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Shaving Mug, Storo of {practical Shaving Stand,
Brush Included. The Jf> T A \T Cf HT TH^M St Adju.table mirror.
S?"s <aJL 1^>dU%|1
Washington?New York?Paris STORE NEWS for Friday, December 9th, 1921 420-30 Seventh Street Northwest
In Which We Fulfill a Promise, and Extend an Invitation
We Cash
First floor Rear, and
I'nakln'i oner, Fourth
Seal It With
a Good Deed
The Washington
Tuberculosis Association
is doing a great work?
a great work for those
who require its care and
attention not only, but
for all of us.
Part of its funds for
the carrying on of this
work are obtained from
the sale of Christmas
seals of good cheer, and
those seals are now
being offered to the
Each one of these lit
tle seals that you fasten
to a letter or a package
represents your effort to
help some one less for
tunate to enjoy another,
and perhaps h a ppler
Christmas. But that
isn't all. It isnt only
doing an act of charity.
It is buying protection
for yourself.
How many can you
If he smokes,
give him one of
Smoker's Outfit
Comprising a cigar
container with ash
tray and cigar rest in
handy position on the
lid. Match holder
with safety match
scratcher and cigar
cutter?all in one com
pact combi nation.
Complete for $2.05.
Cigarette Case
Handy pocket size',
with firm clasp?just
as neat as it is con
v e n i e n t, He'll be
proud to offer a cig
arette from this neat
case, only $3.75.
First Floor
Sterling Silver Belt
Buckle, $2.95
B e a u t i f ully en
graved and blankspace
left for monogram.
Slide model, which is
a general favorite.
This sort of buckle is
used by men, women
and children.
For Her
This 6-piece Mani
cure Set
Handy little roll-up
sets that can be
tucked in the handbag
and take up very little
room. It contains
buffer with removable
rim for replacing the
worn chamois; cuticle
knife, ivory-finish nail
cleaner, file and ivory
cuticle stick. Com
plete, $1.95.
Flrat Floor
The Promise Fulfilled
A Sale of Boys' Suits,
Overcoats and Mackinaws
Totally Eclipsing All Others!
Snappy clothes for boys?clothes that will not only keep them warm, but
clothes that will give the maximum of service. Every garment carries
style, quality and value unparalleled.
We know you are not interested in knowing how we procured merchandise {or this
sale?but we think that you are more than interested in knowing something about the
garments. We feel so sure that there has never been offered such an opportunity for
savings?and we invite you to examine these coats, suits and mackinaws inside and out,
feel the texture, note the tailoring, then shop all over Washington, make the most care
ful comparison, and purchase where your judgment directs.
For Choice of
Mackinaws and
Raincoat Outfit
Chinchilla Overcoats, double-breasted, button-to-neck
model. Colors: Blue, brown and gray. Also Overcoats of
heavy all-wool overcoating, in blue, gray, brown and mix
tures. Sizes 3 to 8. $3.98.
The Mackinaws?Sport plaids in double-breasted model:
belt and convertible collar; roomy pockets. Sizes 7 to 17
years. $3.98.
The Raincoat Outfits are of plaid-back rubberized
waterproof fabric: seams are cemented and strapped. A
serviceable tan color. Sou'wester Hat to match. Sizes 4
to 16. $3.98.
Corduroy and Cloth Suits
with two pairs of knickers
Almost equivalent to two suits, for knickers al
ways wear out first. The Corduroy Suits are of
practical shade of drab, and the coat is Norfolk style.
Both pairs of knickers lined.
The Cloth Suits are of a serviceable mixture in
dark colors. Both pairs of knickers lined. Sizes 7
to 16. Fourth Floor?Lansburgk A Brother
A garment length boxed
will delight the recipient
Woolen Dress Goods
Lucky seven! Every item in this list is
not only most suitable, but you'll find it
acceptable because we have been careful
?to select for special selling weaves for
frocks, winter coatings, rich plushes for
stoles, trimmings, wraps and coats?so
choose and make some intimate friend or
relation happy.
40>inch Silk-and-wool Poplin, naw
and black. Yard ....'.$1.98
54-inch French Dress Serge, navy and
black. Yard $1.69
48>inch Black Broadcloth, sponged
and shrunk. Yard.... $2.49
17*63 length of Black Plush for Stoles.
Piece $3.48
54-inch Tricotine, in navy and black.
Yard $2.98
54-inch Fine Quality Bolivia Coating.
Yard $3.98
50-inch Black Mohair, with high lus
ter. Yard ' 79c
Third Floor?Lnnabnrsh & Brother
Shell get a winter's comfort
from one of these
Corduroy Robes
$3.90 and $4.90
And you'll enjoy the privilege of select
ing from two good styles, three beautiful
colors and paying a moderate price.
One is the straightline model, which
some women wear so effectively; the other
more of the breakfast coat idea. Copen,
wistaria and cerise are the rich colors that
seem to be so much prettier in corduroy.
Japanese Crepe Kimonos
$2.95 and $3*95
Hand embroidered in pretty floral effects
and other attractive designs; many colors
and patterns.
Third Floor?L3naburgh St Brother
Shell admire your taste
if you give her a '
Duvetyn or Velvet
Handbag at
So many shapes,
sizes .and styles that
we think it best for you
to come early and sc
lcct from the lot intact.
Fitted with mirror and
changc purse, some
with inner compart
ment on swivel. All
the suitable colors such
as beaver color, navj",
black, brown, gray, etc.
Firm clasps and sturdy
frames. Every bag in
the lot an incomparable
Children's Handbags,
50c and 95c
Leather and velvet, in any number of
pretty shapes and styles. |just like a.
"grown-up' handbag?give the little girl
one; it will make her very happy.
Flnt Floor?Laiabnrffh 4k Brother
Toilet Dainties
?carry a Christmas message of refinement
from one friend to another.
When you say "HUDNUT" you utter
the last word in toilet specialty elegance.
However, prices are not at all high in
comparison with the super qualities al
ways assured in this delightful brand.
Hudnut's Famous Toilet Water ?The
popular Violet Sec and many others. $1.00.
Hudnut's Delightful Extracts?All odors.
Each, 75c to $5.00.
Hudnut's Gift Boxes?Beautifully lined
case containing bottle of Toilet Water,
bottle of Extract, box of Sachet, box of
Face Powder and sprinkler can of Talcum.
$1.50 to $10.00.
First Floor?Laaabargh * Brother
Our Men's Wear Shop
Requests the pleasure of
your attendance at the
Greatest Neckwear Party
in Its History!
Starting tomorrow
A display and sale of more than 6,000
handsome Four-in-hands, so unusual
in smartness of pattern and col
oring?and exceptional in value
giving?that you cannot afford to
overlook the occasion, especially
if you anticipate giving
Neckties for Christmas
A souvenir for every one participating, in the
form of a necktie value greater than
any it has been our privilege to offer
for many months?yes,
even years
55c 69c 95c $1.45
Every Tie Suitably Boxed
Direct Street Eatraace to Mea'a Shop?Off Kneitt
?solve many a Christmas gift problem.
These will help you, and the prices will
please you.
Washable Lingerie Ribbon?Pink, blue,
nile, lavender, white and maize. Sold by
the piece.
No. 1 in 10-yard pieces 39c
No. V/t in 10-yard pieces 45c
No. 2 in 10-yard pieces '....75c
No. 3 by yard or piece; yard 10c
No. 5 by yard or piece; yard 14c
Empire Satin Ribbon?All widths and
colors, from No. 1 at 30c piece to No. 100
at 49c yard.
Novelty Ribbons?Stripes and fancy de
signs in a variety of colors and widths
from 5 to 8 inches.. For bows, fancy work,
etc. Yard. 45c.
Hair Ribbons?All colors and many
styles, suitable for hair ribbons, girdles and
many fancy work ideas. Yard, 25c.
First Floor?Lanabargh ? Brother
Her delight and your economy in
The Gift of Bedwear
Words are superfluous?judge by per
sonal inspection of items listed here for
your convenience when shopping in our
Bedwear Section.
70x80 All-wool Plaid Blankets?Seven
inch showy blocks and smaller effects for
those who prefer. Also plain white and
plain gray. Pair, $9.90.
66x80 Part-wool White Blankets?Close
weave and pleasing finish; wide Soisette
binding. Very special at, pair, $5.00.
64x76 Block Plaid Blankets?Tan, helio,
maize, pink and blue blocks. A very firm
texture and soft finish, as well as an extra
special value. Each, $2.95.
82x94 Satin Marseilles Spread?Cut-out
corners. Three very attractive patterns
and a highly embossed finish. Special at
72x84 All-wool Block Plaid Blankets,
pair, $15.00.
70x80 Block Plaid or Solid White Blan?
kets, pair, $6.50.
70x80 Fine White Blankets, two styles.
Pair, $10?0,
72x78 Lambswool Comforts, silkaline
covered. $5.00.
Full Size Mitcheline and Satin Mar
?ttfles Bed Sets, $10.00.
Itamrtk Floor?Laaabargh * Brother
The Gift Worth While
Glove Silk
Three special
lots for inter
ested shoppers:
$1.95 $2.95 $3.45
The dainty flesh tint that is so appro
priate in this class of undergarments. Tai
lored to perfection and shaped correctly
for comfort as well as pretty effect.
They are from dependable producers, so
choose confidently and we will box your
Sample lot of Silk-top Union Suits
Flesh tint, size 38. Limited
lot at
Women's Cotton Knitted Vests
Swiss rib, perfect goods accurately
shaped and sized.
Regular and extra sizes 29c
Sizes 36 and 38 ,35c
Extra sizes only 39c
Flrat Floor?Lanabargh * Brother
Children's Work Baskets
Three different styles, all nicely fit
ted. Any girl would like one, anil the
cost is so slight, why not make her
happy? Your choice at $1.00 and
$2.00. '
Children's Work Boxes
Fitted with practical articles 3Q.
and a pretty doll for company. ?
Xtrat Flaor?Luabwgk * Brother
A Column
of Bargains
for Friday
107 Crepe d e
Chine Tunic Blouses
?These garments
have been selling at
?5.00 each, but Christ
mas goods are here, so
you may choose' at
$2.95. Black and
navy blue. Some have
hems faggotted in,
others plain. Perhaps
a friend is wishing for
one of
these for
Christmas.^ O Q EZ
Friday .. 7
flecoaf Flo#r
Close-fitting Mo
hair Sweaters ? Sur
plice' model with long
fringe-finished sash.
Close stitch with con
trasting stitch form
ing collar, cuffs and
sash. Long sleeves,
perfectly shaped. Col
ors black, navy, silver,
gold, copen, coral and
Specially- QC
priced at
lenU nwr
Remnants of
Curtain Fabrics
Marquisette, Voile,
Scrim, Cretonnes, in 2
to 10 yard lengths,
which we will not cut;
must be sold in rem
nant lengths.
Congoleum Hall
Runners?These con
venient, sanitary cov
erings for halls are of
f e r e d tomorrow at
very special prices,
according to
size. iy2x9. / jC
3x9 $1.95
Stair Carpet?
Printed Brussels, 27
inches wide, in a va
riety of practical pat
terns and color ef
fects. F r i
day special /Q
at, yard O/*
Fifth Floor
Rompers and Creep
ers ? Of chambray.
gingham and ripplette
crepe. Sizes 2 to 6
years. These gar
ments are reduced for
Friday only / Q
to....??????? ^ / 0
Girls' Gingham
Dresses ? Plaids,
checks and solid col
ors, trimmed in con
trast; also some with
self collars and cuffs.
Sizes 6 to 10 years.
Reduced for *7Q
Friday I/Q?
hutk Floor
480 Boys'
Gray Cotton
i Union Suits*
Perfect mer- I
chandse in spite
of the low price.
Shaped accurate
ly and sizes nor
mal, 6 to 16
Flnt Floor
- 1
Wash Goods
36-inch Outing Flan*
nel?Reversible, with
a wool-like finish on
both sides; stripe de
signs and colorings
suitable for sleeping
garments, petticoats,
sacques, etc. f Q
Yard \ OC
36-inch White Wool
Eiderdown?Two fine
grades for robes,
sacques, sleeping gar
ments, etc.
Single-face Eider*
Double-face Eider
down. 1 rr\
Yard ... ?DU
32-inch Silk-stripe
Madras ? Beautiful
colors and patterns in
variety suitable for
men's shirts, pajamas,
waists, etc. rQ _
Yard DOC
Vint Floor

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