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Asked to Exceed Quota in
i, Campaign for Soldiers'
Hv Comforts.
$800,000 GOAL SET HERE
With Its customary spirit of patriot
ism and enthusiasm Washington Is
making ready for the starting of the j
united war work campaign and to
furnish its share of the $170,504,600
to make the men in America's fight
ing forces happy and comfortable.
Plans already have been made for
a lively and spirited drive here. Many
prominent business and professional
men have been included In the per
sonnel of the various committees
which will manage the drive, and the
early indications are that the Na
tional Capital will maintain the glori
ous record it has established in past
liberty loan and war savings and
Bed Cross drives.
Solely for Belief.
This large sum is*solely for relief
work now being done by the seven i
recognized war relief agencies?the
T. M. C. A., the Y. W. C. A, National
Catholic War Council and Knights of
Columbus, War Camp Community
Service. Jewish Welfare Board. Sal
vation Army and American Libraries
The goal to be reached in Washing
ton has been set at >800,000, but the j
committee managing the local drive is
sanguine in its belief that when the ;
smoke of battle has cleared away aft
er the week's campaign It will be
found that this city has exceeded that
amount by more than 60 per cent.
Urged to Exceed Quotas.
An committee chairmen throughout
the country have been instructed by
John R- Mott, national director gener
eral of the united war work cam-1
paign, to make every endeavor to ex
ceed their respective quotas by at |
least .50 per cent. This oversubscrip- !
lion will be necessary, Mr. Mott stated ;
in a telegram received today at the j
local headquarters. He explained that
otherwise the seven organizations, in
cluding those with the largest dudg
ets. will run out of funds before
next Jdne and another campaign for
funds will be necessary. He explained
that'an oversubscription is being eag
erly sought rather than a specific in
crease in the amount set for the gen
em drive.
31 ass Meeting- at Liberty Hut.
The first gun of the campaign in
Washington will be fired, so to speak,
next Sunday afternoon, when a large
mass meeting will be held at Liberty
Hut, which will be presided over by
Bishop Shahan, rector of the Catholic
University of America.
A number of prominent men will
address the meeting, and each will
tell of the great need of the war fund
and about the work being done by the
seven organizations united in the
drive, both in this country and in and
behind the fighting lines in France
and Italy?in fact, wherever Ameri
can troops are now bearing arms.
Among the speakers on this occa
sion will be Capt. Julius L Peyser of
the Jewish Welfare Board; Dr. Frank
P. Hill, president of the American Li
brafy Association; Charles Whitehair
of the Y. M. C. A., who has been for
more tnari a year engaged in that or
ganization's work in Palestine and
oa the western front, and Bishop
Monster Parade Is Planned.
JL monster parade to be featured
with floats representing the various
organizations united In this drive is
being planned to be held two days be
fore the official opening of the cam
paign. Detailed plans for this event
are now being completed. It will be
held on Pennsylvania avenue and will
start at the Peace Monument and, ac
cording to the committee in charge, of
which Joseph Stoddard is chairman,
will be more than a mile in length.
Under the direction of Miss Su
sanna Cocroft of the housing and
health division of the War Depart
ment plans are being worked out for
an immense bonfire celebration with
fires represeiuing the various states
of the nion and the seven organiza
tions united, to be held on the ellipse
during the week of the drive.
Mrs. Robert Lansing, wife of the Sec
retary of State, who will captain a
team of workers in the coming drive,
will hold a reception for team cap
tains and directors this afternoon at
her home. 1523 ISth street northwest,
at 5 o'clock. Charles Whitehair. re
turned recently from the western
front, will be the speaker. In co-op
eration with Dr. Walter S. Harban of
the committee on clubs, officials of the
golf clubs of the District are planning
a concerted drive on the pocketbooks
of golfers and the sport program is
being worked out in a comprehensive
manner. Georgetown University's
foot ball team will probably meet the
team of the Maryland State College
on the gridiron for the benefit of the
fund during the week of the drive.
Council Is Seeking Women and
Hales Outside of Draft Age
[ for Highway Service.
Substitution of women, and of men
outside the limits of the selective
drafts, to replace thousands of men
about to enter the Motor Transport
Corps of the Army, is being planned,
according to an announcement of the
Council of National Defense.
Men are Bow being recruited for
the corps under the direction of the
highways transport committee of the
defense council. The campaign Is along
comprehensive lines, 2,000,000 men be
ing required. Motor transportation,
valued at $130,000,000, Is planned in
making greater the corps, and this
amount Is exclusive of such transport
sow In services
Aid of regional directors of the'
highways transport committee, com- 1
mittees organised on its behalf by the !
Council of National Defense and their
local committees, has been enlisted,
so that tho,campaign for recruits will
be carried oa with a rush throughout
tb* nation.
wm HsiuBe Industrial Vehicles,
To obtain substitutes for those taken
away, women will be recruited and
placed in service, while the men in
the industiz are being withdrawn for
Army purposes. They will handle in
dustrial vehicles over the highways
wberever the type of motor truck and
environment allow.
The selection and training of men
?tiusi age makes them unavailable
for army service, and of women, will
ke conducted on the basis that they
are volunteers in much the same
sense as are those who are entering
4V army.
i1 ? ?
" lb* West's Store.
i In the store of Em 11 West, 405
this mnmlng started In the
? front an. ?w?r heated furnace, ae
ty tbe. police, and burned
- -
We have Just learned that the
first Christina* labels have
arrived from France and
that yon will, no doabt, re
ceive yours in a very short
time. '
Don't forget that this label k
to be taken to the Red
Cross, where yon will re
ceive the official carton.
No packages can be mailed
AFTER November 20th and
none will be accepted that
are not in the regulation
carton and with the official
Friends and relatives should
get together and decide
"who" is to give "what," so
the box may be packed
carefully and with things
that will please the soldier
Send as many gifts from as
many different people as
possible. It will make the
package more interesting to
the Yank who gets it.
See sample carton with sug
gested gifts in our window.
Few More Polo Overcoats,
Double-breasted models buttoned to the neck. Made of
heavy overcoating* warmly lined, with a belt all
around. Sizes 2XA to 10 years.
Corduroy Suits, $6.98 *
Crompton Cravenetted Corduroy Suits in
sizes up to 17 years. Made of Crompton
Corduroy. The coat is trench style with
slash pockets. Well lined and trimmed.
Full cut knickerbockers, lined through
. out.
Juve&ile Sailor Suit* With Short
Pants, 57.98
Equal to last year's price. llade of all-wool
serge with insignia on sleeve. Pants
full lined. Sizes 2% to 10 years.
Cloth Suits, $6.98, $7.98, $8.98
Wonderful values, indeed, at the prices.
Sturdy garments made to stand the
knocks that boys give them. Large
choice of patterns. Sizes 6 to 18.
Mackinaw Coats, $8.98
Sizes- 8- to 18 years
A limited number to sell at this price and
youll convince yourself that they are
the best vain* in Washington. Ten dif
ferent patterns to select from.
Fifth Floor?Labsborgh & Bro.
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again
What Will YOUR Answer Be?
Will you be able to look him in the eye and say: "Old
man, I've backed you to the very limit?"
Will you blush-if he asks how much of your money
you have LOANED to our Government?
Will you be able to PRODUCE if he asks to count
Men and women of Washington, there can be no side
stepping the question of PERSONAL RESPON
Either you are doing ALL in your power to win, or
you are not If by the exercise of reasonable econ
omy you can afford to buy some WAR SAVINGS
STAMPS, it is your plain duty to do so.
Remember, you are not giving your money away when
you buy WAR SAVINGS STAMPS?you are
merely loaning it on the best security in the world
at 4% interest, compounded quarterly.
Redeem your WAR SAVINGS STAMP pledges at
Smart Sport and Dress Skirts
And Skirts for War Workers?the Season's Best Models
A new lot of beautiful skirts have just arrived to join the numerous other models we
-already have in our apparel section. So rapidly do these skirts arrive it is impos
sible to announce them daily. Space forbids it | u
Prices, $8.98 to $22.50
Skirts at the above prices possess those lines of tailor
ed variety which Fashion considers so smart for
wear right now.
Distinguishing style features, such as unique pockets,
crushed belts, button trimmings, etc., which mark
the skirts we are showing for the new season.
There are some very attractive navy blue and black
poplin skirts in a plain model, which are especially
desirable for service wear.
Plaid and stripe skirts in combination with colors are
attractive for all outdoor occasions. Tricolette
skirts with large crushed belts and large pockets are
suitable for the more dress occasions.
Such a variety of materials and styles that anybody
can find what they want.
Regular sizes and those especially for Stylish Stouts.
Second Floor?Lansburgh & Bro.
Introducing the Ultimate in Popular Priced Headwear
"American Princess" Millinery $5.00
Many Models?No Two Alike?All Same Price
American Princess" Hats are without exception the handsomest, as well as
he most exclusive and original, we have ever shown at this
*>rice. Many of them, too, are copies of the smartest
?>ench hats.
Made of Panne and silk velvets, in chic
little _ models, trimmed . with ostrich
and ribbons. The large hats are in odd
shapes, and some are in drooping styles
with soft ribbon about the crown and
variously shaped bows to give the fin
ished effect.
Plenty of blacks, deep blaes, pretty taupe, be
coming browns ana Burgundy shades.
Remember, we are the sole agents in Washing
ton for "American Princess Hats."
Second Floor?Lansburgh & Bro.
Two Good Values
Like Blankets, they are
scarce. You'll do well to
buy plentifully.
S a t i n e Bordered Silkoline
Comforts, in light and dark
shadings. Very attractive
oriental and floral designs.
Filled with laminated cot
ton. Each $5.50.
Lambs'-Wool Comforts, cov
ered with best quality cam
bric in neat designs. Both
light and dark shades.
Light weight, yet very
warm. Each, $8.50.
Fifth Floor?Lansburgh & Bro.
The New Hair
Are so radical and
charming that to
realize their full
possibilities one
must have a fine
wavy hair trans
formation to sup
ply the needed
fullness?it's ab
solutely necessary.
You can save about one-third
by purchasing your trans
formation tomorrow IN
Where, in addition to a splen
did assortment of Hair
Goods, you will find very
excellent Beauty Service at
nominal prices.
3d Floor?Lansburgh & Bro.
To buy a good corset is not enough? It must be properly
adjusted every time you put it on. Then it Will fit well
and feel comfortable.
Ask our expert how wide you should leave the opening at
the back when you clasp the corset, and how close when
If your corset is to fit well and be thor
oughly comfortable, you must put it
on properly.
A WARNER'S, rightly selected and prop
erly fitted, we guarantee will meet
every figure requirement.
See the new Warner models. EvcrV
corset guaranteed.
Prices, $1.50 to $5.00
Third Floor?Lansburgh & Bro.
Petticoats for Gifts or
Wear NOW
A Petticoat for yourself or to give as a
Christmas token should be bought
now when so many pretty and differ
ent models are on sale.
Petticoats with silk jersey tops and taffeta
silk ruffles. Solid, changeable or Dresden
effects. Also some of all taffeta in a large
variety of changeable colors. Special at
Petticoats of all silk jersey, with pleated
ruffles trimmed in contrasting effects.
At $6.95, $7.95 and $9.95.
Petticoats with silk jersey top or all taffeta,
in black and changeable' colors. At $5.00
and $5.95.
Petticoats of high-grade taffeta silk, with
shirred and tucked ruffles. In black and
changeable colors. At $7.50.
Third Floor?Lansburgh & Bro.
Thread Silk Stockings, $1.75
A fresh shipment brings to us black, white and a complete range of wanted shoe and cos
tume shades of this splendid wearing, full fashioned thread silk hosiery. Reinforced silk
lisle soles, toes, high spliced heels and wide flare garter welt tops.
Rivoli Silk Hose,
Shown in black, of heavy
thread silk. Full fash
ioned and properly re
inforced for service.
Thread Silk
Stockings, $1.25
These are exceptional
value, being full fash
ioned and reinforced
for service. Shown
in black, white and
Full Fashioned
Maco Cotton Hose,
Shown in black, white
and balbriggan. Prop
erly reinforced for
Wayne Knit Hosiery
?has always been in
heavy demand because
of its wonderful value
and good wearing -
qualities. Assortments?,
are complete.
First Floor?Lansburgh & Bro.
The Neglige Skirts We re Offering $ "I ,50
Are Values You Can t Afford to Miss ?*?
Never before in all the seasons of our acknowledged leader
ship in shirt values have we been able to offer such remark
able values as are here this season for your choice.. All the
wanted and desirable shirtings are represented in qualities
and an exhaustive array of smart patterns and colorings that
will surprise you. Full cut. perfect fitting and correctly
i. Soft cuff
made. Soft cuff models.
White Madras
Pajamas, $1.75
Made from a good quality
flat cord madras. Full cut
and nicely finished; round
neck style. In all sizes.
Worth $2^5.
Direct Street Entrance to Men's Sbopc
Our Displays of
Demand anticipation of your
Xmas needs. Gorgeous col
orings in the smartest of
patterns. Superior quali
ties. 85c to $?50.
Eternally New
in Style
The most attractive part of
all neckwear is its eternal
newness and differentness.
Colors change.
Shapes change.
Materials change.
And?through it all our Neck
wear {Department shows
the latest creations aAsoon
as they come from the de
Just now we've a lot of par
ticularly attractive neck
pieces for one-piece dress
See this array at once.
First Floor?Lansburgh Sc. Bro.
Ivory Finished
Gift Tokens
Our regular Christmas stock
is now ready and selling
fast. Women know these
items always make good
Ivory-finished -Clothes Brush at
Ivory-finished Perfume Bottle at
Ivory-finished Pin Cushion, with
assorted colored velvet tops,
^ attU*.
Ivory-finished Medicine Bottles
at $Ufc
Ivory-finished Vases at ftc.
The Children Must Be Kept W arm
And Dry to Be HEALTHY
We've wonderful wool coats that will keep the kiddies warm as toast, and we have
raincoats that will keep them dry. 1
W aists
To Go With Pretty
Separate Skirts
Blouses cut upon the smart
est and most fashion
able lines possible?a fa
vorite of the Fall and
Winter models are now
offered to you at a spe
cial price.
They are made of?
Crepe de Chine
Georgette Crepe
And Other Silks
Come in white, flesh, maize,
navy, taupe, brown and,
in fact, all the Fall suit
Dainty and pretty as well
as smart and of good
service, but that is al
ways an element of value
which must be consider
ed by well dressed wo
men. And above all, this
represents an unusually
good money's worth at
the following price of?
We also carry an unusually
large assortment of both
cotton and silk Waists at
all prices.
2d Floor?Lansburgh & Bro.
Buy them for wear right now, or as practical gifts for
the children's Christmas.
Children's Coats of fine all-wool cheviot, in a large range of
colors. Made in skirt model, with belt, velvet collar and
bone buttons. Sizes 2 to 6 years. At $12.95.
Children's Coats of zibeline or velvet, in box and skirt models.
Sizes 2 to 6 years. At $10.95.
Children's Coats of good quality corduroy, with large collars
and pockets. At $6.75, $7.95, $9.95 and $14.75.
Children's Rain Capes of mercerized satin, with plaid-lined
hood. Sizes 6 to 14 years. In tan, at $250. In navy, at $330.
Misses' Raincoats, in navy or
tan. Sizes 10 to 15 years. At
$5.95 and $6.95. . AO
Children's Coats of mixtures, VJ
zibeline or corduroy. Sizes 10
to 14 years. At $14.95.
Coats of burella cloth, velour,
broadcloth, with plush or fur
collars. Sizes 14, 15,16 and 17
years. At $2230 to $27.50.
Intermediate Dresses of all-wool
serge. Sizes 14 and 16 years.
At $19.50 to $37.50.
Third Floor?Lansburgh & Bro.
Uncle Sam asks all of us to
take packages with us
unless they are too heavy
or too bulky to be handled
Every package you carry
helps to release men for
war work.
Our Skoes for Children Will Not
Wear Oat in a Hurry
Our children's shoes present a very dressy appear
ance and are full of ''toe-ease" and plenty of good
service. They will stand the slams, bangs and
bumps that the children can give them much better
" and much longer than other makes of children's
shoes sold for a better price. ?
They have good strong counters,
good strong leather soles, easily
shined vamps and soft, pliable up
pers that .blend with the most triv
ial motion of the: foot. They are
in button and lace sty!es, made up
in a variety of lasts, and can be had
in every size. Yet note the little
they cost.
Children's1 shoes for school or dress
made over foot-form last; patent
colt witii kid tops; button style;
welted sdles. Also ur black calf.
Priced according 'to size, as fol
lows: j
6 to 8, infants', $245.
8J4 to ll,-children's,i$2J5.
11# to 2, misses', $135.
2J4 to 6, girls', $3J&
Other good styles in children's shoes
priced according to size and ma
terial used. From $175 to
Second Floor, Lansburgh & Bro;
'Ill l l>r I'iJ u
? - ' t- -? ?
We do not guarantee lots
to last throughout the day
at these prices. No mail,
phone or C O. D. orders.
$17.50 All-Wool White
Blankets, $14.77
Size 72x80. A Hamilton Mills
bed covering with no cotton
in warp or filling. Blue or
pink borders and wide bind
Fifth Floor.
Clark's O. N. T. Spool
Cotton, Dozen, 50c
In black and whiter an sus
be re.
First Floor.
$1.35 Women's Ribbed
Combinations, $1.00
Regular and extra sisea. Cor
rectly made from fine ribbed
bleached cotton yarns In high
neck, long sleeve and Dutch
neck, elbow sleeve models in
fenkle or knee length.
First Floor.
Men's Ribbed Cotton
Skirts and Pants, $1.00
Shown in gray or ecru. Well
made and finished and
strongly reinforced. Worth
First Floor.
59c Linene Scarfs, 39c
TeUow. rose and blue, embroid
ered white linen scarfs, pil
lows and centers.
Third Floor.
$1.65 Middy Blouses at
Made of gobd quality Lonsdale
jean in all white or white
with cadet or navy collars,
fifcea ( to 12 years.
Third Floor.
Women's Regular $2.95
'Bloomers at $2.49
Of wash satin or crepe de chine
in white or Sash.
and odd lota.
Third Floor.
* >
For Announcement
? ... . ' ? ' '**. . '
of One BIG Special
Hoars: Opm 10 AM.; Close 6 P.M.

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