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A Thanksgiving sale of fashionable frocks
$25 dresses
$30 dresses
$35 dresses
$40 dresses
$45 dresses
CO now you know why we gave
^ this sale such advance pub
licity, and why we expect the
wildest euthusiasm to greet, this
sale. The dresses are all brand
new?aside from some duplicates
which we've had here in stock at
$?5 and $45?every dress is shown
for the first time.
And all the dresses?every last
one?come to you now fresh and
Some of the styles are
sketched, but scores are not;
there are more styles than you
would care to count. They
street dresses
business dresses
afternoon frocks
' dance and party frocks
They are daringly conceived and char
mingly contrived "in modes of the moment.
Note the description under those sketched.
as announced
by us Sunday
Six of the many
styles sketc hed
Canton crcpe,
fringe ruffle
Spanish la c c
over satin, $18.
Canton erepe,
Persian t ri m
viings, $18.
Made to sell at
$25, $35, $45
F ABRICS rank with the finest
of present day fashions:
Poiret twills
Canton Crepe
Crepe meteor
Crepe de chine
Satin canton
and others.
Spanish lacc
over charmcusc,
t ric o tine, $18.
V elvcte en,
with georgette
sleeves, $18.
And especially noteworthy are the
Spanish and other lace frocks.
The lovely combinations of woolens with
And of silk with duvetyne.
Styles run the gamut of the
designer's art. There are dis
tinguished tailored modes lav
ishly embroidered or enriched
with steel beads; there are
gorgeous velveteens, graciously enlivened
with georgette; there are lace frocks light
as thistle down, seemingly horn for a ballet.
Again there are ?Km silhouettes, bouf
fant draperies, wide flowing sleeves; but
why enumerate when the whole delightful
assemblage will be .spread before you for
your discriminating selection.
Plenty of the desired navy, brown'and
black, as well as the more showy combi
Misses' sizes, 16 to 20.
Women's, 36 to 44 and 44 to 52.
(Apparel shops, second floor.)
?immense assortments
?impressive varieties
?charming styles
?compelling values
COAT WEEK marks the culmination of our effort in accumu
lating fresh, full stocks. Now is the time for most satisfactory selec
tion. Interest will center in these three groups.
Women are taking to mannish coats
(one of the many styles is sketched,)
Mannish coats, tailored by men to hold their shape at ? ^ m PA
neck and collar. Mannish fabrics, too, tweeds and her- y J y ?3v
ringbones, with plaid backs. Also in camel's hair and
beaver cloth, these being full silk lined.
, AlsJT at $27.50 are dress coats, in velours, bolivia, suedenes. Some fur
trimmed; some embroidered; all silk lined.
Delightfully individual coats
(two of the many styles are sketched)
4 7
Most of these coats represent a maker's show pieces
and samples, hence they are only one or. two orva kind, H*
and not all sizes in every style.
Aristocratic woolens; deep-pile fabrics, rich as satin, as well as Salt's Peco '
plush coats.
Coats and wrap coats; tailored and embroidered; many with fur collars
and cuffs. ^11 silk lined. ^
Highly exclusive fashionsv
(two of the many styles are sketched)
Magnificent coats in magnificent materials?panve- ? PA
laine, Normandy, bolivia, veloura?-and all magnificently t
made?made by artist-tailors.
Regally trimmed with fur collars and cuffs; real furs, such as mole, wolf,
fox, opossum, raccoon and nutria.
Coats that will stand out in any fashionable gathering, as one can see by ,
those sketched.
TheHecht Ca
7th. at F Where prices are guaranteed 7tH dt F
HANAN shoes are high priced
because HANAN is
satisfied with nothing less
than the best in material
and in workmanship.
But Hanan prices are not exorbitant;
you get them for $9.50 to $15.
(Women's Hanan shoes, first floor.)
Two fur coats th&t
we can recommend
Partly for their rich beauty; more for their mag
nificent peltry, but chiefly for the satisfaction they will
give the wearer.
One is a Laskin seal coat with The other is a Kolinsky dyed
Australian opossum or skunk col- marmot with raccoon collar and
lar and cuffs, at $189.50. cuffs, at $165. *
Fox scarfs, in favored brown shades, $29.50.
Chokers at $15?squirrel and Australian, fitch and
dyed opossum.
? (Fur shop, second floor.)
M6re of those sturdily made
Rompers and Creepers at
Same good grades ae
those that sold so freely
in the last two sales. All
well made of fast color.
flannelettes and
Dutch style and jumper dress effect sketched?solid
colors and combinations. All sizes 2 to 6.
(Third floor.)
Sale U. S. Army Blankets
$2.95 $3.95 $4.95
worth normally $4.50 to $7.50
Deep-bodied wool blankets?guaranteed to contain from 75%
to 85% pare or worked over wool. Each blanket is 66x84 inches
and weighs from 3% to 4% pounds. In medium gray, dark gray
or olive drab.
*B1b floor?llesstalee.
What glorious news this is!
Sale of silk camisoles!
More than
25 styles.
All charmingly
new and different.
Uptcards of
1,200 in a sale
over a maker's entire stock
of high grade camisoles?every
thing he had?s amples, surplus
stocks, show pieces?everything.
^ GREATER variety of styles than
we ordinarily stock at such
price, and all to go at one price.
? Silk camisoles and satin cami
soles; and often the two com
bined or with georgette crene
and fine medallions and laces.
Some have lace insertions bark
and front; some are enriched
with brave medallions; some
with hemstitching and embroid
Variously with ribbon shoul
der straps or bnilt-np shoulders.
Colors are flesh, white, navy and
And from the same maker come
Crepe de chine
Envelope chemise, $1.95
Tailored with satin yokes; some with lace
banded yokes; still others with tucked georg
ette yokes and lace insertion. All with rib
bon shoulder straps. White and flesh.
Crepe de chine
nightgowns, $3.35
Just two models, but each one lovely. A
tailored style has hemstitched shoulder
straps and yoke; a sleeveless model has 4"V"
neck with lace insertion forming Empire
back. Flesh onlv.
Iland-raade and hand-embroidered
gowns and chemise, $2.95
Nightgowns and envelope chemise, hand-made of fine lingerie
and hand work, in solid and punch work embroidery as only the
Filipinos know how. Hand-scalloped, too. Lovely suggestions for
Christmas giving.
All-silk Jersey
A fine supple jersey that
provides a smooth founda
tion for one's frock.
A wide variety of street shades,
and the ruffle is often combined
with another color.
A Xmas hint
to the knowing.
A deep-bodied flannelette with
double yoke back and front to
provide extra warmth and wear.
"V* neck style with long sleeves.
Also some low neck styles with
short sleeves. While 300 remain.'
Women's Blanket Bath Robes, $2.95
gOME are braid, others are satin trimmed. All have
girdle cord and deep pockets. Colors are woven
in clear through, hence fast as the fabric. Floral, geo
metrial and Indian patterns.

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