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4503 to 4509 13th Street N.W.
Six rooms and bath, hot-water heat, electricity, hard
wood floors and trim, enamel and mahogany finish; brick
mantle, built-in tubs and shower, built-in toilet fixtures,
tiled kitchen and bath, built-in refrigerator, garage, pan
try, cabinet gas range, cemcnt porches, laundry tubs and
toilet in cellar; house 24 feet wide.
Sample 4507?Take 14th St. cars or bus, get off at Alli
son, walk one block east, or take 9th St. car, get off
at Allison and walk one block west, or phone Main 2076
for auto service.
Open All Day Sunday for Inspection!
1731 K Street N.W. Main 2076-2077
The south grounds of the White
House will be opened at 9 o'clock
tomorrow morning (or the annual
Earner ere rolling, by authority of
the President. At the same time
the National Zoological Park will
be entertaining Its thousands of
From ? a.m. to S:!6 p.m., only
children ten years of age and un
der will be admitted to tire
grounds, except that small chil
dren may be accompanied by one
adult guardian. Adult* other than
those acting as guardians for small
ohildren will not be admitted be
tween the hours mentioned, this
function being exclusively for
A concert will be rendered In the
grounds by the United 8tates Ma
rino Band from S:M to S o'clock.
The general publlo will be ad
mitted between those hour*
(Grounds will be closed Imme
diately after the coneert
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Pennsylvania Avenue Seventh Street
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^Packers and 'Provisional
What Congress Is Doing
The Senate.
The Senate on Thursday will
begin consideration of the perma
nent tariff bill, aa reported to It by
the flnanoe committee. In all
probability It will Require In tha
neighborhood of three montha to
dispose of title bill In the Senate.
Democratlo membera of tha finance
committee are at present study
ing the bill preparatory to filing
a minority report on the measure
with the Senate.
Tomorrow, and. In fact, during
the next two or three days, the
Senate Is expected to give time to
the consideration of bills on the
calendar. The unfinished business
of the Senate Is a resolution In
troduced by Senator Edge of New
Jersey creating, a committee to
Investigate existing conditions of
Industry and commerce in the
United States for the purpose of
recommending to Congress legis
lation defining the rights and limi
tations of co-operative organlsa
tlona as distinguished from Illicit
combinations In restraint of trade.
This resolution Is the opening on
the part of Industry to obtain. If
possible, somewhat almllar righta
to those accorded agriculturists
when the co-operative marketing bill
wjb put through.
The appropriations committee Is
expected to report to the Senate
within the next day or two the
jWlce and State appropriation
bill, and that measure will be giv
en tho right of way as soon as
It gets to the Senate.
The 8enate finance committee Is
expected to get together this
week, probably Wednesday, to
consider the soldiers' bonua bill.
The committee will decide whether
the bill ahall be reported out as
soon as poaalble and given an op
portunity to be disposed of before
the tariff bill is paaaed, or shall
be held up until the tariff bill haa
paaaed. Chairman MoCumber fa
vors tlie former plan, but there are
some members of the committee
who would be glad to see the
measure postponed?and poet
poned indefinitely. The probabil
ities are. however, that action on
the measure will be prompt and
The Senate accomplished lta full
ahare of leglalative work during
the last week. It passed the agri
culture appropriation bill and the
117,000,000 hospitalisation bill al
ready passed by the House, the
House joint resolution extending
the life of the present S per oent
Immigration law and the District
of Columbia rent act extension bill.
The last measure went through by
a vote of S< to 17, after being
amended so aa to exclude from the '
Jurisdiction of the Rent Commlaalon
buainess properties. It Is before
the House District committee.
A third resolution, offered by
(Senator Caraway of Arkansas,
democrat, seeking Information
from the President regarding dis
missed employes of the bureau of
engraving and printing, waa re
ferred by the republican majority
to the olvil service committee. The
democrats charged this waa done
to kill the resolution.
The conferees on the District ap
propriation bill made "progress^'
and will meet again tomorrow. It
may require anotiwr weak. It Is
said, to complete work on tne bill.
President and Mrs. Harding
to Attend Political Head
quarters Ceremonies.
In an effort to make the dedication
of the first national woman's poli
tical headquarter* her* In Washing
'ton an event of national and Inter
national prominence women of all
political parties and of all fields of
activity have combined their forces.
Prealdent and Mrs. Harding will be
preaent at the dedication exercises
and the former will make an address.
There will be many other men and
women of local and national promi
nence present.
PiUiie of Headqaartere.
The purposes of the new headquar-1
ters, 25 1st street northeast, oppoalte
the Capitol, which waa recently pur
chaaed by the National Woman'a
Party, will, aa atated by Alice Paul,
vice prealdent of the party, "act aa a
woman'a capltol, representative of all
the Interests and activities of wom
en and symbolic of the new place
which women are assuming In na
tional life. Now that woman aa voters
are directly concerned with all events
of the national government. It Is ap
! proprlate that they should have head
quarters which may aot aa the con
necting link between women scattered
through the Union and the seat of
their government at Washington."
The national committee in charge
of the dedication include* wives of
cabinet members Including Mrs. Al
bert B. Fall. Mrs. Harry M. Daugh
erty, Km. Henry C. Wallace and Mrs.
James J. Davis: Miss Mabel Board
man, first woman Commissioner of
the District of Columbia; Mrs, James
Carol Praaer. prealdent of the Wom
an's National Foundation: Mrs. Vir
ginia White Speel, prealdent of the
Woman'a Republican Club of the Dls
trlet of Columbia; Mra. Brail Berliner,
ai d Miaa Catherine Judge. Mra. Marie
Mtore Forreat, who haa staged pa
geants in Washington in connection
with many national events, la in
charge of the ceremonies.
Wnu> to Be la Pageant.
Among the women taking a promi
nent part In the pageant which will
acoompany the ceremonies are Mrs.
Harvey W. Wiley, who will lead the
homemakers' division; Miss Emma
Gillette, dean ef the Washington Col
lege of Law, who will lead the wom
an lawyer*; Mrs. Stall Barllnar and
Miss Lillian Burklln. head of the
Neighborhood Houae, who WU) lead
the social workers' division: Miss
Cora McCarthy and Miss Lulu Mc
intosh. who will head the teacher*'
SvUlon; Mrs. Bltphalet Minaigerode
A?TSmk whe wJl >ead 'he artlata
division; Mra. Nina B. Allender,
chairman ef the corner atone commit
t6The Woman'a Party plans to make
these new headquarter* the most com
plete Plant owned and operated by
women, (pending for the purchase and
^modeling of "he building about ,a
mSrtar " * ????? ???*!?? Wh*n
the remodeling i* completed women
will have not only a national olub
house. but also*
tortum. i woman ? jfcllcry of art,,
and also offlces for tho carrying on of/
letf&ttve and other a^WltJeajof
Intarat to women, including a woia
ISJi information center, leglalative
reference bureau, legal reaearch de
partment and publication department.
Illinois Saoffhtcra of 1818 to In
CHICAGO, April 15.?Membera or
the Illlnola Society, Daughter* of
1111, nest week will call on the na
tional chapter of tho organisation m
Washington to institute aa investi
gation of histories, readers and other
books nsed in tha publio schools.
Resolutions adopted by the nilaoia
iter declared that the teaching
??? ideal* Is ?tlusslj fiasn
i Improper bMtaaat ef
The House.
This week will be devoted In the
House to consideration of Navy
legislation. Tomorrow Is unanl
mous-conaent day, and Chairman
Langley expects to set up his res
olution authorising the transfer of
land along the old J/unes creek
canal to the Jurisdiction of the
Joint oommlttee on.the library for
extension and development of the
National Botanic (harden. House
Leader Mondell, however, says
that the consideration of the
naval appropriation bill will be
The program of the House lead
er calls for consideration of the
legislative bill from the naval af
fairs committee, following the ap
propriation bill, with Representa
tive Thomas Butler of Pennsyl
vania In charge of the measure.
The naval appropriation bill for
the fiscal year 1823 was before the
House all during the last week,
and has been the occasion of the
most bitter fight for some time.
The principal bone of contention
has been regarding the size of the
Navy personnel. The big Navy
men won the first round In the
committed, of the whole on a vote
by tellers late yesterday, which
called for an enlisted personnel of
The annual appropriation bill
for the State, and Justice Depart
ments was passed by the Huuse
last Monday and sent to the Sen
ate. carrying approximately 126.
The House refused to allow the
use of federal funds for the prose
cution of labor unions or farmers'
co-operative organizations under
anti-trust laws. .
Higher pay for District school
teachera and the demands of the
organised business men of the na
tional capital for daylight saving
are two subjects on which hear
ings have been promised for Wed
nesday next before the House Dis
trict committee.
The extension or l?th street
through the Walter Reed Hospital
grounds and the opening up of a
large area of suburban territory
for small residences was practi
cally assured when the House Dis
trict committee made a personal
inspection of the proposed devel
opment last Wednesday. ?
Decision to favorably report a
bill authorising the Commissioners
to widen Woodley road and Cathe
dral avenue a distance of ten feet
so as to provide a sidewalk, but
refusing to grant the condemna
tion of a strip forty feet wide
along the property of the St Al
bans Episcopal Cathedral property,
was reached by the House Dis
trict committee on Wednesday
after a personal inspection of the
Hearings have been promised
before the House District commit
tee on the bill, which has already
passed the Senate, and which would
give the District Commissioners
authority to allow the extension of
railroad tracks within Industrial
zones. It is claimed that this au
thority would eventually result In
tressels and coal yards being built
all along North Capitol street from
New York avenue to the Union
station. Sibley Hospital. St. Alo
yslus Church, and the St. Aloysius
schools, and other religious and
humanitarian institutions are pro
Conferences between representa
tives of the House and Senate on
the District appropriation bill for
the fiscal year beginning July 1
next, have resulted In tentative
agreements on many points in dis
pute,?but it will be about a week
before any report Is made. The de
lay Is caused largely by trouble
In writing a substitute for the
Jones amendment which proposes
to entirely change the fiscal rela
tions between the federal and Dis
trict governments.
v.,Tht conferees on the District
Dill nave decided to place the
Home for Feeble Minded on the
300 acre tract now occupied by the
Home for .the A*ed and Infirm at
BJue Plains, and to allow $250.
000 for the erection of a building
Aibmy F. lever Accept* Presi
dency of Inititiition to Operate
in Both Carolina*.
Asbury F. Lever announced his
resignation from the Farm Loan
Board, effeotlve next week, to accept
2filS.n?y ?1 i.h* .Plr8t Ctrolinas
Joint Stook L*nd Bank, at Columbia,
S. Cj which will be chartered under
the federal farm loan act to operate
in the two C&rolinas.
?..T^.-eWKb*.nk r',U ht th? "nt of
^k B?.?,hart#?a, ln the Clarollnas.
The initial capital stock of the in
stitution Is $150,000, against which it
is permitted to Issue farm loan
.?. !? *. Prooee<ls from which
will be used to lend money on asrri
cultural lands In those two states.
Mr. Layer has been a member of
the board since August, 1919, when
he resigned as a member of the House
from South Carolina to accept the
"Naturally I am leaving the Farm
Loan Board with a great many re
grets. My relationship with my
colleagues and with the personnel of
the bureau has been most pleasant
The system Is running more smoothly
at .this time than any time since 11
have been connected with It, and the
month ef Mar oh la the banner month
ln the volume of loans closed for any
month during the life of the system
I fun leaving only because of my
recognition of the fact that my high
est obligation is to my family".
Mr. Lever was appointed to the
Farm Loan Board in August, 1919 bv
President Wilson, his term of office
expiring August 1, 1924. He was for
merly a member of Congress from
South Carolina.
The resignation of Mr. Lever from
the Farm Loan Board leaves a vacancy
to be filled by President Harding
from within the democratic party
The farm loan act requires that no
more than two of the four appointive
members of the board shall be of the
same political party, the Secretary
of the Treasury being ah ex officio
The remaining1 members are Charles
B. Lobdell of Kansas, and w. a A.
Smith of Iowa, both republicans, and
W. H. Joyce of California, a demo
crat. ,
All But Stamp-Gumming Division
Start Work?Inventory
Near Completion.
The bureau of engraving and print
tag resumed operations yesterday
morning after befog shut down since
Monday for an inventory being taken
by a special Treasury eemmlttee and
agents of the Department of Justice.
The plant was in operation through
out, with the exception of the stamp
gummlag division, employing fifty
people, which was closed for the con
venience of the committee. Employes
of that division reported for work, re
ceived their pay and returned home
for the 4a^.
The committee Is expected to round
up Its work at the plant on Monday
or Tuesday, following which 1| will
?take a report to the Secretary ef the
Treasury. Whsther the Sforetary will
make public the results of the oeuat
has not as yet been determined, ~
Total of $300,000,000 of Six-Month
Treasury Certificates Taken, With
$190,000,000 Available.
Subscriptions for the six months Sft
per cent Treasury certificate* of In
debtedness, dated April IS, 1822, have
been oversubscribed by more than
1150.000,000, Secretary Mellon an
nounced yesterday, reporting that
when the offering was closed at the
close of business yesterday prelimi
nary reports Indicated total subscrip
tions of over $300,000,000.
The offering, which was for the
lowest rate since the war, was for
tl 50,000,000 "or thereabouts." All of
the federal reserve districts reported
oversubscriptions of their quota. Sec
retary Mellon said.
Allotments of the subscriptions to
the federal reserve districts have not
yet been made, It was announced, but
further details a* to subscriptions ant
allotments will be announced, It wsi
stated, when final reports are receive*
from the federal reserve banks.
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