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1 After-Eai
| Sale of Pillowca
| 45x36 Size aa "p
= v* I.U "iw iv vvv abhi ^ V/
3 ' A purchase and sale as wonderful in value as it is
S high-grade Pillowcases for less than you've ever paid fc
EE ities. Made from Anchor Brand, New Bedford and otl
S grades of bedwear cotton?heavy, close, serviceable and 1
3 wide hems. Note the size.
1 , 81x90 Seamless She*
1 Perfect Quality, $1.2
= $
3 New shipment 81x90 Sheets just unpacked, and wil
= to provide after-Easter shoppers with an uncommon bai
EE of strong, round-thread cotton and deeply hemmed.
? .Sernnrla WW 7 1 Ol 1
E of Opaque w maow snaaes
E 75 dozen heavy Opaque Cloth Shades that will ser
H and well. Bought and sold as seconds, but so nearly
S the difference is not noticeable. Mostly dark green.
= individually wrapped wirh fixtures. Perfect rollers.
; Table Oileloth?So-called sec- Gram Kuan?$12 Sj
? onds of 30c white oilcloth, grass rugs. Blue
S hut practically perfect. C. green and brown pat
II Yard terns
? $20 Willow Gronfi Rags?-9x12 Grann Rugs?$15 st
ZZ Bugs, as durable as they are rugs. 9x12 size, witl
2 sightly, a quality ^ | CCk green and brown borS
for a 1 1 - around ^ J[ ders. Plain or centei
? satisfaction - styles
| 50c Yard-Wide ^
i miii?tinrr MaJruc A
= k_yAiJlJL ?1110 1TXUVU uo
j= 1.500 yards new ccrded tpadras of superfine quality,
5 of colored single stripes and cluster stripes on white grc
^ for men's >hirts. women's tailored waists, wash dresses
= and hoys" blouses. Stripes of blue, lavender and black.
E Satin Marseilles Bedspreads, Special, $
Formerly solil for $1(1. Beautiful quality White Sat
? Spreads for double beds and twin beds. Scalloped edge and
| 500 Tablecloths
S ?of rare beautv and quality, will go on sale tomorrow
At $1.98
E $2.50 and $3.50 Values
E You.ll find colored bordered Sqoare Hemstitched
E Irish Damask Tablecloth., sizes 60x64?60x60.
, Z 64x64, Mercerized Hemztlt
ZZ cloths, 70x70.
~ .Round Mercerised Damask Tabic- Hemstitched Tabled
? cloths, 64x64. Scalloped Tableclotl
S This is indeed a wonderful opportunity to lay in a
ZZ supply, and the price only
1 r: n r?i
= - vriiignaiii presses ior v^ni
E (/ r^T~Ww\ ' trasting collars
E J/5 H /I "?M Ih&IiItiuEA with full skirts
5 I ' Si I tPr 11 M pockets, belts or
! \ /j i I I This offer ,s
I | If
I iuciii licrc s nuai iui
| Quality Sh
= ?and that's just exactly what we mean?i
5 made to sell for?
| $1.50, $2.00, $2.50 an<
5 These Shirts are of Woven Madras,
? Duccetine. Satin-stripe Madras and fine co
= have five-button fronts, with center pleat.
5 White Madras and Soisctte Shirts, with col
? the lot.
E Each Shirt practically perfect?in fact, t
| fections do not in any way seriously harm
| you'll have to look a long while before yo
E inperfection. Sizes 14 to 17?for only
= BEDSPREADS?These are re- sard-widk ?ii.?
| duced from $5.00. Heavy white hi*h Iu8,<'r an<1 uncor
mm . ity, a combination ^
S crochet spreads, fringed, seal- and cotton that riva
~ loped or hemmed. 78x88. Deep, kinds in looks and
2 1 ? ^ . ' color r ingc?inclu
= handsome Of J QO p)enty of*navyi rray
S patterns black
iter Sal?
Yard-wide ChlfTnn TnfTrtn. I |B^
Yard-wide Satin Mfmallnr. H
? 441-Inch Crepe dp Chine. il
Black and the leading j /x B y
eB B B B colors in these splen-.lid B
^V-/_M.JL Spring Silks, offered at a Bjr]
single low price. Yard IMS/
in volume? l??
ir such qualfier
standard p?????
finished with
ro. New Arrival c
U???V/d'?c. Just 125 to Be
Placed on.
ve you long
perfect that (
Every shade fj I
ill stenciled
- C7 1C ' Wr
enciled grass ^
\ $8.75 A
I ^ ]t ^ |!
Yer-y latest creations front the
materials and colors.
Taffeta Dresses
Tnbiecioths, Mignonette Dresses
tched Table- Tricolette Dresses
lot ho. 64x86. Georgette Dresses
MI# 64x86. rwi #. # ?-v
^ ^ i<ncofiii6 Dresses
I Satin Dresses
Lace and Satin Combinations
ldren Wool Jersey Dresses
New! Different! Dresses of exclusive or
the newest in scores of charming^ spring styles?Dre
;o becoming. that sound every high note of Fashion
fen the ages Spring 1921.
Styles novel and styles' conservative?st
lids, checks, youthful and styles of simplicity. Ruffled, b
iin colors? fant, lace overskirts, brocade ribbon sashes
tricolette sashes, scalloped diamond panel o
hort waist skirts, tunics, straightlines?a gathering of m<
jue or con- to please every woman's fancy.
orirl rtiffc
""" ""* Embroidered effects- are in the majority^
and novelty eluding those embroidered in silver to simi
sashes. diamonds, and the rich and elaborate effect:
openwork embroidery. Blacjt, navy, brown
Made for gray. Sizes 16 to 44.
- Dresses foi
II I In serge, tricotinc and taffeta.
Li re Looking For?
1|*T?* Saggg&ggg the patti
1 1 |/|5 ards whi
- aaaaa Aithc
? . , less ofte
shirts that were ***"** boy with
183.00 S Jul
Corded, Madras _ g BESS mon
unt Percale?all ,
There are some 5B555 T//
lars attached, in I BBSS Juven
I gggEB" eluding tv
SSSS detachable
he slight miper- Choice, $5
i the Shirt and ^EEESEL No SU(
u can find any of it*
white linen
t poplin, of $3,00 35-1 n. SATIN DUCHESSE Stamped
nmon durabil- ?Silk news extraordinary vL-hitf nnK
A-eavo of silk superb all-silk black satin ?,
U the all-silk duchess at $1.98 a yard. High in years
^?"r' ' favor for separate skirts, cos- 35c Yard
and OSf* tume frocks and d? f AO quality; bol
spring coat suits ... * ?VO shirting pa
llllllllllllll llllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltllt
>f Exception:
Satisfaction First Last
810-818 7th St. I
nient at
feet wo
matter <
iO i?J o TRi term "it
if Spoil Presses ^
" with s
Exact, and Will Be Irreg
e? /- tu wt ? *?/-w ? ?? I i
kJUlV 1 U/IM/f / MIL <
- ioned P
" c
fashion center of the world; in all newest
/jjggj iMHHHj -rece
lins $jggj WT'
olff- 1 WBBKl tSSSSSl
i of .
' . size ai
r Stout Women theSusi
Sizes 42^ to 52% remain
j to $55 %*<
Spring's'Greatest Values in
,T^ C-!i- wr_?ii. '
ouns w nn
3airs of Knicke
the low price is only one of the interesting- features
erns, the materials and workmanship represent the
ch boys and their mothers have learned to expect in
>ugh the wearing quality of these suits makes it po
? ^1 1 " * ?
ii, me iow prices give you me nappy opportunity tc
i more clothes?
senile Suits
e of them join the surpassing sale at I
Wool Fancy Suits All-Wool Serge
ile Suits are in sizes 3 to 10-^of beautiful quality fancy mix
vo-tones, herringbones and novelty stripes. Also of pure v
: pique collar. Newest box pleats and pin tucks. Every suit
; q=;
ch value in Boys' Apparel has been announced this season?i
Rompers of AOr? $10.00 Colored Bedspreads, $1.00 i
. 1 to 4 years WC- scalloped cut corners, plain Madras;
Children's Dresses hemmed fast colors. Pink or wide; n
1 to 5 /it\. 1)lue> larSe double <fc?7 f|Q Yard
09c bed size ^/.yo stamp
l-wide Percales, best 32<lach Dress Gingham, Towels
th figured and 'Sc.-* stripes, checks, plaids Stamp
tterns. Yard, and plain colors. Yard Bibs ...
v f. '
ial Men
ifear a $3.75 Sale?This Year a $2
Derb Glove SOk F
Irregulars of a Famous Make
Morrow we present an immense ship- .
: $2.25. A quality that if entirely per- ^ /"
iuld sell for $3.50 to $4.50?and as a
of fact the faults are ,so trivial that the f A
regular'-' may be takeYi lightly. Black,
nd colors. Plain and lace patterns.
Pointex Embroidered Silk Hose,
nvx Pointex Embroidered Thread Silk Hose com
ielf-embroidered designs.
yx Silk Hose All-Silk I
ulars of $2.25 Quality Irregulars of $3.00
* Di-.i, \i/ k ;?<>
li* "J OA Russian "c'alV i
JpJ-*0^7 m
Thread Silk Full-fash- *
lose, of nationally famous
in black, white, brown, Silk Hose values e
ussia calf, navy and Hard- ?a purchase of su:
Pure Thread Silk Ho
faults are so neglifiible tirelv of silk from
takes a keen search t?> on sale astonishingly
m. Xothing to appreci- worth. Defects are
:ect the looks or wear. to hurt appearance (
en's Silk Socks, 79c Ladies' Lace 1
lars of 11.51 Thread Silk Mercerized
ull fashioned and beaut;- Imported. Several
nit. Black, white and different patterns in
vuiuwmanviio. IHitC'tV, Willie auw vi'?
en's Silk Socks, 59c Women's Silk I
lars of $1.no Pure Thread Seamed-back Pure
lite and Colored Socks, in Stockings, in black a
Superb quality. Irregulars of $1.23 gi
Ik Jersey Pettic
deep taffeta ruffles, and Pettinade
entirely of changeable tqf- f 1
k with pleated and fancy flounces, k
tops. Black, navy, henna, copen,
ind light shades
ale of Ha
learance of New Hats
:ntly arrived for Easter
r and as bright and
as the dawn. ^
ts That Sold for /i
5, $6 and $7.00 >/(! i
9user-trimmed Hats
reath-trimmed Hats ASSsk5S
atner-tnmmea nais y<e--?r?p-i
trich-trimmed Hats
rarf-trimmed Hats isSj
fQ.95 K-;
y woman will find a style, ^ .^aBl|ggi^
id color to her liking?
lats are not leftovers in
lal sense of the word, but ^51 '
ders of latest spring mod:signed
for Easter and ^
- V
" *
Two ra
better stand-j J 1
ssible to buyl jj ^ I L w-W xa
> provide the! M f , I lg g \53H
:ed fabric's, in- ,(ln
:ool serge with \1]]/1
has lined pants.
i naive me IIIUSI
\rt Silk Stripe Shirting Stamped Nightgow
full 32 inches 3 designs only
lewest patterns. ^ FaC(
ed Guest 1 Oc 25c 32-inch Dress
* blue, pink, black ar
ed Pique Baby f ^ - very desirable for dre:
1 / C< es and aprons. Yard.
? ~~z.? <?.?
:-23Sa,e King's Palace \
l(G)!?(8 Ekonomv 1
Kolumn j
H r V jj^ lSc Standard Quality Blue ;
V Cinghnm. in ?
P R" assorted f a i 7Z
A _ KW-|^8C =
color. Yard. jj
_ ? <?IHI H I l.OTHS? ?
$2.2.) Heavy Woven mm =
. . Scrub Cloths. spec- /L *
es ni mack j.,1 for Monday, ea . *
2.000 yards 4<Mnch and 3
inttP 3<>-inch H e a v y 3
IUSr I' I. 1 e a c h r d | p ^ z
Quality, in Sheeting: Cotton, f Cordovan.
^,nl =
ind tirav. cirtain Hons? =
Heavy Brass Extension -?
m m liou.s. witn larpe | ^ ??
knobs. Complete ? iJC ?
with fixtures. 12a. S
BOSTON RtOS? vtranrilinarv
$lS5 "lack Imitation . =
xtraoramar> leather Ilnston Hags. with pcrb
quality stool .frame. 5
se. Knit en- l,imlr .one a * ri/-? ?
toe to top? to * buyer. | .UU ?
belfliw their At
too slight Wax Paper, 6 Packages, 25c E
ar service. I.t M il BOXKS? 5
Well . made Tan ^
Pattern 25c I
strong clasp... r
l.l'G(i.t?K BAI.S? ?
^ | tl.25 Matting I.uggage ?
jji.uy ,a^s- * ?? ti,rr TC- =
clasps. H a n rl y y
lose 69c 8iZ? 5
Thread bilk $1 25 s,.ai|opt.d u?|>c Z
nd cordovan. Blankets. i n ?
"a"?- pink and blue ^ f /"A/"A 3
animal pat- | ,\/V/ ?
terns. Bach 3
A ? C $:{ nn l^arge Turkisli llath J
llfl Ln .Mats. slightly imperfect. 3
^ White an.l /\q 3
colors. Not a !hl WQ 3
bit hurt ^ A
Women's Imported Crochet 3
W ^3#^B Beaded Bags. 3
* ^ draw string ^ | /\Q ?
. style. Spec- J) | .A^Q 3
0 ial ?
Cocoanut Oil Shampoo. 25c 3
Women's New Moire Silk 3
Bags. with single and 3
d o u b 1 e /p | SJrt 3
frames. Kully JJ /y 3
gj fitted V 3
Eatest Easter Novelties? 3
P graduated beads in cherry 3
red. amber A | f\f\ 3
and Harding j) I .IIIJ 3
Heavily N'ickled Clocks. :E
i^SSoW with suaran- A | ?
SJ|^S>v=?k teed move- J) | V =
** "jajsgl^ ment ?
W&* Artistic and Burable Met- JE
A al Frames, em- g/\ ?
fit i bossed on both E
K sides. Chain at- ?
I l\ taehed =
Boys' and Oirls' Medium- ~
weight Ribbed School Z
Hose, in black, white and ?
gaSHJv, Cordovan. Perfect f mm ^
quality. 3 for | ?
CTWtoag riair >ets, per uozen, sac ?
J5spEm>i Regular and extra sizes. E
VSKe in black, white and cor- 3
*Hpirfc dovan cotton < ^ 2
2 hose. Irrecu- InC 2
lar kn,t 5 |
Women's Richelieu Ribbed 3
Fiber Silk Hose, sligrhtly 3
imperfec t. Seamless ?
Ugh. back. lisle top. r A 2
Black, white ami ?
laaggfc. HAIR RIBBOXS? E
Fancy and plain i A ^ 3
taffeta ? Moire ~
MmmIk and satins, yard 2
fUB hair switches? E
/*> mU 3-stem wavy, S
B ' a" colora ex~ ? 1 1A ?
ft nMS* cepta Bray ^I.OV =
? (jWks mixed =
/ y PEARL bcttoxs? =
/ I ? 2 and 4 hole, 1! on f 2
card, each ?5C ?
Toilet Soap, 3 Cakes, 10c E
40-inch all-silk, white and 3
all the want- ? f 5|"| 3
ed new shades, ^ ? ?0>r E
yarn ........ _
Infants' Part-wool Vnder- ?
shirts, made of remnants ?
|k of fabrics used /npj =
\ ^ in women's under- ?
iy / \ WOHEV9 VESTS? E
* Richelieu. In regular and E
'vW^KvX extra sizes. Band tops. ^
III1 ' i straight tops, bod- ?
llS'ce toPs- White /NiN _ 2:
I FsPl and P'nk- Slight =
I 1 * "* seconds 5
I \ Z
| 1 Forest Mills Pink Silk- Z
I top Lisle I'nion Suits. In Z
II sizes 34. 36 S / /\ ?
H and 38. Spec- J) | .OV S
1 ial ^ ?
White and pink in Worn- ?
HIMjHB en h xva^flci Liiaic tcoio. ?
^(B Cxtra sizes, 6?cj g/\ ?
/f^V r e g u 1 a r siz- S
' vT# es * ?
Women's Short Silk Gloves, =
with double tips. ~
Black, white. EE
pongee an d JVC
H Heavy Blue Shirts, Khaki ?
Shirts and Black Sateen ?
fi Shirts, with no ?
(l/rtil^R collar and pocket. *
i|[[|j|j|C\ Choice ^
I fell NIGHT SHIRTS? * ?
WiBs\ four dozen Men's White g a
Cambric Night aq 5
Shirts. trimmed "OC
with fancy braid, 3
Boys* Spring Caps, =
ns? Hf\ " ^1W> V*'ues' 89c =
... 7yC I Yard-wide All-wool 7ft. =
. ^ I Serge /VC 5
High-grade All-wool Heavy K
Twilled Serge, sponged and S
Gingham, shrunk; navy, black, plum and ?
id checks gray. A quality that former- Z
.s < ' ly oold for *1.50. 3
.: 18c | i I
0 4
( i. f*
r* -i

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