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The School
Shoe Shop
Featuring Extended
Soles to Save the Toes
8y3 to 11.
11# to 2.,
Arthur Burt Co.
1343 F
What is
44A Blessing
Your Head"
of course!
You're Safe
, Your own dentist
will approve its
twice-a-day use.
large Size 23c Medium Size 10c
Secret love?
Lola Breezy** ancestor wu the
mo?t famous French couiteaaa
of her day.
With this inheritance urging
her on, Lola plan* to win the
love of one of England's great
est men?plana to offer him
herself a* "the rustle of silk,"
secret and shimmering, which
gives enchantment to a man'a
The Rustle of Silk"?a novel
S Cosmo Hamilton ia fust on*
tha thirty-three features In
tha Nov ruber Winter Fashion
Be sure to gat It
Out Today
?v' l 1 '( v I V"
ii,ii' i I.,., 11 ? < Li
J Quality at a fair price
Make certain what's Inside
the mam ess. That ia the
test of quality and wear.
Conscience Brand mat
tresses art honestly huiit
inside and out ? buoyant,
long fibre filler, stout ma
terials, conscientious work
manshlp. You can buy
these quality mattresses
cotton felt, kspoc or hair
?at a fair price- Ask your
desler to show you the
mattress described below.
msclence Bram
m Rickuono
S&DLDi inu
|Jerry Muskrat Also Has the |
Who heeds my warning* never will
Through UDpreparvdneaa Buffer ill.
?Old Mother Nature.
Peter Rabbit reached the Smiling
Pool without mishap and looked ea
gerly for Jerry Muskrat Jerry wasn't
to be seen. Peter looked over at Jer
ry's house, near where the Laughing
Brook entered the Smiling Pool. Was
it his imagination, or was Jerry's
house bigger than it had been the
last time he had seen it? Peter
couldn't be sure. It was some time
since he had visited the Smiling I'ool,
and then he hadn't taken any special
notice of Jerry's house.
But now he looked at It very hard,
and the more he looked the more the
feeling grew that it was bigger than
It had been. Certainly. Jerry had
been at work on it. But that might
not mean anything more than that i
Jerry ww setting it ready for win- I
ter. He did this every fall. Still he I
couldn't get rid of the feeling that'
it was bigger than it ever hud been
Presently he saw something mov
ing out from among the rushes on
the further side of the Smiling Pool.
At first it looked as if some fallen
rushes were floating out of their own
accord. Then he made out a little
brown head in the middle of them.
Peter knew instantly that It was
Jerry Muskrat bringing more rushes
for that house.
"Hello, Jerry!" called Peter.
Jerry didn't reply. He couldn't.
'Vou see, his mouth was full of those |
rushes. He knew better than to try'
i to talk with his mouth full. When he 1
reached his house he climbed out of '
the water and dragged the rushes up
on the roof. Then, without guying a
! word, he carefully worked them in t
j place where he wanted them. When
he had fixed them to suit himself he
| cat down to rest.
"Hello, Peter." said he. his eyes
twinkling. "What is new In the j
? Great World7'
! "Nothing much that I know of," re-;
plied Peter. "Isn't your house bigger j
than It wait?" i
"I hope so," replied Jerry. "If 1t j
isn't I have wasted a lot of time and '
worked hard for nothing. It will be I
bigger still before I am through with j
it. This roof ought to be twice as J
thick as it is."
"Why?" asked Peter.
"Because we are going to have a j
I long, hard, cold winter," replied Jerry, i
j "and the thicker this roof is the j
warmer my bedroom will be."
I "Pooh!" exclaimed Peter. "Proba- |
bly you are doing h lot of hard work ?
for nothing. Winter is a long way
off yet. so how can you know what
kind of a winter it is going to he?" 1
"I know," replied Jerry. "It is go- I
ing to he long and hard and cold, and |
I am going to be prepared for it."
"That is what Johnny Chuck said,
hut I don't believe he knows, and 1
don't believe you know a thing about
"Johnny Chuck is right." declared
Jerry Muskrat "What has he been
doing to set ready for it?"
"He has dug his house deeper than
ever before, and he has stuffed him
self until he Is so fat that it is a won
der to me that he doesn't burst." re
plied Peter. "It Is so. But you i
haven't told me how you know the!
winter Is going to be long, hard and |
cold. Who told you so?"
"Nobody,'" replied Jerry. "That is,
nobody, unless Old Mother Nature
Another Chat on Calories.
If you have determined, according
to the chat on food values last week,
that you require a certain number of
calories of food a day, the next step
is to find out the caloric value of the
foods you are eating- We will take,
for Instance, the case of a grown
woman leading an ordinary active
life. She requires 2.5UO calories ot
food daily to keep her fit. If she
weighs more than she should, she has
keen eating more than this amount,
and to reduce she must eat less. She
must eat. Instead of 2,600, about 1,500
to reduce at the rate of two pounds
a week, which is the safest rate.
Without knowing anything about
calories you will see from this that to
rcduce you must cat only three-fifths
the amount of food you have been
accustomed to. But If you wish to be
accurate about your diet savo this
table of caloric values. The caloric
value stated is for an average serv
Meats?Lean beefsteak, 185 calo
ries; tenderloin, 285; roast beef, 1E0;
roast chicken, 180; Iamb or mutton
chops, 150-300; pork chops, each, 200
300; boiled ham. 260; fried ham, 400;
slice of b.icon, 25.
Fish?Lean fish, 135 calories; fat
fish, 265; oysters, each, 8.
Vegetables?Asparagus, one stalk
6 calories; celery, six stalks, 15;
onions, each. 60; white potatoes, each,
100; sweet potatoes. 200; beets, 30;
home baked be ins, 300; can baked
beans, 150; string beans, IS; cabbage,
10; carrots, 20; cauliflower, 20; canned
corn, 100; green corn, one ear, 100;
preen peas, 100: spinach or squash,
25; Tomatoes, 50.
Worried.?The best way to reduce
Is through the natural processes, such
as dieting and exercise. You may
weigh almost anything you wish by
regulating the diet, which Is sure to
be the healthiest method, even though
it In not the quick way of taking off
Mesh. If you need information about
this, send a stamped addressed en
velope and I will be pleased to mail
you full directions on food values.
You should be sure to read the week
ly chats on reducing in this column.
Discouraged.?A clear skin, which
is also fine in texture, means a clean
ulgestlve tract and that all the
organs of elimination must be work
ing freely. This Includes the skin,
which h is an important function in
this process. The warm bath dally?
or every other day when the cold
bath Is used daily?does much toward
a fine texture to the complexion, as
the pores over the whole body are
kept more active and thus relieve
those on the more exposed part of the
body. The pores of the face and
throat should be closed after the
usual cleaning, which will make the
texture finer than if It were neg
lected. A few drops of benzoin In the
rinse water or an ice rub will effect
uobby.?For a girl of fourteen yeare
of age, with a height of Ave feet,
nine inches, your weight of 132
pounds Is all rl^ht.
Personal Health Service
r-w No tad Phytieian and Author
Plenty of Vitamins.
There are plenty of vitamins In the
ordinary American dietary to supply
every need of the body. To be sure
we have stirred up considerable fuss
about vitamins lately. Ho dietetic
advice is complete without allusion
to these newly discovered food acces
sories. No tonic, beverage or pre
masticated food Is up-to-date without
some claim of vitamin content.
There are plenty of vitamins in the
ordinary American dietary, I say.
That Is, a fairly balanced and varied
dietary- One thing: the average
American will not endure, unless he
is some kind of crank or the victim
of some plausible food "specialist,"
is a restriction of his bill of fare.
The greater the variety of foods he
can have at one meal the happier
he is?and the healthier, provided he
got-s in for variety, but not for quantity.
Perhaps certain classes of individ
uals aside from mere food or diet
cranks do suffer from an inadequate
amount of vitamins in their diet. For
example, many nursing mother* avoid
this and that wholesome and really
essential food merely because the
saireysamps have a tradition that a
nursing mother can't eat this and
that?a great mistake which often
has deplorable results for the infant.
Unquestionably many Infants
"raised" on various substitutes for
breast milk or fresh cows' milk suit
ably mod'fled suffer such grave nu
tritional effects of vitamin deficiency
as rickets and scurvy, not to mention
many other less clearly defined nutri
tional disorders in childhood.
Strong evidence has been adduced
to support the belief that the disease
pellagra, which seems to be more
prevalent than ever in the southern
states may be directly due to a vita
min deficiency by reason of insuffi
cient variety and particularly Insuffi
cient fresh foods such as milk, eggs
greens and the fresh vegetables. In
deed. the United States public health
service has strongly urged the con
clusion that the drinking of at least
whispered It in my ear while I was
asleep. But I know. It is Just a feel
ing. I guess that is It, just a feeling,
but all the same I know. You mark
my words, Peter Rabbit, we are going
to have one of the worst winters ever.
But I don't care; I'll be ready for it."
With this Jerry dived into the wa
ter and started for more rusheB.
(Copjrlght, 1921, by T. W. Burgen.)
a pint of fresh raw pure milk a day
will prevent pellaKra.
Some of the elders may renal! when
calories were first dragged forth to
abash and. confuse mere laymen who
ventured to assume exact knowledge
i of which foods contained starches and
which contained proteins For a time
calories kept us doctors one good
jump ahead of these dabblers In die
tetics. But alas, calories are common
knowledge nowadays! Nearly every
one eats "em. and many a layman can
pronounce them correctly Nay, there
are restaurants where they serve cal
ories in definite quantities. If you be
lieve all you read in the menu. So
we Just had to invent vitamins. Can
vou blame a doctor for wishing to
seem to know a little more than the
laity? Formerly when the doctor had
only to look wise and say nothing o
a little hog Latin It was simple
It Is barely possible the reader Is
anxious to know just what vitamin
are. So am T. Next time I'll tell all
and more than I know about them,
which won't take long.
Canker Sores.
! Please tell me the cause of canker
j sores and what can be done to relieve
' the pain when they appear. (S. A.)
Answer.?Focal Infections about the
i teeth, gums, tonsils or nasal sinuses
1 si-em to be responsible, and injury of
the delicate mucous membrane lining
the mouth by irritants such as highl>
flavored tooth soaps, tobacco, exces
sively hot foods, and the mechanical
injury done by toothpicks and the
tooth brush. Touch cach spot once
daily with a mixture of glycerin and
tincture of iodine, equal parts. Rinse
the mouth many times a day with a
tepid solution of a teaspoonful ol
boric acid in half pint of boiled water.
If you don't know
what to get to vary
the monotony of the
daily diet ?try Ancre
New, Coated, Sanitary Wrapper
H7tA t/* Genuinefofueforf/hytr
? y.\*. . ? -i r ?>/>. ?
Six rules for
1. Keep your coffee air tight
2- Measure carefully
3. Use grounds only once
4. Use boiling water
5. Serve at once
6. Scour the coffee pot
the universal (ivinK
It put W aa
tkta 4?W #/ all tht COWFMK wm4 Im m$ (MM ftatM ?f Amtrtea.
Good Things to
Make With Ginger
Whether you call it molasses cake
or gingerbread. It doesn't make very
much difference. It Is all pretty
much the same. There Is a soft, cakey
loaf, or crisp-edged little patty cakes,
with ft spongy texture, a delicious fla
vor compound of sweet und ginger.
It's good, that's all.
Really you can vary the uses of
gingerbread to a remarkable degree,
so If your family like the flavor don't
fear becoming monotonous by having
it often. Patty cakes frosted with
chocolate are delicious. A loaf cut in
slices and served with whipped cream
Is delicious, and as an accompani
ment of apple sauce, sliced oranges
and canned fruit It is always good.
Gingerbread Withont Hotter or Erics.
One gill of lard, one cup of sour
milk, one teaspoon of baking soda,
one cup of molasses, two teaspoons
of ground glngor flour. Put the mo
lasses, lard and ginger on the Are.
When warmed and the lard has melt
ed, beat for ten minutes. Dissolve
the soda in a few drops of boiling
water. Mix it and the milk with the
molasses; then add enough flour to
make a stiff batter. Beat well. Have
ready ? greased driplng pan. Pour
In the mixture and bake ten minutes
in a quick oven.
One cup brown sugar, one cup white
sugar. half cup cooking oil, half ? up
cornstrach. two ami a half cups flour,
one tablespoon ground ginger, one
teaspoon ground eloves, one teaspoon
soda, one cup sour milk. Place the
sugar on stove. As it warms add the
oil. Add the dry ingredient* lifted
together, and last the sour milk. Beat
well and bake in a moderate oven.
Ginger fakr.
Cream a cup of butter with half a
cup of brown sugar, add two cups of
molasses, one cup of milk, a table
spoon of ginger, a teaspoon of pow
dered cinnam??n and three eggs beaten
separately. Add two cups of sifted
flour, a teaspoon of ^orta dissolved in
a little cola water, then two ru)M
more of sifted flour. Hake in ghallou
buttered tins lined with paper.
One-Egjf Soft MoIn??en Cake.
Mix together half a cup of cooking
oil, half a cup of sugar, one beaten
egg, half a cup of milk, half a cup
of m<?lasses in which half a teaspoon
of soda, dissolved in a little cold
water, is mixed Add these things t"
a cup and a half of flour sified with
half a tablespoon of ginger and a
teaspoon ot baking powder.
famedA ^flavor
your grocers
V- - ^ :
The BIG P"ce Drop Has Come
?A Sensational Announcement From a
Conservative Shoe House
W. L1BAS, Mgr.
314 7th St. N.W.
Our Factory Needs Orders to Keep Running.
Our Stores Have Too Many Shoes.
it just had to come! We are frank to acknowledge that we are dangerously
overstocked?and incidentlly, we want to say that there are many other high-grade
concerns throughout America today in a similar predicament! But Never mind
about the other fellow?we are the one now forced to sell! Sell!! SELL!!! regard
less of cost or loss. True it's a mighty bitter pill?but our thousands of customers,
friends and acquantances will vouch for the fact that we can swallow the dose and
SMILE! And so we're going to invite you one and all to take advantage of this
terrific sacrifice.
We Are Forced to Take a $150,000 Loss
on High-Grade Travers Shoes
Made In Our Own Factory
For Our Own Stores
Doors Open Tomorrow at 9 A.M.
Lot 1?Wom
en's Low Cuts.
Bfack Kid,
Tan Calf,
Patent, White
Linen and
Were SO to 98
Lot 2?Worn
en's Low Cuts.
Tan and Black
Kid, Black
Suede, Brown
Kid, Low Cuts
and White
Buck and
Oray K i d
Xot All Slsrx
Were *7 to *10
Lot 3?Worn
en's Boots,
Oxfords and
Pumps ? T a n
and Black Kid.
Brown and
Oray Kid.
Black Suede.
Were $8 to $12
Lot 4?Wom
en's Boo
Brown Calf
and Kid, Black
Calf and Kid,
Tan and Field,
mouse Kid.
Farmer Price
90 and 913
Lot 5?Worn
en's B o ots?
Oxfords and
Brown Calf
and Kid, Black
Kids and Calf.
Former Prices
$10 to $15
Lot fr?Wom
en's High*
Grade B o ot.
and Oxfords?
New style
Brogues or
plain designs;
a 11 leathers.
Were $8 to $16.
Lot 7?Men's
Boots and Ox
fords ?Brown
or Black Calf
$9 Values
Lot 8?Men V
Boots and Ox
fords ?Brown
or Black Calf.
All sizes and
$12 Values
Lot 9?Men's
Best Grade
Boots and Ox
fords? Brown
or Black.
$14 V alues
v Nothing Reserved
Positively nothing withheld. All salts final. No C. O. D.'s.
No Phone or Mail Orders. Cosh only.
Extra Salesmen
To wait on you promptly and serve you properly. You can
buy in absolute comfort and confidence.

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