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/ protection. \
/against Colds %
Quinine acts at once I
and gives quick relief! I
It checks Colds in 1 •
\\ £4 hours,La Grippe IL
\ in three daysj) jj
W. H.Hill Company Jf
Epsom Salts
Tasteless Now
AH the Splendid Bowel Action but
■ ike Drinking Lemonade
h fWw
I ;te^4/
“I O O o ® 1
Tasteless o°
When constipated. bilious or sick, j
enjoy all the splendid physic-action [
on the bowels of a dose of epsom j
salts without the awful taste and I
nausea. A few cents buys a package
of “Kpsonade Salts," the wonderful
discovery of the American Epsom
Association. Even children gladly
take it. Drug stores. *
His Stomach Makes Him
a Miserable Failure A
Dull! Listless! Impotent! Unable to If you experience any discomfort after i
do good work or even to think of good eating discomfort of any nature what- J I
work. Tortured with ceaseless stomach soever you should take immediate steps W!
gas. A burden to himself and an annoy- to give your digestive organs the help they
ance to his friends and relatives. This man need. Heartburn, flatulence, heaviness , .. ! ' K m
is doomed by digestive disorder to dreary, after eating, biliousness, dizziness, gas
dismal failure, unless he quickly corrects all are signs that your stomach is on the if#
the condition that has robbed him of his point of rebellion, — that unless immediate //
ability of body and brain. help- is supplied, serious or fatal illness,
Napoleon said: “An army fights on its suchf uch “ disea “ of the he^’ , W , d ,S’ ' E
stomach”-he might have gone further lungs, Wood and nerves nmy shortly foUow.
«td said “The world lives on its stomach” M“ es , Llttl .' w » nd f. r Capsules are of ;/ 'L-. I»/
for truly the stomach is the organ thit £reat value m correcting these conditmns. J
regulates the affairs of mankind. They aid digestion and tone up the stomach.
Jaques’ Little Wonder Capsules
Bring welcome relief to victims of
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Constipation
These marvelously efficient little capsules were tin covering dissolves quickly upon reaching the
originated by W. B. Jaques, a prominent druggist stomach, releasing their helpful medicines promptly Presiding Elder’s Testimony
of Plattsburg, N. Y,, more than twenty years ago. to relieve indigestion and stomach distress. Thomas G Thompson
During the years that have followed they have Jaques’Little Wonder Capsules contain a number former presiding elder of the Method
attained, through sheer merit, an enviable dis- 0 f standard medicines acknowledged to be cor- dist Episcopal Church, writing from
■tinctioQ as a sure and speedy relief for all rectives in treating certain gastric and intestinal Johnstown, N. Y., says: “1 have
forms of chronic or disturbances. A single capsule goes direct to the ormore thf n'twelv^
rr —— ( * cut ® indigestion, spot and gives prompt and beneficial results m vears an( j have always found them
SaveYourStomach t dyspepsia and, mild and acute cases of indigestion, dyspepsia and beneficial and helpful. They have
JAOUES’ 1 constipation. Now constipation. proven themselves able to give im-
UTTLEWONDKR / their f . ™ nde, ? ul If you suffer from any form of digestive dis- haTbeen
' a merit is being m- comfort don’t delay a single day longer. Get thrown out of gear and docs not
< : troduced to suffer- _ uick relief with Jaques’ Little Wonder Capsules. function properly. As I find them
fcr , <l, *r« everywhere. Ho ot bott », .Imply «k. ». or ». »p»lv s
i y d s o’ P f * \ W Jaq u ®*’ Little and a swallow of water. a habit-forming tonic, I try to
Constipation J W/f Wonder Capsules You can get Jaques’ Capsules from these drug- keep a small
Heartburn * mil//, • r ® * u P er * or to gists with a positive guarantee of prompt, satis- 85 they may be need g y
i Sour Stomach J wUlh of tablets, .factory results or money back instantly, cheer- rccomm n
ni'l'fin 5 .?! 38 * {By// T heir
J.fr >..« j np //Mk\ Jaques Capsule Co., Plnttsburg, IV. Y.
Mtdilllv WfOJiOOri : eShli ' ‘ O'Donnell’s Drug Stores; Z. D. Gilman, 627 Ps, Ave. N. W. A (tl L-■ A
\\ A I . < \Z3C~ II ‘ 804 9th St. N. W. US I 1 ka.)
—\ Z I ll * F 8t - Vt. Market Pharmacy, 7th and P Sts. N. W. I t /** J
U V' 3 VXV\J b \\\-- \\fwj 723 14th St. JN. W. VfVVt
.-w-v 1405 H 8t - N - w - B. A. Veitch, 10th and H Sts.
Christian! Drug Co,; VgJ. y
Un h ion t 'stati d on P ' nn ' At ®' J - Smoot, IT. J. Ave. and a St. *
AssecUtod DiW Stores; R. d. Plnkett. 4th and N Sts.
7th and O Sts. K. W.
7th and C Sts. N. W. J Empire Pharmacy, 13017th St.
Rots Pharmacy, 10th and R Sts. N, W. G. J, Geiger, 6th and B Sts. N. E. Day ft Co., Sth and G Sts. N. w. . J. g. Biggs. 2001 Georgia Ave. N. W
Seventh St Pharmscv 1748 7th St N W W. F. Mattingly. 1747 Columbia Bead. Hotel Harris Pharmacy, 18 Mass. Ave. N. W. A T <uni v W
ooventn t>t. rnarmscy. t.ao ;tn oi. n. w. Pau j y earlon ft th , nd Florida Ave. N. W. W. X. Kerfoot, Jr., 7th and t Sts. N. W. T ’ «ronough, 34pi 14th Bt. IT, W.
Host Pharmacy. 7th St. ft Florida Are. N. W, Morgan Bros.,' Calif, Ave. and Phelps PI. Duncan Pharmacy, Ist and K Sts. N. W. MARYLAND.
B. Van Sant, 9th and P Sts. N. W. F. H. Bidgway, Conn, and Florida Aves. N. Johnson, 3rd and F Sts. 8. W. Hagerstown—H. P. MiddlekauiT.
Douglas Pharmacy, 4th and Elm Sta. N. W. F. F. Knight, 1686 Conn. Are. Columbia Pharmacy, 4Vj and L Sta. S. W. HyattsvUle—J. Waldman
Jackson & Whipps. 7th and T Sts. N. W. O'DenneU s, 401 E. Capitol St. W, C. FUrr, Ist St. and Virginia Ave. 8. W. Porryvillo—R. W. Plumlo'y Co.
O'Donnell Drug Co.. 3204-6-8 M St. N. W. L. F. Bradley, 7th and Md. Ave. N. E. T. A. T. Judd, 7th and F Sta. 8. W. Princess Anne—T. J, Smith ft Co.
Hill ft Poole, 3269 M St. N. W. H. C. Douglas, 85tb and B Sts. B. E. Lantz Bros., 7th and D Sts. S, W. Riverdale—J. Waldman.
Brace s Pharmacy, 30th and M Sts. N. W. H. W. Kenner Stores, 17th and Q Sts. N. W. Herbert’s, 10th St. and Ya. Ave, S. W. Rockville—B. W. Vinson.
Henry's, 1250 E2d St. N. W. Dupont Pharmacy, 6 Dupont Circle. O. S. Walter, 901 4*4 St. 8. W. Sharptown—Bennett’s Pharmacy.
Simmon's Pharmacy. 21st and L Sts. N. W, X. H. Forster, 11th and M Sts. H, W. Chas. Hawkins. 4th St. and Va. Ave. S. E. Snow Hill—P, D. Cottingham ft Co.
Morse's Pharmacy, 19th and L Sts. N. W. Tipton ft Myers, 1400 14th St. Whitley's. Bth and K Sts. S. E. Taneytown—B. 8. McKinney. '
Whiteside's Pharmacy, 1921 Penn. Ave. N. W, Judd’s PharmSey,' 14th and Girard Sts. N, W, M. S. Fealy, 11th St. and Penn. Ave. S, E, Thurmont—-J. H. CasseU.
McCheaney ft Joachim. 2d and E Sts, N, £, Henry Evans Co.. 14th and Columbia Road. Weller ft Moskey, Sth and Eye Sts. 8, £, Westminster—Shaw Drug Co.
O'Donnells, 14th and N. C. Ave. A. F. Oorsnch. 7th and H Sta, N. E. Roach Drug Co.. Bth and G Sta. S. E. DELAWARE.
C. C. Read. 1100 B St. N. E. O. R. Salb. 6th and K Bte. N. E. O’Donnell’e. 3rd St. and Penn, Ave. 8. E. Delaware City—W. A. Jester Pharmacy.
Hall's Pharmacy. 4th and E. Capitol Sts. Continental Pharmacy; Continental Hotel. H. E. Sprucebank. 2nd St. and Penn. Ave. S.E. Dover—H. C. Helen.
A. C. Taylor. 2nd end C Sts. N. E. Louis Sacks. 12th and F Sts.' N. E. Holmead Pharmacy. Holmead ft Otis PI. M. W. Harrington—Sharp & Fleming.
Kenesaw Pharmacy, Ms. Pleasant and Irving Security Drug Store, 12th and H Sts. N. E. L. T. Queen. 3600 14th St. N. W. Milford—Pettyjohns Pharmacy.
Ct:. N. W. Plummer's Pharmacy, 3rd and H Sts. N. W, F. B. Campbell, 4730 litb St. N, W, „ New Castle—E, Challenger ft Sea. {
The Power of Suggestion— By WEBSTER.
1 WHirH On -Tof, 61UC. . ( OF YOUR S . ’DOrfr Me&l£CT ij.
1 6F Coheir*? ix WITH A “To wee. / , g ,p N ' T fp eve* GBT f ’
1 useo tb as HAco xou, Bil^
\ noti Cco That you we<?6 / \ Tin, a FftieNOTouo me To stamo (
\ (3alo! How Lom6- has \ OH MV HCAO A Few mtenures EACH )
|7nLU ’ , \ rvio<?HirsO Aim O MkSHT. MAKES ThC (
This (Seen eoin6- on , 1 \ oloqO crculatc imthe
( ______ / POh f
don't MAge "fne pdistAKe } / 6v fa£oCe>G, iHev aliviost - '^)
\ orG€m-iH<Sr Aipupee, > \
\Bill, ix won'x Fool [ ) dec-ievt- /
J ACTuf^cy
Agents Instructed to Renew Pol
icies at Rates Increased 32
to 50 Per Cent.
I i
j By the Associated Press.
MONTREAL. February 22. —Fire in- I
' surance policies on all churches. I
schools, religious institutions and col
leges in this city and district were I
cancelled yesterday by the t'anadian '
Fire Vnder.wri ters' Association, and
agents instructed to renew policies at
rates increased from 32 to 50 per cent.
The step is believed to have been
prompted by numerous fires in religious
institutions and churches in this dis- |
trlct within the last few months.
! At least 100.000 fish are lost every year I
I by Jerking too soon.—Begg’s 1
I ent. '
Lou Hoyt Drives Auto at Fast
Pace on Frozen Hudson.
XYAf'K. X. Y., February 22.—1j0u
; Hoyt of Haverstraw. automobile racer,
j went out on the frozen Hudson river
! yesterday to see how fast hts big
j racer could travel on ice. His speed
ometer shimmied around the 114-rnlle
an hour mark. On the turns. Hoyt’s
tear skidded nearly half a mile.
Confederate Veteran in Winchester
Hospital—Found by
Special Dispatch to The Star.
WINCHESTER, Va„ February 22.
Aaron Chllcott, seventy-six years old,
a Confederate veteran, lingered today
in a serious condition in a hospital
here from servere burns on and about
his face, head and upper portion of
his body as a result of kindling a Are
with coal oil near Woodstock, Va.,
where he lived alone In a dilapidated
Chllcott was found early this week
by a boy who had gone to the house
to borrow an ax, and when neigh
bors were notified arrangements were
made to bring him to the hospital
here. He was wrapped In a blanket
Are your gums tender?
As any dentist will tell you, this is the
way more serious mouth troubles start.
Nip this mouth,trouble in the bud. Use
Pyrodento Tooth Paste on your brush.
Massage your gums with it, and see
what happens.
.Jfe TOOTH 1
lha?S"/i >aJhai mSi"
The, February Sale
Os Lifetime Furniture
'A Once-a-Year Event Famous For It's
Remarkably Low Prices on Good Lifetime Furniture
tfiirfFfe Values Arc Just as Remarkable and Stocks Just
as C° m PEte as on the First Day of the Sale
—Jii ; jyj',ll Ts you have not already been in during this
SShsHKI ii. • wonderful sale, you surely ought to
JIIHIPJITC Ii' 1 do so without further delay. The
values arc just as remarkable as on
Lifetime Furniture is arriving daily to take
new furniture is offered at the low
' Davenport-Beds at the Low Karpen Guaranteed Upholstered
February Sale Prices Furniture
Karpen Davenport-Bed in golden oak. black or Very good looking Karpen Overstaffed Suite
brown imitation leather, with Stearns & 50 * n beautiful tapestry, pillow arm, revers- 5330
Foster Mattress ’ ible cushions
Pullman Davenport-Bed in tapestry, mahogany £59.75 Three-piece Karpen Tapestry Suite, reversible
finish, with Stearns & Foster Mattress.. * *■ cushions; regular Karpenesque construe-
Mahogany-finish Davenport-Bed Suite, three _ tion
pieces, brow a imitation leather, with SI 50 Oood looking Karpen Suite, in beautiful bro-
Stearns & Foster Mattress. _ caded mohair; reversible cushions
Three-piece Mahogany-hnish Davenpprt-Bed c , . t .
Suite, in brown velour, with Stearns & S9OO Karpen Pillow-Arm Suite, in tapestry; regular
* "’Faster Mattress Karpenesque construction; reversible £290
Overstuffed Pullman Davenport, in good look- cus 10115
ing tapestry, with Stearns & Foster Mat- 5175 Solid Mahogany Karpen Cane-panel Suite of
tress T * three pieces, in beautiful blue velour
* » ’ . 5v - «i' - ' '
Seventh Street Mayer & Co. Between D& E
and conveyed here in an open auto
mobile, and it was, feared he would
contract pneumonia. Instead of tak
ing him to the hospital the driver of
the car took the aged and suffering
man to the home of J. C. Haun, a
former resident of Woodstock, and
Red Cross nurses found him there
yesterday. None of his clothing had
been removed and part of his apparel
had been burned off. Chilcott is un
derstood to have two daughters living
somewhere In Maryland.
Editor and Deputy, Wary of Par
cels, Call in Experts and
Uncover Bombs.
BUDAPEST. February 22.—Infernal
machines were received yesterday by
the opposition loader In 'parliament,
Herr Flat, and Deputy Rassay, edi
tor of the opposition newspaper. Be
ing suspicious of the contents of the
parcels they called in xperts, who
opened them. Each parcel contained
a bomb and a card bearing the words,
I —-
Inspect Today
I Bth St. between Decatur & Crittenden Sts.
rrice, Jn / ,37011 than rent
j In restricted northwest section and highest elevation. |l||||
lllii Unlit by union day labor, by our own organization, enabling
I IIJII us to save you contractors’ profits.
I Attractive Colonial style, steel construction, bone-dry
I Hill cellar under entire house; guaranteed hot-water heating | |
II plant, large covered front porch, entrance hall. Large,
i Hill nicely arranged living room and dining room; French doors ||}|||
lllii opening into breakfast porch; kitchen equipped |
HU with Detroit Jewel gas range; white enamel kitchen cabinet; ||||||
HU cool, roomy pantry. Beautiful electric fixtures, finest grade ||||||
II oa k flooring. Second floor consists of three well ap
j Hill pointed sleeping rooms; clothes closets in every room, linen ||||||
HU! closet in hall, tile bath with built-in fixtures; extraordinarily |||iii
I Hill large sleeping porch; good sized back yard,
j m|| Only 300 feet from Sherman Circle.
I Sample House, 4704 Bth St. N.W.
!| Take Ga. Avc. car* to Crittenden; walk 2 Block* Ea*t to Homes
I St. N.W. Owners & Builders Main 617
“Hearty greetings from the commit
tee of 101."
The news of the attempt, on the
lives of the deputies aroused a storm
of Indignation in the national assem
bly. There is no trace of those re
sponsible for sending the bombs.

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