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West Point Athletic System May Be Changed: Leonard and Britton Soon to Be Matched
Daly to Go, Says One Report; Another States
He Will Be Given Aid?Atlanta Paper
Apologizes to G. U.?Brfewer Praised
NEW YORK. December 12.?Rumors are abroad today of impending
changes in the athletic management at West Point. One story
indicates a general rearrangement, while another relates to the
foot ball coaching system. One report has it that Maj. Charles Daly
will not be in charge of foot ball at the academy next season, but on the
other hand, it i:. rumored that he will remain at West Point, but will
have the assistance of a held coach who has not heretofore been asso
ciated with Army gridiron attairs.
Harvard, with a smaller stadium |
than Yale or Princeton, and yet a ;
larger demand for tickets than either, i
is in a bad way. This fall she was '
able to accommodate only 28.000 Har- j
vard undergraduates, alumni and j
their families. Vale's allotment was j
2:1.000. When it is realized that Har- |
vard has more than 6.000 students
and 70.000 alumni the intricacies of
the problem with which the athletic
association has to deal is apparent.
This yeHr 5.000 Harvard men had to
be content with one ticket.
Honied l.ot of K.njoymrnt.
This means that a lot of enjoyment
associated with the big November
sanies was denied them. In faet. the
If. A. A. recognized this in its offer to
buy back that one ticket in case the
1 older did riot wish to go to the game
alone. And after all. what is the big
game to the average grad or under
grad without the thrills that attach
10 the delightful and traditional cere
mony of escorting to the stadium in
the crisp, brown fall the one and only
One solution would be for the big
three elevens to play two games with
one another in the course of Novem- j
ber?the Yale game at Harvard to be t
attended only by Harvardians. the
Harvard game at New Haven to be
attended only by Yalensians. How
would that be?
Brewer of Maryland I'raiaed.
My friend Parke Davis, in setting
forth the extraordinary plays of the
;oot ball season, has overlooked]
Krooks Brewer of the I'niversity of
i Maryland. The inclement conditions
prevailing: over most sections of the
east on Thanksgiving day will be
recalled. Yet in Baltimore' on that
day two drop kicks of Brewers
served to tie up the North Carolina
game. 6 to 6. North Carolina had
scored a touchdown on a forward
pass in the first quarter. Maryland,
in the second period, after a tine
advance to the Tarheels' 35-yard
mark, the gridiron a sea of mud and
water, sent young Brewer to the 42
yard line. The spot on which he
stood was normally second base of]
the Baltimore Orioles* ball grounds. I
i The mud was two inches deep; the I
pigskin was dropped for the kick
| into a pool of water. Yet a heavy,
mud-coated ball went over the bar
from that 42-yard mark with the
speed and accuracy of a bullet.
Send Apology to ??. I-.
The story sent out from Atlanta
that H. C. Byrd had made charges
against the eligibility of certain
| Georgetown University players has
[ been tfnajly and definitely refuted.
Edwin Camp, managing editor of the
Atlanta Georgian, in which Byrd's
alleged charges first appeared, has
written a letter to Vincent S. Mc
Donough. director of athletics at
i Georgetown, repudiating and disa- |
vowing the article which one of his
reporters wrote. The article had
been declared utterly false in a resi
lution pased by the southern inter
collegiate conference, during whose
sessions the charges were alleged to
have been made. I
BEXXV BOYXTOX, member of Walter Camp's all-American squad last
year, yesterday demonstrated to more than 5.000 foot ball devotees
gathered at American League Park just why he was so honored
by the sage of the gridiron. Playing with the Senators against Jim
Thorpe's Cleveland Tigers, the erstwhile Williams College quarterback '
ran through and about the opposition, passed and punted in pleasing style I
and checked manv assaults of the westerners. !
As a fining climax to a day of great
play, Benny, just two minutes before
i he tinal whistle, shot a forward pass
4.* yards to the running Walson and the
latter continued his dash o3 yards to
the Cleveland goal. Bovnton made it
a perfect day by booting the point that
gave the local professionals a 7 to 0
Washington was outplayed by Cleve
land. and had it not been for Boyntonjs
all-around performance and Walson's
generally dashing play, it is doubtful
if a home victory would have been
scored. The Tigers outrushed the Sen
ators. making ten first downs to the
locals* f??ur, all of the latter being the
result of overhead attack". The visitors
jilso excelled at punting. Joe Guyon.
former Georgia Tech star, mastering
Bovnton in that department of the
Cleveland made Several long drives,
but seriously threatened the Senators*
goal only once. That was near the end
of the second quarter, when a mixed
running and overheard offensive ad
vanced the Tigers to the 6-yard line.
A time-out penalty cost them 2 yards
and on the next play a forward pass was
grounded for a touchback. Washing
ton punted just as the half-time whistle
I'lay was spirited at all times, but
"Washington generally was on the de
fensive. Late in the fourth quarter, the
locals revived a punt on their 20-yard
line and Walson made it first down with
a sprint off tackle for 20 yards. In the
next play, the Tigers recovered a
Washington fumble and began an ad
vance. They, too, were butter-fingered
and Washington regained the ball on its
ITHACA. N. Y.. December 12.?Cor
nell's base ball schedule, as an
nounced, includes the following dates:
April 6-7, University of Virginia, at
Charlottesville; 8, Navy, at Annapolis;
10. Georgetown, at Georgetown; 11,
Johns Hopkins, at Baltimore; May 30,
Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia; June
17, Pennsylvania, at Ithaca.
Four scholastic basket ball teams j
will take the court tomorrow. Gon- j
zaga is to entertain the Emerson In- I
stitute five at Gonzaga gymnasium, ]
while Eastern High goes to St. Al- j
ban's for a match with the Cathedral
30x3% In
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jg'WJ. 814 F- At 9 th J
30-yard mark. Then came the decisive
forward pass.
Jim Thorpe, considered one of the
greatest of foot ball players of all time,
grot into the game?broken ribs and all?
in the fourth period, but his injuries
forced him to perform carefully. The
Tiger leader attempted a placement
kick from the 46-vard line, but the ball
sailed low and wide. Pete Calac, ex-*
Carlisle gridman. put up a stellar game
! for the Tigers, as did Wheian, end. who
was of all-American caliber while at
Georgetown. Jack Sullivan played a
slashing game for the Senators, until
compelled to retire in the third period
with a badly injured jaw.
Our Janitor Rehearsing for the Annual Performance.
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An /viAKte ?t SounP URG
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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.. December
12.?The faculty of the University of
Chattanooga will meet today to decide]
whether or not it can stay in the S. I. j
A. A: under the anti-freshman rule j
adopted at Birmingham. It is believed |
that the University would probably
secede. j
It was further indicated that this
movement would be joined by other
colleges in this territory and that a
new athletic association would be
formed independent of the S. I. 'A. A.
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October 9, 1921
\This Sunday I am going to begin
? with the men folks, bless 'em, for a
change. I'm fussy about the mas
culine collar, and I think a good many
women are. We like our men folk to
wear graceful, easy looking collars that
have a swagger to them. The other day
I saw a man of my acquaintance, who
knows dress from A to Z, and I was so
entranced by his particular collar that I
actually asked him its name, and he
actually told me?and that collar's just
a peach. You have only to persuade a
man to try one to have him agree with
me It'* a marvel in more ways than
one, for it has the comfort of a soft col
lar an4 the appearance of a starched
one, and can be washed at home as
easily as a handkerchief. It is said not
to 4hrink nor wrinkle, nor yet to wilt. It
requires no starching, has no artificial
stiffening and no saw edges to hurt
either the neck or the shirt. There are
several shapes from which to choose, but
there it one in particular?the one this
well dressed man wore?which is becom
ing to the average man, and I person
ally am quite mad about it. The price
it fifty cents. Be sure when you call on
my phone or write to my department to
ask for both the name of the make and
the name of tlie particular style of collar
to which I refer. It sounds like a wild
yarn, but a couple of days ago a man
assured me most elaborately that he
knew a man who managed with only
two of these collar* all his summer vaca
tion, so easily and quickly were
laundered and so well did th<
I they wear
r A to is Van
'he style referred
the ?ake 18 ?
ViVN PticofiM
the World's Sma
Kumagae to Sail Today. To Start Air Race at Geneva.
NEW YORK. December 12.?Tchlya ' BKRNK, December 12.?The Swiss
Kumagaf, a member of the Japanese i Af*ro Club has definitely decided that
Davis cup team, will sail today for j Geneva shall be the starting place for
home, after three years in this coun- . the 1922 balloon race for the Gordon
! try. He expects to return next sum- gfI)nett trophy. The event will take
1 mer. He said he understood Japan, , . .
[would challenge for the Davis cup in I Place probabl> at the beginning of
1922. October.
NEW YORK, December 12.?Boxing:
managers and sport promoters of New
York state have formed the National
Sports Alliance, an organization de
signed to protect participants in, and
further the growth of professional
sports, especially boxing and wres
tling, and eventually to acquire juris
diction over all professional sports.
William Gibson, manager of light- |
weight champion Benny Leonard, was
elected president.
"This organization," Gibson __ ex
plained, "is not to be a small clique,
but a representative body composed
of reputable men of affairs who be- j
lieve in fair play to the professional."
Charles Harvey, Edward Meade,
Daniel Morgan. Jack Curley, Leo
Flynn, Daniel McKetrick and William
Wellman, boxing magnates and pro
moters, and Benny Leonard were
elected to the board of governors.
The organization announced it
would lay plans for its operations at
a meeting next week. Charles A.
White, former secretary of the box
ing commission, who was named sec
retary, said the constitution had been
drawn with the idea of its being- ac- ,
ceptable to the American Federation j
of Labor if the alliance ever decided ;
to affiliate with the union.
PITTSBURGH. December 12.?The
United States Amateur Hockey Asso
ciation expects to get its season un
der way the second week in January,
it was said here l?y William S. Had
dock, president of the organization.
Three groups are provided for in the
present plans. Two teams from Bos
ton. one from New York and one
from Philadelphia will make up
group one.
Four teams from Boston have been
entered in. the elimination series.
These are the B. A. A.. Westminster,
Melrose and Pere Marquette K. of C.
Group two will be composed of
Pittsburgh, Cleveland. St. Paul and
Group three will be made up of
Eveleth, Houghton. Sault Ste Marie,
Mich., and possibly Calumet.
It is intended to finish all group se
ries by March 1 in order to allow
group winners to play off and deter
mine the, organization's champion
ship team. Efforts will also be made,
it was said, to play a series with the
Canadian champions at the close of
the American season.
Washington Soccer Club's eleven
did not vary from its habit of
trouncing the British embassy team
yesterday in the soccer game played j
on the Potomac Park field, defeating
the overseas kickers, 3 goals to 1.
The match was hard-fought, but
cleanly played.
Calilly was the star of the city
team, booting two goals. Bothwirk
gave the locals their third point.
Boyd scored for the Britons.
Bob Higgins. ail-American end sev
eral years ago. will return as coach
of the West Virginia Wesleyan foot
ball team next fall.
Sales Offering
Women's "Onyx
?in black and tan
Sidney West, inc:
Fourteenth and G
Politics in Gotham District Costing Promoters
Money and Depriving Fans of Entertain
ment as Fighters Are Kept Idle.
NF.W V'ORK, December 12.?There was every indication today that
Billy Gibson and Dan Morgan, managers of Benny Leonard and
Jack Brittton, respectively, will soon get together and sign up
their meal tickets for a welterweight championship battle. The objec
tions fcf the Jersey authorities to this bout have simmered down to a mere
matter of police arrangements. Chairman Doherty and his commission
ers now say that if the promoter who runs tlfe fight can promise adequate
police protection, they will sanction the bout, and not otherwise.
The whole thing- has a political McKay and Black will adjust their
smell. Over in Newark Dave McKay differences with the police magnates
and Bill Black, who holds the armory j?f Newark. There is a possibility of
privilege in that city, can't put on ! this.
the championship welter bout be- Leonard's manager says that all
cause, according: to reports, they are , that stands in the way of Leonard'*
not on good terms with the police ? fighting fifteen rounds to a decision
commissioner of the Jersey metrop- i in New York is Tex Ilickard. If any
olis. This means no police, protec- one will open a rival club, says Gib
tion for the flght, and without the as- son. Leonard will defend his title
sistance of the police any promoter against any one at a month's notice,
would be foolish to risk his money ! Gibson's grudge against Rickard is
on a battle of the sort. Maybe some 1 costing Tex money, as Leonard ranks
other Jersey promoters will fare bet- ! with Dempsey as the biggest draw
ter. In fact, there is reason to be- i ing card in pugilism. But it is cost
lieve that they will. Either that orbing the champion money, too.
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