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““■sr MdQutttEtu lllotutuß
12 Packages Tnie-Tone, Half-tone Needle*. 54c. • m Thl* set is made by one of the oldest manufao
Life of John McCormack, special, 45c. .J: ../I ‘ J f** turcrs of Radio Sets—and you will find It satis*
<!c - Open 9:15 AM. New York—WASHINGTON—Paris . Close 6 P.M.
' —— .. A.llll .. II .1,1. ... ...I !■! ■■■/ I ■<>*l.l if ' 1 —'■ '■ ' 1— -
Tomorrow’s Offerings—The Lost of the Anniversary Sale
Deiicwus Wrapped Cream Introducing at the I *• - ~ Remarkable Values for Large Women
CARAMELS Special Price, 75c I C + . tot t + j
I j..,* 40c Ik New Imported English Face L ' I
otout W omen s Loats and Lapes
4''r,rtj>A Flavor* Powder, with jar of Skin Cream. wP J // ' *
Toilet Goods Section, Tint floor. H.y/ 'C V. /*/ l’\ * w V/
Watches GorreSOOndenCC Handsome models, fashioned on long slenderizing
Cards Japanese Tissue lines—^ eaut^u l lustrous fabrics—such as panve
♦/3 f s *T T j laine and marianna wrappv and conservative
Four charming styles, in Toilet Paper L HatS, .75 Wl # styles, lined with silk cr.p.s to match.
white ffold tilled 23-year value in good quality stationery. Special, 95c DoZ* Here is indeed a delightful assortment—of all that is new in jfl[ \ \ )VJ/ S * lo ' vn Spr i, ng S ™° St fash *° nable
cases. The tonneau, octa- flutter, section, nm floor. a . color, shape, style and trimming—and seldom do you find MW \ shadcs: Gra y* Cocoa ’ Sorrento. Brown,
fon;’ ntXZXZ “«• ” S " ch * «** ° rch - mi "S «*«>ow Pftce as this. M I \ Navy and Black. Siaes 40/, to 52/,.
jewelled crown and 15-jewel lIL ID Short back, flower-trimmed models, scarf-draped U l '
levee movement. J-lb. Pap* MK 1 I Smart StTCCt and AftertlOOA
New Rectangular Stamped, 95c „ . tnmm.ngs, “ Frocks—in Larger Sizes, $29.50
■ White Gold '.aSS* - J rZZ *2 6 5 - almond”.tktaStfJ® \ • 'n—y low price, .V tr.ks like these-stree.
Wnst Watches, $24.75 dress or monogram die, with Suede O IOVCS, 92.00 A | models in tncotme and jersey, afternoon styles in flat
Beautifully engraved, with two packages of envelopes. mode erav tan and ■ ll lMr7 section. Third floor. crepe, Canton and crepe de chine, long line slenderizing
crystal and sapphire jew- Tomorrow is the last day to h _*” t Sonne V, v\J models-that lose nothing of their charm by
elled crown t*k e advantage of this very brown, most wanted opnng * U LVI . being extra sized,
eilect crown. special offer; do not miss it shades. 1 hfCC StVICS Ol SO QT MW YA
Jewelry Section. First floor. Stationery Section, First floor. GIoTe Section. First floor. # ( ~ 1 fj k V Choose from navy, black, COCOS and brown,
______ opring r ettiCOatS; u'—spring’s most favored colors.
A special Anniversary Value—Satin | Sues to 52* /3 .
Ivccd-r 1 iber and ivockcr Trico J erse y s—and satin striped tub s p^ i « i siM secti ° n ' floor
| f petticoats among the styles are
Brown Finish, OR C H f & fucked and scalloped flounces, also an TI7T t Osff Ofs
WBH SMI 04 illustrated. Each H /| ■ embroidered from h W OmCll S bilk OKIftS, ' 12.75
mmsm medium-height back Chair or Rocker in the Hy P variety of pretty shades. __ . _
lattractive light brown finish. Bach piece com- /' / Adr7^V2n 7*4
serviceable, and neatly upholstered jf N - 3lllc JCTSCy BloOmCfS VV UUICII S O
Workmanship of the highest character insures l~! ZC 0 , 0 , » r -, .. , T r ,
excellent service. Just the thing for the sun n smart styles—bxceptional \ alues I
/*r and black * oc , g aj, very skirts that women and young women will be jf I ji 1
p f J■ y f J an wanting and needing—before very long. So why k. m Kjbt'j
fTl I I f I C! v Petticoat Bection, ThiM floor. not choose a style that you like now —be ready Ji (If /
wCmiIIIviJiJ X CtUvull Y JLJI UiJijCld i\Uc iD % when spring comes—and save on the price, at the
Beautiful oriental patterns and unusual color effects at these very low prices.. ' same timc ‘ v
9xi2, $26.75 7.6x9, $18.75 8.3x10.6 Size, $24.75 Another Shipment Fiber-wool and Mohair Sweaters, $4.75 Sr pSI
_ . . . „ #>_*. 1/ j* t O • n/ i New spring models, in V and round neck stvlcs, best WiiilflUfl TT
Special! Reversible , Seamless DoOf Mats, sl♦ 15 IHgS Many hew Spnng Shades . s oi spring * s best shades in,a I|| ||o |j| 11 j)
Wool Art Rugs Fi ” * T* Women's Silk Hose Fiber SUp-ons and Tuxedos, $7.75 H jfP
SK SSk J*U Sto, $23.75 ' Beaut,ful Dutch T,h Pattern " U111C “ 1 lUSC Ordinarily you would cpcc. „ pay a much higher price ' 11 1 ) I A
Brown, and 8.3x10.6 SIZC, $22.75 IrtlnirJ T IhlOT VITM Hi -uA C _ I Sf Q C „,* .. for sweaters like these. There are many beautiful weaves, VI I
combinations. o • ItllUfd L/IJ\KSLiCjKJ J\L, SI,OO yd. /I I . ■ I / J colors and combinations from which to choose, and with VX
Rug Section, sixth fl-xir. OX7 OIZC, > O.s j Hug Section, Sixth floor. f' V*»* y “ Kr**A* a s j|lv skirt they surely do make an attractive costume J.l H
n .• , , .<l . • • , , .., . for almost any daytime occasion. I
Pure thread silk hose, full tashioned, beautiful quah
'Trf , T * * TD O ts IQ df\ ty—with garter hems lisle lined for greater dura- ' Swf,t * r * od Sktrt Seetionßi Third flnor
inis JLlVing Koom OUlte t 4>i47#OU biUty-spring’s best colorings.
, - A graceful three-piece Living Camel, polo gray, champagne, beige, —«« rr «
Room Suite consisting of cocoa, si ver, cor ovan, w te an S GooJ-I OnttHO 1
va !^ e J s f f «VvliUl^
Layer Cotton Felt Mattresses Vcrv Soedal Values in
39x74, $14.75; 54x74. $16.75 1 entlCSSee Ked very opcctai values m j 0 ] $39.50 and $59.50
Exceptionally fine mattresses, with roll edge and * Babies 9 Long Dresses, 95c, $1.25, $1.45 I L-J P ~ . . , , . I
diamond tufting; priced according to size. \jCCiSit n, ■ a* a. n - T j Featuring seven or eight of springs most fashionable models—
Box Springs Babies Short Dresses, $1.45, $1.95, $2.45 |A in real camelshair, shawsheen, veldyne, gerona, lustrosa and vcl
-39x74 75* 54v74 1»24 75 Chests Their pricings are so far below usual for such lovely little baby verette; Porto Rico, g ra y ; tan, navy, brown and black—the
07JLJ**, a* a mm t frocks it will be wise to select plentifully while you may. *1 \j popular shades. All beautifully lined in crepe.
Finely tempered steel springs, with cotton felt \lO bMWMMOBMaI Women* Coat Section, Third floor.
(op, covered in attractive art ticking to match *r * **" They are fashioned of fine nainsooks and lawns—and
mattresses. - ’ rice roomy chest fully equi ed th * y haVe th ® lltUe touche * of flner *»^>lons.
Feather Pillows, $2.35 with cedar handles, strong lock, easy-rolling Minute tuckings, feather stitching, dainty yokes inset with embroid- \VT _ _ RT/»tt t I ill . . [Zf\ I
Size 21x27—clean, excellent quality. casters. Length, 42 inches; width, 19 inches; ery and lace—lace edgings on neck aod sleeves—some just as simple W Olll.Cn S l^lllCUPSo
Furniture Section. Sixth floor. M height, 18 inches. as can be—others <juite elaborate. V v
' ~ r *tyles are sketched, suggesting the delightful of elegOUCe and distinction jr^
Last Day- -February Sale Ref rigerators Foonh floor ' tSSiS^^n«stot^“ stratcd * I
Prices are so much lower than they will he in the regular season that, if you will JAI Sf It * R fcfa cf Genuine CimeisSr luits^^h^-button coats. MfjV z/L) K
need a refrigerator this year it will pay you well to buy U now, wi waiuaav Smart new blouse models. /\
These Refrigerators are built VTT $S OC Sports Suits, in good-looking velour checks. //FISTIf/ W W
B , with double walls, perfectly in- . /'»
sulated. A positively - dead-air J \IL\. ■ of high-priced models. All silk crepe lined. /J/ \\ / V \W/ lijX \
■ | — r-misn. ipaefe is formed in the walls-with *L. ruffles around neck. And Values Exceptional at This \ \ \Y (i W I V/\
)■ i J especially prepated non-conduct- y w sleeves and bottom, one daintily trimmed n *3O ca \ \ W \ r' 1 -I / i
■ J —JL. L ing felt or charcoal sheathing on \«L S k with a bit of fruit on the pockets. Pink, mcc—\\ ' \/ J .1 / /
!■ • each side, so it is impossible for \\ JA. 8 \ JU$ *>lue, rose, copen, lavender, wisteria, cerise, *«“«’• Sult Becti< «- Thlrt flw - VX « \
W Ji IL J ' ; the outer air to penetrate: The plum, navy and black offer a wide variety in rv •! Jr< ±± n> V* t ;
| garners arc solid, the interior co * or choJce. c 4 \ lailOTea ijOlton DIOUSeS L Til fe|\\ /
Hffll —Hi"W ’ SlTirtS^SfsisGS!; Mm • special, $2.25and53.25 r \r~n^
H M I ( SO that food is kept in the best /l T / fj tirely made by hand and lovely styles. Exceptionally attractive-blouses in a wide variety of good- 1 //, \ , I
fH| j Si— 1 possible condition. Ail j 9 hi ... , .... looking models, among them some of thost smart For- j I \ 1
U ir- ton *l, , . „ ML I I'B|> Nlghtjrawiis, $L4t-Of nainsook and dimity, sythe tailored styles. I // \i /
h" ~ ■ Fine Seasoned Ash Cases, Fin- I |nj I JL m tailored or dainty lace-trimmed styles. | I I \\ i A
11 JI- “!?<.■£ £ suw. a»_sh.d<,w,roof, double Fonythp Tailored \ I \ A
- v • Porcelain or Porceloid lined. yto hip; heavy nainsook; trimly tailored. r»*|f ni a a 1/ 1 I
' v ■ Oft mmdfh md-A*aao - Wa-MM »»w . (J
This Refrigerator This Refrigerator ***** spec tally quality.** ona^y B°od # variety of differents style collars also Natural I
Special, $18.50 Special, $34.50 nefrlgeiater Scetloa, Fifth floor. Negligee tad Mudln Underwear Section*. Third floor. . Blooae SecUoa, Third floor*-'; '

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