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Jin X-RAYofJlubum Teatures
These Auburn features make for exceptional comfort, thorough
going dependability, distinctive beautv and remarkable economy.
These essentials, combined in the Auburn, set a new standard of
value. The Restful riding qualities of the Auburn car are made
possible by these superior principles of construction.
1.?Motor? Continental Red Seal Motor
?Model 7-R, the finest product of the
world's largest exclusive motor manufac
turers, with its positive-pressure oiling
system and four-bearing crank'shaft^vhich
eliminates vibration. 55 brake horsepower
at 2600 R. P. M. Power, flexibility,
smoothness and economy.
2.?Velvety Spring Action?Auburn,
springs are unusually long and strong.'
They re made right and hung right. Front
springs are provided with snubbers, add
ing still greater comfort and protecting
springs against breakage.
3.?Torque Arm?A torque arm on the
rear axle takes up both the driving and
braking reaction. The springs are thus
relieved of this extra dun . This results in
fullest riding comfort, and longer l^e for
the car. t - '
4.?Comfort?Seat and back cush
ions are deep and soft. Seat cushions built
over double deck springs?th^ upper decks
are very sensitive, while the lower decks
come into play only under abnormal
weights and road irregularities.
5.?Upholstery?Upholstery is of finest
quality hair and felt, covered with genuine
semi-bright, long grain, black leather.
.French-pleated in soft folds.
6.?Oilless Bushings?Oilless bushings
are generously used in all inaccessible
places. Entire system of brake levers and
pedals floats upon 14 of these bushings.
This construction avoids chassis squeaks,
rattles and undue wear at t-hese hidden
7.?Frame?Frame is of deep section,
.wide flange, nigh carbon steel with FIVE
cross members of like material. Taper
side channels insure perfect alignment of
entire chassis, eliminating body squeaks
and door rattles.
8.?Clutch?Borg & Beck Clutch 10*
single dry plate, disc type, completely
enclosed with accessible adjustment. An
nular and thrust ball bearings throughout.
Easy operating clutch pedal.
9.?Transmission?Transmission in unit
with motor, insuring perfect alignment.
Gears are of forged nickel steel, case hard
ened. The teeth in Auburn Transmission
?:ears are not only unusually wide but the
ace of each tooth is individually ground
after hardening, rendering their operation
especially quiet. This is a mechanical re
finement rarely found even in high priced
10.?Steering Column?Steering column
and wheel set at proper angle for maxi
mum comfort to driver. Steering wheel of
moulded black rubber composition with
polished aluminum spider. Corrugated
grip on steering wheel.
11.?Instrument Board ? Instrument
board and tonneau cabinet finished in
;enuine walnut. Instruments sunk into
ard beneath individual glass dials.
12.?Propeller Shaft?Double universal
drive shaft with large bearing surfaces
which are all hardened and ground steel,
the best construction to be had for this
service. High carbon steel shaft, excep
tionally strong and flexible.
13.?Curtains?Storm-tight curtains
open with doors. Chafing and marring of
curtains when not in use is eliminated by
the container fastened inside of tonneau
cabinet door where they are always acces
sible without disturbing passengers.
14.?Body Moulding?Top edge of body
is finished with a smart aluminum mould
ing along its entire length and around the
cowl. This moulding permits an unusually
neat and durable body finish.
Auburn Prices NOW Lowest in History of Beauty-Six
Models. Quality Better Than Ever?Value Unsurpassed
Standard Touring Car
Send for the'new Auburn cata
log. The mechanical chart and data it
contains will help yoa make a wise selection of
your motor car.
The Auburn is built in six superb
body styles?Sedan, Coupe, five-passen
ger Touring, seren-passenger Touring, Sport Model
and Roadster. A car for every need.
Buy your car
with Open 'Eyes
Here are the Auburn facts. Study the chart above.
We yve laid bare every Auburn feature. See what
Auburn offers you. Learn how the Auburn is made
Today, more than ever, value counts! Look
for it. Before choosing any car?be sure!
Buy on facts.
Eighty per cent of your automobile invest
ment is beneath the surface?the unseen
units. Know what you are buying. Com
pare the Auburn features here set forth
with what you get in other cars.
But don't stop there. Make your test com
plete. Come and ride in the Auburn. Test
the power and pick-up of Auburn's Conti
nental Red Seal 7-R Motor. Test the com
fort and stamina of this Restful riding car.
Velvety Spring Action
Ride as far as you like. Pick the rough
roads and worn pavements. Go where the
going's hard. Test Auburn's springs. Test
its balance. Test its ease of driving. Test
its noiseless operation.
Auburn springs are long and strong. The car
is wonderfully balanced. Note how it hugs
the road. Note the absence of side-sway.
Notie how smoothly and restfully it rides!
Settle back in the seats. You can in Auburn
seats! The sitting position is correct. The
backs are high. The cushions are soft. And
?there's leg room a-plenty wherever you sit!
Take the wheel. See what restful driving
means! The wheel is right in size and posi
tion. Brake and clutch pedals respond to
slight pressure. Hand levers are long and
conveniently placed. Gears shift without
effort. And the Auburn turns in short space.
Noiseless Car at Last
All these things you can know for yourself.
You can know, too, how quietly the Auburn
runs. In mounting the body, no metal
touches metal. Instead, a series of cork pads
are used. The doors have anti-rattlers. And
14 oilless graphite bushings keep the brake
assembly noiseless. You can really ride
restfully in this silent, squeakless car!
Beauty! No mistake! You can see it with
your own eyes. Dependability. Low up
keep. Long life. Ask any Auburn owner.
He'll tell you the facts. He'll give you a
new idea of motor car economy!
Built Up to a Standard
Auburn cars h ave been bettered?not cheap
ened. Best of all, the Auburn is backed by
a company in business to stay?a pioneer?
a company that has never been in financial
difficulties?a company that is stronger
today than ever before in its 22 years!
Remember, it wyour money you invest in a
car. Play safe. Investigate. Test. Com
pare. Look over all the cars in this class.
Yes, and cars costing much more. We will
gladly demonstrate that these statements
are facts! Come in; or a phone call will
bring the Beauty-Six to your door.
Built by the Auburn Automobile Co., Auburn, Indiana
1026 Connecticut Avenue
Main 1636
Open Evenings and Sundays

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