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Office Rooms
New Star Building
Most desirable offices for rent at reasonable
prices on the 3d, 4th and 5th floors of
the new Star building.
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rmden L?_______J
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S f
A Column Devoted to ftie ?
Defended the Nation
Business meetings of the Jacob h
Jones Post, No. 2, American Legion, 1
have been eliminated during the j,
summer months, but in September s
the winter program will be taken s
up. A lawn party is being arranged J
by the post to be held August 1 at a
Arlington, Ya. Many members of the a
post recently attended a boat ride to J
Fort Washington, and plans are
being made for another in the near t
future. t
A bazaar is to be held by the post)?
next December, the place and dates I'
for which have not been selected. *
Committees have been appointed and ?
are completing the arrangements. j.
The annual excursion of the Dis- 8
triet of Columbia Department of the 8
Veterans of Foreign Wars is to be *
held at Chesapeake Beach August r
11. Those in charge pf the outing
are D. E. Donaldson. W. G. Jamieson, f
Albert E. Haan and B.' S. Bettel- 1
heim, Jr. t
A special meeting of Equality-Wal- s
ter Reed Post, No. 2S4, is to beJheld i
Thursday evening at 8 o'clock, for c
the purpose of electing a commanded <
in place of Commander Beck, who has
been elected an officer in the depart- c
ment. W. G. Jamieson and W. C. t
Maokav have been nominated for the
nnsitlon. A trusts#* nlan will h#>
Two hundred and fifty members of
the American Legion, headed by
Franklin D'Olier, former national
commajider, and representing every
state and every branch of servioe.
will sail for France August 3 on a
pilgrimage to the former battle zone
of the world war.
The pilgrimage is at the instance
of President Millerand, who, on behalf
of the French government, invited
the American Legion to send a
representative delegation of former
service men to attend the unveiling
of the Flirey monument and to participate
in a series of events planned
especially for the Americans.
The Flirey monument at- Flirey,
France, is a tribute of the citizens
of that town and Lorraine to the
valor of the American troops, who
delivered their soil from German occupation.
Flirey is in the old Toul
sector and once was the regimental
headquarters of several American
The F. 'w. Galbraith. jr.. Post of
the American Lepion of Xew York
I city is the first post named for the I
I late national commander of the I
| legion to receive its charter. It is
j composed chiefly of legionnaires attached
i to the American Legion
Weekly headquarters. Two other
j legion posts have organized in honor
of the late commander, one at Cincinnati,
Ohio, and the other at Rock
Island, 111.
The Tank Corps Post, No .19. American
Legion, recruited two members
during the past week who made history
in the world war?one, MaJ.
George Smith Patton, jri now commanding
officer, third squadron, 3rd
Cavalry, stationed at Fort Myer, Va.,
and the other Maj. D. C. T. Grubbs,
equipment officer. Tank Center, Camp
Meade, Md.
MaJ. Patton. who commanded the
344th Battalion oi Tanks during the
I world war. and took part in Uie St.
I Mihiel and Argonne offensives, was
wounded in action, and was awarded
| the D. S. M. for bravery under fire,
j Maj. Patton went overseas as com
j manding officer. Headquarters Troop,
at Chaumont, and was later promoted
I and transferred to the Tank Corps,
where he made a wonderful record.
I Maj. Grubbs served as chief of staff.
| tanks, at G-2, Chaumont. throughout
| the war. He is one of the pioneer of|
fleers of the Tank Corps, and since
his return to this country has been
i working on the new tank, which will
be the latest word in mobile artillery.
Maj. Grubbs was one of the most popular
of tank officers overseas and has
the admiration and respect of the entire
enlisted personnel.
Chairman William Franklin of the
American Legion outing committee '
has about completed arrangements
j for the first annual fleld.day and famj
ily reunion of the American Legion
for Thursday, August 25, at Chesapeake
Beach. Tickets have been se1
cured and are being distributed by
Chairman Collins of the ticket comi
mittee. Chairman C. W. Swan of the
[athletic committee has arranged for
the first annual track and field meet,
with some twenty events on the program.
A handsome silver loving cup
is to be awarded the post scoring the
greatest number of points. Many
other prizes will be awarded In each
The Costello Post and the Tank
Corps Post of the Legion voted to
I oppose the placing of the body of
[ an unknown soldier in the United
States Capitol instead of in Ar- J
lington. as proposed by the George
Washington Post some time ago.
Both posts at regular meetings opj
posed the resolution in no uncertain
i terms.
I. H. Horton. assistant to the de'
partment commander of the AmeriI
can Legion ip the District, has been
! kept busy these past two weeks answering
inquiries. The membership
drive has been on, ana nearly an
of the posts report increased applications.
The motion picture theatere
have been running glides, calling on
all men who served during the world
war to "Join the legion and carry
Resolutions urging President Harding.
Secretary of War Weeks and Secretary
of the Navy Denby to exert
their Influence for the retention of
war veterans in the government departments
were adopted by Robley S.
Evans Post, No. 4. the American Legion,
at its regular meeting Thursday
night in the old Naval Hospital, 9th
street and Pennsylvania avenue
It was voted that the body of the
unknown soldier killed In the world
war be buried In Arlington national
cemetery Armistice day, and not in
the United States Capitol, as has been
Announcement was made that many
members of the post contemplate entering
one or more of the athletic
events on the occasion of the annual
excursion of the American Legion at
Chesapeake Beach next month. The
post is holding meetings the first
Thursday of each month during the
Taking issue with the Chamber of
Commerce of the United StateB regarding
letters sent by that body to
Its members throughout the country
urging them to prevent the passage
of the veterans' adjustment compensation
bill, now pendlrfg In Congress,
the national legislative committee of
the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the
United States has sent a letter to the
The committee challenges the chamber
to put its action to a referendum
vote and to ask its local bodies
throughout the country whether they
approve of the stand taken against
the bill. It is pointed out there are I
thousands of ex-service men on these I
boards, and it Is predicted that the
vote would be against such a stand.
Another challenge is for the chamber
to place the matter to a referendum
'of the general public. It la stated
in the letter that the recent elections
have shown that the public is in
favor of the bill by a vote of eight to
The letter was sent to the chamber
by Edwin S. Bettelheim. Jr., chairman
of the national legislative committee.
The next meeting of George Washington
Post, No. 1. The American
Legion, will be held Tuesday night
at 8 o'clock in the boardroom. District
building. The post is jucet^g temporarily
during the months of July.
August and September on the third
Tuesday at the District building, as
the Community Service Hall. 918 10th
street northwest, has been taken over
by the new owners.
First Vice Commander Howard M. i
Peter is attending the annual Elks' <
convention at San Francisco. Prior I
to returning east he will make ah ex- I
tended trip to the various Maclne I
Ci.-Ja noa'.a on the Paclflc slope.tsAli
Ists of the Men Who | >
on Land and Sea.
>ert E. Haan, national service dlrecor
of the American Legion and
member of George Washington Poat,
las returned from attending several
tate conventions of the legion In the
outh. Pa'st Department and Past
'ost Commander E. Lester Jones has
eturned from a several weeks' trip
long the Canadian border. He was
ppointed several months ago comnlEsloner
International boundary,
Jnited States and Canada.
It is planned to carry the colors of
he post to the next annual convenion
to be held at Kansas City, Mo.,
Ictober 31. The new national comnander
has announced that he .is delrous
of as many posts being reMeented
with their colors as posslbl^at
he coming convention. Each post so
epresented is to be presented with a
liver service bar to be placed on the
;taff of its banner. This service
iar will bear the wording. "Third Anlual
Convention. Kansas City, 1S21."
The by-laws of the post went to
iress during the past week, and \v;*hn
a few days will be ready for dlsrlbutio'n
to members. The book will
contain sixteen pages, and Is the remit
of several months' work on the
art of a special committee composed
if Past Commander E. Lester Jones,
ihalrman; John Lewis Smith and Post <
Jommander Howard S. Flsk. The
Over will be printed In the colors of
he legion. *
?* "
At a Joint special meeting of the ex cutlve
And resolutions committees of
S'ational Capital Post, 127, Veteranr
\f TTAro<o>n Wo rn Tiiocflav ovonln*-. thf
latter committee reported resolution*
which were unanimously adopted and
-ecommended to ba presented to the
jost for action. ?
One of the resolutions proposes that a ;
committee of several veteran bodies, i
he Veterans of Foreign Wars, Ujlited
jpanlsh War Veterans. American Legion
ind Disabled Veterans' League, be empowered
to select the same city for their,
text annual encampment, for the pur- ;
>ose of promoting a Federation of ,
\merlcan Veterans.
Another resolution proposes a consoldatlon
of service bureaus of all veterins
and housed collectively as one. In
:he war risk building, each of the ortanlzations
having a representative on
he board. The other resolutions In part
ire: That no ex-service man dhall be
llsmissed from the government service
n the course of the reduction of the
orces; to condemn any practice of discriminations
against ex-service men;
hat Congress enact legislation making
t obligatory for appointments of exlervlce
men; that all married women,
where husbands, too, are holding government
positions be dismissed and the
acancies filled by ex-service men; that
he retirement of superannuated employes
be changed to Include length of
lervice as well as age, and military
ervlce counting for all serving In the
trmed forces of the United States; that
>nly former service men be employed
with the federal board of vocational
educational training and the war risk
nsurance; that $200 per month pension
>e allowed all disabled veterans; that
Li leasi. iwu ui uic uimeu omirn vivu
lervlce commissioners be ex-service men
ind one of them an overseas veteran;
hat Memorial day be lagayred for a
pational holiday, and to be strictly observed
for honoring the dead, by closng
places of amusement; that the fedsral
government furnish transportation
'or all members of the O. A. R. and disibled
veterans on Memorial day; that
pnly the American flag be permitted displayed
on Memorial day.
The committee indorsed the stand
:aken by Senator Tat Harrison in behalf
>f the soldier bonus.
The executive committee of the Vet rans
of the 2d Division, Branch No. 1,
pf the District of Columbia and vicinity,
it a meeting presided over by Brig. Gen.
Preston Brown, general staff, O. S. A?
pompleted arrangements for an outing
it Marshall Hall Saturday, July 23. This
puting Is In commemoration of the bat;le
near Solssons, France, July 18-19,
1918. when the division attacked as part
of the 20th Army Corps (French), caplured
Beaurepiere farm, Vaucastllle,
Viersy and advanced to Tlgny. Arrangements
have been made to transport
the former 2d Division men now
jnder treatment at the Walter Reed and
s'aval hospitals to and from the boat
722 13T-H ST. N.W. |
Reed \
New Stoek-?
SUPPLY CO., 722 13th St.
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W ff=?\ /J
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Monoaceticacideater of Salicylicacid.
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comfort or Lots of Time i
We have a method for the control of
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whether it ia present as hay fever or
chronic Aathma, you should send for a free
! trial of our method. No matter in what
climate you live, no matter what your ace
or occupation, if you are troubled with
Asthma, our method ahould relieve you
! promptly.
! We especially want to send it to those
I apparently hopeless cites, where all forms
of Inhalers, douches, opium preparatory j
fumes, "patent smokes," etc., nave failed.
We want to show every one at our expense I
i thst our method ia deslcned to end all
difficult breathing, all wheeslnf and all
thoie terrible paroxysms.
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... . - .
anding. A number of men who served
vith the 2d Division overseas and are
low on duty at the marine barracks,
Juantico, Va? will meet the party at
Marshall Hall. The post band of Quan:ieo
will accompany them. An athletic
irogram has been arranged, suitable
irises will be awarded; also prises for
:he best dancer and the prettiest girl.
VtaJ. Gen. James O. Harbord, U. S. A.,
ecently appointed executive assistant
o Gen. Pershing, chief of staff, U. S. A.,
vaH enrolled as a member of the 2<1 Division
Veterans. He commanded the
ith Brigade, 2d Division, from May 6,
918, to July 15. 1918, in the trenches at
lie Verdun sector, and also during the
>ngaa:ements northwest of Chateau
Thierry, Belleau Wood and Bouresches:
ook command of the division July 16
918, on the eve of the engagement near
loisaons. Gen. Hnrbord relinquished
command of the division at Camp
Travis, Tex., to accept the appointment
is executive assistant to the chief of
itaff, U. S. A.
Plans for the annual excursion of the
I'lncent B. Costello Post, American Lotion,
to Chesapeake Beach August 2 are
jrogressing under the direction of Mr.
L,efferts, chairman of the entertainment
tommlttee. A family reunion and Held
lay, augmented by a program of athetlc
events, Is planned. Negotiations
ire being completed looking toward the
establishment of a clubhouse on the
lver front, near Chain bridge. The
next meeting of the post will be held on
the second instead of the flrst Tuesday
In August, as the excursion date conflicts
with the regular meeting night.
The port of London authorities
spend more than 83,500 a year on
oats' meat for the large army of cats
now required to deal "with rats and
a J
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BERLIN, June 16. ? The work |
of exhuming the bodies of the I
American soldiers who died as
prisoners of war in Germany has
developed such difficulties that
some uncertainty attaches to the
identity of the few which have
been unearthed from among the
unnamed German and other dead
In the cemeteries near the old
prison camps. j
Many of the graves were un- i
mdrked and the names of the men 1
buried, in some places were un- I
known, so that much guesswork
entered into the task of the American
graves registration service,
in charge of two American Army
officers, which has superintended
the operations.
"The bodies exhumed comprise
what are thought to he the remains
of American soldiers who
died in Germany," said a member
of the registration service. "We
have shipped fifteen from Leipzig
to Antwerp for transportation to
America. Our operations have
been carried out in Strasshurg,
oiocnacn con inn normern enu ui
I^ake Constance), Lindau-am-Bo- I
densee. Munich, Darmstadt, Cob- !
lenz. Stuttgart and Hindenburg, I
Silesia." !
To exhume and remove the single
soldier burled near Hindenburg?in
a flower-covered grave
shaded by chestnut * trees?it was
necessary to obtain permission
from the interallied high 6ommisston
at Oppeln, the Polish representative
there, the head of German
self-defense organisations
I These prices?and the pr
which we haven't space for
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415 7 St.N.W.
and the leader of Polish Insurgents,
for the grave was in
territory held Dy Polish Insurgents
and the trucks of the
Americans had to pass between
lines of fighting Germans and
Poles. A member of the American
military mission i/i - Berlin nePhone
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Circassian WalnutSuite,
as Shown
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edit Ternes.
gotlated and obtained aeaurancea
that the American party would
not be molested.
Two bodies were exhumed near
Berlin, one at Tuchel. I'oland. and
another near Dresden. The work
of the section, it is expected, will
be completed about July 15. Capt.
Eugene M. Dwyer and Capt. G.
Cole have conducted the work
with .a civilian personnel of twenty-four
men, comprising chauffeurs,
embalmers and technical
lin 5849 g is
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