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Virginia, Maryland and Dis
trict Hunters and Jump
* ers Stand Out.
Ideal weather, a record breaking
attendance and the cream of Virginia.
Maryland and local thoroughbred
hunters and Jumpers stood out as th??
closing features of the most success
ful exhibition of the National Capital
horse show at Arlington Park yes
Society leaders from Philadelphia
and New York, as well as from Vir
ginia and the capital, paid homage to
equine royalty. The stands were
parked at 3 o'clock, when the power
ful events of the day opened. Army
officers and sportsmen were sprinkled
throughout the grandstand and boxes,
while the rails were crowded with
more than a thousand spectators.
Erko EmrrffR Champion.
The consensus of opinion from men
prominent In turf circles was that
the exhibition placed Washington in
a class with leading European cen
i ter.s of similar exhibitions.
In the finals. Miss Marion du Font's
Kentucky-bred Kcho "emerged a
champion of the park saddle horse
class, a triumph over a well filled
division of closely matched horses.
Ann Ford, owned by A. H. Allen of
this city, also emerged from the meet
a champion, winning over Jessie Dear
of Gen. Buchanan's string in the light
weight hunters* class. Possibly the
closest competition of the entire meet
was found 1n this class, excellent
.showings being made by Ot*n. Mitchell
on Home Again, and by Miss 1-anier.
who rode Aida.
Miss Becky I>anier. the young daughter
of Charles IX I^tnier of New York, and
regarded as one of the best young horse
women of the meet, brought both Down
East and Boiling across the Jumps for
first and second ribbons respectively In
the championship middl-- and heavy
weight hunters' class. Boiling missed
coming up to his stablemate's perform
ance bv tipping one of the (bstac!?es.
A. E. F. Home Win*.
Tommy, of the A. E. F. stables, with
Col. John (?. Quekemyer up, defeated
all ccmers in the championship class for
road saddle horses, with Mrs. Allen
Potts, well known Virginia horsewoman,
taking second honors with The (.'rack.
The Armj' challenge cup also went to
the A. Ew F. team, composed of Col.
Quekemyer,aGen. V. Henry and Col. C.
U Scott of Gen. Pershing's staff. (Jen.
Henry will lead the Pnlted States
Army's team of horses In the Olympic
games at Antwerp this year.
Gen. Pershing was in attendance again
yesterday, accompanied by his son* War
ren. During an exhibition of field ar
tillery, including French. British and
American 75-millemeter guns, h??
Open Every Day and Sunday Until
11:30 P.M. to Give You Perfect
crossed to the judpes* stand and re
viewed the encircling batteries.
When Gen. Pershing recrossed the
field, facing: the grandstand, the crowd
greeted him with appjause. He smiled,
bowed, patted a little girl on the head
and returned to his box in the grand
(iypny Boy Alxn Winner.
The Army remount contest, in which
the interest of the military men was
centered, was won by Gypsy Boy.
ridden by Capt. Charles B. Amory,
{with Capt. K. A. Keyes. on Kim. and
!Capt. J. T. Cole, on Ethan Allen, fa
llowing- with second and third honors
: respectively. Gypsy Boy was pre
sented to an Army officer as a pri2<*
four years ago at the National Capi
tal horse show. He was selected f?>r
Gen. Buchanan, who presented the
prize, by Melvin C. Hazen, manager
of the show.
The contest, which included a tliir
i ty-mile ride on the first day, school
ing of the horses on Friday and- '"the
jumps'* yesterday, is re&arded a-s one
of the most intensive competitions
yet held by the Army. The entries
emerged in extraordinarily good eon
uitlon, it was declared by Army of
ficers who reviewed the t^st as
Summaries for liny.
Summaries for the day were
Brood mure!*, suitable to produce hunters?
Ann Ford, owned by Arthur II. Allen. first:
Princess, of .A. K. F. stable*. second: Bridget,
C?l. L. A. Henrd. tliicd. and I'rptty Maid, Mrs.
Allen Potts, fourth.
Road saddle horses?Temptation. Miss Anna
Hamlin, first: Silvertone Mrs. Ijoula lx>ng
Combs, second? Pa'ddv. < apt. O. 1'- ?icorge,
third. and V. King, Belmont farm, fourth.
Novice harness horses Discretion, Mrs.
Loula I?ns; (N)mbe. (1; st; T!i*? Keel. Joseph
Wbsenfeld, second. and Exception, Mrs. C'oiulw.
Ladies' hunters Silver Crest* Frederie Me
Elhone. first: Jessie dear, (Jen. James A. Bu
chanan. second; Witchcraft* Foxcatcher farm*,
third, and Down East, Charles 1). Lanier,
Park saddle horses?Echo* Miss Marion du
Pout? first. Sarah S., ('banning Stiother. *?????-.
ond; Bean.aire, Miss Martha Lamar Ellis,)
third, and iJallantry, Col. Kotiert M. Thompson,
Pony race. (Tup presented by Miss Evelyn
Preseott-?Starbrighf. Norman & Norman, with
Master (i. Slater up, tir-?t; Dynamite. Master
Edward Devereaux, second, and Nipper, Mrs.
Charles Randolph, with Master T, J. John
ston up, third.
Three-year-old hunters ? Woodcock, Mount
Airy Farms, first: Sliding Sue. H. 11. Kelley.
second; Sweet Briar, Melvin C. Har.en. third,
and Crackerjack. K? 1*. Hedinon (post entry),
Ladies' pair hunters Down East and Poll
ing. Charles I>. I^anier, owner. Miss Becky I.an
ier and Mrs. Becker Lee riding, first; Fox
catcher Farms' entry, second, and Pixie and
Aida, Charles D. Ijinier, owner, same riders as
winners, third.
Single harness championship ?? Animation,
Mrs. lioula Long Combs, tlrst; Mogul, A. W.
Atkinson, second, and Governor, J. L. Busli
nell, third.
Koad saddie horse championship class?
Tommy, A. B. F. headquarters stable, first:
The Crack. Mrs. Allen Potts. se?*ond.
Championship class for lightweight hunters-?
Ann Ford, Arthur II. Allen. fir>t; Jessie Hear,
(?en. J. A. Buchanan, second.
Harness pair championship class?Represen
tation and Reveration. Mrs. I^ula Long Combs,
first: Governor and Brilliant, J. L. Buslinell,
Park saddle championship class?Echo, Miss
Marion du Pont, first; Beaucaire* Miss Martha .
Lamar Kills. second.
Middle and heavy weijrht hunters, cham- .
pionsliip?Down Kast, Charles I>. l^anier, first;
Kollinp. same owner, seeond; Nickle Tip. Fox- |
ratclier farms, third; Silver Tip, same stable, ;
Breeding class, suitable to sire charters an>l
hunters?Perkio, remount, 1*. S. A., first; Bou
vurd, Col. <i. S. I'atton, seeond.
Mount Pleasant Association, at
Special Meeting. Votes Down
Proposal by 15 to 10,
Bv a vote of ]!? to 10 the Mount
Pleasant Citizens' Association last
night defeated an elaborate plan to j
| install a borough system in the Mount j
? Pleasant section. This action wa< j
taken at a special meeting of the |
j organization at the Johnson-Powell i
School. I)r. K. F> Sappington, presi-i
dent, presided.
| According to the plan as outlined 1
ii* the report of a. committee headed
j by Maj. Hubert Young, the constitu
tion of the organization was to have
been radically changed. The section
' was to have been divided into nine
(precincts, each precinct electing two
| representatives to a borough council
The council would enact the legisla
tion a(Te<\t ing the Mount Pleasant
association. Officers and representa
tives under the plan would be elected
on the. first Tuesday in November
the registered voters casting their
ballots at proscribed polling places
in the precincts.
For three hours the members of thr
association discussed the matter last
nitrht. Objection was raised to each
amendment to the constitution, many
amendments and "amendments to
amendments'* being offered.
The* association elected the follow
ing officer.*; President. J>r? Arthur
Ohenay: vice president. Maj. Young;
secretary. II. Russell, and treas
urer, H. A. Harding. The association
adjourned to meet in September.
Iris Show in Takoma Park.
The annual Iris show of the Ta
koma 1'ark Horticultural Improve
ment Club will be held Wednesday
anil Thursday evenings at the public
library In Takoma I'ark. The show
is held In co-oporatlon with the
American Iris Society.
A prize of $"> Is offered for the best
single stalk of a variety of Iris In
troduced within the last tlve years;
:i prize of for the best single stalk
of a variety not In trade, and a prize
of $10 for the best single stalk of a
seedling originated by the exhibitor.
A bronze medal is offered also for
the exhibitor scoring the largest total
of points.
Convention Here Names
Council to Devise Means
to Increase Efficiency.
Government engineers from various
parts of the country; In session here
yesterday, appointed a council of
eight men to devise ways and means
of increasing" efficiency in the opera
tion of the federal departments.
The gathering" was a convention of
the federal department of the Ameri
can Association of Engineers. It. <\ j
Bailey, secretary, said the eight men \
selected are all high in the technical j
service of the government, and for!
that reason decided not to disclose |
their names. Their recommendations, j
it was stated, will be presented to j
Sees* Xeed of Improvement.
Addressing his colleagues in the :
Board of Trade rooms last night, M. j
O. ],elghton, chairman of the public j
works department, presented figures
to show the need for more efficiency ;
in the government.
He called attention to the fact that ,
the per capita cost of running the
government is now $4 7. He pointed !
out that there are twenty-nine agen- ;
cies of the government doing public |
construction work, and estimated that |
20 per cent of th<* amount spent on i
public construction could be saved by j
placing all of this work under a single |
head. !
Difficult to Ciet Men.
The difficulty being experienced by
the government in getting technical
men, such as engineers* also was dis
cussed. In this connection it was
stated at the session last night that
out of 1.000 river and harbor en
gineers 4!<8 have resigned to accept
better positions outside the federal
service. It was estimated that these
408 who resigned now receive sal
aries averaging 64 per cent'higher
than the government pays.
It was voted yesterday afternoon to
ask ("ongress to give, the supervising
architect of .the Treasury's office an- !
thority to pay engineers salaries that
will hold them in the government
In addition to the address by Mr.
Leighton, speeches were made last
night by F. K. X. Thatcher of Pitts
burgh and Tj. R. Smith of New York.
The convention adjourned last night.
? ? M ? - ? ?? ?
Another Big Cut in Prices
This Great Sale will Come toaClose Very
Shortly?Hurry if You Would Save
This great Anniversary Celebration Sale will
positively come to a close in a very short time.
We have made another big cut in prices to move
every used and slightly used piano or player in
our store. Every instrument must go?and the
terms, $10 down and a long time to pay the
balance, should surely interest you.
Kingsbury Player, mahogany,
Auto Piano Player, mahogany,
Technola Player, mahogany,
Apollo Player, mahogany,
Baus Player, mahogany,
Knabe Mahogany Player,
Foster Player, slightly used,
Foster Player, slightly used,
Weber Player, mahogany,
Wheelock Player, mahogany,
Apollo Player, mahogany,
New England Upright, ebony,
Kingsbury Upright, oak,
Qabler Upright, ebony,
Wheelock Upright, ebony,
Briggs Upright, ebony,
used *...
Story & Camp Upright, ebony,
Haines* Brothers Upright,
ebony, used
Qabler Upright, ebony,
Brimsmead Upright, walnut,
Whittier Upright, mahogany,
Schubert Upright, ebony,
used ... ..
Billings Upright, ebony,
Berkley Upright, mahogany,
Swick Upright, ebony,
Qabler Upright, ebony,
used -.
Marsall & Wendell
Upright, ebony, used
Fischer Upright,
ebony, used
Hardman Upright,
ebony, used
Gabler Upright,
ebony, used
Schuman Upright,,
mahogany, used
Stieff Upright,
Oak, used
Everett Upright,
ebony, used
Knabe Upright,
mahogany, slightly
Stultz & Bauer Up
right, ebony, slight
ly used
Haines Bros. Up
right, mahogany,
slightly used
Opera Upright,
ebony, used
i\o ivlore i o Pay tor 30 Days
?Take a Long Time
To Pay The Balance
To Approved Credit
To show you our confidenoe in the wonderful bargains
we are offering, within one year's time you may exchange
the Piano or Player-Piano you purchase for any other
Piano or Player-Piano of equal or greater value on our
floors and all payments made on the first inatrument will
be credited in full agai&at the second.
Extra saving for more cash down?ask the salesman
about it when you call.
What can be easier than $10 down and a long time to
pay the balance to approved credit? Surely anyone can
now enjoy the pleasure of a Piano or Player-Piano.
You need have no hesitancy in ordering by mail. Pim
ply select the instrument you desire, sending the amount
you wish to pay down, stating the amount you wish to
pay each month, and we will to approved credit, ship the
instrument to you and will refund your money if not as
Your money will be cheerfully refunded within a rea
sonable length of time if you fina the instrument is not as
represented in every way. This applies to out-of-town
buyers as well.
We include free with every Player-Fiano a beautiful
bench to match, stool with a Piano, free delivery and
guarantee safe delivery.
1222 G St. N.W.
Total for Two Days Is $94,
695?Many Large Con
tributions Are Made.
The second day of the ten-dav ilrlve
of the Sacred Heart parish for "at
least $100,000" brought in $29,365.
bringing the two-day total up to $94.
695. There was a celebration In the
his tent at 14th street nn<l I'ark road
last night when the returns were
Mrs. M. Brooks, as captain of team
14. was awarded the silk banner for
bringing In the largest total for til*
dav. $4,050. John M. Kirby. captain
of 'team 5. retained the silk banner
won Friday by reportine $2,560.
There were three one-thousand
dollar contributions reported last
night. as follows: The Dowd family,
in honor 'if Ueut. lliram Cash, who
lost his life in France; Dr, and Mrs.
Francis S. Machln and I>r. and Mrs.
J. S. Clemonce. _.
Nine contributions of Ij.oo ea<h
were reported?George A. Pinch. Mr.
ami Mrs. TV .K O'Hanlon. Joseph A.
erberioh. Henry McKonna and fam
ily. the Boucher family. Thomas
nessv and family^ James J. < reahan.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. CoHins and
the 'Jorman family* ^
The returns by teams last nijfht
were as follows;
Women's Division.
Team A. Miss Margaret Brazel.
$2.1)35; team B, Mrs. M. Brooks. $4,050:
team C. Mrs. M. .1. Falvey. $1,000;
team D. Mrs. C.?<7rgo (J. Houlehan,
12.000; team E. Miss Alice O. Joyce.
$2,300; team F. Mrs. Michael J.
Kcene, $1,025; team G, Mrs. George
J. May, $2,365.
Men'* Dtvlnton.
Team 1. George W. Davies,
team 2, William G. Feele.v.
team 3. James H. Johnson. Jr.. Sl.loO;
team 4, Joseph A. Kerney. $1.9:.":
team 5. John M. Kirby, $2.o60; team
6. William J. McGee. $1,100; team ?.
Frederick J Rice. $1,975; executive
committee, $950. Women s total. $1.>.
S76- mens total. $12,740; days com
plete total, $29,365; previously re
ported. $65,330; grand total to date.
The following Rave $150 each; Mar>
an 1 Margaret Sheehan, Margaret
Brazel. Bernard R. Edwards. Grace R
Sheridan. Mr. and Mrs. Charles O.
Curtln. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bueltner.
St bast Ian Ambrogl. Martha Callan.
Mrs. A. B. Stoutenlvurgh and daughter
in memory of Seymour B Stouten
burgh, Mis.* Alice O. Joyce, Mrs. Alice
R. Joyce. Mr. and Mrs. C. O'Nell. Mrs.
A. E Newman, John P. Donovan. Mr
arid Mrs. C. B Koontz, D. J. Crowell.
W. 1". Dante. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Mc
Auliffe in memory of Thomas J.
Trodden, Mr. and Mrs. Martin T Mc
Namara. Rev. Dr. "William J. Kerby.
Mr. and Mrs. D. V. Mahoney, Mr. and
Mrs. E. E. Fisher, Mrs. J. F. Kistler.
Mr. and Mrs Thomas D. Degnan. Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Zabel, Mr. and Mrs.
G. H. Ripley.
The following gave $125 each; Mar
garet M. Guthrie, N. M. Guthrie, Ed
win P. Goodwin, Miss Kathryn J.
$100 Gift* Listed.
The following gave $100 each: Nora
Riordan, T. A. Keleher. T. A. Keleher.
jr.; C. I.. Keleher. Teresa Keleher.
Mrs. Kate K. Delivergne, Victor
Delivergne, Mary Delivergne. Mr.
and Mrs. Jerimeah Flynn, Carroll
Flynn. Mr. and Mrs. E. J Fitzgib
bons. James B. Gallagher, Mrs. W. C.
Keegan. Miss Mary Stott. Miss Mary
O'Connor. Katherine V. Boswell, Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph H. Antsward. Fair
fax M. Atherton in memory of Mary
E. Atherton. James F. Anderson in
memory of Mary A. Anderson. Mrs.
M. E. Horton, Arthur I.. Blakeslee.
Miss Blanche A. Barker. Miss Marie
M. Barker, Mrs. J. G. Barker. .Mrs.
L. M. Allen in memory of her son, J.
Milton Allen; Eugene A. Barry in
memory of David Barry, Josephine A.
Fortune in memory of mother, Kath
leen P. Barry in memory of father,
John J. Barry; Percy C. Brady.
Esther McAnany. Miss Kathi'yn
Connor in memory of parents
of Alice E. Mullan. J. .1. Maw
liinny, Miss Helen Hart, Mrs. M. A.
Hart and daughter in memory of
father. Miss Douise Mullen, Mr.
and Miss Hamill, Eda C. How
ard. Francis J. Howard. Miss
Dorothy Ridenour, Mrs. M. W. Pierce,
Mrs. j. A. O'Hare, John Osterman,
Mrs. Kate M. Queen, James V. O.
Dwyer. Mrs. E. O. Riordan, Mrs. M.
Watkins in memory of Nicholas Wat
kins. Miss Retina Watkins in honor
of Mrs. M. Watkins. Catherine E. Holden.
Elizabeth J. Holden. Virginia C. Gott.
Richard Gott, Mr. and Mrs. James C.
Barrv. Miss Alice Marsh. Mrs. M. Nel
son. Mrs. W. D. Crawford. Albert May.
Mrs. Thomas O. Mav. John Saul. Ber
rard Saul. Anne Carrico, the Saul
Children. J. A. Sweeney, Bally Shu
mate. Mrs. Francis G. Carroll, H. F.
Jones. J. H. McCaffrev, Mrs. C. D.
McSorley. Mrs. John Sheehy. N*. C.
Seitz. W. F. Shanahan. S. Sheehy in
memory of Patrick H. and Julia
Sheehv, Helen F. Downing, Mr. and
Mrs. T?. H Guenther. Mr. and Mrs.
Frank P. Glancy. Mr. and Mrs. Ed
ward A. Dent, Miss Mabel S. Dell,
Henrietta T.<. Dessez. George A. Daidy.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Shelse. Mr. and
Mrs. W. G. Feely in memory of father.
Miss Elizabeth R. Shields in memory
of parents. Alice K. Bingham and
Belle B. Cain in memory of Mr. and
Mrs. John Bingham. Jeremiah J. S.
Desmond. J. P. Donald. Rita RafTerty,
Capt. E. J. Brady, Marshall H. John
son. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Easby Smith,
I Mrs. Anne Rauel. Liala Bronson. Wil
I liam C. Vates, Mrs. M. E. Fitzgerald,
Cecil J. Dowd. John C. McNeil, Elmer
F Sauer. Raymond Rocca, Leo Rocca,
[Carroll V. Fisher. Mrs. Johanna Gar
I vev, Mrs. T. P. Davinder. Mr. and Mrs.
i John M. Kirby. Peter I.oftus. W. H.
Whittlesey, jr.. Mrs. J. McCann. D. I.
McCoy. William W. Fowler, Mary fc?.
t Fowler, Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Flannery,
Grover Fowler, Sarah M. C. Songhram,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Stoutenburgh.
Charles R. McGee. Isabel J. MoOee,
Mrs. N. RafTerty. Mrs. l.ouise Licti
horn, Joseph A. RafTerty. Mr. and
I Mrs. D. Foley, Mr. and Mrs. M. A.
Rattlgan. Mr. and Mrs. Charles T.
Ferry. Mr. and Mrs. John Ferry, Al
phonsus Rogers. Miss Susan B. \N
Edith V. Rupertus, Mr.- and Sirs.
Charles N. Gesper, Alma Guthrte. Eu
gene C. Guthrie. Mary D. ('u,t>n,?
Mary M. Gray. J. W. TJ' T
Heare. Francis Guthrie. Miss U H.
Gerry W. A. Buscher. Thomas J. Gib
bons Mr. and Mrs. Carl S. Goetzinger.
and Margaret F. Goetzinger.
Deaths Reported.
The following deaths h?re been reported to
the health department In the last twenty-four
b0VIh? w White 72. 1111 C street northeast.
S, E C.mll ?, St. Elizabeth's Hoa
PlWMlt?m T. Culbojre, 32, 84 M atreet.
JoBeph Ferrero, 60, Georgetown University
H?l"!hJnna J. McGrnth. 02. 6*9 Quebec atreet.
Theresa Masalno 07, 220 Arthur Pl??
Theodora K. Heupel, 78, 1480 Madleon
"itokrt H. Fueha, 78. 2518 Hall place.
Lola K. Hsrr, 5, 8224 Park place.
Carrie Powell. 82, 883 Acker atreet north
ea?Uchard SchrosRlna, B0, Freedmen'l Hoa
p"jaines Tarrer, 20, 218 1> atreet.
Jacob Brown, 65, St. Ktlaabeth'a Hospital.
! CnrrW Harris. 4S. 2271 Rth atreet.
Celester LWitfoot, 17. 1 Bellvleu court.
F l'erry (Jueeu, 4 months, 20 t, street.
! Matilda Richardson, 85, S424 Reservoir
' court.
CHICAGO, May 22.?Brig. Gen. Clar
ence M. Bailey. U. S. A., retired, died
here today. Gen. Bailey was born in
New York In 1841 and began his- mill
tary career as a lieutenant in t*he 6th
! United States Infantry in 1861. He
was retired in 1899.
NEW YORK, May 22.?Qua C. Rod
der, veteran newspaper reporter, died
todav at his home Brooklyn after
an Illness of six months. For thirty
I thr.se years he was on the news Stan
ofAie World, during which time his
geif5-al news assignments earned him
to all parts of the country.
DENN1S0K. We with to thank relative* an?1
friends for th?*tr sympathy and beautiful
floral offerings at the d? ath of d*ar wife and
JENKINS. We wish to extend our sincere
thanka t<? our relative*, friends and neigh
bors for their kindix-ss and sympathy during
the illness aud d^atli of mv d?ar husband.
KOBEKT IV JENKINS, and also for the
many beautiful floral tributes.
SCOTT. T wish to thank my friends, tlie mem
bers of the Morning Star I^odgp and Forrest j
T"mple Lodge of Elks for their sympathy and
Iteautlful floral tribute* at the death of in>
husband. HEN It V SCOTT.
HALL?HIOGINS. The nwrriag* of Mi??
ELEANOlt HIGGISS. daughter of t apt. Hob
ert Barnard Iliggins. I". S. N.. <-f Itockvillc. |
Md.. and Mr. < I?A It ENCE EVEItETT IIA 1.1.
of Nlantic. Cunn.. to<?k place at Hartford,
rutin., May 13. Miss Higgins was a v?..tu.u>
I". S. N.. and Mr. ilall wa< attached tu the;
2nd L*. S. Cavalry. * (
DaVIS. At Hartford. O.im . May I-'-"
(irn. J M. K. PAVUS. I'. S. A. rrtlrr.1
Funeral will Ink*1 place at ArlillKtun M'mtlav.
May 24, at 11 o'clock a.m. -3*
DREW. Departed thin I if.- Saturday. May
1 at ;(i? p.1,1.. at lirr rcsulcMrc. lrtM K
st.-n ? KI>1K beloved ilalighter .>f 1(1. hard
T. anil Nora H. I>lf?. Nolle. "f faneral
GOODMAN. Saturday. May 22. 1S?2U. at Iter
residence. 11305 Isth st. n.w.. MAUTIIA
beloved wife of Iwuae H. Goodman. Funeral
Monday at 11 a.m. from 23<?."i 18tli at.
JONES. Departed this lif?* In full triujuph of
faith. Fiiduy. May 21. IO. at 11 ?*? a.m..
at her residence, lird st. *.w.. CAKBIC
I*. JONKS i nee Carterl. the beloved daugh
ter of Melvina farter. She leaves to mourn
their loss a devoted mother, an aunt and a
host of relatives and friemis. Funeral from
her late residence Tuesday. May 25, at 1
p.m., thence to Zlon Baptist t'htireh. F st.
Ih-i. 3rd ami 4',<j sts. n.w, Relatives aud
friends Invited to attend. Interment at
Wooillawu cemetery. Hex. W. J. Howard,
pus to.-. !!"??
McCORMICK. Friday. May HI. 1020. EDWABD
W.. be.oved huslraud of Fannin ( . Met'or?*
tuick. Funeral sc. vice* at the parlors of
| ??. Jt. Jenkins. W03 H m. n.w.. Monda>. M*^
I "4. at 3 p.m. Interment at Congressional
cemetery. ?
0 DONNELL. Saturday. May 22.11*20. at the res
idence of Mary Elliert Turner. 11 2."i I st. n.e..
THOMAS 41* DON N ELL. Funeial Monday.
May 24. at U:30. Bequlem mass at Holy Name
Church. Interment at Mount till vet cemetery.
PABKE. On Saturday. May 22. 192". FRAN
CIS J., beloved huslmnd of Myrtle M. Park**.
Funeral from his late residence. 1432 V st.
n.w., ?n Monday, May 24. at h:3?> a.m.
Requiem mass at St. Paul's Church at 9
o'clock. Relatives ami friends invited. In
terment Mt. Olivet cemetery. 23*
RICHARDSON. Friday. May 21. 1020, at 11
a.m., Ma J. A. ?. G. RICHARDSON, in h *
81st year.. Funeral services at Win. Lee's,
undertakers, Monday, May 24. at 10:30 a.tn.#
SCHAEFIER. Suddenly, Thursday, May 20.
1920, at Medford, Mans.. SUE. the beloved
wife of Eugene A. Schaefler and daughter of
Thoma * E. and the late Mary Elizabeth
Nyman. Funeral from nsideuce of Mrs.
Mary Schaetter, 1200 C st. n.e., Mondav.
May 24, at 3 p.m. Interment Mount olivet.
District of Columbia and Maryland
?Partly cloudy, moderately warm
today; showers tonight or tomor
row; gentle to moderate east and
southeast winds.
Virginia?Partly cloudy today; to
morrow showers; moderate northeast
land east winds.
West Virginia?Cloudy today; show
ers tonight or tomorrow; cooler to
Yeaterday'a Temperature*.
Midnight, 65; 2 a.m., 64; 4 a.m.. 63;
6 a.m., 59; 8 a.m., 66; 10 a.m., 74; 12
noon, 75; 2 p.m.. 77; 4 p.m.. 78; 6 p.m.,
78; 8 p.m., 6?. Highest. 79; lowest. 59.
1 Relative humidity?8 a.m., 62; 2 p.m.,
39; 8 p.m., 56.
Rainfall <8 p m. to S p.m.). .n?; hours
of sunshine, 13.5; per cent of possible
suni hine, 90.
Accumulated deficiency of tempera
ture since JAuary 1. 1920, 18.3.
Deficiency of temperature since Jan
uary 1, 1920. 1.93.
Accumulated deficiency of precipita
I tion since January r. 1920. 2.03.
Deficiency of precipitation since May
1. 1920, 0.92.
! Temperature same date la8t year?
' Highest, 79; lowest, it.
Tide Table*.
(Compiled by United States coast and
geodetic survey.)
Todav?Low tide, 6:34 a.m. and 7:09
p.m.; high tide, 12:02 a.m. and 12:24
Tomorrow?Low tide, 7:37 a.m. and
S:07 p.m.; high tide, 1:02 a.m. and
1:24 p.m.
The Sun and Moon.
Today?Sun rose. 4:49 am.; sun sets,
7:20 p.m. ...
Tomorrow?Sun rises, 4:49 a.m.; sun
sets. 7:21 p.m.
Moon rises, 10:38 a.m.
. Automobile lamps to be lighted one
i half hour after sunset.
Weather In Varioua Cities.
Asheville. X. C. .... *?*
Atlanta. ?a ?4 ?
Atlantic City. V J.. ??
Baltimore, Mil *? "* ?? ??
Bismarck. X. D ? ^ "03
Boston. Mass 52 #? 48 3 ?t.
Buffalo. X. V ? ?? ?
Chicago. Ill <? >}-, ?
Cincinnati, Ohio ....-80 -jj ?*
Cfae/enne, Wyo 5S ?** J
Cleveland. Ohio ..... TO . ??
Davenport. Iowa .... 8L Jt. s. .
Denver. Colo T2 M ft2 O.06
Des Moines. Iowa ... 0 1H
Detroit, Mich 74 W *?- ? ?
; Duluth. Minn M 4S M 1.70
j El Taso. Te* Mi ?0 S4 ....
Galveston. Tex. .. S2 ?4 ^
Helena. Mont ?? 38 ?V
Indianapolis. Ind. ... 78 *>2 ????
Jacksonville, Fla. ... 84 ????
Kansas City. Mo. ... 80 74 ^2 ....
Little Rock. Ark 90 70 Wt ....
Los Angeles. Calif... 70 I>8 M ....
Marquette. Mich. ...* 74 46 ?8 ....
Memphis. Tenn 86 ?2 S4 ....
Miami. Fla 8U ?R 70
Mobile. Ala 52 70 82 ....
New Orleans. La. ... 70 72 M ....
New York, N. Y.... 78 f?8 r?8 0.in
North Platte. Neb... 80 04 02 . ..
Omaha. Neb 84 70 ti..?0
I'hiladelphia. Pa. ... 80 00 OS 0.12
Phoenix. Ariz WJ
Pittsburgh. Pa 70 ,"?(> 70 ....
Portland. Me . 40 40 44 1.88
Portland. Ore 00 42 f?0 ....
Salt Lake City. Utah 70 52 ?0 0.M
St. Louis, Mo 88 00 82
St. Paul. Minn 80 00 00 o 44
j San Antonio. Tex.... 80 00 82 ....
J San Francisco. Calif. 04 48 f?8
1 Springfield. Ill 84 00 7*
i Tampa, Fla 80 00 78 ....
j Toledo. Ohio 80 54 OK
j Vicksbtirg. Miss 88 72 84
WASH.. D. C 7!* 0O
j Louisville, Ky 80 02 74 ....
Births Reported.
!The following births har* l?een reported t??
the health department iu the last twenty-four
_ hours :
Mortimer F. and Mary K. Geary, girl.
Ahram H. and Maggie H. Lugenbell. l?oy.
Milton L. and Emma 1?. Phillips, lK?y.
Ix?uis C. and Olive F. Beall. b??v.
Harry L. and Edna L. Freer. l?oy.
Luigi and Maria Puggioli, girl.
Henry and Elisabeth Gaskins. l>oy.
Ernest B. and Bertie Jones, boy.
Jpsse F. and Cora Harley, boy.
Charlea H. and Gladys H. Neale, boy.
James and (Carrie Hawkins. I toy.
John H. and Cornelia More, boy.
| Reorganization of Work Results in
General Office.
Reduction of the clerical force of
the office of the quartermaster gen
eral of the Army from 1,664 to 630
has caused a reorganization of that
office. Certain activities, such as re
quirements, finance, contracts and
general statistics, have been taken
out of the purchase division and
placed in a new division, called the
control division, with MaJ. J. R. R.
Hannay In charge.
Independent divisions are In charge
of the following named officers:
General administrative division,
I,leut. Col. W. E. Horton; personnel
division, Col. John S. Chambers; gen
eral service division. Col. M. J. Henry:
remount division. Col. F. S. Arm
strong; cemeterlal division, Col.
Charles C. Pierce, and surplus prop
erty division, Col. A. W. Yate^
Ordered to Duty Here.
Capt. George C. Day. at the Naval
War College, Newport, R, I., has been
ordered to thla city for duty In the
office of naval operation*. Navy Ve
xvUBcat. '
STEWART. FrM?T. May 21, 1020. ?<
i.viork M(il.UC In.. FltZK*raldl, b?lwo
wife of lb.- lato W.lt.r St.wnrt. Itin.r.1
from hT lnt*? residence. 914 N ?t. n.w . Mon
day. May 24. at U a.m.. thence to Immaculate
Conception Churcn where hleh requiem ma*?
will he sunp. Ilelatite* and friend! inTit?d
to attend. Automobile funeral. 33
BK00KEH. In 1'vtne l-iit <u<1 r^m?mbrt?r? "f
n,v mother. MAHTIIA HKOOkKR. whn
,,?????,t ...it "f tlil- lif. -? twenty-six
year# ajro today, May 23. 18W4
In that home ??f fadeW* Iwauty
Mother N now ?'? *?hinlnj: siar.
Dwelling In the holy city
Willi tin* golden tr*t.? ?Jar
in it i,ovin?; i? ai?<iitek, mamil non
si in.
BR00KER. In 1"> in- r.ni.ml>r.n--. ?f n>y
lirt-l ii.-r J AMKS IlltOOklUI ?1n> <li"i >"
rittnlmrgli. I'n . Jmitprt 1?1"
1 <-:tnn.'t f?.rs"' 'I.ar bruUwr.
\Vli(l?' !n tlii? w-rM I ?'?.*
O.Hi iluni' kii'i* ? my
SIn-f vou ] .
f?u? UIVIMi SISU.lt. MAMIE I"1
BUNDY. Ill "III I'll' :n?t rM?n-iiil>r?ni-? of our
,|.nr inclli'T mil* .ml *r?ndmoth?r. wxit.
KINKY ?li" '!? I'.ni-d 'lii? !?'?? rtv'' ."'?r* aK"
t.?L>. May J.'t. mi"'
Thrr. nr. tuauy m-I tlimja in " world of
It?jt th?? saddest of all t" part.
For the tongue caunot tell when It utter*
of the >adm>s It leave?t in tlie hear*.
We ntvou, dear grandma. hut Uod knew
He knew *011 v. re tired and tjceded rear.
And when mi earth we breath" n" inore
We hope to meet you d.n tlo- h-awnU *
I.IIVIMJI.V. Ill" I'M '??'H'.yvlmHU
Ml!< I I HIM'V AM' i.l.AM" Hlb
CARR. In nd I'll I"''* rMiw-mlw.ni-. ..f my
?lf. Mr.. S A It All f'AltU. ?iiu dl-d one
.v.-ar >?" I'jday. M ijr IB. i'.'l'-'
My llionslita nr. ?'*?*? to '!??
j*ra\e *o far away.
Where my darling wife 1- Ijlng in her
peaceful and lonely grave.
I never can forget you. dear wife, while In
this world I stay,
<;?d only k-i"?s my feeling aluee you have
passed away.
CARR. In memory of S.MtAII ' AKH. ?i."
died one year ago today, May 113. 11*19.
The mouth of May once more la here.
To iia t if ?a?Me?l of tie- war.
Because one year ago today
Our darling Sarah pa-sed away
IIKK l.o\ 1N<; Mc*TIlKlt AM' KROTHLU,
CHASE. In loving remembrance r*f my dear
1,'i.lMnil. 11A V111 I'.. (HASE.wlodriiarted
this life ten years ago today. May -J. lJlu.
Itut still I mlsa you. ......
! COATES. In ?ad l?ut loving remembrance
my dear husliand. .IOSF.PII 1 OAT TvS, who
died one year ago today. May 113. 1911*.
I oft??n ?it and think -?f thee
When I am all a'.one.
For memory Is the only thing
That grief ? an ? all Us own.
The blow was hard, the ?hork severe
To part with one I loved >o dear.
Hut in my lieart you will remiin
Fntil in iieaven we meet again.
I i-an never f<?rg**t you. dear lmshand.
While in this w*.rld 1 stay:
Uod only knows my fe.-llt:?:s
Since vou have passed a?ay
ins iikvutkii win:, sahib toatks.
DODEK In ?? l lull loviug n-m.mltr.no* of m?
dear l,iifl?nd HYMAN IHIKEK. who d-lMrt
ed thin ltf. two v.iir* a jo. May 23.
'Tis sweet to le* rememl**red.
And pleasant "tis to find
That though you may be a?e.ent
Vou ?till are kept In mind.
DODEK. Saered to the memory of our devoted
father. HYMAN I?Ol*EK. who passed away
two years ago. May 23. 1918.
Hear father, on you we eouid alwnye depend
And know we had one true fnend.
And the time on earth you i-pent
Your heart and affections to us were lent.
T"nloved and forgotten l.v some you may be.
Hut the grave that eon (a ins you is saered
to uw.
Father, how sweet to breathe your name.
In life we loved you dearly, iu death we do
the *ame.
DODEK. A saered tribute nf lore and memory
of our dear brother. HYMAN I?Ol?F.K. who
entered into rest two years ago. May 2S,
1918. .
He faded awav like the atars in the meming.
Thai U?se their light in the g'.orious sun;
He faded away softly and gently.
Hut Iip will always l?e rememliered for what
lie has dore.
JOHNSON. In loving memory of our son.
FREDERICK F. JOHNHON. who left us -w
suddenly one year ago today. May -3. 1919.
'Tnknown and forgotten hy ?.ome he may be^
Hut the grave that contains him is sacred
KNAPP. In sad but loving rem?-mbranee
our dear mother. EMILY KATE KN APP (r\m
Rightstinel. who departed tjiis life three
years ago today. May 23, 1911.
A precious one from u? is gone.
A voice we loved is stilled.
A place ia vacant in our home
That never can l?e tilled
i MARSHALL. A saered tribtite of b?ve ??d
1 memory" ?f Y>,,r dear sister and daughter.
SARAH MARSHALL whose young life pasted
away three years ago today. May 23. 1917. -?
She faded away like tlie stars in the morning.
1 That lose their light in tlie glor.ous sun.
j She faded away softly and gently.
! Sleep on. dear Sarah. :^<1 when on earth we
breatlie no more.
i We hope to meet vou on the heavenly shore.
| SCHXJLZE. In loving memory of our de*r
father and grandfather. ALBERT E.
8CHFLZE. who died sixte<'u jeurs ago today.
May 23. 1WH.
I only ask to lire each day
So when life's course is done
That I may meet my dear father and mother
j In the land lieyond the sun.
' WARTHEN. In loving memory ?.f our dear
baby. MARY CAROLYN, who died five years
ago today. May 23. 191."..
WILSON. Sacred to the memory of my devoted
father, who died one year ago today. May 18.
1919. fn Mount Morris, N. Y.. and also my
dear mother, who died three years ago. Jan
uary 17, 1917.
'Tis sweet to be rern<*ml?ered.
And pleasant 'tis to find
That though you may Ih> absent
You still are kept in mind.
I Jr.
412 H st. n.e. Phone Lincoln 524.
Modern Chapel. Automobile Funerals.
J. WILLIAM LEE. Funeral Director
and Embalm* r. Livery in connection. Commo
; dions chapel and modern ? rcmatorium M.<d?n
j priees. 332 Pa- i.ve. n.w Tel. rail. M. !3.VV.
Frank Gcier's Sons Co.,
! Modern Chapel. Telephone call. North r?29.
Timothy Hanlon,
641 II ST. N.E. Phone L. 5543. j
317 Pa. Ave. S.E.
Modern Chapel. I.iiKoln 142.
Private Ambulance.
Livery in Connection.
tJqsfphGavleits fyQNd
1730-32 Penna. Ave. N.W.
Joseph F. Birch's Sons
13034 M St. N.W. 522-RlSr
Automobile Service.
1Z08-H Street N W
(FanMERi-Y- o T&tJJKO C
^VltSpeare, CJMchds. WR&poan
Charles S. Zurhorst
301 East Capitol Street
E?t?b. 1857. Phong Ll.roln m.
Appropriate Floral Tokens
At tl.tto?
Prompt aulo d.llrery ??rrlc?.
Gude Bros. Co^ 1214 F St.;
Artl.ll. I'lanl PmIiw. PopfUr frito.
' Washington Floral G>., ^
itth and X. X. At*. tUla 100.

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