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Creating the io
T ET the outdoors be what it mayis
a joyous time. Log fires of a
books, long hours in a comfortable cl
the best sense.
If your home needs a few odd pi
more comfortable?a little more con
t have had always in mind?then hen
the Fifth Floor, Odd Furniture Dep;
Polychrome Libt
Table, $135
An antique finished table, 72 inches
beautifully proportioned. Carved by hand
uitieness and simple beauty suggests t
crafts of another day. You will be twice
it?for the piece itself and for your own j
in selecting it.
rt n
c o
o o
o o
. p 1
A chest of Draw
<r?o A 3 1
*pOTr ana ueyon
A chest of drawers, handmade, in wain
hogany, that grows as you need the drav
The interesting piece, so suitable for an a
may be had in either the style of the Brothi
or that of the Queen Anne Period. The
Base are $20 or $22; the drawers, $14 each
Chaise Lounge, $
' Finished in cretonne, with loose cush
made in two pieces, with footrest a separ
The woodwork is solid mahogany.
-====* T ^
Reed Furnitun
Suite of 5 pieces
$195 and up
The suite illustrated is one of four
suites now on display. This furniture is
A by hand to your special order, the mat
first-class, and the finished pieces entirely
Each suite- consists of settee, chair, rocl
and table lamp.
Carpets to s
BY arrangement with the famous
M. J. Whittall Co., we offer you
a choice from their complete line of
all-over carpets, all .of Wilton quality.
These goods are now on display, every
conceivable color .is at your disposal,
and borders to match may be seen at
the same time.
v /
& Brothi
ursday, October 12, 1922
me Atmosph
i' *.1 .? ?
?inaoors, witn tne advent
n evening, glowing lamps,
hair?Autumn time is Home
eces of furniture to make it j
venient?nearer the ideal he
e's a pleasing message for y
rary Console M
$7.50 to
long and The assorti
?its gen- eludes many de
he hand- lected from
proud of periods of furr
jood taste velopment, and
the console tabl
: J
Console 1
I $30 to:
Used in co
with a console in
very effective ii
' ing reception ha!
room. Many d<
! here; all specie
o and moderately
d rr_
ut or maver
space. M ]
ipartment, ^
ers Adam
Top and
fEnd Ts
$35 to $.
These inte
pieces in man
Polychrome des
than that sketcl
ions, and
ate piece.
Novelty 1
beautiful MilTOrS,
erials are Now very mi)
beautiful. mand. Shown
ker, table number of attr;
^ signs. One' illus
pecial ordei
Another feature of this phase
business is our line of Whitti
nille Rugs, in which we show or
cMtnUce runrc nn 1Q tirirli
* ugu uy tu iwvv m
cial designs may be had in any i
Particularly are we well ec
to take care of the orders of
and clubs, and can make satisl
deliveries on this class of busin<
?fc?- g?
! ________
I6IT6 Twenty
$30 ^
nent insigns,
491a ~
matching LiHStl
| at 1
i TpHIS offering i
Yl ! A Personal Chr
III versarv Sales tha
J 28th, inclusive, th
II usually comes dur
I The complete
H already here for
U clusivelv our owi
plate or make a n<
of 25 or over.
, , , ! Prices range f
ables I
$45 i
mbination Ex<
lirror, are ! /"T"M T
i furnish- I 1
11 or living | -A. ilvuC
mlgmaadc j TH,ETS fUCh,
priced ' hnel>' tail?red
1 I stops to count the
which it may be \v
smartness is eloquer
| distinction for it at
(gjSSa' i These suits re]
Ft" II ! mum of fine tailc
' : dollars. They a
| tricotine and P<
I rials that are alv
j a soft velvety
~~~ i j new without qu<
, \J j tion of the pock'
I buttons, the set
J j silk arrowheads
? I difference betwe
LDlCS | jacket 0f eacj
57.50 11 11 lined making it quit
weather, with an ot
tiful crepe de chine
res i n g twill in navy blu
v unique jeen . . ^ s]ia(jes
igns other
hed. ?
L ! _
\ ! 54-inch
il A SOFT brushed s
lil of the finest ya
JJjJ ness and pliability o
Shown in navy blue,
Normindy Coatin
54 inches wide, witli
Especially beautifu
with also a good
brown and kit fox
shades. Yard
Prunella Cloth, in s
effects for the w
Balkan and Angora
dian combinations
besides various con\
orings. Various quai
t vard, $1.58 to $5.69.
$5* New F
ich in dein
ictive de(rated.
- ^
hotels mMJII t jf\
Factory ^SSBL SjK
k Floor. "=*~
k?Paris STORE
V Marmot Cc
/ Specially Priced
. ,wH feel quite elated at beinj
K 1 secure even twenty of the
A looking fur coats to offer at thi
D Marmot is conceded to be an
5 most durable furs, so that th<
" one may have from such a coa
cannot in any sense be measure
price. And its rich dark brov
makes it blend beautffully wit
tume of almost any color.
There's a decidedly youthful;
them, too?the large cape collar
or cuff sleeves and the deep skir
Attractively lined with eml
mas Greeting Car
r? T"~x
oyo jjiscount
of fifteen per cent off from the regular p
istmas Cards, was so successful during ou
,t we have decided to continue it until ?
us avoiding the, great congestion of ord<
ing November and December,
line of samples from the leading engrat
your selection, some of the designs be
rt. We will engrave the cards from yo
:w plate for you. Orders taken for any qi
rom $4.50 to $32.50 per hundred.
quisite Tailoring Marks
vVinter Suits at
refinement about a /T^
suit that one hardly
various occasions on
orn. Its own quiet 'V
it enough and claims A \
any time and place. I J \ igj |jV J
present the maxi- / yi jj
<ring at forty-five [Tij./ 4]' I'
ire of high-grade v\ )
jiret twill, matevays
in season, or 1 .
marleen. that is ?iUaill \ n
;stion. The posi- ty f JvJfi | I
et, the number of t'i ' V-l I
of a bias band or ,1. . .. |i?{l
arp thp nointc r%f x i
en the styles. j |l
1 suit is snugly inter- j frV
e appropriate for cold I ' J
iter lining of a beau- r".._ I ' [
or satin. Tricotine \ ' J !
e and black, and mar- yl "
of brown and navy. ja jj
?Second Floor. / STj
vailed in Wintry Beauty
Lhasa Cloth, $.
urface, akin to the great favorite Kasha,
irn, of a decidedly woolen texture, yet witl
f crepe, and lends itself most beautifully
radio blue, henna, buckskin, brown, gray
g. all wool, Oxford Suiting, in th
i a deep pile. ful oxford gray, so im
1 in black, the realm of sports,
showing of suits and light- ^
i"\f> weight wraps. 56 H
}p?3.yO incheswide- Yard- ^
Wool Chinchilla, I
striking color wide> {or sturdy winte,
inter skirts. boys and mjsses_ sh0,
effects. In- gray, chinchilla gray
and Paisley, African brown, navy .
entional col- and marjne blue. M
lities. Priced, yard
ootwear Favor
Three Illustrated
. OOME are styles that have quit
^ ^ stepped into favor, such as th
pump of nubuck in the new otter sh
ing pumps of brocade and satin and !
various novel straps. Others achie
time ago, a popularity that has con
and ranks them among the season's
^ Among these are the always dres
leathers, sporty combinations of g
and gun metal, as well as practical
brown and black calf or kid.
Heels may be low, military, Cub
ish, baby French or high French.
^ indeed a wide range of choice at th
K teresting price.
*?>2.4-J. >
{ * /
gh & Br
NEWS for Thursday, October 12, 1922
>ats * Winter B
? able to 17ROM the burliest
se good- the daintiest o
is special there's an array c
things this season
inn r*- tUo naa/ic r* f Airafir orro 1
LIUllg lilt ilvluo KJX '
i service nowhere else can ch
t as this be combined with
:d by the more than in the re
m shade things,
h a cosair
about Diamond S
the bell ni i ^
t border. Shawl, 3
jroidered keep warm .
> >< Fioar. i doors, especially
whose years have n
?__oo> shawl a very part
nothing quite so c
diamond-shaped sh;
lavender and white
J1 Cd8fe'
Boudoir Jackets, i
combined with pink,
trimmed with prettt
to $6.95.
rices of
toX; Nightingale
>rs that |CST tQ sHp on ov
ers are I J on a chilly night
ing ex- i with sleeve ends tha
ur own I snug across the bai
lantities b]ue or orchid.
at Floor.
??? i The Huer-A
A ET An ^nt^'sPensa^e i
, door and outc
when even big coats
^ to creep in. A
5 jacket in several apj
lj[\ Beauti
nl/j Shawl
JVy HTHOUGH their g
not for warmth
j l be assured of a perfe
one of these love!
It shawls, in ivory v
i| draped around one's
jbl! or used as a protect
I ....
Crocheted Be
t H9!
"THERE'S not a
much cold air ii
room, even with th
! Kolmir tV?*? frpP7ittO" i
UL1U ?? lltV It ]
of these heavy croc
^ QQ jackets defies the
^ White with pink or
It is made
h the softUtility
>e delight- AT least one of th
portant in that is limited i
For fall or hour. Lovely
'O QQ plain or contrasting
)J.70 novel loop fringe.
worn under or ove
54 inches sweaters, or anvwh<
coats for
tvn in zinc
, caribou,
53.98 AndSwe
itrd Floor. of cou
^V\TT7 rural 4a*1
0 | liiiJ ui nit owvaiti
navy blue brush?
ILCd heavy, but with a deli
A collarless coat mode
belt. $21.95.
And then the other t
necked Russian blouse
a gay peasant red, with
. rprentlv an(f collar, cuffs and cl
e walking ^igated colors. $21.95.
ade, danc- There are also attract
shoes with ers, many in striking V
ved, some tions. that promise to b<
ic to stay out the entire winter,
sy patent
ray suede ?
i shoes of Tam and S<
c___ 'T'HESE are especiall
There is" } off ?>?**?? fac.
tarns, with long scarf
J brushed wool in colors.
wa4 ru?r. '
420-430 Seventh St/eet Northwest
rings Lovely Warm
tilings _
: of sweaters to
f silk shawls, A ?TSm
>f new knitted If
adapted to the
and time. And Av a nC R' v1
arm and beauty A. u ^M ~'~A\
snug comfort yffijhA \ M a
:alm of knitted y
wd? fus|i ^
and comfy in- f h.J j^5\
r for the woman jsgSggw
lade a shoulder f
of her, there's :J&?y JMl
onvenient as a '
awl of mauve, ^Sl\
:, with fringed &(!f \
n white or gray,
blue or orchid:
/ ribbons. $4.95
er one's nightie -T^r?r^r5?)
t fits warm and ,/^s1.fo-tjfj
:k. Plain pink,
)art of both inloor
costumes, 'J\ J
allow the wind ff uHkm.
little sleeveless I 'H
jropriate colors. y %. jP
s, $5.00
reatest claim is fl ;
, who could not
:ct evening with ^vx5r\. ' "''.Oa tH/Vy
Iv knitted silk
/hite or black,
> evening gown
ive underwrap. " | H
:d Jackets ' /ff)
chance of too
n one s sleeping ~
le thermomete
point, when on T^?||3S||fe^
heted wool beo
blue trimming. \^?\\
fs, $3.95 /<C\^
e many articles \A ^ n^sX
to no one place
long scarfs of I \X^
; colors, with a J f Nv
They may be ( /
:r a coat, with ij [ V ^ K\
ere indoors. 11 \ \ \s^/y
:aters, |
s illustrated is of f
:d wool; not too /
ghtful wintry air. I ^
I, with gray suede J jk
ixtrcme in a high- I ^ gyV
sweater. It is of J/ ( jCSJH' \
large red buttons, /if I,
osing band of va- I I _1Il \
ive mohair sweat- ( L- J"t f
ivo-tone combina- i I \L. f"r
:arf Sets \
y effective to set 4 f
s to mate h. of
$2.95 to $3.95.
?Sccna FImi.
Ill I
* '
? - * .
' ? ' . : :

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