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Open 10 A.M.
4, ins
mrn ti
Close 6 PM.
You Will Find It Much More Comfortable to Do Your
Christmas Shopping Now?You Are Sure, to Get What You Want
?a Thing We Cannot Promise for Yery Long
The Famous Harper & Bros.
"Hurt Book" Sale Is in Full Cry
?The best and biggest sale of Harper & Bros.' Books that has thrilled Wash
ington for the last ten years.
?The way people are buying today is an indication of the appreciation of this
unusual opportunity.
?There are subscription sets, odd volumes from broken sets, books of fiction,
?The Sets which are offered in this sale are "pulled sets," which means sets that have
been sent out by the publishers on subscriptions, but which have been returned or re
claimed by Harper & Bros, ^because of delinquency in payments on the part of subscribers.
Of some authors we have several complete sets, of others only one or two of a kind.
?Please note that because of the nature of the sale and the present scarcity of help, we
must make the following restriction:
?None sold
phone orders.
?No exchanges
?None will
laid aside.
?All sales will be
?An abbreviated list is given here:
Odd Volumes of Mark Twain
?Following the Equator, 2
?The Gilded Age, 2 volumes.
?Joan of Arc, 2 volumes.
?Roughing It, 2 volumes.
?Innocents Abroad, 2 vol
?Connecticut Yankee.
69c Copy
?A Tramp Abroad, 2 vol
?Man That Corrupted Had
?Adventures of Tom Saw
?Huckleberry Finn.
?Christian Science.
?Life on the Mississippi.
?The $30,000 Bequest.
?Sketches New and Old.
?American Claimant.
?Tom Sawyer Abroad.
?Literary Essays.
?Pudd'nhead Wilson.
?Prince and the Pauper.
?The above can be purchased separately at, per volume .69c
Tales of the Frontier
?Stirring Western Stories, 8 Volumes?Harper's price, per set $12.00
Sale Price, Per Set, $3.25
?Cardigan, by Robert W. ?The Spoilers, by Rex ?Judith of the Plains, by
Chambers. Beach. Manning.
?The Red Lane, by Hohman ?The Squaw Man, by Ryle ?The Heritage of the Des
Dag. and Faversluwn. ert, by Zane Qrey.
?The Settler, by Whitaker. ?Santa Fe's Partner, by Janvier.
?Odd volumes of above at ? ? 49c
Odd Volumes and Some Sets on Street Floor?Most of the Sets in Our Downstairs
Judge by Your Own Needs How Acceptable Would Be a Pair of
Gloves as a Holiday Gift
?One of the best ways in the world to figure out some other
person's wants is to think what you would like to have your
self. Gloves may be exactly the right gift.
?rWomen's Motor Gloves,
in a nice line of ^Styles and
shades. American made,
with new cuff, spear point
stitched backs, in tans, grays
and khaki color, ?"2 OC
A pair. *
?Women's 2-Clasp Gloves,
imported glace kid, in black,
white* tan, brown dST CA
and gray. A pair.
?Children's and Misses'
Cape Walking Gloves, one
clasp style, in tans and
Sn^.T: $2.00
?Gloves for the Small Chil
dren, Mocha kid; one-clasp
style, pique sewn,
in gray. A pair..
kann's?Street Floor.
?Women's 2-Clasp Gloves,
imported French glace, real
kid gloves, pique and Prix
seam sewn, black with white
stitching or embroidery,
white with black; also in
self-colored stitching, in
gray, brown, tan
?d champagne. $3 Q()
?Women's Black Head
Arabian Mocha Gloves, one
clasp style, pique sewn and
PXM style, in grays, browns
?.iota.nd.Ap*ir: $3.25
?Women's Walking Gloves,
American made, pique sewn,
in brown, tan and gray; one
clasp style. A $2.25
This Is the Kind of Weather for Warm Bedwear
?And this?Kann's?is the place to buy it. Here are some reasons why:
?Wool Mixed Blankets, double-bed size;
in white, with colored bor
ders ; some are ribbon; C1A AA
bound. A pair 4>1V.VU
?Army Blankets, regular size, in gray or
khaki color; heavy and warm, for out
door sleeping; finished with borders; some
all wool. A blanket,
$8.50 to $15.00
-Heavy-weight Fleeced Cotton Blankets,
in gray, tan and white, with pink or blue
borders; extra large sizes;
bound with njohair; good va!- CA
ues at, a pair <7/#01/
?All-wool Blankets, good heavy qualities,
heavily fleeced; size 72x80 inches; finished
with pink or blue borders and bound with
mohair; good value at the price, a pair,
$15.00 and $22.50
?Cotton-filled Bed Comforts,
covered with figured silkoline;
in large light and dark patterns;
some with scroll
stitching; size, 72x <fc,d |"|f|
78 inches. Each..... ^Vt.UU
?Heavy Cotton-filled Comforts,
covered with figured sateen,
with plain borders to match;
size 72x78 inches; many dif
ferent patterns to AA
select from. Each.. ^)0?\/vF
Kann's?Street Floor.
?Lamb's Wool Comforts; some
covered with fine cambric, oth
ers with fiae quality sateen; all
with plain borders; many at
tractive designs to select from,
$9.00 and $10
?Outing Flannel, in light and
dark patterns, heavily fleeced;
in stripes, checks and plaids, in
pink, blue and the dark iA?
effects. At, a yard TaJC
8 Lots of Cretonnes
?Linen Taffeta Cretonnes
?Geneva Cloths
?Lucerne Cloths
?Mercerized Poplins
?Sunfast Madras
?Colored Marquisettes
?White and Cream Madras
?Rep Tapestry
?Drapery Nets
?Colored Madras
?Crinkled Silk Drapery
?Rep Cretonnes
?Marquisettes, in plain
white, cream and ecru
?New lace Voiles and Scrims
?Quaker Craft Drapery
?Zira Cloths
==At a?
?Handsome p a t -
terns and colorings
that regularly sell to
$1.44 in a November
sale at a popular
36 to 5ft Inch
Wide Materials,
Bat Not in Each
All Cot From
Fall Bolts
Kann's?Third Floor.
Pioneer Coaster Wagons
?Do you know them? Almost every boy in the country
does, and if you ask him what he wants he will say with, a
COURSE!" He thinks of the fun he can have, but mother
also thinks of the errands he can do for her with one.
?These Wagons' are equipped with artillery wheels,
painted red; strong hub construction. Body is made of
selected wood, finely finished and decorated. These sizes
to select from:
-Size No. 0 is 11x28 inches. Price.. .$4.95 ?Size No. 3 is 15x37 inches. Price.. .$8.45
-Size No. 1 is 13x34 inches. Price.. .$6.45 ?Size No. 4 is 17x38 inches. Price.. .$9,45
?Size No. 2 is 13x37 inches. Price.. $7.45
?This Potice Patrol, extra large
size; finished in red or blue; made
of best selected hardwood; large
enough to hold four
or more children; d* | A Q g
exactly as pictured
?This Wooden Wagon,
known as the Paris Express;
12 inches wide and $1.95
30 inches long, at..
, Kann's?Fourth Floor.
?Express Wagon, com
plete with seat and
whip; m&de of hard
wood ; prettily dl'J O C
decorated. At
We Will
For Your Old
Here's your opportunity to give us your
old sewmachine as a $12-50 payment on a
new and up-to-the-minute machine with
every new improvement This offer applies
to any of the regular high-grade models ol
the famous
Standard Rotary Sit Straight $65 op
Sewmachine, complete with all attach
, ments. It sews .both lock and chain stiteh
with ease, and is me swiftest, easiest and
quietest running sewmachine made.
It makes no difference
what condition your old
machine may be in, we
will accept any style or
any age. It may not be
worth 10c to 'you, but it is
worth $12.50 to us as part
payment on a new Stand
ard Rotary.
?Will soon pay for
your new sewma
chine. Remember,
your old machine is
accepted as $12.50
part payment This
offer is limited in
time?don't delay
act at once.
?NOTE?Sewmachine* for Xmaa gifts shook! be chosen
now, before prices advance.
Kann's?Fourth Floor.
Salt's Plush Coats
?Do not confess to being an imitation of furs, but have their own well
established place in the coat family. Many women find fur coats too
warm, but admire the deep pile of furs and the lus
trous finish. This is the place, then, where the plush
coat fits in exactly.
?Here are many kinds to select from? ,
?Salt's Behring Seal Plush Coats, with linings of fancy
materials, and collars of muskrat'dyed squirrel and Aus
tralian opossum
At $85, $98.50, $110, $125, $139.50
?Full-length Coats, of genuine Salt's plush, with large
convertible collars of self material; all sizes
At $25 and $29.75
?Salt's Plush Coats, with collar, cuffs and 10-inch band of
coney fur around bottom of coat; all full lined
At $39.75
?Handsome models of Behring Seal Plush, with collar,
cuffs and band around bottom of coat of black opossum,
At $98.50
The above styles in women's and misses' sizes*
Kann's?Second Floor.
?Sleeveless Guimpes, high
and low neck styles, of hand
embroidered net, at $1.95,
$3.50, $3.75, $7.50 and $10.50.
?Real Filet Lace Collars, in
tuxedo, sailor and shawl
shapes, at $3.95 to $12.50.
Kann's?Street Floor.
OurNeckwear StoreSiSSSfckXS
?We confidently believe such another assortment of novelties and up-to-the
minute styles in neckwear has never before been assembled in our Neckwear
lace edge. Priced from $1.00
to $3.75.
?Long Shawl Collars of silk
jersey cloth, with satin folds,
at $&7S. Collar and cuff sets
of the same at $3.75.
?Hand-Embroidered Collar,
with long back, short front,
made of net and trimmed
with real filet lace, edged
with fine Val lace, at $5.25.
?Vestees, hand embroider
ed, at $1.75. ?
?Beautiful Mand-Embroid
ered Sets, collar and cuffs,
trimmed with real filet lace,
at $10.50.
?Hand-Embroidered Sleeve
less Guimpes, trimmed with
real filet lace, at $7.98 to
-Jersey Silk Collars, with
modesty vest or tucker, hand
hemstitched above hem, at
?Georgette Crepe .Sleeveless
Guimpes, with round-neck
front and deep sailor back
collar of fine tucked Georg
ette, at $4.50.
?Round - Neck Sleeveless
Guimpes, .with hand - em
broidered front, at $3.25,
$4.50 and $5.00.
"Dew'Klst" Crepe
?is the very latest?as
lovely as white flowers in
the morning dew. We
have an excellent assort
ment of collar and cuff
sets, and separate collars
in different shapes, suit
able for wear with waists
and coat suits.
?Collars from $1.50 to
?Sets at $5.00.
?Real Filet Collars, in
short-back styles; also collar
and cuff sets. Separate col
lars at $3.50. Sets at $7.50.
?Georgette Collars and col
lar and cuff sets, $&50 to
?Handsome Georgette Col
lars, with eyelet and solid
hand embroidery, and Val
lace trimming, with rows of
lace insertion, at $&50.
?Fine Net Stocks and Ja
bots, hand embroidered;
some with narrow Irish lace
edge, others with fine imita
tion filet lace, at $2J>0.
?Other Stocks and Jabots
of net, lace trimmed; some
with picot edge; some
Georgette crepe, with fine
?Georgette Crepe Sailor
Collar, with long, loose cowl
front, finished with crochet
ed drop, at $3.75.
?Georgette Crepe Collars, in,
rolled, sailor or shawl shapes,
plain hemstitched and lace
trimmed, at $1.00 to $&50.
?Black Spanish Lace Scarfs
and thgee-cornered fichus,
real hand-run lace, at $6.50
to $1&50.
?Beautiful Crepe Scarfs, in
pretty allover floral designs,
at $3.75.
Autumn and Winter
Were Never More Beautiful
?Colors vie with black in popularity and the new textures as well as the staple ones find
full representation here.
Our Black Silk Section
?Will be of especial interest to the woman who habitually wears blfeck, or those looking for
mourning silks. All the dependable weaves are here in black, and prices are unusually low
for the qualities offered.
?A beautiful, lustrous surfaced satin of superior quality?yarn dyed, double width, in
navy blue and ? brilliant black, the two leading shades of the hour.
Don't Miss Your Share of This Exceptional Value
?It is one of the best offerings of the season, as the afternoon dress of satin is
one of the most in demand costumes of the day.
?This satin is 40 inches wide and regularly priced at $3.00 a yard. Tomor
row, a yard .
Kann's?Street Floor.
The Health Authorities Say
But Avoid Dust, Draughts and Germs."
The way to follow this good advice is to use
Window Ventilators
?These work just like an adjust
able screen, fitting almost any
window, as there are different
sizes to select from.
-?Ventilators are made with
wooden frame covered with
cloth, and they practically "filter"
the air, letting m just enough to
keep the room pleasantly cool.
They also keep out snow and
-Select from these sizes:
9 in.
9 in.
9 in.
15 in'.
15 in.
Width Closed.
23 in.
31 in.
34, in.
23 in.
? 31 in.
-Third Floor.
Width Open.
37 in.
49 in.
59 in.
37 in.
49 in.
Two Unusually Good
Values in
Dress Goods
?52 - in. All - wool Burella
Cloth, in black, navy, plum,
Belgian blue, taupe and bur
?42-in. All-wool French
Serge, in navy, black, taupe,
reindeer, myrtle, pfem, garnet,
burgundy and brown.
?50-in. Black Broadcloth,
beautiful satin luster, for coat
suits or dresses. A C 5 AA
yard *
Kann's?Street Floor.
Real Wilton Rugs Positive Bargains
At This Price. ATI
?Our regular prices for these range up to $109.00, but elsewhere you would pay considerably
more for them. ?They are in sizes 8^xlOU ft and 9x12 ft.?in a big variety of colors and
designs, hardly any two alike. The designs include "Chinese Renaissance,"
"Bokhara," "Serapi," "Saruk,"-"Kirman," "Mossoul," "Tabriz," "Goro
etc., with fringed or plain ends. Some are seamless, others have
?This sale affords yon the chance to make your best rug invest
?In the sale find
?Karagheusian's "Herati" and "Shah Abbas" Rags.
?ShutUeworth Bros.' "Karnak" Rugs.
?FetterotFs "Windsor" Rugs, and other standard brands.
Room Size Wool Rugs Also Special
.. .. . ..... a BrUfsei? Rugs, 1
?Affording you an excellent chance to buy Velvet, Axminster and Brussels Rugs, values to $34.95, at
a popular price.
?8%xll-ft. Wilton Velvet Ron
?9x12-ft. Seamless Brussels Rugs
?V/jXlV/rtL Seamless Brussels Ron ?
?7x9-ft. Seamless 10-wire Roxbory Brussels Rugs
?6%x9-ft Seamless Heavy Axminster Rags
?6x9-ft. Seamless Wilton Velvet Rags
?6x9-ft. Seamless Axminster Rugs
?4x6-ft. Seamless Royal Turkish Rags ,
Kann's?Third Floor.

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