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Tardieu Declares U. S. Lucky for Not Par
ticipating in Parley?Can See No Good
Results Because of Presence of Russians.
Former French Hlfli Comralistener to
Bj Cable to The Star.
PARIS, April 15.?Americans
often have grood ideas. One of
them, it seems to me, was ^eir
decision not to participate In the
Genoa conference.
This conference scarcely had
begun when the undesirability of
the presence of the soviet delega
tion was emphasized. In this re
gard the American government,
under both democratic and repub
lican administrations, never has
wavered. Bainbridge Colby and
Charles E. Hughes, in the same
place as Secretary of State, have
spoken the same language, abso
lutely refusing recognition of the
soviet government, and logically
. have avoided any half-way meas
ures that sooner or later would
lead to recognition.
Bloody Record.
The Genoa conference is a half
way measure of this sort. Chit
cherin is there on the same foot
ing. in fact, as Uoyd George.
Seated alongside of the delegates
of the great nations who fought
in the war are the representatives
of a government created in law
lessness, violence and crime. The
soviets betrayed the allies at
Brest-Liitovsk. assassinated mem
bers of the constitutional assem
bly. exterminated socialists and
strikers, instituted terror in free
republics like Georgia, and. to use
the words of Bmma Goldman,
''strangled revolution." Now at
Genoa the delegates at the confer
ence seem to have forgotten all
When Chitcherin spoke of dis
armament, although his govern
ment only exists#thr6ugh the sav
age pressure of a million and* a
half bayonets, it was only a bad,
even a sinister joke on his part.
Barthou's protest, although .strict
ly in accordance with the agree
ments of Cannes and Boulogne,
was received with murmurs among
the audience. It was a small mat
ter, I know, but it was intolerable
for every Frenchman conscious of
the moral value of his country and
its sufferings in war and in peace.
The same might be said of any
Incidents that tomorrow will
cause a quarrel between the allies
and the representatives of the
soviets. This already has hap
pened in the cases of Rumania
and Japan.
The humiliating condescension
conspicuous In the Moscow peoplA
?probably will prove doubly sterile:
First, because the sovlets have
frequently declared they regard
no engagement binding with a
bourgeois government; and. sec
ond, because Russian Information
represents the sovlets at the end
of their tether, playing the Genoa
game as one of despair.
The Russian situation tojlay is
indescribable, despite the passive
character of the Slav. It cannot
last much longer. When Lenin.
Trotsky and their associates were
faced with concrete resistance,
such as Koltchak and Denekln
were able to muster, they easily
triumphed. Today they are about
to be faced with the unanimous,
dull and concentrated resistance
of the millions styling themselves
"no party." This crowd of dis
contented people consists nt peas
ants and workmen of the middle
classes, officers and soldiers, priests
and intellectuals, famine victims
and the populace of religious com
munities exasperated- over the
looting of their churches. The
strength of the bolshevlsts also
has been undermined by the un-.
precedcnted corruption of their
Bribery existed under the czar,
but certain regulations existed, as
is shown by the fampus words in
Gogol's play, "You steal more than
your rank allows." Today every
body in Russia Is stealing more
than their rank allows. Lenin,
moreover, has set to his credit
considerable amounts in foreign
banks ? a very considerable sum.
Sees Lloyd George Regrets.
Under these circumstances the
only hope of the soviet represen
tatives at Genoa is that, because
of the promiscuous nature of the
conference, they may be able to
make profitable business terms
with one or another of the nations.
They hope to return to Russia
with a regilded shield and exploit
the benefits of a recognition which
exists already in fact, if not in
Is this in the interests of the
western powers? Methlnks, only
to ask the question Is to answer
it: Lloyd George, who since 1919
has desired to invite the sovlets to
Paris to confer together, has suc
ceeded after three years In making
his views prevail. It remains to
be seen whether he will not be the
first to repent. The French peo
ple sincerely think the Americans
are lucky not to have embarked in
this galley. Time will prove who
is right. ?
(Copyright, 1923.)
Parliament likely to Amend
Treaties Just for
By the Associated Tress.
nARTc 4nril 15. ? The temper or
the French parliament is to adopt
some reservation to the Washington
conference treaties as a 'n""erth?J
principle, simply to '"d'"1?
France has 'independence of "lion
equal to that of the Lnited States
Stpraemier Tolncare has determined
not to make the treaties a question of
confidence in his cabinet, but to
leave parliament free to accept, re
ject or adopt the treaties with res
ervaUons. His purpose appears to be
to set forth earnestly the
ratification of the treaties. The atti
tude of the administration will be
expressed somewhat like this.
"Here are the treaties. They are
admirable, and we recommend them,
but it is for you. Kentlemen of the
annate and chamber, to decide.
* M Poincare had nothing to do t>?J"
sonally with making the treaties. He
accepted them as a legacy of former
Premier Briands policy on this sub,
Ject. and he supports Minister of the
Colonies Sarraut. whom he retained
from Briand's cabinet. ?
Owing to the bill concern^nt? reduc
tion of military service and some
other measures. the Washington!
treaties cannot be taken up until'
some time in June, and in the inter
val the ? situation may be modified.
Talk in parliamentary lobbies turns
? especially upon the naval treaty and
the need for somewhat greater lib
erty of action for France than is ex
pressed in that document.
Britain's Effort to Put Men in
Skilled Banks Goes on. With
Large Waiting List.
Br fhn Awoclsted Prm. ? .
LONDON, April 15.?The British
have not forgotten their war vet
erans. Sixty-three thousand disa
bled soldiers have been trained as
illllled laborers since the war under
the government's industrial training
plans. Minister of Labor Thomas
MacNamaj-a has informed the house
of commons. _ .
Twenty-three thousand are now In
? mining, and there is a waiting list
of 29.000. Money grants, totaling
?3 500,000, have been given to 112,000
i-i-service men. Appointments have
been'found for 65.000 officers, with,
1 1 000 still on the waiting list.
The number of British firms on
King George's roll of honor those
who have pledged to give ex-service |
'men preference in employment?ex
ceeds S0.600. and they are employing
*!54 #00 disabled men. Mr. I
icVntsj-a. said his own staff consisted
S^t^per cent of disabled soldiers,
?#4 that government contracts would
*9 enly to the Arms on the king's
lienor roll;
/ .
Small Probability of Seduction in
Bate of "Six Shillings
the Pound."
pr tht Associated Press.
LONDON. April 15.?In few things
is the average Britisher more lnter
' csted than in the size of his income
t tax, and It Is sad news he U hearing
! these days?that there is small prob
{ ability of any reduction tor some
time In hia present tax rate of ?
shillings the pound, or 3? Per cent.
(This is comparable for the man of
$5,000 or less income with the 4 per
cent normal income tax imposed In
' b^'tfme^o^e British treasury
possibHHy o7?an S&'SSZSST f
the tax by at Jeaat a shlUlng, but it is
declared now that the budget to be
presented May 1 makes no provision
for any reduction The Intended eco
nomics through which it wa.s hoped
<k. tax misht bd clipped cannot be
effected in time, it is "id while In
come from such source? as the sale
' 0f left-over war stocks cannot be
counted upon to make up any of the
? deficit which would reauH from ?
) iAV?rinc of the rate. It addition, It
3 Is^WtSd ent the excess profits duty
has been discontinued and the treas
ury h0? to nii-kP prw inion for rwt
\ In" the interest oil i.ii<J Ain?.'?c*ur Uobl.
Once Famous Haunts Gradually
Give Way to Banks and Other
Buildings. *
By the Associated Press.
PARIS, April 15.?Prosaic com
merce. to the discomfiture of the
patrons of gaiety, is making inroads
upon that part of gay Paree between
| the Madeline and the Rue Drouot,
I known simply as "the boulevard."
i "The boulevard is dying, the boule
! vard is dead," is the melancholic com
j ment of old habitues ffpon hearing of
the disappearance of the Cafe Ameri
cain and the Cafe Neopolitan. Banks
will replace these world famous "wet
goods" shops, which for years have
been the meeting places of famous
men In the world of art and litera
ThIHy years ago financial and bus
iness houses were the exception on
the boulevard. Gay life commenced
at sundown. There was not a dark
house and rarely any one abroad in a
business suit; evening clothes were de
riguer. Now soiriber facades of banks
and stores throw their shadows over
the few remaining brightly illumi
nated cafes, and gentlemen In yellow
shoes, soft collars and peaked caps
greatly outnumber those in formal
The Cafe Tortoni, where Rochefort
and De Maupassant and their friends
were wont to congregate, was the
first to disappear. The Cafe Des An
glais, Oscar Wilde's favorite haunt,
went next. Then the Cafe Riche was
transformed Into a bank. A tailor
I occupies the building that once was
the Cafe Vernon, and now the Zaha
rofC Interests have bought the Cafe
Neopolitain. Quite fittingly an
American bank will replace the Cafe
The Cafe De La Pais la the only
one left of the famous old taverns
on the boulevard, and It is being
frowned upon by many old-time
Parisians. 'There are too many for
eigners," they aver.
By the Associated Pre*.
BERLIN, April 15.?The flag of the
! German cruiser Scharnhorst, which
i was sunk in the battle of Falkland,
has reached the Berlin naval museum,
after a romantic journey. The cap
tain of a Brazilian ooasting vessel
found the body of a German sailor
washed ashore on the southeastern
coast of Brazil lashed to a sea chest
containing the flag.
A German resident, hearing of this,
bought the flag and offered it to the
navy department on condition that he
be reimbursed for hip outlay. But
funds were lacking until reoently
when a private collection furnished
the means to aoqufre the flag, which
Is now on exhibition alongside the
model of the cruiser Giletsenau, like
wise sunk in the same battle, and
other momentoes of Germany's naval
past. . .
^?Palais Royal;
JJ A. LISNER, Prop. m
B 11th and Q Streets ?
?? LIQUID ?|
PwrwM ?psshto <? dw west,]
Socks, 12J^c
25c Roll-top
S o c k 8, in
fancy-top and
c olid color
styles. S o n. e
perfect, some
slightly Ir
regular. With
this coupon.
? Hose, 10c
White Hose,
in all slses. and
brown and
black hose, In
broken s i * e s.
Slight irregu
lars. With this
Infants' Shirts
M e r cerlsed
Lisle and Cot
ton Under
shlrts. mostly
small sizes.
Slightly Imper
fect or they
would sell for
39c to 69c.
Union Suits
Regular and
extra sixes, in
suits with
tight or lace
trimmed knees.
3 for *1.00.
With this cou
Double Extra
Vests, 25c ?.
double extra
size Gauze
Vests: sizes .48
to 50. Wide
straps. With
this coupon.
Boys' Union
Suits, 39c
All wiles 24
to 34/In white
ndinsook Ath
letic Union
Suits, also knit
and mesh
union suits, in
cluding Forest
Mills but ton
a t t a c hment
Boys' Gauze
Shirts, 15c
25c Athletic
U n d e rshlrts.
Limit, 3 to a
buyer. With
this coupon.
$3.00 Long
doth, $1.98
? Yard - wide
Longcloth, firm
quality, with
soft finish. 10
yard p 1 ? c ?.
With this cou
Sheeting, 17c
30c 40-lnch
Heavy Un
Sheeting Cot
ton. With this
Rag Rugs, 39c
75c IS X 3t
Washable Rag
Rugs. In bright
mixed patterns.
With this cou?
12 y2 Yard
llo Crash
heavy and ab
sorbent. Whits
with red or
blue bolder.
With this cou
Pillows, 79c
$i.o? n X 24
Bed Pillows,
covered with
fancy ticking
and filled with
new feathers.
Curtain Rods
25c Br?ss
E x t e n s Ion
{tods, large
flze with knobs
?nd fixtures.
With this cou
$10 Leather
Bags, $5.75
Seary Cow
hide Traveling
Bags, lS-lnch
size, hi black
and tan. With
this' coupon.
$1.00 Luggage
Bags, 69c
Strong Mat
ting Luggage
Bags; handy
nlxe, with 3 '
35c Lemon
Soap, 25c Calce
Lemon Soap,
lad l vidually
wrapped. With
this coupon.
Lemon Cream
Jar, 89c
Soap, 3 Cakes
for 21c
With This
Values To Make Easter Monday One Of The Busiest Days In The Year
810-818 Seventh Street
Announcing a Golden Opportunity in Fine
$2.50 y
Black Satin
35 inches
? t
$20, $25 and $30
Canton Crepe
Krepe Knit
Taffeta Dresses
and Crepe
Poiret Twill
Here's dress news for Easter Monday to bring
hundreds of women for beautiful spring frocks at
a price astonishingly below their real values.
Novelty styles of striking originality and dis
tinction?every model a genuine treasure of be
witching styles. Straightline, draped, scalloped and
sashed styles, in brilliant headings, heavy embroid
ery work, rich silk braidings, elaborate uses of rib
bon and rosettes. Every popular colors and many
clever color combinations. Sizes 16 to 46.
81x90 Seamless
$1.50 Kind
Some Per
fect, Some
} Kind
Quality Sheets that will serve you well.
Of heavy, starchless bleached sheeting cot
ton. Seamless Sheets of the better sort at
an economy price. '
Limit, 4 sheets to each purchaser.
Bontex Pillowcases, 29c Each
43c Bontex Pillowcases, noted for their line
strong texture and freedom from ntar<-h. Made the
right way of the cotton, which greatly increases
the wear. Perfect quality.
Pillowcase Cotton, 29c Yard
HOc 45-inch Fruit of the Loom Pillowcase Cotton,
noted for strength and fine finish.
Purchase of 720
Turkish Towels
Worth 75c to $1.00
Stock up with Turkish
Bath Towels for the'
whole summer?it will
pay you. These are
extra heavy quality and
extra large size, just the
kind needed in the home.
Some are slightly im
perfect, others are abso
lutely faultless.
Made to sell for $3.00.
Excellent quality mercerized
cotton damask, in handsome
patterns. For square and
round tables* All white, or
with fast color bonlers.
$2.00 Hemmed Napkins, Dozen
15x18 Perfect Quality \
Mercerized Cotton Damisk (
Napkins, of high luster and /
close texture. P a. t terns 1
you'll like. '
1 '1.79
75c Table Damask,
Extra firm, durable quality with
beautiful merderlzed finish. 64
inches wide. The price is for one
day only?so act promptly.
Sale! 1,200 Dutch Rompers
Brand New?Well Made?All Sizes 2 to 6. Of Serv
iceable Linene, in Plain Colors .With Pique Trimmings
Full, widt style, with dropseat and In solid colors of copen, reseda, dark
, , ? . .... green, rose, pink, light blue and mais.
band at knees. Large pearl buttons. Rompers and creepers all of excellent
Square neck. 59c each, or 2 for $1.00. workmanship.
40-Inch .Colored
Swiss Organdy, yd.
.00 and $4.00 Banded
Black, Brown
Navy and the
Fine quality straw sailors with
the new vacuum process cushion
brims and genuine Milan under
brims, trimmed with grosgrain
ribbon bands and bows. Straight
and roll brims, straight, octagon,
bell and pinched crowns. Black,
navy, brown and combinations of
navy and white, black ahd white,
brown and white and brown and
sand. *
Opening the campaign of thin wash goods with a wonder sale of
real 50c Swiss Organdy at a saving of 21c on every yard. 40 inches
wide. Crisp, transparent quality, in such favored shades as pink, orchid,
copen, light blue, nile, mais, old rose and white.
50c Beach Suiting
Sale of $5.00 and $6.00 Trimmed Hats
250 Beautiful Spring Hats in a one-day clearance.
a See todav's Post for particulars.
V *
50c Imported
Tissue Gingham, 39c
Nrr shipment of thla superior corded
check Tissue Oingham. In blue and
white, red and white, green and white,
hello and white, brown and white and
black and white.
40-Inch Printed
Dimity, 38c Yard
50c fine, sheer Dimity In a range of
floral and novelty dotted effects, as well
as plain colors. ?
39c Yard
34-Inch heavy, linen-finished Beach
Suiting, in pink, copen, reseda, old rose,
orchid. French blue, mais, tan, brown,
gray and black.'
50c to 75c
Colored Voiles, 39c
New and wonderfully beautiful
Voiles, soft clinging texture, showing
dark floral patterns and plain colors.
House Dresses
Of the Better Kind?Sold for
$1.98, $2.50, $2.98 and $3.50
Of High - Grade
Gingham, in
Stripes, Checks
and Plain Colors
Quality Dresses, with three-quarter or long sleeve*, belt
and pockets. A number of pretty styles, with collars and
cuffs of pique or chambray. In both quiet and bright pat
terns. All sizes, 36 to 42, in one style or another.
Indispensable to wear under the thin frock. Well made,
Lustrous Petticoats, with tailored, pleated and ruffled
; Sold for *2.50 dU-1 A Q
and $2.98. Now ?J]> -l Z7
? ! .
Worsted Slip-on
Women's - All-wool Sweaters, with
long sleeve*. Patent leather or knit
ted .belt, some .with knitted cords.
Plain colors andP fancy combination
effect*. A11 ?is?*'
Sold for $1.50
to $2.25 ;
Tan Sport
BLOUSES, $1.00
Of tan cotton pongee and tan Voile.
Sizes 36 to 46. Peter Pan collar.
Voiles piped in checks; pongees with
embroidered collar or with pleating
around cellar and down front.
29c and 35c
3 for 50c
Women's Regular and Extra
Size Gauze Vests, perfect quality.
Band top and bodice styles.
Limit, 6 to a buyer.
Union Suits
Chalmer's Athletic Union Suits,
of white nainsook, sizes 24 to 34.
Also Forest mills button-attach
ment union suits and Regatta
union suits. Regularly 89c.
Union Suits
Regular and Extra Sizes in
"Princess May" Cobweb Knit
Summer Suits, with band tops and
shell knees. Slight irregulars or
they would sell for $1.25.
Wash Suits
New purchase $2.00, $2.50 and
$3.00 suits, every one perfect.
Middy, Norfolk, Balkan and but
toned-on styles, in all sizes 3 to 8.
White and all, colors.
Men's Silk
A wonder sale of hundreds of
$5.00, $6.00 and $7.00 Pure Silk:
Shirts from famous makers, every
shirt new and perfect jersey
broadcloth and crepe ide chine.
Stripes, white and tan. Sizes 14
to 17.,
Clark's O. N. T.
Spool Cotton, 48c Dozen
White and Mack All the wanted numbers.
Limit, 1 dozen to a buyer. No mail or phone
Metal Pot Cleaners, for cleaning all kitchen
utensils, 3 for 20c; each, 7c.
Open Mesh Dishcloths, 'large sizes, 3 for
20c; each, 7c.
Children's Rubberized Bibs, with catch-all
pocket, 10c; 3 for 25c.
Inside Dress Belting, white or black, lj^ to
3 inches wide, 50c dozen; yard, 5c.
Velvet Grip and Hickory Scw-on Hos*Sup
porters, 25c pair; 2 pairs for 35c.
Sanitary Belts and Aprons, cach, 19c.
Sanitary Napkins, with 2 safety pins, in
individual envelopes, 10c kind. Each, 5c.
Inside Waist Linings, net or cambric, sizes
34 to 46, 39c.
Flesh Color Bust Confiners, sizes 34 to 44,
25c and 45c.
Mercerized Darning Cotton, white, black
and colors, 4 for 10c; each, 4c.
Clark's, Ceate's and Star Crochet Cotton,
broken numbers and colors, box of 12 balls
for 85c.
Real Snap Fasteners, 5c kind, 3 cards for 10c.
Elona Hair Nets, cap or fringe, double mesh,
guaranteed, 90c dozen, or 3 for 25c.
27-Inch Baby
49c Yard
A one-ffay special?49c a yard for thij
excellent quality embriodered baby flouncing,
with set-on ruffle, some joined with val lace
Skirting Embroideries, 15c Yard
Blind and open patterns on cambric and
longcloth. 5 to 9 inches wide. 25c. value.
Torchon Laces, Special, 5c Yard
Linen, mercerized and cotton li^ces, in many
desirable patterns.
$1.50 Georgette Crepe, $1.19 Yard
40-inch Heavy Silk Georgette Crepe, in black,
white and colors. >
Alarm Clocks
Alarm Clocks
that keep accu
rate time. In
stead of $1.49,
98c if you
bring this cou
Goods, 95c
Smart Leather
Handbags and
I* o c ketbooks.
95c with this
Men's Hand
kerchiefs, 5c
1 Oc Plain
White, Soft
finished Hand
le e r c h 1 efs,
neatly hem
med. With this
25c Men's
Wash Ties, 15c
New Washa
ble Four - in -
hands with
fiber silk
stripes. With
this coupon.
Men's Silk
Socks, 29c
75c Pure
Thread Silk
Socks, slightly
irregular. Plain
and clocked.
Black and all
colors. W I t h
this coupon.
Men's Gauze
Shirts, 19c
35c Sleeve
less Gauze Un
dershirts, per
fect quality.
With this cou
Men's Oneita
Union Suits
W li i t e and
ecru in these
sleeveless, knee
length Oneita
Knit Summer
Suits. With
this coupon.
Men's Poros
knit Union
Suits, 98c
All sizes, 34
to 58. in Sleeve
less and Short
sleeve Suits.
Knee length.
Slightly irreg
Men's Over
alls, 95c
Heavy Blue
Denim Over
alls. with bib
and large pock
ets. With this
Boys' Play
Suits, 69c
Well- made
Suits, in blue
and khaki.
Long and short
sleeves. Drop
seat. II e d
trimmed. Sizes
3 to 8. With
this coupon.
Boys' Over
alls, 69c
Sizes 2 to R,
in Bib Overalls
-"?light and
dark blue and
stripes. Ankle
and three
quarter length s.
Beads, 12c
Good assort
ment of jet.
bugle and iri
descent beads.
With this cou
Hair Switches
$2.00 22-inch
3-stem wavy
switches, in all
shades except
gray mixed.
Baby Yokes
29c Embroid
ered Baby
Yokes, with
finished necks.
With this cou
PearJ Buttons
4 Dozen, 15c
Assorted sizes
in Pearl But
tons, dozen on
a card. 2 and
4 hole. 4 cards
for 15c. With
this coupon.
Dexter Perle
Crochet Cotton
12 Balls, 85c
A 1 1 shades.
Sizes 3 and 6.
Cream 45c
With this
Toilet Paper
3 Rolls for 22c
Each roll
contains 650 to
700 sheets, l?c
roll, 3 far 23c.
With this cou
pon only.

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