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This VGSYour
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valuable papers, money,
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Arlington District of Arlington
County to Expend
$354,000 on Schools.
j njin mi I'.ni'nu u iu x lie cuar. I
CLARENDON. Va.. October 11.?The |
citizens of Arlington district, Arlington
county, Va., at a special election
Monday voted seven to one in
favor of bonding the district to the
amount of $354,000 for use in constructing
a senior and junior high
school building, several new elei
mentary schools and additions to
other school buildings, the ballot
being 583 favoring and S3 opposed.
The vote by precincts was as follows:
Clarendon, 225 for. 29 against;
Baliston. 165 for. 29 against; Rosslvn.
85 for. 12 against, and Columbia
Pike. 10S for, 15 against.
I'nder the special bonding law for
| Arlington county, enacted by the last
legislature, the bonds are to be pay!
able at a period not to exceed thirty
years and to be made redeemable
at the option of any school board
at such time as may be specified in
the bonds. The bonds shall bear
interest at a rate not exceeding 6
per cent per annum, payable either
annually or semi-annually, as the
school board may prescribe.
>o Sales at Lena Than Par.
No bonds, according to the act,
shall be sold for less than their
par value, and at no time shall the
aggregate amount of the bonds issued
and outstanding in any school
district exceed 17 per cent of the
j aggregate assessed value of the real
estate located in such school district.
The act further cites that the bonds
! shall be of such form and dencmlnal
rion as the school board or anv such
' school district, by resolution spread
j upon the minutes of the board, may
prescribe and shall be signed by the
J chairman and attested by the secre'
tary of the board, and they shall be
j a lien upon all taxable property In
; such district for the payment of the
I principal thereof and the interest to
accrue thereon.
The proceeds realized from the sale
of any bonds under the provisions of
the act shall not be used for any
other purpose than that of purchasing:
sites and erecting- such school
buildings and furnishing the same
as was set forth in the petition for the
It i9 not planned by the school
board, which is empowered by the
act to handle the sale of the bonds
and expend the money, to float all of
the bonds at one time. The building |
program will be spread out over a
number of years and the money
raised as the needs demand.
Buildings Contemplated.
I The bonds were authorized to pro]
vide a senior and junior high school
! building for use of the entire district.
to cost $111,000: two additional
classrooms, gymnasium and additional
site at Fort Mver Heights to
cost $30,000; new building, with four
classrooms and gymnasium at Aurora
Heights, to cost $30,000; new
building, with four classrooms, gymnasium
and school site at Clarendon,
to cost $35,000; new building, with
| four classrooms, gymnasium and
i school site, at Ballston. to cost
j $35,000; new building, with six classi
rooms, gymnasium and school site at
' Columbia Pike, to cost $4S,000; new
i gymnasium, at Barcroft, to cost
$30,000; new building and site at
Highland Park, to cost $18,000. and
new building, with four classrooms
at Kemper, to cost $17,000.
Elected President of Sycamore Island
Carl Stodder was elected president J
of the Montgomery Sycamore Island :
Club at the annual meeting held on I
the islands Monday. j
Other officers elected were: James j
Webb, vice president; Roger D. Gess- j
ford, secretary; E. Reese Thomson, j
treasurer; and captain, Thomas Edwards;
executive committee, Horace i
G. Custis and I. Walker Sharpe; mem- |j
j bership committee, Harold Gray and !j
(Kenneth Boyd; laws committee, Paul ;
V. Rogers, W. E. Linden and F. G. |
i Cole; house committee, Jim Hundly, i
Miss Edna Thomas and W. B. Balser; 1
? finance committee. Ed Wilcox, David
Masterson and A. P. Hastings; cap- ;
tains, canoeing, F. G. Cole; tennis, H.
G. Custis; swimming, Paul Cathcart
and bowling, Howard Schladt.
Order of Total Abstainers Plans to !
Aid Law Enforcement.
The annual meeting of the Grand j
Council. Independent Order Sons of ;
Jonadab, was held last night in Pyth- |
ian Temple, on 9th street. There was i
a full attendance of delegates from
the various councils. Following a j
prolonged business session these ;
grand officers for the ensuing year j
were elected: Grand chief, John C. |
Foster; grand vice chief, Percy I
Clemison; grand secretary and treas- !
urer, William Armstrong; grand)
chaplain, William P. Johnson; grand
herald, William Ridgley; grand
guard. J. B. Curry; grand sentinel.
Ed. Clementson and grand lecturer,
Robert Talbot.
In assuming the office of grand
chief Mr. Foster said that it was his
. nii rnnc*. tr? launch an n P'trr?>?*si VP
campaign against the evil influences of
intemperance and strong drink, largely
increase the membership of the local
councils and lend aid wherever and
whenever possible in the enforcement
of the national prohibition act. The
Jonadabs are advocates of temperance
and are total abstainers from
intoxicants in any form. The organization
has been a strong temperance
factor in the District of Columbia for
many years and has on its roster
some of the most prominent and
well- known men in the city.
The first of British writers to make
a large fortune was Sir Walter Scott,
who earned about $1,000,000 by his
iMaFbi l
Shave With Cntknra Soap
The healthy up-to-date Cuticora
way. Dip brush in hot water and
rub on Cuticura Soap. Then make
lather on face and rub in for a moment
with fingers. Make a second
lathering and shave. Anoint any irritation
with Cuticos Ointment, then
wash all off with Cuticura Soap.
Nothing better for sensitive skins.
iMybhckriwlTlhlL Adfewa: "taHmSA*
'V, ?.-.{ - *. ' S-H"' Pfl
at b<=aut>fuua( ^
\ hawe, mrv spiviis. i yfi
1%^ n ftmfs ?
\ \r^sh*-i
:Jf? 4Erl
\? ' -1 j
Dealers Here Not Expected
to Charge Maximum Price,
Commission States.
Although the Public Utilities Commission
has fixed $16.50 as the maximum
price for large sizes of hard coal, j
the average price in Washington at
the present time is $15.50, Walter C.
Allen, secretary to the commission, ;
stated yesterday.
Mr. Allen said, he did not believe
it was generally understood that all
of the prices announced by the com
ones and that dealers would not be !
justified in raising: their charges to j
the maximum figure merely on the I
basis of the commission's statement. I
The only ground upon which one
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I Meets Mrs. Joe S pi vis am
wAMeo TH?*C\ T /.A B<taJ
^ *Fr<?* 1 Kai
.cvwer?v jeppjl I WHAT . F
dealer may charge more than another..
Mr. Allen said, is when he pays more
for his co?'il at the mine.
The commission requires from each
dealer a daily statement of all coal
delivered the previous day and the
price charged for each sale.
"If we find," the secretary continued,
"that a dealer who charged $15.50
per ton before the commission's statement
has gone up to $16.50 Inquiry
will be made to find out the reason
for the increase."
Urge Use of Soft Coal.
Both the commission and the coal
dealers are urging families with hot- |
water or steam heating plants to take
soft coal in order that homes equipped
with latrobes and hot-air furnaces
may get hard coal.
Soft coal cannot be used without
great inconvenience and difficulty in
j the two last-mentioned types of heatI
ing plants, the commission points out,
and, in view of the shortage in hard
| coal, such families are up against a
! more serious problem in keeping
| warm this winter.
Eugene Meyer, jr., managing dl!
rector of the War Finance Corporation,
left today for a swing through
the west to survey credit conditions.
He will visit Albuquerque, N. M.;
j L.os Angeles. San Francisco, Cheyi
enne, Wyo.; Billings, Mont., and
; Minneapolis.
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I Her Children.
riRji. ?~~?\
.us ir'. I c WAWW?O I
uoyjgf? VJhl I ( I
eR?^y v -
A warning: to the District pub
school teachers to familiarize thei
selves with the rulee of the boa
The Full, rich flai
the mild stimulat
8 A. M.
P ilslii
e for E<
e?Low Pr
- tf, "N
lg Room Suite
Large and Room
Suite ii
TViie Knititiftil on/1 i?
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Rocker, covered with go
able value at the extremi
A Little a We
' '' ',v
(Copyright. 1822, by H. O. flohor. Trote
Mg1ftoro4 11. L Pot. of.)
I NAl\*et> AFTER fit | \
\ BffAUTIFuC FLouuSft! I V ,
|^ \ ANb THii cHic.1>? J
Sot education is contained in a circular
letter sent to all school officers
yesterday afternoon by Supt. Frank
He W. Ballou.
T1. "Complete copies of these rules
rd should be in the hands of every offlNEXT
/or is Appetizing and
tion Aids Digestion.
e Hours:
to 6 P. M.
ices?Easy C
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:i? ' "> ??i .. *
. . / ' .-.v,.
HeuoTRoPet j t t
T~ V*!
cer for consultation by teachers." said
the letter. "Revision of the rules for
reprinting: is now under way." The
letter referred particularly to rule
43L. otherwise known as the maternity
That's Good! Try II
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Gas Range 1
Three burners. Spe- <
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UA^et> rti^
A memorial tower has been built or
Thlepval ridge, in France, to commeliorate
the 5.000 Irish soldiers ol
the 36th Division, who fell in the
Somme battle.
Yorkshire Pudding
>Md nth BELL'S Satoning, Sorted with
Rout Beef, Pork or Lomb
pe for Yorkshire Pudding :
ogether IS cups of flour and a scant teatiful
of salt; mix in thoroughly two tea.
afuls Bell's Poultry Seasoning; add IS
of milk, gradually .so as to make a smooth
r, then add 3 eggs, beaten until thick and
; turn into a hot dripping pan, the inside
bich has been brushed over with roast- *
dripping; when well risen in the pan, i
> with the roasUbeef dripping. Bake
t thirty minutes. Cut into squares and
5 around roast.
or Poultry, Meat, Fish, Game,
roquettes. Escallops, Soups, etc..
Send for free cook book to
M. G. BELL CO., Boston 9, Mass.
Wholesale Ajrenti
C. H. KNOTT, U aKhlngton
rices at
ure Co.
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