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Ralergh Haberdasher, 1109-1111 Pa. Ave.
Saturday Special!
$12 Sweaters, $6.35
A goodly lot of Men's All-Wool
Olive Drab Sweaters which we carried
over from last season, but are in per
fect condition, will be offered as a Sat
urday Special at $6.35; $12.00 value.
Raleigh Haberdasher
1109-1111 Pennsylvania Ave.
Home of Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes
for Men and Boys
Join the Red Cross
Time to Take
Your Plants Inside
'?if you don't want Jack Frost to nip them.
At comparatively small expense you may provide
- yourself here with
: Artistic Jardinieres
i*?which will add immeasurably to the decorative effect
;of your plants.
\ m
! - Mat Green Jardinieres, 35c to $3.50
| '* New Line of Jardinieres, $250 to $8.75
(the beautiful woodcraft designs)
JHandsome Blue Jardinieres, $2.50 to $5
(with pink borders and colored leaves
?A Special Lot?
Mat Green Vases
?in various shapes and sizes at ..
Dulin & Martin Co.
. 1215 F St. and 1212-18 G St. N.W.
Say Swindells ^
?to your grocer or deli
catessen when you order
Chipped Beef
Saratoga Chips
?For the reason that you
are sure then of the qual
ity and the purity.
Only prime cuts of jpeef
arc used.
The potatoes are prepar
ed thin and crisp?and
brown?free from grease.
Put up in Purity Pro
tecting Paraffin Paper.
Supplied to (irocers and
Delicatessens Throughout
the City Fresh Every Oay.<
Swindells & Son, Wash., D. C.
*%SV V
If You Are a Service-Star Woman, the
American Women's Legion Wants You
Join Here and Sow
Name of applleant
Street City State
Name of person making applicant eligible
Rank Branch ef service
Served on active list (year)
Tear off and mail to Legion Headquarters
Mather Bldg., 916 G Street N.W.
Services in Membership
Drive Proffered by "Col."
Phillips Hill. t
"Col." Phillips Hill, commandant of
the Marine 8couts, ft juvenile mili
tary organization conducting itself
according to all the best traditions
of Uncle Sam's "leather necks." has,
offered the services of himself ant!
his gallant association in helping
make successful the membership
drive of the American Women's
Legion of the great war.
A contingent of these lads will
work this afternoon distributing
dodgers at the war risk bureau tell
ing all comers Just what the lesion
stands for and hopes to accomplish.
Program for Tomorrow.
Tomorrow the whole regim^it,
lfi5 strong, will march from Masoi
House, their headquarters, take up
individual stands at the busies' j
street corners, arid there "scout" for
legion members. "Col." Hill Is a
nephew of Gen. Barnett. commandant
of the Marine Corps.
The success of the legion's cam
paign so far for members is evidenced
by the fact that, since the drive start
ed, the roster of wives, mothers, sis
ters and daughters of service men has
been trebled. Officers of the legion be
lieve that the earnest efforts of the
indefatigable Marine Scouts will
bring In many more.
Wounded Boys to Be Honor Guests.
Mrs. James W. Wadsworth. chair
man of the American Women s Legion
committee in charge of the mass
meeting, which is to be the culminat
ing event in the legion's membership
campaign, announced yesterday that
twentv' wounded boys from Walter
Reed Hospital will be guests of hon
or at the meeting.
"In talking to service-star women
who apply for membership. said Mrs.
j P. Tracy, chairman of campaign
headquarters at Gude's, "I
some of them believe that only those
whose men actually served at the
front are eligible for the legion. This
is not true. If your 8on- husband,
brother or father served ?n any ?ap?c
itv in any place, in tn? Army, xsavy
or Marine Corps, during the war your
right to legion membership is unques
Group of Teams Begin Active
Canvass in District of
For the raising of a fund in the
District of Columbia for the estab
lishment of a "District of Columbia
professorship" In Cornell University,
a group of teams of Cornell men In
Washington began active work to
Plans for the canvass for the rais
ing of the 1125.000 necessary to es
tablish such a professorship provide
for the appointment of a number or
teams to obtain subscriptions from
groups of workers, one for each of
the government departments, one for
lawyers, one for bankers, etc.
Appointment of some of the team
captains was announced this morn
ing. With their addresses for receiv
ing subscriptions, as follows: F. V.
Covllle, Agriculture Department; P.
B. Lum. 1361 Otis place; M. H. Coul
ston, assistant commissioner, patent
office; P. A. Welker, coast and geo
detic survey; II. A. Hess, civil serv
ice; E. II. McLachlen, 700 10th street;
P. E. Lesh, 1512 H street; G. S. Ma
comber, bureau of standards; Lieut.
W. A. Borden, U. S. A.; Milton MJ
Wyvell, Union Trust building.
Head of the Cornell drive in Wash
ington is J. H. Small. 3d. The local
drive is a part of an international
campaign of Cornell to Increase its
endowment by $10.000,0ft0, half of
which is to be devoted especially to
the purpose of providing "living" sal
aries to professors and instructors
at the university.
PARIS, October 20 (Correspondence
of the Associated Press).?All tobacco
shops throughout France are part of
a government monopoly of the retail
tobacco business. The stores are
either owned outright by the govern
ment or their operation is governed
by regulation* which require propri
etors to act as subpostmasters. Most
of the government-owned shops are
conducted by ex-soldiers on a com
mission basis. Management of these
atorfcs Is awarded as a sort of pen
sion substitute.
DUBLIN, October 80 (Correspond
ence of the Associated Press).?The
Gaelic Athletic Association through
out Ireland la rigidly carrying out Its
ru)? that no soldier who has served
In the British army shall be allowed
to take part In games held under lta
auspices. At Ennlscorthy, In Wex
ford, when the teams lined up for a
hurley match It waa found that one
of tht players was a former soldier.
The players refused to go on with
the tame until ha waa replaced by
another player.
electtew direcltlrs
Twenty-One Candidates in List for
Consideration at Meeting
Monday Evening.
Out of the following twenty-one
candidates the Board of Trade, at its
annual meeting*, next Monday evening
at the Wlllard, will elect ten members
of the hoard of directors of the or
E. E. Barney. J. Harry Cunningham,
u alter H. Klopfer. Samuel J. Pres
cott, Odell S. Smith, William McK.
Clayton. John Poole. Charles J. Wa
ters. Theodore W. Noyes, Frederick
R. Pyle, Edward J. Murphy. Frederick
G. Coldren. Edward C. Graham, Bates
'r- w- Bohannon, H. Glenn
1 helps, Frank K. Kebrlng, IkjuIh Ot
tenberg, Benjamin B. Turpln, Howard
Moran and James B. Henderson.
Choice of Officers Nexrt.
On November 17, the Monday fol-.
'owing the annual meeting, the board
of directors, including the ten elected
at that meeting, will elect the presl
dent, vice president, secretary, treas
urer and assistant secretary for the
ensuing year.
Gen George H. Harries, former
president of the board and former
commandant of the National Guard
rlfurn.? / ot Columbia. recently
returned from important service
the Prlnc'Pal speaker
" J;*e a,nn"al meeting and will relate
some of his experiences while ata
tioned at Berlin.
Notable Increase of Membership, j
n JiV. yP/r Thich wiM end Monday Is
la having witnessed the
fh?^?n . more new members
ifiT8 year ln the organi
-ation S history. In 1915 the mem
bership committee, under the chair
manship of K. F. Colladay, added to
the| roster an even JflO new names,
record was raised to 319 this
Unl!0r th<! Puidance of William.
Th? ? x9 membership chairman.
hJ.h, ]meeii?? of the 1919 m>m
bership body, held last night, took
(Mnnf , ?,f, a thoroughly enjoyable
&K ? Anglers' Club. Chair
man Clabaugh presided and reviewed
the years successful labors, and va
entertainment for the occasion
ofa!he#Ucrommmeey membe"
GREENOCK, Scotland, October 20
(Correspondence of the Associated
Press).?A Greenock firm of ship
builders has received from a dealer
in Berlin an offer of U-boat parts
which could be shipped across the
English channel and reassembled Into
serviceable undersea craft. The man
to whom the offer was addressed
characterized it as "a rich specimen
of German Impudence, as the present
German government agreed to hand
over all seaworthy submarines and to
break up the remainder and speolfl
cally bound itself to export to for
eign countries no materials resulting
from such scrapping operations."
Probably the longest word In the
English language Is antldlestablish
mentarlanlsm. It Is not found In most
American dictionaries, but is some
times used ln Great Britain to refer
to the principles or policy of those
who are opposed to the dtsetablish
ment of the Church of England.
t*fc?)Tac. andwv- Hospital SisstA
,fcl *'' RUOG13TS
To abort a cold
and prevent com
plications, take
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are
nausea! csv safe and sure.
Medicinal virtues retain
ed and improvsd. Sold
only in sealed r*rl*fWi
Price 35c.
Men's Clothing
and Furnishings
on Sale Main
Eleventh and G Streets
Boys' Clothing
on Sale Third
See Other Palais
Royal Opposite
The Most Remarkable Clothing Sale
Of the Season Is Now Going on in Our Clothing Department
Men's and Young Men's High-Grade
AlUWool Suits and Overcoats
Worth From $42.50
to $50 and More.
Marked at the
Special Price
Take Advantage of This
Opportunity to Beat
High Clothing
While the selling of the last four days has been tremendous, showing that
the people are alive to real values, many hundreds of garments still remain to give
you good selection.
New Fall and Winter Models in Both Suits and Overcoats
Faultlessly tailored, every garment is Palais Royal standard quality
The Suits at $33.75
Many of the suits have extra trousers
in models for men and young men, both
single and double breasted styles, of all
wool cheviots, tweeds, all-wool blue
serges and flannels. These Two-Trou
sers Suits are in sizes 32 to 38 only.
Other suits with one pair of trousers
come in sizes 33 to 44.
Overcoats at $33.75
Comprise Ulsters, Ulsterettes and
Chesterfields, in Blue, Brown, Gray, Ox
ford and Heather Mixtures; sizes 33 to 44.
All Are Sensational Values. Now Is Your Time to Bay That Suit or Overcoat
Palais Ro,al?Main Floor.
Extraordinary Values in Men s Furnishings
Men's Heavy Ribbed Union Suits, all per
fect ; regular $3.00 grade union suits, made with
closed crotch. Very warm and comfortable for
cold weather wear. Al^ sizes; $3.00 $1.95
value. Special at
Men's Heavy Ribbed Underwear in shirts and
drawers. Excellently made garments of heavy
ribbed cotton; ecru color. All perfect new stock
and all sizes. The drawers have reinforced seats.
Regular $1.50
garment. #
"Dent's, the Best Made Gloves"
?A large assortment of "Dent's"
gray unlined and lined gloves,
with seli and black stitching.
Suede, $3.50; Mocha,
H50 and $5.00
Man's Outdoor Sleeping Suits
for the sleeping porch; made with
feet and hood. Made of heavy
domet flannelette.
$450, $5.00 and $6.00
Silk Cravats
Made with slip-easy bands,
in large flowing-end style.
Richly brocaded and striped
silk cravats. Reg
ularly $1.00.
Men's Lined Gloves ? Men's
fleece-lined fabric gloves in gray
and khaki shade?very warm and
comfortable, the very thing for
these cold days. $2.00 value. All
sizes. Special, $1.25
Men's Heavy Silk Lisle Socks,
made with seam in back. In black
and cordovan; full fashioned. $1.00
value, 85c
Palala Royal?Mala Flaor.
Bring the Boy Here Tomorrow==Save Substantially
The Better Kind of Boys' Clothes Our Wonderful Purchasing Power Assures for
Ten Dollars?and Act Quickly
$10 Will Buy Your Boy
A Sturdy All-wool Mackinaw.
A Crompton Corduroy Two-pants Suit.
A Good Chinchilla Overcoat.
A Crompton All-weather Corduroy Suit.
A Good Woolen Suit, with one or two pants.
The Two=Pants Suits
Corduroy Suits?truly wonderful values.
Both trousers?2 pairs?full lined. Coats
new fall and winter models; sizes 7 to 18.
For this week only, while A AA
they last, at 4/lvF.vFv
The Chinchilla Overcoats
?are of good quality woolens and come in
blue, brown and gray, button-to-neck
models, finely tailored arnd trimmed; in
sizes for small boys, 2 to 8.
Excellent values at
The Mackinaws at $10
?are real $15.00 value. Made of heavy all
wool, heavy, warm materials, with wide
collars; 4 patch or slant pockets; belt all
around; a variety of handsome plaid color
combinations. You must see these coats
to fully appreciate their
value. Sizes 8 to 18. At
The Crompton Suits
All-weather Corduroy Suits; tailored of
dark brown velvet-finish, waterproof cor
duroys, excellently tailored; <? f A flA
sizes for boys 7 to 18 At ?PIvf.Vvf
Boys' Sweaters,4C AC
$7.95 Grade at <??*? W
Fine quality Sweaters, of wool
en and worsted, in blue, gray,
maroon, heather and oxford
colors; sizes for boys 6 to 14.
Exceptional values at $5.45.
Woolen-Cloth Suits at $10
The Woolen Suits Include some with extra trousers. This
offering Is truly sensational at this time and comprises suits
worth more at wholesale. They comprise woolen cheviots,
tweeds and casBlmeres. Coats lined with good quality twill or
alpaca. Trousers full lined. Worth from $12.50 to
917.50. Sizes for boys 6 to 18 years. Wonderful
values at.
Two-Trouser Suits, <
This Sale Only
Comprising fine quality all
wool tweeds and cheviots, in a
variety of neat mixtures. Both
trousers full lined. New fall and
winter models just received.
Regular $20 and |12.50 values.
Sizes 8 to 18.
The Celebrated Sampeck Clothes for Boys'Are Here in Greater Assortments Than Ever
Sampeclc Suits and Overcoats for boys from 5 to 18
years at
$15.00, $17.50 to $30.00
Boys' Finest Grade AU-Weather Mackinaws; sizes 8
to 18,
$12.50, $15.00 and $17.50
Palala Royal?Third Floor.

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