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Coast Guard Ordered to Get
Behind U. S. Drive Against
L Liquor Runners.
By the Associated Press.
NEW YORK. January 24.—'The
federal government has given added
Indication of Its Intention to wipe out
rum-running along the Atlantic
coast, which In the last two weeks
has received added impetus through
the presence of the rum armada off
the Jersey coast.
This was the Interpretation placed
•upon an order coast guard officials
said they had received from Wash
ington to regard prevention of smug
gling as one of their most Important
The order. It was stated, followed
a decision of the federal government
to use the anti-smuggling forces of
the Treasury Department virtually as!
an addition to the prohibition forces!
to destroy the rum-running trade by
making It foolhardy and unprofitable.
It was estimated that 3.000 men and
many boats would be added to the
dry forces.
It was slated by the customs of
ficers that similar orders had gone
forth to all other coast guard sta
tions on the Atlantic and gulf sea
boards and on the great lakes.
John D. Appleby, commander of
the prohibition navy, said the new
order would make the coast guard
service a great help to the prohibi
tion forces.
First indication of direct co-opera
tion of the customs and enforcement
' services was the towing into port
yesterday by the coast guard cutter
•Manhattan of the 40-foot gasoline
launch Jacques Rose, a prize of the
prohibition navy.
The Jacques Rose, alleged to be
carrying sixty cases of liquor, was
captured Saturday after a stiff fight,
during which all but one member of
the crew escaped in small skiffs. It
has been learned.
Two dispatch boats engaged In
marking dangerous wrecks in the
Tlngllsh channel have located more
than forty wrecks off the ports of
J>unkerque, Calais, Boulogne, Dieppe
end Havre.
'— . - - -...
Giving complete protection In any weather,
the “U. S.” 4-buckle Arctic on the left ia an
indispensable part of the winter wardrobe
'p"*"** 1 of thousands of women today.
Below is a sturdy “U. S.” Storm Rubber
for children —built to stand every test of
Little feet that
kick and scuff
Ml# —the hardest test of rubbers
!/!'/ ‘ Gaily they race to and from school or out to play.
> Uo Never at a walk—always a tumbling, scurrying stam-
Wjattßgh f'jl pede! It’s fine for young muscles. Butisn*t it hard
/j ' . on rubbers!
JL In designing “U.S.” Rubbers their makers have
MKMSp kept this severest test of wear clearly in mind.
MV jAj i So the rubber compound that goes into every
(v| | U. S. Rubber and Arctic is specially prepared and
_ carefully tested for its ability to stand the
hardest ordeal we know—the constant,
(I scuffing impact of little £Set!
Backed by three generations
ff\A .fttof experience
* J The construction of U.S. (Cv
\ i Rubbers is Ac result of 75 J;
y *j* I yearsof experience—from Ac
Tj h making ofthe first successful
j / rubbers ever turned out down >
U jrjT I 1 to Ae manufacture of the /tJaLT*
fit L “master brand” that bears *D
k Ac “U.S.” trademark today. omf%sfnksSZ
** U.S* Rubbers and Arc
tks areas carefully designed / Ytt
for style as Aefine shoes they JbSP \
cover. Closely, snugly, line ™ I 1
for line Ae different “lasts” follow Ae
modeling of every type of footwear. Wr
For men, women and children—
you’ll find just Ae type of rubber or -
arctic you want in the big US. But.
They are not “U.S.” they have
* the U U.S.** trademark. It will pay you v "■
■j to look for it. They cost no more and jHj
i war longer .
J wND United States Rubber Company /
'■ - Wearing rubbers out
h * , “ Jcfc Ay* ««*me
xk: * AOrV, jvl This WMifabh machine gives
132£ . «■— _ rubber* the asms kind cf wear they
P ■ 11 < get ia actual daily use. In it, sec-
U.S. Rubbers ;^ris
1* only one of the many laboratory
, teats by which the high standard
at quality of “U. 8.” Rubber* is
maintained today.
By the Associated Press.
CONCORD, N. H., January 24.
The speaker of the New Hampshire
legislature protested against the
Introduction of “freak legislation”
yesterday after four bills had been
presented to the house.
One bill would make eight hours
sleep in twenty-four compulsory;
another provided for the appoint
ment of a commission to Investi
gate all homes to determine
whether they were happy. A third
measure would enact that no wom
an shall* marry her grandmother’s
son. The fourth would ordain that
the Ku Klux Klan must not call
meetings unless authorised by the
OTTAWA, Ontario, January 23.
Canada’s exports in 1922 increased
181.662,673 over 1921, and her imports
dropped off *37.139.174, the Dominion
bureau of statistics announced to
Great Britain was the best cus
tomer. with exports of *374.761.894.
The value of goods sent to the United
States was *340.158,247. Total ex
ports were *884.362,583.
Imports from the United States in
1923 show a marked decrease, com
pared with 1921. In that year Can
ada Imported goods from the United
States valued at *553,091.001. against
*509,823,760 in 1922. Imports from
the United Kingdom Increased from
*123.149.776 in 1921 to *146.866,288
last year. The total value of Imports
into Canada during 1922 was *762.-
339.309. or a decrease of *37,139,174
from the 1921 totals.
Soviet Ex-Envoy Among Those
Who Won Clemency.
OSSININO, N. T.. January 24.— The
state board of parole, meeting yes
terday at Sing Sing prison, ordered
the release of twenty-five convicts,
among them Dr. Julius Hammer,
former financial representative of the
Russian soviet government in the
United States. He was convicted of
malpractice while a physician In the
Bronx and was sentenced to three
and one-half years’ imprisonment.
He was secretary of the Mutual Wel
fare League, the prisoners’ organiza
tion, and had the reputation of a
model prisoner.
Albany Executive Acta on “Higher
Than Legal Grounds” to
Muzzle Mrs. Sanger.
ALBANY, N. T.. January 84.—The
evening session of the “scientific con
ference,” which began In an Albany
hotel under direction of the American
Birth Control League, wae canceled
by order of Mayor William Hackett.
Mrs. Margaret Sanger was scheduled
to speak on “The Need of Birth Con
trol In the United States.” but made
no address. The mayor said bis order
was based on “higher than legal
grounds—morality, propriety and up
rightness.” adding that "not one cit
izen of Albany came to me in sup
port of the meeting.”
An afternoon session was conducted
under surveillance of police, attorneys
and physicians, but Mrs. Sanger made
no attempt to speak.
Mayor Hackett’s action came after
protests by representatives of ths
Catholic Daughters of America. Cath
olic Women’s Service League and
Knights of Columbus.
C Unexcelled appointments and t !
U many innovations. Popular for M
£ women’* convention*. Ideal (top- d
S ping place for women alone or 2
J) , with children. Restaurant pri*. w
< lieges open to public. Rooms*!. 50 fl
M to 14-00 s day. No tipping. Scad M
\ for booklet. S
1 National Board Y. W.CA. 2
Z union Station Tlazff S
DC. ||
The Hecht Co.’s Half-Yearly Discount j
Sale of Furniture
Definite savings of 10% to 40%
Kindly note—Each piece of furniture in tag—showing the amount of discount.
the Half-yearly Sale is tagged with its present You may figure this discount yourself, the
retail price; in addition there is another amount of your saving.
_ '..f— ___ 21 ■»
Bedroom suite, 7 pieces, $295 Living room suite, $395
Tudor style mohair
Ihis luxurious suite for the Urge living room, has 84*
As the bedroom is the most frequented room, it should inch barrel arm settee. Extra large wing fireside chair and
have every environment to happy influence. This suite of care* large armchair. Upholstered in genuine deep pile mohair with
fully selected American walnut. Du-O-tone effect, is cheerful figured seats and backs, and plain arms and front. A bcautU
in the popular Tudor style. Soft, dull, satiny finish. ful combination. All pieces have silk tassels.
* Handsomely brass Genuine Tennes• Cedar odor retained
trimmed see Red cedar. by chemical treatment.
C«UI6 firCßldo Dust-proof —-■ —'
1 molded
comers f
Cl L ~ t wear.
and back living room chair pr platform and double pedestal
rocker, with high, restfid back. gy base. Oval end top, 27x42 '
_ .. . Fitted with tumbler 18% inches wide. ' ?
< <^J ° *** inches high.
Double duty, s l3 s l9 $ 22 Drop-leaf
. “i I Three sizes—4o inches, 45 inches and 50 inches a k*
economy double EnduHng qualUy -i ow price 1 English breakfast
Da-bed, $25 Finest cedar chest, we believe, to be had at the price . . , «
TT , . Note the features—point by point. Redolent red cedar, tough as time; taDIC, '
Hais appearance of couch witH a permanent cedar odor that will keep all insects away.
SuSzebeV Has y guaSntccd . Cabinet workmanship—mortised corners make the box airtight; brass walnu^o^mahogany 1 finish!
spring, box edge mattress, hinges and riveted brass bands reinforce it; a strong lock makes it secure. Ideal for service in the break
with cretonne covering and Sets high off floor; rolls on casters. erne Hecht co.—furnitore—fourth floor.) fast porch or small dining
valance. room.
" f
Our entire stock of wool rugs SMSk kVx [ 1
It is a marvelous display of practically every DlUlUg FOOm Suite, $265
conceivable color combination and pattern. Queen Anne period
The qualiUw are superb—-wool. The prices Took the maker’s entire output of this 10-piece all-mihog
are extraordinarily low. Time to bu>. II! any or American walnut suite. Has 60-inch buffet with crystal
Jj, I'll mirror back, closed-in server, oval extension table, grilled front
At sl7, |r| * china cabinet, one master chair and five side chairs, all with
genuine leather seats.
All-wool-face Brussels; close weave; guaran- -
teed perfect. Seamless style, in pleasing patterns. ®
Size 9x12. suitable for any ordinary size room. DaVSUpOrt table ~ f f
Atsss ■ m • Mm-
Excellent quality Axminster, with deep pile. Italian Renaissance • , V BSJpT M
th. favored
ap Refrigerator , Ypsilanti fiber reed suite, $65
H 3-Door Style Front ’ “Ypsilanti quality ”
H/cer 75-Lb. Capacity. Jtultf A suite of pleasing lines. 6-foot settee, restful rocker and
" A . TV.. | large armchair. All equipped with spring seats land loose
/ $9Q e 75 ■ {Anynco IQC. \g?| w. spring cushion. Upholstered in attractive cretonne. '
*■ ' f ■ :
The snow-white porcelain food chamber is We are proud to say H JrS iQ> mla!mMlfTP Mnß) If* W
without a seam—therefore no place for dirt or that we arc the cxclu- Jit Mi # wLT ML ML JMI ml* mrj IUq |
germs to lurk. As easy to clean as a glass bowl. B i ve distributors of rr ± 1 , p
Sanitary wire shelves, perfect drainage system. ■-Jr“ . • 7 th fit h- -*■<-■■■■ ■
Golden-finish hardwood case, heavily nickeled Triple Guaranteed Fur- ... i &t* Ui/ •A j ' -
hardware. Represents a value unequaled. niture in Washington* {

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