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>?i I tot Dispatch to The Star.
FREDERICKSBURG, Va.. March 26.ths
tUrt factory in this city, which hi
Yil?n Closed since the first week i
"^" nniHiiniDiHiiniiniDii
o d
oavc ?]
or $4
I This Is the Co
i On Which You Sa
This is F-2 Grafo
fnf SI 4ft Of> riTit.il t.h
and now offered at t
price, in mahogany <
can walnut. Equippei
non-set automatic stc
automatic record reje
exclusive Columbia i
$5.00 will put
Grafonola in your ho
Jow price, and you c
the convenient club ]
, You Save $46.50 <
f Rnfnnnln With 25
. __
This fine Grafonola
own selection of 25
records at this spec
all sold on the conve
plan at this low price
Seventh Street
"I Don't K
fc Thousands of v
p 'have put
They can't see
takinc th
^ women w
Day after day tl
been doir
Once you put tl
ened. Y
more tin
miles of
Come in and le
for you.
Seventh Street
December, has resumed operations on
a largre scale. The Oppenheim-Obern- c
dorf Company, which owns the plant, n
_ has booked largre orders for shirts t
and Intends to operate the factory at c
18 full capacity* employing as many S
n operators as can be obtained. s
540 on This Grai
6.50 on the C
ve HH
sold HH
is month,
he special
:ial price;
nient club
0 Retired Columbia Records, 5!
0 Will Put 25 of Them in Your Ho
Mayer & Co.
mmmu ^^piiniiiiiiiiiiiiiini
Hoosier Saves Miles of Step
/ v I / ' 27 K&Bim&.
now How I Ev<
k'omcn have said these very wo
the Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet ii
how they managed to drag thr
A A ' _ _ 1 11 .
e extra lime anci necaiess steps,
lifting and stooping that is al
ho try to get along without the Hi
icy are all worn out, simply bee
ig more work and harder work
:ic Hoosier in your home your t
ou get out of the kitchen earli
le for rest and recreation. You
steps each day.
t us show you how much the h
Mayer Cc
W. E. Lord, twenty-three years old.
aptain of a steamship of ths Baltt- J
lore Steamship Company, Is one of
he youngest skippers on the Atlantic
oast. Capt. Lord is a native of
prlngfleM, Mass., and first wept to
ea when he was sixteen years old.
)utfit ;
fOjU' i
?_____W HL o
i. I K v
1 s;
_ -- ti
9c. d
me. p
between D & E ?
liliniliiilil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)!!..... ?
______________ p
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiimiminiiniiiinp^- 1
3r Did I t"I
rd' thev * J
* a
i their homes.
ough the day, e
, doing the unways
done by
ause they have
than is necesasks
are light
-\r t * s
ci. iou nave t
save yourself I
loosier will do
i a
^ Between D & E J
iiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiuiiniiiiH ?
3y Seizures, Rick Ti
nates Could. Nol
Levied g
Ir Oible to The Stir an* New Zork TrTbuie
Copyright, 1021.
PARIS, March St.?A plan for th<
ayment of th? German war bill b:
Iverston of all German ooal revenue:
ato the allied coders and main
8nance of International control o
Jpper Silesia for an indefinite perio*
? being: discussed in French officia
I roles.
The French realise that the Germat
overnment is working- under greai
lfllcultles in trying to meet the aled
demands on reparations. Howver
much Dr. Walter Simons. Ger
tan foreign minister, would like t(
ay large sums to the allies, he woulc
e powerless to compel those personi
l Germany who possess all the mone;
o place it at the disposal of the gov
If the allies were to control all o!
iermany's coal supply it would a<
ist be possible to bring pressure t<
ear on the great industrial profiteer!
ii uermany.
Plan No Coal Shortage.
The allies have no intention, unde
he plan being: considered, of keeping
lerman Industries short of coal. Oi
he contrary, they are Interested ti
ee that German industry thrives, pro
ided, of course, that a satisfactor;
ercentage of profits goes lowari
aying the German war bill.
With the control of all coal in the!
ands, the allies would be able to sa;
J Hugo Stlnnea and the other indusrial
"Unless you and your industries an
repared to help the German govern
tent In Its efforts to pay the repara
ions bill you will get no coal."
Whether the present scheme actuall;
?mes to the point of open discussioi
etween Germany and the allies de
ends upon many considerations, oni
f the chief of which is whethei
oland can be brought to accept thi
ossible proposals opposing the divi
ion of Silesia and to regard the prob
sm as one affecting all the allies.
Great Britain Approves.
The coal seizure proposal, which is
lid to have the approval of Greal
ritlan and the other allied powers
tcept Poland, has for Its keynote th?
Isregarding, at least temporarily, o:
te results of the plebiscite in Uppei
ilesia. It is suggested that for th<
me being the allies refrain fron
ividing Silesia, as they have a ful
ight to do under the terms of th<
lebiscite as set forth in the treat:
f Versailles. Strictly speaking, th<
Ilies have good grounds, on the basil
t plebiscite results, for giving t<
oland that part of Upper Silesia
'hich contains the iron and coa
lines and for alloting to German:
nly a valueless strip of territory ii
lie northwest.
The Germans, who got a pnajorit:
i the popular vote, are pleading: thai
he territory should not be divided
nd it is understood that Great Brit
In is not anxious to see such an ex
remely valuable territory as this
rith its mines, handed entirely t<
'oland. The Germans argue tha
vithout Silesia they cannot hope ti
lay the war bill due the allies.
Sdmund B~ Bigham Takes Witnesi
Stand in His Own
FLORENCE. R C.. March 2?.?Ed
nund R. Bigham, defendant in one o
he most sensational cases ever trlei
n this state. In which he is chargei
r! tk m.ieila. In n/vnn antinn nrifh ?K.
leaths of his brother Smiley am
our other members of his familj
rent on the stand in his own defens
ate today.
Preceding him on the stand at th
ifternoon session were his wife am
lis fourteen - year - old daughtei
..ouise. The testimony of the mem
iers of the Bigham family, whic
lad been expected* to come todaj
Irew an even larger crowd of spec
ators than had marked previous ses
lions of the trial.
Mrs. Bigham told in much detai
he story of the happenings at th
iigham home on January 16. the da;
>f the tragedy, in which Mrs. M. M
ligham, the defendant's mother; Mn
itargie Black, his sister; L?. Smile;
Hgham, a brother, and Leo and Johi
HcCrackeo, adopted children of Mri
Hack, were the victims. She gav
ler testimony as if reading from .
otebook and even under cross-exami
lation by Solicitor Casque showed n
igns of nervousness.
Louise Bigham, the young daugh
er, also told a story that duplicate
hat of her mother's, except in mino
letails. Her memory failed in som
letails vitally affecting her father'
lefense. When called upon to recog
lize Detective Eichelberger and sa;
rhether she had made certain state
nents to him she disowned evy hav
ng seen the detective.
Edmund R. Bigham gave a detalle
itory of his actions from January
o the time of the death of his rela
lollege Appropriates $60,000 foi
Three-Tear School
Investigation. _
PRINCETON, N. J.. March.26.?Th
feneral education board has appro
iriated $60,000 to conduct an in
restigatlon of classical education ii
he secondary schools of the Unitei
Itates, it was announced here tonigh
>y Andrew Fleming West, dean of th
'rlnceton Graduate School and chair
nan of the advisory committee whicl
vlll supervise the work of the Amer
can Classical League. The investiga
ion probably will take three years
iccording to Dean "West.
Its scope trill be to ascertain th<
ondltion of classical education, de
ermine its faults, propose improve
nents, consider a plan for beginnini
be secondary course two yean
arlier. compile statistics from 1911
o the present and devise a satlsfac
ory plan for the future.
Latest available statistics shov
ntin is being studied by more pupil
ban any other subjects except English
listory and mathematics. The slumi
n classical enrollments during th<
i-ir has been regained largely, chief
y at the expense of German.
Dean West said the investigatior
lot only will reach all sections of thi
Jnited States, but the America!
Classical League has in view thi
tudy of conditions in the classics lr
he secondary schools of England anc
''ranee, and the reaction of the wai
mon them.
NEW YORK. March 2?.?Thirteei
trsons were Injured in two rear-enc
olllsiona hero tontght. Nino wen
urt when a south-bound Thlrc
venue elevated train crashed Intc
nother discharging passengers a:
he 42d street station. One womai
/as taken to a hospital.
A collision earlier in the evening
ietween two Manhattan-bound cari
n the Queensboro bridge, resultec
n Injuries to four persons, the motor
nan of the second car being so seereljr
hurt his leg had to be ampu
ated. The Injured were taken dowt
n an elevator to Blackwell's Island
leneath the bridge, and treated In s
lospltal there.
euton Industrial Mag- I
t Escape Penalties p
>n Nation.
Another objection to dividing the
L province is that by this action new
civil strife is likely to be let loose S|
between Germans and Poles, making
6 Silesia possibly the theater of a new
ir war. In these circumstances Prance r|
is considering conciliatory proposals t)
that the status quo be kept for the p
present in Upper Silesia, on the un- J,,
f derstanding that the whole of Qer- ol
j many's coal supply shall be turned |r
. oyer to the allies as a pledge for the w
payment of her reparations account.
upper ouesia, unaer mis |iian, wouiu t)
t continue under the local adminlstra- t|
t tlon of thp allied powers and all coal rfl
- from the Silesian mines, as well as f,
- that mined in the lluhr valley, be 0
- placed under the control of the c|
> entente. S(
1 The allies. It is proposed, will fix
s prices on the coal and receive pay- s
f mbnts therefor which shrill be ap- d
- plied to the reparations account. On Si
a basis of these conditions it is sug- ol
f Rested that the allies might ofTer w
1 Oermany another plebiscite in Upper ci
> Silesia at the end of five years, as b
* it is argued that by that time it ei
would be easier to decide the ulti- si
mate destination of the disputed f<
r province. 11
j The special advantage of this tl
1 scheme is that Great Britain would
a not be forced to retreat from her H
- stand against handing all the '
y Silesian mines to the Poles. At the v
1 same time allied control of the coal v
supply would prevent Germany from 1*
r preparing for war and would assist P
y her in the discharge of her obliga
tions. ?
- el
Enormous Figures Presented to
1 Reparations Commission.
? Special Dispatch to The Star. a
r NEW YORK, March 26.?France's 01
e claims for material losses in the war, ..
- as submitted to the allied reparations
- commission, amount to 218.541,596.120 0
paper francs, according to a state- "
ment given out today in New York
at the offices of the French commis- ,,
* sion. Of this amount more than 130,'
000,000,000 represents physical dam*
age to industry and property, includ- w
! ing shipping, and the balance injuries
' to persons. _
jj The tabulation of the French claims Q
- in paper francs follows: a
J Damage to property 1
To industry .38.882.521,47B
5 To houses 36.862.500,000
I Tn fMmll.F. ?n.l Sttlnm '.Ci 1 1 <1 IO Ot KI
; To unbuilt-on land .21.671.546! 225 [
3 To state property 1.958.217,193 |
5 To public works 2.583,290.425 S
, To other property 2,359,865.000
J To shipping 5,000.618.722
1 To Algeria and colonies 10.710.000 ;
r Abroad 2.0W.825.000 j
1 Interest 4,125,000,000 ;
Injuries t<* persons: J
7 Military pensions 80.015.006,000 j 77
t Grants to families of demobilised . f]
men 12,036.956.824 | h
. Civilian pensions 2,514,465.000 J
. Ill-treatment of civilians and war I g"
prisoners 1,860.230.000 j * j
' Assistance given war prisoners.. 976,906.000
J Insufficiency of salaries and wages 223,123.313 r?
* Exactions by (iermany 1,267,615,939 E
Total 218,541.596.120 g
' E
400 Admirers Storm
f Ship Trying to Kiss
Departing Musician
- NEW YORK, March 2B.?WllBam
Hnstltoric, Dutch opchcatra
conductor, became ao
flabbfnpmtfd today when 400
admlrera tried to kias him, alap
hla back and hake hta hand
before he Mailed for Holland
f that he atnmblrd Into hla atate.
room and locked the door.
I The crowd?montly women?
II elnatered on the ateamer Meow
e Amaterdam for an audible ad,
miration party to the maeatro,
1 who laat nlarht concluded a aeaaoa
aa leader of the National
e Symphony Oreheatra. After he
daahed to hla atateroom hla admi
re ra refuaed to I em ye the boat
e without a eel p sr him once more. '
1 Aa nailing; time approached
a hip officer* perauaded the mu-^ I
alctan to unlock hla door and*
h Rieet the crowd. He begao to
apeak, bat the enthunlaam of
hla llatenera babbled over and
they tried to embrace him en
mnaae. Four women klaaed Mr.
1 MragelberK and two women
e falated.
y Finally the eonduetor aUpped
L away, the crowd went home and
l. the ahlp nailed.
r Three Hasked Yegg-men Hold ITp
b Lumber Camp, Get $ 10,000
T and $6,000 in Checks.
RICHWOOD, W. Va. March 2?.?
Posses of lumberjacks with blood,
hounds are scouring the mountains
5 north of here tonight, searching for
three armed bandits who last night
held up a lumber camp, killed one
man and escaped with $10,000 in cash,
$6,000 worth of checks and some jewelry.
The three bandits, wearing masks.
. appeared at the camp, thirty miles
| north of here, just after nightfall.
Thirty lumberjacks were lined up.
and, while one of the robbers covered
the men. the others collected the
r cash, checks and Jewelry. One man
refused to hand over $2,000 and he
was killed.
Feeling was running high tonight
among the lumbermen of Nicholas
e and Pocahontas counties. The news
of the hold-up and subsequent rob"
bery of the men's winter savins
n spread quickly, and tonight every
j pass from the mountains was barred
t by men armed with rifles.
Louis Moronis, chief of the military
t commissary department of Mexico,
- with the rank of a cabinet minister,
- is president of the Mexican Federation
'* of Labor.
j IILow Cost
Ik, Lif*
ip a Insurance
' y for Chicks I
I WJLf G've^our baby I
j ill ^ rraira ill
r III Buttermilk |||
HI Baby Chick |||
I III and you/srwftheirlives. Cut* |||
III 4own chick losses; raise*every |||
1 III ''vable chick. Prevent* digec 111
t ||l '>Te troubles, III
, Hf "roar Monty Back if YOU III
ll| Arm Not Satisfied" III
I Dtmltrj Ettrywktrt ?J*?
1 I Pratt Food
i I Company VT^|fcJ|
- I Philadelphia SitboSB
> I cuu**
Tactically Four-Fifths of
Seized Wet Goods Cannot
Be Held by Government.
lecial Dlspfttrh to The 8t?r.
NEW YORK, March 26.?Unless &
cent ruling' of the United States
Ircuit court of appeals Is reversed }
y the United States Supreme Court
rohibltlon officials will have to relore
to the former owners millions
r dollars' worth of liquor confiscated
> all parts of the United States, it
as said by authorities here today.
Some estimates fix the amount to
e returned as high as four-fifths of i
le quantity seised by the govern- '
lent since prohibition went into efrct.
It Is pointed out that the bulk
f the contraband liquors taken
harge of by revenue agents was
;lzed in New York city.
The decision of the fourth United '
tates circuit court of appeals, handed
own on March 10, held that the Volk
1.0 rl 'nit null o ml rnnauln/l I ho
Id internal revenue statute, under
hich much of the wet goods was
onflscated. Enforcement agents have
een seising entire stocks from deal- ,
rs and individuals under this revenue '
latute whenever a violation has been
rund. Under the Volstead act only ,
quor involved in the actual violaon
may be seized, it is held.
Assistant United States Attorney i
lobert A. Peattie said today he was ,
iclined to believe that the decision ,
r'ould hold. It is known that he ad- ]
ised Krnest Uangley. supervisor of
rohibition enforcement, today to
ostpone a seizure of $200,000 worth of I
quors already planned until he has !
eceived complete information re- j
arding the case from the supervi- j
It is believed one of the immediate
fifects of the decision will be a great :
urtailment in seizures of liquor, which
ften run into millions of dollars' worth I
eekly, for the whole country. It is |
nuersioou mat cnuea r>iaies attorneys
re advising more cautious procedure
n the part of revenue agents.
An idea of the huge quantity of
quor which may be returned can be
btained from an unofficial inventory- i
f the amount of whisky and red ,
fine in the Knickerbocker warehouse.
his inventory, made today, is of !
quors seized in Manhattan and the |
ronx only. It gives the quantities j
s 62.000 cases and 5,000 barrels of
fhisky and 25,000 barrels of wine.!,
luch miscellaneous liquor, such as j
in, brandy, cognac, champagne and i
ther wines are stored there, but the
mounts could not be learned.
panish King Sufficiently Recov- |
ered to Resume Audiences.
MADRID, March 26.?King Alfonso ]
fas able to leave the palace this | ,
lorning. having sufficiently recovered
rom his indisposition. He announced
is intention of receiving the deleates
of the transit and communicaions
conference at Barcelona, who
parhprl torlav tn sr?f?nd thr? t
luster holidays.
After visiting1 the capital the dele- I
ates will make trips to Toledo and I
Iscorcial. i
A new
instep stra
Gray Sued
lutely nev
Brooklyn \
Suede Trim
Black Gun Metal
Black Suede instep
"collar." Black S
forming' tip. Also sfi
Tan Calfskin in a
light shade.
Have You Seen the
Foot-O-Scope ?
Wonderful new machine
that X-Rays your feet in the
shoes. Free?at 7th street
Step Upon Cat'9 Tail
Reveals 36 Bottles of
Whisky Hid in Piano
JtEW YORK* March ad.?A cat
la search at a lost chord today
led to selaare of thirty-six bottle*
of whisky I aside a plaao
aboard the Trisldad Ilarr Mar'
A nrohlhltlon Inspector acrl
dentally stepped on pansy's
tall. Pass yowled and jumped
from the deck through a porthole
Into a eabln. She landed on
what would hare been the top
of an upright piano had the top
been elosed.
Bnt It wasn't, and amid n bit
of feline Jams the "dry" agents
caught the jangle of glass. Discovery
of the whisky followed.
Federal Fight Against Guerrillas
Is Cited in Order Closing Border
to Amerioan Hunters.
BROWNSVILLE. Tex., March 26 -
Warning that any person found or
Mexican soil with firearms would b<
"shot on sight by federal troops wh<
are seeking guerrillas," and an order
closing the border to American hunt
ers were Issued in Matamoros. oppo
site Brownsville, today.
The order and warning were signet
by Gen. L,opez, commander of thi
Matamoros garrison, following a con
rerence with Gen. A. R. Gomez
The warning said troops had beei
thrown into the Matamoros distric
to hunt down "Cardenas" ten-mai
revolution," and had been ordered t<
"shoot down all armed men found '
It said Cardenas, whose identity is no
known here, with nine men, had pro
claimed a revolution, divided into tw<
bands and "taken to the bush seeking
Gen. l?pez Faid the "menace is no
serious," but that the Obregon gov
ernment's policy is to stamp "out al
border trouble remorselessly." Th'
order closing the border to hunter
was due to the fear that innocen
Americans migrht be shot, he added.
Greeks Want Marriage Legalized
of Late King and Mme. Manos.
ATHENS, March 26.?The govern
ment will ask the national assemblj
to legalize the marriage of the lat<
King Alexander and Mme. Aspasi;
Manos. who yesterday gave birth t<
a daughter, in order to establish th<
right of the child to inherit the lat<
king's fortune, it was announced to
The palace doctor. Queen Sophi<
and an American trained nurse are ii
attendance on Mme. Manos an<
both she and her daughter are doinf
BERN. Switzerland. March 26 ?
Dr. Walter Simon. German foreigi
minicffr U' V> r? ic ciiffr-rintr frn rrt 01
attack of grippe, arrived here toda;
on the day to L?ugano for a ten-da;
uTT 1 **
Pump with diamond-sha
p fastened with small buc
trimmed with Tan Calfsl
le, trimmed with Gray K
v and of high-grade d*
vorkmanship ^
Pump New I
Calf with
strap and B.rown S:
uede band An 'nst^P s1
lown in all- at
fashionable *<? A
that has bee
> ' Hif
?????? / ',
,1 . .->*
Lieut. Strahm Wins Opening
Contest in National Southern
Air Tourneys.
i n? nit A*?"ciaita I rrss
BELLKA1R. Fla.. March 2?.?Finishing
100 per cent, and with the leader
maintaining an average of close to
1 two miles per minute, the four do
; Haviland Army plane entries, with
I their Liberty motors, demonstrated
complete superiority in the 100-mile
Clearwater-Belleair Air Derby here
this afternoon, opening the National
Southern Air Tourneys, l^ieut. Victor
I>. H Strahm. Bowling Green. Ky.,
winning with a time record of 51
minutes flat. The average speed was
119.0 miles per hour
1 Right behind the winner came
Lieut. J. G. Williams. New York, in
51.20. while the only others of the
nino starters to finish were Capt
* <\ W. Ford. New York, third, and
MaJ. A H Gilkerson. Sellarsville. l?a
Three Niouport L'Ss and two Spads
were forced out early in the flying
j ivy o\erneaaing moior^- a Meupon
- furnishing the nearest thing to an
^ accident. when it a motor froze on
Dieut. J. I>. Corkille. San Diego, and
compelled him to drop where he could.
^ The best spot he could piok out en
r j the spur of the moment was a garden
j patch at Indian Rocks. He made a
" j beautiful landing and did not damage
- ; the machine nor receive a scratch.
j It was a perfect day for the derby
i I and close to 10.000 people from all
P I parts of the country had abandoned
. J winter headquarters and business for th<
\ trip her*-. For a mile along the Clearwa i
j ter-St. Petersburg road bordering on the
t 1 golf links, which had been converted into
i I the landing field, automobiles were
^ | jammed just as close as they could b*
j placed.
t During the afternoon the two big
. Navy seaplanes arrived from Pensa3
cola, after a six-hour struggle against
^ heavy headwinds all the way. Not a
sign of the missing balloonists was
t seen, according to Lieut. Commander
j\. t . ;miuuj anu uiticr umtrrh in inr
1 ; party, though part of their flight was
e ' over the expanse of waters, which are
s being combed for the missing men and
t their basket.
The big Navy planes will participate
in a race Monday. In addition
to Lieut. Commander Snody. the two
planes brought Lieut. Commander B
G. Brown. Lieut. Hugo Schmidt.
Lieut. G. Kirke, Lieut. L. Hundt and
I two mechanics and a radio man each
The distance from Pensacola is 323
miles and they lighted on Clear
water bay at 4:35 o'clock.
r Tomorrow's program includes bomhs
ing a launch and parachute drop for
i accuracy.
> t
? Richmond Policeman Convicted <
i Stealing Loses Position.
* Special Pispatrh to The Star.
RICHMOND. Va March ?Cli
Sherry of the local police today dir
missed H. O. Goode from the fore
following his conviction on thecharg
- of stealing articles from the store?
n that were recently burned here.
a The man was given ninety days it.
i' in il Un Vi'ia ortrux-j lurl t It ax no co
y The alleged stolen articles wer
found in the home of Goode.
pC LiJ/ dUU
:kle. Beige
tin. Light
[id. Abso12.50
Satin Pumn
itin or Black Satin.
:rap* model, cut low
-rather short, pointsemi-Parisian
;n much admired.
7ST# 19,4,6 ^Ave

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