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Joseph Goldenber g
8th streets- penn.ave.se
Combine Sense and Sentiment in the
Xmas Gifts
Boxed in Pretty Moire Gift Boxes?the Ideal Gift
quality and serviceable; in black, cordovan and white; "Marvel"
ravel-stop patent tops; full range of sizes. Specially C ^ AA
priced ?PO.vU
WOMEN'S PURE SILK HOSE, full fashioned lisle garter
top: black, brown and navy; regular selling price <11'J AA
everywhere. $2.50
RIBBED HOSIERY for (iirls and Boys; best makes?the
satisfactory wearing kinds. Fine ribbed for girls (sizes 5'/j to
35c to 50c. Silk lisle ribbed (sizes 5% to 9'A), 50c to 75c.
Boys' heavy and medium ribbed (sizes 6 to lO'/i). 35c to 60c.
"Bear" brand heavy ribbed (sizes 6Yz to 10y$). 50c to 75c.
in white and various colors; hemstitched edges; corners 1
embroidered in many designs. Now 3 for $1.00. Each....
Beautiful Sheer HANDKERCHIEFS, in pretty gilt boxes;
3. 4 and 6 in a box: daintily embroidered corners, in
many stvles. For the box '
CHILDREN'S HANDKERCHIEFS, in many styles and
kinds; 2 in a neat box: nicely embroidered corners. For j C
the box * "L
All Worth $6.98
Children's Pretty Little (Joats, in
corduroy, woolen mixtures and other
materials; brown, blue, gray, green,
Burgundv; 2 to 6 vear sizes.
Very stylish Coats for the larger
girls, 7 to 14; corduroys, kerseys, vel
vets and other materials; velvet, plush
and self-material collars; all are marked
up to $19.75 $12.50
Boys' Famous
Dubbelbilt Suits,
No better suits for boys are
made than the Famous "Dub
belbilt" and "Steel Fiber"
Suits: wear fully guaranteed;
tailoring the very best; fine
woolen cassimeres, tweeds
and mixtures; also in fancy
English effects; 7 to 18 years.
Dubbelbilt M a c k i naws -in
the new plaid mackinaw
cloth; sizes 10 to 18 years:
warm and sefv- f ^ *7 E
iceable v
Kay ser Silk
Women's Kayser Pure Ital
ian Silk Underwear at the old
low prices?bought before re
cent price advances?
Plain and em
broidered Italian
Silk Vests
Bloomers of Heavy Italian
Silk. perfectly
made; in all
"T eddies" or
Combination Suits,
embroidered top. . .
Handbags, Pocketbooks, Etc.
Chiffon Velvet and Silk Moire Hand
bags: fitted and ^silk lined;
large assortment* of colors dj C OQ
and sizes JJiJ.yO
Solid Leather Pocketbooks and
Purses?1 and 2 clasps; fitted with
mirror and coin purse;
many styles
Children's Silk and Velvet Handbags:
nickel frame and chain; fancy silk
lining; good variety to pick
The Popular Kiddy Kara;
4 sizes?
$1.25, $1.98, $2.50, $2.98.
$1.25 Trailer, at SOr, if
bought with car.
Camisoles of /J? -4 r
Italian Silk; plain
and lace-trimmed..
Beautiful Showing of Wash
able Satin Camisoles, trimmed
with rosebuds and georgette?
$3.50 to $5.98
Famous "Pioneer" Express Wag
ons; roller bearing, artillery
wheels; rcinforced axles; very
strongly made; 3 sizes?
Size 0 $3.95
Size 1 $5.00
Size 3 $5.98
stered seat
very strong
$12.50 Size. .$10.98
$15.00 Size. $12.98
in two sizes;
wheels; uphol
and backrest;
and easy run
Automobile, with streamline
hood and body; knuckle-joint
steering gear, imitation gas
feeder, loud horn;
value is
Klntrlr Lishta and Huiirr
^tagagsasEsasaifesagasa sasa she? fgp
..Thin Huiid-l'ar?j u s t. the
thing to make the small boy
lmppy; strong and
substantial; tor a
$17,170 ISTOTAL
j Pennies a Factor in Accumu
lation of Fund for Chil
dren's Institution.
i Some one must have had a pocket
! ful of pennies when the solicitor ap
1 proached him on behalf of the drive
| to raise $100,000 for the Children's
I Hospital, for the sum announced as
| secured yesterday, the first day of the
? campaign, was $17,170.37. Those in
. charge of the drive today expressed
| the hope that every citizen, after
I making his contribution in the usual
even dollars, will "frisk himself for
' cdd cents. They surely do mount up.
Friendly Rivalry Manifested.
I A spirit of intense but friendly
: rivalry was apparent between the
I team captains of the three divisions of
! workers when Cuno H. Rudolph yes
1 terday at the New Willard called on
i the three divisional leaders and sub
alterns to make their first returns.
! Today workers in Thomas Bell Swee
ney's division are congratulating
'? themselves on the fact that his unit
; led with a total of $10,087.81 collected
? or pledged. .
; The following team captains under
I his command reported: Mrs. Hweenej.
$1 999.X7; Mrs. R. S. Huidekoper, $1.
915; Mrs. Walter Hutchins. $273: Mrs.
Horace H. Westcott. $1,375: Miss Ber- |
tha H I.ooker. St. Mary's Guild team.
$4,364; Mrs. I. L. Beeves. $5: Mrs.
Reginald Walker, $131, and Arthur j
Addison. $23.
Mr?. Wada worth"* Division Second.
Mrs .1 W. Wadsworth. jr.'s, division
was second, with $4,428. obtained by:
Mrs. John Crayke Simpson, $2.S4..,
Mrs. Charles Bindley. $75; Mrs. James i
F. Mitchell. $132; Richard W. Boiling,
$2."0: Mrs. Wilbur Carr, $S72. and Mrs. j
Franklin Ellis. $252. j
Cuno H. Rudolph's command turned j
in $2.653.50: From Mrs. Rudolph,
I $1,565; Edward L. Stock, $500; Or. ,
S S Adams. $319.50, and Mrs. Rena j
J. Rhees. $269.
Emphasis was laid upon the in- j
structions to workers that no r.esl"i
dent of the city should be solicited
unless the canvasser has a card en
titling her to make the solicitation.
In the event that one team member
obtains a donation from a citizen
who rightfully helongs to another,
the latter is entitled to the subscrip
tion. , ,
Mrs. J. P. S. Neligh, in charge ot
Neighborhood House. 470 N street
southtwest. announced that a minstrel
show would be given by the Girls
Feace Club at the settlement audito
rium next Friday night at S o clock,
and the proceeds given toward ?he
$100,000 fund which the hospital' is
asking. Mrs. Neligh will also receive
Personnel of Team*.
Miss Looker's team is composed of
Miss Julia D. Smoot, Mrs. S. P. Thomp
son, Mrs. John Hanna. Mrs. Livingston
Farrand. Mrs. Rawlins Hume, Miss
Helen Metz. Mrs. A. K. Anderson. Mrs.
George P. Du Bose, Miss Virginia
Brown. Mrs. Walter Peter, Mrs. Wil
liam M. Bell. Miss Carrie Naylor, Mrs.
Thomas Bradley. J. A. Oliver, H. V.
Havnes. J. Leo Kolb, F. B. Weaver, G.
L. Nicolson, B. A. Bowles, I. B. Nord
linger and A. K. Parris.
Mrs. Simpson's team consists of Mrs.
J. H. Cranford, Mrs. Whitman Cross,
H. C. Davis, Mrs. W. W. Gibson,
Charles E. Howe. Mrs. John J. Hamil
ton, Miss Myra Kendley, Mrs. R. M.
Kauffmann. Mrs. Victor Kauffmann,
Charles B. Lyddane. Mrs. Allan Lard, j
Mrs. H. C. Moses, Mrs. J. H. Fatten, j
Dr. J. C. Simpson. Mrs. Ernest Walker,
i Mrs. J. H. Wood and Mrs. Ridley Mc- j
Other Workera Mated.
On Mrs. Rudolph's team are Mrs. .
W. Hamilton Bayly. Mrs. Charles B. |
Howry, Mrs. Charles L. Frailey. Miss \
Muriel Denys, Mrs. Davenport White, j
Mrs. Carl A. Droop. Mrs. Joseph H j
| Hampson. Mrs. T. T. Ansberry, Miss
Lulie Williamson. Mrs. William K !
Butler, Miss Elizabeth Lambert, Mrs. j
LorenB. T. Johnson. Miss Alice J
Clapp. Mrs. A. Robert Elmore. Miss
Sarah Hickling. Holcombe G. Johnson.
Maj. ft. W. Cutler and Capt. Carl in
Mrs John Merriam has as team j
workers Mrs. Mahlon Pitney. Mrs. j
Randall Hagner. Mrs. Charles Hagner. ]
Mrs Kincaid, Miss Louise Delano. Mrs.
Conger Tratt. Mrs. C. H. Merillat. Mrs.
L. H. McClelland and Mrs. Joseph
Frelinghuysen. I
Mrs. Westcott has Mme. If. de i>i
bour, Mrs. Joseph Salomon, Miss Mil
dred Bromwell. Miss Olive Graef. j
Mrs. Jcseph Bradley. Mrs. R. D. |
Simms. Mrs. Alexander Koplin. Mrs. j
L. Kramer. Miss Helen Blodgett. Mrs. |
Harold Walker, Mrs. Randolph Miner.
Mrs. Morris Levy. Mrs. Edgar Brown.
Mrs. McMillan Gibson and Mrs. Liv
ingston Farrand
Meetings will be held daily at thf
Willard at noon. Campaign liead
ouarters in charge of Clifford I,.-John
son director, will be open throughout
the day and evening at 1303 F street.
Sees Serious Problem in Eastward
March of Bolsheviki in
TOKIO, Friday. November 2R (by
the Associated Fress).?Thtp eastward
| march of bolshevik forces in Siberia
has developed a suddenly serious
problrtn for Japan, which is gravely
occupying official circles and which
probably soon will be discussed with
the American government. The con
vention by which the allies have op
erated in eastern Siberia may be men
aced by the bolsheviki and the in
terests of law and order in China.
Manchuria and the Russian l'aciflc
littoral may necessitate a military
campaign on a large scale. Japan
apparently has no wish to attack the
problem single* handed, and the im
pression prevails she will discuss
every step with the American gov
ernment and may request moral,
financial and even military support.
Although some newspapers continue
to talk about misunderstandings be
tween Japan and America, the impres
sion is steadily growing here that the
! people who are actually conducting
I the affairs of the empire will seek,
j not only to cement the friendship be
I tween the two countries, but to co
; operate with America in the widest
| sense in the solution of all far east
! em problems. For the moment the
I greatest problem is bolshevism. The
first public note sounded for the ne
j cessity of a common defense against
j the bolsheviki was struck by Viscount
lshii, former ambassador to the
(United States, at the America-Japan
[dinner given by the Japan Society on
?November 19. He said:
"All petty and selfish considera
I tions of a racial and economic char
j arter should be merged into the vast
i er consideration of this common de
j fense."
Elaborate preparations have been
j made to welcome Admiral Albert
I Gleaves. commander of the United
; States Asiatic fleet, who will arrive
j here on board the warship South Da
kota, December 4. Numerous official
dinners and receptions have be&n
End of Oil in One Mexican Field.
LAREDO, Tex.. December 2.?A dis
patch from Tampico received here
states seven of the principal oil wells
of Chinampa have ceased flowing, or
that only salt water flows from them,
which leads to belief that mineral oil
in that region is exhausted. Two of
the largest oil wells ever brought in
were struck in this region, but they
?er? short-lived.
Increase of nearly a half billion
dollars in receipts over 191S was noted
in the report today of the treasurer
of the I'nited States for the fiscal
year The ordinary receipts
were $4,647,603,852.46 and the ord4
nary disbursements $1 5.365.362.741.76.
an increase of $6,398,830,475.73 as
compared with those of the year pre
vious. The disbursements on account
of the Panama canal were $12,265.
775.08, while the receipts were $6,777,
Gold in the Treasury at the begin
ning of the year amounted to $2,479.
954,967.09, the treasurer said. There
was a noticeuble increase monthly
thereafter unt.vl May 15. when the
holdings attainted a maximum of
$2,569,059,633.48. Modification by the
Federal Reserve Board June 9 of the
embargo on the movement of the |
metal caused the amount of gold to
be reduced moderately. The excess of
exports over imports during the year
amounted to $54,211,802.
The general stock of money in the
United States at the close of the fiscal
vear was $7,518,789,000, an increase of
$777,716,706. The money in circula
tion increased in volume by $386,602.
549 and amounted to a grand total of
Georgia Mob Lynches Negro.
MACON, Ga., December 2.?For
shooting and seriously wounding
Hansel Rosier, jr., son of a prominent j
Wilkinson county farmer, a negro,
i whose name has not been learned, was
some time Sunday night lynched by a
mob at Big Walnut Church, forty
eight miles southeast of Macon.
Exports Worth $80,000,000 Ship
ped Since Armistice Was Signed.
Goods to the value of more than
$80,000,000 were exported from Great
Britain to Germany during the ten
and a half months following the sign
ing of the armistice, according to a
report from Commercial Attache
Grady to the Department of Commerce
today. Imports from Germany dur
ing that period were valued at $1,085,
German potash constituted the larg
est article exported from Germany to
Great Britain, the value of the pot- j
ash exported being $268,900. Manures '
ranked next in values, at $146,345. Ex- j
ports of colonial and foreign produce j
and manufacture, consisting of food ;
articles, from Great Britain to Ger- ,
many during the ten-month period
amounted In value to $14,933,890.
while cotton manufactures represent
ed the greatest value of other exports
to Germany, with a value of $18,46S,
Potatoes to the value of $1,754.3(55
were exported to Germany, and raw
cotton and raw rubber to replenish
Germany's depleted supplies of these
commodities represented $1,775,925
and $1,872,045, respectively. Raw cof
fee was sent to Germany from Great
Britain to the value of $1,216,255 and
$301,485 worth of sugar was sent to
Three Armed Men Rob Bank.
LOS ANGELES. December 1.?Three
armed men held up the Union Square
branch of the Hellman Commercial
Trust and Savings Bank yesterday,
forced the five persons in the bank
into the vault anil escaped with $17,
265 in cash anil $5,000 in liberty
Finest qualities and all
? makes, from
! $19.50 to $300.00
I All IV at cites Guaranteed
20 Years.
Quality Jewelry Co.,
438 9th Street N.W.
Open Daily at 8 A.M.
7th and D Sta. N.W.
Close Daily at 6 P.M.
. Buy Christmas Seals and Help the Washington Tuberculosis Association _
This Invitation Open to All
Give Furniture This Christmas?Buy It a
the Hub?and Pay Next Year
Large and Comfortable
Club Rocker
Buy "Her" This New and Beautiful Four-P\
Dining Room Suite of Genuine American W<
Quality, service and extreme
beauty a' combined in this
Queen Am e Suite to a high de
gree. It n ust be seen to be ap
preciated. It c onsists of four
massive pi ces as shown?54-in.
Mirror Toi Buffet, a 6-ft- 48-in.
Extension S Table, Square - end
China Clo:et\ and
Server. *
an inclosed
Genuine Brown Spanish Leather
Mahogany Frame Qavenport Beds
Large Cut Glass
Flower Vase
NlT 1
This represents a special purchase of Fine
Davenport Beds?the price is exceptionally low.
Massive mahogany ffame, with scroll design
arms like illustration. Upholstered and covered
fitted with the famous "SENG" spring. This
Couch opens with one motion and will carry a
full size mattress. The
ideal piece of furniture, as
it can be used as a davenport
by day and a full size bed at
night upon occasion. Spe
cial underselling price
Buy Now?Pay Next Year
One of the
numerous gift
suggestions in
cut glass shown
in the glass
ware depart
ment. This
vase is extra
heavy, artisti
cally cut. and a
real undersell
ing value.
New and Beautiful Suites for the Living Room
Their construction, their design, in both cane, panel and overstuffed models,
guarantee real comfort. Right now we are offering
a special discount of 10 per cent off regular prices on
all living room suites charged to your account. The
three-piece s*iite illustrated?an overstuffed design
is covered in genuine muleskin, 6-ft. Settee, Armchair
and Rocker to match ; complete for
Royal Easy Chairs
A Royal Easy Morris Chair is a gift that will be long
cherished in the home. It will contribute largely to the
comfort and ease of every member of the family.
Come to The Hub and choose
your Royal, because we carry the
complete line, offering choice of all
the most beautifully finished
woods and grades of upholstery, in
cluding imported tapestry and gen
uine leather. Prices for a Royal
Easy Chair start at
Liberal Credit Terms
Says: "Buy the Kiddies' Toys Now?Buy Them at The Hub
Inch Xmas
Large stock
ings of net. 20
inches long-;
filled with all
sorts of toys
and goodies for
the kiddies. All
ready to hang
on tree.
Friction Toy
Has 8hoe$>
? to c-k i n g s.
dress and cap.
Stands 18
inches high.
A big value.
See the doz
ens of other
dolls on dis
<3f 9
' J- i
Made <~f metal.
Will travel at
great speed all over
the room.
JtS ^
?M' Xh
A Large, 16
i n c h Teddy
Bear "that
grunts," cvoer
cd with best
grade bear
cloth plush.
Adjustable legs.
Dark Mahogany Sew
ing Cabinet, with com
partments for sewing
materi als, etc. A
quaintly designed and
practical gift that will
please mother or sister.
Fumed Oak
Something your friend
who smokes will be glad to
receive. It is made of
fumed oak, has drawer and
removable metal ash tray.

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