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" 4
?T Again Tomorrow
Lansburgh & Brother sis
STORE NEWS FOR FRIDAY, MARCH 3rd, 1922 ?J5?L?221.m, '
Friday Bargain Bulletins
Need a new Hat?,
Here Are 300
Reduced for
Friday, Choice
They're spring styles, too?Vises, Tagal, Swiss Straws
and some are combined with satin. Flowers, feathers and
novelties form the trimming
schemes and there is a shape and
color to meet any demand.
Women and misses will find it to
their advantage to come early to
morrow and select from the lot in
tact?getting a new spring hat at
an unbelievably low price, $1.95.
Second Floor
1,000 Pillowcases, Each
j Made straight with sel
vedge and finished with well
sewn hem. Assorted sizes,
and the only reason we could
get them to sell at this price
was because of slight oil
spots. Friday only ,
Third Floor?Lansbnrgh & Brother
720 Perfect Sheets, Each
Size 81x90, and there are 720 of
them, which is a small number
when you consider that they will
bring housewives here at once,
and they'll buy for now and later
at this Friday price
Third Floor?Lansburgh Jk Brother
Boys' School Suits, With
2 Pairs Knickers, $4.85?Norfolk
model of serviceable cassimeres, in
mixtures and plain colors, in the
new tones and weaves.
Sizes 7 to 16 years. ^ A O j
Friday price
Fourth Floor?Luukufk A Brother.
Boys' Raincoat Outfit,
complete, $2.89?Set consists of
long Coat with snap fasteners and
Sou'wester Hat to match. Black rubber or tan double
face rubberized fabric; slash pockets
and deep collar; sizes 4 to 16 years. Q A
Outfit for Friday
Fourth Floor?Lansbnrgh & Brother
Boys' Overcoats and Mackinaws,
choice, $3.39?The Overcoats are of chinchilla and
mixtures in junior sizes, 3 to 7 years. The mackinaws
are of dark mackinaw material in overplaid pat
terns; sizes 7 to 17 years. Priced for -j
Friday only
Fourth Flooi?LansbDrgh St Brother
Sale of White
Turkish Towels
If interested come tomorrow and get all
you'll need, for if there are any remaining after
the doors close tomorrow night, back they go
to regular prices. Housekeepers, managers of
hotels, boarding houses and institutions, this
should attract your attention.
18x36 Bleached, Hemmed Bath Towels 19c
18x36 Bleached, Hemmed Bath Towels, each, 25c
22x44 Extra Heavy- Bath Towels, each 39c
. 22x48 Mantesc Bath Towels, each 49c
19><x40 Very Heavy Bath Towels, each 59c
22j/2x43 Heavy Mantex Bath Towels, each..75c
24x48 Extra Heavy Mantex Towels $1.00
22x46 Mantex Towels, hemstitched ends...$1.25
26x48 Heavy Bath Towels, 2-inch hems....$1.38
First Floor?Lansbnrgh 4k Brother
Extra Size Lingerie ft') 00
Blouses Friday at
Extra size and extra value constitute the chief
feature of these Voile Blouses in new styles and
sizes to fit 46/j to 54J4 measurement. Some have
the overturn cuff that can be turned up over the coat
or sweater sleeve. Dutch Val laces, hand-embroidery,
vestees and tucks form the neat and pretty trimmings.
Tuxedo and V collar effects, and there are many
styles?all at a special Friday price, $2.00.
Second Floor?Lansbnrgh* A Brother
Notions?Friday Priced
Snap Fasteners, 12 dozen,
3-yard Piece Cotton Tape,
Adamantine Pins, 4 pa
pers, 5c.
Sanitary Napkins, box of
12 at 25c.
Elastic Sanitary Belts,
10c. i
Maid of America Darning
Cotton, 3 for 5c.
Plush Buttons, card, 5c.
Pearl Buttons, 3 cards,
- 25c.
Ivory and Celluloid But
tons, card, 10c.
First Floor?Lansbnrgh * Brother
Heavy Unbleached Lneet=
ing, yard, 29c?54 inches wide and an
excellent quality. ft sooti
bleaches white and Friday's T
price is, yard ** jr C'
Third Flmr?Laaabarch * Brother
9 Yards of Unbleached
Sheeting, $1.00?Sea Island cotton, 36
inches wide. Becomes white after a
few launderings. Friday ^ -g A A
only, 9 yards for $1 aUU
Third Floor?Laaaburgh A Brother
Women's Kid and Mocha
Gloves, 98c?One and two clasp kid, in
several colors and mocha in brown and
gray. Not all sizes in each color or kind,
but about all sizes, in the lot,
and for Friday
Flint Floor? Laasburgh A Brother
Silk=and=Cotton Crepe de
Chine, yard, 38c?36 inches wide, and
the plain colors now in vogue?copen,
navy, nile, jade, periwinkle, light tau,
t^upe, brown and black. Fri- -j Q
day OOC
First Floor?-Lanxburgh A Brother
17x17 AH=Feather Pillows,
35c?Plump and filled with clean, well
cured feathers; covered with art ticking,
in pink and blue. Reduccd in ^ ??
price for Friday only. Each,
Fourth Floor?Lnnabnrgh A Brother ,
Crochet Bedspread, $2.29?
Full size, close weave and soft finish;
very pretty designs and a value worth
while for housekeepers
who are alert to econ
Remnants of Lining Fab
rics at One-third Less than Everyday
Prices?Cambrics, percaline, sateens in
plain and figure effects, satinettes in
plain and figures, silk-and-satin warp
linings. Because of our Friday Bargain
policy, every remnant reduced one?third
below marked prices.
First Floor?Laasbargh A Brother
Best Quality Dimity Spread,
$1.95?Size 80x90, which is a practical
size, and the patterns are neat and suit
able. Our special Friday price repre
sents a saving of 50c, so calculate when
we say tomorrow only $1.95
Fourth Floor?Laaiburgli A Brother
omy. Friday only.
Fourth Floor?Lanaburgh A Brother
All-Cotton Mattresses,
each, $6.45?Made by the Capitol Bed
ding Co., covered with art ticking, and
there is a full size range
at this Friday price for /L A g
one day only
Fonrth Floor?Laiibarfk A Brother
Wool Henrietta and Batiste,
yard, 72c?36 inches wide and colors
suitable for sport and street wear?tan,
pink, green, navy, maroon, red, light
blue, periwinkle and'Belgian
blue. Friday reduction price, ?
yard V. 1 ^
Third Floor?LRubnrgli A Brother
Guaranteed Alarm Clocks,
$1.00?Nickel case and an. alarm that
forces you to get up and
shut off the racket. Fri- ^ -g AA
day ^ * tvU
First Floor?Lauburfh A Brother
This Is Not Going to Become a Habit-?But a
Fortunate Purchase Permits Us to Again Offer
10,000 Yards New Silks
Standard qualities in Fashion's approved colors. Perfect goods, cut from
full bolts, at prices that suggest remnants. Silks for lingerie, neglige,
blouses, dresses, shirts and every silk use of the season can be supplied from
this immense collection. Choose from?? v
40-inch Crepe de Chine, in 40 colors.....
40-inch Black Crepe Meteor, fine grade..
36-inch Figured Foulards, 40 styles
33-inch Honan Pongee, in 20 colors
36-inch Satin Messaline, in 25 colors... J
30-inch Corean Crepe, in light tones....
36-inch Sport Satin, black only
32-inch Jersey Shirtings, satin stripes.
32-inch Satin-stripe Pongee, 10 styles...
32-inch White Broadcloth, pure silk
36-inch Satin Duchess, black only
36-inch Kyber Pongee, white and tan...
36-inch Washable Satin, flesh and white.
40-inch Georgette Crepe, in 20 colors
Third Floor?Iwhtrih A Brother ,
14 Popular Weaves
All Popular Colors
Priced for Friday
Excellent Corsets, 95c ??
Good models in medium and low bust
styles, with long hip; also some with
elastic tops. Of flesh colored coutil and
brocades, in sizes 19 to 27. Q ^
For Friday only, your choice, VuC
Main Floor?Z.aaabtxrffh A Brother
Brassieres worth more than
39c?Of heavy basket weave and bro
cade, in back and front fastening mod
els ; sizes 32 to 46. Friday
Bargain at ^ ^
Main Floor?Lansbursh A Brother
Remnants of Good Ribbon,
yard, 15c?Satin, moire and noveltieS in
different widths and usable lengths, but
we will not cut them, as we have low
ered the price for Friday to, "i C ^-r
yard ..a. 1 v v
First Floor?-Lansbnrsh A Brother
Picot Edge Taffeta Rib
bons, 10c and 12J^c?Two widths, No.
5, which is about one inch wide, and
' No. 9, which is wider, and they are priced
accordingly. Friday, yard, 10c and 12^c.
First Floor?Lansbnrch A Brother
Babies* Crib Outfit, Com=
plete, $4.98?Enamel crib with woven
wire spring; picked felt mattress cov
ered with art ticking, in pirfk or blue.
This is a neat, strong crib, and its enam
eled surface can be kept clean with very
little effort. For Friday $4.98
\ Fourth Floor?Lsnsburgh A Brother
Silver-plated Salt and Pep
per Shaker, pair, 53c?Satin finish and
an easy-to-clean glass insert; screw tops
with clean-cut perforations.
Friday, pair ww W
First Floo|>?Lanaburgh A Brother
Palm Olive Soap, dozen,
65c?An extra special treat to / g
our friends. Friday at, dozen, v v V*
First Floor-?Laaaburgh A Brother
?v Combination Vanity Cases,
45c?Very compact. A small panel mir
ror in center, chain handle and A (?
designed case. Friday only.,
First Floor?Laasbarfh A Brother
Woodbury's Facial Soap,
cake, 15c?This is one of the most
widely known toilet acces
sories on the market. Friday, J ?
First Floor?Lambnrcb A Brother
12 Ten-yard Pieces, of Im
ported Longcloth, piece, $4.48?Limited
lot means saving just one dollar on a
ten-yard piece, for that is exactly the re
duction for Friday because they are
slightly soiled. Friday, a ^ A AO
ten-yard piece for
Mohair Sicilian, yard, 75c?
Full 50 inches wide, in colors suitable for
motor coats, traveling suits, men's office
coats, linings, etc. Permanent luster on
both sides, making it reversible; navy,
brown, gray, black and white, mm
Reduced for Friday only, yard, / uC
Third Floor?Lansbarffh A Brother
36-inch Pajama Check,
yard, 15c?Neat checks and firm, but
sheer fabric, suitable for underwear,
pajamas, blouses, aprons and similar
uses. Buying made extra
* easy by our Friday Bargain -g g
price, yard JL u.C
First Floor?Lauburgk A Brother
Silver-plated Fork or Sugar
Shell, 65c?Neat design and pearl han
dle. Onjy a few of th?se Al g ^
pretty and practical pieces at Out'
First Floor?iiaasbnrgh A Brother
30 Suits Reduced
for Friday, $13.50
For misses there are suits of trico
tine, serge and Poiret, in brown, navy,
tan and Mack. Braid trimmed, but
tons, and styles that can be worn for
business or everyday street wear?but
whoever gets one will get a bargain.
Sizes 14. 16 and 18?only a few of a
size. EXTRA SIZE SUITS?but not
many?of brushed jersey that looks
like TWEED but isn't, sizes 42Y, to
Secoad Floor?LaasbaTgh * Brother
Survey Shows Large Amount
of Fuel on Hand in Case
of jStrike on April 1.
By the Associated Press. {
CHICAGO, March 2 ?There will be
no Immediate suffering If coal oper
ators and miners fail to reach an
agreement and a strike Is called
April 1 by the United Mine Workers
of America, according' to figures com
piled by the United States geological
survey and bureau of census.
The survey, as of January 1, 19-*.
showed forty-one days' supply oi
bituminous coal on hand. Production
has sligrhtly exceeded consumptions
since January 1, according" to
ators' figures, and they indicate tne
country will have something* more
than a forty-day supply by April 1.
Large Supplies on Hand.
The government figures show the
distribution to the principal indus
tries and dealers. Artificial
plants had the biggest supply of all
January 1, with enough fuel on hand
to keep them running eighty-nine
days. Retail dealers wete at the foot
of the list, with -a thirty-three-day
supply. The other principal soft ooal
users were supplied as follows: By
product coke plants, 42 days; steel
plants* 48 days; other industrials, 51
days; electrics industrials, 51 days;
railroads, 35 days.
The government report estimated
the total available supply at 47,500,
000 tons. No figures are available on
the available supply of anthracite,
but the government report says it
increased after November 1, 19-1.
when storage yards held 1,768,000
tons of domestic sizes and 2,719,000
tons of steam sizes
Soft Coal Situation.^
While the soft coal held by retail
dealers January 1 was figured at
thirty-three days' supply, the figures
were based on the rate of consump
tion at th-j time the stock was taken,
in the middle of the winter. Coal
dealers point out that if a strike is
called it will come at the opening of
the spring and summer seasons, when
dealers* sales for domestic consump
tion are practically negligible, and
hence the supply could be spread over
a much longer period.
They also call attention to the fact
that in the last co^l strike, in 1919,
28.4 per cent of the country's mines,
representing the nOn-union fields,
continued production. Under normal
conditions the non-union ^an
produce from 3,500,000 to 4,000,000
tons a week, operating at maximum
capacity, operators say, and this sup
ply also would be available in event
the union fields strike.
Scarecrow Res^ by Tomb of Na
poleon, Declares Premier, at
B.v the Associated Press.
PARIS, March 1.?Premier Poincare,
speaking at a lunclicon given by the
Anglo-American Press Association to
day, said that "French imperialism* is
the old scarecrow which long aero was
laid to rest alongside the tomb oi
Napoleon in the Invalides." He de
clared there was not a single French
man who had a thought, either for
the present, for tomorrow or for a
later period, of any warlike enter
prise or of annexations."
"We have no other wish than to
guarantee peace," continued the pre
mier, "Unfortunately, we are not
guaranteed against those who might
trouble it. Unlike England, with her
sea belt, and uniijte the United States,
by the absence of any dangerous
neighbor, we are obliged to adopt
some precautions against renewed at
tacks and invasions. It is not with a
light heart that we still impose upon
ourselves sacrifices in order to remain
in a state of defense.
"We cannot, however, rematee his
tory or revise the geography of the
world. We would prefer to enjoy se
curity from all exterior peril, but we
are obliged to take account of reali
ties, while having no greater desire
than to develop peacefully at home
our scientific, Industrial and social
progress and to maintain courteous
relations with all the peoples of the
world." i
Reserve Bank Reports Increase In
Savings Accounts, Though
Amount of Deposits Dropped.
BOSTON, March 2.?New England
continues thrifty despite Industrial
depression, the federal reserve bank
of Boston announced today in mak
ing: public statistics of savings ac
The report showed that although
there was a substantial reduction in
the amount of savings deposits in
1921 the number of accounts in
creased by 65,000. and interest earned
by * money previously deposited
brought the total principal for the
year to $40,000,000 more than in 1920.
The average amount standing to
the credit of each depositor was $488
in 1921, as compared with $486 in
1920 and J469 in 1919.
"Taking each industrial group as
whole," the board said, "the number
of depositors increased during 1921
in the textile and other cities, but
declined in the machinery centers.''
Taking individual cities by Indus
trial groups, the bank said that the
shoe and leather centers showed dis
tinct improvement throughout 1921.
The machinery and metal* groups of
cities, on the other hand, Were flour
ishing In. 1920, but hard hit in 1921,
it said.
"Thir .textile cities, with the single
exception of New Bedford." the re
port continued, "showed steady In
creases in the amount of savings on
deposit. Of course these gains were
not so great as in 1920, but neverthe
less the fact remains that the tex
tile cities were, the only industrial
group -to show gains in both years,
although with the exception of Law
rence and Fall River the gains repre
sented interest added to principal."
Amnesia Victim, Mourned as Dead,
Returned to Wife.
SWARTHMORE. Pa.. March 2? Dr
Harold E. Roy, New York dentist and
former Swarthmore college athlete,
who had been mourned as dead by his
relatives and friends for nearly a
year, is alive and well in Los Angeles.
Since he was reported to have been
drowned in a canoe accident in the
Hudson river last March Dr. Roy ap
parently had been wandering about
the country, a victim of amnesia,
which robbed him of the power of
memory and thought expression. He
recently regained his memory in
Kansas City, located his wife in Los
Angeles and hastened there to Join
her. These facts became known here
through the receipt of a letter by of
ficers of Swarthmore Alumni Associ
ation from David D. Rowlands of
Sheboygan, Wis., president of the class
of 1909, with which Roy was gradu
ated. Mr. Rolands inclosed a copy
of a letter from Roy requesting hito
to strike out of.the minutes of the
class the resdlutlon which was sent
to Mrs. Roy at the time of her hus
band's supposed death.
French parents are not permitted
to bestow "freak" names on their
children. Their choice of iW" >?
limited by law to the 11,000 saints In
tki calendar
.. -*>?? Mil vi'flUW'SM
At Values We Offer
Several Bargain Table Lots
of High-Heel and Baby
French Heel Lace Oxfords
?including small lot of Pumps,-Patents, Black and
Brown Kidskin, etc. Good merchandise turns and
welts, including balance of Ladies' High Shoes,
Dress Heels and Cuban Heels, lace and a few but
ton Boots, suitable for early Spring wear. Wash
able kidskin kinds; limited stock.
Everybody's Shoe Store?Early March
Footwear Specials
Ladies' Spring Style Tan Strap and Buckle
Pumps, one, two and three strap effects, with
Cuban and Low Walking Heels; also Cuban and
Low Heel Oxfords, in tan and black calf, including
several styles in Strap Pumps, in Black Suedes,
Patents and Dull ?alf. Goodyear welt soles. All
Early March
Everybody's Shoe Store
Ladies' All-wool, Si!k-and-wool and Silk Hose;
various shades.
Early March
Ladies' Cotton, Lisle and Mercerized Hose;
miscellaneous assortment; broken lots only.
Children's Shoes
Bargain lot of Children's Buster Brown. Edu
cator and other makes, of Children's High. Button
and Lace Shoes. Season's accumulations; limited
stocks of broken lots and sizes.
Money Saving
Men's Rubbers
Men's Good Quality Medium and Low Cut
Rubbers. Season's accumulation.
Ladies' Storm and Low-cut Rubbers. Cuban
and High Heels; 'limited sizes up to 4y2.
7th and D Streets
Over Lincoln Bank
Indigestion Gases Flatulence
Sourness " Acidity Palpitation
Instant relief.' ' No waiting! A few tablets of harmless, pleasant
"Pape's Diapepsin" correct acidity, thus regulating digestion and
making distressed stomachs feel fine. Best stomach corrective known.
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