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I Closed Saturdays 1
I Friday Ends ti
|\f ~ - x?es<?- |
Sale of Women's
Low Shoes
J-'riday niyht. at our 71 li Street Store, tl
this liio^l sensational sale of W omen's Lou Sh
ever known. It is a chance to buy shoes of <
quality at 1-^ to 1-4 of their value?and even
Included are "short lines" of White Sizes are ba
Reigrnskin?some White Kid and take your rha
N" ihuck?Patent Leather. Brown Kid But there won
and Calf Pumps, Strap Effects and portunity in n
Oxfords. Both Ix>uis heel and walk- Friday e ver
in^ heel models. our 7th Street
il Any of Our Women s "Shot
|| White Pumps at Children
I $3.45 $
F'nal choice of :i 11 r?niaininR On the Tth.
"White Pump??regardless of former tables,.-?a few
price*!. Also all remaining "short and Childrei
lines' of this summer's splendid Oirls' Pumj
Novelty Ixmv Shoes in all leathers. white, black
|?s| Kinds that have been to $14. leathers. S:
1 RamM "Gr?-Nu"" Sch??l Sh
m JllCttUj o Walking Boots and
Boys' and Girls'
Good Wearing ?_,
Sandals and Play Oxfords,
$1.45 Jf
Boys' and Girls' Barefoot Sandals . i
and Play Oxfords. Final mark-down. A
111 "The Standard of Its Field"
j j ^
Our Special Hi 1
[ City-Wide Sale H
\ Ends Tuesday mjjM
Only 4 More Days to C/r
Profit by This Special
Order Now
| WONLY $10 DOWN-*
cuaruk mu lviontniy i-hak?k
J The Thor lias won the stamp of world leadci
ship bv fourteen years of faithful service.
j docs the average family washing in about a
1 hour, at a cost of approximately 3 cents for elc<
Find out about and order your THOR b<
fore this sale ends.
There will be absolutely no interest charg
J on the deterred payments, and, whether you bu
vour THOR from us or any of the dealers her
listed, these KXCKHDIXtiLY LOW THRM
i Order Today If Possible
i e;^r national eu
Motorist JlIPPLY CC
Until Labor Day. |
ie Big Sales! ^
dl.v broken. Vou must
noes of setting fitted. ?8)
1't be another such up- JBBjpl ^
nany a "blue moon." j?MHV?9p 1 ?S
ling ends the sale at ^
s Low Sfioes V^
brown and patent Yf ^
cs art badly broken. *f??>
oes, Women's New ^
"Brogue" Oxfords ll
? I
n's Oxford Sale |
Knds Friday night and has born one ?ss
of The most successful men's sales we ever ?8
conducted. But It's a "pipe" to get men S?
coming In rroivda Vrhen frguliir S7.5<), SS.SO ?
and *10 Oxford* are practically given ?
atray?nt W.95 pair! w
Dcn't fail to get yours .tomorrow. -85
Sizes are now somewhat broken, but you s?5
will probably be able to get fitted?and S|fc
you ought to buy several pairs at iikt.95. :?S
1914-16 Pa. Ave. ||
^ 7tb 8t K 233 PaAve-S.L I
*-pu iu ?. nr
m t{((fi'M^^TttStBSSBrf ?:~*:; (a H^l
(E. Anforman
Arcada Markat
Edw. R. Bataman.
1410 Irving Rt N. r..
Joaaph Borrai
x S002 Mt. Plaaaant Rt. R,W,
E. F. Brook* Company
813 14th St, N W
J. D, Canipball,
517 10th Rt W W
r- Capital Elaotrlo c?
1525 14th Rt. I ll
It t. L. Clllkt
1242 Wisconsin A??. ? W.
11 Lloyd R. Colhfl'.w.i
2918 14th Ht II W
Dul.n ti Martin
1215 r St. M.MJ. .
0. R. Era*a U B,?
720 13th St. N.V?
John R. Hopklne
3618 M St. N.W
George W. Jore,
1414 Park Road N.W.
Modern Electric Shop
1411 U St. N W
John J. OdetMvnld
;c 1209 H St. R.w.
Premier Service Co.,
V 704 10th St. N.W
Harry J. Scharr.
'C 711 13th St. N.W.
.. N. D- Staughton.
rt 224 Holly Avenue,
Takoma Park.
TurUeviUe It Hording
709 12th St. N.W.
Washington Electric Co.
21 H St. N.W.
White tc Boyer,
812 13th St. N.W.
Suburban Electric Co.
I AUVIVVI11D, 4*1(1.,
Watkins 8c Wash ngton,
Alexandria, Va.
ectriCAI '"c
smpamv * ^ Electrical I
Japanese Association Decides
to Take Up California
Problem at Mass Meeting.
TOKIO. Aguet 25 (by the Associated
T'ress).?The "Association for the
Study of Foreign Policy" has decided,
according to the newspapers, to hold
a mass meeting and appeal to the
public on account of the anti-Japanese
agitation on the Pacific coast of the
I'nited States. Members of the association
in attacking the alleged lukewarm
attitude of the foreign office
toward the "California question." declare
that differences of race and religion
must be at the bottom of the
unti - Japanese movement.
They saj' there are indications that
the relations between Japan and the
I'nited States are growing worse over
China and Siberia, and announce their
intention to interview the American
congressmen now in the far east, with
a view to reaching an understanding.
Cdltion Printed in ^ngllNk.
In contrast with the recent antiVnu.H/.nn
*- " Hi inv no ill IIIC lie n o,
the leading independent newspaper.
Yomiuri, in the nature of a 'welcome
to the American congressmen in
Japan, lias issued a special illustrated
edition printed in English. This
newspaper declares editorially that
friendship between Japan and the
l'nitorl States is an indispensable condition
for the prosperity of either
nation. "The one incurring the hostility
of the other/' says this newspaper.
"will find it impossible to
thrive in east Asia or in the Pacific."
It adds that the "conspicuous proof
of the essential need of the American
and Japanese friendship is found in
the ties of commerce, which arc
growing with enormous rapidity."
Pcnr* Result of Tin Pricking.
Maaano Hanihira. vice foreign minister
and former second secretary of
the embassy at Washington, in an
article in the Yomiuri. says:
"Not that 1 sec any possible cause
for a clash between this country and
America, hut the sort of irritating
pin pricking that has been indulged
in on both sides, if it is permitted
to go on indefinitely, will. I fear,
create an atmosphere which may lead
to almost anything."
M. Hanihira urges going to the root
, e .11 r. ? ? ; A vtnri/iii, o ml ! n t i .1 u Tl .
Ul ill I rtlll l-niiui n-nn emu ~
anese agitation "with the ax of ruthless
publicity and thorough educal
All the contributors to the edition
of the Yomiuri urge the necessity ;
of a better understanding between
the two countries founded on mutual
West Virginia, Texas, New Mexico
Arlrnticae IfdlrA Portionlar I
auu Miaauaas auuuv % h? ?avw?h4
Rate Provisions.
CHARLESTON. W. Va , August 26
(by the Associated Press).? Railroad
rates for purely intrastate traffic, both
passenger and freight, will not be in- ,
creased in West Virginia, it has been j
announced by offtc-rs of the Chesa- '
peake and Ohio, Kanawha and Michi-I
gan and the O "*1 end Coke., a sub- !
siuiary of the i>?...inore and Ohio,
which .come jnto thin city.
AUSTIN. Te-x.. August 26.?Tho
Texas railroad commission has granted
the application of the "American
Railway Express Company for an advance
of It'1- per cent in intrastate
express rates, with the reservation
that the case he held open for modification
of particular rates which may
hereafter be found unreasonable. In
the opinion of the commission.
SANTA EE. N. M.. August 26 ?The
I'state corporation commission yester
day refused to grant any Increase in
Intrastates passenger rates, except on
I the i'ninrado and Southern rallroud
whore the faro has been 3 cents & i
mile-. I'nder the increase it will bo
3.6 cents e mile. Increases were {
granted on intrastate freight rates. j
FORT SMITH. Ark . August '-6.?Aj
temporary restraining order Whs {
granted yesterday by Federal Judge!
Frank A. Voumans here, enjoining j
the state of Arkansas from putting j
Into effect the law passed by the last j
legislature providing c heaper rates j
on intrastate shipments of road J
building materials. j
Universalists Note Church's 150th
Anniversary in America.
GLOUCESTER. Mass.. August 28 ? |
The 150th anniversary of the found-I
ins; of Universalistn in America by the J
Rev. John Murray was the occasion
today for a pilgrimage of thousands
of I'ni versa lists from throughout the
country to the old fishing port. I'ageants.
addresses, sermons and visits
to historhr shrines will he means of j
presenting I'niversalist history during
the celebration, which will continue
through next Sunday.
The exercises today were held in
I ihe First t'hurch. the humc of the oldjest
I'niversalist congregation In the
I United States. On succeeding day8
sc rvices will he held In tents at Stage
! I'ort Park, with the exception of sunj
rise services at I ho seashore.
National Association of Supervising |
Employes Indorses Proposal.
DETROIT. Mleh . Auscust 26.?The
National Association of Supervisory
Post Office Employes. In convention
here, approved a. rm IuhnIfkatiun of
postal employe* which Is to be submitted
to the Po?t Ofliee 1 'epartment
with the reuuest that It b|> adopted to
correct allotted inequalities In the postal
watte increase recently k ran led by
Con ttress.
The.proposal would amend exlstlau;
I salary unwluatlons of nsslstant superintendents.
foremen, distributors and
I special clerks.
All officers of tbo association were
! re-elected. Kwnsss city Is seeking
| the next convention.
: Harrison Asks Withdrawal of 12
Per Cent for Philippines.
| MANILA. Autrusl ?tlovernor (Jen1
II., ericoi. At M../1 , .a
it t'lttl lidilinun ' ? "MBIllllKllin KKIftV
j urciiiE withdrawal of 'natmetlnn* i<>
the Philippine National ItanK to 1 tiI
crease its Intereat rata from 0 to 12
per cent, t'thrr Manila hanks mulntain
that the 9 per cent rate should
be maintained hy the national hank,
a.s any Increase tvuul'l lie detrimental
to thcib hualnteaa.
i If A RROpSRI'lit 1. Kv? August L'fi
Ten iihii. nil armed tint] wearing
masks, held up two night watchman at
the Van Aradrll distillery. niiic miles!
north of I Inrroflshnrg. curly today,
rolled fifteen harrHfi of whisky out of
the warehouse to a waiting truck and
sped away Tim truck was traced to
this city, wlmre the trull was lost.
Hertford's Acid Phosphite.
!* very l?onettctal tor exhausted conditions
.'Uf.JLVLilCilt.-tt.VWurh ?rJiwainnia^Advdfti**Uil'ti
The H
were $<
$50 and $55.
Including Socie
Knowing Fellows
are buying them Ear
Hen s Mil
For Fall?
There's many reasons tha
and prudent men to buy their
for fall this early in the scasor
For one thing, we we
prepared AHEAD OF Ti
plete showing of models
And it's well to bet
standards of Reliability <
NOT be lowered, even a
raising the price when ne
And even if HAXAXS do
did, they COST LESS right in
because Thoroughgoing Yalu
and Unerring Style cannot be
and cents.
Tomorrow is
the Last Day?
20% <
on all Trunks,
Suit Ca
And that includes e
Trunk, Bag or Suit Case
one-fifth off the price.
?Trunk*. Third Floor. "*i
- ...
recht Co, Men's
Jffer Two Gooi
If) ft/Lrt Plint j#v>
JL'XSy JL I I'lA'l/
Now? $60 and
ty Brand Including
.50 $0
We've regro
?filling in the
from higher-pri
Every suit in
MORE than $
suit represents
weights for pres
PH & Your size is
T to buy one or t\
Friday morning
I 8rand (Ulnthra ??
A Strong Wind-b
j The Last Day of
i/ OF r
ine saie oj
IN Shoes
~Now rfl
t are causing thrifty Iff I i MI j
HANAN High Shoes I If ^
ire never to well ^ jr
ME with a com- Jr
and leathers. M
ir in mind that a $4.00 Manhattai
immovable?the ? $5.00 Manhattai
and Quality will f $6.00 Manhattai
t the expense of I $7.00 Manhattai
S8.00 Manhattai
510.00 Manhattai
cost more than they JJS.OO Manhatta
S16.30 Manhattai
ow than cheap shoes,
c. Supreme Quality ?< Una
measured m dollars
"Manhattan Made"
ity and dependable eh
We Don't Can
What They Co
Dff 100 Stra
Bags and marked t
fi ft
Why pack tl
, u , vear? We nev<
eery high-grade - such an ,
snnply deduct of ,
-Bags nnil Suit Cases. Main Floor. _
Seventh at F
re $50, $55,
$65. Now?
Society Brand
uped the suits in each lot
gaps with better models
ced lines.
the lot is worth wholesale
29.50 or $37.50. Every
a rrnnd invMtment?in
ent or fall wear.
here?and you're in luck
vo at either price. Ready '
at 9:15.
eren't afraid
ock up BIG!
tad Clothes
all Ready!
lers lacked the courage
hen you look over our
lection you will know
courage of our conviciVe
bought heavy, that /
ntain our reputation as
If it wasn't for our tremendous
stock, always on hand, of
.MANHATTANS, this last day
wouldn't mean so much.
n Shirts?Now $3.00
i Shirts?Now $3.75 '
i Shirts?Now $4.50
i Shirts?Now.. ... $5.25 I
t Shirts?Now $6.00
n Shirts?Now $7.50 i
n Shirts?Now $11.25
it Shirts?Now $12.35
lerwear?25% Off
and of the same fine qual- I
aracter as Manhattan Shirts. I
-UlU Flow. I
w Hats $1
o close 1
hem away till next
:r do, and that's why
jnusual value. Think
?Mala Floor.
- i'** All

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