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100,000 AT GREAT
Patriotic Songs at Ellipse
Given on Day Which Britain
Speaking to the heart of the nation
through the medium of song, about
"00,000 persons at the big victory
sing raised their voices in unison on
the Ellipse, south of the White House,
yesterday afternoon. It was the most
successful and the most largely attended
community sing ever held, J.
Edward Bouvier, who conducted the
huge choir, declared.
To permit all who desired to do so
to attend the function, many of the
government departments closed early.
At 3 o'clock a mass of densely packed
humanity covered about four acres of
land. This enormous concourse was
added to as the singing proceeded.
Decline Seats of Honor.
Secretary Baker attended the function
but declined a position on the
platform. Neither would Secretary
Daniels take a seat of honor. Both
said they preferred to be members of
the congregation. The same reason
was given by other heads of departments
and bureaus for declining to
"get into the limelight."
Each department had selected its
ablest singer to assist Mr. Bouvier in !
conducting the proceedings. These j
were placed at convenient spots and J
helped the leader to "keep the songs j
going. There was no lagging, no hesi- I
tation, but good natured rivalry
among the employes of the various
Because it was Britain day the flag'of
that nation was much in evidence. The
Marine Band played "Rule Britannia,"
th? refrain of which was heartily taken
up t>y the great cK#rus. This was followed
by three hearty cheers for the
British flag. But as the Italian, French
and American emblems were floating by
The side of the flag of England, somebody
suggested that the whole four be
cheered. This was responded to with
unanimity and enthusiasm.
"Keep the Home Fires Burning,"
"Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old
Kit Bag," "Smile, Smile, Smile," and
many other songs were given with evident
enthusiasm and enjoyment. But
the real ovation was reserved for
"Dixie," in the singing of which the
audience was assisted by S00 students
from Howard University.
"To Sing- Into Harmony/'
C. H. English of the War Camp
Community Service, who took a leading
part in organizing the function,
said it was the beginning of a campaign
to "sing the people of the
United States into harmony of
thought." (
"America has never had community
singing, except on a very limited
scale and in limited circles," Mr. English
said, "but we hope soon to make .
community singing so general that
all persons everywhere "n the United ;
States will come together. There is
nothing like community singing to '
eliminate misunderstanding and to J
promote a high order of patriotism."
Join in Effort for Settlement of
Controversy Over Provinces
of Toena and Arinfl.
Bt the Associated Press.
BUENOS AIRES. December 7?Argentina
will join with the United
States in endeavoring- to reach a settlement
between Chile and Tern on
the question of the provinces of Tacna 2
and Arica.
Early in the week the American ambassador,
Frederick J. Stimson, conferred
with the Argentine foreign ,
minister. Honorio Pueyrredon, and notified
the minister that he had been
instructed by President Wilson to inform
the Argentine government of the '
attitude of the United States government
toward the Tacna-Arica controversy.
The United States would intervene
in the matter cojointly with
some South American republic, and
President Wilson invited Argentina
to undertake this task.
President lrigoyen today accepted
the invitation and instructed the
Argentine diplomatic agents in Chile
and Peru to this effect.
A dispatch from Santiago, Chile,
. under date of December 3, said it was
oersistentlv rumored that the United
States would propose to Peru and
Bolivia that Chile cede the province
of Tacna to Peru and turn over the |
province of Arica to Bolivia, the latter i
republic delivering to Chile a frontier |
A Washington dispatch of the same '
date, however, said that the State I
department had announced officially j
that it had made no suggestion what- 1,
ever as to territory, but had urged j
that everything possible be done to j
maintain peaceful relations.
President's-Mediation Offer.
SANTIAGO, Chile, December
Joseph II. Shea, th\> American ambas- j
-ador. today handed to President Sanuentes
a message from President
Wilson* offering mediation in the
question of the provinces of Tacna
and Arica and expressing the wish
of the American government for a
friendly settlement of the controversy.
President Sanfuentes thanked Ambassador
Shea for the oiler. He declared
that the matter should be settled
in strict conformity with the
treaty of Ancon and in a.manner dictated
by justice. At the same time,
lie said, neither the government nor I
the people of Chile wished for wai
and, in his opinion, the controversy
could be satisfactorily settled.
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U. S. Chamber of Commerce Would
Call International Convention of
Commercial Organizations.
NEW YORK, December 7.?To bring
about -world-wide adoption of a policy
of international economic co-operation,
the United States Chamber of
Commerce favors the calling of an
international convention of commercial
organizations similar to that held
in Paris in June, 1914.
The conference, it was declared in
a report of the chamber's committee
on foreign relations, recently adopted
and made public tonight, should be
held "at the earliest moment considered
practicable," so that the war, having
been brought to a successful conclusion
from a military standpoint,
should not "fail in its larger purpose
of making the world safe for democracy."
Would Not Exploit Weak.
Declaring against exploitation of
the defeated central powers or other
nations weakened by the war, the report
urges the chamber to employ its
"far-reaching and powerful influence"
toward re-establishment of world
trade on a basis of fair dealing.
"Inasmuch as the military autocracies
'ot central Europe have been
overthrown," the report said, "we
should do all in our po-wer to aid in
the building up of the new democracies
which, in our judgment, can
best be accomplished by the extension
of this principle to all who desire to
reciprocate. Certainly these nations
must be given an opportunity to accomplish
reconstruction, in which,
however, they will reequire the aid
and assistance of a country such as
ours. Unless this is given, chaos and
disintegration are almost certain to
follow. This would make it Impossible
for them to meet the obligations
which they wiill be asked to assume."
For a Co-Operative Plan.
Co-operation of nations, whose success
had been demonstrated In military
affairs, should be extended, the
committee said, to the problems of reconstruction
and peace. This policy,
it was declared, would help to do
away with much of the friction formerly
based upon economic clashes
and national rivalries which failed torealize
that "it is better to live in a
community of prosperous neighbors
than paupers."
The chamber adopted a recommendation
favoring the following
principles: '
Indorsement of the principle of international
economic co-operation,
which is to include all nations similarly
Appointment of a committee for the
development of a better understanding
and good will between the United
States and other industrial nations.
A declaration to the effect that the
business interests of our country
stand opposed to any policy of exploitation;
indorsement of the principle
of service as basic to a proper
international relationship.
Eleven Per Cent Qualified to Become
Officers, 26 Per Cent Above
Average Intelligence.
Eleven per cent of the 1,500,000 enlisted
men of the Army subjected to
psychological tests were found to be
qualified mentally to become officers,
while more than 26 per cent of the men
examined were rated as above average
intelligence. Eighty-three per cent of :
the officers to whcm theltests were applied
mfet the required standard of intelligence,
said a statement issued last
night by the War Department, giving
for the first time the data compiled
by the division of psychology of the
medical department.
The tests were applied to men in all
camps, and are said to give a fair average
for the entire military establishment.
Less than one-half of 1 per cent of
the men were recommended for discharge
as mentally deficient.
War Work Men Will Meet Here 1
Tomorrow Evening. '
Engineers who came to Washington
from all parts of the country to assist i
the government during the war will ]
be given an opportunity to get to- i
gether at a meeting in the auditorium I
of the Department of the Interior. ,
13th and F streets, tomorrow night.
Dr. S. W. Stratton, director of the bureau
of standards, will speak on war
work done by that bureau. Maj. O. B.
Zimmerman will tell of research work
in the Army during the war, including
the development of liberty fuel. 1
At 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon
members of the American Society of I
Mechanical Engineers and their
friends will visit the bureau of 6tand- '
ards to inspect exhibits.
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BERN, December 7.?An Invitation
to President Wilson to come to Switzerland
Is proposed by several Swiss
newspapers. The President, they add.
would be certain of a warm reception
from the Swiss.
District of Columbia?Partly cloudy
and warmer today. Tomorrow, partly
cloudy; moderate south and southwest
Maryland?Partly cloudy today;
warmer In east portion. Tomorrow,
partly cloudy; moderate south and
southwest winds.
' Virginia?Fair today; warmer In
east portion. Tomorrow, partly
cloudy; moderate south and southwest
West Virginia?Partly cloudy today
and tomorrow; little change In temperature.
Yesterday's Temperatures.
Midnight, 34; 2 a.m., 31; 4 a.m., 30;
6 a.m., 31; 8 a.m., 32; 10 a.m., 36; 12
noon, 41; 2 p.m., 46; 4 p.m., 45; 6 p.m.,
45; 8 p.m., 44; 10 p.m., 45. Highest,
47; lowest, 32.Relative
humidity?8 a.m., 67; 2
p.m., 43; 8 p.m., 53.
Rainfall (8 p.m. to 8 P.m.), 0.
Hours of sunshine, 2.2.
Per cent of possible sunshine, 23.
Accumulated excess, of temperature
since January 1, 1918?181.
Excess of temperature since December
1? 1918?12.
Accumulated deficiency of precipitation
since January 1, 1918?9.
Deficiency of precipitation since December
1, 1918?.59.
Temperature same date last year?
Highest, 35; lowest, 31.
Tide Tables.
(Compiled by the United States coast
and geodetic survey.)
Today?Low tide, 5:41 a.m. and
5:49 p.m.; high tide. 11:17 a.m. and
11:29 p.m.
Tomorrow?Low tide, 6:25 a.m. and
6:43 p.m.; high tide, 12:04 p.m.
The Sun and Moon.
Today?Sun rose/,7:14 a.m.; sun sets,
4:46 p.m.
Tomorrow?Sun rises. 7:15 a.m.; sun
sets, 4:46 p.m.
Moon rises, 10:44 a.m.; sets, 9:54 p.m.
Automobile lamps to be lighted one1..IC
1...... c?n?t
Detail of Fifty on Duty?Detectives
Also Make Trip Through
That Section.
To prevent further clashes between
sailors and marines and the bootlegging
element a detail of fifty marines
were scattered through Southwest
Washington early last night and (remained
on duty until daylight this
morning, policing that section as a military
precaution. A trip through the
sectidns frequented by the bootleggers
last night by a representative of The
Star showed there wero few colored
men or women moving about. '
The all-night skirmish in the southwest
a week ago last night had its moral
effect on trouble makers, gunmen and
hold-up men. They were apparentlyfrightened
by the manner in which detectives,
in fast automobiles, went about
their work armed with repeating rifles.
The record of the police department
for the week shows that there was not
a single hold-up or gun-play during the
week. The previous week there were
several hold-ups and more than one
street duel in that section. Last night
Central Office Detectives Kelly. Mullen,
Waldorf and Connors covered the southwest
in an auto, well armed and readyto
shoot. ?
Demonstration Made for Information
of Senate Committee.
Members of the Senate military affairs
committee had a demonstration
of the -working of a liberty motor at
their weekly conference with War
Department officials yesterday. The
motor was mounted on the fuselage
of a De Haviland plane In the conference
An Army officer gave a technical
explanation of its construction, claiming
that the development of this motor
had been one of the great achievements
during the war.
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asquith joins chorus
for punishing huns
Former Prime Minister Urges
Hunting Down All Bespona;vt*
uuic iui auuuiucs*
LONDON, December 7 (British Wireless
Service).?Herbert H. Asquith, the
former prime minister, speaking at
Rochdale, Lancashire, today, ranged
himself alongside those who have declared
that the men responsible for
the war and the atrocities shall receive
adequate punishment.
The allied powers, he said, had announced
their Joint Intention of summoning
the late heads of the German
government and state before some
kind of international tribunal. There
was a broad distinction between errors,
even lying and wicked errors, of
policy and a deliberate and systematic
refraction of rules which rest for their
sanction not only on international
usage, but on the Instincts and dictates
of humanity. Such were some
of the incidents which attended the
devastation of Belgian territory, the
sinking of passenger ships and the
almost incredible brutality of the maltreatment
of allied prisoners of war.
"We ought to insist that Justice be
done," declared Mr. Asquith, "and that
not only the forms, but the spirit of
justice?the meting out to the wrongr-.4>
"V 1?. ^no nnt o ? A w>/-?+ mnro
UUC1 VI *110 UUV, 11UV 1VOO U.11U. 11VI UIV1C
?should be scrupulously observed."
Referring to the significance of the
visit of President V.'ilson to Europe,
Mr. Asqyith said that for permanent
purposes the world was a new one.
These purposes, he contended, would
not only' have been achieved, but
there would have been no advance
toward their achievement, unless before
the President returned a league
of nations had begun to be translated
from a formula into fact.
In his judgment the best security
against the dangers which beset the
coming conferences was the maintenance
in its fullest and freest sense
of real understanding between the
allies and the United States.
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Program of Week's Festivities Also :
Proposed by War Camp Cormnnity
Arrangements are being completed
by the War Camp Community Service
of the District of Columbia for the
biggest Christmas tree celebration
ever held in Washington. Entertainments
of all kinds, including sword
dancing and the old English morris
dances, will be held around a monster
Christmas tree every night from December
24 to 31.
The arrangements for the affair are
in Charge of Edward \V. Coffin of the
publicity staff of the service. Every
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The tree will probably be placed
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influenza' cases gain.
508 Reported Last Week, With 22
Deaths in District.
Five hundred and eight new cases
of influenza and twenty-two deaths
were reported to the health department
on the first seven days of this
month. Up to the closing of the health
office yesterday afternoon seventy-two i
new cases of influenza had been re- ]
ported, wlych was a decrease of seven f
cases as compared with Friday. ]
Notwithstanding the number of new j
cases, the health authorities do not fear
a reappearance of the epidemic in viru- '
lent form. i
china may become united. <
By the Associated Press. ^
PEKING-, Wednesday, December 4.? t
The Peking government has received ]
a telegram from the Canton govern- t
ment suggesting that a peace confer- c
ence be held at Shanghai. President t
Hsu Shih-Chang yesterday summoned 1
the members of the cabinet to a meet- 1
ing at which it was resolved to meet s
the representatives of South China In <
conference and peace, it is confidently 1
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District of Columbia Attorney Discharged
From Treatment, Is
Word Deceived Here.
JyP||HK v
Word has been received here of the
ecent discharge from a base hospital
abroad of Lieut. James M. Proc:or,
an attorney of this city. Lieut.
Proctor's stay of a month in hospital
followed a German mustard-gas at- |
ack in the Meuse-Argonne region in j
:he final months of the war. The
oung officer is first lieutenant of jc
Company L. 311th Infantry, which c
t'pnt nvprsfioa in jVfftV. S'
Lieut. Proctor was for a number of 1 c
'ears an assistant United States atorney
for the District of Columbia,
de was admitted to the first officers' o
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"Lady Doris" (Perfectos)
Segar do Luxe.
y Box of 35 93.:
"William the Fourth."
H "Duke of Flanders"
r (President).
"La liuno" (Xmas pkg.)
"Henrietta" (Perfectos).
> Box of 35 93A
"El Verso" (Ambassador?
vj "Stratford" (Invincihles)
tat "Admiration" flnvineibles
rap "Manuals" (Imperials).
pX Box of 50 91J
"Our Colors."
jji Chesterfie
Box o
/ Prince Albert
f Velvet
> Tuxedo
5 Genco Guar
^ Made
.ritU ^ York.
pfl hollow
S .?\ quality
^ \ that th<
fk \ (skilled
7ftr? nk \ \ Gerift\
Bifr \ \ not sec
[1 OH Sl \ \ every r
t?.\PJ M \ \ or mom
11 9% \ styi
Kjj \ \ Gem f
2.25 \ I wl",se
mi \oJ Evervl/
eight b
13 00 Durham Duplex Blad
Gem Blades, seven 1
Y5n Ever-Ready Blades, i
$1.00 Butcher Jr. Ra
KQe leather; one side to sharp
$2.00 Butcher Self-h
extra heavy leather; goo
11 00 ba^for EOO<1 razors
Kin^ _
"ww Fountain Fens,
'2 75 $1.25 to $?00 J
irlent, /
3.20 Fl"h LighU' ]
55c Complete, ^
.50c 59c, 79c, $1,49
esn't Laugh
ague is coated, breath
mach sour, give
prup of Figs.**
I Nothing- equals "California Syrup
' of Nigs" for children's ills; give a
! teaspoonful, and in a few hours nil
; tho foul waste, sour bilo and fermenting
food which is clogged In the,
bowels passes out of the system, and
you have a well and playful child,
again. All childrgji love this harmY
less, delicious "fruit laxative," ana
it never falls to effect a good "Inside"
cleansing. Directions for -babies,
children of allages and grownups
on bottle. Kemember name
fts for "J|uh"
> Now for Christmas Tfly
3* cigars will answer the gift
i well known brands, and not \ Jgi
^he ones receiving them will
ft, but your judgment of high
rs, and, moreover, when you ^vay
;" you know they are fresh, - YJ
rc Box of 50 $2.00 ^
"La Commercial" (Dukes).
Box of 50 $2.25 M
>c "Idea" (Perfectos).
Box of 50 $2.75
)0 "Pedro Vegas" (Perfectos).
Box of 50 $3.00
"Carl Mitchell."
"Lord Romeo" (Sweet- f
*0 hearts). JM
Box of SO S3.75 (
"Kelly's Bouquet" Bw
H) "Conde de Garcia."
"American Maid" (Sports).
"Averio" (Perfectos). V^Kr
^ "Ten Eyck" (Coronas). v^Sl
"* Box of no *4.00
"Flor de Melba" "
(Coronas). 9
Box of BO *4.23
"Garcia Grande"
Ky (Blunts).
). Box of 50 .$5.00 "iff?
"Alona." 2f
). "Truce."
Box of 100 $3.50 V
50 "La Linda" (Genuine w/L
Manila.) EffMi
Id Cigarettes, vft
if 100, 69c W
1 16-oz. Glass
Humidor, ?v|
$1.20 ^
anteed Razors Ji
by Geneva Cutlery Co., New Uga
Not a Eafety, but an old-style Km
ground. So unusual are the
and finish of the Genco Razors ^ g
:y are highly recommended by
barbers. JjBL (
$1 to $3
:a Razors, brand-new stock; }a
onds nor drummers' samples; /'fl
azor guaranteed perfect Q7-, .Jufi
ey back. Choice HiC <WVH
im Domino Safety Razor Q7- I '
ie) in leather holder..., "*? (J[
Safety Razor, complete Q7? U
ven blades "e
Ready Razor, with Q7. PV
lades "c WO
es, o In package ......48c
n package 46o Ok\
six in package.... ...40e tikfw
zor Strops, made of fine 7Q_ tSl
en, the other to finish... ' 'C
onlng Razor Strops, made of V3?[
d for bad razors, not JKjja
* >

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