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Outlook Good for Menu to
Suit 100 Per Cent Ameri
cans, Dealers Say.
Indications this afternoon are that
turltev is going to play a most im
portant and conspicuous role in the
observance of Thanksgiving day in
Washington this year. Unless there
is a decided change in conditions be
tween now and Thursday it will be
possible for many families to afford
a real old-time Thanksgiving dinner?
from turkey to nuts.
The Washington market today is
exceptionally well supplied with tur
keys. and at a late hour tbey were
still pouring in. The quality of the
birds arriving was never finer, accord
ing to such judges as Steve Callahan,
District food inspector at the Center
Market, and other old-time market ex
perts. In fact, never in the history
of the trade was there finer assort
ment. And, best of all. the price has
dropped, with little possibility of any
decided rise between now and Thurs
Bales Made at 40 Cents a Pound.
Numerous sales were made yester
day afternoon and this morning at
42 cents a pound and in some in
stances the price was as low as 40
cents a pound. However, the prevail
ing price, up to noon today, has been
45 cents and it is considered very
doubtful if the prices reach or go
beyond 50 cents before the feast day.
Practically all turkeys this year will
be fresh killed. The cold storage
birds disappeared last summer when
Vncle Sam bought up supplies for his
soldiers and sailors, principally the
latter, the day of salt pork for tars
long since being past; but that is an
other story entirely.
The supply of turkeys is said to be
normal. in fact some market men
think it will exceed the normal de
mand before noon tomorrow. It ap
pears that all the country folk within
a 150-mile radius of the capital have
been raising turkeys the past year.
There was one shipment yesterday
from Culpeper. Vs.. consisting of 1,200
which averaged nine one-half pounds
This shipment brought 38 cents a i
pound wholesale when placed on the j
market, which indicates that the^ re- ;
tail prices prevailing, although high
sounding to those existing in pre-war
times, is certainly moderate.
Strong Family Preference Shown.
With everybody anxious to have a
real Thanksgiving in 1918, there is a
strong demand in the family circle for
turkey. This demand loses nothing
from the fact that moat household |
economists figure that the price of tur- I
key is not much, if any, higher than i
mo6t of the meats which could be used ,
as a substitute.
Inspector Callahan, whose opinions
go a long way among men in the
trade, said today that the turkey mar
ket in Washington is more favorable
than it has been in a number of years.
He suggests that housewives place
their orders at the earliest possible
moment. Mr. Callahan declares that
there will be no speculation with tur
keys this year on the part of the
dealers. He explains that the latter
want to know just how many turkeys
they will need for their customers and
are buying just enough to go round,
and no more.
Shipments already are being re
ceived from Virginia, Maryland, Penn
sylvania. New York state. New Eng
land and the west. Ducks and geese
are not as plentiful as usual and the
price is not as low as would be ex
pected, considering prevailing turkey
Outlook for Fruits and Vegetables.
Potatoes, onions, cranberries and ap
ples are plentiful and prices moderate.
Celery, however, is not plentiful to
day, but the local dealers look for the
arrival of a large shipment within the
next twenty-four hours.
The food administration has planned
a universal Thanksgiving dinner
menu for the American home, which
has the simplicity of the first Thanks
giving meal of the Pilgrims.
Not a fowl or fruit or vegetable is
mentioned on the menu that could
not be found on any American farm.
The fare, as planned, is not only
typical of our national feast and of
our first peace holiday, but also of the
interest of the food administration in
all matters of the table.
Menu for 100 Per Cent American.
The menu planned for 100 per cent
Americans on the American feast day is
as follows:
Roast Turkey, Chicken. Duck, Gooee or
Game (if the state law permits),
with Bread Dressing
(Left-over Dried Bread).
Mashed Potatoes.
Hashed Turnips.
Baked Tomatoes (Home Canned).
Cranberry Sauce.
Lettuce or Fruit Salad.
Pumpkin-Pie or Steamed Pudding.
The food administration has given
the following recipes:
Cranberry Sauce?One quart cran
berries one pint water, three-fourths
cup sirup, three-fourths cup sugar.
Boil the sirup, sugar and water for
five minutes; skim if necessary Add
the berries and cook without stirring
until all the skins break.
Pumpkin Pie Filling?Two cups
pumpkin (cooked and strained), one
half cup molass>V or sorghum, one
teaspoonful cinnamon, one-half tea
spon ginger, one-half teaspoon salt,
two eggs, two cups milk.
Mix pumpkin with molasses and sea
soning. Add beaten eggs and milk.
Bake in a pastry-lined pie plate until
ST. LOUIS, November 26.?Suspect
ed of being a German spy. "Bert"
Schmidt has been arrested here, and
it developed "Bert" is a woman. Upon
this discovery police arrested "his"
"wife" to whom "Bert" was married
October 12 last by a justice of the
peace. "Bert" gave "his" age as
twenty-three years and substantiated
the assertion that "he" offered "his"
services to the government by pro
ducing a draft registration card. The
woman told the police she mas
queraded as a man to obtain a man's
salary. Both women are natives of
"Bert" said her name was Bertha
Schmidt and the "wife" gave her
name as Mary Assate. Bertha is held
for the federal, authorities on a
charge of false registration. The
"wife" was released.
The spy charge against Bertha
could not be substantiated.
Col. Bacon for Duty Here.
Orders for Col. Raymond F. Bacon,
chemical warfare service, to return to
France have been revoked. He is or
dered to report to the director of
chemical warfare service in this city
for duty.
Col. Smith Assigned to Post Here.
Lieut. Col. Rodney H. Smith, Quar
termaster Corps, just returned from
service in France, has been assigned
to duty in the office of the director of
purchase and storage. Motors and ve
hicles division, in this city.
(Continued from Eighth Page.)
bera of the first year law class at a
reception at her home, on Park road,
I on Saturday evening. During: the
evening the professors, including
Prof. Person, dean of the law school;
Prof. Van Fleck and Prof. Earnest,
addressed the class. Mr. William
Henry Dennis, chairman of the bar
examiners, and ? also Father Henry
Shandelle, 8. J., the librarian of
Georgetown University, spoke.
| Free Milk for France Pagrant.
"Free Milk for France," will offer
the most unique and interesting pres
entation the coming beaux and belles
of Washington have yet had, when
tomorrow they take part In the ar
! tistic pageant to call attention to
this needful movement. As the milk
goes to the little children of France
and Belgium, it is particularly fitting
that children should assume the chief
roles on the floats, and there is scarce
a family of society which will not
I be represented by one or more of its
junior members.
Miss Edith Wallach will represent
America, and Miss Louise Delano will
! represent France on the chief floats
[ of the pageant.
Mrs. Sherman McCallum has leased
I her residence, 2362 Massachusetts
avenue, to Mrs. J. Macy Willets and
with her daughter. Miss Cecilia Mc
Callum, is at 1301 21st street for the
Dr. C. Ernest Smith with his daugh
ter, Miss Barbara Smith, will leave
Thursday for New Orleans, where her
marriage to Assistant Surgeon Hugo
Selwyn Tait will take place Saturday
in Trinity Church.
Dr. Smith will perform the cere
mony. Dr. Tait and his bride will re
side in New Orleans, where he is now
Mrs. W. Morrison Patterson is
leaving Washington to spend the
month of December in Charleston,
S. O.
Arthur Stanley Riggs, F. R. G. C.,
will lecture on Spain Tuesday even
ing before the members of the Wash
ington Club. On December 10 Mary
Caroline Holmes, author of "Who
Follows in His Train?" will speak on'
"The New Near East." She will be
the guest of Mrs. Wilbur J. Cars
while in the city.
The infantry branch. Army Emer
gency Committee, will hold the first
meetinar at the home of Mrs. Liscune,
2119 Bancroft place, on Monday, De
cember 2. from 1 until 4:30. All in
fantry women ar? invited.
On Saturday, November :t0, at the
Teachers' Club, 11th and F streets,
the Chi Omega Sorority will have a
card party and dinner, to which all
Chi Omegas are invited. Cards at 4
o'clock: dinner at 6:30. LuciJe Mc
I Children's Colds?Danger!! \
&({/?* <S^ ??bfc
?>_| \ im*%w
| TO MOTHERS! Whatever else you do for your cihld's *
| cold, feverish head or sore throat, remember to always rid i
?> the bilious liver, sour stomach and constipated bowels of the !
% congested waste and toxin poisons. Always give Cascarets *
| candy cathartic first thing. ' " {
: Even cross, sick, cold-clogged kiddies needn't be coaxed ?
| to take candy Cascarets. Cascarets never disappoint the \
g worried mother. Each 10-cent box of Cascarets contains di- ;
f rections and dose for children aged one year and upward. ?
Rms, ?*
Eleventh and G Streets
Big Thanksgiving Shoe Special
The Values Offered Are Extraordinary
Regular $7.50
300 pairs of the new Low Heel
Walking Boots in the following com
binations: Tobasco calf vamp, tan
cloth top; black kid vamp with gray
cloth top; gray kid vamp with gray
cloth top to match.
250 pairs of Women's Newest
Fall Louis Heel Boots in tobasco kid
with cloth tops to match; field-mouse
and dark gray kid vamp with cloth
top to match. All are plain toe and
very neat and extremely dressy.
The size range is complete?AA 4y2 to 8?A 4 to 8?B 3 to 8?C 2V? to 8
?D 2Vi to 8.
This is a wonderful opportunity to secure high-grade footwear at a great
?lil ImW
Conkie Will look to the dinner res
Capt. Arthur Millard, commandant
of the navy, yard, is co-operating
with Col. Frederick A. Ramsey to
make the concert and dance on
Thanksgiving night at the marine
barracks, 8th and G streets south
east, a beautiful affair. Many flags
of the allied countries will be used
in the decoration.
Those assisting Mrs. Alexander
Sharp on the committee on arrange
ments Sfe Mrs. William Shepard Ben
son, Mrs. Albert T. Niblack, Mrs. How
ard Clark and Mrs. Ralph Earle.
? <
A chofus of praise and rejoicing all
(over the allied ?frorld is being planned
by the National Council ' of Women,
comprising 7,000,000 women, for the
S afternoon of the ai^roaching Thanks
giving day. ?
i * ..f
American, British and French Gov
ernment* Will T7se Common
^ j
By the Associated Press.
TOURS, Thursday. November 2L?
Contracts aggregating Jl.000,000,000
have been canceled by the American
expeditionary forces since the sign-1
ln( of the armistice. In future the
American, British and French gov
ernment* will pool their surplus
stocks and will buy through a com
mon purchasing agency
Forty thousand men engaged in the
American supply service will be sent
to advanced areas as replacement
troops for the army of occupation.
The supply department will continue
its routine work as long as necessary.
Forty-three construction projects.
Including a' deep-water dock for
twenty ships, terminals, warehouses
and railroads, have been canceled.
Orders for 2,500 locomotives. tl.OOO
railroad cars and hundreds of cranes,
tugs, barges and derricks also have
been recalled. The transport pro
gram has reduced materially, while
the ordnance department has been cut
down by two-thirds. The reduction in
the air service has not as yet been
10,000 PE&902TS IN CHORUS.
BWN YORK. November St.?A. chorus
of 10.000 persons will sing patriotic
songa at a "victory sing" in Madison
Square Garden Thanksgiving after
noon. The meet will open with the
singing of "The Star Spangled Ban
ner" at 4 o'clock/ the- hour -at which
seven million members of the National
Council of Women and their friends
throughout the country will stand and
sing the anthem.
The, city and various patriotic .or
ganisations have made' elaborate ar
rangements to provide food and enter
tainments for all fighting men of th?
United States and their allies on
Thanksgiving day. Special entertain
ments will be given in hospitals for j
wounded soldiers recently returned I
from battlefields in France. 1
Wash That
Itch Away
who mr and <b* rinpW WMh D. 0. D.
nd did m* M IWMdtaMr ttst ?o?
darfBllr cmla. caol nuttfaa ttrt ?
wbra tte Itch ktakannrar. Thhmtfe
kw ??k p?Mtn?ai tfc* pom. ghw te
?tant niter ftt? tba aort dl?tr?l?g
?u? ill MetWeaadSu*.
D. D. D.
Store Hours:
9:15 to 6 P.M.
Store Hours:
9:15 to 6 P.M.
Eleventh and G Streets
Linens for the Thanksgiving Table
More Than $20,000 Worth of New Goods to Choose From
Palais Royal linens have for years been held in high esteem by Washingtonians. Thanksgiv
ing?time of times when housewives pride themselves upon the settings of their table?brings a
great demand for trustworthy linens?and Palais Royal assortments augmented by this late ship
ment offers probably one of the best stocks now that it has shown in years. Buy linens for
Thanksgiving tomorrow.
Here are the Celebrated DERRYVALE Pure Irish Grass
Bleached Table Linens?from Belfast, Ireland.
No 102?
70x 70 Cloths, $4.50 ea
70x 88 Cloths, $6.00 ea.
70x106 Cloths, $7.00 ea.
22-in. Napkins to match,
$6.50 doz.
No. 121?72x 72 Cloths, $10.00 ea.
72x 90 Cloths, <512.50 ea.
72x108 Cloths, $15.00 ea.
22-ln. Napkins to match, 512^50 doz.
No. 103?
7Ox 70 Cloths, $6JO ea.
7Ox 88 Cloths, $8.00 ea.
70x106 Cloths, $9.00 ea.
22-in. Napkins to match,
$8.50 doz.
No. 112?
70x 70 Cloths, $8JO ea.
70x 88 Cloths, $10.50 ea.
70x106 Cloths, $12.50 ea.
22-in. Napkins to matcn,
$11.00 doz.
No. 125?72x 72 Cloths, $12.50 ea.
s, 515.00 ea.
72x 90 Cloths.
s. $18j
24-in. Napkins to match, $15.00 doz.
72x108 Cloths, $18.00 ea.
Other Fine Table Damasks and Decorative Linens
64-lnck All Pure
Linen Table Dam
?Ik, four good
patterns offered
at a special price,
$1.39 Yard
70-inch Heavy
Bleached Irish
Table Damask,
closely woven and
fine finish,
$2.00 Yard
70-Inch Fine
Quality Bleached
Mercerised Table
Damask, in a va
riety of pood de
signs, 90c Yard
TO-lnch Extrn
Fine Bleached
Mercerised. Table
Darnank, wonder
ful value, in six
good patterns,
$1.19 Yard
200 Dozen Fine Madeira Tea
Napkins, $6.00, $6.50, $7.00
and $8.00 Doz.
Hand embroidered and scalloped
on fine linen, in four sizes?11
ipch, 12-inch, 13-inch and 14-inch.
200 Fine Filet Scarfs
Special, $1 Each
For the sideboard and side ta
bles; large variety of patterns in
the following sizes: 18-36, 18-45,
Hand-Embroidered Made Ira
Bread Tray Covers, beautiful
work, on fine linen. Size 5V?xl2
inches. 39c Each
Madeira Tea Sets, consisting
of one centerpiece and twelve
doilies, hand embroidered and
scalloped. $6.39 Set
M-Id. Fine finality All Pare
Linen Covers, hand embroidered
and scalloped in elaborate de
signs. $7.00 to $13.50 Each
18x54 Heavy Imitation Cluny
Lace-trimmed Sideboard Scarfs,
nicely made, $1.98 Each
18x54 All Pare Linen Fine
Quality Hemstitched Sideboard
Covers, $1.75 Each
73-ln. Fine Bleached Table
Damask, made of the best yarns,
highly mercerized, giving it the
appearance of all linen finish
that will stand washing and re
tain the gloss,
Special $1.50 Yard
Warm Bed Blankets at
Low Prices
94x78 Robe Blanket*?Heavy
quality,' rich line of colorings,
S4.69 Each
70x82 Fine .Wool Blankets?
Made by the Meltonia Mills;
pink and blue borders and fin
ished with 2-inch mohair lin
ing. $9.50 Pair
72-inch Extra Fine Irish
Bleached Table Da mask t no de
signs, perfectly plain; suitable
for covers and doilies*
$3.00 Yard
Kitchen Crash, Etc.,
Specially Priced.
17-in. Heavy, Closely Woven,
All Pure White All-Linen
Crash] 39c Crash, 25c Yard
18x34 Fine Check Glass Tow
els, hemmed ready for use; will
not lint, 25c feach
18x27 Imported Glass Cloths,
letters woven through center;
very absorbent, 40c Each
72-lnch Heavy AU Pore Linen
Scotch Table Damask, in excel
lent patterns, at $4.00 Yard
Splendid Values in
Bed Sheets
?3x90 Bleached Cotton Sheets,
no seams, no dressing; finished
with wide hems. 11.79 values,
at $1J9 Each
81*00 Heavy Bleached Cotton
Sheets, made of firm, closely
woven cotton; no seams, no
dressing. $2.25 value,
$1.89 Each
Palais Royal?Second Floor.
Time, Even Yet, to Bay
Dining Room Furniture
for Thanksgiving
Here are a few typical Palais Royal
values in furniture of beauty for the dining
room. Let one of these attractive suites
lend a new welcome to your home at
$225 Suite at $180
Brown mahogany
Hepplewhite design 9
piece Dining Suite.
$275 Suite at $220
William and Mary de
sign, Jacobean quar
tered oak, 9-piece Din
ing Suite.
$400 Suite at $320
American walnut.
10-piece. Queen Anne
Period Dining Room
$300 Suite at $240
Queen Anne period
design, American wal
nut. 10-piece Dining
Room Suite.
$374 Suite at $299
Brown mahogany,
10-p I e c e Chippendale
Period Dining Suite.
$400 Suite at $320
American walnut, 10
piece, Queen Anne
Period Dining Suite.
$325 Suite at $260
Hepplewhite period
design, 10-piece Amer
ican walnut Dining
Room Suite.
$275 Suite at $220
Brown mahogany,
10-piece. Adam design
Dining Suite.
$225 Suite at $180
Queen Anne period
design, 10-piece Amer
ican walnut Dining
$375 Suite at $300
Brown mahogany,
10-piece, Queen Anne
design Dining Room
Sensible Gifts and Lasting
For those buying for Christmas.
Solid Mahogany
Gate-leg Table, with
drawer, well built,
made in Grand Rapids,
Mich. Value $26.00.
at *18.00
Mahogany - II n I s h
Gate-leg Table, of su
perior construction.
Special. S1SMM
Brass Smoking
Stands, dull finished,
with glass ash tray.
Special, *2.75
Art Reed Tables,
natural finish, with
round top and shelf;
$6.50 value, at
Fiber Reed Rocker,
finished in old ivory;
has spring seat and
covered in a fine-grade
cretonne. Value, $17.50,
for , *14.00
Plain Design Rocker.
large size; covered in
Spanish leather; well
made. SSO.OO
Solid Makogany
Fireside Arm Rocker,
dull finish; coirered in
blue-striped velour;
has broad arms; $40.00
value. *32.00
Fiber Reed Roeker,
finished in old ivory;
has loose cushion;
spring seat. Value.
$13.50. for *11.30
Solid Mahogany
Smoking Stand, with
glass ash tray. Com
plete for *3.00
High-bark Rockers,
plain design; finished
in golden oak, with
arms and saddle seat;
$7.00 value, at *5.50
Palais Royal?Fourth Floor.
An Extraordinary Sale of Lace
Curtains at Greatly Below Regular
Over 3,000 Pairs Secured From One of the Leading Mills at An Appreciable Concession. Lots of 2 to 12 Pairs
of a Kind. Hundreds of Different Patterns
One of the biggest value offerings of the year in cur Curtain Department. Four great lots, representing the entire purchase, are featured
tomorrow as follows: *
A large lot, wonderful at the price. Among the many
are fine Voile, Scrim and a few lovely Marquisette Curtains
with lace edges. Some with wide double borders. Be early
for first choice.
The visitor here tomorrow will find $4jOO and $4.50
values in this lot. See the Marquisette and Voile Curtains
with lovely lace insertions and edges! Many are in Dutch
style, with neat valance, headed at the top, ready to hang.
If $5.00 a pair is your price for Lace Curtains, see
these at $3.69. Antique and linen lace edges and insertions
on some; drawn work corners and eyelet embroidery on
others. Some with lace motifs. Best of $5.00 Curtains at
$3.69 pair.
The judge of fine Lace Curtains will find in this lot a
selection that will prove an increasing delight. Choice of
dozens of beautiful patterns, each seemingly more attractive
than the other?and all charming. Only $4.69 pair.
Seven Great Lots of Regular Stocks All at Special Prices
Lot 1 Comprises Pretty Nottingham
Lace Curtains that will give
splendid service; 2% and 3 yard $1.59
lengths. Sale price, per pair.
lot 2 Includes fine Lace Cur
tains, in white, cream
and Arabian shades, in a big range
of patterns. Sale price, $1.95
| jj_Comprises a wonderful assortment of
patterns and fine lacy weave designs;
also neat filet weaves, with lace or scalloped
edges. Mostly 2% yards long?a few are $4.29
3 yards. Sale price, pair,
Palala Royal?Second Floor.
Lot 3?Curtains of beautiful filet
nets, with scalloped or
lace edges; various shades $2.59
and lengths. Sale price, pair.
Lot 7
lot g__Consists of the very finest of Notting
ham, Scotch Laces, Cable Nets, Filet
weaves. Lever Laces and Madras weaves, in
dainty patterns or scroll and all-over designs,
facsimiles of fine Imported curtains. $4 QR
Sale price, pair,
Lot ^ Neat small-edge patterns, as
well as bold all-over designs,
for large windows, in hotels or rooming
louses; 2% and 3 yards Ibng. Sale $3.29
Includes Scrim and Lace Panel Cur
tains. only one of which is used to a
window. Will fit windows 36 inches to 48 inches
wide. Dozens of patterns in white or Arab
shades. Sale prices, each, $1, $1.59, $1.95, $2.49
Thanksgiving Needs and Other Housewares Reduced for Household Day
$3.00 Carving Sets, $1.69
Fork and
Steel. Each
piece with
stag han
$1.00 emn 70
Wizard Oil ' '+?
Kettles, 6-qt,
Flour Bins
25-lb. Size
HOC Clothes Baskets,
Mahogany Trays, $XJ9
Rotary Ash Sift*
Ash Sifter and
Can Combined,
Extra Heavy
Ash Cans. US8
Over 500 Dinner Sets Reduced Tomorrow
Service for six.
Plain white ware.
51-piece service.
Handsome border
American Porcelain
Dinner Sets
Haadaomel? decorated; 100-pieee sets.
Specially priced at
$17.98, $19.98, $23.98
Sparkling Cut Glass
Salad or Fruit Bowta,
$3.48, $3.98
Handled Bonbons,
Flower Vases, large
English Porcelain
Dinner Sets. $24.98
Bich border patterns; 100-pieee Sets.
Dainty Nippon China
Dinner Sets. $39.50
Exquisitely Decorated; 100-piece Sets.
Table Glassware
Water Goblet,, thin
clear flan,
?&V 10c Each
Water Glasses, t h I
bell shape, engraved.
6 for 49c
Fern Dish Outfit,
plete as illustrated.
Orange Bowls, oval
rich cutting,
Sale 3000 Cops and
Gold Band, 6 for $1.45
Blue Bird, ? for $1-19
1,000 mlamatcked C a p a
and Saucer,, Taloe, to
Choice, lie Pair
Ice Cream
footed, hand cut,
6 for 69c
Coloaial Flower Baiketa,
American Bock Crystal.
18-piece Set,
8-Piece Baking Sets, 49c
Bread Boxes
Boll top ? White
Toilet Paper
3 for 25c
Good quality?
large roll*.
lt-qt, 69c
12-qt, 79c
Oil Heaters,
Electric Sad
Begiriar price. 15.00.
A-pound *is*. complete
* Washing
Hfiiat price $10.tt?
v "'J
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