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The House
of Fashion
G Street
All Suits Are Now V2 Price
$39 to $60 Suits, Reduced to $19.95 to $29.50
$65 to $100 Suits, Reduced to $35 to $49.50
$35 Tweed Suits, Silk Lined, $18.95
$39 to $70 Coats, Reduced to $25, $35, $39.50
$75 to $125 Coats, Reduced to $49.50, $59.50, $69.50
Odd Lot Coats, $25 to $35 Values, Reduced to $15
$30.00 to $40.00 Fur Chokers and Scarfs (1 Q QC
Reduced to &LV.VD
$25 to $55 Dresses, Silks, Crepes, Tricotines and Others
Reduced to $15, $19.95 and $25
$18 to $25 Dresses, All Kinds; 16 to 18 Sizes.
Reduced to $8.95
Evening Dresses, Former Price, Wonderful
Dresses, $19.95, $29.50, $39.50 and $49.50
Blouses of Silks, Georgettes and Lingerie; Bath Robes, Kimonos
and Breakfast Coats at V3 to Vz.
$10 to $16 Wool Skirts, Plain Colors, Stripes and
Plaids, $5.95
We are determined to sell every Coat, Suit and Dress
before the grand opening of our beautiful new shop in
the new City Club Building, 1316 G st.
Fur collars of genuine beaver,
squirrel, wolf, mole and nutria,
and materials of the usual Harris
Shop standard.
Mostly with fur collars of genuine
beaver, squirrel, wolf and mole?the
biggest bargains and the greatest sac
rifice of this sale. We guarantee to
morrow's selling price to be at least
one-half of wholesale cost of produc
Formerly to $135
Formerly From $55 to
Miss Bell Ferguson of Winchester
Va who visited her brother and si^
ter-tn-iaw. Mr. and Mrs. Abner Fer
suson, has returned to her home.
Mr Lawrence Fisher, son of Mr
and Airs. John Fisher, who spent two
weeks with his parents, has returned
to the l.nlverslty of Virginia.
Mrs. L. C. Boyle has gone to Bos
Uves.MaSS" r?r " Sh?rt vlslt to rcIa"
Chase Library ' 1 thu Chev'y
Mrs. Charles Edgar Davis
hostess aVcrunch" puny T^Say Vf"
club?0" l? th? meml"-r? of her bridge
'the H house party ove?
? ??' ! " h,,1">r of Miss Helen
de ( hantel Kemp, whose marriage to
their son, Mr. Joseph Devertau* win 1
take place on .lanuarv .;,rLau*' w,iI
JudRe and Mrs. Adolph A. Hoehllnir
wire hosts at dinner at Hie i'hcw
Chase Club Wednesday evening
"r- *??>. Mrs. Conrad Young have
Seek or 7? V?rk cit>' a
" ^ or. u'n days with Mrs. Young's
Co n n ect feu tl1" F B^Se of
they wiil spend a tZ d^yfat 'ClZ j
?SiarTuSS,i?HW- ?enkle was h<,8t"ss '
lowed by bridge.r me Tuesda-V. *?I
Community Club of chevy
Chase was entertaintd at the home
noon Geo,Re Ui<1'1 Monday after
Mrs. Egbert Clark was hostess for
a lunch party Friday for the mem
bers of her bridge club.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bender have
?Ta week6or Te^da^ 4?
hostess pt,dewreekM atM.
arranged bridge luncheon. arm,nKI>
Master Millanl West entertain
ed a number of his young friends
at a dance at the home of his parents
Deputy Commissioner and Mrs. Mil
lard West, Wednesday.
PaMrf?.K- s pretty of Harrisburg.
I a.. who spent several weeks with
and "Srli~J?hW tand daughter. IJ^ut.
and Mrs. Charles W. Henkle haw
returned to her home. *,enKle' h<la
Mr and Mrs. Robert Preston
Shealey were, hosts informally at din- i
ner at their home last week. I
Mr. and Mis. Frank P. Wilcox were
hosts at dinner last week.
Mrs. J . D. Balmer of Camp Bragg,
w, ? visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. CTarence F. Sowers, will !
remain for two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. William Mills will take I
possession of their new house on
moru.}0"6 street about the 1st of the
K*?irjiand lfrs' Eu&ene Sibley, who are
building a new house on Aspen street
hope to be able to occupy it within a
snort time.
in^r'Ki?Ules E'. Hend*rson will move
into his new home on the corner of
Connecticut avenue and Blackthorn
Street about the 1st of the month.
Mrs. Ne , wife of the I{ev. J. Luther
JI V P^st,?r of ,he chev>' Chase Meth
odist Episcopal Church, who spent
several weeks In Baltimore. Md? vis
iting relatives, has. with her baby
returned Sp Chevy Chase.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hall have
gone to Florida to spend the remain
der of the winter.
J" ',V Spang has gone to Palm
month's. tC> SPen<i the wint<!r
There will be no January- meeting
of the Chevy Chase Chapter of the
Florence Crittenton Mission, but on
rfi!h?.nl ,eslly in February there
wHl be a regular meeting, the place to
be announced later.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Carter are
two weeks In Chevy Chase
; ""ST* parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Charles La (xElIiher.
Mr and Mrs. Edward H. Jones have
purchased, and are occupying the
house on West Irving street, recently
.7" a"? Mrs Lynn Glover.
Watson was hostess
?]Ur.frtaJ\ 1? the "Ambers of her
thimble club.
The Somerset Club of Betliesda gave
Mrs"^ at,the home ot
Stohlraan for ,he benefit of
pital County General Hos
Mrs. Robert G. Carter was hostess
for a lunch and bridge partv Friday
tertaiiu-d6313 f?r three tabIes were en"
wfddlng of this week will
be that of Miss Dorothy Adams and
Mr. Pleasanton Bowie, which will
take Place Wednesday at noon at the
Chnreh Melhod|st Episcopal
}Church. Tire ceremony will be per
A Virginia Klrl, who in M|itndlntf the
wfater at (.'onffifMN Hall with her par*
eats, Mr. aad Mr*. L. F. SummfM.
formed by the pastor. Rev. J. Luther
Neff, and. after the ceremony, a re
ception will follow at the home of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward
, Beckley Adams.
The Men's Club of All Saints' Kpis
| copal Church held its regular
I monthly meeting in Guild Hall last
| week, when a very delightful pro
; gram of music was rendered by the
Lotus Quartet, those taking part on
| the program being Mr. George Myers.
Mr. William H. Taylor. Vr. Byron 13.
|Blodgett and Mr. Willaim Bailey.
I Mrs. William S. Garland was hostess
| at luncheon at her home Wednesday,
when she had coders laid for twelve.
The Chevy Chase Chapter of the
Young Women's Christian Association
will not have a January meeting, but
members of the chapter were among
those meeling Wednesday from 2 to
4 at the Grace Dodge Hotel, where
they had a very pretty tea.
Well Polished Nails.
A great many people ask me for a
formula for a nail-polishing powder.
I always write back that I haven't
j any because it is so much easier to
l purchase a polishing powder than it
|is to make one. Most polishing
| powders contain oxide of tin which is
' perfectly hafmless, but sometimes
j hard to""oT>tain at drug stores. It is
! supposed to have the quality of mak
I ing the nails soft and of giving them
a smooth gloss which is desirable.
But no powder .should ever be used
more than twice a week, and any
powder should be washed off after
the nails are polished.
There are any number of polishing
powders, tinted and untinted, in cake,
powder or paste form. My only ad
vice would be for you to choose some
nationally known variety, rather than
something new and unheard of.
There is a great fad this season for
tinting the nails. It is, of course,
highly artificial, but it's rather pretty
if not overdone. You can purchase
any number of tints for the nails.
Usually the rouge comes in the form j
of paste and. after being polished in, j
j it is washed off and another polish j
given with ordinary white polishing
powder. The only thing to avoid is |
using too much or using the rouge j
too often. You do not want scarlet
nails oil a white hand, li you have
a good healthy circulation the fric- j
tion of the nail buffer will make the i
nails sufficiently pink.
If you polish the nails daily with I
a buffer you will probably find that
you need not use any powder at all. j
The glossy nail always looks well. ,
You must simply avoid a hard mir
rorlike glitter, which is always in
bad taste.
Blond?The sort of curlers you have 1
been using are very bad because they
will make the hair break and split. If
you will dampen the hair slightly
and roll strands of it around soft kid
curlers you will have a soft, natural
looking wave. But it will take longer
to do this way. In fact, your hair is
evidently not in good condition at the
moment; you had better not try to
wave it at all for a while. Do not
wear rats or puffs with your hair if
you want it to be healthy. Kven the
best of these are heating to the scalp.
Sardine Canapes.
Spread some circular pieces of
toasted bread with sardines rubbed to
a paste with a small quantity of
creamed butter seasoned with table
sauce and cayenne pepper. Place a
stuffed olive in the center of each
canape and arrange a border of finely
chopped egg whites around the edge.
New Opportunity to Buy
Electric Washing Machine
AT the prewar price we are now quoting, the "1900"
Cataract Electric Washer ira value of extraordinary
appeal to the practical and efficient home-maker.
The "1900" Cataract Washer is equipped with a gas
. burner for boiling and sterilizing the clothes while in thtf
washer?there is no extra charge for this convenience.
The Cataract is built to last a lifetime. Your laundry
problem will be solved permanently by this opportune
purchase. The first cost is the only cost.
You can buy the "1900" Washer on trial.
We know of no better or fairer way to prove the superiority
of the "1900" Cataract Electric Washing Machine than for
you to use one for six (6) months. If you are not entirely satis- ..
fied, return it for refund of every dollar paid?plus 8 per cent
on your money.
Our convenient payment plan distributes the cost over a long
period. Small additional charge for long-term payments.
Free demonstration inyour home. Phone M. 7127
CarroU'Erurin Co.
*?*. IbeerpmMI
707* 12th St.TlID.
Electrical Appliances
To Prepare Salted Almonds.
Cover one quart of fine almonds
with boiling water.- Place them on
tlie stove, and stir tliem two or three
times from the bottom so that they
will be blanched evenly. When the
skins drop off easily drain off the
#ater and cover them with cold wa
ter, letting- them stand for about two'
minutes. Drain, rub off tho skins
and spread them on cloths In a warm
place to dry, BUrring occasionally.
Let them remain until they are brit
tle. Put a tablespoon of olive oil in
a shallow pan, heat it, put the al
monds In and stir until all are slight
ly oiled, then put them In a moderate
oven until a delicate brown, stirring
often. Ilemove from the oven and
while hot sprinkle them with the
finest powdered salt When buying:
peanuts to salt, remember to pur
chase the unroasted nuts.
The new transatlantic liner Majestic
will have eight separate kitchens with
I seventy cooks, twenty-flve takers and
fifteen butchers.
40 Inches Long and of Perfect Quality
Scotch Mole?Hudson Seal?Caracul
Never have we been able to offer furs that could begin to compare
with these in value for as low as $285. This price is less than ordi
nary cost and is only possible because we secured these coats through
a very unusual condition.
Every coat is of perfect and handsome quality. The models in
Scotch Mole or Caracul have deep shawl collars and cuffs of Skunk;
the Hudson Seal Coats may be had with deep shawl collars and cuffs,
of Skunk, Squirrel or Beaver.
It is unnecessary to emphasize an event of this kind to any ouc
who knows and appreciates both beauty and genuine worth in Furs.
We stand back of every coat as a rare and wonderful purchase.
cyCGreef, Comer <7ftirteenih
jltay&r ^&ros? (Eo.
937-939 F Street N.W.
No Branch Stores
Final Clearing Prices on All
Women's and Misses' Coats
COATS, >34.75
Were $45 and $50
COATS, >69.75
Were $85 to $95
COATS, >?49.75
Were $59 and $65
COATS, >79.75
Were to $110
COATS, >59.75
Were $75
COATS, >94.75
Were $119 to $139
FOUR choice of the very finest materials, such as pollyanna, evora, fine all-wool bo
livia, veldyne, normandie. sport fabrics and novelties. Handrome fur collars and
cuffs or self-trimmed. Genuine beaver, squirrel, -wolf or mole. Highest class
workmanship throughout. Silk or crepe linings. Many exclusive models in the best
shades, browns, sorrento, reindeer, navy and black. All regular sizes, misses and
Final Clearing of Suits for Women and Misses
SUITS, >19.50
Sizes 16 and 18 Only
Were $35 and $39
suits, >59.00
Were $95
SUITS, >45.00
Were $65 and $75
Smart Sport
SKIRTS, >12.50
Were $19.50 and $25
Final Clearing of Winter Hats
Absolute Close-out, $5 and $630 Hats at $1.00.
"these include felts, beaver, plushes and fine velvet models, in tailored and
dress shapes. Black, navy and colors.
All Hats Formerly Priced to $10 at $2.95
Hats for matrons, ladies and misses; fine silk velvet, duvetyn and fur-trimmed
effects. Others show trimmings of ostrich, jet beads, embroidery.
Close-out of All Dress Hats Up to $18 at $5
Exclusive models in panne and Lyon's silk velvets and duvetyn. Attractively '?
trimmejl with flowers, ostrich and hand embroidery. ?
Spring Styles at Introductory Prices
New Dresses, >19.50, >25, >29, >35 to >95
Worth a special trip here to see the wonderful new upring styles and fine ma
terials so moderatelv priced. Crepe romaine, canton crepe, crepe de chine and taf
feta. Exquisite new "creations in straight-line or bouffant effects: embroidered, beaded
or self-trimmed. Colors?navy, browns, beige, cornflower, new blues. Exclusive mod
els, mostly one of a kind.
. Special purchase of $35 and $39 Dresses
goes on sale tomorrow at $25
These are in serge and tricotine, hand-embroidered or silk braid trimmed. In coat
dress or dressier models, for all street or afterhoon occasions. All sizes for women and
misses. ,
Handsome New Homespun Spring Suits, $29
Here's a feature for this week, as similar quality suits have sold for much higher
prices. Very high-class tailoring, made with pockets, with or without belts, silk-lined
jackets. All sizes, misses' and ladles', in rose, reindeer, lavender and gray.
The New Spring Hats are ready for inspection
?A wonderful selection of beautiful new models In Milan hemp, faille sillf.
A a. Satin horsehair braid and combinations. Featuring oft-the-fa.ee shapes and
At sailors smartly trimmed with flowers, jewels and beaded effects, in unique
rifttlrns All the' new shades with henna, Copenhagen and red predominating. Also a
reflUed selection of matrons' hats. In black, brown and navy. Special. ?5.0*-thlswe*k
only. \ , r ? r
High-class Pattern Hats, secured through a special purchase. These
A f ry? comDrise the new cellophane and Milan hats for advance spring wear.
J\I %P I ?OU They are attractively combined w*th faille Silk and trimmed with flowers
In profusion. Also many with beautiful hand-worked designs and novelty ornaments.
Newest shades including pumpkin, tile, jade, sand, navy and a complete selection of black.

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