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Mrs. Edward B. Russ Tells of
Efforts Woman's Club
Made for Betterment.
To the Editor of The Stir:
The subject of school conditions in
Washington has for some time past
been of keenest interest in all sections
of the city, but special attention
was called in your edition of Thursday
last to the deplorable state existing
in Petworth. Now I have no
quarrel with a large part of the subject-matter
of that article; indeed,
some of the statements are mild as
compared with the facts, but as this
article was given so prominent a
place I beg to protest the clause
which states that the "residents of
retworifl, However, are uut aviuywuing."
Let me assure your readers that
these residents of Petworth are not
so supine as that statement would imply.
They are complaining most bitterly
that they must, for even one
more day, endure existing conditions.
The school committee of the Petworth
Woman's Club worked all last
year before the committees of Congress,
the board of education and the
Commissioners of the District urging
the increased appropriation necessary
for the building of the addition to
the school'which is now under way
and which cannot possibly be adequate
for present needs.
Treatment Rather Cavalier.
These women were compelled to
submit to rather cavalier treatment
from some members of the congressional
committees who insisted that
statements of conditions must be ex,
aggerated. They were urged to visit
the school and see for themselves,
and it is a matter of record that when
they did finally make this visit Senator
Dillingham stated that of all the
schools visited that in Petworth was
in the most deplorable condition.
At the recent public hearing of
civic bodies before the board of education
the president of the woman's
club, Mrs. W. A. Wlnkelhaus, spoke
for Petworth, having previously, at
the request of the board, filed a brief
incorporating some of the needs of
the school. This brief contained an
urgent request for the purchase of
the entire property between the present
building and Georgia avenue for
playgrounds; that the assembly shall be
built at the earliest possible date; that
one of the portables (No. 7) be condemned
as unfit for use and removed, and that
the present old building be wired for
electricity, attention being called to
%uc invi, iuai incru arc aofioiuieiy no
lighting: facilities in the building, i
and on dark days the eyes of both
pupils and teachers are dangerously
strained. Now does it seem that the
residents of Petworth "are not complaining"?
Alive to Conditions.
Again, the action of the Petworth
Citizens' Association in recommending
that a site be purchased north of Petworth
for the building of a twenty-fourroom
schoolhouse would indicate that
this association is alive to condition*
This recommendation, if complied with,
is the logical solution of overcrowded
conditions in this vicinity and will meet
with the hearty support of the entire
We believe that the superintendent
of schools and the board of education
are doing all in their power to remedy
the disgraceful conditions in the District,
and it is hoped that the District
Commissioners will submit to Congress
estimates as they are prepared by these
school officials.
Your article also quotes Mr. Jesse
Suter on the subject of school questions .
in Petworth. This is an errdr, as Mr.
. Suter was some time ago elected to the
' presidency of the Takoma Park Citizens'
Association, and is no longer .a
citizen of Petworth. You have thos
placed both communities in rather an
anomalous position, as the president of
one community association can hardly
consistently have jurisdiction over
?if?Wr>nl matUiNi in another rnmmnnitv.
Dr. B&llou has accepted the invitation
of the Petworth Womans' Club and an
early date will be named for his visit
to Petworth, when he will be enabled to
meet all of our citizens and see for
himself that we are a reasonable people,
but at the -same time sufficiently
progressive to wish for and work for
comfortable, well lighted rooms and
plenty of play space for our children
. during their school years.
Head of International Pressmen
Hakes Vehement Denial of
Charges Preferred by "Outlaws."
KNOXVTL.DE. Tenn., October 5.?Offering
to place his resignation in the
hands of the convention If his enemies'
charges are found correct,
George D. Berry, president of the International
Printing Pressmen and
Assistants' Union of North America,
made a spirited defense of the policies
pursued by his administration
during the past four years at the afternoon
session of the twenty-eighth
convention of the union, which convened
at Pressmen's Home yesterday
for a six-day session.
"If any one can prove that I ever
stole a single penny from the international
union I will give you all I
have and resign as president," he declared.
Continuing, he said:
"This Insidious attack which has
been made upon me is unjust. These
crooked rascals who have precipitated
this crooked charge are liars,
every one of them. They are cowards.
crooks and liars," he said as he
reached the climax of his scathing
I denunciation of those "outlaw" members
of the union who have attacked
the international officers through the
courts in suits now pending in the
federal courts of Chicago and Greenville
and Knoxville. Tenn.
From Indications President Berry
has the convention with him. and
there appears to be only the faintest
possibility that the flght started by
the Chicaco Pressmen's Union. No. 3,
will result In the ousting of the officers
and the vindication ci the "outlaws."
Defense Indicates Plan in Case of
Army Officer Charged With
Triple Murder.
CHICAGO, October 5.?Completion of
a Jury was expected today in the trial
of Carl Wanderer, former army lieutenant,
who ia charged with the murder
of his wife, their unborn child and
an unidentified stranger on the night of
June 21.
Three Jurors were tentatively accepted
yesterday after sixteen prospects had
been examined. Wanderer watched the
proceedings with apparent unconcern. .
The defense will make its plea on
hereditary insanity, it has been indicated.
Wanderer confessed, police say,
shortly after the' murder, that he hired
the unidentified man to stage a fake
holdup, in order that he might put his
wife out of the way. He said he shot
his wife and then killed the stranger
in order that there would bo no witnesses
against him.
Tracing the number on an army pistot
found on the stranger's body caused
police to believe Wanderer was guilty,,,
as the pistol was found to have been
one loaned to the former lieutenant by
his brother.
An artificial wood is made in Birope
from autumn leaves ground,
dried and compressed with a binding
Council Members to Await More
ConTeniiuit Sate.
A meeting of the teachers* council
of the District public schools, scheduled
for tomorrfty afternoon, will be
deferred ttt. a later date on account of
the pressure of business beforo the
board of education on that day. It is
announced at the Franklin School.
The council meeting w-as scheduled
prior to the session of the school
board, which begins at 3 o'clock.
n Rolfe E. Boiling
fA President
uA know
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ga title
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11 lie VjUIII
j Tfie
* Uptown I
| 15th and G
B ' Next to Keith's |
j Jji
We want to
sibly can?so,
1 ?a sweeping
Overcoat in tl
Groups of Suits
I Now:
jj r . Clothing that
i ing excellence; a
J you know, on R
ture the famous
| : The Fashion
5 tending for the b
i giving the trade
I every time. .
The teachers' council, which is composed
of thirty representatives of
teachers. Janitors. engineers and ,
school officials. was organized last
year for the purpose of promoting co- A
operation between school authorities th
and employes. Four sessions of the
council will be held during the school
year 1920-21. to
, Y
First 1,1cut. Donald H. Pitts, Metll- jjj
cal Corps, has been promoted to the ql
rank of captain in the Regular Army, qi
R. Golden Donaldson
Chairman of the Board
James A. Cahill
1 . Vice-President
und and progressive b u s i n
ie active co-operation of
m business men.
fieials with years of experii
lancial matters.
ompt and courteous attentior
vants of depositors.
ese are the elements that i
of "the most popular bank
mercial Natio
14th and G Streets
Member American g
Banker*' Aaeoeiatlon r
Two Stores I
i "Mi!
^ That's the s
by hundreds
V\ customers as 1
yc\ ?who have at
I Policy Sale?
I tangible bene
cisive mark-d(
Saving yon
on the price oi
another $7 to I
of your ovem
ordinary thing
at the beginnir
In most "sale
Jgt to see how litt
be made to mo
^ dise. But in tl
pose is diffe
policy just the
serve you?and save yo
we have cut regardless c
reduction, including ev
le House.
For Example:
and Overcoats That Hav
From $37.50 to $67.50
$31 to $
is famous?for its intrinsic \
nd for its effective designing,
ochester Hand-tailored Clot
Brooks' models, and others.
Shops are stores with a cc
est in quality?and the lowe*
: the BEST of it; and the
STEW YORK, October 6.?Commlsoner
Thomas Estill of the Salvation
rmy, who today takes command of
is organization's forces In the eastn
department, comprising twenty>ur
states, was welcomed to New
ork last night by Commander Evan?line
Booth. For the last twelve
ars Commissioner Estill has been
charge of the western department
I the Salvation Army, with headlarters
in Chicago. His new headlarters
Is in this city.
James H. Baden Hj
Cashier rtQ
ess ^
well jH
2nce M
1 to ?
lave L0
the ri
: in ^
nal Bank |
Resources p
$17,000,000.00 3
9th and E
Opp. Crandail's
entiment voiced
of men?new
well as old ones
tended our New
and reaped the
fits of our de)wns.
. r _ c*+7 j _ /sn + / tl.ii
i irom q>/ to ^1
: your Suit; and
$21 on the price
:>at is an extra;
to be able to do
lg of the season,
s" the object is
le reduction can
ve the merchants
sale the purTent?and
ill oil iir? ?
V? l*XJ. TT W JJVS7"' jiiii
>f cost or loss
ery Suit and
e Been Selling |
ralue; its tailorWe
hing?and fea>nscience?con
5t in price?and
MOST of it?
1 '--wi.
Phone Main 7676 Esti
James B. E
Location 1108 G
I sll: I ws^S
i ppi jik rp
Visit On
?arid we will be pleased to s
lines of exclusive Period F
and other home decorations
interest and delight you?arfi
Reasonable Pi
Place Your C
We will gladly submit es
hanging, decorating, uphols
finishing fine furniture and
II \inose wno are nervous ana tim:
ing their teeth treated will receiv
here. Our methods are painless ar
tors skillful, gentle and sympathi
I Dentistry That Lasts
the past 26 years. Everything that v
comfort of our patients is provided
is one of our many striking feature
strument must be thoroughly stei
[ Tenia of Payment to Salt. Eiinli
Open Every Evening Until 8 O*
4 P.M. Lady and maids in attendai
for 20 Years. Kindly keep name and
Dr. Wyeth, Inc., 42
Opposite Lannburgh A Bro. and over
J Most Tfcoroaghly Equipped Parlors I
f u w
For Your fl
When you see
erator Car going 1
seems a simple thi
be carrying fresh n
the country.
Like most of the p<
contribute to your wet
to having this going
day in, day out, throu
you are likely to take it
Rnt It m not a mot)
?% ? ?'
car you see going by i
minute, scientific, pain
aration for what it is <
Every time a car c
out thoroughly with s
taint, any foreign mat
woukl get rid of it E
are taken down from
with water and live st
When the car is thi
put in 5,000 pounds
is only preliminary. ]
I to the proper tempera
the car is moved ovei
this first ice is melt
put in to keep the car <
Then the meat is 1
hooks and the load of
journey. It arrives
fresh, wholesome, a]
meat supply goes on u
or weather.
This is only a part
Swift & Company fu
to itself so small?avei
cent per pound on all p
of years?that if the pre
the consumer, it would
less than a nickel a we
i I uic average amcnuui
I I Swift & Comp
Washington Local Brar
j I D. T. Dutro
siblished Over SO Years
Qfrppf ?ur 9nly
O LlCvL Location
|C Ht r_i
[ EF3S>
a_j^ ffffn
Tn Mfi
< I ri
ir Store
how you our very complete
'urniture, Laces, Draperies,
You will find much to
i there is no obligation to
ices Prevail
)rders Now
timates on painting, papertering,
repairing and rel
the renovating of mat>moN
nation Free. J
M)c Utt.u * runoa
1 to $1 up and Bridge
I fit gold. Rllm, Work
analgiim or *3?M 15
? porcelain P*r Toi.'h
rlock* and on Sundays 10 A.M. to
ice. All Work Folly Guaranteed
location of my office In yoor mind.
17-29 7th St. N.W.
Grand Tnlon Tea Co. Lantrat and
n Washington. Plione Main 9I3S.^ (
re Care I
deat Cars
i a Swift Refrigby
in a train, it
ng that it should
leat up and down
icker activities which
fare, you are so used
on uninterruptedly,
ghout the year, that
as a matter of course.
ter of coarse. Every
means long hours of
staking care in preploing.
omes in it is washed
calding water. If any
ter, were present, this
iven the meat books
the racks and scalded f
wim, I
oroughly cleansed we If
i of ice. But that |
tt only cools the car '
iture. By the time .7
to receive its load, i.;
:ed. More is then p
cool. Q
tung on the sterilized j$f
food is ready for its |||
as it leaves, clean, |i
ppetizing; and your l|
inaffected by seasons
of the service which M ,
irnishes, at a profit
"aging a fraction of a r
products over a period >
>fit were handed on to r
make a difference of |
aIt in tha meat Kill nf ir
vn ui uiv w*
?any, U. S. A.
< i
ich, 10-14Center Market
w, Manager, '

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