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People don't always ask for
what they want, hence Piggly
Wiggly, which puts what they want
where they can get it easily.
Specials (or Saturday
Wisconsin White Potatoes, bright clean stock, per A
lb : HrC
Fancy Florida Pineapple Oranges, per doz.. 40c
Fancy California Navel Oranges, per doz., 55c
Large, Juicy, Ripe Grape Fruit, each ... 10c
Fancy Extra Large Winesap Apples, per lb* 12c
New Florida Cabbage, per lb. 5c
We Carry all Fruits and Green
Vegetables in Season
"Petit Pois" Peas, No. 2 Can 30c
Extra Sifted Peas, No. 2 Can ? - . 18c
Early June Peas, No. 2 Can .;... 14c
- k *
Del Monte Sliced Pineapple, No. 2/i Can 35c
Del Monte Bartlett Pears, No. 2l/2 Can. .. 40c
Del Monte Peeled Apricots, No. 2 Can .. 25c
Del Monte Y. C Peaches, No. 2 Can _. _ 25c
Welch's Grapelade, 15-oz. glass.? _..... _. 29c
Welch's Blackberilade, -15-oz. glass, . -.33c
Beechnut Assorted Jams, medium size 25c
Schule's Grape Jam, per glass .... ... 30c
Ford's Strawberry Preserve, large jar. , - 35c
(Jwit Like Mother Used to Make)
Ice Cream, pint bricks....... 25c
Wesson or Mazola Oil, _
Pint .??..?..-...... ........ *.........
Quart ?....... 52c
Snowdrift?No. 1 can . .... ^ 18c
No. 2 can 34C
'/? Eaglp Oil Sardine* , , ... ; , .?, 4c
Eagle Mustard Sardines . ?.-L,.,.. 5c
Marie Elizabeth Sardines .. 15c
Del Monte Sardines, large can ? ..X 7c
Jockey Club Sardines ... 35c
These are the finest Sardines we handle.
Dry Pack Shrimp 18c
Deep Sea Fish Roe .... 20c
Marshall's Herring in Tomato Sauce, ]/2 lb...... 18c
in, 3ic
Mott's Sweet Cider, per?qt_,_ . rr. 25c
Welch's Grape Juice, pt. . .. 33c
Welch's Grape Juice, qt. 59c
Beechnut Ginger Ale, per bottle 14c
We carry a full line of scrub brushes,
clothes lines, clothes pins, toothpicks,
floor wax, floor oil, silver polish, furni
ture polish, stove polish, shoe polish,
brooms and mops.
Our Prices Are Lowest and
Quality the Best
BOSTON, February 10.?A doe's view
of life In the White House Is riven in
a letter ostensibly written by Laddie
Boy, President Harding's Airedale
terrier, to Tiger, a stage dog, which
will appear In the current issue of the
National Magazine, to be published
tomorrow. The President sent the
letter, which was in reply to one from
Tiger, to Joe Mitchell Chappie,
editor of the magazine.
"Laddie Boy has made reply," Presi
dent Harding wrote, "and I am send
ing you a copy herewith for your
information, since you were the bearer
of Tlger'a message."
Describes "Thrill."
After telling of "a thrill that wag
ged my stub tail violently when 1
read the part you are playing, giving
to the public a demonstration of the
fidelity which Characterizes our lives,"
Laddie Boy's letter says:
"Every dog plays his part well when
he Is merely hla natural self, but un
happily many a dog Is more or less
spoiled by his environment and asso
ciations. I imagine I am spoiled some
myself. So many people express a
wish to see me and I shake hands
with so many callers at the executive
mansion that I fear there are some
people who will suspect me of political
inclinations. From what I see of poli
tics I am sure I have no such aspira
"Of course, it is exceedingly Inter
esting and worthwhile to be In the
center of so many activities of great
importance, but there Is an air of
earnestness and responsibility about
it which I can see in my chief that I
often long for the good old days back
Ob Good Terms With "Chief."
"Sometimes the chief acts as though
Tte would like to sit down when he
and I can be alone, and I can look
at him with sympathetic eyes and he
fixes his gaze on me in a grateful
sort of way, as much as to say. ?Well,
Laddie Boy. you and X are real friends,
and we will never cheat each other.'
"When the chief looks at me this
way I know that he feels that I
will never find fault with him, no
matter what he does, and that I will
never be ungrateful nor unfaithful.
"I realize that a dog's life Is limited
In years, but It Is, after all, a won
derful life to live. I can believe we
leave our Impress on our human as
sociates. 1 suppose, because of my
temporary assignment at the White
House, you attribute to me greater
knowledge than I can really claim
to possess. I am only eighteen
Natives Apprehensive as Great
Clouds Bise From Redoubt.
ANCHORAGE, Alaska, February 9.
?Clouds of steam have been reported
rising from Mount Redoubt, eighty
miles south of here on Cook inlet, by
L C. Grove, wireless operator at
Kenai. Mount Illamna, in the same
district, has been emitting smoke to
a greater or less degree for several
years, but this is said to be the first
time Redoubt has shown signs of ac
tivity In eighteen years. Great col
umns of steam have been reported ris
ing high in the air from the crater,
and the natives along the inlet are
reported apprehensive.
George A. Norwood Elected Presi
dent of Tri-State Association.
RALEIGH, N. C., February 10.?
George A. Norwood of Goldiboro.
banker and farmer, has been elected
president of the Tri-State Tobacco
Growers' Co-Operative Association.
Bright Williamson of Darlington, S.
C., was elected vice president for
South Carolina, and Joseph M. Hunt
of Blackstone Va., was elected vice
president for Virginia. M. C. Wilson
of Keysvllle. Va.. is secretary-treas
urer. Other members of the executive
committee are J. M. Galloway o'
Greensboro, N. C., and H. J. Watltins
jr., South Boston, Va.
LONDON, February 9.?Sir Arthui
Grifflth-Boscawen, the minister ol
agriculture, announced today that he
did not contemplate removing the
embargo on the importation ol
Canadian cattle, a measure which has
been favored in some quarters re
months old and I do net know many
other dogs. I have heard the chief
talk about some of his dog friends
and I know that ho chooses to be
known as the friend of good dogs.
Loves Good Little Boys.
"Say! talk about fellowship?me
for the company of a small boy
who has been taught never to be
cruel to animals. That's the associa
tion for play that strengthens tfce
heart and brightens the spirits. Still,
there are a lot of grown-ups whom.
It Is most agreeable to associate with.
"When I came to the White House
the mistress gave me a-rather cold
shoulder. I found out afterward It
was because she did .not want to be
come attached to mo and excessively
grieved In case our association had
to be severed. Since then she has
'fallen' for me to beat the band. She
lets me come to the private dining
room now and then, and I can coax
morsels from the table a whole lot
more effectively than a lot of office
seekers can appeal for Jobs. But I
mustn't talk about these things, for
fear I will be giving away some of
the White House secrets.
Alkl Kindness to Animals.
"I have no doubt you will do a lot
of good. If you can only have the
realization that you are helping to
establish a more kindly consideration
of the animal life of which we are a
part and you can impress your audi
ences with the beauty of the friend
ship of dogs for human associates
who treat them becomingly and In
still in human lives some of the hon
esty and fidelity which characterizes
the lives we do?s live, you will find
a compensation in the good you have
d"one which will surpass any other
experience in your life."
The letter says there is no cat to
play with at the White House, and
"I do not think I am sorry thereat.
There isn't as much fun in pursuing
and making war on some other
quadruped as some of our forbears
seetp to think. It Is really fine to
dwell in tranquillity."
Laddy Boy signs himself, "Tours,
with a cordial wag, a friendly snift
and a joyous greeting."
New York Corporation to Colonize
6,000,000 Acres Terrazas Owned.
EL PASO. Tex., February 10.?Mex
ican newspapers reaching the border
state that Gen. Luis Terrazas' estate
of six million acres, taken over by the
agricultural commission at fl.50 an
acre, has been transferred by this
governmental agency to A. J. Me
Quatters of the McQuatters Corpora
tion of New York city.
fhe deal was negotiated with the
of Gov. Ignazlo Enrlquez ot Chi
huahua, the c&spatch states. The
bank for the financing of the deal for
the payment of money to Gen. Ter
razas and for the parceling out of the
land to homesteaders will be organ
ized by McQuatters, the newspapers
Director of the Tiffint Denies Report
of Proposed Withdrawal.
PHILADELPHIA, February 10.?Re
ports of the withdrawal from circulation
of the new "peace" dollar are without
foundation, Raymond T. Baker, director
of the mint, declares. About one million
of the new coins were struck at the
Philadelphia mint In December.
"There is no foundation for reports
the 'peac?>' dollar will be withdrawn."
said Mr. Baker. "Dies for the coinage
for this piece are about finished and
every one of the three coinage mints,
Denver. San Francisco and Philadelphia,
will soon be ready to make them."
Mr. Baker Is In this city with the
United States assay commission, which
Is making the annual test of coinage
from all the mints.
In Use For Over 30 Years
For Infants and Children
Always bears
SnecMw In dentlatry mean* dofnn: dental work better than my
competitor^?that Is why DR. WVETH AND STAFF OP EXPERTi
CAREFl'L DENTISTS HAVE SUCCEEDED. Thirty year* of practical
experience In your guarantee of laatlngr and reliable
dentlatry. Thia I* your opportunity to have good
teeth nt a reasonable price?why not accept It?
You pay only for value received, ao excess profit. It
riULLi) has been proved by thousands of satisfied patients.
All work done wlthont the allghteat aemblance
of pain by Dr. Wyeth and Staff of Expert, Careful
Dentiatii?that haa been my record for the paat 30
Term* of payment to ault?examination free*
Cleanliness is one of our many striking features
.?30 years of good, honest dentistry our record.
My perfect
Suction Teeth
Will Not Slip
or Drop?95.00.
Other Sets of
Teeth, #5.00 up.
Gold Crowns
and Brldg.
re- m >a
Per Tooth
FUliaCI. Mo t? |1 Dp,
In told, silTor, .mal
um or porcolslB
Open Every livening Until 8 o'clock, nnd on Bandars 10
UW. to 4 P.M. I.ndy nnd maids la attendance. All work Fully
Guaranteed for 20 Years,
our ofllee In your mind.
Kindly keep name and location ?f
Dr. Wyeth,
427-29 7th Street N.W.
Opposite Lansbnrgh A Bro. and over Grand
Union Tea Co. Largest and most thoroughly
equipped parlors in Washington. Ph. U. 7066.
"Pape's Cold Compound" is Quickest Relief
stay stuffed-up! Quit blowing and snuffling! A dose
of 'Tape's Cold Compound" taken every two hours until three
doses are taken usually breaks up any cold.
The first dose opens clogged-up nostrils and air passages
of head; stops nose running; relieves headache, dullness, fever
ishness, sneezing.
"Pape's Cold Compound" is the quickest, surest reKef known
and costs only a few cents at drug stores. It acts without assist
ance. Tastes nice. Contains no quinine. Insist upon Pape's.
BEFORE proceeding further with the story of this
organization, we believe you will he interested in
knowing our Department Managers and their respon
sibilities. Below we give the names and duties of our
various department heads:
Mr. B. S. BE ALL, Chief Accountant.
Mr. F.. N. CHASE, Superintendent
of Warehouses and Store Service.
Mr. M. F. DONOHOE, Assistant to
the President, Director of Adver
tising, and Manager of Appliance
Mr. F. H. EASTMAN, in charge of.
Motors, Electric Pumps, Exhaust
Fans and similar apparatus.
Mr. L. P. FlfiLD, in charge of Or
ders and Sales Service.
Mr. W. E. GOODRICH, Auditor of
Mr. R. P. HARRINGTON, in charge
of City Electrical Sales.
Mr. H. L. HAMILTON, Assistant to
the Vice President, and in charge
of Quotations and Pricing.
Mr. WM. JOSE, Manner of our
Automobile Accessories Division.
Mr. A. H. JOHNSON, Factory Man
Mr. E. MacCARTHY, Traffic Man
Mr. CHAS. O. REED, Purchasing
Mr. E. H. STOODY, in charge of
Farm Lighting Plants.
Mr. A. WILLIAMS, Manager of our
Machinery and Mill Supplies Di
MORE will be said of these departments, and how
they are prepared to serve you, in subsequent
chapters of this "history." Next MONDAY we will
begin to tell you about the several selling divisions of
Supply Company
| 1328-30NewYork Ave. Phone Main 6800
r*" ^
Utrohnmrh &1Cothrojj
Important Sale
French Kid
Soft, Pliable, Two-button length
Gloves, in colors of black, gray
and brown, with self and white
stitched back; white with black
stitching. Sizts 514 to 7y?.
These are gloves that have until
very recently been selling at
more than twice this price.
Three-button-length Limb
skin Gloves, $145, two-clasp
style. P. K. sewn and heavily
embroidered backs, in con
trasting colors. Colors, beaver,
brown, black and white. Sizes
SV* to 7y2.
Down Stairs Store.
Silk Jersey
with different style deep pleated
flounce; others effectively trim
med in contrasting or harmoniz
ing colors. Colors are blue,
henna, green and black.
ERS, 52.95, in large, full sizes,
well reinforced; ideal for wear
with the new spring toggery.
Colors, blue, henna, green and
Glove Silk
Low Priced
Chemise and Union Suits,
$4.25, in bodice style; white or
pink; with ribbon shoulder
Vests, $2J5 and $230, well made
with shield under arm; bodice
style top; plain and embroid
ered front.. Flesh only.
Full Cut and Gusseted Bloom
ers, $3.60, with elastic at waist
and knee. Colors, black, flesh,
white, blue, purple and gray.
Sizes 6 to 9.
Down Stain Store.
Silk Hose
Values at
75c pair
Super-fashioned Hose (ir
regular) of pore thread
silk, with lisle tops, deep
garter hem, double soles
and toes. Colors, black
and cordovan. Sizes
to ia
Dawn Stair* Store.
7 to 14 Years
Girls' Amoskeag Gingham
Dresses, in new spring styles,
with sash; dainty embroidery
on collar?featured in the latest
checks, plaids and solid colors;
some with vestee effect trim
med with white organdy.
New Spring1 Models
Just what the little miss needs
for the balmy spring days.
These are made of herringbone,
camel's hair and sport cloth;
some with the popular _ patch
pockets and belts; trimmed
with buttons.
Saturday?A Special
New Spring Capes
This is indeed a most timely offering, coming
so early in the season.
Of All-wool Tweeds,
with box coat and
semi-fitted back; silk
lined; patch pockets.
Sizes 16 to 44.
Capes and
The Dresses are
in Canton, taf
feta and crepe de
chine; the new
spring shades
and modes.
"Sport Polaire"
Coats, in brown,
tan and new blue,
as sketched. Nice
ly tailored coats, in
neatfy fitting mod
The Cape is a new
smart spring model
?full and flaring,
as sketched; in tan
and tangerine and
tan and emerald
green; reversible.
Down Staira Store.
Down Stain Store.
Tailored Blouses
A Special Selling at *2.95
Dainty Colored Batiste, in rose, bisque, copen and orchid, with
clusters of fine tucks down the front. Collars in either the
Tuxedo or Peter Pan styles; turn-back cuffs of imported eyelet
Another smart style is of striped white dimity, with piped
two-tone front of handkerchief linen, shell stitched. Colors are
bisque, orchid, peach and blue.
Down Stairs Store.
Hundreds of New Spring Hats
In Straw, Milan, Silk-and-Straw Combinations
Colors are: Spray, Lotus, Lupine, Periwinkle, Fairy, Spring
Beauty, Bambino, Maythia.
Roll brims, turbans, babettes, dress sailors, droop sailors and
Piping Rocks.
We illustrate a few of the many styles that
are in this offering
Special Tan Calfskin Children's
Se,ling Black CalfskinandMisses
Lace Shoes
Good, Strongly Made Shoes
for the young folks' every
day wear. Sizes 8^2 to 2.

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