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soffB "l.tH'AfTban* stork: .tate price. XT
itrw* Box 1.1HA. Htar o(W.
Riley. 4?1 Htli ?r. Malu Slg2.
"FFICTt rufiNITTnt for ? real estate office.
1.. Planwits. 241(1 Mth at. a.w. ??_
WANTED A few food. used hoottileek
? halra. Call or write. S.W cor. 10th and I
* %. n.w
TRUNK. wanted to buy: state else
ntiii price. Address llo* 2SS-A. Btsr office. 4*
II~b BLESS I ro-e; Ideal or Ther
luatlr. 1'hone Lincoln 2WW. 5*
The American Household Co.
Second-hand Fuprnlture and Household Goods.
71S 13th 'n'w11" "franklin S40B-J. ??
your old gold, silver. platinum
and discarded Jewelry. We naad them la out
manufacturing department.
A. Kahn. Inc.. 935 F St.
ItOOKB?Used seta of Encyclopedia Britannica.
Harvard classics. book of knowledge, atandard
author*, etc.. and miscellaneous books. Pearl
maa'i Book Shop. 933 G at. n.w. Fr. 5416.
Send for Louis Notes,
814 E St. N.W.
If 700 hare any furniture or other foode to
?ell. a ad you will obtain beat reaulta. Phone
Franklin 2013.
WE BUT household furniture and oflce A*'
tires. Money advanced on atoraga.
Cor. 8th and I> ata. n.w. Mala MQ6.
Pawn Tickets Cashed.
J^rrxxk: Old Gold
and Silver
bought bt
>15 g ST. Oppoaita Patent pact.
IP TOU WANT ta obtain beat result, for jour
furniture and other mlaeellaneooa, call
.TtLot>H6.NE6 in carrying caae: Drutamer*
special or Lltewate. Colnmbln 4878.
PIANOS and Vlctrolaa for caah. Roae Mae
Shu*. 519 Mais. aye. n.w. Phone Franklin
? 3173.
KiiUS. direct from farm, by parcel poat; beat
prices; caah payments. Addreaa Box 1B3-A,
Star office. ^
I Tb WtNDSHIF.LD wanted for motor truck,
suspended type: also machine for cutting sten
. ils for freight shipment!., ^i-lnch letters.
Hoi SOBS. U at. station.
want GOOD RUG. HalO. or smaller: also
. hlgonier. drop-leaf table, rhone Main 8182. 4*
TWO POOL TABl.ES, complete, good condi
tion. Phone SI, Farmers Hotel. Marlboro.
Md. T*
num bought. ABB ABRAHAMS. US Btta n.w.
Phone Main 5604. .
Paid for Jewelry. old gold. all?er. dlsmoads.
artlldal teeh and platinum
few thousand to back me In real eatate and
'?rokerage business. Address Box 173-B, Star
MAS WANTED to tako active laterest in
motion picture proposition. Party too**
rote his entire time to the bualness. This is
without doubf the best proposition that waa
ever offered to the right party who can show
that be is a live wire. The business will
cand any kind of investigation. Don*t answer
this advertisement unless you mean business.
Vddresa Boa M??B. Star oflce.
TWO good cleaning stores for sale; owner
loaviag city. Address Box 16P-B. Star oflce. 0*
xr>00 BUYS INTEREST in refined buslneaa;
-ood education and personslity desired; sal
:i-i*?d position. Address Box 168-B. 8tar
o fflca. !_
SODA FOUNTAIN, to best offer. 626 F at.
11 w.
I.ARGF. BOARDING HOUSE, doing excellent
business, for rent. Address Box 36-B, Star
? ?Wee. - 5!L
HOARDING HOUSE. Urge: every room taken;
??A triflera. Addreaa Box 3T-B. Star office. 3*
WANTED?Partner with ll.OUO to manufac
ture smokers' article selling for 35 cents. Ad
dress Box 10-B. Star o?ce. L
FOR SALE?Reasonable for caah, well fur
nished. well paying rooming houae: n.w. iec
rion. Addresa Box MS-A. Star ogee.
FOR SA1J5? Part interaat In * fast-growing
commercial printing establishment; party must
he capable of maaaglag; salary and part of
proflta- Addreaa Box 7ft-A. Star office.
FOR S/Cb? ResUnranT epS Tech High
school. 1?24 7th st. n.w. T rooms, ateun heat
ed, above store. See owner, between 10:80 and
12 a.m. *
UtOKlN'G for bualneaa opening lh Waahlngton:
mil invest reaaonable amount ia legitimate
cnterprlae; state nature of bualneaa and price.
A ddreea Box 2S8-A. Star pace. *
ESTABLISHED company waata aute dlstrlbu
tor to open office and manage aaleamea for ar
ticle needed by every merchant and factory.
Big proposition for right man. >600 to tl.OOO
required. Contract Manager, 171 N. Dearborn
at.. Chicago. *
business of $2.10 to $300 per mo.; this
can be bought cheap.
RARBER 8HOP. la Takoma Park. D. C.
Must be sold at once.
$fK>0 will purchase.
Eye st. n.w.. doing gross
htinin*** of $000 per week.
LUNrHROOM. 14th st. northwest.
HOTKL. Penn. ave. northwest.
ROOMING HOUSE. Eye st. northwest.
HARDWARE. 14th st. northwest.
i.IUM'ERY and meat market, ?th st. s.w.
GROCERY and meat market, in northeast.
TaUNUHROOM, Penn. ave. northwest.
HARDWARE. 7th at. northwest.
ULRANING. dyeing and shoe ahiae parlor.
9th at. northwest.
TAILORING KHOP. Penn. ave. northwest.
CLEANING. DYKING plant, on Champlaia
st. n.w.; unusual bargain.
We have many other attractive business
opportunities, so if you are in the market
f??r anything pay us a call. If your buai
n?as 1? for sale, call PrankliB We
? an sell it if it can be sold.
21$ Rood bid*., c-or. 14th and New York ave.
Small popular-priced steam automobile; past
*-x per Omental stage: manufacturers desire
financially reaponalhle sale* representatives;
unlimited po**fbUitiew. Address, with refer
?iH-oa. manufacturer. Box Ha. Gartleld. Ohio. ?
^ OUH 28-word advertisement in 70 country
town newspapers. $0. Write for list. F. L.
Miller, Wyracnse. N. Y.
AtTBHHORY 8TORE and repair ahop; doing
t?M?d bu?iaes<?. Prk-e. $3,200. Address Roz
?lll-A. 8tar oflce. <P_
$1.000?OROCERY: good corner; good busi
neas; rent, $30; leaac.
$1,000?Orocery and 5 rooma: rent, $60.
$1.900?Grocery and 3 rooma; rent, $36.
?37o?t'igar and cundy standa; doing good
buainesa; aplendid bargain.
$400?Cunfeetionery; rent. $20; good twines*.
$1.200?f'onfectionery and 2 room*; rent. $33.
?1.800?Cunfectlonery: good Htand; rent, $40.
$1.200?Confectionery; 4 rooms; rent, $40.
?400?I?unchroom; 4-room apt.; rent, cheap;
doing good bualness.
$1.200?Lunch, confectionery and fruit; one of
the best Htand* in town; 4 rooma and
bath: rent. $4.p>.
$2.000?Rooming house; 17 rooms; rent, $73;
central location: $750 cash.
809 First St. N.W. Main 8043.
?100.000 CORPORATION want, capable man to
oyen office and manage saletmen for hlgh-claaa
new device; cost 42: retails $3; every home a
rruopect: big money-making possibilities for
right man: opening to every city; (goo to
$2,000 necessary to finance exclusive ageaey.
S'-olt. Sg W. Washington. Chicago.
ESTABLISH your?elf is paying buataeaa;
make >3 worth signs for storekeepers la one
hour with Prlntaslgn. Details for atamp,
1'rlntaslan. 704 K. 40th st.. Chicago.
STOCK for -ale In fnstest-growlag corooration
in America: prospects unusual; will bear in
vcsllgatlon. Address Box 318-A. Star office. '
WANTED to buy cigar and newsstand lame
iilately for cash; priced right. Addreaa Box
; _T>-A. Star office. *
ADVERTISERS?Save money, get raauita: 34
pjigc rate hook tells how, mailed FREE,
standard Advertising Agency. 900, St. Urals.
M". *
roll MALU ?Ready-to-wear ahop, V atrael;
I .iiitlaotncly furnished ladlea' dress shop, must
l? nacrlBced qaickly becauae of other intereata:
lease and Sxtuna; *4.500. Write K. C? ?M
Umgacre building. New York.
?t. a'.w.
I'.vRTT wanted with *500 to S3,000, with or
without serrlcea, la maanfacttirlac bualneaa;
hif proflta: exceptional opportoalty. Call
No:lh 557. ?
OPPORTUNITY to linn 1? a company. Em
w?'' >?'?? la Llbrtrj. Addreis Bo* W7
A, Star olct. ?
I WibH to get in touch with an aggressive
. business m*u *?? has either capital to In
T**, la ? legitimate, non-speculative, going
Dusiness, national in scope. promising splendid
iSH Jz or ?who c?n l?tereat capital necessary
?pan ?n tm* Publicity; active interest op
tional: reply is solicited only from business
??* 7/? I?**" busljess and who will Interest
himself only if thorough investigation indicates
I exceptional opportunity to expand a proven
lnto * moneymaker. Address
Uox 343-A, Star office.
Marshall Business
Businesa brokerage la ou- specialty. Our
success la well known. Well located and
equipped offices in our own building means
security for our clients. If you want to sell
a business place of any kind, and wish to have
the same handled in a dignified and profes
sional manner, list now and save time.
Grocery and delicatessen, well established
corner; price, $8,500.
Delicatessen, lunchroom and soda business;
4 living rooms; price, $5,000.
Delicatessen: rent, $37; 2 living rooms,
steam heat; price. $1,450.
Delicatessen high class; rent. $75: 6-year
lease; price. $7,000.
Confectionery, paying and up-to-date propo
sition; apartment above; price. $5,500.
Grocery, meats and cigars; well located,
n.w. section; rent, $23; price. $3,500.
Grocery, delicatessen and fountain business;
rent, $60; price, $4,000.
Confectionery; located downtown; large foun
tain; price, $3,500.
Tearoom; exclusive and well located: lease
lease? $10 000bUlWln,: prIc* of WiP?*?*
"*#p 1Sth >nd F rent only
$100 per month; inspection will prove this to
be a splendid proposition.
Lunchroom; well equipped; rent, $75; sev
eral living rooms; price. $1,800.
**.st-; reasonable rent; price.
$3,500; $1,000 cash; balance monthly.
downtown: about 50 rooms; lobby,
billiard room and dining room on first floor;
price. $8,000.
Rooming house, near 11th and Mass. ave.
14 rooms; h.-tr.h.; 2 baths: $1,800; terms.
Booming house, 18 rooms. 2 baths; rent, $80:
price, $2,100.
Rooming house, near 12th and Eye sts.; 12
rooms; h.-w.h.. electric lights; furniture good
as new: price, $2,500.
Booming house. 18 rooms: h.-w.h., electric
lights; 2 baths; price. *2,100.
Booming house, 17 rooms; near 10th and
at $1*500' rent' food furniture; sacrifice
Booming house. 20 rooms; h.-w.h., electric
lights: sickness cause of selling; price. $2,800.
Booming house, near 10th and K sts.;
h.-w.h.; rent, $75; price. $1,800.
Beautiful and exclusive rooming house; 10
rooms: electricity; price. $3,000.
$3Riming house, 28 rooms; rent, $150; price,
Marshall Business
929 N. Y. Ave.
3 rooms, sleeping porch and bath furnished
apartment. In good condition. Has modern
improvements. Booms rented, clear $50 per
month over and above the monthly reat. Price,
$800. Rent, $30 per month.
Fruit and vegetable stand In Rigga market.
We <aan satisfy you that this is a real oppor
tunity. Price reasonable.
Corner store, in g^<od northwest section?
Soda, cigars and newsstand, canned and bottled
goods. Doing good business. If you aro on
the market for a moneymaker, don't fail to in
vesrirate this proposition. Rent, $50. Price.
rranfc. 4MT. F ?t. n.w. ?
617 E ST. N.W. FR. 6153.
Auto tire business, store and cellar; lease:
stock and flxturea at inventory. Don't fall to
see this place.
Cafeteria and dining room; ideal place: do
ing big businesa: low rental. Price, $7,500.
Dry cleaning and tailoring business: uptown
location; low rental and nice, clean stock.
Price, $660. A good proposition.
Grocery and candy store, northeast section;
owner will sacrifice thla little mint. Price,
Grocery and notions; downtown location; do
ing a good business; a nice little stand. Bent.
$90, with lease.
Lunchroom; ideal location: store and three
rooms: lease; rent, $60. Price, $2,200. Down
town location.
Lunchroom, near 9tji and New York ave.;
store and four rooms; five-year lease; doing
about $75 dally business; rent, $90. Price,
$8,500. Owner will sacrifice this mint.
Lunchroom, downtown location, with low
rental, doing a nice little business; rent, $30.
Price. $1,250.
Bakery lunchroom, on Penna. ave.: a big
moneymaker; owner must sell; rent, $125.
Price, $8,500.
Millinery shop, 14th st. location; a good
moneymaker, doing about $60 dally, with low
rent. Price, $2,5W.
Rooming house, sixteen rooms, two baths:
furnace heat, gas and electric lights: double
garage; low rent, with lease. A big business
proposition. Price, $3,000. Downtown loca
Rooming house on Kalorama road: twelve
rooms, three baths; gas and electric light; h.
w. heat. Rent. $10fi, with lease. Price, $2,200.
A mint for a hustler.
Booming and boarding house; uptown loca
tion; fourteen rooms, several baths; hot-water
heat, gas and electric lights: $150 rent, with
lease. Price, $5,000. Doing big business.
Booming bouse: downtown location: ideal
Elace for big business; seventeen rooms, one
ath; gas and electric lights. Rent, $75.
Price. $2,050.
Rooming house, ten rooms, two baths; gas
and electric lights. Rent, $180. Price, $1,500.
Good business proposition.
Rooming hous*: downtown location; eleven
rooms, one b-ith; gas and electric lights. An
Ideal proposition. Price, $1,200.
Ladies' specialty 14th st. location: store and
reception room; doing n big business; good lo
cation. Rent, $125, with lease. Price. $8,750.
Shoe repair and shining parlor; downtown
location. A splendid stand and a good business
gogositloo; double room. Rent, $22.50. Price,
Tailoring shop for ladies; a big business
stand with low rental and leaae; compelled to
sell out immediately. Price, $800.
BROKERS wanted to handle atock issue of
going automobile manufacturer in production
of a high-grade car; directorate consists of
substantial raea well known in the industry
and bankers; references exchanged. Address
N. B., Boom 3021; No. 120 Broadway. New
York. <
EXPERIENCED developer wants $5,000 to de
velop high-class suburban tract of land: will
give first trust and substantial bonus for use
of money four months; might consider partner;
this is real opportunity to earn large and
quick returns; references. Address Box 60-B,
Star office. *
WOULD LIKE to hear from party who will
invest a small amount In advertising high
grade business for 80% of monthly profits.
Addresa Box 145-B, Star office. ?
ONE-HALF INTEREST in ignition school.
Owner compelled to leaTe city at once,
and will sacrifice for $350. This requires
no knowledge of the work, as other partner
ha9 had many years' experience.
TAXIOAB COMPANY. Doing average
f[ro** business of $2,500 per mo. This
ncludes tea-car garage and repair shop
with all necessary equipment, four hotel
conceaslons and nine cars in first-class
condition. Muat be sold at once, as owner
has gone into larger buslneas.
in northwest; three-year lease at $100 per
mo.; this includes five-room flat with all
modern conveniences and large cellar. Do
ing gross cash business of from $600 to
$700 per week.
mont are. Lease on building to suit pur
chaser; tills includes five-room and bath
flat with large cellar. Can be bought
cheap and on terms.
close to theater district. Price, $600.
RE8TAURANT en G st. n.w., surrounded
by government bldgs. and apt. houses.
Ideally located to feature business men'a
lunch and completely equipped to enter
tain private dinner parties. The posslblli
tiea of thia place are unlimited.
MULTIGRAPH PLANT, located la heart
of buainess section of city with an estab
lished business of $500 per month.
218 Bond bldg., cor. 14th and N. Y. ave
Phone Frauk. 2882.
TWO COASTER builder" want Ifvml parties
to Invent wttll lis In building roller co?eter
near Washington; long-term leaae; 73 to -a
per cent b?.i?; will cost $15,000: ttne _pro|ioil
llon. For Information address John B. Ale).
No. 308 A roll at.. N. S - Pittsburgh. Pa.
FCBSITOKK and rooming liouae business for
sale; good location: good opportunity. au
dress Box fl-B, Star office. ...
WANTED ? Party who .-an invent ?300 and
furulsh car to. Irevel with manufacturer on
a salary, co?Bla?lon and eipeuse basia, wmi
division of MOits above overhead eipeasc;
rare opportuSy for man of ability; no
vasxlug nor paddling. Address Box 3-B, *^ar
IIL'HMEIX 8AUE kuI.I : "rick out an enterprise
in its infancy, make sure it Is a business In
which large prottts cnn lie made, that It Is
honestly managed by competent peopleand then
nut your money into it. If you wait until it
la a money-making proponttion you will m?>
on a 4 per cent or 6 per cent basi*. while by
inventing at the start you can get the snnu
thing on a basl? that will ivturn a per cent or
hundreds and Momi-time* thou*ands. Stocjt
allotments are now twing made iu an enter
prise in which lesdiug business men are in
vestors. The amount t'? l>e allotted Is limited.
Call on Mr. Fisher. Uooiu 232, Boud bldg.
Phone Main 04*.
GROCERY and confectionery, on* year lease.
$26 rent; price $400; good reasons for selling.
Proprietor. 1425 G at. n.e.
BAKERY?Opportunity for bakery luncli In
addition to splendid bakery: fully equipped,
n.e. location; terms arranged. See Mr. rowier,
M H at. n.w. 1?
UVE GROWING automobile repairing and
acceasorv business for sale, with thoroughly
equipped machine shop, battery charging and
welding plant; storage for ill cars; long lease,
reasonable: price. $*.?*>: terms If desire,!,
full investigation solicited if interested. Ad
dress Box 'J74-.V. Star ofllce. ?
WANTED?Grocery. with ! nr 3 ""'m" "J"?:
state particulars. Addres* Box 29--A, ^ar
office. ^ j_ _
DELICATESSEN, with fountain; cor"?r atore,
n.w.. doing Rood business. Price, $4,200. Ad
dress Box 241-A. Star office.
tMMO, g tier cent preferred stuck: going,
growing busluess. Also services required as
office manager; good salary and a line future
for the man or woman who can qualify. Im
personal Interview, address P. O. Box .l?3.
Pennsylvania Ave. Station. *
WANTED ? Several parties with $5,000 to
$25,000. with or without services, in manu
facturing proposition; big prortts: exceptional
opportunity. Address Box 1SH-A. Star office. 4
Li-. ' -- ~ -- '
CLEANING, pressing, repairing shop in Alex
andria; established business; large store; low
rent: lease: must sell, account bad heaHh.
Phone Alexandria 1097. 1 .
GROCERY and meat market, 516-518 8th st.
s.e. Mn>.t be sold at once. 4^_
GREAT OPPORTUNITY for men and women
to make $150-$300 month without tying chd
ltal; 1H0 fast-seling articles. Devlet, room 10,
1517 H n.w. _
SEVERAL high class grocery stores in the
northwest, one tailor shop, all doing a good
business. Home Realty Co., 3607 Ga. nve.
p.w. Col. 3516-W. 4
LinjjerK hosiery and noveltiea; "Plendld
business stnnd; long lease: owing to ill health,
will sacrifice it for $5,000. which includes
about $3,000 worth of merrhandise.
turea and the good will. Addresa Box 20-A,
Star office.
IP YOUR BUSINESS is for Ml*. Hat it with
Washington Business
Brokerage Co.,
213 Pond building. Franklin 2882.
culating machines. MINNIN. 711! 13th st. n.w.
DIAMOND RING. \ carat: latest style mount
ing; for sale, $125. 1741 Q ?t. *>-w- . Jio
DIAMOND RING; cluater, 7 stones; $45. 1406
New York ave. n.w.
DIAMOND?Large, deep, per
fect blue white solitaire diamond
ring; seven hundred fifty dollars.
Cannot be duplicated at price.
No dealer. Address Box 48-B.
Star office.
RING, lady's platinum diamond, 1 carat; rea- !
sonabie. 131? 11th st. n.w. 4_
-carat Lady's Solitaire -Diamond
$200 Blue-White Solitaire Diamond Kin*tl2;.
(platinum mounting) ??????: v* ?
lH-carat Blue-White Solitaire Diamond
Ring (platinum mounting). ? ? ??
$225 Diamond Princess Ring (19 blue$135
' Biu^w'hite"s?il?aire O'amonrt^^
617 7th St. N.W.
?gtrHmrrrmt. j
DININi: BOOM SET (Sheraton). solid 1""!!!?:'
any?Bullet. M-lnch table. ?U
haircloth seats. Call Col. 82. Monday or later.
DAVENPORT. ?13: Englander couch. M
round table, $10. 61- Lye st. n. . ?.
DOCBLH IIBI> TVernls Martiul.
and mattres. for sale. $1S. I hone Main 88j!0.
Apt. 900. , ..
RANITART OOl <"H 1 folding I. steel cot and
fwo pads Apt. 7. 1115 ?th at. n.w.
BRASS RED. large, with spring and new ?*at
tress. (31. 17H2 Wlllard st. n.w.. second floor.
FrHNlTVim enough for rooms: t?-st of
fer. Call (before S p.m. Sunday! m ,*'?
TABLB. llvinit room or llhrarjr. new: malior
anr. mil (after rtl Apt. 44. 10"S T sjLjl.t
KBKUItiBRATOR (oak), capacity AO lba.. new. I
J18. 13211 Longfellow st. n.w. ,
1W1 \7i ~iuiITK. small refrlferator;
cash. Apt- 801. I1W U ?'? n w
ROOM'MET. handsome; excellent con- I
dltfap Wfc st. n.w ??
3-niece mahogany, just upholslered In flne
tapestrr. and frames reflnlshed; good as new.
Pr^ee. I?. 1?1? n w - ?econd floor- m,l"
? p.m. Monday. ??r
. rVwRV oas RANOE. used aU months; child a
bed and slelfh; hatrark with beveled mirror.
0|fiy 'JjUlfl. -
m llRAt' chiffonier, single bed (complete).
Englander conch rocker; all perfect coodition:
very cheap. >*17 5tli n.e. ? ?~?
?Fwd MATl;Hi-^Wi--S and bed aprlng; double
si?" allghtly used. 1125 D ???
Summons panel steel \ bed, mahogany Bnlsli;
"ring and Kapock m.ttrejj: Pra-tTc.lly
cost *75: sell P ?
1ftth st. n.w. Phone N. 347a-W.
DESK AND CHAIR for child. o?k. ?4. 3132
lit. Pleasant st. n.w. .
WATER-POWER washing machine. new;
White enamel lyd. springs. ?????<?;
..-r. t.nned deer hide. 1H34 A st. n.w.
('all Columbia 13*>8-^T Sunday.
ttrrarY SUITE. 4-piece. mission. $25;
while enameled child's crib ami mattress,
$7S0: oak chiffonier, practically new, $18.
100 i*gth st. n.e.
\ffnuuiM PHA1R. leather couch, l*aby'B brass
"?h l2cecUrUlns: good condition. IMS
Columbia rd.. apt. 33. ? ?
RfM-KI-VU CHAIR, old-fashioned, on atand.
mahogany. ?lO; l.r*e wardrobe trunk, aew
yir>. Franklin 1474-J. ?
-. PIECE LIBRARY SUITE. 2 beds, gaa heat
er etc. Sunday or alter 6. 164*. Newton st.
n.w. Col. 8651- -
skb* s,ourvinfou,Yc,a
8th AND K 8T8.
TWO DELIVERY WAGONS and barneaa. 813
l?t at. a.e. ?
WAN'tffelfr?Large else pony saddle with broad
frw; describe aad? atate price. Addreaa Box
140-B. Htar office
IT. 8. DOUBLE TEAll HARNESS. $86: halter*. j
$1.25; brldlea, $1.50; atable blankets. $1.M;
aaddlea. $7.60: elnsla harneae, $12.50. Blf re
duction on collars, pade. robea and blanket a.
aecood-hand batxeaa. 8ult caae and bat re?
Franklin 7268. 220 11 th at., cor. O st. ??*?
IIORSE, butiCT ?nd harneaa; cheap; horse wlil
work an.rwhere. Applj R. E. Ml lor. Diet.
National Bank btdg. 0*
C A BIN ET~ORAFONOLA?La teat model; aplen
did condition; ch?ap. 1629 Randolph at.
HA88 VIOLIN?Alao violin. 380 6th at. a.e.
Line. r?012-J. ?
UPRIGHT PIANO?Slightly uaed; cheap. 629
2nd at. n.yr. 8*
\ lOLIX, bow and caae, $10; very fine. 1411
8th i?t. n.w. *
UPRIGHT PIANO, bench and ronelc cabinet;
MplMndid condition and toned, walnut; cheap;
party leaving city. 118 Wlllard ave., Takoraa
Park. 5*
PIANOS and phonograph)*; prlcea from $50 up;
will exchange large phonograph for nlano: la
dles' wardrobes. Rose Mae 8huet 519 Mass.
ave. n w.
SAXOPHONE?C melody, with ca?e; beauti
ful new instrument. Addrean Box 131-B. Star
o.ltlce. *
VlCTROLA, cabinet, $80. Call lietween 9 and
2. 1406 Chapin *t. n.w. Phone Adama 1828. ?
MANDOLIN?Fine instrument," $10. 1746 Eu
clid wt. n.w.
UPRIGHT PIANO?Mahogany case, $160. 2516
13th at. n w. Col. 7813-J.
PIANO?In good condition; a bargain; $125.
214 7th a.w. L_
PIANO?Upright: good^order: a bargnin for
ca?h. P25 10th n.w. *
PIANO ROLLS?88-note; 58 for $5. or will
tinde. 041 Morton place n.e. * j
V1CTROLA and records; latest atyle; $30. I
I23H II at. n.e. *
I PRIGHT PIANO. 121 4tli n.e. *
PIANO. Bradbury; cost $500; sell for $150.
2114 1*t si. n.w. ^
PTANC^lUrgaln for cash. 4fitT 3rd st. n.w.
Col. 0830-W. 5*
PIANO, *uprfght, in first-rlaas order; reason
able for raah. Owner leaving city. Phone
Col. 6083. 6*
PIANO, square. Grovenstein 4e Fuller; good
for Iteginners; $10. 3259 N at. n.w. ?
FRANKLIN, full aixe; comparatively new;
Kplendld condition. Cleve. 2389. ?
VICTOR VICTRI>LA. maT?^gany; practically
new, with records. $40. Phone Adama 308.
PIANO, mahogany upright; very little used.
4316 9th st. n.w. 6*
GRAFONOLA. cost $30; sell for $10. with 25
reeonts. 115h Neal at. n.e. *
VIOLIN. old Schweitzer; cheap. .130 T n.w. ?
AEOLIAN VSt'ALION, coat $168: little uaed;
including records, $100 caah. 519 2nd at. i^e.
1 IANO, baby grand fRranich A Bachl; fine
condition; very reasonable. 1505 8th at. n.w.
$110?BRADLEY upright, mahogany case.
$223?Marshall A Wendell upright, mahogany
rawe. 227 Pa. ave. a.e.
$275?I VERS Sc POND upright, mahogany case
and duet henrh. 227 Pa. ave. a.e.
$463 FOR A NEW Meldorf player-piano on
very easy terms. 227 Pa. ave. a.e.
$875 FOR A Marshall & Wendell ampico,
slightly used. 227 Pa. ave. s.e.
STERLING BABY GRAND. $200. Can be seen
st Security Storage Company. 1140 15th at.
VIOLIN, fine, old, for sale. Phone Main 6198.
between 9 and 5. 5*
CORNETS, two, and one Bohem system clari
net. like new; cheap. 3424 10th st. n.e.
Phone N. 10030. 4*
VIOLIN, good one; caae and bo*; cheap. 48
R st. n.e. m ?
VIOLIN.-bow and caae; also viola: reasonable
price. 1343 9th at. 4*
PI AN O. upright; sell cheap account "TllneaaT
2lort 18th at. a.w . one block above You. 4*
PLAYER'pTaNO, mahogany; new; jfreat aac
rlflce; leaving city, lggj^ Pa. ave. s.e. 4*
VIOLINS (two), artiat grade; reaaonable. 3816
Mt. Pleasant at 4*
KNABirParlor Grand piano and violoncello^
Phone Col. 200-J. (after 6 p.m.) 4*
STEINER VIOLIN] genuine! for sale; over
two hundred years old; beautiful tone. Price.
$730. Telephone Cleve. 1347. 6*
CHICKERING UPRIGHT. $100; Voee upright,
$75. Jacob Bros., $165: Kube, $225. A. F.
Arnold, Auctioneer, 1823 G st. n.w.
$830 AEOUAN PLAYER-PIANO, $300: $1,200
Knabe player-piano, almost new. will sacri
fice. make offer; alao Stieff player. ?. F.
Arnold, auctioneer. 1323 G at. n.w.
$125 VICTOR VlCTROLA. $89; $150 Victor.
$100; $275 Victor, $200; Victor vletrolas. $43.
$25. $15. A. F. Arnold, auctioneer. 1823 G
at. n.w.
YOUR SILENT upright piano transformed into
a player at moderate price and eaay pay
ments. Knabe Ware room a. Inc.. 1330 G at.
n.w. Main 1780.
SEWING MACHINE (8inger), three drawers,
oak finish; all attachments: news good aa new;
$12. 1004 lltli at. n.w. ?
SEWING MACHINES cleaned and repaired.
$2.30. Capitol Sewing Machine Exchange, 25
II n.w. Franklin 3778.
SEWING MACHINE, in good aewlnt order, $6.
23 H st. n.w.. opp. Government Printint Of.
Largeat line of uaed
sewing machinea in
the city. All makes.
$10 and up. 1 year's
guarantee. Rent! ng;
expert repairlnt: hetn
atitching; plal ting.
Ruttona made to or
d?r. Open eveniaga.
Hopklna. 2926 14th
etreet n.w. Col. 1708.
Singer sewing machines. $15 to $25, 5-year
guarantee. Other leading makes, $5 to $15.
These are big bargains.
25 H st. n.w.. opp. Gov't Printing Office.
Franklin 3778.
WILCOX A GIBBS. Ilka new. $25. 631 Kwlit
place n.w. Col. 328. 4*
LATE STYLE SINGER; round bobbin: all
attachments: $22.50. franklin 7957. 304 7th
s.w. 4*
ALL MAKES rented, repaired: bemstltchlu,,
phonograph and records. Larkln. 311 Pa. ave.
a.e. Line. 275. Open evenlnta.
LARGEST STOCK of uaed aewlng machines,
$10 up; renting and repairing n specialty.
Reamy. 833 Pa. ave. a.e. Phone Line. 8C72.
MONARCH long-carrtajre typewriter. 18-lnch;
fine condition; $33 quick sale. 807 Union
Trust bldg. Main 6788. Monday or Tuesday. 5*
ONE No. 5 and No. 8, 12-lnch, Underwood;
lute modela: price, $35. Addresa Box 347-A,
Sf??r otfic*? ?
Full lu^.vi?Cmitrwoodtypewriters; $3.50 a
month. 160S 14th at. n.w. North 688.
FIVE UNDERWOODS. No. 5; new. rebuilt;
$60 each. Ttiree Remingtona. aelf-etarter;
new. rebuilt; $50 each. Two Remington Mon
arch: new, rebuilt; $50 e?cb. One L. C. Smith
No. 8. new, rebuilt, $50. One Remington, No.
6. $13. Liberal allowancea on old machinea.
Room 604. 606 F st, n.w.
month; 3 months. In advance, $10. 800 East
Capitol st. Lincoln 944. Open evenlnta.
THERE ARE now two kinds
of typewriters, noisy type
writers and THE NOISELESS.
NOISELESS typewriters for
sale or rent. 1336 New York
ave. Phone Mam 8379.
810 14th st. n.w. Phoa, Mala 7M0.
"Rent" *0 Oliver, 14 a month; S month,. $10.
"Buy" a saw OUvar No. ? for $M; M cart,
>4 monthly. _____
TYPEWRITER Rental Berrtco, ZtOl 1st at.
n.w. North M64. Underwood. L 0. B.. Ram.,
(4 mo.; t moa. la adv., 110.50; ? moa.. Hi
Rabnllt typewriters for aale. Term,.
Underwood., Remingtons, Royal., Smiths.
600 .heats typewrit* paper, $1.
General Typewriter Co., 816 14th st. a.w.
Sell, rent and repair typewriters.
717 Mth n.w. Phone M. 6834
1431 East Capitol st. ?aat, sell, repair aad
boy all makea. Staada tree. Ovaa awalnga.
Line. 8W1
DOUGB TOURING TOP. new. lacludla* frame;
iu.t dellyered; nerer nsrd; snltabla for 1020
il car: cost *88; price $30. Apply 4411 8th
?t. n.w. a
(;A8 RAN'tiK, three-burner; ezceneat condl
tlon: cheap. 1103 Vermont are. ?
LAIlY'H LOKU COAT, food condition; In?
collar; $?? 1448 Lawrence st. n.e. e
OVERCOAT, black chinchilla. alrl'a Jtmior
wheel. $14; coaster wa(on, $4. Cel. 2438. 4*
WILTOS' VfcLVfct ht'fl, 1* ft. t la. aquara:
3 coatnmern, mabofany center table, coal all
heater, (entlaman'. blue broadcloth anlt, .laa
38; no dealers. Adams 2?,?2. e
HONEY?Dellcloua eitractad baaey, a Ike.,
$1; 0 lbs., $1.6.1; 13 lb... $3; delivered by par
cel jwst; satisfaction cuaranteed or oaoaay re
funded L. K. Hoatetter, Route G, Lancaster,
(lAH RAXCiK, double oven, self-llahter, uaed B
daya. cost $75; acll for $87.SO. ? SW Pa. an.
l'OOL TABI.E, Burroaa, comblnattaa. 3x% ei
cellent condition; $50. 687 E st. n.e. *
DOLL CAR HI AGE, large; hammock and bad'
child's rocker and sl?<. Call 827 7tl> n.e. ?
SEWlN'i; MACHINE, aanltary couck, mlmeo
grapb, commode and portlerea, ? large win
dow saah. Call 627 7th n.e. "
NEW BALTO COAL RANGE; new waterfcack;
alao gaa water kaatar. tSIB 11th at. Phoae
Col. 7083. a
25 NORTH CAPITOL bank atock; make olfer.
Addrca, Box 136-A, Star ofllce. ?
\vJW6n BUGS, two, 9x12, high grade; ?
JPSiS Jf.Lour P?rtl?re?. perfect, and bargain.
1831 Kilbourne at. ?
65TC HOUSE, g rooms, furnished; large
oi o ? ree? do11 carriage; large dreased doll.
818 Eaat Capitol st. ?
^8AH?. R*#*onable for cash, well fur
nished, well paying rooming houae; n.w. sec
tion. Address Box ag?.A, Star oftce. *
SCREEN DOOR, oak. 8.2x8.8: twelve window
tfr?*n,i.,n?t(le to order; very cheap. Phone
North 8114. ?
TALKING MAGUINE (Pathe), new; alao large.
decorated gaa dole: cheep, jpg Bye n.w. ?
ICYCLE and nuraery chair. Phone North
?22. ?
OIL PAINTING (ono), new, $5; two large
scenery picture*. 50c each: one oak pedestal,
50c^ one caaaerole. new, $1.50. Phone North
OIIILD'8 CARRIAGE (white reed), in excel
lent condition, $10; alao white crib, complete.
$5. Phone North 0IM8-J. ?_
GAS FIXTURES, dining room dome, vacuum
carpet aweeper. 815 5th at. n.e. ?
BABY BUGGY (Lloyd), at aacriflce; in per
fect condition: coat $00 when new. aeven
months ago. 502 12th at. n.w., until 12 noou
Monday. ?
DINING TABLB. extension. $8; wagon. 18x28.
$3; four chalra. 75c each; three-burner gas
P^te. oren aepante. $4.50 for both; Baatman
J A folding camera, new, $9; child's crib, com
plete, $7; large doll houae, $10. Call 1021
10th n.w. ?
MINK SCARF and barrel muff; perfect coodi
tlon: $100. 1107 P at. n.w.
WHEAT?5 bushels, $0.75; 3-month thrifty
Dnroc pigs. N. 1884. ?
TRICYCLE, almoat new^ small aise, $l?;
man's overcoat. ?ia? 88f ffr. 726 7th n.e. ?
GAS ItANGB, white enamel, "Fire King":
nearly new; reaaonable. 1028 22nd st. n.w. ?
IMPORTED VELOUIt HATS, aiaea 6 to 7. and
ladies' handbags; genuine leather. 1029 P st.
MEN'S SUITS, 3, aiae 88. blue and gray; price.
$10 to $23. Apt. 201, 1319 Park road njsr. ;
LADY'S COAT, brown nutria trimmed. $25;
mink furs. $25. Apt. 201, 1319 Park road
OVERCOAT, 35; cutaway. 38; tuxedo. 33;
frock, 37; collapsible opera hat: lady's black
coat. 34; pair oriental icold-woven portieres;
all flne; will accept reasonable offers. Address
Box 1Q3-A. Star office. ?
DANDY DAN?Nice gift for chifd 4 years old;
well cheap. Call N. 2435-W. ?
REED BABY CARRIAGE, large, round. $12~;
water-power waahing machine, good order, $12;
doll go-cart, $2.50; round collapsible pluy
yard.^ $3; ahoofly. $1.50. 1909 Monroe. Col.
CniLD'S DESK. $8.75; two girla' coata, Ti
years; lady's coat and suit, gas heater, gas
iron. Col. 7698-J. ?
OVERCOAT?Size 38; cheap. Call Sunday.
Columbia 5802. Apt. 8, Leamington.
_L.?l,,lnui11 D'?m?nd Dinner Rin? (blue
wmte gems) |nu
SoM^aire Diamond Ring (98fc per
iect) toyt
iViSfSi D'?nond Watch Bracelet' (it
large diamonds) tl*>%
F1"lblt Diamond Bracelet' '(coat
^ $750
1H-carat perfect Solitaire t)l?mond King!$176
617 7th St. N.W.
ciiR8?'ai'.JT' lm,1<,,,0,ne- 30-38: aacrlflc*.
Sfarap* for collector., packet*, cata., aetn, etc.
The stamp Shoppc, inc., r. 800, H18 G n.w.
lanEp??2^7' *iW 36: ,tt"' 36
rolS^f' ?IE??0AJ8! "V 11 ?? W: boy.'
M^Ston pTn w! ** U>' 'i*4
Bargain', Vff'g "* tub?
427tMV.N GKAND I?trobe. cheap. Lincoln
barometer, new, 1-A ape
41*1.3?' "t '"pod; alao K. & E. ane
aTim '"t l?r?o,2?,*r ?nJ
scaie. Address Box 851-A. Star office. ?
OVKKCOAT and brown ?ult, aiae 14 reaaon
able. Phone Col. 83i?-W. reaaon
old '"fllje ^OlIIh!^'*' "i?; """ C,n[otl di.hST
? *1? K^ kargalaa. Apt.
? >. H16 K n.w. 10 fo 8 p.m.
M?^I^>UN? b*nJ?- folding Millard tabic
white droaaer. 1428 lltb at. n.w. .
"*? for-trimmed coat ault. tvkln
5xfis\s? ?s:r?
Columbia 1569-J. 1011 Webster at. n.vr. ?
M-Tmmid?UM.y-BAI'~Elrt*?t r<"? P'uali. far
ChapTna't "w ; ",e 88 M M: **>. 1431
Sur'-S^1 neTer Min- B?* ??.B.
MAH04fANT TAHI.E, ball runner, hraaa. .in,I#
iS?i; 10 q"lck buJ,r Columbia ir.a?-j.
1011 ^ehuter ?t. n.w. .
"0ME.V8 RiniXG8LIT. (raj whlpco"rd":
Sw?8imV o- .T'n'W110' 3 t"w' V
gas heaterw. Apply 501 3rd at. a.e. ?
FOR SALE?-Stylish black aatrakhan coatee,
small aiae, $10. 1815 C81fton at.. Ant. 25. ?
fS*??wri.:r,l?i1'1' e?*t- """'T
*ood condition; reaaonable.
14QH Newton st. n.w. ?
WINTER tXUT. *3; akirt. *1; bathrobe. *8:
two hat., ?1 eacb; meah bat. $2; walnut table,
oil palntinn: good condition. Tig loth at
s.e. ?
DIAMOND PIN, lady's; set in platinum;
handsome. Sacrifice price, $125. 1525 Q. Ant
84. Phone N. ftOOO f. w'
PEG BLOCKS, 2 aets; in A1 condition; cheap.
Frank. 5995.
COAT, lady'a; beautiful taupe Telour; hure
collar; nearly new; $10; aiae 38. Col.
VACUUM CLEANER, electric; atandard make*
excellent condition; $20. Col. 2171-W.
^X*5f.INa DRESS, siae 16; hand-embroidered
silk kimono; reasonable. 1210 Eaat Capitol at.
WILTON" RUGS, two. Uxl2. 1310 Emerson st
n.w. Col. 6704. 5*
GIBL'8 TRICYCLE; ballbearing; rubber
tires; 25-inch wheela; excellent condition; $10.
Phone Betheada 85. ?
FROCK SUIT?Single-breasted; Oxford; like
new; aiae 87; $20. 1107 Harvard at. ?
COATO and dreaaea, two aeta of portierea.
1839 Columbia rd. n.w. ?
WHEEL CHAIR, chain drive; iron bed. com
plete. $10; vacuum sweeper, $2, iron wheela;
gaa atove, etc. 210 Pa. ave. n.w.
KITCHEN CABINET, $15^ wicker table
(white), $10; pictures, different prices; aet of
SHOTGUN?New, hammerless, double-barrel! ?
also one set of boxing gloves and sled; cheap!
Call between 10 and 2 o'clock, 1211 K st. n.e. ?
FURS?White Iceland fo*, misses', $12; raln
coat, cap. aise 12. $1.50; Girla' Scout ault,
hat, new, $4. 183 V n.w.
UPRIGHT PIANO, walnut case, and an oak
bookcaae. 108 2nd at. a.?. ?
KIDDIE CAR, high chair, two coata for child
3. 1015 14th at. n.w., apt. 40. ?
t>OLL HOUSE?Beautiful; six rooma; electric
lighta. 183 Randolph pi. n-w. ?
FLAT-TOP DESK, large copper kettle for con
fectioner. caramel cutters, steel candy roller
Factory. 770 Girard at. n.w. Phone Lincoln
2564. ?
CATTLE FEED; peanut hulls, He pound; pes
nut hulls, lHc pound. Factory, 770 Girard
at. n.w. Lincoln &564. ?
REAVER COAT, velvet suit, dolt carriage
bed; sacrifice. Apt. 26, 2804 14th n.w. Cel.
780. ?
DRESS, misses' blue jersey, $5; evening dress
misses', $5; silver allppers. aise 5fe, $2; brown
cloth coat, 38, $10; electric washer, used three
times, $30; kiddie car and collapsible atroller.
like new, $2; feather bed. drum, like new
2568 University pi. n.w. -
WASHING MACHINE, water power, wringer,
vacuum, clear; $20. Lincoln 36. ? *
LIONEL TR.US' ami track. S21 Stephen! 'ai.
ELECTRIC FIXTURES, cheap! caonih fop 10*
room bouae; all sew; extra nic? lot. MIS
Uth at. s.w. .
CAflfS AHAL inchc.;"hii~CSi
bearer cellar; bargain. Apply apartment V
140 11th at. ,.e. a
OVERCOAT?Baadaoqi. brown; alaa 88:
allrttlT wora; tlli. KU Ere at. n.w. .
OVERCOAT, blue, aiae 88; alao brown nlatar
black anlt and aome coata, alaa 86 and 88
1011 Webater at. n.w. i
OO-CART, road; perfect condition; 115 1
Princeton at. n.w. Columbia 8088-W. ?
COATBE?Hudaon teal, lari* aquirrel collar;
aaad Ten little; coat |125; aacrldce, WO. &
N.w York a*e. n.e. a
StjITB, boja' atae, 15, 88; coed hall runner, 83;
medlun-alaed cklld'a deak and chair. X4S8
Colombia rd. .
ItBBD baby carrlan. black aolky; both mod
condition; cheap. 80> Tth at. a.w.. ant. 11. .
rocardor; good condition; need only abort tine.
AIM 8,800 Ume carta. Price, complete, 130.
Addroaa Boi ln-B, Mtar agna.
JiLBi biIIT. $10; dreaaea; coata, aiaa M; aairaa
droaa, ?!i: evening drraa, $5; aire 18. Wo. 10.
2100 S at. .
art novelties, toys, china, embroidered center
pieces, acarfi, aprons, etc. Prices very mod
erate. T1781 Church st. Phone North 93rt4. 6*
VlCTitOLA. in perfect condition; lady's void
Elgin watch. Into H st. n.e. *
FIRELB88 COOKER?Two-compartment, com
plete, $15; lady's brown winter suit, size 40.
$15. Lincoln 964-J. 508 Kentucky ave. s.e. ?
COAL RANGE, gas range and latrobe. 30
Qulncy place n.e. 5*
OAS VlXTtJRBS?Beautiful; six-room house.
?4 Irving st. n.w. Col. 2805-W. ft*
new; #80. 1888 Taylor st. n.w. 5*
LLOYD reed baby carriage; good condition^
Apt. 88, the Valois. 1880 Mass. ave. n.w. *
made; fine: >7. 706 11th n.w.. Apt. 42. *
DRESSER, sise 88; black tricotW. blue serg*>,
black velveteen, blue taffeta and georgette
combination; very reasonable. Black velvet
hat, $1.00; 8 pairs low shoes, tan, black ox
ford and Mack satin, 41-00 pair; size 3%B;
small size sweater; black georgette waist,
$2.00. 1840 Biltmorc St.. Apt. 38.
GENTLEMAN'S black broadcloth overcoat,
new, size 44; may be seen after 5 p.m., 722
12fh n.e. ?
GAS FIXTURES' for a 0-room house, includ
ing one for invertad bowl. $10. 1011 8th st.
n.e. ?
DRESS, gray taffeta; size 88; like"new; too
small for owner. Apt. 11. 2224 F wt. n.w. ?
STBNOTYPE; used one month; will sell rea
sonable. 225 2nd st. s.e. 6*
BABY CARRIAGE, ivory wed, reversible; used
very little. 22S 2nd st. a.e. 0*
WINDOW SHUTTERS (thirty-six), green;
bargain. Line. 5372-J. ?
COAT, long brown cloth; aeal collar; $15. Col.
7281, Apt. 500 South. ?
KITCHEN CABINET (McDougall), white ena
meled oak: used one year; in excellent condi
tion; for sale cheap. Apply 82 East Maple st..
North Ronemont. Alexandria. Va. *_
BABY'S OOAT (white), trimmed beaver fur:
hat to match; size two years; new. 923
Mass. ave. n.w. ?_
SCARF (black wolf), beautiful, large: like
new: purchased at Jellefr* for $80: will sell
for $50. Addresw Box 149-B. Star office. ?
REFRIGERATOR. Alaska: like new: medium
size: $10. Address Box 150-B, Star office. ?
OVERCOAT (man's). Mze 40; lady'ft sweater,
telegraph wound* r. Col. 8517. *
BABY CARRIAGE (Ueywood Wakefield),
white. $20. 174* P)uolid st. n.w. *
MANTELPIECE (<*ilt> with mirror 1* b.v 30
<n"he?. >12. 1740 Euclid st. n.w.
complete, including electric printing box. Main
4.VS) Anf. 10K. *
OVEROOAT, gentleman's; good condition; rue
dlum size. 8027 15th st. n.w. 5*
SCARF, brown wolf. $25; hand vacuum sweep
er. 219-A P st n.w. 4*
MU&T BE SOLD at once, at a sacrifice, ca*h:
blue-white diamond, 1-karat, $200: blue-white
diamond. lH-karat. $390; blue-white diamond,
little less than l/%-karat, $05. On sale at A
Kahn's, 035 F st. n.w.
BABY CARRIAGE slightly damaged; *5.
818 Shepherd st. n.w. ?
REED BABY CARRIAGE?Lulaby. 700 K sf.
BABY CARRIAGE, natural reed, like new.
reversible hood, rubber tires; also black fold
ing go-cart, with h<*>d. Call at the Mont
gomery. 1151 North Capitol, Apt. 33.
ords; Remington typewriter. No. 11. Call l?e
fore 2:30 Sunday, 719 11th n.w., second
floor. *
STEAM LOCOMOTIVE, large. S-wheeled. pan
senser; reversible; O gauge; $15. Clow, 212
2nd st. n.e. *
cheap. Telephone Columbia 2895. ? j
MISSES' COAT, size 16; brown veldyne; new. '
Call Col. 1CH2-J- *
HAWAIIAN GUITAR and two-wheel T?a by
buggy. Call Sunday or evenings, 815-A 21st
st. n.w. ?
dition; sacrifice for quick sale. Room 001.
916 G st. n.w. ?
K,S"tN^iRTV PeMl; ,"1ho folding go-cart, baby
Ad.K. rn por,ler*"- 17u3 Kilbourne place.
ARTIMlilAL EYES, fitted at home. |3; oook
l>en??!*boI " ?P"C Co" 512 (
ul?r |10 vmlu.. $5. Phone Ool. 5808. I
WfGHNLT MACHINE, worth 812J; I
*111 sell for 8..0. IMS 14th .t. n.w. ?
meat block. 10 Channlng st n.e. ? ?
BOY'S B00K8; good condition. 2517 12th
at. n.w.
?^*2!????* 2 flne Sextont- good as new:
wSf i v ncw- App,y 216 Evan8 Wdg.,
1420 N. Y. ave. n.w.
URKSSKH two. .lie 44; thr?f pairs s'hiJi,
?-r. 1885 Kenyon st. n w 5.
"Af1 i'aKHIAOE, nrd. sen cheap. 5l(F~M I
?*? 'n.e. I
owner. j
new"' .T' pr*^,Jr I
id.""1 "K"?un- ^ !
SeWKKF* roWn^Dd 1
;Arm/ aBcer's). whlpconT cost j
<" ?for th" 1
iiU*Tn?t V f2* ?horthand dicta
tion. cheap. Call Main <148. 4* ?
?workingmen. it is even more no- j
tired by an outsider, as we have a big trade
hH? #Dv? Y^rglnia hustlers, and we
sell bent quality slightly used suits and over
f? 1. to anrt 8el1 aI1 w* have, as
hustlers know this cold climate. Ladies' store
616 I). Justh'a Old Stand. 019 D.
SHAI!tS?Tw> falfh ^^kkeeper's swivel chainT
almost new, one mahogany and one oak 1:
K. Ferguson. Inc.. 1114 nth ?t '
BICYCLE, small boy's. $6; double bed size I
En gland er cot. $10. Cleveland 1445 4* -
.W.^tu;8 for
LADY will sacrifice gorgeous!
seal coat, 40 inches long; never
worn. Mrs. Riel, n^6 8th st.
n.e. 7* '
ANTIQUE CHAIRS, empire ubie, email inlaid I
?Und. etc. Riley. 481 lith at. 4. >
#i8HIXO MACHINE?Rutapei^ (175
pie dlaplar machine. u?ed aa demonatrator
onc?. aame fuarantM. ?1H> raah to thlrifty
n"*"'Ma"^Wn?. F?'eJ 00 ? 806 ,2th "
'J ACUUM CLEANERS?Hot Point, about one
doaen machine., naed by our aaleamen as dfiu
onatatora, abaolntely perfect and orlrlnal ruar
antee, complete with attachment., $41* Call
??d. ?c' ?' ???. Howard P. Foley Co.. HCHi
1*10 at. n.w.
Sample Fur Coats of Every"
Wrap., coats, dolmans, at half priec: In I
Northern Seal. Bay Seal. Preach Seal or Hud- '
son Seal.
808 19th at. n.w., near Penna. ave.
Mls?d wood, aawad any l.n.th, deUrtred. <14 I
Per cord. Call Marlboro 1S-P 22
FTRNACB and piping, (IS; also range, |5
g Grant place n.w. 4.
BIG BARGAIN In tea and chocolate acta- came I
direct from Japan. 1548 ?th at. 4. j
OAS RANOE. good aa new. 609 ?th n.w. n? " f
RUGS?Excellent Telret. 18x10.6; another
?xlS: aeveral smaller, slightly used. Riley' !
.431 11th at. 4. ' j
RABY CARRIAGE, Blocb, r.Teralble. Colum
bia 4.
BABY CARRIAOB, practically new, Lloyd re
reralble, ISS. Clifton Terrace, apt. 206, Weat
court. 4.
TAUPE POX PUR, practically new, ISO. CHf.
ton Terrace, apt. 206. weat court 4.
CHILD'S TRICYCLE, ?4; wall deak, tS.M; re
vol Ting bookcase, to; all excellent condition
Phone Col. 1431. 8008 llth n.w. 4.
OAS STOVE, baby-walker, coal atore: aacrl-1
flee. 681 Keefer pi. n.w. Col. 828. 4. I
AIR COMPRESSOR with tank, large alar, cuit
able for garage or pneumatic tool uae. 518 10th
St. n.e. Lincoln 112.
BHD. white enamel .prlnga and mattrea.
new; rMaonaMr. Apt. 1, 178# Lanier pla?
a.w. Adam. 2852. 4.
BABY CARRIAGE; goad condition, ltes Pint
at. a.w. g.
SHAWL, baadaom, Pauley; Arnold vibrator
new; large cot bed and springs, Japansse I
punch bowl. lars?: man'a heavy cravenetu I
rain coat, Kalgkt Templar uniform, complete; I
5-ahelf book rack. Call aTcalngs between 5:80 I
sad 8 p.m. 1888 A st. a.e. 4. I
Police DO<>, msle; pedigreed; 5 moniha olj
white English bullterrlers. 4 months old. pedi
greed; Boston terriers, 2 months old, pedi
greed; poodles and other smslt dogs. Pslr
childs l',t Shop, 1215 8th st. a.w. North
ONE beagle bound, thoroughly broke, 8 yesrs
old. 1018 R at. n.e. q*
PERSIAN KITTENS?White, aertn weeW old
also mother. 1S14 6th ?t. n.w, ?
AIRBDAtJI PUPPIES?Pedigreed. Phiwt
Wood side 42. ?
WHKAT?B bushels, 80.75; 8-month thrifty
Da roc pigs. N. 1884. .
THOROCQHLY broksa rihfclt bound., beatl.a,
fox hounds, wtten. pointers, young dog.
/partly broken and paps; collies, fox trrriera
?oon dogs. Harry lieedcr, Thorndale, Pa. ?
FEMALE CANARIES, $1.25. Adams 2522. ?
FOR SERVICE?Chihuahua, "BuatTer Brown?*
reg. 312008, by Don Juan II Bon Bon. M. K.
Nelson, 761 Queltec st. n.w. ?
MALTESE PUPPIES for children's Christmas
presents, reasonable. 557 14th st. s.e.
CANARIES?Imported Harts Mountain. $5~
Andreasburg Rollers. $6; guaranteed singers!
Cages, $3 up. at Atherton's. 33* Indiana ave.?
FOR HALE?Fine collie dog, six mouths! Aw
ply 58 Q at. i.e. ?
WHITE LBUHORN PL'U>K1?. *7; tome ]?T
inf. $8. Turner, 29th and Cedar it*., Mt.
Rainier, Md. ?
WHITE Cuban poodle, female, thoroughbred,
cheap. First floor front. 11*05 6th n.w. ?
IjEGHORN cockerels from heavy-laying strain;
also It. I. Red cockerels and cock birdx. C.
Clifton Velrs, Rockvllle, Md. Phone 108-F-5.*
LOVELY PERSIAN* kitten, thoroughbred ped
i creed; bungalow Turk cat and champion
King Winter strain, house broken. Apply
Calvert Cattery, College Park, Md. Phone
Berwyn 55-W.
BARRED, ROCK, White Leghorns, pullets,
hens; reasonable; orders booked for turkeys.
Phone Hyattsville 405-W. B. W. Fitzpatrick..
Mt. Rainier, Md. ?
BARRED ROCKS. Parks' bred-to-lay strain;
several select males for sale. Phone Colum
bia 6874-W. ?
ANCONA ROOSTERS. Sheppards strain. 8135
24tl st. n.e. Phone North 1141-J. ? I
CANARIES, fine aiogersT 7l3~North Carolina
ave. s.e. ? [
KITTENS for Kale. Persian thoroughbred*: ?
house broken; males; beautiful Xmas gifts.
Call sfter 2 p.m., 1306 Fairmont st. n.w. ?
buy rabbits, any site or color.
1215 9th ?t. n.w.
H. C. WIIITE LEGHOkN pullets, hens, 2
C0(-k?. large size, excellent stock,
$2.7o each; white Wyandotte cockerela from!
worlds best trap nested strains. $3.50 each.,
Hatcl Jng eggs in season. Strictly fresh ergs '
fortable use by parcel i?ost. Duvall & Porter. !
Laurel Poultry Farm, Laurel. Md. ? j
FOR SAL E?Two beautiful i
Chihuahua dogs; very small;i
from registered stock.' M. K.
Nelson, 761 Quebec st. n.w. *
S. ('. RED COCK bird* and cockerels, live
dollars each. Phone Bethesda 48. Aaron
1* ell, Bethesda, M?1. ?
CANARIES?Beautiful bright yellow, guaran
teed singers, $7 up. delivered; females. $1.50.
Buy one for Xmas. Mrs. Isbell. East Falls
Church. Va. ?
We supply guaranteed high
grade stock and buy back
all hares six months old
weighing six pounds you
raise, at $7 to $18.50 an<?
up a pair, and pay express
charges. Big profits. Use
back yard, barn, cellar, at
tic. Contract and illustrated
catalog Free. Standard Food
and Fur Association. 405-K,
Broadway, New York.
BEAGLE RABBIT DOGS, nne pair, for sale,
cheap. Apply L. E. White Coal Co. stables,
10 L st. s.e.
3 FRESH COW8 for salt-. W. T. Dreyer, 8ar
gent rd. n.e.. Brooklatd. 4*
BEI/5IAN HARES and Flemish Giants; also
some baby ones, cheap. No. 28 Engine Co.,
Conn. ave. and Porter st. n.w. 4*
BOSTON TERRIERS, puppies, for sale; pedT
greed; toy sixe: for a Christmas present. 1900
7th st. n.w. Phone North 10814. 4*
SETTER?Trade for shotgun; pumpgun pre
ferred, but not essential. F. H. Hyatt, 2836
Myrtle ave. n.e. 4*
BOSTON TERRIERS, pedigreed and regis
tered; three left; will sell cheap if taken at
once. 1228 Maryland ave. n.e. 5?
CANARIES, in full song, $5. 635 Lamont st.
FOR SALE?Boston Terrier puppies. Dee Cee
Kennels Franklin 3313. 4*
ESQl'lMO i'l'PPY, snow white, for sale.
2134 N 6t. n.w. 4*
MARMOZETTES monkeys. $15 pair; canarieT,
puppies, etc. Norris Pet Emporium, 2022 14th
st. n.w. North 9612. 4
PEKINGESE are adorable pets and unusual
Christmas gifts. Displayed daily after 6 p.m.
??31 Vj Oth st. s.e. 4*
OFFICE. 3121 14tll XT N.W. PH. CPU 574
Fairchild's Pet Shop.
rupsi.n, I'liiarif,, parrots and Imported odd
blni?, rabbi v*. guinea pi*?, etc. 1215 #th it
n.w. ffnrth 9207.
AIKP!)AL?b puppies: different aces op te
grown dogs. Washington Airedale Kennela.
211.% 14th st North 1603.
singing canaries, $5.00 up: parrots, dogs,
cats, monkeys, goldfish, aquariums, leeches.
And we do taxidermy in all its branches.
Schmid's Pet Emporium, 712 12th st. n.w.
Phone F ?171
* 1 . ' ? ' i . J
FORD TOURING?Late model; speedometer,
etc.; in best of condition; $300 cash. Ford
winter top. almost new, $50 cash. 722 G
st. n.e. ?
FORD touringl 1920; starter and ~dmt. Tims;
in good condition; bargain $245. Triungle
^ - . a V. Y. ave.
li.viUJAI.NS?We have several bargains in
late model. standard make sedans; will sell
cash or terms to responsible parties. 1026
Connecticut ave. n.w. Main 1636.
AUTOMOBILE OWNERS. garagemen. me
chanics. repairmen, send today for free copy
of this month's issue. It contains helpful, in
structive information on overhauling, igni
tion troubles, wiring, carburetors, storage
batteries, etc. Over 110 pages, illustrated.
Send for free copy today. Automobile Digest,
40 Butler bldg.. Cincinnati.
DODGE TOURING. $350; new top. tires, bat
tery. 2820 Georgia ave.
1918 8-CYLINDER Oldsmobile; first-class con
dition; good tires. 912 Va. ave. s.w. ?
1021 HUDSON touring limousine; in- perfect
condition. 1020 Cole 8 touring car. in good
condition. Owner leaving city. Make ?fTer
;o N. V. Perry. 601 Kendall bldg. ?
FORD new 1021 model; cheap; party leaving
city. Apply 021 P st. n.w. ?
LIBERTY SIX touring"; perfect throughout;
just overhauled; reasonable. Apply 722 10th
st. n.e. ?
BUICK ROADSTER; perfect condition; best
slip covers, clock, extra cushion, chairs; run
5.0?i0 miles; must be seen to appreciate; im
mediate sale. $875. Col. 8730-J. ?
F<iRT>~sKUAX: *27.1. 11124 14th ?t.
PAIGE 7-passenger touring; good condition;
demonstrate; sell or exchange for lots. North
8808. ?
AUBURN tourintr: good condition; demon*
strate: cheap. 1426 11th st. n.w. ?
FORD RACER; good condition; bargain;
quick sale. 1426 11th st. n.w. ?
FIAT town car; 12-16 h.p.; fine condition
mechanically and body perfect; $400. Apply
A. Bussard. 2120 G st. n.w. 10*
DODGE touring; $185; splendid car; excellent
condition. Apt. 7, 2888 Champlain st. (lath
and Columbia rd. > ?
OVERLAND touring iu first-class running con
dition; $200; terms can be arranged. Lincoln
2018; ?_
FORI) touring; good condition; cash, $350.
Owner, llil Carroll ave.. Takoma Park. Md. *
FORD SEDAN; starter: good lines: seat cov
ers. etc.: $325. Apt. 505. Chaumont. ?
FORD touring, 1021; run 3,000 miles; good
as new; fully equipped; several extras; $350
or best offer; need cash. 1858 Fairmont. ?
PACKARD twin-six. 1017 model; touring; just
overhauled; $6l?0 cash. Rear 1114 18th at.
1010 CHEVROLET touring; mechanical con
dition good: $1!00; open Sunday. Barry-Pate
Motor Co., Inc.. 2525 Sherman ave. n.w. Fr.
SAXON SIX, 5- pa as. touring; Continental
motor: good running order; $175; open Sun
day. Barry-Pate Motor Co., inc., 2525 8her
man ave. n.w. Fr. 5627.
1921 FORD roadster with extra delivery body;
good mechanical condition; reaaonable price;
open Sunday. Barry-Pate Motor Co., Inc.,
2525 Sherman ave. n.w. Fr. 5627.
1920 F B CHEVROLET sedan; just over
hauled: mechanical condition and paint good;
open Sunday. Barry-Pate Motor Co., Inc..
2525 Sherman ave. n.w. Fr. 5627.
1910 CHEVROLET four-ninety roadster; just
overhauled; tires good; open Sunday. Barry
Pate Motor Co., Inc., 2525 Sherman ave. n.w
Fr. 5627.
HUDSON limousine, 6-40 model; new tires';
lalso summer top; complete, $500. Dodge
"taxicabs; one in good running order, four that
need some overhauling; these cabs can be
bought very reasonable. E. F. Gregg, rear
1181 17th at. n.w. 5*
FORD roadster, 1018; fine condition: new top;
speedometer; battery; terms; $150. West
2408. ?
Con t laurel.
starter; <200. Phone Cleveland 1624-J. *?
OLDS "4" touring; food condition; mo?t wll;
reed money; any terms. Col. 1048. J005 IT.*.
av?>. r
Bt'lCK, big nix. "Tpaasengcr touring car: .?
cord tire*; A-l mechanical condition: make *
good car for hacking purpose*: w'l! acll
rasli or term*, to responsible party. 10**5
Connecticut ave. n.w. Main 1636.
FORD 1911# touring; looks new: many ?*tr#?:
MOO J920 i*>ad>ter. A1 condition. $210: term*.
122 r?th st. s.e. IJnr. 8277.
K( KYlTi^iru(lTH~tourtiS: late 1?2? modelI: i"
fine shape; fully equipped; four new Kelly
cord tire*; for quick sale, $000 cash. 3-1*
11th *t. n.w. *
lilcTRoTr EI.KcTinc; closed car; good roodi
tion; good tires; good paint; $250. Cliftou
Terrace. 118 Ka*t. *
WINTER TOP for Dodge touring car. Col.
0472. *
PoRD, with winter top, cheap. 212 B *t.
LEXINGTON HEDAK; looks like uew; cord
tires; excellent throughout; must sell; sacri
fice. $050. 1326 Emerson n.w. Columbia
Brick, ft-cy Under touring car. in good con
ditlun; will sell cheap, rnsh or terms. 1026
Connecticut are. n.w. Main 1636.
1021 ELCAR?This car waa purchased right
here in I?. C. last March at a cost of orer
SI.600. This car looks and runs like new; ha*
!> new tires, spotlight, etc., and Is fully guar
anteed. Cash. $250; monthly. $40. Price.
1??21 OAKLAND?Almost new; run ?boat
3.500 miles:; fully guaranteed; 5 tlrea. Cash.
$300; monthly. $4.r?. Price. $850.
1919 BUICK?7-paaaenger; rebuilt and re
painted <A-l Job); r> good tires; fully g'lsr
anteed. Caah. $2.V?: monthly. $35. Price. $???>.
CARBON REMOVED while you wait. 3u?*
per cylinder. _ .
HIRE A FORD (with starter)?Drive your
self; $1 per hour: $." day rate.
S. J. MONK, Steel Oarage. _
426-428 8th at n.w. Frank. 314...
FORD SEDAN?First-class condition; bargain.
|225. 713 N. Capitol ?t. 1_
CHEVROLET sedan, 490 model: excellent
condition. good tires, extra tire, bumper, etc:
will take Ford or Chevrolet touring In part
payment. Seaton Oarage. 4?? Sea ton st
lll PMOBILE TOCRING, 191". model, excellent
condition in every way. except needs new top;
will take Ford or Chevrolet 490 touring in
part payment; tires nearly new. Seaton Ga
rage. 45 Sea ton xt. n.e.
HUDSON super-six touring, model 6-M. com
pletely overhauled and reflnished and looks u*?*
new car; fully guaranteed; will take ford or
Dodge in part payment. Seaton Oarage. ?*.?
Seaton *t. n.e. - -
STANDARD eight, chummy roadster; yearly
new cord tires: excellent shape, but needs new
paint: will accept Ford or 400 Chevrolet in
part payment. Seaton Garage, 4?j Seaton *t.
n.e ?
BUltTK sedan. H-50, 1919 model. paint
ed. five cord tires, perfect mechanical condi
tion; looks new: will accept aaaaller oar in
part payment. Seaton Garage, 45 feeatOD
Prices will surprise you.
3 sedans, perfect condition; many extra
3 tourings; starters: good tires: cheap.
2 roadsters; dem. rims; A-l shape.
3 trucks: good tires; open and closed bodi**?.
1 light delivery; excellent condition: cheap.
Can be seen Si.nday morning. Easy term-.
Parkway Motor Company.
West 163. I?
FOKD 1917 touring: excellentcondition: d'tu
rim.- t'.res: sscriflce. tl.V> to'- <*43.
DIXIE FLYER. 1920; run 10.000 miles: fine
condition: waiwubl*. ('ol'-iniMa 9H0H-? .
W1LLY8-KSIGHT. 1918. rco.MW4. r?rl"
perfect shape throughout. good tires and go.?n
paint: ran.it sell at onc?- R?l*? j
Ciimmingw Iim. Cbeyy Chase. CleT. 2069-J
STANLEY KTEAMER. 1918 7-pm.?rat,r: <
new cord tires: run. and look* like
S75Q fi.r uuick sale. Rear 1224 13th ,t. n._w-_
IMUNiB 1921 roadater. 2 new cord tire.:
lined estra. Addreaa Box 66-B. 8t?r_ofllc?.?5
IIODGB tourlnc. late 191* n"*1;';, 'W ?n*
condition: <375. Phone Adams_810.
STANLEY STEAMBR. "nail tour inf. rood
runnlnr condition: new tires; MCriBce. ?ljo.
1116 Vermont ave. Whltmer.
MITCHELL chummy roadster, excellent con
dition: 5 tires; will sacrifice for cash at
1116 Vermont ?ve.
dUIkTe-toiiriM. 1919: splendid condition:
cial new top: cood tlrea; $425. 2314 ltsth a -
n.w. Col. 22"2. after 10 a.m. Sunday.
FORD. 1017. sedan; good tlrea; wonderful bat
.,'n t'j.VI Vol. 1643. 1065 Wis. ave
FORII sedan: Bosch ma*. <1920 atarter tr|?
block): Hsssler shock abwrticr; 181h mwi..
457 G st. n.w. No dealers.
Vulili OWNERS?Try the Vac-Line, the won
derful iaa saver. Satiafaction or monej- re
funded. Wl will demonstrate on written r. ?
qU?sj^. C._A^!aker._1509_yem|ont Mte. 6*
19211 Bl'K'K ? tourinf; Oldamobile ?edaB: both
cheap. Sir. 8th St. s.e. Line. 5i!W.
CHANDI.EK. winter top: Ke'ly ?1?:
lent c-ondition: will Mcriflce. ?-ol 3184-J.
WIlITTRADE Maxwell tourinf. in excellent
.nape, last year'a model, a a #r.t ?n
7 or 8 room house. Addreaa Bor J98-A, Btar
ALLEN tourinf. 1921; perfect condition, tall
Mr. Taylor. Mam ?3W. ??
NA&H touring: 5 new cord tirea. Terms. Si-e
Mr Bradler. 410 8th ?t. n.w.
WILL SELL my 1920 modal Kline ?r for
11.000: in excellent condition: new paint and
curtains. Demonstration on requeat. John M.
Roper. Main 798S (during dtyi. ? .
FIX-CYL. CAR, Bne condition, to exchanfc
for piano or smaller one. 315 Eye n.e. 5?
pari) sedan late 1920; guaranteed excallent
conditio^; $440 Call BunSy, 3617 Hall place
(Wtsclnnon ave. cars.) *?
OVERLAND touring, model 79; rebuilt; good
running order: any demonstration; only ?l-o.
1311 G st. n.w. Room 810.
DODGE touring; $150 down, $80 per BOBth.
See Mr. Henderson. 410 8th n.w.
STUDEBAKER touring; running
lights and starter; |12??. Demonstratio?. L4
K at. n.w- l *?1
KI8SCL?Thrcc-passengcr roster: gwdcgn
dltion: smart appearance; cord txrea, pricea
low. Col. 1373. !jL_?
814-TON TRUCK; terma to suit. See Mr.
Henderson. 410 8th n.w. _
1921 CHEVROLET F. B. roadster, purchase.!
in July, practically new: thta c?r Is perfect
in every respect and will do all that a new
car can- reason for selling have purchased
larger car; original cost, fl.180: sale price.
?83?i; each, ?300. balance in elglit_ months.
This is an unuftml opportunity to gat ft bIg i
g?de good-looking Votdater cheap. Apply
924 14th St. n.w.
WILLYK gI3f, 1919: painted: new tires; fu ly
eottlDped; Continental engine: lea ring city.
W^ha^ offers? Address Box 2<H-A. 8t?r offlce.
miiCK hOADSEh. 1922: "'S'ninn'mi1''^
miles; a bargain for c?ah. Iranklin 7Bm. 4
I)gtK01T EJ.ECTRiC?Fourpaasenger car:
condition: batterl-? "J
Tannarr See car at 52 O st. n.w. oeiweeu ??
a.m. and 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Thuraday or
Saturday. John C. I-*tta
FORD delivery. 1920 ; 4 new tires; terma. Sea
Mr. Bradley, 410 8th at. n.w.
CHEVROLET touring; no place to atora, aiust
sacrifice for $100. 2928 S. Dakota am North
5225. 2?
OVERLAND, model 1918. ton?nfIi<| *2 '
good condition; can ta sees bet wo 6 ?? ?
p.m. Phone North H873. ?
DODGE sedan, with extraa; laaa than a 7*r
Sdfpwf^t condition. 11W Coan. ave. Mam
BRISCOE touring; $50 down, $25 per ?onth.
See Mr. Bradley. 410 8th n.w.
FORD coupe, November, 1920;
Mr. Taylor. ^
Hranch 804. ... - ?
?Joh, OAKLAND COUFE?Good looking, and io
iSS ?ndlflin; will dsmonstrate anywhere.
Col. 8108. -?,
rniALMERS ROADSTER?Good mechanical
DODGE TOCRING-Th!. baa tad ?cep
UTUDBBAKBR. bl* air. 7-pass?l'r touring
car; will a?ll for t?00. cuh ortarna. 1U2?
r^nn?cttcut ave. n.w. Mala im*.
WILLYS-KNIGHT, model 88-4. 1917. 7 pa-?
mmntrrr Perfect mechanical condition. ?or^
SST ,o?S pltat. A bargain. Wllber 0-Day.
1921 2otb at. n.w.
WinSi KNiaHT. i?lS. m?d?l ?>4. Oar In
perfect shape throughout, rg?|
nalnt. Mult sell at one*. Robart Boom. 4JU
Cummlngs lan,. Chary CbaM. -
? d ?ood tlrea; will dsmonatreU ujwkcre.
iterratt A Flwlnc, Ue.. ChampUU it. .t
Kalorama road.
All Reconditioned.
Three of Them Demonstrators,
Driven Less Than 3/300 Miles.
All Fully Equipped.
Tires Practically New.
We must lower our used car inventory and
save on storage and insurance.
You'll Be Surprised at the Prices.
1016-18 Conn. Ave.
Main 7837.
Open Evenings
Until a
Sundays Until 2.

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