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Civitan Club Suggests Put
ting Recreation Direction
Under One Head.
Reorganization of playground and
other recreational facilities of the
District of Columbia and placing of
supervision of all these related ac
tivities under one head, "preferably
the superindandent of public buildings
and grounds" was recommended to
the 'Civitan Club at its luncheon in
the Shoreham Hotel yesterday by the
playground committee, of which S.
T. Cameron is chairman. The report
was signed by Mr. Cameron, Ernest
Greenwood, Thomas Grant and B. W.
Administration of the combined
system would be placed under the
general head and a corps of admini
strative assistants, one for each of
the leading recreational classes, ac
cording to the plan outlined in the
report. The committee recommended
further that the proposed head be
required to furnish an annual esti
mate to Congress, approved by the
I>istrict Commissioners, of the total
appropriations required for construc
tive work, maintenance of equipment,
supervision and for miscellaneous
items of expense.
Prepared for Tank,
Adoption by the club of the recom
mendations placed the organization
on record as preparing to undertake
the task of securing the requisite
legislation for reorganizing the rec
reational facilities of the District
along the line indicated, with such
"modifications thereof as may seem
w ise and proper."
The report pointed out that in for
mulating recommendations the com
mittee had before it results of a sur
vey of recreational conditions in other
cities. The situation locally was in
vestigated carefully and a compari
son drawn.
"Taking the school census of the
District of Columbia at about 65,000
children, and the acreage of the play
grounds at a little over eighteen
acres," the report states. "Washing
ton offers its children as playgrounds
about thirteen square feet per child,
truly a pitiable showing for the cap
ital of the most progressive nation
on the face of the earth.
Not Evenly Distributed.
"Even this small space is not equit
ably distributed, some of tl?e chil
LONDON, December 21. ? The
Duke of Atholl, newly appointed lord
chamberlain, is the only person en
titled to maintain a private army in
the British empire.
Queen Victoria grave permission in
1845 to the then reigning: duke to
maintain three companies of infantry
and there is in existence today an
Atholl army of 300 men.
This "army" figures chiefly on
ceromonial occasions at the duke's
great house, Blair Castle, Scotland,
but many of its members fought be
side the duke in Gallipoli, where, as
a brigadier general, he led the Scot
tish Horse.
dren having, as we have said, no
playgrounds whatever and very few
having anything like adequate play
grounds. In addition to the children
l of school age, it must be remem
bered that public playgrounds should
offer a place to play for children who
are under school age and in charge
of nurses or parents. So that, really
i the municipal playgrounds acreage of
Washington offers probably less than
ten square feet per child."
Approval of the school building
program and teachers' salary sched
ule outlined by the board of educa
tion was voted by the club in re
sponse to recommendations by the
school committee, of which Mr. Murch
is chairman.
Rudolph Jose was elected president
of the club at the annual election
which featured the meeting yester
I day. Dr. Grant S. Barn hart, Chester
j Warrington and Charles E. Hood
j were elected vice presidents, and B.
W. Murch, James C. Proctor and
Kdwarji S. Brashears, retiring presi
dent, were made directors.
Mrs. Henry W. Keyes Emphasizes
Importance of Press.
Importance of the dally press in litera
ture and the home was emphasized by
Mrs. Henry W. Keyes at a meeting of
the District Congress of Mothers and
Parent-Teacher Associations yesterday
afternoon at the Ebbitt Hotel. "Jour
nalism," she said, "is the biggest force
in the world today."
Mrs. Keyes advocated the Blbla and
Shakespeare as good novels and the
best literature for young people. "Chil
dren should be taught to regard love
stories as a rational part of literature,"
she said.
The association presented to Mrs.
I Giles Scott Rafter, its president, a pin
j as a Christmas gift.
The longest snake in the world is
twenty-six feet in length, and is an
! anaconda, the tropical South Ameri
can boa-constrictor.
The Pick of the Crowd
A planter llying a few miles from
a small city In one of trfe lower
cotton states called up the police
judge on the long-distance telephone.
"Say, judge/' he said, "I just got
word that my house boy Jim went to
town last night and gpt in a row and
hit another boy with a brick, and
was locked up. I need that boy, and
1 wish as a favor to me you'd let him
go when he comes up today before
you. If you think he ought to pay a
fine let me know what it is tonight
at lodge meeting and I'll hand the
amount to you."
"All right," answered the Judge.
"I'm willing to do anything in reason,
but you'll have to come in here and
pick out your own boy.
"Lord, man," remonstrated the
Secretaries Suggest National Pub
licity to Aid Organization.
National advertising as a means of
bringing T. M. C. A. activities to the
front will be suggested to the Mem
bership Secretaries' Association. This
was one of the points decided upon
at a conference of Y. M. C. A. mem
bership secretaries at New York,
which was attended by Leonard W.
De Oast and It. E. Myers of the local
planter, "I can't take time off to go
into the police station today! I'm as
busy as a bird dog right this minute."
"Can't help it." answered his honor.
"1 can't afford to take any more
chances. Here-just the other day. Col.
Talbert, down at Palmetto, called me
up the same as you've done today
and asked me to turn loose one of
his hands that was in the calaboose
for shooting craps. I agreed to do it,
but 1 plumb forgot the name, and to
make sure of getting the right one
and not disappointing Talbert I had
to turn lose every one on the docket.
"There were fourteen of 'ein in all
?and one of 'em was charged with
murder, too. It made a lot of talk,
and the chief of police kicked about
it. If you want your boy you come
j get him."
(Copyright, 1821. by Central Press Association.)
organization. They returned to the
city last night.
"It is also proposed to recommend
to the international committee the es
tablishment of a training school for
| membership secretaries, to be oper
ated with the summer schools.
Lieut. Commander Paul Hendren, at
the Annapolis Naval Academy, has been
ordered to this city for duty in the bu
reau of navigation. Navy Department.
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' An "open air" post office is the
latest novelty being used by City
! Postmaster Chance In handling tho
National Capital's rush of Christmas
[ mail, which Is now flowing full blast
in and out of the city in greater
1 bulk than ever experienced before
in the history of the office.
At the west end of the great con
course in Union station tarpaulins,
secured from Fort Myer, are stretched,
keeping: off the winter winds which
sweep up th?* tracks. In this "open
air post office" dispatchers work on
sacks of mail to go out of the sta
tion to all pWnts.
R. H. Williams has his name chalked
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A. J. Gosff, chief dispatcher, who play
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"postmaster general" of this outdoor
Parcels that are sacked on the great ;
"workroom floor" in the city post |
office are conveyed across the bridge
connecting: the post office with the j
terminal, past the marine who guards
the bridge, and are dumped into the
open-air office. Here they wait until
ready for their trains.
Howard F. Brecht and J. Allen
Thames have been selected to represent j
the Senior Debating Society in the next
prize debate of Georgetown University |
I^aw School after the Christmas holi-j
days, it was announced today. Norman i
K. Kane will be the alternate. The I
judges will be William J. Cullinan of the
Georgetown Dental School. Thomas E.
Walsh and Francis W. Hill. jr.. both
assistant corporation counsels of the
Christmas greeting's wore sent to
all employes its the District public
school system today by Supt. Ballon
in a circular letter.
"Your united co-operation, your
devotion to duty and your apprecia
tion of the grave responsibilities
which you bear in -the educational
service are fully recognized and ar?
a source of encouragement and in
spiration to those charged with the
responsibility of leadership in our
endeavors." said * the letter. "May
this Christmas season bring to each
of us the happiness and contentment
that comes from the knowledge of
the faithful service in the great work
of education."
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