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? ' 1 / I
1T%*1 5.15at)t)6onsCo. p^li
I Christmas "THE BUSYCORNER" PENNA.AVLAT 8 TH.ST. Christmas ^
I Doll Day Saturday f
|j And the Biggest Stock You Have Ever Selected From Is Now Ready |
^ The choicest productions of the American makers' art. And each doll is marked at a very p
tg popular price?lower than you would expect for the qualities. . j|
| Buy Early While the Stock Is So Big: and Complete |
] Santa Claus Here Saturday I
H bilqu'e -300 "My Darling" I
5 X? qauai- (I7 Character Dolls, AjgttJ g
a\" IK - jfL "5' mohair t ' r | f d?*- with fine bisque if!
Inlf'eves*. ^^Vjgfg^Y heads. painted P
<f| ?t^h | lia-ir, moving blue ^ /\ j ^jC|^ |j^
V iM ' -' 1 *|i lion" body i ?150 $12.50 Character Babies. These Dolls have j !'?C'". W'tb i?'ntc^ \j'/ fgj
1 Jtmm i/>k Vrin|heys I fine bisque heads with light or dark fltxon wigs. | ,'mb''. cnamele'L \ ?/ ? I
J| /wK^jSJin, '. ^'/ ?***! a I fy | open mouth showing two white teeth, fine com- 1 ,X"^ '?na. %a.Ut^ J . O ffe
tfl Qi priced at > pOSition body with glazed enamel. They are 3 sa c Pncc |g.
:* $8.45 j .""'.a".."'ra?r'"""y $9.95 $4.45 )j^- 1
?Dressed Doll, com- '. : =i ;? ?&>
Wfw? P'ete with shoes and &S?\ - SCO of Our ?95 Charas- #
? Aim stewkings, also dress of f ?d ? bfe u? ?> show,, here. &J| ?
fywyr3qaQ"^\ owe wun cap 10 v ?-yy . ' * " "' tine bisque jgV
match. Has dark hair, ' >/ with fine flaxen wigs, inov- head with niov- S
_ WWl' oainted eves and /\ V \ - ?".g eyes, open &
?BnfcJf |nS|L?jr . . . t-i / ) Ki\ " eves, fine composition mouth showing lz
J dW pretty bab>',lke exPres- . f K~ J|"\, . : , ' , teeth, light or M lt\A 1
? nw|l sion. Head is fine com- / / head and yery pretty face. dark hair, they /] J I Y4 P
3 I position, doll is 16 V.Composition, body, with bave glazed J,, jn'u A\ Ifc
inches tall. Choice of . . F ?,.m position IfejCTkiJt kaL^i) Sfe
'ft . six different styles. ' ) 111 at finish: enameled. Ex- bodics^and^are | &
| JJc $1-95 S^Q|^i...$2.89- "'J225 j
J A jointed Doii?isU19 Doll, with fine J| ?3| ?
V inches tall full composition ? Schoenhut Wood ||
I Human "hair" 'wigi j "S. blL'lJoel ^ ^ J
5 .I'll I \\ :l "J"'! fl" fi ipF }\ 4 ?toc kings. fashion: body is glazed [f |j ,j 1 gs
| '| | J ; dream and sells ^ ^ J d'ff^'n6 k/ ' enamel. 14 inches tall. ^ jj |?
| $6AS ^1 1| |
j| ^ :J:" " ^ll^' ffi.vrtfi $3 J
J I I \ I ?'.? J | gj ^1 p 1 e t e i Special at a^amUe II
jT i \ l\ |i fl with 1/1 / d?s-? a rm if** I that W,U f*
^ * If f -f-s- (J $8.45 Hd S;? ?
W in as. "^IlJrSvJ * -K-*\ - &*/MfeSrt*FP h a fl a f?
IV < \ a wm "^U hair bow. Dressed in plaid ??
^ CO T gingham with organdy sa.sh, and sj
in* J/>r?^a7 . ?ThU UIn- collar. Complete with shots and IF
quo Head socks. Special price. $2.45* Same
* ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ "''* a 1M'V^ ^ W ^ ^ ^ *'1'r ^
1 SaUP,i"' $6.45 i f' P SS?|
s JIrL yy '$6.45 jagisra T|tf~' $6.45 |
'-4> | |-\\?od?* Doll, nicely dressed, ^5>C2l ^K^S) '" Dolls have <Cj?i'' iS^-jrfSSBRjs X
<jt complete with shoes and stock- \wj) ( composition head 3% ^
22 ings. pretty curly hair wig. and painted eyes, M ,!jp *31 Sw
^5 painted eyes and pretty baby JFJ a* stuffed body. #' *h Sfe
| ; fr face. Dress is shirred and has i _? ......
ii p aast^agg S
* gq#w?:? $9.45 iv ^|Lar^ . ' y^hJp *
^ ?This Kid Body " d i ^ wl^f""""'''"'" I (fcW y. .^A 8'
s S! Mfiti V?'tJ i P" 7n?,""" ' /* *'' f k
. A /\ c",ni'os','?n (uce .? ^ '^c ^ ^
* 1/ j( ^"ol"''' h?-N *24 Ci S v f'l 4 f ^ if
y? 'rvT inches high and . .jhis Kewpie Doll, which . T ^ ' fit
III i'imlts"' n' "coni- ^oth J'oul'g an<1 w''' made -jLTjIl ~i "" f^yi ?i.ooo of our si.ss Kuli Celluloid |k
111 limbs. Is com itjrs ^tH at fTK18.- ? baraeter Hablra. Tliey are 10 i/&
t \ 1 / pleic with shoes of line quality composition Jffijy,inches lull, painted hair and eyes. Sfe
. .. \ A / and stockings. with jointed arms, <f-"r ?(' s They are at! American made and ??
L It---/ .:..u.. ^ I 4 - - ar'-? of heavy celluloid; could not jflr
" CaiflH penally p# ecu stands 13 inches tall *e 1 1 1 K a! be bought today for d? a /w\ Sfc
InSr? at Jl!r>)i^JnuW3^*~s "SB ",an H-5?- Our ^ ? #vv/
W $5 95 ?58c Charac- |?1
?1*1" Beautiful i o?k I Dolla, with S
?i~ "y- ~ 1 1 5??a"i.S5 JSpm Ss-'^'rH 1
I hAfllltifnl ditaVu - ? *S-I1 -s ?- t > -1- _ ?r _ vl 1 IIS^ M ? Sfe
| rw j v HjuII'm xhof v"? ? I ??x\ow ii foiiy na? uau me niis- ^ /ij # n& J "?vuui, uihiv
> Ifl f hive Bl('c Part with fortune to fall down and break position Irody, Sfe
jf i>- \i ( them manv two bows fomn her head, whether It was a A/V glazed enam- ?C
"* V I 1 kinds 1 IT all two bows. Comes Hocket Qr a .. shoulder el. Hundreds &
I M\ Jn ?|'n" -a?rt In nil sizes from head our Doll's Hospital can I* of these cute Sfe
r y\ ors to 'It any Bi,e 9 t0 slzo 17- supply these with or without Jf_~ a jfl v^3| "little Dolls go &"
: Jt T B> *!?? doll from i This style at ",g?V,fl ,al> si*ee: therefore renew on sale to, g>
V >?] a sjS(. ilt that broken head with a new one. J*, f . morrow at Jn
iv~ to size n A11 sizes and prices, with and ; f 1 J the special S=T
j 4i/4 AC i without wigs, bis.) lie. composi- - price of 2Sr
*1/ tion or celluloid, from a %
S ? 69c to $8.45 49c |
. J W
* >s' ^ v- ^ ^ ' ' ' -. * ?' * ;' - ' v :?? < - o - ''-. /' <*' J- "; " t - - -; . o^">s?v4.'-V '
> ^ -+f Hi 'i? ***& Z& <&& W (i? c+Vi&Ku. . ;i . Vi't; ?!,. . ^ ^ ^ {^, ^ ^ v^> w "^fiT l"kff "Of bfr
, _ ...... .. ^ j
: \ .
Bolshevik Agents Propose to Get j
Funds for Propaganda Use by Bv
Counterfeit Honey.
ANTWJERP, November 26.?Attempts
of bolshevik agents to get through
to America with counterfeit money,
made in Moscow, which it is believed
they planned to use in financing radical
red movements in the United
States, have been discovered and
thwarted by American government
agents in central Europe.
In connection with what oflicials
believe to' be a Very carefully organized
scheme to oneouraee strikes, un- ;
rest and promote bolshevism in the
United Slates, directed from Moscow, .
evidence lias been secured of a plan
to send to the United States bogus t
paper currency of several European
nations, to be changed there into valid *
bank notes or securities. i
Pour men. coming direct from Mos- J
cow, who sought to go to America, 1
were known to have had in t ieir pos- ]
session counterfeit French bank
notes, representing more than $100,- !
A considerable amount of this bogus
money Is believed to have been passed
successfully in America, as recently.
a number of Polish bolshevik >i
agitators, returning to Poland from I
America for the purpose, it is believed.
of promoting bolshevism be- >
hind the lines of the Polish army, I
which was fighting the reds, have had
in their possession thousands of dol- jj
lars in American currency.
- OiH '
- I
Frontier Controversies Included
Cutting Off of River Traffic.
Fighting. Denied.
BftGOTA, Columbia, November 21!.
?jdolonmbia and Venezuela are taking
steps to reach an understanding
| relative to controversies which have
arisen along the frontier. The most
serious matter was a result of the ac; !>
<>f V?-n zuelan officials in cutting
off river traffic west of the Lake of
Maracalbo, by which mercantile Interests
In the province of Santander,
Colombia, were injured. A protest was
made at Caracas, and the Venezuelan
government took steps to replace its
frontier authorities and has given satisfactory
Recent reports to the effect that
, hostilities had broken out along the
frontier are Inexact.
District of Columbia. Maryland and
Virginia?Partly cloudy tonight and
tomorrow, becoming unsettled to- j
morrow; no change in temperature;
, moderate variable winds.
West Virginia?Cloudy tonight and
tomorrow, probably followed by rain
, by tomorrow night; no change in
Records for Twenty-Four Honrs.
Thermometer?Yesterday, 4 p.m..
50: 8 p.m.,-44: 12 midnight, 42. Today,
4 a.m., 40; S a.m., 37; noon, 47.
Barometer?Yesterday. 4 p.m., 29.99: 8
p.m., "30.07; 12 midnight, 30.12. Today.
4 a.m.. .30.16; 8 a.m., 30.23; noon.
Highest , temperature, 52, occurred
at 3 p.m. yesterday; lowest temperatare,
30. occurred at 6:30 a.m. today.
Teftiperature same date last year?
Highest, 68; lowest, 53.
Condition Of the Water.
Temperature and condition of the
, water ft a.m.: Great Falls?Temperature,
30; condition, 85.
Tide Tables.
(Compiled by United States coast and
geodetic survey.)
Today?Low tide, 2:12 a-m. and 2:13 !
p.irf:; high tide. 7:50 a.m. and 8:12 p.m. j
> Tomorrow?Low tide. 3:02*a-m. and j
3:07 p.m.; high tide, 8:13 a.m. and [
9:02 p.m.
The Una and Mean.
Today?Sun rose 7:02 a.m.; sun sets
4:48 p.m.
' Tomorrow?Sun rises 7:03 a.m.; sun
f sets 4:48 .p.m.
Moon rises 5:43 pan.; sets 7:27 a.m.
Automobile lamps to be lighted
I one-half hour after sunset.
I'p-Rlver Waters.
HARPERS FERRY. V. Va., November
26.?-The Potomac rivej was
slightly cloudy and the Shenandoah
muddy this morning.
\ , . ' . . 1
Weather in Various Cities. i
! i _ !
} ?" ? Temperature.
3 ** jg src* B E j
I If Sa j5 State of |
Station,. 5 23 ?-R ? we.tl.er. ;
' : & ?- ;
^ r !
- * 1
i Abilene. Ter. 30.02 45 ??? Cloudy"
Albany . . . 30. IS 34 K2 OAM Cloudy
AtlMtlc City 30.1S 48 31 0.01 Pt.cksidy
Baltimore ..30.32 50 40 .... Uoudv
BUmarcfc ..29.94 42 22 .... Po?ey
;,.t.m 30.08 34 32 0.00 Clear !
Iln(r?k. 30.20 34 32 0.02 Cloudy
Cliarleatoii .. 30.24 ?? 44 .... PCeloudy
Clilc.BO I1"-80 24 8- ? ,J
tlncliin.tl ..30.38 4? 34 .... Cloudy ,
(IrTrUud ..30.80 42 38 0.01 Cloudy j
UmTer 30.1M 48 2M .... Clear
Iletrolt 30.30 42 82 0.01 Cutaly j
eT Paao..... 80.00 88 38 .... Clear
ti.lye.ton .. 29.98 02 80 0.02 Bam i
Helen. 20.90 40 84 .... J Jourty ;
Jn.1iiwnYllle.ao.20 70 48 .... Clear ;
Kantta. City. 30.18 42 84 0.U4 <J"Udj ,
An?ele?. 80.12 04 60 .... < ? ?'
l/.niHYllle .. 30.82 4? 88 Clo>u<!ly I
Miami, Fla.. 80.10 78 80 .... It.cloudy ;
New Orle.0.30.12 88 50 .... t oudy
New 1'ork... 80.14 4o 31 J''"'
Oklahoma ..30.10 58 44 O.Ol 'ou*}-r |
Philadelphia. 30.20 44 38 O.IM I loudy j
1 1 & ~ '
S?SSS Pi 3 ? SST i
LMKW S | V.02 gj |
8.5 S
Seattle 29.88 50 44 0.08 Cloudy
Kt. Iwula.... 30 8O 38 82 clfar
*t. Puoi ho in 32 ufi ?
WASH., D.C. 30.22 52 -V> Pt.tloud..
Births Reported.
The following Mrtba hare been r^rted^lo
the health department In the laat twenty rour
b?Tta>othy J. and AvvlUa ^?"ey?o$03r' j
SVtXlW nurrouklub boy. |
I* Boy and Pauline I'nlen. boy.
ssrfc LXiSt. ;
PlillllD and Maria Coalman?, girl. ,
Joseph and Blanche ZattelJ, firi. i .
Morris and Annie Cohen, girt twins. I
taul* and Anna Nichols, girl. J I
Harvey L. and Hannah Halgbt. girl. t I
Ceotge and Angelina Dournis. girl. I
Kdward and Knftna Bavia, girl.
Claude and Mary Hunter, boy. !
William and Ida Hdblnson, girl. ? (
Charles and Alberta Kelley, boy.
WiUiani and Julia Bankett. girl.
"WlHfiltri and JtUth Kcc<l? girl.
AVJllife and ,tlorhani, boy.
Wi.tiani and Mable Batten, boy.
i a
Deaths Reported. J
The following deaths have been reported to
the health department In the last twenty-four
Frederick Mohler. 81. 910 23d st.
Usatte Heraott. 71. 1722 13tli.
Johnnn Moxley, 74. 724 7th at. n.e.
Annie Sparrow, 63, Garfield Hospital.
Martha Tallulah Blake, 74. the Farnsboro.
Emma Rallman, 56. 3409 Holtnead place.
Emily Chlpltey Morgan. 74. 1434 Harvard st
Arthur A. Clappe, 70. Walter Reed Hospital.
Marian Gregory, 88. Providence Hospital.
William C. Poatoua,, 48, Georgetown Ual- i
verslty Hospital.
Edwin Lee Morgan. 65, the Plaxa apts.
Norman Davison. 8," Casualty Hospital.
Lorelne Viola Yancey, G months, 225 H ft.
To Core OoU lo One Dor
tablets. The rannine bears the signature of
E. W. Grove. S6c.?Advertisement.
Popular Mechanics reports that a
sulphur deposit of perhaps 10.000 to
1 15.000 tons has been found in the
, cnVer of an ice-covered volcanic
>i> aintaln on Unalaska Island, In the
A S !a:j group. Akun Island, in the
i tui-e iitouii. aitO ilU* * SUQiuUi' UeiiOoU.
j sor
Cable- to Tile Slur and ClilftEO News. . 4r
t'opyrlfht. 1920. St
WARSAW, Poland. November 26. i S
?A.factory making false passports . J]
:o, the-United States has been dis- T
covered in Warsaw. Plans, dies J
ind stamps were found in sufficient 4
luantlties to forge documents by 4
he wholesale. It is suspected that 4
>ther institutions of a similar kind Tj
ire in existence; in fact, it is re- j J
ported that in the vicinity of Lent- I Ij
>erg prospective emigrants are be- J Hf
ng offered all the necessary pa- l|
pers to pass Ellis Island for the rf
'um of 140 marks, Polish, or $10. I R
rhe police investigations are con- I B
The American consular authorities
here have been on the lookout
for these forgeries for a'long time. j
One day last week they received no I
less than twenty-five false pass- ,
ports in connection with vise appliqatl'ons
and, believing that a
crisis had come, turned the whole j
matter over to the police. When
ihe culprits came the next day to
pay their fees aird Bet their vises,
they were seized and subject to ,
a stern grilling- From confessions
the factory on Alarszalkowska
Btreet was discovered.
r. Patterson Announces Plans Under
Bed Cross Direction.
Home economic and social hygiene
asses have become so popular in
. i V*
1 98C W0m?
some velve
$17.50 Girls' Coats,
Dressy conts ^
for Sunday wear fl> j 91 #W #m
and sport mod- I m cu
wea r?for *221* 4 O 1 L W '
to 15 years. X'
CTtoice of Polo sii
Cloth, Melton, Silvertone, Kersey and Zibi- si
lone In every new stylo, including the Big or
Cape Collar effect. Burgundy, navy, brown, in
green and tan. lit
Winter Undei
Children's Union Suits $!
Gray and White Heavy Rib- m/v hij
bed Suits, for boys and girls; /U/fc ^
orermlv fWtvd lined: all sizes. lew .
$1.49 Men's ?? ?????.?
Fleece-Lined Union Suit!
Underwear i. o ?(1 '
velvet J) 1 ?
8 h 1 r t ? and flee ced ?
drawer*; natural UVa linnd and ribbed sliirt
and .ecru ?*olor. rjfjl. warmest of w
In" extra heavy weights; 1 to 16
velvet fleeced qualities. sizes.
Mother! Your Girl's an
Filled He
f Abou
strates t
.... French Seal.
city styles for y
strictly tailored ga
VlxT high-graije materia!
\Tjtf f 11 U only used and tail*
]S3l \IJ Wintei
J \ I Newest of
1 \\ \ / Cur-trimmed Coats
'lift \ \l black. Burgundy,
I Hi \ U models in effects a
'?Hl\ \ * or older women.
U\? \i tailored.
f\\ Dp
Take your ehc
of Wool Tricotines,
f57\ a Satins, in every wi
/ / \ I blue. Magnificent
'* \ J braided garments i
4 effects. Sizes for
4V IA $18.00 Women'
The Best Hosiery V
Four Years?
y- Women's?Childi
I.' $2.00 Women's Pure
Seamed back, narrow ankle
flfeffllv heavy qualty pure thread silk, in
Bdu^XVX onl.v; substandard* of best $2.00
aVHPji black, brown, white, etc.
mBH < ' 29c Children's
Wl/s Stockings f"
Jo H Vn,d 1 Q? weight
m? A\ Girls' double I .
toes and JL 1 e r **
M heels, fast Hose,
color black ribbed stock- spliced
"v* ings. 6^ to 10 size?sec- and sei
onds. onds.
5 naps Boys'Clothing |
$10.00 Boys' Suits
tiood^Quality Cloth Suits. O-EJ. rjv
V/.OD ...
ored. "Choice of single or double breasted "
\orfplks. iu 0 to IS sizes. (0rn
Boys'$12.98 $7
" l~ In
/ Made O C wU<
Ir-. tor real jJy.Ot? sire
/Jja >7 winter
Ut-J /j weather, in the dooble**J|
JCfW breasted styles, of heavy
jtuijfT- fancy mixtures and
plaids. C<
$2 Boys' Cloth Pants ten
X&Cl, Fit the boys <h I I P **
MVl out with two 0A
[ 11l or three pairs w. * 54
/-Its of these Heavy Cloth Pants
K_J. I 1 Saturday. Real worth in Al
fcy >il t r these pants. inch
rhfyJi ft Mai's and Boys' ?j4i
Mf Sweaters
m W M o a v y * . a *
Mei/flit. wide 7h I A
ffcV vale r i b bed ^ b
/il t-oat sweaters for boys, youths Ity
^ and met!. Made Vjifh two bcrd
' :r .
'.y: . . 1- :
.. >o ill
'! "i. ;
night schools that plans arc he- | subjects arc given under the direction ?
r made to organize new classes and | of the Ked Cross.
end the study of the subject from ! Classes in home economics and so;
to three nights a week, it was an- cial hygiene are now being conduc ted 5
tnced today by Walter B. Patter- at McKinley High and Eastern High
t. director of special schools. These 1 night schools.
Hardness Is Best
Test to Prove
: 5 ff Genuine Diamond '^SImTT
: jjjjJf*' Many forms of diamond imitations,
E jy . such as rock-crystal, glass or "paste," * tj-m \
ip are easily distinguishable from gen- e
P uine diamonds by reason of their bard- vBf. f
K. ness. All of these imitations arc lighter
than true diamonds and less hard and jf -: I j
- St. RKNtlKRrXO "IV'M o'n'ii Jff- - 4 -t+
tfnlaj* sbrvh'e to tub major ,MU L -rr
1 ?"1 thxv- itv or washixotonians. .joti r-hi
' I I I Iw. H BMC RATION A FT Bit ?FN >/A 4+ t+T 1
'' I ' 'TON ot'R JLTXtMENT IN Jnfi U P~T"
.: J : = = = 44LI 1 llK? lMTtrilASIXO IHAMoXliS. .iWrt- -+ "T ~ 3 " I "I *
. t Ml "nalizisr. that ovr coi^ ^/rrr - tt ? i ? "ft
i 4 ... i j. 4|j| zj. fjooo fi i.\ mo nip's ''' mm sfcijj 4 ^
Where Your Dollars Count Most
Behrend'S i
It' 720-22-24 7th St N.W. wm^
a""jStore Hours: Open 9:15 AM. Close 6 P.M.
A Saturday Sale of Girls' Coats That
No Mother Can Afford to Pass By
t * 1 6 to 14 years, QP
ats ror (jirls?&to**7
r III no and Brown. K or soy and Brown. (Ireon and Hue J , J
lir Cloth Coats. made in a pleasing variety 01 oovnij ?iyies, ,
t collar and velvet button trimmed, others neatly tailored. t
$7.50 Girls' Coats Special
warm winter ^ ? $7.50 Girls' Serge Dresses
... tor girl. 7S nn?Xm'e?.y A ? H A !
to J years. M _ broldered'dresses for 1^1 I j
obby double or 9MP 90 9 9 90 girls 4 to 14 years.
agio breasted " Made or a spfen Uf V S V V )
yb'S with olotli did <|imlity navy 1
fur fabric eol- bine serge that will t
rs. all-around belted and nicely and warmly give service and pleasure; 4 delightful mod- '
led throughout: extra value. els to select from.
otitaam Do not delay longer?buy now j
lW vdft while prices are at their lowest
2.50 Women's Union Suits $1.25 Men's Ribbed
r^'with' .ougk or frl QO . Underwear
art sleeve and long or Jtl.jA Heavy winter weight ribbed AA
irt length pants: all T shirts and drawers, in all nixes VU/I
for men and Wraths. Ua/l# v >
!? ' 75c Women's $2.69 Men's 39c Babies'
' Skirts and Union Suits Ribbed Vests
iM Drawers I and ecru % 1 / C Button ed A J I f
*** heavy oR Jk# f down the front. 3f\g% i
s in Long sleevo. ss j ribbed t long r 1 e even.
inter ?e<k rib* Suits. Perfect form-fit- high neck tin- w
v?ear bed shirts. ^1*41. ting garments in 34 to d?*rshirts; nice soft qual- ,
v ^ Id sites. ity.
id Bov's Winter Clothing Wants Can Be };
?re at Big Savings Tomorrow I
1 1,000 Coats, Suits and I
in a sale that demonhe
day of low prices has mfk
iuits That Sold to $69.98 //^P jj
Nutria. Australian Opossum and j, ? m ? \ \
lined Knits in rlassfeat of any- Vfl A 7C \ \ H
oung girls and wouion. Also tp w WW Id \.|\
irments for older folks. Every /,
I shown: finest of silk linings A
>ring and finish unsurpassed. ST I
f Coats Worth to $50.00 \ | 1/
Big Collar "Wrappy** Coats ^ _ *1 lL I J
and Cape Coats in brown, blue. cfl A 7C If If
tan, etc. Exclusive high-class y # XB ? I d | | If
ppropriate for youngest of girls Tp|l>^JV
Kicjtly lined and superbly HB A I 1 I
'?"?? Wai4I? 1A (Ail AH It if
;S9C9 TV VI Ui IV nv?vv | .1
ice of some of our finest Dresses. ^ 1 il V
Velours. Velvet, Georgette nuil | A QV IB | ?
anted eolor including black and ?p # ?vU Jfll
ly embroidered, tended and __ fl VgS
B tunic, pleated or rulHed skirt Jh A It II
misses and women. ill
8 Raincoats, | $89.98 Women's Fur C.oats, J J
.95 I $64.50 /
alues in Warm Flannelette Underwear?
- j
en's Women's?Children's
?... .. 52.50 Women's Extra I $1.25 Babies' Warm
Silk Hose Size and Regular Flannelette Gowns
black 7Q/a Size Gowns Dlaln wlilte and g\ A
grades. | V, 111 g li neck A \ m/\ striped domet Baaand
round neck W I J\M \ nel gowns with or ^ '
Wjull-lo'j extra full-cut, *e 1 " ^ , without cotlara, anil. buttoned
" winds 5 well-made gowns of fast color ! fronts. Good winter Weights.
IcVa UniA striped duvet flannels.
Hum or $2 Girls'Outing $1J? CMAen's j
Win" JjC Gowns Sleeping Garments
ilale Flit color A ST I'ure White Can- QA
high 3 for fl pink and blue jl I 4 / ton Flannel ahd Awf
anklea, double toes striped high- W a Striped Domet Ggr- w
imed backs ? sec- neck gowns, made with double ments. with or without feet: '
yokes. sll siaes.
Saturday Specials Baby's Wearables
$5.50 Satin Spreads Reduced
) lit the extra sixe beds. ^ -y />n I $6.50 Babies' Coats and Capes I i
a selection of raised o^/C^ Creum fcbrgo and t'asli- A a g\C\
gna?eacolloped and cut ^ morA Wraps. for in Tan Is UX t
er&........................ and babies to years. N icel y ^ i
and warmly lined and prettily made with 1
.50 Warm Plaid Blankets s"Y","?l7".d .-"TV- '
s variety of Colored Am /\Q M BeblOi' Bonnets
da including Grays with yQ 79c tO $5.98
, dark bine plaid, 66x80 , Ha tin. Bengalis..
* Pluah, Corduroy.
t ft/ >1 Velvet and Chin$5.00
Bed Comforts W fl w IS
rvered with 8llkoline and AQ BxaulalteSr "trim
brie in a variety of pat- j)d,VO me3 girls- or Km.
Blled with white cotton. VWo^V ^^^'VaneU
**?* 62 Babies'
on T.relrm R*rl Povwi Dresses.
r.ww -? Yntr_j"rr? ?
Molutely fast colon, 68x68 An AQ Sf' I I
ex and hemstitched. Sat- J/ ?(> CI i { \ French Drexsex
ijr'a price lx the xame ^ / ft f f S I for tots to 6 yanrs,
yon bought these for 6 ' Ft ft It 1 and long or abort
X ago. IS SKI Dresses for int'm
I fc J rants, snade of
$1.00 Turkish ToweU ^ Q Lj
xcellent heavy absorbant <tual- eft? M Lv t-lmmod with d
iu au assortment of fancy "lUf *~/B3 ..gSS ?. embroidery j]
krs and neat checks?as well sou ribbon Uxor |
li.if While "OO' V
ft- L 1 t. . . . k

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