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Jane Stuart, our expert shopper, 1
for you. Phone or write and your
will be done with care and promptne
Most women need no urging
what unusual economies are pos
ua? onuppiii^ -11 ami vi i v?r >u?.v ?
ordinarily, because we try to ma
do two days' business in one. W
holidays; the store closes for tfi
Serge and Flannel
Middy Blouses
Special, $4.95
For girls and misses. Splendid quality
serges and flannels with braid trimmed
collar and cuffs and emblem on
sleeves. A!1 wool and specially priced
at $4.95.
Girls* Middy Skirts, $4.95?Plaited
models with waist line. In all-wool
serges and plaids. Sizes 6 QC
to 14 years
R Gym Bloomers, $2.95?Made of fine
quality black sateen and patent snap
fasteners. Specially priced C'} Q5
for Friday ^
Serge Bloomers, special <CC AA
! for Friday ^
Third Floor.
$6.95 Brushed Wool Scarfs
Smart for wear now when the evenings
j are cool. These are 2 yards long, and 27
I inches wide, fringed ends. Colors?blue,
I peacock, brown and oxford with Persian
$2.50 and $3.00 Venice Lace Collars, $1.50?
Long, straight styles, also round shapes, in
an excellent assortment of fine dj | C/"|
laces; each ^ 1
EXTRA SPECIAL?Collars and Collar and
Coif Sets?Of ne and organdie; also pink,
blue and tan organdie; many styles;
> special Friday only /VC
First Floor.
Lansburgh Linens
Quality for 60 Years
Remnants and Odd Lots at
Greatly Reduced Prices
A large assortment of Slightly Soiled
and Massed Linens, including All-linen
and Mercerized Table Damask in 1 to
"2t/ ?a ? 1 xt 1 t t
\J~/2 lentil!?, dI5U iNdpKlllS, iOWCIb,
Covers, Scarfs, White and Natural Linens,
Crashes, etc., all at greatly reduced
I-Hrnl Floor
$15.75 All-Layer Felt
Mattress, $12.98
Covered with desirable brown art ticking.
Resilient and comfort assured beI
cause of high class filling and proper
workmanship. A capital Bedding product,
so why say more.
{Ml Part Wool Steamer Rag, $5.66?Suitable
for traveling shawl as well as auto
robe. 75% wool, fringed styles, dJC AA
good colors v*7?00
... $16.06 Gray Blankets, $8.77 Pair?F or single
or three-quarter bed, with pink and
blue borders, wide binding. Special ? Q
for Friday &0,JJ
, 111 $12.00 White Part-Wool Blankets, $9.88?Size
76x84. With pink and blue borders.
Very heavy weight, closely woven. QQ
Note the size
Ripplette Dimity Spreads, $3.27?First quality.
Size 81x90. Ideal for year round "T7
$10.00 Satin Marseilles Spread, $7.77?Three
beautiful designs, fully finish - $7 77
j Sixth Floor.
New Aut
These llats are new and the i
are Tailored Hats, Small Hats, Lar
could wish. Styles for matrons an
T?i*te nfAAfM' P.rirwe Alf
I CXI I. *7, wiuwpj L,i i"?f? AUUOUIUU1I13,
Hat becomingly trimmed.
SeeoaCI Fhw tA
-" hop I T A"kTCfT>
y LANod
ning wit h bargai
^ <mjr I I
?r$i H 1
to shop here on Friday?they know
;sible on that day?and with Saturriday,
values are even better than
ike it worth your while to help us
e thoroughly enjoy our week end
le week tomorrow at 6:00.
50c Plaid Gingham
27 Inches Wide
29c Yard
One style and one color combination,
but higbly desirable for children's school
dresses. Tomorrow any quantity you
wish, while it lasts, at 29c yard.
^?aa Ci_2 J cm. ? tl it
Pi.M'u v7u ^UA*w?rp rvpuu, js*?t ?
36 inches wide; very fine, high luster. Colors
?brown, .green and white, at, ... $1.48
First Floor.
$7.50 English Longcloth
10-Yard Piece
A superior fine, soft chamois finish
English Longelot.h 36 inches wide.
Comes in full 10-yard pieces.
75c. White Mercerized Nainsook, yard, 59c
?Very fine quality for lingerie; 34 inches
wide, and special for Friday only CQ.~,
at. yard
59c White Pajama Checks, yard, 39c?
Soft pajama check mull; 36 inches
wide/special Friday, yard O5/C
Flrot Floor.
Notions Reduced
Bnndle Hairpins?Each bundle con+
in clroiflrlit i M A 4 A
?.<tuiO 'JV II* oil O'ftnv ?.?V? .-?
crimped styles 1 "C>
Snap Fasteners?Black and white; |
assorted sires. 5 dozen for lit'
Nickel-plated Safety Pins?In all sizes. A ~
Specially priced for Friday T't
Mercerized Darning Cotton?In assorted
colors only. Friday only, a C/-?
spool vv
Daisy Snap Fasteners?All sires; 'ljjblack
and white. Special Friday. .1 doz., awaJt'
Skirt Gauges?These have chalk attaehed.
For Friday only && t
Asbestos Iron Holders?Good and C
heavy. 3 for t
Children's Skeleton Waists?With garters
attached. For Friday only UaJt'
Lingerie Tape?In assorted colors- | 'J _
For Friday's selling only I
Steel Hair Curlers?Good quality,
with two on card. Special, & cards .. t
First Floor.
House Dresses, $2.95
House and Porch Dresses, made of fine
voiles, percales and gingham. In stripes
and fancy figured effects-.
Values up to $5. Special for OS
$3.95 Children's Dresses, $2.95?Made of
good quality gingham, in plaids and stripes,
with, sashes and pockets. Sizes AP
7 to 14. Friday only
Up to $4?5 Neglige Gowns, $1.95?In white
and colored voiles, cross-bar and dimity
and dotted swiss. Large pockets, belts and
girdles. Special for Fri- $1.95
Bargain Table?Maia Floor.
$1.25 Envelope Chemise, 99c?Made of flesh
batiste with dainty shirred yokes and lace insertion.
Hemstitched stripe on shoul- Art
der. Special for Friday
99c Corset Covers, 49c?Made of fine nainsook,
camisole models and prettily trimmed with
fine val laces. Special Friday,
$5.95 Night Robes, SljM^-Made of good quality
crepe de chine, with lace and gg AA
rtoArwoHa n'wniPlI WftlfFg _ _ aPdJalfl f
Third Flwr.
umn Hats
?of Velvet and Velvet Combined
With Davetyn, in Block and
Rich Autumn Colors
This assortment will bring- home
the fact that this store overlooks no
opportunity to provide the smartest
styles at the lowest price.
nodels are the latest for fall. There
ge Hats?in fact, any kind of Hat one
d misses; in soft off-the-faee effects;
, Narrow Brim Sailors, etc. Every
iwknik A BeeOww
?imnirriiTi 1 n m
ns?and on ite
* 1
j ,. =
...... '
With torn
Every Pair Perfect?
Here's the opportunity
Hosiery, when Pure-thres
silk and toes, soles and h:
wear-resisting lisle are off
They are sheer, evenly
ity, the extreme in value gi
Come prepared to b
readily recognize the sav
have recently paid for si
! Wash Dresses Mu
; Now, the End=of=the=Season Sacrific
the House; Dresses Formerly Price
*4/t/ ctiivi i|/J
A final clearance of all Wash Dress*
profits completely forgotten. Dresses tha
for two, three and even four times the sel
are included in these two ridiculous pri
whether you need them or not, buy three *
them away for next summer. But come eat
tion and savings are greatest. Sizes for wot
Seeoad flow?Umkurrt * Broth
$3.50 Chiffon
$2.29 yar
A high-grade All-silk Chiffon Dress 1
egant finish. 36 inches wide. Offered ir
Nile Crocus Quaker
Pink Jade Nickel
Maize Old Rose Jap Blue
Turquoise Tan Drake *
Coral Wine Sapphire
Midnight Blue Blue Devil Copen
TkM Floor?Laaafcarnfc A Broth*
$2.98 Lingerie B]
Three hundred blouses in 24 styles.
White Voiles and Organdies, with rolling
trasting shades, Peter Pan, round and squ;
some embroidered; others trimmed in fin*
number of smart tailored models. Choic
short sleeves. Sizes 36 to 46.
Bamatm Table?Mate Fleer.
100 Pairs
Scrim Curta
$3.75 Value J
Friday we will offer just 100 pairs of
Marquisette Curtains, trimmed with lace
sertions. When they are gone, so is the
buy them at $2.75 a pair.
S6J5 Figured Armure Portiere* Assorted
API atijf fiaiianc TTm^om *jir
? ? ? ? ? ? * < * <
99JS Onus Rags?Attractive stenciled desi
perfect qualities; note the size, 9x12 feet. Fr
Frartk Plooi.
Ribbon Remnants, 31
An accumulation of short lengths of
ribbons, including Satin, Mojre, Taffeta and
Every piece in a usable length. Choice of
Rainbow Ribbons?variety of colors, smart
Isoles, sashes and hair bows; light colors only
yard ? '["I'MiiiiiiiMiTTiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, u
nut Floor,
ms of everyda
orrow comes this wondi
hioned S
Choice of Black or White
to replenish your supply of Sills
Ld Silk Stockings with tops o!
igh-spliced heels of reinforced
ered at $2.00 a pair.
knitted, pure-thread silk qual
ving being apparent at a glance
uy at least three pairs; you'll
tngs as compared to what you
ockings no better-?if as good.
First Floor?Lansburgh &
lst G?! Won
e! Choice of T T i/11
d Up to $45! , p
10 for B
We urge even
jANDIES Nothing in the wa
GHAMS season prices are
) SILKS lf y?u do you'n p
:s! Costs and
t formerly spld j
lling prices?all
ices, euy now, B^P
ar four and put ' 1#|T
ly, while selec- ^^1%
nen and misses. Satin
Satin; soft, eli
the following V
tieire - . Mjm
Myrtle H
Khaki Sp<
Shirts, $1.,
I/\ilPAr Also White Madr
LUUOCd. Striped Percale
all with sport colla
short sleeves. Si:
to 14.
Printed Voiles, Blue. Cbamb
collars of con- Shirts, $1?
are neck lines; Tonuiown militar
- lace. Also a tara Tlvese shirt
e of long or launder and wear
c; Ml/ a_ 14
| oiica 10 y\
ins Perca
r5 Neglij
fine Scrim and
edges and in- C
opportunity to ^
? 54*50 The assortmen
fSlV *%co?rA: ****"? ^ <
J $7.50 desire.
They are shirti
for lots more?an
m - measurements, whi
>c yard 14,0,7
higher quality ?A
fancy ribbons. Athletic Shirt* an
light and dark pajami check muslin
cloths; broken sizes
effects f?r cam- Choice ??? ??twrt?tt
: 85c # ??&
84c and 49c. Friday* <
K . .
?as advertised
Post, are play:
Victrolas. We
y importan
zrful offering of W
>ilk Stc
: Brother
Final Cut of ti
derful S
oys and ^
f thrifty parent to take ini media
lv of savings to equal it for mc
ou^.^.11.. i xt ?- 11- - x:?
ai'nui uia.1 \y iow. i\uw me urn
rofit tremendously in quality an
With the Opening of School B
This Sale Should Have-Your
$12.00 and $l?
Norfolk Suits
^ Every Suit suitabl
heavy-weight fabrics?
xjwp? navy blue serges. All
in every style.
S $10.98 N
k) . Splendidly Made .1
wg\ able for fall. Smart t
y fully lined. All sizes, J
$32.50 to
Made of plain am
' ' breasted styles, in sizes
?rt $30.00 Suil
^ High-grade suits <
as and serges: single and doul
??' $22 JO Suit
zcs * Long Pants Suits i
fancy mixtures. Sizes
19 $2.98 Knicl
y cols
will Save a dollar on th
we^- throughout. Sizes 6 *tc
_____ Fifth n
, tomorrow, Men,'
le and Prii
gee Shirts i
t of fast-color striped patterns
>ffers wide choice to please aim
i of the better kind?which tisn;
d every shirt is made over s
eh insttre comfort and perfect fit
nd These Final Cle
4 Knee-length Pants, ot Id
t, plaid madras and plain some
. Formerly 85c. ?g
and Panto?Forest Mills Yon'
en sizes. Usually CA? but e
choice^, At U
Dlrot fmrt Eatn <* <
ocalion Records
in this week's Saturday Evening
ible on Vocalions; Grafonolas and '
sell them.
>ckings -
w-.-fi t II
he Season
uit Values
foun? Men 3
te advantage of this opportunity. jj
inths to come. These final-cut-of-the- !|l
e to buy?and to buy for months ahead. |j|
d value. I
iut a Month Away ? I
Fullest Attention I
LOO Boys' $9.95
e for fall wear, made of high-grade,
-cassimeres. cheviots ind tweeds, also j
sizes, 7 to 17 years, but not every size
orfolk Suits, $7.95
V rvr t I - Qmtc mivfurnc cmt_ !
>elted models; knickcrbocker trousers,
7 to 18 years, but not in every style.
Men's Suits
iatly Reduced!
$40.00 Suits, $27.50
j fancy mixtures; single and double
33 to 40.
ts Reduced to $22.50
:>{ woolen cassimeres and navy blue
>le breasted,
ts Reduced to $15.00
1' *
Cor big boys; single breasted styles of
16 to 19.
ter Trousers, $1.98
ese well-made trousers?they are-lined
> 18 years.
Nl^Uitarfk A Brother
You can buy these
ited Madras
is un3s
t any
:. Size $
arance Prices:
le Laundered Cellars?Varied styles, and
: very smart styles, too. Your size
obably here. A standard 25c grade. |
iiletic Union Softs?In smaller sizes only.
11 readily see they are worth much more;
inly sizes 34,36 and 38 are here. d?| g?
?? I'lol.O J
. ' - . 4 '
V *

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