt was made clear tiiat the situation
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< ,
Protocol Signed by Joint Commission
for Control of Conditions
on the Border.
ATLANTIC CITY. X. J., November !
?A protocol providing fur the con- j
j ditionul withdrawal of the American
troops now in Mexico, and for the
military control of the border, bur with
the stipulation that United States
troops shall be sunt into Mexico in pursuit
of bandits at any time the American
government deems it necessary,
was signed here yesterday by the mem- j n
j bers of the Mexican-American joint j *
commission. j j.
; One of the official copies was taken!,
i l>y Alberto J. Pani of the Mexican '
I commission, who left here for New
York, whence he will start Monday for j
Queretaro, where lie will submit it to \
j (Jen. Venustiano Carranza for his ap- | I
proval. The other copy will be tie- j
j livered to the American government j ?
i by Secretary of the Interior Franklin ! t
! K. I.ane, chairman of the American I f
{commission, who left here yesterday t
J for Washington. s
If the protocol is ratified by the two |
I governments, the commission will con- i X
| vene again December 8. to resume the |
| discussion of other questions affecti
ing the two countries, especially those f
related to the protection of the life
| and property of Americans and other
j foreigners in Mexico. If ratification ! v
by either government is withheld, the j b
work of the conference will be declared j
| at an end. |
Where the adjourned sessions of the i ?
commission will be held was not deter- i a
mined when the conference was fin- j 11
ished. The question was left to Sec-re- 0
tary of State Dansing and Ambassador *
Designate Arredondo. Following is a I r
paraphrase of the agreement, to which ' A
the last signature was affixed at 3:49 j
o'clock yesterday afternoon: j ^
Paraphrase of Agreement. jj
"First-?The American troops n
now in Chihuahua, commanded t
by Gen. John J. Pershing, shall ii
be withdrawn within forty days e
from the protocol by the respec- ?
tive governments, provided that q
within that time the conditions d
in that part of Mexico have not ^
become such as to endanger the t]
American border. In such event o
the time shall be extended.
"Second?The Mexican army J!
shall patrol the Mexican side of
the border and the American J
army the American side, but this ['
shall not preclude co-operation !
between the two forces to preserve
peace upon the border. c
"Third?It shall be left to the
commanding officers of the armies
on the border of both nations to
enter into such arrangements for
co-operation in opera tions
against bandits whenever it is
"Fourth?The American government
reserves the right to pursue "
into Mexico marauders coming rr
from Mexico into the United rr
Elates so long as conditions in ?
northern Mexico are in their pres- *"<
ent abnormal state." M
ine agreement as signed is not wnat tc
the Mexicans wanted. It contains the ti
article providing for the unrestricted r?
pursuit into Mexico by American ti
troops of bandits who may cross the
boundary. It was the determination of
the American commissioners to get u
that provision into the agreement a
which caused days of debate and the j c?
visit of Secretary l.ane to President j lc
Wilson, who assured him that he had i b
i his full support. It was not until yes- ^
| terday afternoon that the Mexicans!'*
j gave up their fight and decided to sign j ^
i the document. i !*
Mexicans Sought Hecess. "
| It became known yesterday that the a
I first request of the Mexicans for a re- ^
! cess was made several days ago. They L
I desired to submit to Gen. Carranza all j
[ the facts in the case and to obtain
from him advice as to the course they ?
I should take. The Americans opposed *
; such action, contending that further a
! delay was inadvisable. Finally the in- ?
sistence of tlie Mexicans resulted in I *
consideration of the suggestion, and (
yesterday the discussion was resumed, j
with all members of the commission i
The Mexicans were not yet willing j |
to sign, but the Americans succeeded!
i in convincing them that inasmuch as j
j the correspondence which had led to
j the creation of the commission proj
vided for the submission of the agree- C
I ment to their respective governments g
for approval, valuable time could be
'saved by taking the signed protocol to c
Carranza. c
The clause providing for the with- v
drawal of Gen. Pershing's forces states ,
that should the bandits in Chihuahua |
appear near the border in such force I f
as to prove a menace, the American I r
troops, acting independently or in con- j
j junction with the Mexican forces, may : p
i r.' in' in. .^uvii < af iim, mil'
'for th?*ir withdrawal shall he extends! I o
i to such time as made necessary by the ! c
1 developments. J t
' The Mexican commissioners agreed J
, that, as til** American troops are with-j
j drawn, Mexican troops shall be moved J f
| forward to occupy the territory vacu- ^
j ated. The disposition of th?- Mexican*,,
troops shall be b-ft to the Mexican i *
? !:
ist 6-ruom house ;
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it alius seems t' know when |
ou're out.
omraand''!'. Gen. Pershing: is to have
hargre of the plan of withdrawal and
he right to use the railroad to Juarez
or the transportation of his troops and
he movement of his supplies it" he deires.
tinted States Opposes Limitations.
The Mexicans contended earnestly
or the incorporation in the protocol
f a clause providing- that" if troops
irere sent across the line in pursuit of
audits they should be moved only to
ertain distances; that they should
omprise only certain arms of service
nd include only a specified number of
len; that they should be kept in the
ountrv only a certain time, and that
hey must be moved only in certain
egions. To all these arguments the I
.mericans were firm in their insistence i
hat there must be no limitations.
The article providing for the mili- I
nry control of the border was 0011ensed
from elaborate and intricate
lans, whose consideration has taken
inch of the time of the commission.
The Mexicans have been insistent that
here should be defined a neutral zone,
n which the armies of the two govrnments
might operate, but since the
onsideration of that point invariably
rought the commissioners back to the
uestion of limited pursuit, it was
efinitely rejected by the Americans,
s was the suggestion for co-operation.
i which American troops might find
hemselves commanded by Mexican
The Mexican commissioners are non- !
ommitral as to their hope of ratifica011
by their first chief. The Ameri- I
ins "hoped" Gen. Carranza would ap- i
rove the acts of his representatives, j
ut it was manifest they were not un- i
uly optimistic. J
Throughout the conference that began
eptember i the Mexicans have insisted \
le first chief and his official family |
ould not agree to any violation of ;
(exican territory.
Other Questions Unsettled.
If the agreement is ratified, there will
egin long consideration of the retaining
questions that the American
overnment regards as vital to the full
Bstoration of friendly relations with
lexico. These include taxes, threats
> confiscate property, sanitary condi ons
and claims. Such problems are
garded by the Americans as essenallv
basic and necessary to an under:n
nding. ,
Within a few minutes after the protocol
as signed the exodus of commissioners
nd attaches began. All the American
ommissioners were on trains leaving here
mg before dark, and Mr. Pani. with the
eribboned document, was on his way to
lew York. Mrs. Pani and their children
'ill sj>end the recess here. Mr. and Mrs.
gnacio Bonillas and their daughters will
:ave for Sew York and perhaps Boston
i a few days, and Puis Cabrera, chairian
of the Mexican commission, will
perid his time in Philadelphia, New York
nil \V:?.?h iMr I'ani t<? ur.
ive at Queretaro within six days, going i
y way of St. Louis, Sari Antonio and |
tix redo.
After the j>rotocol was signed Secretary
an'- issued a statement, defining to a
ertain extent the policy of the United ]
tates government toward Mexico. He j
tated that he believed Gen. ' 'arranza a!
trong man and that he should he given j
"full chance," adding that "Mexico will {
ither do right without our help or with it. >
'his is her choice."
teeded to Eradicate a Deadly Disease
Among1 Cattle.
Common toads are wanted by the'
rovernor of Guam, and ('apt. Kay C. j
mith, I". S. X., in an effort to eradi- J
ate a deadly disease prevalent among I
attle of the island possession. Toads '
irith ravenous appetites and particu- i
arly fond of snails are especially preerred,
as, the captain says, snails are
esponsible for the disease.
Capt. Smith appealed to the Navy Deartment,
urging that an immediate
hiprnent of toads be sent him. Navy
fficials confess they are unable to
omply and will forward the request
o the Department of Agriculture.
The Western < 'ollege for Women, at
>xford, Ohio, and the Oxford College for
Vomen. will be merged into one college
irider the name of the Western Oxford
'ollege for Women.
j If You Are Able tc
j Able to Pay Mont
Get Somethi
p 1 u m b i n g;
v Sample House, N
1409 N. \
! November 23, via Radio to Columbus,
I N. M., November 25.?That Margarita
I Acosta. one of the three women exe|
cuted Wednesday morning at El Valle
for alleged plotting against the life of
Col. Gonzales Diaz, was at one time in
the employ of Villa, is asserted here.
Letters and papers found on her, it is
said, indicated this. She also is said,
by the Carranza officers, to have carried
papers signed by Gen. Trevino.
I Suspicions were aroused, it was said,
by the woman's actions, and an officer
was detailed to make an investigation.
She is said to have revealed a plot
which. Carranza officers claim, listed
Col. Diaz and others for assassination.
The El Valle garrison, it was said, was
to be turned over to Villa.
The, woman was called before Col.
Diaz Tuesday. She was followed by
her sister, Maria Castilla. and servant.
Maria Reis. She attempted to brazen
out the situation, the Carranza officers
said. A search of her person is said
to have followed and papers, a dirk
and a pistol were taken from her, according
to the odicers.
Early next morning the women were
shot, dying bravelv, the otlicers declared.
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*-M I I 1 M H-I-H-M-l'H"M"I I M-I*
Absolutely Removes
i Indigestion. One package
| proves it 25c at all druggists.]

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