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Military Footwear
The needs of officers
who seek the best and
worthiest grades of foot
wear for service here or
overseas can be supplied
here from our splendid
stocks, embracing every
thing required.
Dress boots, $25 and $30.
Field boots, $20 to $35
Leggins, $7 to $17.
Trench boots, lace to top,
$9 to $20.
Spurs, Spur Chains
and other military
footwear acces- (
sories in complete
1001 F St. Corner Tenth
Military Footwear Outfitters for Over 25 Years
15? and If STS
Spend Wisely
That must be the rule
in every home if Amer
ica is to win this great
Every person must
curtail in pleasures,
comforts and living ex
penses. The1 money
thus saved should be
deposited in a strong
bank, such as this in
Let us serve you.
Business Honrs:
10 A. M. to 6 P. M. Dally
Boys' Fine Suits,
$8.75 to $25
Mothers win find the most
unusual service here in Boys'
Suits?service in helping you
buy?serv ice in the way the suits will
wear. There is a large assortment of
smart styles, with the military ideas a.
feature. Boys from 5 to 18 years will
find the kind of suits they want, and
mothers the kind they want $o buy.
The Avenue at Ninth
New Victor Records
for November
I Get CMflcte list.
JRobt C. Rogers Co.,
1313 F Street N. W.
?Open Until ? P. ft.
^Experienced Advertisers Prefer The Star
People Tear at Dead Horses,
Amazing Canadian Sol
dier Rescuers.
Cablegram to Tie Evening Star and
Chicago Dally News. Copyright, 1918.
THE FRONT, November 1.?\If any
one doubts the cruelty of the Germans
to French civilians let him visit
Denain. During three years the Ger
mans allowed the people of Denain
three dead army mules for fresh
meat. All horses, cows, cattle and
poultry were requisitioned, as were
the crops. The penalty imposed on
citizens for harvesting their own
grain was 80 marks ($20), including
seizure of the grain. The owners
could not pick fruit from their own
trees and could not gather their own
vegetables except under severe re
People Nearly Starved.
The 20,000 inhabitants remaining in
Denain were nearly starved. They
are emaciated, yellow, sickly and con
sumptive. but brave nevertheless. On
Sunday when the Prince of JVales,
with Gen. Sir Arthur Currie and the
general commanding the 4th Division
of Canadians entered Denain to at- I
tend the simple ceremony of thanks
for the liberation of the city, the
prince passed through the battered
streets, which were lined with enter
ing and weeping old men, women and
children. Under the banners of all
nations the party came to the square,
where the empty pedestal of the
French Gen. Villars marks the small
ness of the Germans. The bronze
statue was stolen by the invaders.
Here the party was haUe.d and was
received by the civil auffiorities and
a flag presented to the 4th Division,
which was the first to enter the town.
Next the party proceeded to a little
shell-torn church, where, while the
prince stood under the torn roof, the
priest told of the city's tortures. \With
tears in his eyes he said simply to
the prince: "Thank you." The thanks
were for the deliverance. If the
prince had been with the Canadians
on October in, when the town was
taken, he would have realized what
the deliverance meant. Under the
impetuous attack the Germans ran
fighting in the outskirts of the town.
Trying to make a stand by the rail
road, they were bombed out with
trench mortars. A boy sergeant head
ed the soldiers who mopped up the
town. The civilians, when they knew
that the Germans were gone, rushed
to the soldiers and kissed the Cana
dians as they were never kissed be
Boys Stone Prisoners.
Boys stoned the prisoners waiting
at the intelligence station, asking:
"Are the Germans going to return
that way?" The embers of the burned
haystacks w,ere still smoldering. The
power plants and other structures at
the mine pits were blown into a mass
of crumbling brick and metal. The
smokestacks stretched across the
roads were cleared away just enough
to allow lorries with supplies to pro
ceed to the front. If the prince had
been there a few days earlier he
would have seen the bodies of dead
civilians killed by German projectiles
and gas shells which forced the wom
en and children from the cellars. Even
a field ambulance was gassed and the
sick and wounded had to be brought
to the upper stories of the houses.
Twenty horses were killed.
Famished People Eat Horses.
Even this supreme torture of the
Germans brought relief to the people.
As the Canadians dragged the horses
away the famished civilians, though
sick from the gas, sprang upon the
animals and with long knives end
axes, under the eyes of the amazed
Canadians, cut the horses to bits and
left nothing but bones for the soldiers
to bury. Later even the bones were
unearthed to be cooked and not
enough was left to fill the grave of
one dog. *
In cutting up the horses women
struggled madly with each other for
a share, pushing one another away
until it resembled a shambles. Boys
and girls ran home with ribs and
steaks over their shoulders, soaking ?
their clothes, while the mothers re
mained to strip the fat from the in
Sunday the prince was able to see
the Canadian doctors attending the
civilian patients, many of whom,
weakened through lack of food, were
ill and suffering from boils. The Tom
mies are sharing their rations with
the people and special lorries are
bringing tons of food to the civilians.
How times have changed for the peo
ple of Denain!.
German soldiers in the ranks were
not so bad. telling the people when
light shown from their windows or it
appeared that they were doing some
thing for which fines were imposed.
The (Jerman officers, and above all
the under officers, were the w<?pt.
They had people fined for walking
across the street and collected boys
as laborers. A general forced an old
grayhaircd man to kneel at his feet
for forgetting to bow when he
passed. The Germans said It would
be worse when the British came, be
cause while the Canadians were good
soldiers they were "savage, savage
beasts." However, the people of
Denain think otherwise.
A Recuperative Met In Mima.
Harlicfs Malted Milk, yaj digestible.?Ad
rcrtisement. I
Abe Martin Says:
Th'feller that takes his hat off
an' scratches his head is sure t'
grit left these fast times.
Nobuddy kin feel as helpless
as th* owner of a sick goldfish.
Soldien' Hospital for Hailrfille.
NASHVILLE. Tenn, November L
Flnal negotiations have been complet
ed tor the Immediate establishment of
? gmai'nent hospital tor wounded sol
diers In Nashville. The unfinished
Oaloway Hospital and state school for
blind are to be used as the site.
TO o o 6 w a r 5 &o.t b to p> :?
Store Open. Id AM. New York?WASHINGTON?Pari. Store Ooms C PM.
Positions for -
? ?
We have good positions
for bright women, with or
without store experience,
who feel that they should be
doing something to help in
carrying on the wont of the
nation. Business hours are
now short enough to permit
of many women working in
the store and still having
time for necessary house
hold tasks. In England five
nriHion women who formerly
worked only in their own
homes?or not at all?are
now engaged in mercantile
or industrial occupations?
and they have saved their
Apply Employment Office,
Seventh floor.
The holiday grift buying
must begin at once, or there
will be many disappoint
ments as Christmas ap
proaches. It is absolutely
necessary to extend the hol
iday business over 3. longer
period of time than in nor
mal times. Will YOU help
by buying at least some of
your gifts now? These and
many other thingn can be
bought advantag eously
right now:
Handkerchiefs, Slippers
Silk Hosiery, Gloves
p leather (iootw, Books
Art Needlework, Stationery
Christmas Cards, Jewelry
Cut Glass, Watches
Art Wares, Silverware
Toilet Goods, Perfumeries
Handbags, Toys, Dolls
College Stripe Klosfit \
Fashion's Latest Suggestion
A Petticoat that is sure to please the most
fastidious and should meet with instant favor,
made entirely of silk jersey, with deep ac
cordion pleated ruffle, contrasting stripe 4
inches wide, extending around midway of the
ruffle. The colors are blue with rose stripe,
green with blue stripe and rose with gray
stripe. Price $5.00.
Another style, of heavy silk jersey, has deep
flounce of silk, with narrow ruffles set in
points. 4 Come in Shandon blue, rose, navy
blue ana Irish green. Price, $9.75.
Third floor, P street.
Autographed Engraved
Christmas Cards
The Personal Touch which you want to give
in sending your friends a Christmas greeting
can best be expressed if you will make a se
lection from the many dainty cards we are
showing on which you write your own aufco
Street floor, center.
School Girls' Apparel Needs
in Our Misses' Department
Dresses, plain blue serge, and plaids,
$10.95 and up.
Wash Dresses, in plain colors, plaids
and stripes, $2.75 and ap.
Coats, good plain, substantial Cheviots,
Velours, Velvets and other dressy ma
terials. Sizes 6 to 10, $12.75 up; 12 to 16,
$16.95 up.
Some of the coats have fur collars;
others are plain tailored, with military
collar, and are exceptional values; they
will be hard to procure later in the
Sweaters, of excellent quality, warm
and made in coat shape, in all the new
shades of brown, rose, Copenhagen blue
and navy blue, chic and pleasing to the
school girl.
Fourth floor, G street.
Maternity Dresses
Style and Bctauty
Made of the best and most fashionable
fabrics of the season, combining perfect com
_ fort, ease and satisfaction, they offer to the
' woman who stands in need of one of these
dresses the opportunity of all these necessary
adjuncts and at a price which is within reach
of all purses.
They are made in silk, serge, satins, Georg
ette crepe, crepe de chine, wool batiste, mo
hair and wash materials; trimmed with em
broidery, beads or any of the new trimmings
shown which comprise the season's styles.
Patented adjustments conceal die
condition and allow expansion.
Fourth floor. Eleventh street. .
Structo Auto Builders
Crank the Motor
Shift the Gears
They're Off
Just like the real big autos you see_ every
day. These New Auto Builder Outfits are a
new departure- in present day toys. They
present features^of unusual interest and in
structive value.
A boy actually builds from these outfits a
REAL AUTOMOBILE, with_ engine, steering
gear, transmission, differential gear?in fact,
an up-to-the-minute Auto Car that will run.
No. 12 Outfit, complete with transmission,
differential gear, triple power engine, SMjM.
No. 10 has single unit motor, Bear-cat
model, $5jMl
Ftovth floor, r (tmat.
When the
?your appreciation of these big, generous
Overcoats will begin to rise.
You'll be glad to turn the carefully tail
ored collar up for added protection. You'll
glory in the added warmth afforded by the
double-breasted styling, and the patch pockets
will offer a warm welcome to frost-bitten
Model illustrated is the London Ulster,
English to the core. Staunch and sturdy.
A truly remarkable creation.
Priced, $45.00 to $70.00
Kiln floor, Tenth street entrance.
For the Men in the Army
Regulation Olive Drab Flannel Shirts, double
breasted, with two pocke.ts, double elbows, single
buttoned cuffs and turn-down collar attached.
An Exceptional Value.
$4.50 Each
Regulation Olive Drab Serge Shirts, worn by
officers, made same style as the flannel described
above, but a little lighter weight.
An Exceptional Value.
$6.50 Each
Regulation Black Four-in-Hand Ties, 65c each.
Main floor, * itreet. - ,
Genuine Cordovan Lace Shoes
A Shoe for Civilian or Officers' Wear
This is a Men's Dark Tan Cordovan Lace Shoe,
with medium round toes and good weight soles, mak
ing it highly desirable for winter wear. The leather
takes a nice polish, and the shoe retains its shape
and attractive appearance until worn out.
Price, $10.00 the Pair
tuim floor, Tntt *reet
The Popular Veils
Are Made With Chiffon Borders
Veils have taken a new step toward popu
larity this season and are shown in many in
tricate and beautiful patterns and meshes.
The Square Veil, a novelty, comes in a coarse
mesh with woven border.
The Traced Pattern Veil, with chiffon bor
der, is distinctly flie favorite of all veils.
Veils by the yard in dainty and pleasing
Made Veils, $1.50 to $3.00.
By the yard from 25c to $1.75.
Pattern Veils, $1.75 up.
Street floor, center.
Mocha Gloves for Children
Lined and Unlined
In gray and tan, $2 and $2.25.
Children's P. X. M. Walking
Spear point embroidery on back, one and
two button, in tan, $2 and $2.25.
Also Children's Chamoisette Gloves, one
clasp, in white, gray and natural color, 75c.
Street floor. Center.
We Know a Good Deal
About Clothing Boys
And Here You Will Find Large
Stocks of Boys' ^all and Winter
Suits and Overcoats to Prove It.
For many years we have clothcd boys
well?that means furnishing- them with
clothes of quality fabrics and good
tailoring. That's the kind that will pay
in the long run.
Suits for Stout Boys.
School Suits of cloth and corduroy.
Dress Suits in fancy and plain colors.
Hand-tailored Suits.
Mackinaws and Army Overcoats.
Overcoats in % and Ulster models.
Also Furnishings and Hats in
Complete Assortment
Shirts and Blouses made expressly for us
and under our own label: School Blouses,
85c and $1.25; Shirts. $1.50 to $3.75.
Madras Pajamas, $1.50 and $2.00; Flannel
ette Pajamas, $2.00.
Neckwear, Belts, Underwaists, Suspenders,
Handkerchiefs (package). Collars.
Hats for the Schoolboy, Hats for the
Small Boy, Golf Caps, Riband Caps for cold
weather, Aviation Hats, Trench Caps.
Children's Hair Cutting by experts in the
Children's Own Barber Shop adjoining the
Boys' Sections.
Fourth floor, G street.
New November
Victor Records
' 10-ln.
/Smiles?Lambert Murphy.
fl.00)The Radiance In Tour Eyes
' aid Werrenrath.
/Everything Is Pc-aches Down
J Georgia?American Quartet.
85c 1 Carolina, I'm Coming Back to
V You?Peerless Quartet.
/On the Level, Tou're A Little Devil
J ?Helen Clark-Henry Burr.
85e|That Something Serenade?Henry
* Burr.
/Oui, Oul Marie (Wee, Wee, Marie)
J ?Arthur Fields.
85el We Don't Want the Bacon?Peer
" less Quartet.
/There's Nobody Home But Me?
) Charles Hart.
85e JOh, How I Wish I Could Sleep Until
? My Daddy Comes Home?H. Burr.
/Cohen Gets Married?Monroe Sil
J ver.
85e ( Cohen on His Honeymoon?Monroe
/Saber atid Spurs March?Sousa's
J Band.
85c | Solid Men to the Front March?
* Sousa's Band.
/Hindustan (Fox Trot)?Joseph C.
) Smith's Orchestra.
85c I'N* Everything (Fo-x Trjt)?Jpseph
V. C. Smith's Orchestra.
Red Seal Records
[La Traviata?Impenete. GalK
$3.00 C Curci-De Luca.
(La Ceq d'Or?Hymne au Selcil.
$1.00 I Mabel Garrison.
[ Peer Gynt Suite No. 1?Anitra's
$1.001 Dance. Philadelphia Orchestra.
fMate o' Mine. Clarence White
$UMl hilL

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