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Part Four WASHINGTON, D. C., SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 16, 1919. 12Page?
A Mile ifi
The Celebrated Sfaeed
King Tells of His Sensations
as He Flitted
Along the Florida
01. \T iv/_ u
%janas co a jxew w or/a
Record of 150 Miles an
m Jllh Hll.HK*.
WHEN a nfw page Is written
' into history It Is as Important
to know about the
matt who made it as It Is
interesting to know how he made it:
and where science, daring, sportsmanship
and skill comprise the basic
, element* or III* lOllcvtliiriii, wis ...?
of perusal Is readily Iranafornied Into
a privilege flavored with villus and
delight. An all-American car and a
daring automobile driver have played
the leading role Iv'i the latest chapter
of world thrills.
for nearly eight years "Wild" Bolt
Barman's name bore the dying start
records of the measured mile and kilometer
distances for automobile
speeding. And the figures of 25:40
seconds for. the mile and 15:88 for the
kilometer had stood up under the
challenge of every contender since
thst redoubtable driver crowned himself
with those victories on l>aytpna
Beach hi a "Blltsen" Bens on April 23.
1911. Racing oars have been smashed
and ihelr wreckage remdved from the
course, lives have been chanced and
lost and thousands upon thousands ol
dollars have gone In fruitless effort!
to lower these marks, the energies
MM||||ir ' W jfi g|
* ^ ?"v r^??^*"
?y?liiMtcW;;.- s.**m
Anally culminating In a cessation of
all great snorting vents with the
outbreak of hostilities between the
I'nited States nnit ttermany some two
years ago.
* *
Ralph lie Raima. the Intrepid Italian
driver, had participated in the
long series (if exhibitions, bill staking,
as lie did, fortulje, life and reputation,
neither himself nor any of his
colleagues hud attained the goal when
lie donned the uniform of Uncle Sam
and marched off for war. Meanwhile
"Wild" Bob, who was Idolir.ed In the
world of automobile aporta iiv his day.
bad met with a racing accident out
1 -..d I.Pi ll.. .....old kaKt.wl L>..+
w t'91 h [iii |g"l I I lir n U" iu wiiiiui. ??"?
he went to liia grave with the saiisfaction
of knowing In his last hours
that Ills colors still were flying and
his name lived as the undefeated king
of his time.
When Ralph Oe Raima tvas mustered
out of the service he started Immediately
upon a new line of mechanical
ideas, and within a *ew
months he had crowned himself with
these victories over the same course
where Hurman established his:
One mile, flying start... 24.92 seconds
Kilt meter, flying start..15.86 seconds
Thus the news was flashed through
the world'of a new speed king hav ing
ascended the last round of the
ladder of all apeeddom on Dayton*
beach on February 12, 1919.
The Intensifying speed at whleh
l4o t>u I m u u'tia t 'J unl I It it utlian hit
made these record* approximated 150
miles an hoin;. Thia meant that for
every second consumed while covering
that mile the driver was actually
i going over 216.65 feet of (round.
I At the eifd of the hair-raising;
' dashes l?e t'atma was overcome by
i emotion as his friends jammed around
l his car to offer congratulations. The
i'-f . , I I
3ur Seconds
- v ' 7 S&
ili ;
|0 jp I
:' ?[: . ~ .?* -<? .<fll- -'"J.,
&: * - flW
" 1 ' "'*"*'>*"V,'X'.. >:
' Hip
1 * It I ' . v MA(HI\K
9mmmm^mmmmamtmmmmmmm0mmmmmmm^rnwmmmmmmmmmmrnrn 'll Amerlc
Jin \5' h.h
tlon of a i
*-? of ?ld? 8V
R AI.PH ?K PA I.M \. terrible
Holder ?f world', rrrord. w,5rr, go
bulletllke racer had heaved to the '" r- 'n 1
sand, owing to lis marvelously con- w,s ",e
toured system of design, and there aoutid of I
never was anything; like the lumping cylinders,
and skipping experienced by Rurman chine-gut
while making his record In the ihe glitt.
Billj!(Mi Hem eouraa I
Tribute to Ms car was the first wheels ai
nung UWt l?* I 'a una uutretf, nWH Id W"1
tlie memory of the famous rival who reality in
set u|> the record he was taking down "The ej
with every fleeting second, and to the fche unfi
veteran aasoclatea with whom he had mighty p
grown to fame in many a hard- the deve
fought race on every kind of course gineerlng
U? I...... ; "'?Hr<U!ll
!\ . i' ? . to \
With De
* } ' * ' ' '
. ' : ; < '
^P||p??~j Hj
a. These were uppermost O I
)e Palme's mind during and
ly after the record-break
>11 the sands of Daytona tfl
to the starling point with A
Slice," he said, "because In
teats I was satisfied thai CI
ine motored ear would do
i0 mllea an hour. The beach ^
hut Still fair enough for C/l
ling; the timing device was
ike a charm; Pred Wagner
ling the flag?this was the *'kht
a new world's record. sands
mind at the moment was w'th t
nt of Bob Burmau'a ex- *?<*d I
in the Blitsen Bens. when I,r<,<lu>
- * * v. _ * of we
it; world a recoru um .?,*
eight years and lived after '"8 'i<
liail gone himself. He was were i
saying that he bumped and 'or w
d Jumped and battered his fori
[ the sands in a really hair- about
(perlence. ' perleu
o so Immediately to the flu- was c
e as if In a limousine on a the g
. Here and there, for a frac- drag ;
second, would be an Interval duced
raying that probably looked "Hu
[o the spectators, but it day o
bad from the inside of the fle.'tei
Front of me and around me HI.73
high, tenuous, humming the t!
lie beautiful working twelve 'he w.
Behind me was the ma- me.
. .r of the exhaust Down trlum
'ring beach tha yellowing Imtnai
eapcd toward the front '* "
id dianopeared alongside me ai|d '
ethitig of motion-picture un- a
its disappearance. wa>a,
ise with which ttle car rode, fwtloi
illlng performance of it* 'houg
ower plant, reminded me of """Ic
lopnient in automotive en- ""
that has come within the
Pal ma ::
Bur man's Record,
a German Car, Had 'm
ood' for Eight Years. { J
uto Racing for the :!
\eer Love of It?A
ise of Nerves. X #
year* g|n?e Burnian rode these
to fame. The more recent years, |
heir stress of war, have qatak- ?
lliat development. Two of the ;?
ts of It are better' distribution .
Ight, insuring a more even ridiallty
and higher speed. These *?,
n my favor. Another great fSCy/'j-..
or king for me was the pert ec
of streamline design brought
by the airplane engineering ex- rj|
ice of the war. Head resistance J
lit to the vanishing point, and
reat retarding factor, vacuuid
at the back of the car. waa re? |
to the minimum. . .j|
rmati didn't live and race in the 4
f these perfections, and as ( re?
1 on his wonderful mark of
miles per hour, and thought el
me it wasrmade, April 2J. Ulij
onder of his achievement grew oi S
It was really a most remarkable ?
ph. I gave a lot of my though) ^
diately before the race and duf^ .
too, to "Wild Bob' Burtnau. jj{.
were intimate friends, often plt?
gainst each other on the speeds
and I reniembsf him with at*
ii and esteem. But I gave somg
;ht. too. to the fact that Bol? '
the record In a product that ;{
made In Germany.'^ tti??Blttsen ,
(Continued on Tenth ?age.)

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