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Sale! Women's
Gloves 44c
Our own importation. We saved liv ill
buying direct; saved by favorable rates \|\
of exchange; saved by getting gloves \
in before the new tariff. And we've I
, shaved our normal profits to make this ?, v u M j
an outstanding sale. || V\ |j ill
k . First quality gloves from ll \ ijf /
hem to fingertips; 2-clasp I3 IjjJ^ J
style; washable chamois fab- lj
ric; finished with three rows f? ?
of embroidery on back. if *
White, brown, mode, beaver '
and gray. Sizes Sl/3 to 8.
(The Ileeht Co., first floor.?
Stout women's
stylish fur coats
si 2^ wpwa'
Tl.<*u* l.ivolv Sealing >N-\ V- V>V Avff
lined '
The price is very special f>'
we advise an early selection. \\^v^Rj^MgSgg|^p \v"vt
The smartest chokers . |MEa|
?and here are some specially
smart styles, large and fluffy: Sv
finished with head, claws and AI^HHu
large brush. *"
535 , |... M X M
<Tbe Hecht Co., Second floor.) IMzi ?
Last big lot of those
fine Jersey coats at
more when these are gone.
M&3&SS& I' Warm as a sweater, but
^ 1 much smarter, because these
JllwnBiSili 15; jersey coats are soft and supPgr
C|||ig||i IjSi pie and fit as smooth as silk.
! The general style is sketched:
a^nlWi an<* l'le ,ronts can be turned
SfjlLi over, making them extra warm
t|^jsy=fli|l ||i|jli Tuxedo front, belt and pockets.
'-wSsSNl jPiJ"* Black, navy, brown, reindeer
7 7 and buff. Sizes 38 to 46.
1 1 " "* ' (The Hecbt Co.. first floor.)
Prep & High school
For the boy putting on long trousers
for flip first time and for flip cnnliictioa>o>1
youth who is now particular how he looks.
f Society Brand High
The Hecht Co. High
All these suits are made with
partieular regard to the youth who
has outgrown boys' clothes, and is
not quite ready for men's clothes.
While preserving the freshness
of youth, these suits impart a
fuller touch of manhood.
Sizes 14 to 20.
Prices, $25 to $45.
Special at $25
?is a grouping of broken assortments
of hieher nriced
P j lines rounded out with The
Hecht Co. special from regular
stock to insure all sizes.
. (The Hecht Co., first floor mezzanine.)
Going Big! Sale of 8,000
"Perfect" phonograph
records, 46c
10-inch double-disk records, "Perfect" in name;
perfect in construction. See the manufacturing processes
in our window. Hundreds of titles?latest song
and dance hits?two to each record.
46c?and guaranteed as fully as any 75c record we know.
618 F STREET?a building' for music alone.
. , 1
, \
*2-. fv. ' ?s>t Sirfusi.
The He*
Here! Ready! Choc
Warm winter ov
The "Why" You'll I
of it identical <
For the past few years 1 1
i it ,/? (vlnrl to or
we ve neia an anvancc ?vr b.
sale of men's overcoats
and saved big money for U 1
our patrons. This is the U0C3I1S0 tJ
same idea applied to 1 1_ *
boys'coats. WOOl Cll0VlOt!
We bought these coats OV0rCOatill?S
last February at the end c?
of the maker's season;
bought them low enough . ? , . . ,
so that we could carry Here in a11 the st>'les Pictured
them over and still save above, including those with the
you considerable money. popular top muff pockets and
Otherwise these coats must lower fl pockets.
cost you $7 to $10; buy tomorrow
at $5.
_ Hals sketched above on
Sale boys' ?
cliivf c 7Qr
Jim i>vj, c TSfefflr..
Shirts that will wear because they are of B|JjK^3l3gi
high-count percales and fine tan pongees,
with seams double stitched and pearl buttons di
tightly sewed on. Mannish polo or buttondown
collar styles. Sizes 12*4 to 14.
(The Recht Co., third floor.) ^?
JBw^W Choosing the r
VIII III rag I .hi becomes rather an easy
llllll H FIB that specializes in just s
^ ens are really sumptuous b
^ in their lavish use of c
Sale of fall ,?k '
that are simply stunning ^
Jt ># OC with their drapes and
QbfYfQ ^ panels and fashionable
OfX I. # lO; JT and bell sleeves. $
Prunellas and the newer
basket weave cloths?the two _.m
skirting fabrics for fall.
Colorful as autumn hillside, in ^P? -3
clever combinations?navy and J
silver, navy and tan, black and aa Jfev
white, etc. Stripes and plaids. AN^fSc'j
Waist measures 26 to 31. / !?8y
(The Hecbt Co.. second floor.) if!
silk stockings! Ill m\
Largest selling silk hose in II
America, because they are
long lasting , Chain bray, $1.50 Pahner Linen, $1
.iik. Kindergartei
and pure silk only, without , . T
adulteration of any kind. Most including famous Jac
popular number is -m
Phoenix at $2.10 $^.5C
Full fashioned, with double 1??L t i j
heels, soles and toes and mercer- , , J regulation dresses
ized tops. Black, white, Havana, ?u' Jack lar way of
Russian calf, beige and polo v,,,, .
gray Kiddie Cloth, <
(The Hecht 0? . first fioor , & palmer Linen
Included also are Panty
maker. We've had duplicates of
j/fhere at $3.95 (that's how good
A styles are just as new and effecth
/ long sleeves.
mmmwm ?
h What do
HAN AN seamiest
shoes i
for women who put ? a _A . . , .
QUALITY FIRST Just 50 of these, and sine
All the old favorites are parent we should sell them
here for fall, together with
many newcomers. , , ,1 ,
_ Wide selection of patterns for li
sketched is a patent colt g- 9x1?
bar-strap pump, fastened at .
side with two pearl buttons.
ill? SacbtC** Jot S?^ '
- S&MAiM sfciits . ' . .' -v.:, ?.* .
?hf Ca r
>se! 458 Jr. Boys *
ercoats: a sale
ray $7, $8 and $10 for
overcoats later and be
et them.
liese overcoats are made of alls
and chinchillas, the two hest
known for Jr. boys.
All the coats are lined with Cheviots are in brown, olive,
a durable plaid lining, insuring and heather mixtures; chindouble
warmth and wear. Sizes chillas in navy, oxford, brown
are 2y% to 9 years. and cinnamon.
boys are $1.45 and $2.45.
For tomorrow (Saturday) only
mackinaws, *4.29
Sport styles with sufficient warmth for the coldest
ty and plenty of freedom for all kinds of play. b
Sturdy mackinaw cheviots in plain colors and neat plaids:
all with fancy muff pockets All seams taped and bound to
prevent ripping. Ages 7 to 17 years. p
ight dress
i to 14 * J'wjgSB
matter in a shop
uch dresses.
Finest of all, perhaps,
re the crepe-back satins ' ???"1
nd velveteens, exclusive [ K i
tyles that insure one a V J
ecoming mode with little ~
hance\of its being dupliBlack,
navy, copen, Sale of rugby
ocoa brown, henna and - _
an. For girls of 8 to 16. 4/s/vf /%/y/fn
Prices are $7.95 to I UUl ULllLO >.
29JO. Cn qc _
(The Hecht Co., third Boor.) ?P X
fllffltf rac/z fit//v qmrantecd!
fiscbby tl:. " i r
tuns is an imported iooi
ball, regulation Rugby style,
with genuine cowhide outside,
with rawhide lacing and heavy
rubber bladder.
Strongly sewed to withstand
the sturdy onslaught of young
Also Rugby and
Soccer balls, $1.59
Cowhide outside; rubber bladder;
fully guaranteed.
A good ball for boys to kick
Foot ball equipment
?for big and little teams. Special
prices to teams.
.50 Kiddie Cloth, $1.50 # . _
ws. Did your boy
\ Dresses get a bicycle
:k Tar Togs in the recent Times
| If he didn't, or if he wants
one, this is to say that we have
i, tailored in the care- The Ranger
bicycle at 849.50
n. T The same as those in the
Lringham t Times contest. Complete with all
1 (cotton) modern equipment.
these Jack Tar dresses
Marvel Radio
ASitS receiving sets
Solid colors, checks, M* I ^
ripes and various comnations.
Three typical Will receive all local broadyl%s?ar*
sketched- ASes cast. Complete with phone,
e Z to O. \. tr
<Th. Hecht Co.. third aw.) ; eShop 618 F St.
you say to a 9x12
5 Brussels rug at
1" w | .y
e the value is so ap- di
y.M g A / 1
all in one day. ^ j/jT 1
iving, dining or bed room. / / r=J / /
(The Hecbt Ce., fourth floor.) J:- ?
:V;- , ;.v, ;vV'/.. ,5 j '
.i ~ > J*5* * < ^ ^ _* 4 i i * >a? *' ?^
Children who walk in
Billiken shoes
never have foot trouble
Billiken shoes are built like
an Indian moccasin?without (Tj
nails or harsh seams?built 011 |
a Trushape last that provides ft^ JP
equal rights for every toe.
Billiken shoes are made of soft, r p "j*\
pliant leather, as flexible as a \feji ryye'l'00jS4
hand-turned sole. Billiken shoes
are not a corrective for foot V A/?oon> m?ll
trouble, they are a preventive. \?vcrt/7om[l
Thev sunnlv nepHert r>rntp<-ti<-vn B
are shape-r e t a i n i n g and long H
lasting. If 'SI
Billiken shoes may be had in iL s|
black or brown leathers?button X jH
and lace styles for boys and girls. % Jfir
$4 to $6.
Billiken Boy Scout and arniv shoes.
Sizes 10 to 13>?, $3 and $3.50
Sizes 1 to 2, $3.50 and $4
Sizes to Sy2, $4 and $4.50
(The Hecht Co.?third floor.)
?' )
Katberine Pauline Stella
School girls of many minds
wear SKIRTS of many kinds
Katherine wears a "Kiltie" skirt of wool tweed, which may
if had in large or small checks. Shoulder straps are trimmed with
ickel buckles. Ages 6 to 14. Price is $3.
Pauline, being a young lady of fashion, favors the pleated
runella with separate belt. Fancy plaids or stripes. Waist measure,
5 to 28; length, 25 to 29. The price is $3.95.
Stella dons a sturdy blue serge, which is attached to muslin
ody and bands. Sizes 8 to 14. Prices, $2JS0 to $3.95.
(The IJecht Co., third floor.)
These girls are wearing
some of our hats at $1.59
Felts, velvets and various combinations for grammar and
high school girls. All the wanted shades. Three styles
sketcnea Deiow.
Finer hats, $2.50 to $8.95
?all shown in the girls' own millinery shop on the third floor.
Broadcloth, ^sraline Polairc. $15 I'clour. bcarcrctte
collar, $1S collar, $15
"Quality at a price" brings
Girls' winter coats
Youthful fashions made more
youthful with fluffy FURS; *<"1 p
Knockabout styles with a knack O
of beauty in their sturdy make-up.
Unmatchable values at $15; either in the plain or
fur-collared coats.
Three typical styles are sketched:
a dozen other models as good looking.
. ?Broadclothi ?Bolivias ?Novelty coatings
?Velours ?Polaires ?Wool mixtures
Tans, browns, blues, checks and mixtures. Ages 8 to 14.
Have we aimed too high or too low?
No need of it; the coat stock is now at its best, with
every style coat from $7.95 to $75.
(Tie Heeht Co., third floor.)
Wardrobe trunk, $38 95
The last word in traveling convenience
You'll have to see the trunk yourself to appreciate its
urable construction, refined details and general conveniences,
ote these 12 features:
-Black vulcanized fiber cov- 6?Open top, cloth lined.
ered. 7?10 hangers.
?Beautifully cretonne lined. 8?Bar locking device.
-All interior fittings highly 9?Shoe box, easily accessible.
polished. 10?Heavy brass-plated hard-Ail
drawers taped for better ware.
Sacking. 11?Laundry bag.
rawers have wood?not 12?Heavy brass lock?not
pasteboard?front.. easily picked.
:' -jf-is M : .-tV ':.... ...

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