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One Hundred or More From
Each of Eleven Boards
*1 Affected by Order.
Apparent nearness of peace only
Spells renewed energy for the draft
machinery for the District of Colum
bia. Plans were announced today by
HaJ. D. J. Donovan of selective service
headquarters for the induction and en
tralnment of the 1,733 white regis
trants who will go to camps from here
beginning next Sunday. Entrainments
?will extend over five days.
Beginning Thursday, local boards
will place in the mails 10 per cent
each day of questionnaires for regis
trants between the ages of thirty
seven and forty-live years. The first
10 per cent of the blanks will be re
ceived by registrants Friday morn
ing. This work will be in full swing
during "entralnment week."
How They Are Divided.
The 1,478 white registrants who will
So to Camp Oreene, N. C., have been
[apportioned among the boards as fol
lows: No. 1, 154 men; No. 2, 154 men:
;No. 3, 154 men; No. 4, 153 men; No. 5.
i 153 men; No. 6, 152 men; No. 7, 102
.men; No. 8, 102 men; No. 9, 152 men;
! No. 10. 102 men: No. 11, 100 men.
; The men will be inducted into the
< military service of the United States
jand mobilized for entralnment at the
IXiberty hut. Local boards are instruct
, ed to order the men to report through
door 7, facing Massachusetts avenue.
Boards No. 1 and No. 2 will Induct their
*n?n into the service at 7 o'clock p.m.
November 10. Boards No. 3 and No. 4
?will induct at 5 p.m.. November 11.
Boards No. 5 and No. 6 will induct at
S o'clock p.m. November 13. Boards
No. 7. No. 8 and No. 11 will induct at
E o'clock p.m.. November 12. Boards
:No. 9 and No. 10 will induct at 5
(o'clock p.m.. November 14. Entrain
I ment for each group will take place
the following day, in each case,
j The call for 105 white registrants to
'to to Fort Dade, Fla, November 10.
Is apportioned as follows: No. 1, 11
men: No. 2. 13 men; No. 3, 12 men: No.
4, 10 men; No. 5, 10 men; No. 6, 14
men: No. 7, 6 men; No. 8, 5 men: No. 9,
' ? men; No. 10. 10 men, and No. 11,
|t men. The men will report for duty
(November 9 at their own local board
' Men for Camp Greenleaf.
The requisition of 150 white regis
trants for Camp Greenleaf, Ga.. to the
entrained November 10, has been
divided among the boards as follows:
No. 1, 14 men; No. 2, 18 men; No. 3, 12
men; No. 4, 12 men; No. 5, 14 men; No.
j 6, 18 men; No. 7, 8 men; No. 8, 18 men;
I No. 9, 12 men; No. 10, 1? men, and No.
, 11. 8 men. The men will be inducted
I Into the service by their own boards
November 9. Board members are
warned to set hours which will not
conflict with the hours set for the men
?who are to go to Fort Dade.
Local board for division No. 7 today
leaped into second place in the race
among the boards to finish classifica
tion and physical examination work
?with the registrants between the ages
of nineteen and thirty-six years.
No. 7 board reported all of Its classi
fication work completed, all proper
records sent to the district board and
30 per cent of its class 1 registrants
physically examined. Local board for
division No. 3 still holds first place,
with all classification work finished,
records sent to the district board and
60 per cent of Us class 1 men physi
cally examined.
Veil "War Iiabor Board Wages,
(i Hours and Other Matters
{ Need Adjusting.
Express employes, Including mes
sengers, clerks, drivers, freight
handlers and porters, today filed
complaint with the war laDor board
against the American Railway Ex
? press Company, asking for advances
Jn wages, shorter working hours, the
right of collective bargaining and
<bett>er working conditions. About
125,000 men are affected.
The board is asked to order the
company to stop abridging the rights
of the men by intimidation, coercion
' and intrigue. It is alleged that men
have been discharged without ade
quate cause and that they have
been threatened with lockouts.
Three thousand men employed by
phosphate mining companies in the
vicinity of Mulberry, Fla., Joined to
day in complaining to the war labor
board that they received inadequate
wages and are compelled to work
twelve hours a day. They asked the
board to apply its principles of an
eight-hour day and collective bar
Saining to their situation.
Zing George Voices Congratula
tions for Record Achievements.
LONDON. Saturday, November 2.?
Xing George has sent the following
telegram to the secretary of state
lor the royal air force:
"I offer you and the royal air force
my warmest congratulations on the
successful results of the air fighting
on October 30, when all previous rec
ords were beaten. Such achieve
ments testify to the spirit which
animates all ranks in their determi
> nation to retain our mastery in the
f air and cannot fall materially to as
vaist the steady advance of my armies
in the field."
The success of the British airmen
< to which the king refers resulted in
< the destruction on October 30 of
2 sixty-seven German machines and the
bringing down of fifteen others out of
control. This result was achieved
V with the loss of only eighteen British
1 machines.
Oompers Supports President Wilton
NEW TORK. November 4.?Samuel
Gompers. president of the American
Federation of Labor and chairman of
the American labor mission, who ar
rived at an Atlantic port Saturday,
after a two-month tour of England,
France and Italy, has issued a state
ment urging the nation to "follow the
President and the President's advice,
at least until after the triumphant
conclusion of the war."
XOanea Eruption Follows Quake.
HONOLULU. November 4.?Spouting
lava a hundred feet from new cracks
in the old floor Saturday morning, the
i;rater Kllanea entirely burled the old
yesthouse. The eruption followed se
vere earthquakes throughout the is
land of Hawaii Friday night at 11:ZS
? o'clock. The Kflaneanre pit ha* bow
rislas for three days. and lava Is tar.
i* " iiitrnummtnmmmmmp
Plans to Inanre Absolutely Sani
tary Handling of Supply Un
dertaken by Commisiionera.
Washington's milk regulations may
be extensively revised as a result of
steps taken by the District and fed
eral governments today to insure the
absolutely sanitary handling of the
capital's milk supply.
The entire milk situation is to he
Investigated by a committee consist
ing of Health Officer William C.
Fowler, representing the District
government: Dr. E. H. Price, United
Slates public health service, and a
representative of the bureau of ani
mal industry of the Department of
Agriculture, to be named.
The committee will investigate pas
teurization of milk in the District.
Every process through which milk
passes from the time it leaves the
farms until it reaches the consumer
will be investigated. Regulation of
prices is without the scope of inquiry,
but sanitation will be inquired into
from every angle.
Wide latitude as to making recom
mendations that will promote sanita
tion is given the committee. That the
recommendations will result in a big
shake-up in the present regulations
is considered probable. The commit
tee has not set a date for its or
ganization meeting, but it is under
stood that it will tajke up the work at
once and complete it as Boon as pos
sible. ^
New Yorkers in War Work to Be
Extended Privilege.
Although citizens of Washington
have no votes, many persons will have
an opportunity to vote in this city
tomorrow. Officers, soldiers, sailors,
marines and members of the Red
Cross whose homes are in New York
can indicate their choice for repre
sentatives. senators, governor and
other officers of New York at the
War Camp Community Service rooms,
at 1100 Pennsylvania avenue.
Inspectors of election will be fur
nished by the provost marshal of the
Alleged Slacker Is Reported to
Hare Shown Hon Sympathies.
SAN ANTONIO. Tex., November 4.?
Maximilian von Hoegan. wanted at
New Haven, Conn., by federal authori
ties, is in jail here after arrest in an
attempt to escape into Mexico. Accord
ing to dispatches, von Hoegan. when
filling out his questionnaire last De
cember, it is alleged wrote across its
face "Deutschland uber alles," and In
response to the question "are you a
citizen of the United States?" replied:
"I have that questionable honor."
Region of Which Capital Is
Part Ranks Second in Per
Cent Over Quota.,
The fifth federal reserve district, in
which Washington is located, has the
distinction of standing second among
the twelve districts in percentage of
oversubscriptions to the fourth lib
erty loan.
Word to this effect was received to
day by the local loan committee from
George J. Seay. governor of the fifth
federal reserve district. He state!
that the total subscription in this dis
trict was 1345,000,000, an oversub
scription percentage of 23.22 per cent.
The Boston district was first, with an
oversubscription percentage of 26.44,
and the San Francisco district was
last with an oversubscription percen
tage of 5.97.
Should Be Froud of High Honor.
In his statement Gov. Seay said the
results of the fourth loan drive should
make every loan subscriber and work
er proud of the assistance which he or
she has given to the country. He said
also that those in the fifth district
should feel most proud of the high
honor attained by this district, which
has answered the nation's call in such
Quoting from a telegram received
yesterday from Secretary McAdoo
Gov. Seay said:
"The great success of the loan is
new and convincing evidence of the
determined spirit of America to carry
on the war until freedom is assured
throughout the world. But even with
the highest purpose and patriotism on
the part of the people this great re
sult could not have been achieved
without intelligent direction and or
ganization. I wish to thank the liberty
loan committees, both men and wom
en, the bankers and business men,
farmers, wage earners, railroad offi
cers and employes and every group of
citizens who have so ably and enthu
siastically co-operated with the Treas
ury in conducting the campaign.
Greatest in All History.
"To the press of the country, espe
cially, credit is due for emphasizing
through their news columns and edi
torial pages the necessity for making
this great loan successful. In spite of
the influenza epidemic, the unenacted
revenue bill and other unfavorable fac
tors, the American people have con
summated the greatest financial
achievement in all history."
Of the total amount subscribed in
the fifth district, Washington raised
more than 40 per cent.
Germans Build Ironclad U-Boats.
COPENHAGEN, November 3.?The
Ribe Stifts Tidende says it learns that
German engineers have constructed
submarines as Ironclad cruisers.
They are 340 feet long and of about
2,000 tons. The vessels carry eighty
men in their crew and are armed with
twenty-five torpedoes, two }5-centi
meter guns and two 8.8-centimeter
Please Your Guests by Serving
This golden bubbly beverage will crown with
success your efforts to please them. It makes eat
ing a pleasure.
jour hair
That unsightly itching crust of
dandruff that eventually means goodbye
to hair, can be done away with. Get a
bottle of Wildroot from any good druggist
Apply it according to directions, and dand
ruff will go or we will refund your money.
Yoa will never know bow beautiful your hair really is
until yoa try this: Moisten a piece of cloth with
Wildroot. then take one strand of Mir at a time and pass
the moistened cloth over the strand from scalp clear to
the end. Repeat till you have gone over all your hair.
Then look in your glass.
Wildroot is far taU by aB good drug stores, and
all good barber shops. Applications may also ft*
had at any first class kair-drtssing parlor. Always
sold under our unconditional guarantee that it wilt
do what u? say or your money will be refunded.
Dennison's Christmas
Seals, Tags, Cards,
Cords and Mucilaged
For the handy tending of
Christmas Packages.
Street floor, F street.
llo?5ward & Jlotlbrop
Store Opens !? AM. New York?WASHINGTON?Paris Stan
Separate Embroid
ered Gold Stars for
Service Flags,
10c Each
n*S D?pt_ fMTtk toot. V Idl*
Women's Handkerchiefs
Madeira Scalloped, Plain Hem
stitched, Madeira Embroidered,
Initial, Khaki Service
Pure Linen Madeira, plain scalloped and
fancy embroidered and scalloped, 50c to
$1.50. Hand-embroidered, in pretty corner
designs, all linen, 50c to $5.00.
Also Men's Very Fine All Linen Initial
35c and 50c Each
Men's Khaki Service Handkerchiefs
lZy2c and 25c Each
Mala floor. Center.
Women's Envelope Purses
For Christmas Giving
They come in many soft leathers, fin
ished beautifully and in high finished patent
leather, lined in silk of the pleasing shades
of lavender, tan and blue, some with strap
handles, others have the wrist handles; they
are strongly made and will make a desirable
gift for Christmas.
$1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $3.00, $5.00,
$6.00, $7.50 and $12.50
Street floor. Eleventh street.
Two New
Francaise j|j!
Satin Etoile
Have a delightful softness of texture,
and adaptable for the making of elaborate
evening gowns or for simple afternoon or
street dresses.
Ideal as war fabric because of their
wearing qualities, moderate price, as well as
for the conservation of wool.
Second floor, O street.
I J "
Out Size Women's Hosiery
Black, White, Tan, Gray, Brown and Navy
50c to $3.00 Pair
In regular size hose we are showing a
beautiful Black Lace Ankle Hose, in open
and clock-work pattern,
$3.50 and $5.00 Pair
A Christmas Gift SHE Will Appreciate.
Main floor, O street.
Tricolette Dresses of Quality and Beauty
Modish Jersey Dresses
Combining Perfect Comfort With
There has never been a fabric launched
which sprung into such immediate favor for
Dresses as Jersey cloth, and through the in
genuity of weavers we have dresses of this
cloth displayed in several different makes
and in innumerably different colors. Tbere
is great difficulty in getting a sufficient sup
ply of this material to make up, so if you
want a Jersey dress it behooves you to se
cure it while it is obtainable.
The colors are in oxford gray, light gray,
French blue, brown, tan, plum, navy blue
and black. The prices range from $37.50 to
At $37.50 is shown an oxford gray trim
med in light gray, with self trim buttons and
adjustable collar. A very serviceable dress.
At $45.00 a model shown comes in a
combination of two colors?plum and tan,'
and navy blue and tan?with two-strap gir
dle across the front of waist line, over a
panel extending about half way of skirt
depth. The back panel has a row of straps
of contrasting color extending down one
side, with a loose falling knotted girdle.
At $75.00 a very handsome model is
shown in plum, navy blue and black, having
an overdrape with yoke effect which is quite
unique, trimmed in buttons and arrowheads,
and is fastened at the side.
Third floor, O street.
Modish Footwear
for Women
Continuing our standard of other years,
we are pleased to announce that we have
just received a shipment of Laird, Schober
& Co.'s Shoes, in two ?tyles, and made on
the same last and in the same style, with
invisible eyelets, long vamp and military
The Nut Brown Model is adapted to dress as
well as general wear, the other model shown
has a black vamp witn gray buckskin top, both
are in keeping with fashion's mandate, and are
well adapted to fall and winter wear.
Price, $12.00 Pair
T&lrd floor. Tenth street.
Dressy and Distinctive
These Dresses, made of this season's most beau
tiful fabric, have an especial charm in cut and design,
for they give to the full or slight figure the correct
lines, with a tendency toward slenderness which is an
absolute mandate of Dame Fashion, and at the same
time remove the scant appearance and stiff lines
which to a women of good taste is so objectionable.
One model has bodice and overdrape in one piece,
in grape color, trimmed with silk fringe, 6 inches deep,
with embroidered girdle and round neck. A very
handsome gown. Price, $8&M.
Another model shown, in navy blue, brown and
black, has a plain shirt waist with high girdle, sailor
collar and vestee; trimmed with large tailor buttons
and patch pockets. Price, S6S.M.
A fetching model in navy blue, brown, black and
plum has an overdrape swid bodice in one piece, with
drop skirt of satin; round neck, trimmed in em
broidered buttons and embroidered girdle. Price,
Third floor, G itxeet
Furs Are Seasonable
Appropriate Gifts
For Christmas
A Handsome New Selection of Scarfs and Muffs We Are
Showing in
Nutria (Natural and Taupe), Hudson Seal, Scotch
With Moon-Shaped Collars, Long Shawl-Shaped Collars,
Chin Chin Collars and Long Stoles, which have pockets on
the end.
Because of the simple lines of women's suits and dresses,
furs are of the greatest importance in adding distinction to
the appearance of a well groomed woman. They are so shaped
as to add further protection from cold and are practical as
well as distingue.
It is advisable for any one who has the purchase of furs
in mind this season to buy them now, as prices are very
unstable, and the wholesalers are marking shipments to us
as "Cannot be duplicated at the same price."
Prices $17.50, $27.50, $29.50, $30.00, $35.00,
$39.50, $40.00, $55.00 and $100.00
Fur Coats
Hudson Seal, Natural Muskrat, Natural and Taupe Nutria,
Scotch Mole and Leopard
Third flow, ElelMth itreet.
Fur-Trimmed Top Coats
Unusual and Handsome Models
The favorite fabric of each individual taste may be sup
plied, as a wide choice is shown both in material and fur.
Bolivia, broadcloth, silvertone, velours, duo-tone and duvetyn.
In colors you may have a choice of black, brown, navy blue,
taupe, pekin blue, reindeer and concord.
The Fur Collars
Show seal, nutria, fox, squirrel, opossum, wolf and beaver.
Silk Lined Throughout
Some are made with wing sleeves, others retain the smart
tailored effect so many tfomen like; all of these coats are
quietly rich in appearance and style.
The Untrimmed Winter Coats
We are showing are of distinctive elegance, and for the
woman who has furs or prefers a separate fur.
Prices, $42.50 Up
Third floor, G street. ^
Christmas Buying Made a Pleasure
In Our Art Needlework Department
Useful Articles of New and Novel Design
Gifts, suitable for young and old, dainty and practical, and at prices
that will appeal to those who have a long Christmas list to fill.
Hand-Painted Suit Hangers, $175.
Oilcloth Knitting Bags, for the kiddie#
with Mother Goose pictures, $L50.
Oilcloth Knitting Bags, for the grown
ups with straw and same material han
dles, $3.00.
Hand-Painted Yard Stick* and Rulers,
with and without tassels. Sticks, 75c
and $1.00. Rulers, 25c and 50c.
Cretonne-Covered Cake Boxes, for
1-lb. cake, 50c; 2-lb. cake, $1.00.
Cretonne Desk Sets, consisting of pad,
blotter, pen wiper, 75c. " _
Cretonne-Covered Work Boxes at
various prices; some with fittings satin
Second floor, Tenth street.
Cretonne-Covered Picture Frames, 50c.
Novelty Egg Slicer, in alominum, $L50.
Olive Fork, mounted on pretty gift
card, 50c.
Pretty Japanese Tea Caddies and
Baskets, tilled, 75c.
Knitting Needle Caps, Navy and
Army, Uncle Sam, 50c.
Telephone Registers, complete and
durable, hand decorated. $L25.
Card Table Covers, hand decorated,
bound with tape, in assorted colors,
Other equally new: and interesting
articles designed to fill a needed waat,
in an attractive way, and at the same
time give a touch of pleasure, because
of the novel character of the gift.
Kate Hinton's Hints
Matinee Idols and V?fls
?are infallible telltales of any woman's
age. One of them tells by the date of
his personal vogue, the other by its be
comlngness?or lack. But there is no
need for any telltale veils now with the
vogue for the youthful-looking dotted
ones that lend charm and color to any
Fir?t floor. Center.
With EngravaU* Silver Top
?comes a new candy Jar of floral cut
glass. Of course the top is silver Plata
(the price, 11.95, would tell you that)
but it is of such heavy plate that it
can be beautifully eagraved with a
fifth Boor, F (treat.
Covered Bonbon Dishes
?with tall stems are quite the newest
things. They come in floral cut glass,
several styled, and they are equally
suitable for bonbons, salted nuts. Jel
lies or (what do you think?) powder
puff holders! fl-M and SUB.
Fifth floor. V street
Handi-Rnek Potato Bakers
?cost but 19 eeaft* and they will bale*
a potato evenly and quickly, without
the trouble of turning them around,
which means do mora burned "
tor the oook.
Mullane's Taffies
The Candy Made With Loving
Taffies, Chips,
Woodland Goodies
Try them once and you will
be satisfied with no other. Al
ways fresh; delicious, tooth
some confections.
Fourth Soor. Ont^r.
New Nenette and
Rintintin Ties
For the Small Boys' Wear
A Middy Tie of black silk, with
broad flowing ends, which are
decorated with the figures of
Nenette and Rintintin, the good
lack mascots of the soldier boys in
75c Each
Same style He, with the varices
For Christmas
To Brighten the Library, Living Room, Bed Room or Study
Lamps of mahogany, verde, brass and metal, $630 to $25j00.
Chinese and Japanese Porcelain Lamps, beautiful designs, $740
to $35.00.
Shades for these Lamps express all that is artistic and beautiful
in contour and color. They are made of silk, are deep or flat, round
or square, pleated or plain, some trimmed in gold lace or
other decorations in design; others come in glass, of shaded colorings
with hand-painted decorations of flowers, figures or landscape.
Prices $12.00, $25.00 and $50.00.
Study "Lamps
Bronze and Brass Lamps, with adjustable soft green
shades, restful to the eyes and shading the room with a
pleasing light, $7.00 to $20.00.
Hand-Painted Lamps, in metal, copper, ivory, brass
and verde, $9.75 to $25.00.
Adjustable Desk Lamps, bronze, brass and gray,
with hood; can be adjusted to head of the bed, chair or
wall as well as used on the table or desk, $340 to $125*.
- Floor Lamps
Japanese Bronze Lamps, plain and inlaid in intricate designs,
$75JM to $95.00.
Mahogany, Verde and Iron Lamps, in every conceivable style and
color; some made with panels, with trimmings of network in brass;
others of silk, pleated or plain. One style of shade shown is new
this season and is called the Tapestralle Shade,
beautifully decorated with raised floral de
signs. Price of base* from $124* to $7540.
Price of shades,^-$12.00 to $4540.
Reception Hall Lamps
Of exquisite Italian marble, artistically
carved in floral and Nature study designs, with
transparent marble shades. Price, $4540 to

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