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of furniture for home-makers
* ' %
In the wake of the Half-yearly Furniture Sale just passed we find many
11 . 1 # # ?. . .1 _1 11
oan suites ana pieces 01 iurmture wmcn ior one reason or anoiner we inau
not reorder.
All these pieces are now, price-lowered for this remnant sale,
affording economies in furniture not heretofore obtainable.
Look for the special sale tags on the floor; they show savings like these:
zr?rr// /1// w w -\ ,
This $204 tapestry suite
Remnant sale $ 1 y? u
price JL m
Attractive 3-piece Jacobean oak suite with cane back and sides. Comfortable
automobile seats upholstered in tapestry. 2 pillows included.
$159 overstuffed suite, $119 $22.50 3-piece suite, $19.75
Suite comprising chair, rocker and settee, with Fumed oak living room suite covered with imiwing
back. Covered in genuine leather. tation brown Spanish leather.
$26.75 golden oak extension ,
table, 4.8x6 feet. $19.50 fl ,-g,
$12.50 Chinese grass table. ^ , - i , > _^E l
$9.50 _ , ; ** ... < > -fi ~
$17.50 Chinese grass table. i' ^ ' i Y # ?'.*?*.: ,'sSf I M'-lfc;
$11.75 a 1 ;>3 ;-Vii
$57.50 brown reed settee ?.'. 'A-;. j . '
(imperfect), $19.50 , - *' 1 1
$35.50 mahogany toilet table. ^ ' ' 1 ." .. 1 ( _ ' ' i
$36.50 mahogany davenport *. ?# i * V
.. table. 66 inches, $26.75 Ljg *?I
All Bohn refrigerators . ,
? ?1/4 ,off d $27.25 floor lamps
INo better refrigerator made m
than the Bohn Syphon. _ _ <ti T| . A m
About $10 less $#1 .45
$68.50 genuine reed settee, up- than regular JL m
holstered back, loose cushions,
$39.75 (Four styles sketched)
$59.75 New-fold bed daven- ? . ... , _ -ii _ t
port, fumed and golden oak. $38 Fall house cleaning is near?a new lamp will make
$58.75 Bird's-eye maple chif- things look so delightfully different,
forette. $39.75 Artistically wood bases, in mahogany finish; with ?
$67.50 American walnut toilet sockets for two electric lights.
rors? C? ?n a CSIgn' $46J5 Beautiful silk shades, in various styles; some with
$62.50 china closet, golden oak chenille fringe and metal braiding.
Ma?ygdSnfront: Various colorings and combinations, in
$55 Queen Anne extension eluding blue, yellow, rose and mulberry
table, walnut or mahogany; , (Fourth floor)
oval top, $39.75 '
$91.75 Bird's-eye maple
$456.50 bedroom suite
$79 china closet, square front _
and end; golden oak, $59 Remnant /7tl
tale price,
$6 bent arm roeker, $3.95 _ . , .
Saddle-seat oak rocker , Four-piece American walnut suite, comprising
with panel back large dresser, chifforette, vanity dresser and full-size
I * bed.
$79.75 American walnut chif- $158 4-piece bedroom ?uite, $117
. , , 558.75 , Mahogany finish dresser, toilet table with tripliedl!
e.te mirrora, ehiforelte and double bed. Rem..-.
pillows, $59 sale.
This $525 dining room suite i
sale price, $38? | chairs
A year ago we could not buy a suite like this wholesale Pfice
at this Remnant Day price. 10 pieces, either American wal- Numerous styles being
nut or mahogany. Tudor Gothic design, with new shaped remnants they go at half
table top, high china closet, buffet, inclosed server, 5 side P ce* ^ the popular finchairs
and armchairs, upholstered in genuine leather. is es an woo s.
Not remnants, but just as attractively priced
$49.75 new Axminster rugs, $Q7
9x12 and 8.3x10.6 ft.
Seamed or seamless Axminsters?newest .patterns and colorings. Designs
range from the small all-over effects to the colorful oriental and
medallion patterns.
C A JV7FTITY A ftn $65 Wilton velvet rugs, $49.75
. VMM AmJfX Art loom rugs in 9x12 and 8.3x10.6 sizes.
Seamless, closely woven grade; soft and velFelt
base , vety; very durable.
floor covering **! Y"*
. .... , ? . . ' $39.75 Brussels rugs, $28.75
Not remnants, bnt full, fresh rolls. Another T ? '
Texoleum product with practically all the good 9x 12-foot _ rugs?our best grade. Closely
Texoleum qualities. Seven patterns. Bring woven. Wide range of designs,
room measurements. . * (Fourth Floor.)
The Mooh
7th at F _ Where price* are guaranteed . 7th at F
? ?
V *
bv pop a
m wmmgsmm mrn^
I ^ ^Sl'f -5''%
K ' - ' ^ ' ^WHk >; >/'<>
f iBpgf
fc? ::'"::9HH^ffi^/'il
I gave my first yell in San Diego,
Calif., on the night of May 15, 1888."
Unlike most native sons, I haven't
yelled much about California since. At
a very tender age my parents moved
to Houston, Tex., where, I understand,
my father tried to make some real
money in real estate. About the only
thing I remember in connection with
Houston is getting a licking for running
ofT and hiding on a "flying jinny."
which above the Mason and Dixon line
is known as a merry-go-round. From
Texas my fond parents made a big
Iuma and the next thine: I remember
in life is a flock of cable cars, elevated
trains and hansom cabs. Also
a large quantity of human beings
walking up and down a street called
Shortly after this my father evidently
decided it was time I learned
who discovered America and who won
the battle of Bull Run, and many
other things so necessary to a complete
education. So I was sent to
school, where I didn't cover myself
with much glory, but certainly did
cover my books with queer-looking
pictures. The family wanted me to
become a prominent lawyer, but I
fooled 'em, and rapidly became a very
poor artist.
When about eighteen I met Harry
Grant Dart, then art editor of the
New York World, who said if I c^red
to become a "regular artist" he would
give me a job. I jumped at his offer
and started on the magnificent salary
of $6 per week. He was very kind,
and through his efforts and instruction
I was soon making $30 per week.
For about eight years I did regular,
newspaper stuff ? everything from
making borders for photographs to
11 Highly Poli
11 aluminum ]
I I for hotels ai\
I J 'JHESE plates were mi
I They, are extra hea
I I their value by the fact
I I weight are retailing for 9
I I Plates are 9 inches ii
I 1 i1d>d>n fl/im/' Hah*
|| ? ?/%/!# ww?*
I hence ideal for all mam
I and outing use.
I Heavy bakin
I of Russian
I for homes an
rJ,HESE pans were ma
^ " to withstand the h
Hence they are made
iron, seamless, thoroughly
| across bottom with two 01
Two sizes as shown.
13x16 inches
13x21 inches
Nearest quotation we co
is more than double thit
7th ttt F Where prices a
spirting cartoons for the sport page
At last I hit upon "Keeping Up Witl
the Joneses," began to make ?om<
"real money," and also began to "kee]
up with the Joneses" myself.
That was nine years ago, an<
Aloysius P. McGinis and Jiis famil;
are still going strong.
will take the chill off the
room these cool evenings.
1204G St <16 12thSt
Phone Main 140
sited heavy
plates, 26?
id home use
4 for $1
^ Which is about
[s one-fourth^ their
-J actual value
ide for the U. S. Navy,
vy, and you can judge
that plates one-half the
i diameter with a fairly
jKt and indestructible,
ter of kitchen, camping
g pans made ,
sheet iron
d institutions
de for the U. S. Navy
ardest kind of abuse.
? .
of heavy Russian sheet
reinforced and sheathed
' three heavy iron strips.
1 }89c
old find on like qualities
i price.
chf Ca
ire guaranteed 7th at F
60,000,000,000 CROWNS
r __________________
Printing Presses Speeded tJp ti
Cover Deficit to Meet Demands
of Workers.
By Cable to The 8tar and Chicago Daily Newi
Copyright, 1921.
VIENNA, September 28.?Austria na
almost 60,000,000,000 paper crowns ii
j circulation, but is obliged to spee<
jp the printing presses to cover th
deficit and meet the ever-increasini
demands of the 500.000 employes ii
the railroad, post, telegraph and arm;
services. The depreciation of th
crown continues in the same propor
tion as the note issue is augmented
and with each fall in the value of th
cro.wn in the world market one see
in Vienna the same scenes of eco
nomic and political disturbances.
Speculation^ in money and goods i:
the only source of revenue of a largi
number of Viennese, particularly o
the immigrants from eastern Europe
for the crown as a medium of ex
change is to be held as short a tirn<
tx a itncoihlA r> r until fnptiicrn f rod i f i
can be purchased. This is harves
time on the exchanges and the lates
crisis provoked such popular disapproval
that radical agitators wen
able to organize a siege of the Vi
enna exchange. The government was
obliged to close the exchange upor
specified days. Private transactions
are continuing, although temporarilj
business is impeded and demoralized
The railroad strike for more paj
in the form of a bonus offers anothei
difficulty for Austria, as the railroads
are practically controlled by the
employes, who, with their workmen's
councils, fix the schedules and rates
and maintain the lines on a law op
erating plane. There is a large sur
plus of employes who have a ten
dency to mix in politics.
I - \
' J
The Mai
/ water till lul
ing suds rep
Rinse in
ryot wring.
hang on or c
should be dr
i for^i
. l$ j
j v sfe/fone
rI ^HIS handy, ?
A latest additier
Especially de
.use. xi 11 us in
can be carried a
is a real necess
child who has ai
j like all Remi
clean-cut, beautii
case, $60
i 1340 Nev
"j ?
" Which of these records
t do you need?
c Sale* Record Here are eight National Loose Leaf
i" Daily Statement Forms in constant use by business
e Exnense Record houses the country over: two which
! Recapitulation enable lawyers to keep accurate recBlank
ords of cases or collections.
f ^Recapitulation Your stationer will be glad to show ,
Weekly y?u these forms?National Series
' lime Sheet 80AA to AG. Use National Ring
s Attorney'* Binder 6408 or 6508.
1 Case Docket
Attorney"* Look for This Trade Mark When You Buy
^ Collection Docket ?
Loose Leaf and Bound Books
18 Riverside* HOLY OK E, MASS. I
kers of Onyx Silk Hosiery
-Wash silk stockings in
Z one or two teaspoonfuls of Lux into a thick ?
r in half a bowlful of very hot water. Add cold '
cewarm. Dip the stockings up and down, presseatedly
through soiled spots.
3 lukewarm waters. Squeeze water out?do
Dry stockings indoors or in the shade; never 4
>ver a radiator.
clocked or embroidered in contrasting colors
ied with a cloth or tissue paper inside.
. Everybody-1
7ke Writer Vh* Traveler
11 . i it
91te Sioty Keepcr
ngton Portable
ompact writing machine is the
l to the famed Remington family,
signed for - intimate, personal
a Map nnlv four inches hish. ?
nywhere, used everywhere and *
jity to every man, woman or YTM^L
ngton Typewriters it turns out
ill work speedily and efficiently.
ir York Ave. N.W., Washington -<
Phone Main 336

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