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- v * _
S. Kann
Store Hours, Daily 9:15 a.m. to 6 p.m. v "THE
New Skirls May
But Decidedly Jaunty Pleated
?As are these
ing and undeniably smart new -J^^M
?They are unusually well J
tailored, in the deep box ~W*^P I
pleated styles, and include
combinations of black and (| ^ -ft
silver, navy and tan, navy and ' ~ /fj/
red, brown and tan, and black m / Jj/gg^T .
and white. " ^gjHfr
?Good assortment of regular
also extra sizes. iBChoice,
*10= j ?T tey are made of Lyc
Kan n's?Second Floor. ?All smart styles in black on
tHere are Some of
Women's ^
?Smart in fashioning and of
?Unusually well cut and caref
?All man-tailored models, be!
?Some have collars of self m
shaped raccoon fur collars.
?The materials include?
Plaid-back Coatings^
Pin Checks
Firm Tweeds . ?
$29.75 to $45.00
Values. Choice .
Kann's?Second Floor.
October Hosiery Sale
") ?6 different lots of hose. ^ 4 On
? jClChoice, pair ^ JL
?lilA\ ?This includes one lot of Children's Hose.
. All the popular fall styles. All good values
at the price.
mir 1 \ ?Mobim'i Sllk-and-Klber R*m, have Mamleaa
f 1 feet, mock geam In lea. lltle tops and soles and
* v \ reinforced heels and toes. In black only.
?Women's Derby Rib- ( ( ?Warn en's HtmiM
ova tonon BR?n LtSl* HOHi m?fl? full
of the well known ^TT T' ,"T* *uu
Phoenix make, with fashioned, with deop
seamless feet, rein- carter heme. Colore,
forced heels and toes ^^1 ^ black with lavenand
elastic tops. Col- H_r A _,h|#
ors. black. Havana a#r *na White
brown. Polo. with ffOld. #] AA
Se^A pair* $1.00 UM H AP??r #1W
?Women's DerhyRlh- ?WltMM'l LUU Km,
bed Cotton and Mrr- ^^^B faehloned, With r.ttleerlzed
Sport Ho,*, ^^^B forced heel* *nd tOM
made with seam!*** I I ^^^B and elaatlo (trter
feet. In the fallowing f | ^^^B ham*. Have Pari*
colors: ^^^B clock*. In
African with silver ^^^B black only. A ti OA
Cordovan with tan pair *I>W
Gray with silver
Cordovan with gold ^^^B ~OIIKrta'< Waal
Black With green ^^^B *port Has*. Derby ribTail
with silver ^^^B bed with d**p turnBlack
with tan down cuff*. Color*.
Tan with white brown h*ath*r and tan
Navy with blue heather. Sixes
Mixed colorings. 7 to 10. A ?f M
A pair <t, AA pair V*.w
*1-W Kann'a?Street Floor.
Thousands of Yards Curtains.
Upholstery Materials
?Planned to give you the best values at the lowest prices
,, the past five seasons. A sale which offers the solution to t
Three Big Sale Lots to Se
h Curtain, Drapery an Uphiolstc
?Full bolts of 75c to
'HiD|6s, 95?* vft 1 ui ' t ft 11
w sue*
Curtain and Drapery Fine Ci
Materials lph
?95c to $2.45 v
?35c to 75c values; full bolts, attractive p*t> on^oecwVtabte
terns. Arranged on 4 tables for easy t
selection. ! j
Choice, ^ BZ ** ! ?ioo>y#?. ??in.
. /.S C ?aoe vJa M-In.
yard ... ?no yds. 6l.?l
?800 yards 35c Cretonnes.
?300 yards 45c Cretonnes. ,! -tT
?50 Yards 75c Cretonne* ITaoovd.Hiiv
?500 yards 15c Colored Crash Drapery- i ~J0o yds 60-ln
?175 yards Filet Drapery Net, 55c value. j 100 vda. Natl;
?200 yards Scotch Lace Drapery, 65c value. i ?5 vds 4S-ln I
?175 yards Filet Drapery Net, 46c value. ?50 yds 3#-ln"
.?150 yards Heavy Denim, 35c value. . eg Yd-" Flrari
?100 yards 35c Curtain Madras.
?loo yards Reversible Tapsstry Cretonne, <5o value. / Xnnn'a?Third
/ / t
\ .-...-a*
Sons Co. <
BUSY CORNER" Pa. Ave., 8th and D Streets
r 'ltr
? Distinctive Dress Hats
Handmade. Picturesque Styles
ins and panne I ?They are most attractively trimmed with
I Glycerine Fancies, Imitation Paradise, Coque
' < Feathers, Self Bows, etc. '
ly. ' Kann's?Second Floor.
the Smart Styles in
Winter Coats lw iftk
excellent ^materials.
aterial, others made with shawl- ^U
Suede-back Coatings /: I Jg Sgjffljl j | fij
Imported Plaids I i j
Snow/lake Materials f|j^| j m
Special Prices Tomorrow?As Usual on Thursday
Inf&nts' and Children's
Little Wearables
A ? Infanta* White
Ltnk-and-LInk I,eg- A < | /\
etna. . 8 p e c I a 1 , J) I I W
^yTLfclA each *
r i mr ?laf a n t a* Rubber
/ / I \ Dlivtrt. Special.
I 1 ?Children-* Flannelette
W*'Sleepera and Cntna, In *a/|
* ^eT'1 VT"*"" T" H pink or blue stripe. y*#C
/\l l'-h lllu Sizes 2 to 14. Each * '
\ I I \ ?Infanta' Japaneae
r- \ / Silk Embroidered A ^ A p
v) Uollta, I4.P5 value, rhj.yj*
X' Each vw"v
?Knitted ?Infanta* Good Quality \ainaook
Capti In pink and white J x* Dreaaea. made with embroidered
or blue and white. Spe- yokes and lace-trimmed neck
Olalp each and sleeves. Sizes | ^ CT
6 months to 3 years. J ?
Kann'e?Second Floor. Each
i 111 -- - - - -
Women's 16-Button Imported 1
Lambskin Gloves, Pair, $3.75
?In white and black, overseam sewn, Paris point self-stitched
backs; soft, pliable skins.
Kann's?Street Floor.
, Drapery and The Kind of I
-A Sale Your Home
wie have been able to offer for __jhis sale, with its very specia
nany of your Fall Homefitting man or woman who has floors
, _ Seamless and Sc
lect From and Wool 9x12sry
Choice This
$1.98 values. 36 to 50 inches wide.
lorings. Arranged on 6 tables for S&1C #
j*; 50c _A
iper7 ?,00 yards Linen Tsffeta \ tcr'
Cr.tena??. 91c values?36 /fT\ \ entl
ipjrr Jacht. WW.. V* y . JJ y' - \ Sar
' *" -WOO y.rda Figured Dra- / | I I . I Kir:
Dr.- P*Y ?>*?. ??c value. I h ^ ' 1 lion
1 11 ?100 yard* Oxford- Taffeta I ?
1 Ar- Cretonne, ISo value.
iralue ?100 yards K. B. D. SuntMt
Madras?20 inches wide nap
lyrad -TOO velpe. ass.
?200 yards Flrured Case- / oul
11.31 Cloth, 7 So value. fe '
i. .. ?100 yard* Heavy Sumatra
'lou>, Cloth, OSo value. tt* l- r> j a '
ere- -ooo yard, .unrest Mad- High-Grade Amencai
lchM 50 ,nche8 Ando-Poralan, Karnsk, Si
?It is a well known fact that the:
.i .I- ft. ?j this season and unless you make i
IIttdttf Urapery QTlU be disappointed later on. Our coi
- - ?*_. _?_? terns In the most desirable colorlni
tOlStSry Materials No matter what coloring is desired
^12-Ft. Size Popularly P.
I tor easy selection. ?Smaller room sites and throw ru
**!? mmmm A-.1<1 fa XST 1 J
' 7Sr 7XUTCI* TV UU1
?rd ... / t/v . _
, Sunfast Drapery Silk. $2.45 value. BFIISSCxS Kll?8
Linen Taffeta Cretonne, $1.85 value. c
%3ff*SESS? at $13.85 , i
Irleb Point Panelinr. $1.25 value.
Irish Point Panelinr. $2-45 value. ?These are very closely woven
ral Casement Silk, 85o value. "} pattern. Choice of an extenSunfast
Kapok Drapery, $2.45 value. Sive line of patterns in splendid
Linen Taffeta Cretonne, $1.25 value. assortment Of designs and Colored
Drapery Silk, $1.25 value. inns.
-Floor. Kami's?Third Floor.
. ; ~ . i , / .
. ... . .. ' . . & j' X
Extra Special!
Name? Pencils
Now 30c
For Box of 3
?For the children's school use.
Put In your order now. Each
pencil haB the child's name
stamped In (tilt. The pencils
are In "different colors.
?OrderB take from a week to
ten days to fill.
Kann's?Street Floor.
Women's Union
In the proper weight for the
present hour I
r.?h"?"r $1.00
?Extra sizes, f | -It
each 4* i ?4*J
?Two styles, both cotton ribbed.
One model has band top, flat
looked seams, low neck, sleeveless.
with tight knees.
?The other Is a bodice top, with
mercerized tapes, tapes over
shoulders; tight knees.
Kann's?Street Floor. ?
The "NetheralF
?Meeting a long-felt want for
a graceful unboned yet slightly
supporting undergarment.
For the Deb and Sub
?It takes the place of vest, bust
conflner and girdle: costs less,
does more and does It better than
all four combined.
?Without bones it holds the
bust prettily and modestly,
weighs but 4 ox. and gives just
the right amount of support and
control, without constriction. It
is said to be "as comfortable as
the skin" and stays "put."
?It Is as easy to launder an
one's hosiery. We have thtse
beautifully designed new garments
In flesh, orchid and white.
in all ftillr alaci u nnmhlnatlnn nf
silk and auede cloth.
At $5, $6 and $7.50
Kann'e ? Coraet Store ? Second
lugs to Make
; Attractive
il prices, is of interest to every
to carpet.
iamecl, Worsted
Ft. Wilton Rims
. $75
wonderful collection. The petit
are copied from genuine oriel
rugs, such as Kirmanshah,
ouk, Bokhara, Afghan, Turkestan,
man, Ispahan and Chinese medalheir
fine, close weave, thick, deep
and wondrous silky luster will
ire you of their superior wearing
i-Made Wilton Rugs
idan and Windsor Grades
re will be a shortage of fine rugs
selection* esrly you will probably
nplete range of very choice pat;s
make* selecting now a pleasure,
you will surely find It here.
riced, 998,8110 & $125
gs to match.
9xl2-Ft. Seamless Wool
Velvet Rugs at 822.75
?Several vary food designs In
oriental effeot* in ahadea of roae,
Blue, tan, gray and mulberry.
9xl2?Ft. Stenciled Japanese
Rice Straw Rugs
at 85.95
?These are seamless, doublewarp
rugs with tape aides and
ends. Many are used the year
:..'.Av-u...: oL X ,-c:
j Prohibition Unit Declares
American Laws Follow
Ships ^t Sea.
Bars on TJ. S. Vessels "Invitation
to Dry Nation to Go on Seas
to Get Drink."
The public today was permitted to
peek into the reasons why the prohibition
unit backs up Attorney Geni
eral Daugherty's famous ruling
against booze on board ships.
Prohibition Commissioner Haynes
Issued a very dry brief prepared by
his counsel. James J. Britt, which was
presented to Attorney General Daugherty,
and with which the Attorney
Genreal concurred on all important
Reason Given ?t Start.
j The simple truth of the matter is
l put forth In the first paragraph: "L'n|
der the eighteenth amendment and
the national prohibition act. no in- j
j toxloating liquor for beverage purj
poses can be transported or sold on ,
. any ship, whether publicly or prl- j
i vately owned, of American regist
try and flying the American flag.
1011 whatever waters it may be; nor
j can such intoxicating liquor be transported
or sold on any ship of foreign
I registry, flying a foreign flag, from
] whatever country it may come while
within the three-mile limit of the
| United States."
Judge Ttritt quotea voluminously I
from opinions of the United States
1 Supreme Court and other precedents !
in establishing Ills case. j
Judge Britt lays stress on the words |
i of the Supremo Court in th. i
I i Anchor Line liquor case in which
i I Justice Holmes said. "It is obvious j
i j that those whose wishes and opinions
I i were embodied in the amendment
| : meant to stop the whole business."
I'. S. Laws Follow Ships.
Contending: that it is established
that American laws follow ships at
sea. Judge Britt asks the question.
"What would they who dispute this
position substitute for that which
they deny? Would they fall back
upon the nebulous, chaotic and unsettled
principles of international
law? Would they.depend upon some
hodge-podge system of control dei
vised by the officers of the vessel?
. Or would they leave the passengers
I and crew to nature and anarchy? A
i moment's reflection should convince
jail that if the control of American
law were denied, both passengers and
j crew would be left without protection
of life, limb or property.*'
Referring to the possibility of selling
liquors on American ships at sea.
the judge declared. "It is an invitation
to a dry nation to go on the seas to
get drunk. Tt is like a man taking a
vow never again to drink on earth,
land then ascending into the heavens
I in an airplane in order to take a
i A a to Foreign Vessels.
J The question of liquor on foreign
j ships. Judge Britt said, was as foli
lows: "Whether foreign merchant
j ships in United fcttates territorial
| waters are amenable to the eighteenth
amendment and the national
j prohibition- act i6 to be deter
j mined by American municipal law.
(together with the recognized principles
of the law of nations as relates
j to the merchant vessels of one country
within the waters of another, the
I controlling principle beine that, under
I all conditions, ihe United States of
| America has a right to make and enforce
Its own law* within Its landed
| and water territorial dominions."
i ?
Government Estimates Show Only
3,018,293,000 Bushels.
The world will have less wheat this
year than last. Total world wheat
production, excluding Russia and
Mexico, Is now estimated at
butshele by the Department of
Agriculture, based on official and unofficial
estimates. The revised estimate
for the same countries last year
was bushels.
BULLDOG, with Short tail and white breaat.
with ta* No. 4410: he Is now it 2004 0th fit.
\ ^ w- P'>-hne N. 0714.
HAG. tan leather, email pocketbook in aide,
containing money and string of pearla. Reward.
3ti0 N at. s.w. 11*
' BAR PIN?Platinum, diamond, between Ilriclit
wood and Tenleytown. via Rock Creek Park
{and Chevy Chaae Circle, on October O. Rej
ward. Phone Cleveland 1654-W.
; BILLFOLD. Sunday. Keep monay, but reI
turn New Jersey driver'a permit. 122 V at.
liUL. 111--!
BOSTON BI LL PUP, about 4 xnontha old. in
I vicinity of 14th and vT ate., on Sunday after- I
noon: reward. Call Mr. Hayes. North 4344.
or North BPsO. !!
I CAMEO BROOCH?Brashenr*. 616 8th at. *.w.
I Fr. *232-J. Reward.
CAMEO PIN. Notify Apt. 201, U? Newton,
j cor flth and E at*. n.e. Reward. !!
CARD CASE?Last week. Return to Joa.
Alexandrev&ca Bocskowsky, 130 C at. n.a. R?ward.
COIN PCRSE?Small black: contained $12.50.
2 diamond ring*: Tuesday evening. 0:80. on
7!h at. n.w.. between Barker's Bakery and corner
H at. n.w. Liberal reward If returned to
ownar. 478 H at. n.w. Phone F. 2234. 12*
DEPOSIT BOOK. No. 2*1127 with the Western
Saving Fund Society. 1000 Walnut at., Phlla.
j Ha ward. F. Turville. Columbia Club.
D5G?Beagle, white with yallow spots. Hatvard.
Telephone North 3172, Apt. 10, the
Sheridan, or North 2QGO-J. 12*
FOUNTAIN PEN?4old. Lott at deak in Po~tomae
Satings Bank, October 8, 8 p.m. Return
and receive snbitantial reward. No quaetlona
aated. John R. Watson. Ytanna. Vs. n?
GOLD BAR PIN with diamond la caster: Sunday.
October 8; on ear or bm between Woodford.
Va? and Foxhall rd. eta Clarendon. Va.
Reward ?t 710 nth at.. Room 500. ?
HOTTND DOG?felsek and tan, anawora name
of Morten. Reward. 1116 Ere at. a.w. 11?
KEY CHAIN' with Inltlala I. N. D.. with two
keys. Reward. IK* H at. n.w. Jffra. r. r.
Dunham. ___
KEYS?In leather container. Reward. Call
Main 1993. ?
MASONIC PIN, sold; name Reynold, inscribed.
Phono Franklin 91.
NECK^IEiE. sable, Sunday, October ft. between
Alexandria and Union atatlon, Washlnlton,
D. C.. valued tor aeaoclatlone. Return
611 Cameron st., Alexandria, Va.. and
receive liberal reward. Phone Alex. 8I8-W. ?
OXfORD diLASS, tortolee rim, Saturday night,
14th and F eta. Reward return to 14*4 fatrmont
at. n.w. 11?
PAIR GLASSES, tortolae shell rim. In caee
bearing Edmonds name; loat between Frlenda'
School and 17th at. n.w., Tuoeday. Phona
Main 8871. ?
PIN?Diamond and pearl circle. Loat between
Thomas Circle and downtown, afternoon Oct?
bar ft. Call Mrs. B. Hayes. Apt. <4. 1223 Vermont
avenue. Main 8712. 380 reward. 12*
PIN?Masonic, vicinity of Capitol or on Avenue
car. Pit one Lin. 3216. Reward.
PocKETBOdK. black patent leather ilady's),
In Onion station. Washington, the night of
October 8. containing a gold watch, marked
M. C. K.; a gold pencil, IS bill and some
change, some blank cheeks on Charles County
Bask, a silver rosary in case and a gold
pencil. A suitable reward wlllbe given If retimed
to 504 Baltic hldg., 606 F st. n.w?
city. . 13*
PUPPY (brown!, answers to name of
Brownie." Reward. Return to Pearlmaa'a
Book Shop. 033 G at. n.w.
PUPPY, brown, answers to name of
"Brownie. Tuesday 10 p.m. Reward. Notify
Pearlman'a Book Shop. Franklin 6416.
SHRINE EMBLEM. In heart-shaped pin: heart
eat with pearls and rnby In center: Monday.
Reward. Return to Mrs. Babbitt, 537 9th at.
n ? | after 5 o'clock. ?
WRIST WATCH?Small gold: initials G. J.
I a Sunday. Oct. 8. vicinity Park road. 14th
Ito l6tb ?t?. Reward. Apt. 400. the Parker.
rtm* Oql **?> a*
^trATCTh-Uay't jw>, Jtowig:
Washington and Virginia Woman
Expires in Richmond.
Mrs. Elisabeth Custls Andler of
Washington and Virginia, died in th?
Sheltering Arms Hospital at Richmond,
Va., early yesterday af*er a protracted
illness, according to word re- i
ceived here.
Mrs. Andler lived in Washington
for the past fifteen years and has a
wide acquaintance in this city. She
was born on the family estate?Sunderland
Hall?in Acomac county, Va.,
about eighty years ago. She was a
graduate of WihHam, and Mary College
and was proficient in languages
and literature. She was identified
with the Daughters of the American
Revolution and numerous other patriotic
and civic organizations. *
Mrs. Andler was married in 1873 to
Rev. Thomas Andler, rectdb of the
Williamsburg, Va., Episcopal Church.
He died about fifteen years ago.
Mrs. Andler had been the guest of
Mrs. S. C. Wlndeck of this city when j
About ten days ago she decided to
visit Richmond. A sister in California,
Mrs. Coles, is her only survivor.
Funeral Arrangements have not yet
been made.
Knights of Columbus' Official Given
Committee Place.
James A. Flaherty, supreme knight
of the Knights of Columbus, has been
appointed by President Harding h
member of the committee to raise
funds for the emergency relief of
Smyrna victims. ?
The Knights' international board
at a special meeting voted to take
under consideration the advisability
of establishing a junior department
of the order for boys up to the age
of eighteen years. Three months at
least will elapse before definite action
Is taken.
I Ueatfoa.
BALDWIN. October 9. 1922. at 3:30 a.m., at I
hit, racMart.-A llablantl Uri aftaa I
I Tong and painful illness, LAURA V.. the !
! beloved wife of Howard B. Baldwin, aged 41 I
years. Funeral services at Korestvllle J
church. Md., Thursday, October 12. at 2:3o
p.m. Relatives and frit-nda Invited to at- *
tend. 11*
S&AS HEAR. Suddenly, on October 10. 1022.
t 0:35 a.m.. at his residence. 1332 Gallatin
at. n.w . MoLAIN BRASHEAR. beloved bus
band '_f Kate B. <nee Kinaey). Funeral
from bia late residence. Thursday. October
12. at 2 p.m. Interment private. Please IK
omit flowers.
DIOG6. Monday. October 9. 1922. at 12:15
Sin., at her residence. 618 12th st. n.e..
OSA. beloved wife of Enoch Dlfgs and
sister of Charles Green and Emma Gant.
Funeral aervlee Thursday. 9:80 a.m.. at
Holy Name Church, where requiem mass
will be said. Relatives and friends are invited
to attend. v
HAMAKER. October 11. 1922. at 6:30 a.m.. W
at Relay. SARAH J HAMAKER. beloved
mother of Ida R. Hamaker. Intermekt at
Shellsburg, Pa.. Friday. October 13.
KIXSDATF. October 10. 1822. at the rut SJ
dence of her son at Seattle. Wash.. JULIA
MERRITT, widow of Solomon It. Hinsdale.
KINTON. Departed this life Monday. October
P. 1922. at 10:25 p.m., after a l^ng Illueaa.
WILLIS R. HINTON. He leaves to mourn
his loss four girls, four sons and a host of !
relatives and friends. Funeral Thursday,
October 12. 1 p.m.. High Point. X. C.
LAWS. Departed this life Monday. October
9. 1922, at 9:42 p.m.. MRS MARY I?.
LAWS, the devoted wife of Arthur Iaws.
Funeral from her late residence. 30ft E sr.
s.w.. Thursday. October 12. at 1:30 o'clock,
thence to Zion Baptist Church. F at. between ?i
3rd and sta. s.w.. Rev. W. Howard
LAWS. The officers and members of Queer
Deborah Court. No. 3. A. O. D. of J., are
hereby notified to attend a railed meeting at
the hall. 1609 Uth n.w., Wednesday at
7:30 p.m.. to arrange for funeral of our
deceased sister. MARY LAWS.
Sister MAMIE LEMMON. R. 8.
LOFTUS. Sunday. October 8. 1022. at 10:30
p.m., JAMES F.. beloved husband of the
late Winifred Loftua. Funeral private. SI
Thursday. 9 a.m.. from J. W. LeeV under
taker, thence to St. Patrick"? Church. Interment
Mount Olivet cemetery. 11 1
HEARS. TtiewJtT. <Vff.hcr 10. 1922, 8:22 |
a.m . at Colonial Beach. Va . Mr?. BESSIE '
B. MEARS. aged 37. daughter of Mr?. E. V. J
l-ehman and the late William A. Yates, Jr.
Funeral at 2:30 p.m. Thursday. October 12.
from the chapel at Congressional cemetery,
Relative* and friend? invited.
JKOC&ABEE. Departed thig life Tuesday. :
October 10. 1922. GABRIEL 1IOCKABEE.
Funeral from Winslow'a undertaking par I
lor. 12th and R n.w., Friday, October 13. !
2 o'clock p.m. ' |
ROBINSON. Monday. October 9. 1922. at St. \
Elisabeth's Hospital, WILLIAM ROBINSON,
colored. Body at city morgue. If not
called for by 8 p.m. Thursday. October 12.
such remains will be disposed of in accordance
with the law. X]
ROGERS. Suddenly. Sunday. October 8. *1922.
at Portland. Ore.. ROGER E. ROGERS,
formerly of Washington. D. C. Besides hia
wife, of Portland. Ore., he leaves a moiher. w
two sisters and two brothers.
The pain is hard, the shock severe.
To part with one we love so dear.
But in our hearts you will remain
Until the day we meet again. ?
j TOYER. Departed this life October 10. 1922. "
at 1:30 p.m.. at her residence, after a long
illness. MARGARET E. TOYER. Notice of
funeral later. *
WINSTON. I>*plrt*d thin liff. at hit r.iri- *
denoe. 2321 E st. n.w.. 4:50 p.m.. October 9.
1922. MILES M. WIN8TON, beloved husband I
of Regalia Winaton, devoted father of I
Blanche T.. Mason A. and_Mra. Georgia W. |
Lee. and brother of Loula Winston. Funeral ?
erviee* at Nineteenth Street Baptist Church 1
Thursday, October 12, at 2 p.m. 11* I
WINSTON. Members of Hiram Lodge. No. 4. 0
P. A. A. M.. are requested to meet at 1615 .
Rhode Island are. n.w.. Thursday, it l .
o'clock, to attend the funeral of our late
brother. MILES WINSTON, from Nineteenth
Street Baptist. Church, at 2 o'clock sharp.
By order of the lodge.
WM. H. BROWNE. Secretary.
WINSTON. The officers and members of Wn.
Andrew Freeman Lodge, No. 2099. G. U. 0.
of O. T.. are requested to meet at the hall
this (Wednesday) evening at 8 o'clock to ar- __
ranee for the funeral of Brother MILES M. ""
BARRETT. Id sad but loving remembrance of ~
our daddv and husband. J. CHARLES J.
BARRETT, who departed this life four years
ago today. Octobar U, 1918.
Four years hare gone aince^that sad day
When the one we loved waa called away;
God took him home, it was His will.
But in our hearts he liveth still.
May the heavenly winds blow softly
OTer that sweetest and hallowed spot! i
'Mid the changing scenes of life
You will never be forgot.
BRIGHT. In sad and loving remembrance of
at dear husband, JAME8 BRIGHT, who da- d
parted this life one year ago today, October *
11, 1921.
Sleep on. dear husband, and take your rest; "
God called you borne. He thought it beat;
He saw your suffering here was great
And opened wide the golden gate.
In our hearts your memory lingers, "
Sweetly, tender, fond and true; K
There la not a day. dear father, r
That we do aot think of you. ^
October once more la here, i
The aaddest of all the year. J _
Four years age today ) It
took my wife away. 1
Oh. blame me not for weeping for there Is
a vacancy in my heart that never can be
filled. n
COOK. In tad but loving remembrance of our dear
mother and grandmother. MARY A. <
COOK, who departed thla life one year ago
| today, October 11. 1921. |
Mother, how hard I tried to save you,
i Prayers and tears were all In vain.
! Happy angels came and took you
From this world of grief and pain. 2
! In our hearts your memory lingers _
Sweetly, tender, fond and true; ~
There is not a day, dear grandma,
! That we do not think of you.
' OOOK. In Nd but loving remembrance of our
dear mother, MART A. OOOK. who departed
I thla life ene year ago today, October 11, 1921.
We only ask to lire each day,
I 80 when life's course la done,
! Tnat we may mfeef our mother
| In the land beyond the sun. I
OOOK. A tribute of lore and remembrance of
our dear brother, VALENTINE COOK, who
entered Into eternal rest four years a*o today,
October 11, 1918.
We often ait and think of you ?
When we are all alone.
For memory ia the only friend
That grief can call its own. ?
Our'thoughts are always wandering "?
To the grave so far away.
Where our darling brother ia lying,
In hid peaceful and lonely grave. >
3n iflemortam.
1IGGS. In pad but loviug re membrane ol
tuy devoted husband, CLARENCE W.
JUGGS. wIk) departed tbis life four jean
ago today, October 11. 191S.
I think of you both day and night.
And when I am all alone;
For your loving ami!?, your loving face.
No one ran ever fill your place.
10RSEY. in pad but loving remembrance of
my dear mother, JEN NIB DORSET, who
departed thin life one year ago today, October
II. 1821.
Though you're left ua, predout one.
Though we hear your voire no more.
We are *afe in our conviction
That we'll meet on yonder shore.
Watch and wralt for ua. beloved:
For we know it can't be long
Till we are again united
In a land of aun and aong.
'INGLES. In *ad but loving remembrance
of my two dear brothers. JAMES A. and
PATRICK J. FINGLEK. who departed ?Rfta
life one year ago. October 3 and 11, 1921.
Gone, but not forgotten.
'REEMAN. In loving memory of our devoted
wife and mother. MARTHA FREEMAN.
wlw> died four years ago today, October 11,
Sleep on. dear mother, and take thy re*t.
Oh. now- we miaa you. but God know-a be?f.
ILMORE. Sacred to the memory of our beloved
left ua nine years ago yesterday, October
10. 1913.
In our hearts your memory lingers.
Sweetly tender, fond and true;
Th?,?i ?. . Am.- A mm, t mmtm
That v.e do cot think of jou.
Forget yon, no. we never will;
We loved you then, we love you still;
Your memory is as fresh today
Ab in the hour yon passed away.
[AftDXXG. In loving memory of our brother.
Meat. MAURICE L. HARDING. who .ited
at Nantes, France, four years ago today.
October 11. 1818.
Sleep on, dear brother, and take your reat;
G??d called you home; He thought it beat;
He saw your buffering here was great
And opened wide the golden gate.
Aim. In aad and lorinr remembraoee of
my dear husband. MORGAN BROOKS HARVEY,
who departed tliis life four years ago.
October 11. 1918.
Thou art gone, but not forgotten,
Freeh my love will ever be;
For as long aa there is memory.
I ahall always think of tber
Sis luting wite.
[EBLEJt. in m.tnorr of our bolotod .on.
Infantry, who gave hia life in France, October.
II. 1918. Aged 21 yeare.
"Greater love hath no man than this "
?COY. In remembrance of our dear mother.
OTT1LIE McU'OY (nee stub, who departed
thie lite six years ago today, October 11.
In our bearta yoor memory lingers,
Tender, aweetly, fond aod true;
There is not a day. dear mother.
That we do uot think of you.
?UXAND. In loving remembrance of of our
dear boy. J OS El* H U Nl.l LAND. who departed
this life four years ago today, u- tuber
11, 1918. TliL FAMILY.
kVARE&E. In bad but loving remembrance
of my uear brotiier, TOBY SAVAKESE. ?uo
departed this life iour years ago todaj. October
11, 1V18.
Torn from the heart a that loved you:
Gone in the beat of your days,
Loved by all who knew you.
To sleep in the siieut grave
This world may change from year to jear,
And friends from day to day;
But never shall the one 1 lore
From memories fade away,
CTH. Sacred to the memory of our dear
father, WILLIAM H. SMITH, wuo departed
this life two years ago today. October 11,
Two years have passed, dear one. we miss
Frtenaa may think the wound baa healed;
But they do not know the sorrow
That ilea within our hearts concealed.
KITH. In loving remembrance of tnj dear
husband. WILLIAM H. sMT'IU. who o?
parted this life two 3 ears ago. October 11,
Dear ib the grave in which he ib laid,
Sweet is his memory, which never will fad";
Heart of my life is buried d?-ep
Under the sod where he peacefully sleeps.
HATER. Sacred to the memory of our dear
father, NELSON Q. THAYER, who departed
this life nine years ago today, October li,
To u* there come6 a memory.
Of love that ie seldom met.
When we think of our dear father
Whom we'll never forget.
G?d has taken our loved one from our
home, hut never from our bearte.
ttOMPMK. In loving remembrance of
tbla life four reara ago todar, October 11
ARTIELD. Id had but loving remr mbranre
of my brother, JEREMIAH WARFIfcLD. who
departed this life fourteen rears ago today
October 11. 190b. HIS SISTER. M. S.
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