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Par ,41 The S. Kann
Of Our 4 Pages Today.
See Pages 29, 30 and 31
Store Hours, Daily 9: IS a.m. to 6 p.m.
Penna. Ave., 8th and D Streets
Two special numbers for Monday
?Women'i All-linen Handkerchief*,
with attractive one corner \ g\
d^wignn. Iiejfi.larly 20cf I
?.Women*. Sheer Catte H?m?titched
liandiierchiei*, witlFpfvbnll f\r\
initial. 0 in 1>ox.^Sjh?- Ul ? ?
Kanu'ii?Street Floor.
Other Numerous Sales Briefly Noted
Full Particulars Given in Today's Post
?1,000 Trimmed Hats, Values $6.49 to
$25.00, at $5.00.
?High Quality Dresses, at $29.75.
?18,500 Yds. Silk, in a Remarkable Novem
ber Sale, yard $1.95.
?$12.50 to $16.50 Ostrich Feather Fans,
?A Sale of Fur Coats, at $168.00.
??Women's Handsome Winter Coats, Priced
$98.50 to $198.00.
?Big Values in Brushed Wool Scarfs.
?Beautiful Spangled Tunics, Priced $29.75
to $79.00.
?Jet and Medieval Girdles Mentioned.
?Petticoats That Aid in Making the Correct
?Nemo Corsets and Nemo Circlet Brassieres.
?Plenty of Table Linens.
For the Thanksgiving Table.
?Children's Book Week Begins Tomorrow.
Smart Handbags
?Very stylish effects. made of chilTon
velvet and duvetyn in all the popular
colors. Bags made to sell at $3 but owned
by us at a price so we can say?
Very Special
Monday n A ?!/ tl
Kann's?East Room?Street Floor.
Children's Coats
Manufacturer's Entire Sample Line
> 1
In Sizes /k ^ A H p* Values Are
2 to 5 % I / / K $13.75 to
Years t/ $18.50
?Well made, neatly lined coats of warm fabrics, fin
ished with the pretty littie touches that place them
above the average.
?The materials are velvets, broadcloths, wool mix
tures. silvertones and chinchillas.
?All the new shades are represented and in the lot
are all sizes from 2 to 5 years, but not all sizes in each
style, material or shade.
Kann's?Little Folks' Store?Second Floor.
?The reason is not hard to seek?they are the most fashionable weaves
suits of the season. The price, an exceptionally low one for the quality.
-54-inch All-wool Fine French Serge, in navy, tan, brown, plum,
wine, mode, taupe, black.
-54-inch Tailor Serge, navy only.
?54-inch Velour, in navy, reindeer and brown.
-54-inch Canuck Checks and Plaids.
-50-inch Broadcloth, in navy, marine and brown.
and they are found in the loveliest
?54-inch Mantella Coating, a fine Bo
livia, in clove, Pekinese,, twilight,
brown, navy and black. A O
Special, a yard
?54-inch French Serge, *7fl
in dark navy. A yard.. ^ JL ? J jr
-42-inch All-wool French Serge, in
navy and black only, d? -i
Monday, a yard
?54-inch Ail-wool Trie
otine, in navy blue only
A yard
?54-inch Bolivia Coating, extra heavy,
in navy, brown, reindeer,
clove and tan. A yard.. vf
?54-inch Heavy Velour and Chinchilla
Coating, in navy, brown, d? "J OA
taupe and gray. A yard, ^70 ? jr O
Kann's?Street Floor.
Kanti's ? Bargain
Table?Street Floor.
Well Fitting
House Frocks
Specially Priced at
?Made of gingham and chambray, in
straightline and waistline models, in
striped, checked and plaid patterns as
well as plain colors.
?Some are trimmed with pointed
braid, others have loop braid trimming.
The collars and cuffs of the waistline
dresses are finished with belt or sasb.
?They are made with wide cut skirts,
finished with deep hems; sizes 36 to
46 bust.
?Also Kan-fit all dresses in sizes 46 to
Equal to That of
Last Monday, in
Which We Offer
You $39.75 to
$65.00 Values at.
?Handsope models of fine quality Tricotincs and Poirct
Twills, straightline and belted models.
?Some are embroidered, some braid trimmed and some
ornamented with silk binding.
?They have pretty notch colars, convertible and Ttudldo
?The coIobb are those most popular?navy blue and black.
?There are both regular and extra sizes to select from.
High-Grade Stylish Stout Suits
With Fur Trimmings
?Sizes for the woman who wears a A2'/j to 48yi model? The
materials are douvet de laines and" panvelaines, and the suits
are made up in long coat styles, which will be especially be
coming to the stout figure. The douvet de laines are hand
somely embrbidered and the panvelaines are silk stitched. The
collars are of nutria fur.
??The colors are Sorrento
blue, navy, reindeer and
Malay brown, also black.
Kann's?Second floor.
Step Into Good Luck Monday
. By Securing a Pair of These
Smart Low Shoes
A Sale of Sport Hose
Timely Offers for a Busy Monday^s Selling
?Women's All-wool Sport Hose, seamless | ?Women's Ribbed Cotton SportHose, mer
feet; English ribbed. Black
and brown. A pair
?Women's Fine All-wool
Sport Hose, full fashioned;
foUr-ply soles, heels and
toes; flare tops. Black
clocked with "2 AA
black. A pair,
royal. A pair..
?Women's English Wool
Derby Rib Hose, with hand
embroidered clocks. Choice
of black or
brown. Pair
cerized; black shot; with sky, purple, rose;
emerald, terra cotta. and 00
?Children's 3/i-length Wool
Sport Hose, deep turn-down
tops; seamless feet. Gray,
green, oxford, blue, red and
white fancy cuffs. Sizes
8/, to 10*. $JQ0
Which were brought out to sell
at $6 to $12, at, a pair?
?Choose from several thou
sand pairs of both low and high
shoes??including samples from
several good makers, to which
we have added some fortunate
purchases of surplus lines and
some models from our own
?Oxfords', ties?one. two and three
strap effects, with Cuban,
Baby French and French heels. Fine
leathers. Kann's?Fourth Floor.
Foil 4-Ounce Hanks
Special Monday, a Hank
?Xote particularly that these
are full four-ounce hanks and
that four hanks only are re
quired for a sweater.
?This big color assortment to
choose from:
?Black, Seal, Gray, Navy,
Peacock, Cardinal.
?Buy the worsted tomorrow
and start that Christmas
sweater scarf or cap.
?Free instruction by an ex
pert from 9:15 to 6:00 P.M.
Stamped Needlepieces
for Gift or Personal
?In a Monday Sale, priced to
start y.our thoughts towards
Christmas. Remember, six
weeks until Christinas.
?Bedspread*. stamped in seven
different designs, for French
knot or loop-stitch /j? ?* A?\
embroidery. . $3.98 I ,4v
values for
?,16-ln. Center Piece*, stamped
in good designs.
SI.SO values
?Tea or Itrldee Seta, consist
ing- of one 3E-inch covcr and
6 napkins stamped ? ? nn
in good design. J) I .UU
Special, a set
?Giowna, ready made and
stamped in good A ?* A A
designs. $2.00,and J) I fill
J2.50 values for...
?18-lneh All -linen
Center Pieces, stamped fA
in good designs. Spe- nllr
cial, each
?Vanity Dreaaer Seta, stamped
for French. knot or p
loop-stltch embroid- Z.TC
ery. Special, a set,
?Fndxe Apron*,
ready .made and (J? f AA
stamped. $1.50 A ? ?vf 1/
values for
? -Haw*- embroidered Samples,
of;all our discon
tinued numbers "of (t AA
stamped gopds. To JtZ.1 M f
close, each*
Only One Piece of a Kind
?lS-pteee Luctifi Set, with
embroidered scaU J f ^ J?
lops; nicely boxed. JTJ I - Z.I
Special, a set
Kann'a?Fourth Floor.
New Winter Blouses
?A line that is literally crowded with fetching new
styles. It is one of our most popular lines.
? $8.95
?Pretty crepe de chines in conservative styles that are really
charming, really wearable. Some of them are made in
two-tone effect, with a little vest of bisque, and the blouse
itself of brown, mahogany and navy. They are collarless.
with little bow of self material at throat, and trimmed with
fagoting in front on each side of vest; long sleeved, tie-on
?Others of crepe de chine are made with contrasting vest, lung sleeves, trimmed with
cabochon around neck to match the color of the vest. These also are tie-on styles.
?Georgette blouses are in two-tone effects, trimmed with braiding, also all-over embroid
ered; also many other styles in the suit shades of brown, navy. Mohawk and black.
?The light colors are flesh, bisque, also white, trimmed in real filet and Yal laces, frilled
and tucked effects, in both tuck-in and tie-on models. Sizes 36 to -16.
Kann's?Second Floor.
Hair Bow and Sasli Ribbons
For the School Girl's Adornment
?The lure of the hair bow ribbon is best appreciated by the school girl herself, and it is a bit of adorn
ment to" which almost every little school girl is very partial, and she never has too many. Mothers,
here is your opportunity to replenish supplies.
?Plain and fancy effects in stripes, plaids, bro
caded effects and moires, in new colors and de
signs. A yard?
39c and 49c
?Roman-striped Sash Ribbon, inches wide,
in a beautiful assortment of color
combinations. A yard
Kann's?Street Floor.
? -
An abnormally mild fall. Manufacturers over
stocked and tee ourselves with extra supplies on hand
A One-Day Sale?Don't Miss It
?The valuations given in almost every instance a re the actual prices at which these blankets art
selling today in stock. ' t
?$7.95 Strictly All-wool Blankets,
plaid patterns. 66x80-in. guaranteed
alt wool, all are dark-colored
plaids, weight V/i
pounds. Monday, a $6.50
?$7.50 Part-wool Plaid Blankets,
70x80 in., large block plaids, in
rose, blue, tan and gray, with
soisette binding, soft quality, with
a small percentage of cotton, a
wonderful value at the
regular price. Special QC
Monday, pair
?Plain Silk Comforts, both sides
alike, in Copenhagen and rose,
fancy stitched, lambs',, wool filled.
2f $20.00
?$10.50 "Old Town" All-wool
Blankets, plaid patterns. 70x80 in.,
strictly all wool, soft quality, in
blue, pink, gray and $7.95
tan. Special, a pair...
?$7.50 Part-wool Blankets, 70x82
in., made from soft wools, with a
little cotton in the warp, in
pretty pink and blue bordered ef
fects, mohair binding. dJC QC
Special, a pair
?$8.95 Part-wool Blankets, with
about 85% of wool, an excellent
quality, in white with pink, rose
or blue borders and soisette bind
ing. " 70x80-in. size.
Special, a pair
?$8.55 Heavy Gray Wool Blankets,
85% wool, splendidly warm and
comfortable, 70x80-iu. QC
size. Special, a pair...
?$4.69 Nashua Woolnap Blankets,
a'so the Field Wool-finished
Blankets, 66x80 in., in white, gray
4rnd tan with colored borders;
cotton blankets with the warmth
of wool, mohair bound. d? ^ CQ
Special, a pair
?$4.95 Heavy Plaid Blankets,
broken plaids, in pink and gray,
sizie 66x80 in., a lim
ited quantity only.
Special, a pair
?$3.50 Cotton Filled Comforts,
72x80-in. size, silkoline covered, in
floral designs, white
cotton filled, s c r oil dj'} AO
stitched, each
?$9.95 French Sateen-c o v ered
Comforts, with lambs' wool filling,
plain colored covers, both sides
alike, in Copenhagen or rose, size
72x80 in., fancy O 5
stitched. Special, each ?
?$10.95 "Twin. Weave" Wool
Blankets, 80% wool, made from
long staple stock, with a double
cotton warp, 70x80 in., large block
plaids, in blue, pink, tan and gray.
with w i d e soisette^ $8.95
binding. Special, a pai
?$9.95 Lambs' Wool Filled Com
forts, with silk mull covers, in
pretty floral designs, with plain
mull borders, 72x78 in., pure lambs'
wool filling. Special, $7.50
?Beautiful Silk Comforts, satin
tops, in rose or Copenhagen, floral
centers, with plain satin border,
pure lambs' wool
filling, size 72x78 in.,
milium in

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